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    Triforce Map by IronMouse

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               The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto
               -------- Triforce Map ----------
                Written by IronMouse (24/12/2002)
    Here's a guide to getting the 8 Triforce pieces you will need 
    later on in the game. You will get this map from Tingle sometime
    during the game anyway, so the map below is somewhat redundant; 
    it is there solely for the purpose of making it easier to obtain.
    First of all, the Triforce pieces are all at the bottom of the sea, 
    and you will need to find the PURPLE Triforce maps in order to 
    dredge them up. These Purple maps can only be deciphered by Tingle 
    at a hefty price of 398 rupees at Tingle Island (3C), so make sure 
    you have gotten at least 1 rupee bag upgrade (from the Great Fairies 
    in A3 and G2), and about 3200 rupees to spare.
    Note: The map you get in the game doesn't keep track of which 
    Triforce pieces you have gotten and which you haven't, so keep track 
    of that yourself. 
           1      2      3      4      5      6      7
     A |      |      |      |      |   4* |      |   8  |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     B |      |      |   4* |      |      |      |      |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     C |      |      |   T  |      |      |      |   4* |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     D |      |   4* |      |      |      |      |      |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     E |   5  |   1  |   7  |      |   2  |   4* |   3  |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     F |   4* |      |      |      |      |      |      |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
     G |      |   6  |      |      |      |      |   4* |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |      |
    * - Where the ghost ship appears
    T - Tingle Island
    Map 1
    Location:      Steel Island
    Items Needed:  Bombs, Baton of Wind
    A mere case of bomb the ships, bomb the cannons, and bomb 
    the door. Sail in, and there will be a blue wind mark and a red 
    triforce mark on the floor. Stand on the wind mark and play 
    the Song of Wind, and a chest will appear with the map inside. 
    Map 2
    Location:      Who's Island
    Items Needed:  Camera, 20 Pendants of Happiness, Title Deed, 
                   Grappling Hook, Hammer
    This quest is quite complicated, so I've divided it into 2 parts: 
         Taura Island
         1) Get the Camera
         At the back of the photographer's shot, there is a door. 
         Inside is Tingle. Free him by pressing a switch in the 
         bottom right hand corner of the room, and he will give you 
         the Tingle receiver and a (rather useless) map. Go inside 
         his cell, and move the big box aside to reveal a hole. 
         Crawl through the maze (avoiding the mice), and get the 
         Camera at the end.
         2) Play Hide and Seek 
         Go to the school and talk to the teacher, Marie. She will 
         tell you about 4 naughty kids that needs a "talking to". 
         Volunteer to do the job and go out to talk to the 4 kids 
         that will circle you anyway. They will challenge you to 
         a game of hide a seek. Find them, chase them around until 
         you tag them all to win. 
              Kid 1: On top of a tall tree near the docks. He's 
                     quite visible. Roll attack into the tree to 
                     get him down.
              Kid 2: Behind the bomb shop. To the left of the bomb 
                     shop is a narrow ledge you can sidle along. 
              Kid 3: Behind the gravestone with the dancing Elvis 
                     impersonator infront of it.
              Kid 4: Behind a bush next to the *TOP* of the white 
                     arch. She can be hard to find; the best way is 
                     to stand in the middle of the TOP of the white 
                     arch and do a 360 degree scout. 
         They will give you a piece of heart when you win, and ask 
         you to tell Miss Marie. Tell her and she will give you 50 
         rupees. Go outside and talk to the kids again, and they 
         will tell you Miss Marie's birthday is coming up, and they 
         want to give her a happiness pendant. They've hidden a 
         happiness pendant in a tree, and they want you to find it.
         Roll attack the tree by the bomb shop, and get the happiness 
         pendant. Give it to Miss Marie, and she will dole out 20 
         rupees. At this point, if you give her 20 happiness pendants, 
         she will give you the much needed Title Deed to her holiday. 
         Who's Island
         1) Get Inside the House
         Formerly Miss Marie's holiday house, it's now yours with the 
         Title Deed. Show it at the door, and you can go in. Near the 
         roof is a grappling hook target. Swing from it and it will put 
         out the fireplace revealing a hole and a maze underneath.
         2) Go through the maze
         Pretty straightforward. Kill some mice and 2 ReDeads (you 
         finally get your own fantasy holiday house, and there are 
         zombies living underneath the fireplace), use the Hammer to 
         open doors, and you'll finally get to a room with the wind 
         mark. Stand on it and play the Song of Wind, and viola! 
