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    Trading Guide by tnman

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    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Trading Guide, by tnman.

    Words copyright 2003-2012 Dominic 'tnman' Stroud.

    dominicstroud [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

    Final Version.


    Greetings, fellow Zelda gamers. How are you getting on with helping Zunari (the Eskimo bloke you buy the sail off of) with this quest to open his own shop? Not too good? Oh, well, I suppose I should help you then! I have kindly provided you with a table of what trades for what, and the quickest way of finishing your quest.

    We have now formed a Merchant's Oath!


    Trading Guide

    Help Zunari out!

    But first! You must buy a Sail from Zunari for 80 rupees. Continue your adventure until you receive the Delivery Bag from the Rito Postman. Whenever you like, return to Zunari's Stall and grab yourself a Town Flower from him.

    Wandering Merchants, as they are known, are located on Bomb Island, Mother & Child Isles (outside) and Great Fish Isle. Don't know where they are? Take a look at this map:

    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |M&C|   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ I highly recommend you use The
    |   |GFI|   |   |   |   |   | Ballad Of The Gales when going
    +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ to Great Fish Isle for this quest.
    |   |   |   |   |   |B I|   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |

    Trading Table

    Here I have compiled a table of what will be traded for what in your quest.

    Once you have acquired all three flowers once, visit Zunari and he will reward you by giving you the Magic Armor.

    Town FlowerSea FlowerSea FlowerSea Flower
    Sea FlowerTown FlowerTown FlowerExotic Flower
    Exotic FlowerSickle Moon FlagPin WheelSea Flower
    Pin WheelSickle Moon FlagExotic FlowerExotic Flower
    Big Catch FlagFountain IdolSickle Moon FlagFountain Idol
    Big Sale FlagHero's FlagBig Catch FlagHero's Flag
    Hero's FlagBig Catch FlagBig Sale FlagPostman Idol
    Sickle Moon FlagFountain IdolBig Catch FlagFountain Idol
    Skull Tower IdolFountain IdolBig Sale FlagFountain Idol
    Fountain IdolSickle Moon FlagBig Sale FlagSkull Tower
    Postman IdolFountain IdolShop Guru IdolFountain Idol
    Shop Guru Idol""Postman IdolPostman Idol1) Piece of Heart 2)'' Postman Idol

    Quickest Way of Finishing Trade Quest

    This is the most direct route to get every single item for Zunari's Stall, and come out tops with the Magic Armor and a Piece of Heart!

    Also note, things will be made easier if you have The Ballad Of The Gales, for warping near to the islands.

    Step 1: Grab the Town Flower from Zunari.

    Step 2: Give the Town Flower to Bomb Island's or Mother & Child Isles' Wandering Merchant for a Sea Flower.

    Step 3: Present your Sea Flower to Great Fish Isles' Wandering Merchant for an Exotic Flower.

    Step 4: Sail to Mother & Child Isles to consult the Wandering Merchant there about getting a Pin Wheel.

    Step 5: Getting explosive now at Bomb Island where you hand your Pin Wheel over for a Sickle Moon Flag.

    Step 6: Back to Mother & Child Isles giving away your flag for a new one - a Big Catch Flag.

    Step 7: Back to Bomb Island for a trade-in resulting in a Fountain Idol.

    Step 8: To Great Fish Isle for a Skull Tower Idol!

    Step 9: Give your Skull Tower Idol in for a Big Sale Flag at Mother & Child Isles.

    Step 10: More flag action at Bomb Island for a Hero's Flag.

    Step 11: Getting back to idols now by a trade at Great Fish Isle for a Postman Idol.

    Step 12: Mother & Child Isles is the place to be for a new Shop Guru Idol.

    Step 13: Back to Great Fish Isle, and give the man what he wants! You will now earn yourself a Piece of Heart!

    Step 14: Return to Zunari's Stall to get the Magic Armor if you haven't already. (Only possible from Step 3+).

    Zunari's Stall

    Once you have formed a Merchant's Oath to get items for Zunari's Stall, he will start to sell them. These objects can all be used to decorate the town for The Joyous Volunteer Association. Placing something in each and every pot within the town will earn you a Piece of Heart from the bloke sitting on the bench.

    Here is all the information you will need about the items in the Trading Quest. All items are listed in the order they are shown on the stall, and all descriptions have "If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with Y, Z, or X." at the end of their text.

