How do I solve (pictographs)?

  1. I need to take pictures for the camera guy but I can't find the person who is writing love letters, what do i do?

    User Info: Halogen3

    Halogen3 - 7 years ago

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  1. I answered a question similar to this earlier. lol.

    The person that's in love is the guy that walks back and forth to the mailbox mailing letters. He wears a red jumpsuit apparatus. (lol)
    What i did, on the in love guy, was i went up to the mailbox, and turned left and went up the hill a little ways right beside the bushes, you know? And I waited on the man to walk down, and I had it zoomed to where I could see the Mailbox AND the man's full body. I believe you have to snap the picture as he's putting the letter in the mailbox. As long as you get the man, the mailbox, and the letter, i think you'll be okay. you have to really pay attention though.... so you don't miss it.
    Then the second and third ones are similar. You just have to get all of the target in the frame, and you have to catch them in the RIGHT moment when whatever he needs to see happens. Like, the third one, you have to snap 2 people in one frame looking at each other... you have to stand to where you can see both.... it's not that bad once you get the hang of it. Keep trying! good luck!
    Hope this helps! ^_^

    User Info: inthebox44

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  1. Its the guy who puts letters in the mailbox hes near the killer bees not the walking guy he has a mustace then take a
    picture of the guy at the table in the cafe hit a wall then quickly take a picture. Then take a picture of the walking guy
    looking at the girl near the stairs that are near the killer bees (boys walking around the pictograph house) then your

    User Info: Link457

    Link457 - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. The man with the letters is clad in red, with black hair. If you speak to him, he tells you about the mailbox. Atleast he did for me. He walks around town. He starts at the plaza where the photo shop is, then walks to the mailbox. Snap a picture of him with his hand in the box.

    The second man is in the Cafe. The easiest way would be to pick up a jar and throw. Snap a pic of his face while he's scared. You can scare him by throwing jars, breaking cups or other small items or rolling into walls.

    The third person yet another stroller. He starts near the prison, walks to the postbox, up the street and then passes the asian women who talks about the girl with jars on her head on Outset Island. When they pass each other, they'll exchange looks. Snap them both in one pic in this moment.

    ...Then all you'll need is a Forest Firefly and you're done!

    User Info: Abzol

    Abzol - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. The best way I've found to get this picture is to stand near the end of the stone pier and get my pictobox out.
    I aim toward the mailbox and zoom so that the mailbox is right of center, leaving room for the man on the left.
    When he arrives, you have to snap the pictograph at the exact moment that his hand is going up to put the
    letter in the box. The love couple in the 3rd task is the same way, but this time focus on the woman in orange by
    Mrs. Marie's school. You snap at the moment their heads turn to look at each other.

    User Info: gengar77

    gengar77 - 7 years ago 1 0
  4. Um the guy looks like a taller fire mario and you have to catch him in a photo with the mail box and letter in the photo as he puts the letter in.

    User Info: matt6888

    matt6888 - 7 years ago 1 0

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