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    Tingle Tuner FAQ by twotwotwotwo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tingle Tuner FAQ/Walkthrough: Version 1.0
    Last Updated: April 21, 2003
    Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    System: Nintendo GameCube
    Author: bloodstorm
    Email: blood_storm@hotmail.com
    * Table of Contents: *
    A) Introduction/Overview
    B) Getting the Tingle Tuner
    C) Using the Tingle Tuner
    D) Tingle Tuner Controls
    E) Tingle Island
    F) Tingle's Services
       1) Seagull Pen
       2) Tingle Balloon
       3) Tingle Shield
       4) Kooloo-limpah
       5) Tingle Bomb
       6) Tingle Watch
       7) Red Guide Book
       8) Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner
       9) Red Ting
      10) Green Ting
      11) Blue Ting
    G) Tingle Secrets
       1) Tingle Statue Passwords
       2) Causing Annoyance for Tingle
       3) Lowering the Costs of Tingle's Potions
       4) Lowering the Costs of Tingle's Worst Services
    H) Tingle Quests
       1) Windfall Island Quest (sucky description version)
       2) Knuckle Quest
    I) Tingle In Dungeons
       1) Dragon Roost Cavern (sucky description version)
       2) Forbidden Woods
       3) Tower of the Gods
       4) Earth Temple
       5) Wind Temple
    J) Revision History
    K) Credits/Contact Information
    * A) Introduction/Overview: *
    Version 1.0 Update: Well, it took a while, but I finally got around to 
    finishing version 1.0.  This is a pretty big update here, and it puts the FAQ 
    at technically complete, but there will probably be at least one more update 
    sometime.  The most major changes were: I added the Red Guide Book to the 
    Tingle's Services section, finished the Windfall Island Tingle Quest, and 
    finally fixed the Dragon Roost Cavern description.  
    There were also a lot of little changes on other parts, and stuff like that.  
    Hopefully I didn't mess up on any of the quote things, but if I did, I'll fix 
    them in a little update.  Oh, and if I forget to add anything that someone 
    emailed to me, I can add it in if they remind me in future updates as well.
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker allows you (or another person) to control 
    Tingle using a Game Boy Advance during most areas of the game. To use Tingle, 
    you'll need a Game Boy Advance and a "Nintendo GameCube/Game Boy Advance Cable" 
    to hook it up to your GameCube.  An AC adapter would be nice for your GBA as 
    well, but you can survive on batteries.  
    Oh, and you'll need a TV, a GameCube, a GameCube controller, The Legend of 
    Zelda: The Wind Waker game disc, cables to hook your GameCube up to the TV, and 
    a source of power for both the TV and the GameCube, as well as cords to connect 
    to said power.  
    You'll also have to get the Tingle Tuner item in the game before you can use 
    him, but that comes up pretty quick.  You can get some nice little details on 
    that up ahead.
    When you use the Tingle Tuner, a little menu appears on your Game Boy Advance.  
    Here, Tingle will talk to you (in text form, of course), and you can pay him to 
    do things for you, such as bomb an area or refill your life/magic.  You can 
    also see the map of the area you're in, and you can move a Tingle cursor 
    around.  You can see this cursor on the TV screen as well, so you can see where 
    you're going to have Tingle set up the bomb.  
    Don't rely on the Tingle Tuner for multiplayer fun, though, as it's pretty 
    boring to control Tingle.  His main use is in dungeons, where you can scout out 
    the map, look for hidden things, read the annoying Tingle advice to the player, 
    and pay Tingle to do things.  Also note that you don't need another person to 
    control Tingle for you.  He requires little attention, so all you have to do is 
    read what he says when you hear him saying something and have him provide a 
    service if necessary.
    But the best thing you can do as Tingle is annoy the person playing the game by 
    moving your cursor somewhere on the map and hitting A.  This makes the player 
    look at the point where the cursor is (like camera-wise), and there's a nice 
    annoying Tingle yell.  
    They also stop what they're doing, which means they will drop any special 
    weapon that they're holding, like a deku stick, or it makes them put away their 
    weapon, so there are many ways to cause extra annoyance.  You can't do this 
    when they're doing something that would be really bad to interrupt, like 
    swinging across a bottomless pit or climbing a ladder, but there's plenty of 
    other things you can stop.  To sum it up, Tingle is good for annoyance, but bad 
    for fun.
    If you're wondering whether Tingle is worth using in this game, it depends.  He 
    can give you hints about what you need to do, find crappy hidden items, and you 
    need him to get the Tingle Statues.  Also, I'm almost certain that you need to 
    use the Tingle Tuner to get the Knuckle statue in the Nintendo Gallery.
