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"If you have half a brain, you'll love this game"


Right. This game is, possibly, the best game on the Gamecube. This is a First person adventure; a mix of adventure and First-Person. While the adventure is good, theres the fair share of shooting in it. When you start playing, you can't put it down. For instance, you grab the missiles for the first time, then think 'Yeah! I can open that door in such-a-such a place!' Then you open it, go in, find another addon, then think the same thought as before. You just keep playing and playing. You can play this forever (Well, you'll need to eat, drink and sleep). But yeah, it is great. From exploring the depths of Magmoor Caverns, to the eerie Phazon Mines, you just can't beat this game. Probably the one letdown is that there is no multiplayer, but there will be in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. One more thing, that I have to say about, is the scanning. The scanning tells you lots of stuff about enemies, the Chozo lore, Space Pirate data... but if this doesn't sound that good to you, don't worry; its COMPLETELY optional. The game won't be any easier by scanning everything; so don't worry (Actually, if you scan everything, you get a gallery of pictures, and I think you get a map showing where all the items are. But I don't know that for sure). Anyway, on with the review.


Well, let me start by saying that the graphics are brilliant. They look realistic, and help to the overall feeling of the game. The fire animations are good, and so are the water, the ice animations... basically everything is good.

However, although the graphics are good, you won't really notice them after a while; you'll be too busy shooting things and working out puzzles. But its quite nice having good graphics, because you can see where you're going, you can very easily tell the difference between enemies and background animations. They are easily told apart. But, whatever you're doing, the graphics never seem to get worse as you go on; they stay great, right to the end.


Not the best aspect of this game, but still good. The music for fighting the space pirate is probably the best. Actually I reckon all the music in Phazon Mines is the best. A lot of the music are just remixes of the old metroids, and you can easily tell this when fighting Ridley (This isn't a spoiler, is it? You always fight Ridley in a metroid game. Its compulsory :), but theres nothing wrong with remixes; the music from the old games are good. But there isn't just music in this game; theres also the finishing touches. One of the best, I would say, is when you kill a space pirate; they let out a scream of pain, then die. And the timing is perfect. They don't die, then a second later scream; they scream as soon as they die.


This is where metroid prime really comes into its... well, prime (excuse the stupid pun). The gameplay is addictive, you'll be on it for hours, until you need to eat, then you'll see that, when you thought you were playing for half an hour or so, you'll have played for about 2 or 3 hours. It really is that addictive.

You can spend hours searching for that last missile expansion. You'll spend hours. And when you find it, you'll feel so glad inside; you have spent hours for this. It took me (you'll know this because your game is timed) about 27 hours game time to fully complete the game with 100% items. This is also optional, but if you do it then yhe final boss will become slightly easier; but of course, its all up to your skill on the game.

The enemies are well designed, and well thought up. You can tell Retro have put a lot of thought into the designs, and they really are great. The final boss (I ain't tellin you who it is) has some great moves, and some are hard to dodge (For you lot who are reading this, and have completed it, the move I am talking about is the grappling beam, and when also it runs to the other side and you have to roll down the ditches). One boss I must congratulate Retro on is Thardus. He is a real work of class. His moves are very good, and hard to dodge. Especially his move when he rolls around in a rock ball. For those of you who have never played, and don't know what I'm on about, Thardus is a boss, and is made of rocks. He is a very, very tough boss. Hmm, this gives me an idea...


The bosses can be a disappointment at times. The first one, the Parasite Queen, is just a laugh. Any beginner gamer can easily kill it. My friend, who had never played on it before, managed to kill it easily. After that disappointment, though, they get harder. Flaargh (I think I've spelt his name right) is harder. He is a plant thing, and you have to get rid of his sunlight, which he gets off some mirrors. Next is Thardus; as I said before, he is a work of genius. After that, You get the omega pirate. Yuo get this thrown at you, and you just aren't ready. Sure, you knew that something big was coming, but when you first see him... wowee. After that, you get ridley, and the final boss, which I still ain't saying.

You also get mini-bosses with the bosses. You get the Sheegoth, Invisible Security Drone, and lots more. These are very well designed, but one thing; after most of the mini-bosses, you'll see these in other rooms. Ah well.



This can get annoying at times, I must admit. You have to go back to a room, and get something. Then you accidentally miss something, you don't know about it, then afterwards, when you need it, you have to go back and get it.


I like the items. Especially the Visors; the thermal visor is a work of art. For instance, when you fire an ice shot in thermal visor, you can't see it. You can see an enemies heat signature, then if you freeze it, its heat signature disappears. Quite realistic touches. And in the X-ray visor, if Samus gets hit and puts her hand out to protect herself, you don't see a hand; you see the bones instead. You have the usual suits; power suit, varia suit and the gravity suit. But theres a new one in Metroid Prime. The Phazon suit. This isn't a new suit, more of a corruption of your own suit. But it looks nice, all black with red. Slightly gothic, and its my favourite suit.

Little realistic touches

There are a lot of touches. If you go through steam, your visor steams up. Jump in a puddle, your visor has little drops of water on it. Its great. Also, another thing is that, if you go in water, your flamethrower will not work. This may sound normal, but in a lot of games you can use you flamethrower underwater. Also, if you shoot space pirates with a wave beam (wave beam is electric), he will be temporarily paralysed, and lightning will appear around it, electrocuting it.

overall for miscellaneous: 9/10


The normal mode is actually quite easy, but the hard mode, well, is a lot harder. There is no easy mode. Just as well; it'd be too easy. But hard mode makes up for the easiness. Once you get hard, it is hard at first. But get used to it and you stand a chance. On Normal mode, it is quite easy to complete once you learn how to:
1. dodge, and
2. not take on too many enemies at once.


The game life is very long. To get 100% items, and scan, will take you hours and hours. Unless you are really good at speed running, it will take you hours. Once you complete it, you might not want to go on it again, but after about a week you will start a new game, maybe on hard. Overall, quite good in this category.

Graphics - 10
Sound - 9
Gameplay - 10
Bosses- 8.5
Miscellaneous- 9
Difficulty - 8
Gamelife / Replayibility - 9

Total (Out of 70) - 63.5

Total (NOT AVERAGE!!!) - 9.6
Gamefaqs score - rounded up to 10

Buy or Rent:

BUY BUY BUY! You won't regret it. Unless you don't like first person adventures, which metroid prime is, rent it and see if you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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