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"Metroid Prime, a jewel or a joke? Methinks it's a jewel, folks!"

I used to really hate First person shooters. I used to think I'd be freaked out and screw up and everyone would laugh at me hysterically until I was out the door and onto the street.
I was up in arms like many others when I heard that the 3D Metroid game everyone had been waiting for would be turning into a first person shoot everything untill you can't recognise it's corpse game. And so the fans waited in fear, hoping that their favourite series wouldn't be massacred. They wanted this game to be huge. After all, this was the game they had been waiting eight years for, and I don't blame them in their expectations. Metroid Prime changed what I thought of FPS games forever, and lived up to nearly everyone's expectations. Now I've been introduced to so many great and entertaining titles, like the Timesplitters series, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Halo, and it's all thanks to that bounty hunter of old (or young, if you're counting Samus's real age >.>). So, is it the best gamecube game of all time? It may well be the case. Read the official, straight from the mouth fizzycat review, and see why even PS2 owners were begging for this to come to the Playstation of the second kind so they didn't have to go out and buy Gamecubes.

GRAPHICS: 10/10:The Graphics are absoloutly superb for this game, and Retro Studios really did push the Gamecube to it's limits. Although I'm pretty late on the reviewing bandwagon, I was stunned when I first saw this up and running on my TV screen. The textures are very realistic with many details, and the enviroments vary from dark, abandoned space stations to underground caverns of firery lava and calm worlds covered in snow and ice. The tiny details like condensation and reflections in and on the visor belonging to Samus were amazing, and also the rain splatters on the visor and Samus being bored if you left the game too long and fiddling with the cannon were great little touches that shine out when you see them. Even when in morph ball mode they have been attentive to the graphics with small details like cables hanging and tiny creatures in the tunnels. The guys at Retro Studios have pulled out all the stops graphics wise, and the result could be considered a peice of art worthy of displaying at a gaming art gallery.
Many games a year on or so still can't compare to the likes of Metroid Prime graphics wise (excluding Metroid Prime 2, of course) which in the graphics department lack that certain edge metroid prime has. Even now Metroid Prime still stands out from the crowd as being a beautiful, well designed game with beautiful enviroments and fantastic enemy designs and attentive work on tiny details. Even now it is still amazing to see this game running smoothly on the Gamecube.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10: Gameplay is most probably what Metroid is probably most well known for, and if it could convert me from an FPS hater to lover, I'm sure that has to count for something! XD The controls are very easy to get used to although jumping around onto platforms is very awkward for a while. Every button is used, so not one inch of the pad is wasted. With all the great powerups you'll recieve (again) You'll be backtracking for goodies and all sorts that you couldn't get at the start of the game (and after the Space station for those who have played it *roll eyes*). Exploration is great too...if it's been programmed in, you can explore it. There are no 'invisible walls' or anything stupid like that. It's great to see what you can find. There is backtracking (of course) which can get tedious if you died and forgot to save, meaning you have to backtrack again, but everytime you head back, you always get that feeling of confidence, that you ARE going to make it this time, no matter WHAT the consequenses. It gives you a sense of power and when you find those power-ups and secrets you couldn't get to before you feel like king(or queen) of the world.

The main thing about Metroid's gameplay though, is that you really do get immersed into the game. It's not like Sonic or something where you switch on, play for a bit, have a laugh and switch off again. It's a huge, enthralling experience. When you shoot a space pirate and he flys back screaming, you feel relieved that the threat has gone. And that's with all the enemies. When a lift zooms downwards you feel your stomach turn inside out. It's a unique experience. At some points I was saying to myself 'you can't die now! You can't!' Clawing and clinging at the last bit of health I had. It's amazing and you won't be forgetting it soon. If you're thinking about buying this, book some time off work in advance. You really are going to need it. XD

SOUND: 9/10: The sound and music is fantastic in Metroid prime. (A notable peice is the Tallon VII overworld music) The music is dark, and moody when need be, and when you're battling pirates it goes all upbeat and urgent. The Tallon overworld music is beautiful. There are even some of the old tunes have been remixed in this game that some gaming or metroid veterans will recognise almost instantly. The screams of an alien monster boss creature with six eyes and huge claws dying are very satisfactory and make you feel as though you've already saved the planet. And that's just the first boss. You won't necassarily be whistling these tunes on the way to the bus stop, but they really bring the game to life. Each sound effect has been handled beautifully, and it really shows when you play the game.

STORY 7/10:
Yeah, well, nearly all Metroid plots are the same. Land on the planet of the Chozo, lose your power ups, get them back, defeat the space pirates and head on home. Oh, and something ALWAYS HAS TO BLOW UP AT THE START. Always. And you have to escape in the time limit. The only real difference is that you don't fight mother brain at the end. Some might say the old 'it's retro! It's almost like tradition!' stuff, but it really does get a little boring having the same thing being shoved in your face. But still, the plot isn't always what people want, and this game's other features make up for storyline.

REPLAYABILITY: 8/10: You'll have a fantastic time trying to get 100%. There is alot to do in Metroid Prime. After completing it first time round a hard mode will be available, and scanning everything takes alot of time and skill (especially the bosses). Also getting all the extras and playing through with them (like the fusion suit from Metroid Fusion ^^) is great. But really, after 100%, there's nothing else to do. Unless, of course, you WANT to get your power ups all over again. Also it lacks a two player mode, but we were rewarded later on (see Metroid Prime 2). All in all, after you've got the 100%, it'll be collecting dust or going to the trade-in.

Verdict: 10 out of bleedin' good 10. I knew this game was something very special when I whacked it in to my Gamecube. With absoloutly stunning graphics, absorbing gameplay and a soundtrack that fits beautifully with the game, Metroid prime will keep you busy for ages. There are a few very minor problems (getting used to the jumping accuracy when it comes to platforms and dodging and the story being the major ones) but in general those little nags can't stop this from being a brilliant game. I know many gamecube haters who's cries of 'the Gamecube is for kids!' were silenced with this game and soon bought cubes and a copy of this for themselves. I know many PS2 owners who are begging for a conversion to PS2 so they don't have to buy the Gamecube. Yes, it really is that good. You don't believe me? Play it for yourself. You won't be calling the Gamecube a kid's machine after playing this masterpeice.

Buy/Rent/Test/Demo/Burn/Sacrifice/other?: A must buy, that's for sure. I rented this first-hand, and it is way too big of an adventure just for a one night/two night rental. The game in question is huge and enthralling, with none stop action all of the way through. Even if you hate FPS games, and you wanted to banish them from the surface of the earth to the depths of hell or something, you're going to love this to peices. Go out and get a copy NOW (or when the local games shop opens again for the day). Go on, it's only 20 notes on players choice! You won't be regretting it! Really!


It comes with free cookies! (Fizzycat does not fully gurantee that the product in question will come with free cookies)

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/03/05

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