    If you already have a Game Boy Advance, then you might as well use him.  The 
    cable isn't very expensive, and those Tingle statues are kind of pretty, 
    although not useful in any way that I know of, except for money.  Unless you 
    like throwing pretty things into the water, of course, and who doesn't?  But I 
    wouldn't recommend getting a GBA just to use this feature, as there isn't 
    really anything good you can't get without it (unless you absolutely must have 
    all of the Nintendo Gallery figures).
    I've tried to make this FAQ as spoiler-free as possible, but I probably slipped 
    a few in there on accident.  There shouldn't be any major spoilers though, but 
    read at your own risk.  And if you see something that spoils a part of the 
    story for you without a warning, email me about it so I can fix that up.
    * B) Getting the Tingle Tuner: *
    You can find Tingle as soon as you get to Windfall Island, which just happens 
    to be the first island you go to.  He was locked up in jail, probably because 
    the people here aren't very tolerant of his kind, and he needs you to get him 
    out.  Can ya help?  Good!  Oh, one more important thing...  The jail is located 
    on the back of the picto building, sort of near the dancing Elvis guy at the 
    Go inside, and Tingle will be there all happy to see you.  He says some things, 
    basically about how he thinks you're a fairy because you're dressed like him 
    (BURN!), and he wants you to free him.  Normally I wouldn't recommend helping 
    convicts escape from jail, but he'll give you some nice stuff, so go for it.
    There's a switch in the corner behind some vases that opens his cells, so go 
    move those vases and press that nice little switch.  Congratulations, you've 
    unleashed Tingle on the world.  But you get the nice Tingle Tuner, which will 
    probably be important to you if you're reading this FAQ, and you'll also get a 
    poorly drawn crayon map.
    The Tingle Tuner is used to call Tingle with your Game Boy Advance, which you 
    can read about in the next section.  The Tingle Map, while poorly made, can 
    tell you the location of Tingle Island and (minor sort of SPOILERS here) the 
    two fairy fountains that upgrade your wallet.  Kind of funny that the supposed 
    map expert gives you a crayon map...
    * C) Using the Tingle Tuner: *
    Once you have the Tingle Tuner, you can set it to X, Y, or Z just like any 
    other item.  At some point before using it (you can try it before, but it won't 
    work), you have to plug a Game Boy Advance into the second controller slot 
    using the "Nintendo GameCube/Game Boy Advance Cable," and then turn on the Game 
    Boy Advance.  You do NOT need a game in the GBA.  In fact, you shouldn't have a 
    game in there, as supposedly that can cause errors.  But instruction books 
    always lie about things like that, so who knows if it's true.  
    If you have one, I'd recommend using an AC adapter with your Game Boy Advance, 
    but if you don't have one, that's fine too.  Just remember turn it off when you 
    aren't going to use it for a while so as to conserve battery power.
    Once the GBA is on and plugged in and you activate the Tingle Tuner within the 
    game, it will ask you if you want to call Tingle.  Say yes, and you'll be 
    treated to a long load time, and soon Tingle will float smugly across your GBA 
    screen on his little balloon.  But your Game Boy isn't loading, no!  It's 
    calling!  After Tingle is called, you'll be right back in the action, so don't 
    leave during the call time if you could be in a dangerous situation (true 
    Now Tingle will probably say something depending on where you are that helps 
    fuel your hatred for him, and you can start trying to ignore him.  You can turn 
    the Game Boy Advance off at any time without hurting anything, so don't worry 
    about that.  And if it's still on after you turn the GameCube off it will beep 
    annoyingly at you to warn you that it's still on and eating your electrical 
    I had here that one person emailed me and said that their GBA didn't work with 
    an extension cord, but I've gotten several emails now from people saying that 
    their extension cords work fine with the Tingle Tuner.  So either there's just 
    one or two brands that don't work, or Inopa just had a bad cable.  Of the 
    emails that I've gotten, I've been told that both a Pelican and a Mad Catz 
    cable has worked for people.  If you have one that doesn't work, then send me 
    an email and tell me what brand it is.  I guess if you really want you can send 
    me a brand that has worked for you, too.
    * D) Tingle Tuner Controls: *
    You can get a list of these at any time if you press select, but if you already 
    know the controls well enough to know that select gives you a list of controls, 
    you probably know them well enough to not need to view them.  I'll list them 
    anyway, though, generally copied almost word for word out of the game:  
         L: Hold L and use the control pad to view map.
