Freezing the Helmaroc King?

  1. The fish at Star Island tells you that you can freeze the "big monster" at the Forsaken Fortress and then smash it with the skull hammer. It sounded interesting, but then I discovered it was complete bull**** since you can't get the ice arrows until after you beat the Helmaroc King. I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities: you can go back and fight the bird again, there's a way to get the arrows earlier that I'm missing, or he was just talking about Moblins. Which one's right?

    User Info: Hyper_G

    Hyper_G - 6 years ago

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  1. I would say that it's a slightly dodgy translation referring to how the bird gets its beak stuck ("frozen") in the ground. Another possibility comes from the fish-man's figurine description - it outright says that some of the fish's information is unreliable.

    User Info: cardshark1

    cardshark1 - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. You get the ice arrows after you find zelda

    User Info: multieman101

    multieman101 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. As soon as you get the arrows in the Temple of Gods you can get the ice arrows. I didn't know you could freeze the Helmaroc King, and I don't remember when you fight him, but if you fight him after the Temple of Gods then you can freeze him with the ice arrows.

    User Info: yoda2323

    yoda2323 - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. yoda2323: Sorry, but I don't think that's possible. As soon as you get the arrows, you can get the ballad of gales and go to Mother & Child Isles where the fairy queen is - but she won't come out.

    User Info: CryBaby51

    CryBaby51 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  4. I think that the fish was talking about the Moblins; they're also pretty big. But then again, the fish could have been talking about any enemy at all.

    User Info: Earth_Echidna

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  5. I remember the fish saying this, and I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic, because afterwards he asks youif you know what to do when the monster is frozen, and then tells you to, "Smash it to bits...." So, he was either being stupid, or he was serious... and which case he makes NO sense.

    User Info: mizbeezy38956

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  6. If by "freeze" he meant "get the bird stuck in the concrete," then yes. Although it is possible to warp inside the Fairy Queen's fountain before you fight the Helmaroc King, you are not allowed to get the fire/ice arrows before you kill him.

    User Info: Mathhater

    Mathhater - 6 years ago 0 0

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