Forbidden Forest floor B1?

  1. There is a y fork in the B1 floor of Forbidden Forest and my son can't figure out how to get to the y to get the treasure which we think is the key to the boss on floor 2 of Forbidden Forest?

    User Info: Jamey80

    Jamey80 - 7 years ago

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  1. To get to the Y shaped room, get the Boomerang, then cut loose the giant flower in the main room. The flower will fall through the floor leading down to the basement level. Jump all the way down to where the flower lays in the water and go through the door.

    Now you are in the Y shaped room. Take the path to the right, defeating what enemies you come across if need be.

    In the next room, there will be another hanging flower, but it is much smaller/browner than the last one. Cut it loose with the boomerang. (Side note: The boarded up door next to where the flower falls can be destroyed with a bomb, and in the room is a Treasure Chart.)
    You need to jump onto the leaf and use it to 'sail' across the water. Use your Deku leaf to propel the leaf across the water and watch out for the Octoroks. Your instincts where right about that Big Key.

    In the next room, you will find the Big Key Chest behind bars in a tree stump 'house'. Get to the top of the house and hit all five crystals with the Boomerang. (Start with the crystal to the right of the tree and have the Boomerang circle the house.) Jump down and get ready for a fight. Defeat all enemies and the Big Key is yours and you may leave the room via Grappling Hook.

    You are now back to the Y room. The boss to the Forbidden woods is indeed on the second floor. How you get to him I will leave up to you.

    User Info: DirtaDawg

    DirtaDawg (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0

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