    Map 3
    Location:      Bird's Peak Island
    Items Needed:  Hyoi Seeds, Grappling Hook (optional), Bow (optional), 
                   Baton of Wind
    (Hyoi seeds - they are on Terry's boat. They look like giant peanuts 
    with creepy voodoo faces on them)
    There are 2 islands here: one is a high-altitude buzzard's nest, the 
    other has a hole behind a grate. To open the grate, you will need to 
    activate 6 switches in the buzzard's nests. You can try and activate 
    some of them with the bow from the smaller island, but you'll have 
    to use the Hyoi seeds to control a seagull anyway. This can be difficult 
    since the buzzards will attack your seagull, so stock up before you try. 
    A good tactic will be to take out the sitting buzzards from afar with 
    the bow before you try jinxing a seagull. Seagulls can be hard to control, 
    so if you repeatedly can't get the switches in time, try and use the 
    seagulls to lure the buzzards close to you so you can take them out 
    with the bow. 
    Underneath the hole is a wind mark. Play the Song of Wind. 
    Map 4
    Location:      Certain places (refer to map)
    Items Needed:  Hookshot, Ghost Ship Map
    This map is located on a ghost ship. The ghost ship appears in 
    certain places according to lunar cycles, but before you can even 
    get near it you'll need the ghost ship map, found in Diamond Shape 
    Island (1F). You CANNOT get near the ghost ship without the map. 
    At Diamond Shape Island, hookshot up to a tree, keep on hookshotting 
    until you get to a hole. The hole will lead to a bunch of warping 
    pots, some of which will advance you; while others will take you back 
    to the beginning. Eventually, you'll get to a chest containing the map.
    From then onwards, it's going to certain places and waiting for the 
    lunar cycles (or using the Song of Day and Night to fast-forward to 
    them). The map will show you which islands the ghost ship will appear 
    near. The ghost ship also frequents Diamond Shape Island, so you can 
    just stay there and use the Song of Day and Night until it appears. Once 
    you find the ship, sail up to it and you will be treated to a fight 
    with phantoms much like the Enemy Submarine fights. After that, open 
    the chest and viola! Map number 4. 
    Map 5
    Location:      Needle Peak Island
    Items Needed:  Bombs, Grappling Hook
    This map is not on the island. It is "in" one of the 3 cannon ships 
    that sails around the island; you'll know when you see them because 
    one of them should be golden. Find them, bomb them into oblivion and 
    you should dredge up a treasure map that has red lettering on it on the 
    treasure map screen. Go to that buried treasure, and dredge up another 
    treasure map. Each of these treasure maps should have red lettering 
    on the treasure map screen. Keep going, and after about the 4th map, 
    you'll finally get the Purple Triforce map. 
    Map 6
    Location:      Pororo Island
    Items Needed:  Baton of Wind, Deku Leaf, Power Bracelets
    Get your bottles filled with fairies/potions, because there is a 
    massive fight ahead. Go to the bridge leading to the forest where 
    you first rescued Tetra, and it should be broken. Near the bridge is a 
    man going "Whoah!" with a telescope; use the telescope on where he's 
    looking and you should see a big face-rock on a ledge in the distance.
    Get on a ledge, change the wind to a westerly, and float over there 
    with the Deku leaf. Lift up the rock, and be ready to face 30 floors 
    of enemies; each one more difficult than the previous. There is a break 
    to refresh every 10 floors, and the option to return later. MAKE SURE 
    you stock up before you attempt each 10 floors, because the enemies in 
    this "dungeon" does NOT drop anything when defeated. On the 30th floor 
    is a room with the wind mark on it. Stand on it and play the Wind Song. 
    Map 7
    Location:      Giant Face-Rock Island
    Items Needed:  Baton of the Wind, Power Bracelets
    It's practically lift up the rock and monster bash. You'll basically 
    end up in a room with 4 unbarred doors with enemies in them. Defeat 
    them all, then come back out to fight 2 knights. After their defeat, 
    the barred door will be unbarred, revealing the wind mark. Stand on 
    it and play the Wind Song.
    Map 8
    Location:      High Platform Island
    Items Needed:  Baton of the Wind, Hookshot
    Hookshot up to the tree on the lowest island (the grassy one), then 
    hookshot through all the trees until you get to a hole. It's basically 
    monster bash from here; going through 4 unbarred rooms with enemies in 
    them. When you've finished with these 4 rooms, come out to fight 4 
    knights, and the last door will be unbarred. Go in, stand on the wind 
    mark, and play the Wind Song. 

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