    Town Flower
    Cost: 10 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A flower from the town of bright smiles. Use it to decorate the town with joy.
    Item Description: This little flower is reminiscent of the town.
    Sea Flower
    Cost: 20 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: The aroma of the sea wafts out of this flower that hails from a faraway land. Use it to adorn the town with a sea breeze.
    Item Description: The scent of the sea wafts from the delicate petals of this flower from a distant, exotic land.
    Exotic Flower
    Cost: 25 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: An exotic flower from a tropical island. Trim the town with a summer breeze.
    Item Description: This refreshing flower blossoms in the tropical regions to the south.
    Hero's Flag
    Cost: 75 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A flag with a bold feel to it. Use it to cover the town in courage.
    Item Description: This flag has a rather courageous feel to it.
    Big Catch Flag
    Cost: 85 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A flag from a festival in which fishermen hope for a good catch. Use it to decorate the town with fish!
    Item Description: This flag was made by a fisherman from a foreign land and designed to encourage a big haul of fish.
    Big Sale Flag
    Cost: 35 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: You won't find a flag cheaper than this. Decorate the town in a theme of a big bargain sale.
    Item Description: This flag looks like it would definitely be good for business.
    Cost: 55 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A tiny windmill that catches the wind then spins and spins. Use it to send gentle breezes through the town.
    Item Description: The wheel on this spins when it catches puffs of air - kind of fun, huh?
    Sickle Moon Flag
    Cost: 40 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A showy flag in the shape of a crescent moon. Use it to decorate the town with a salute to the night sky.
    Item Description: This flag of a bright-red crescent moon is quite fancy.
    Skull Tower Idol
    Cost: 60 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: The fossilized skulls of weird creatures. Use it to give the town a mysterious feel.
    Item Description: This thing is made from...the fossilized skulls of some strange creatures. It's pretty weird.
    Fountain Idol
    Cost: 60 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A sculpture of mysteriously bubbling water. Use it to cover the town in ocean blue.
    Item Description: This is a strange, bubbling statue in the shape of a girl carrying a jar.
    Postman Statue
    Cost: 100 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: A wooden carving of the postman from Dragon Roost Isle. Use it to populate the town with Ritos.
    Item Description: This is a carving of the Rito postman, hero of all Ritos and a symbol of laborers the world over.
    Shop Guru Statue
    Cost: 200 Rupees.
    Zunari's Description: The pride and joy of all merchants. Decorate the town with ME!
    Item Description: This little statue is the apple of every businessman's eye.


    Q) What is this Trading Quest I've heard about?

    A) When you reach a point in the game, Zunari will hire you to work for his stall. This involves going to certain islands trading certain items and forming Merchant's Oaths here and there.

    Q) Zunari won't give me a Town Flower! Why?

    A) You probably haven't acquired a Delivery Bag. Go to Dragon Roost Isle, and get the Delivery Bag from the Postman there. Then go back anytime to Windfall Island and Zunari will give you a Town Flower.

    Q) How do I get the <insert item name here>? What do I have to trade to get it? And who do I trade it to?

    A) See Trading Table.

    Q) I'm looking for a fast way to get the Piece of Heart. How should I go about it?

    A) See Quickest Way of Finishing Trade Quest.

    Q) How much does <insert tradable item name here> cost?

    A) See Zunari's Stall.

    Q) How much does the Sail cost?

    A) 80 Rupees.

    Q) The Postman Statue said it would make more Ritos come to Windfall Island, but none have! Why?

    A) The statue description means it will just have more Ritos' figures. Real Ritos won't come. This is also the case with many other statues, in that they won't affect the town. The Fountain Idol is a good example.

    Q) How do I get a good pictograph of Zunari for the Nintendo Gallery?

    A) I ran up the steps in front of Zunari's Stall, turned around and zoomed in with the Deluxe Picto Box to take the picture. Make sure to get a good amount of body in the pictograph.

    Q) Are the Wandering Merchants Gorons?

    A) Yes, they are! And you can see their faces too! Get out your Deku Leaf if you have it, and use it in front of the Merchant. Its hat will blow off momentarily and you can see the Goron face we've come to love.

    Q) I accidentally threw away one of the flowers, and now I can't complete the Trading Quest. Is there any way I can get a flower back?

    A) Of course there is, fret not! Just walk up to the smaller bit of the stall - a blue rug will be in-front - and talk to Zunari there to buy a new flower. Da-nah-naaah! You can continue on with your quest.

    Q) I've heard that there are two Pieces of Heart related to Zunari. Is this true?

    A) In a way, yes. You have to decorate the whole of Windfall Island with items you get from the Trading Quest and then speak to a guy from The Joyous Volunteer Association - he will give you a Piece of Heart.

    Q) What does the Magic Armor do?

    A) The Magic Armor creates a barrier around Link that protects him from damage. It will gradually drain your magic. It's similar to the Nayru's Love item from Ocarina of Time.

    Copyright Information

    No part of this guide may be duplicated, stored in a retrieval system or used as part of another book, database, program or other commercial application without my express permission. While we're on the subject, I am in no way related to Nintendo, or any of the people involved with them.

    Basically, don't steal my stuff.

    The only websites at the time of the Final Version with permission to use my guide are:

    Any other websites should not have this document on them.

    Version History

    The 2012 Final Version - FAQ formatted, and words sharpened up.

    Submitted - 26 June 2012.

    The 2008 Final Version - Copyright Information update. Hello 1UP readers!

    Submitted - 22nd April 2008.

    The 2008 Final Version - Five years! Renovation of text given.

    Submitted - 19th April 2008.

    Final Version - Honestly, now. A couple of minor-major things fixed, and FAQs added.

    Submitted - 30th July 2003.

    Final Version - I missed out some credit. >_<

    Submitted - 7th June 2003.

    Final Version - Final and only probable version, has every section complete. Future updates are unlikely, but still a possibility.

    Submitted - 5th June 2003.

    Special Thanks

    YOU - For taking some time to peruse this little guide.

    CJayC - For hosting this guide, and being the brain of the brilliant GameFAQs.

    Nintendo - May Zelda forever live on. Cel-shading was very well done too.

    giantdonkeykongteam - For providing a basis for the Sea Chart.