How do I get the stuff to reach the sages?

  1. How do i get the thing thats makes me stronger and the thing the makes me rock solid?

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  1. When you need to wake the sages, you'll need to use the recently acquired Bow.

    Step 1 - Get the Ballad of Gales
    Find Cyclos. I've found his Giant Tornado around Mother & Child Isles and Northern Triangle Isle. Take a Color Pictograph of him if you haven't yet, then shoot Arrows at him rapidly. Three hits and he'll teach you the Ballad of Gales (Down, Right, Left, Up).

    Step 2 - Meet the Great Fairy Queen
    Use the Ballad of Gales to warp to Mother & Child Isles. This is the only way to get inside the Mother Isle. The Great Fairy Queen will appear (she looks like a certain 'Steve' that people have been talking about, doesn't she?) and give you Ice Arrow and Fire Arrow powers.

    Step 3 - Ice Ring Isle and Fire Mountain
    Use your new Arrows to get the Hero's Items. Note that when you use the opposite element Arrow on either Island that a 5 minute timer appears. That is NOT a lot of time to work with, so get Link's butt a-moving.

    Jump in the volcano's mouth on Fire Mountain and prepare to fight several Fire Keese (burning bats) and Magtails (cycloptic centipedes). Once all foes are felled, a chest appears with the Power Bracelets (and the timer stops). Try it on the nearby stone head to get to the exit.

    Jump across the ice floes at Ice Ring Isle to get in the dragon statue's mouth. There are several normal Keese to harass you as you slide down icy slopes to reach the chest's pedestal fell every foe to spawn the chest with the Iron Boots (again, the timer stops when you open it, so keep moving). Use your newly acquired metal footwear to get to the wind (how the hell does Link's hat stay on?) and walk towards the wind source to a secret enemy wipeout area with foes frozen in blocks of ice.

    Step 4 - Headstone Isle and Gale Isle
    You can lift the giant stone heads with Power Bracelets, so do so at Headstone Isle. Inside, learn Earth God's Lyric and meet Laruto the Zora, the fallen earth sage. She tells you to find her descendant who holds her sacred instrument (a golden harp).

    Repeat with the Iron Boots and Skull Hammer at Gale Isle to learn the Wind God's Aria and meet Fado the Kokiri, the fallen wind sage. He tells you to find his descendant who holds his sacred instrument as well (a leaf violin).

    Step 5 - Wake the Earth Sage
    Since the new wind sage is hiding too well to be found now, you might as well go to Dragon Roost Island. You'll hear a harp playing as you climb. Play the Earth God's Lyric near the new earth sage

    Step 6 - Headstone Isle/Earth Temple
    Dungeon to explore. Mirror Shield to get. Boss's ass to kick. Typical Zelda stuff.

    Step 7 - Wake the Wind Sage
    Energizing the Master Sword has somehow inspired the wind sage to start playing the sacred violin. Go to Forest Haven and turn left at the first Boko Baba. Face the right waterfall and use your grappling hook to swing into a secret cave. Play the Wind God's Aria for the new wind sage and head to Gale Isle/Wind Temple (again, dungeon to explore, Hookshot to get, another Boss's ass to kick, even more typical Zelda stuff there).

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