         R: Warp cursor to Link
         A: Check cursor position
         B: Use item at the cursor position
     Start: Select item with the control pad and press B
    Select: View controls
    You press these buttons on the Game Boy Advance, by the way, not on the 
    GameCube controller.  Unless you can find a select button on your controller, 
    then by all means, go wild.
    * E) Tingle Island: *
    Tingle Island is where Tingle and his family and friend/employee lives.  It's a 
    very small island, and you can find it using the crayon map Tingle gave you 
    when you helped him bust out of jail.  But if you don't feel like doing all of 
    that pesky clicking, it's in the square three down from the top and three to 
    the right.  Watch out, because there are a lot of sharks and whirlwinds in that 
    In the center of Tingle Island is the fairly large Tingle Tower.  It looks kind 
    of like a totem pole, and at the top is an ugly, rotating Tingle head.  There's 
    a ladder to climb up the tower, where Tingle himself will be.  But there seems 
    to be some kind of glitch in the game, as no matter how much you attack Tingle 
    with your sword (or other weapons), he doesn't die or even seem to notice.  
    Clearly someone screwed up here.
    Tingle's brother, Ankle, is on the tower as well.  He looks exactly like Tingle 
    but is wearing a pink/purple outfit, so he's like a more flamboyant version of 
    Tingle, if that's possible.  Ankle gives you money every time you get a Tingle 
    Statue.  He gives you 50 rupees for each one.
    He only gives you a purple rupee each time, but supposedly he gives you the 
    amount you earned for the statues.  So if you have two, then you should 
    actually get 100 rupees.  I wasn't paying much attention during those parts, so 
    I can't guarantee it, but it makes sense.  (Thanks to Andy [unconfirmed name] 
    for correcting me there)
    Once you get all of the statues, you should come talk to Ankle.  When you do, 
    he'll make you wait a moment, and then give you 500 rupees.  Not bad, I guess.  
    Also note that this does stack with the 50 rupee reward, and he'll give you 
    that first.  Probably because there's no way to talk to him between getting the 
    last statue and having all of the statues.
    Also in Tingle Tower is David Jr., who is the white Tingle-looking person.  
    He's a 17-year-old who Tingle kidnapped and made into his slave.  He's not 
    really an important character on his own, but I guess his existence is just to 
    teach us a little more about what kind of person Tingle is.
    Ankle and David Jr. are constantly pushing a rotary thing connected to the top 
    part of the statue in a circle in order to make it spin.  Supposedly they're 
    turning the tower because they believe it keeps the world spinning somehow.  
    Tingle just stands there watching them work, showing almost too much interest.
    (Thanks to UMystMe for telling me why they are turning the top of the tower)
    On the small amount of ground on Tingle Island, you can see five circles in the 
    around a patch of flowers.  If you have any Tingle Statues, they will be in 
    those circles.  The only thing you can do with them is pick them up and attack 
    And what would you do with something you can pick up on a tiny little island?  
    Throw it in the water of course!  There's no penalty for this, and it will in 
    fact make Tingle angry if you have your Tingle Tuner on.  Nice.  The statues 
    will be back in place the next time you return to the island, so don't worry 
    about losing them.
    Also, after you find Knuckle (see the Tingle Quests), he will be standing in 
    the patch of flowers in the center of the statue ring.  Interestingly enough, 
    he's Ankle's twin brother while David Jr., who also looks exactly like him, is 
    not related to him in any way.  
    Knuckle will say that someone's been throwing the statues into the ocean, but 
    that you would never do something like that, even though he's standing right 
    there whenever you throw them to their watery deaths.  I guess he's blinded by 
    the light that is reflected off of those shiny statues...
    Oh, there's also a sign that points in the direction of North Fairy Island, and 
    a blue Chu-Chu thing comes up near that sign.  Not very important details about 
    the Tingle Tuner, but hey, they are on the island, right?  This section is 
    done, at least for now.
    * E) Tingle's Services: *
    These are the different services that Tingle can provide to you, as well as 
    details about them.  You can get the list of them by pressing start, and to use 
    one just press B on it to set it to B in the game, and press B during the game 
    when you want to use it.  I probably told you that in the controls section, but 
    I haven't written that yet as of writing this section, so I can't be sure.
    - F1) Seagull Pen: -
    Cost - 0 rupees
    Game Description - "Use this to mark your Sea Charts.  It also points to your 
    destination.  Tingle drew his first map with it at age three."
    You can only use your Seagull Pen when you're sailing.  To use it, just move 
    your Tingle Cursor to where you want to set a waypoint, and then hit B with the 
    pen equipped.  If you're far enough away, you are able to set a waypoint.  
