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Reviewed: 01/13/06

I didn't really want this game at first...

Here's a little Backstory:
I got my first Metroid game back in 1994 when Super Metroid came out. I had to beg my parents to get it. I got it by letting them take me to get a hair-cut. I remember hating getting my hair cut, but the reward was amazing. I don’t recall ever seeing any commercials for the game, I must have seen it in a magazine, but once I got it, I was addicted. I play through the whole game at least once a month. It never gets old. You know I would have to be obsessed with the series to write this long , long review. I was on a quest to get all Metroid games after I got Super Metroid. I got every single game in the series. When I heard a new Metroid was coming out in 2002 I was amazed. I then saw the game. I was shocked, I felt betrayed by Nintendo. It wasn’t until Metroid Prime Echoes came out that I was interested in Metroid Prime and it’s sequel. I got my game cube and a lot of games just a year ago. I don’t regret that decision one bit. Now that you know my backstory on how I became a fanatic, I’ll begin.

Controls: 10/10
Not being a big fan of First Person Shooters, I wasn’t interested in Metroid Prime. I played it once before I got my Gamecube back in 2002 at the local Best Buy. I couldn’t understand the controls one bit. I was used to games like Goldeneye where only one Joystick was used. I got the game years later to try it out again. Now, I think it is the best system possible for a First Person shooter. It seems a lot more realistic to me. Being an avid hunter and shooter, I know how difficult it is to move around while moving. It’s much easier to twist your body for a shot when you stand still. I quickly mastered how this game works. Anyone can master it. It’s much easier and more simple than most other First Person Shooters. The attack button is unique too. You don’t attack with the right shoulder button like many other games. You attack with the large A button. The X button can also be used to attack with missiles or power bombs. It was designed flawlessly. The C stick is meant to change the function of Samus’s beam.

Gameplay: 10/10
There is absolutely nothing mindless or repetitive about Metroid Prime. Many other First Person Shooters have the protagonist go through the world doing nothing but shooting enemies and doing nothing that involves intelligence. Metroid Prime has some areas that require thought to get through. Many bosses require a quick mind to beat them. This game isn’t easy, it is one of the more difficult Gamecube games that I have played. Some times during the game you may have to find certain icons and switches to open a door that you need to go through to advance. The battles with the bosses aren’t boring either. A certain boss that you fight at the end of the game requires some quick moves and some intelligence to beat. You have to remember to cover yourself or you will die. Throughout the game Samus gets new weapons and abilities (Like all other games in the Metroid series.) that are needed to advance. I have heard about sequence breaking, but I don’t understand it and haven’t tried it yet: I wouldn’t recommend doing something I know nothing about. The enemies actually have decent Artificial Intelligence too! The Space Pirates actually use cover and jump out to attack. I had a really hard time fighting the enemies with good AI on my first play through. The game still retains that classic platform style too. It is a lot like playing Super Metroid as First Person Shooter. It is really fun, in fact, I don’t think I have ever played another First Person plat former besides this and Metroid Prime.

Story: 10/10
As far as Metroid games go, this one had an awesome story. Every single event leads up to what will happen in the end. The cut scenes really make this game too cool and original for a Metroid. It starts off when Samus is chasing the Space Pirates and she lands on a derelict space station off a planet formerly inhabited by the incredible Chozo race. She kills all the enemies on the space station in search of new information on the location of the Space pirates when the space station begins to self destruct. She barely escapes before her suit is destroyed and she lands on the uninhabited planet Tallon 4. She quickly learns of a sinister plot to clone Metroids by the Space Pirates. All of the events lead up to the finale when the last boss is fought and hopefully killed.

Graphics: 10/10
Wow. That is the best way to describe the Metroid Prime graphics. Everything is shown in great detail. I didn’t expect that at all when I started playing the game. This game has one of the coolest features in any First person shooter. When you shoot an enemy up close, you can see Samus’s reflection of her face in the visor of her helmet. I was amazed. Also, you can jump into water and then jump out to see the water roll off your visor. When you finally get to the third part of Tallon 4 you will notice some other interesting things that happen. Another amazing thing you may notice if you pay close attention is the light bending around a charged power beam shot. Look for it, this game will deliver.

Environment :10/10
Never have I seen a better environment for a Science Fiction/ Action game. The planet has all the great qualities one would expect from a Metroid game and a Science Fiction game. The beautiful colors and technology is all still there from previous Metroid games. It is combined with a dark and harsh world also, but that is to be seen late in the game. The machines of the ancient Chozo race have been left in the world and many of them still function. They are often used to advance through the world and to do some interesting things.

Replay value: 10/10
I have yet to go a month without a play through of this game. It never gets old. From beginning to end I enjoy the whole experience. New secrets are always fun to discover after you have beaten the game too. Almost everytime I played this game for the first couple of months, I would discover something new that would make the game a whole better experience. After you beat the game for the first time it will allow you to play through a hard option and a new suit from Metroid Fusion. I was kind of upset when I first saw that because I had trouble beating some of the bosses and I was proud of myself. Seeing the option, I couldn't resist trying it. I beat the game again and again on hard mode. It's well worth the bragging rights. Another neat feature this game has is its compatibility with Metroid Fusion. If you have beaten Metroid Fusion and have a link cable, you can play the original Metroid on your Gamecube.

Sound: 10/10
Most addicting music… Ever. I have played many games, I have never played a game that has music or sound like this one. I constantly play the songs in my head during the day. It’s decent music too. The sounds are flawless too. Each machine or item in the environment has a sound that you would expect it to have. The weapons keep there classic sounds from the older games too.

How it stands against the others in the series
I made this section so I can explain my thoughts on how the game stands up to the others. There is a lot of debate on whether or not this game is worthy of being called a Metroid game. I think it deserves full right. The game retains the classic platform style that the Metroid series has become known for. The boss fights have been slowed down a lot, but it still has the classic Metroid feeling. Many of the songs from this game are actually from Super Metroid. My personal favorite is the Norfair music.

This game is worth a purchase, at $20 it is practically a steal. I would have payed $50 for this game if I had known how great it was. I got it as a gift for Christmas, but I did buy Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, kind of. If you liked this game, I would highly recommend Super Metroid, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Zero Mission. They have the same classic Metroid feel. The series has really not known too much change. Metroid games are still being made in the classic side scrolling style. For some Metroid type games that aren't even in the series, I would recommend Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Many people consider the Castlevania series to be a clone of Metroid, I don't, but they do share many qualities worthy of a classic.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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