How do I get to the cave with the treasure chest on Dragon Roost?

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    Megaafro13 - 8 years ago
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  1. Go into the main room (the one with all the post rooms and so on) and then out through one of the doors on the top floor. It's the door that leads to a long balcony outside. There are a number of rock platforms that you can see from the balcony. Change the wind (to the north I think) and use the leaf to float across to the platform. There are some birds flying around so you'll need to kill them with your bow. There's a stone slab with an arrow on it on the platform. Change the wind again to fly in that direction, and you'll land on another platform with another arrow. Change the wind again and fly into the cave. Just don't forget to cut the grass and fill your magic meter up in between each flight.

    I take it that's the cave you are talking about, right?

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    Paulo - 8 years ago 2 0

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