    Otherwise, he just tells you that you're red hot (he likes you, I guess).  
    When you have a waypoint, Tingle's little compass (which I doubt you look at 
    unless you're using the Tuner with two people) will have an arrow pointing at 
    said waypoint, and when you get close you'll have to listen to Tingle say 
    something.  I guess it could give you something to waste your time on if you're 
    stuck using Tingle while another person plays, but otherwise this is a pretty 
    useless item.
    - F2) Tingle Balloon: -
    Cost - 30 rupees (20 rupees later)
    Game Description - "Your body will float on air.  Move in the air for 5 
    The Tingle Balloon lets you walk on thin air like it's solid ground, but only 
    for five seconds.  Also, if you actually find a use for this and decide to try 
    it, don't start walking over a death pit right away.  The balloon has no visual 
    cue, but it starts as soon as he takes your money.  So just listen for that to 
    avoid running out and falling to your painful death because the balloon hadn't 
    started yet.
    You can get the cost on this lessened to 20 rupees later (see the Tingle 
    Secrets section).  I doubt you use it, but if you do, then I guess you might 
    - F3) Tingle Shield: -
    Cost - 40 rupees (30 rupees later)
    Game Description - "Look out, sir!  Enemies attack!  A lovely spirit will 
    shield you for 10 seconds."
    For 40 (or 30) rupees, you get a little shield around you that protects you 
    from attacks for 10 seconds.  They could have made it useful, but instead you 
    spend a lot of rupees for a little bit of invincibility.  And don't think 
    you're going to just use it constantly, because there's a nice cooldown on it 
    (as with most of the abilities).  And since you can't use Tingle in boss 
    fights, the applications of this are pretty limited, assuming they exist...
    Just like the balloon, you can get the cost of this lowered, with the 
    information about it in the Tingle Secrets section.  I guess if you were going 
    to use it, you'd want to waste less money on it.
    - F4) Kooloo-limpah: -
    Cost - 40 rupees (30 rupees later)
    Game Description - "Not even I know what may occur, sir!  This is a test of 
    your courage!"
    This gives you a random service.  Usually it results in Tingle telling your 
    fortune, which usually ends up being slightly lucky.  That means you get a 
    potion.  You can also be DooMed, which means you get nothing.  Also, as one of 
    the possible results of this service is a Green Ting, it is not available until 
    you get a magic meter.
    Another thing you can get, which is also the best (at least that I've gotten), 
    is a Tingle Shield that also gives the Tingle Balloon ability, and is for the 
    Tingle Shield duration.  This doesn't come up that often, though, so it's 
    pretty worthless as you can't count on getting it when you need it.  This is a 
    good service if you're easily amused, though, I guess.
    Also, if you really want the shield/balloon, there's a way to make sure you get 
    it, as opposed to a potion.  When Tingle is bringing the potion to you, just 
    pause the game before you actually get it, and you won't lose any money (or get 
    the potion).  (Thanks to anything ya want for that information).
    The cost of this gets lowered with the cost of the balloon and shield (see 
    Tingle Secrets section again), probably because its "best" (if you can use that 
    word to describe something so crappy) result is a combination of the two.
    - F5) Tingle Bomb: -
    Cost - 10 rupees
    Game Description - "Tingle will explode one of his bombs for you with a POW!"
    Basically, a bomb explodes at the point where the cursor is.  However, they 
    don't let you use this at any place you'd really like to bomb, such as the 
    entrance to a fairy fountainy thing or a rock blocking your path.  Probably 
    because Tingle is a jerk and hates you.  This is the only way to get the Tingle 
    statues, however, so it's actually one of Tingle's most useful services.
    - F6) Tingle Watch: -
    Cost - 0 rupees
    Game Description - "I can tell what time it is right now, sir."
    He tells you what time it is.  Not very useful, but you get what you pay for.
    - F7) Red Guide Book: -
    Cost - 0 rupees
    Game Description: "A how-to Tinger Tuner book!  Use the red book to learn about 
    the land and foes!"
    This is kind of like an instruction book for your Tingle Tuner.  Conveniently, 
    it has a horrible interface to assist you in finding a reason to hate it, in 
    addition to the already effective boring and annoying words.
    Thankfully, this item can later be replaced so you'll never be tempted to 
    enrage yourself by using it.  Unfortunately for you, I tortured myself by 
    copying down every word in it and put them here for your viewing displeasure:
    When you first activate the Red Guide Book from Mr. B Button, Tingle will say:
    "To check controls press Select at any time.  What would you like Info on?
    - How-to Guide
    - Helpful Hint
    - Quit"
    From here, you've got your three choices there, any of which you can select.  
    Personally, I recommend choosing the last one, but I'll put all three in here.  
    Note that "Quit" and the "Yes" choice you'll get later have the same result.
    How-to Guide:
    "Let's solve a puzzle!  Yesss!  A Tingle Statue is hidden in this dungeon...  
    It seems you can uncover it with a Tingle Bomb...  Sir, do you understand?
    - Yes
    - Helpful Hints
    - Vital Info!"
    This almost sounds helpful, but you'll get this same message no matter where 
    you are, whether there's anything even resembling a Tingle Statue somewhat 
    nearby or not.  It doesn't even have to be in a dungeon.  I guess they just 
    included this to annoy people, much like most of the other Tingle-related 
    Anyway, once again you have three choices, including a new one that isn't 
    available on the main selection screen!  Yay for the interface! In case you 
    forgot, "Yes" is like "Quit," so select that if possible. 
    Helpful Hints:
    "Just look at all these functions!
    - Using R
    - Using Items
    - Using L"
    Nice, more choices.  It's like viewing the controls, but less exciting!  
    Whoever wrote this really outdid themselves here, though, it would be hard to 
    find a title that would be more misleading.
    Using R: 
    "Lock on to an enemy with R and attack with a Tingle Bomb!"
    As I hopefully mentioned in the Using Tingle section, when Tingle plays his 
    enemy music, or whatever it's supposed to be, pressing R will toggle between 
    Link and the nearby enemy (or enemies).  It's a feature Tingle provides to try 
    and screw you out of some rupees.
    Using Items: 
    "You can change items whenever you like by pressing Start.  Use the item that 
    best suits the situation!  The Tingle Balloon and Tingle Shield may lead you to 
    important discoveries!"
    As you can see, the Red Guide Book is as inaccurate as it is irritating.  The 
    Tingle Balloon and Tingle Shield will never lead you to any discoveries, let 
    alone important ones.
    Using L:
    "If you press [control pad] while holding L, you can survey the map!"
    Vital Info!:
    "You can turn the POWER OFF on your Game Boy Advance at any time.  If the POWER 
    is left ON, your batteries will be drained, so be careful!"
    Apparently to Tingle, vital means the same thing as obvious.
    Quit / Yes:
    "[your name]!  Thank you for using the Tingle Tuner!  Please take care of 
    Tingle and treat him as a friend!"
    Have you ever heard advice that made you want to stab your friends more?  That 
    Tingle sure is evil, trying to turn you against the people closest to you...
    - F8) Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner: -
    Cost - 0 rupees
    Game Description - "Your hotline to Knuckle.  Buy stuff anywhere!"
    This item is only available after you do the little Tingle Quest at Outset 
    Island.  It will replace the Red Guide Book, which I'm sure you've grown to 
    hate if you noticed it.
    This is a somewhat useful service, especially compared to the competition.  
    When you use it, Knuckle will offer to sell you a few things, but he won't sell 
    you arrows if you are full on arrows.  Too bad, right?
    This might not be a complete list of things you can buy, or at least I hope it 
    isn't.  Because that would suck, to have just two items.  But it's starting to 
    look like that's all you're going to get, so enjoy?
    All-purpose Bait - 20 rupees.
    10 Arrows - 50 rupees.
    - F9) Red Ting: -
    Cost - 20 rupees (10 rupees later)
    Game Description - "This energizes you when you're feeling tired!  Refill 
    hearts regularly!"
    It's a red potion.  Nice for refilling your hearts, but too bad you can't use 
    it in a boss battle where it could potentially be possible that you might 
    actually almost need it.  There's always a catch.  
    When you use it, Tingle says his stupid words, and on the GBA screen he jumps 
    up into the air and then floats down on his balloon with a potion.  He feeds 
    you the potion and takes your money, and then says more stupid words.  All 
    three "Tings" work like this.
    You can get the price of this and all Tings lowered as soon as you get to 
    Forsaken Fortress with the Tingle Tuner.  See the Tingle Secrets section for 
    - F10) Green Ting: -
    Cost - 40 rupees (20 rupees later)
    Game Description - "Replenish your magic power with this!  You can't survive 
    without it, Mr. Fairy."
    Probably more useful than the red potion, the green potion refills your magic.  
    So if you run out of magic and don't feel like looking for magic pots, why not 
    spend 40 (or 20) rupees on a nice potion?  Delicious.  Also note that this 
    won't be available until you get a magic meter, for obvious reasons.
    It's nice to get them cheapened in terms of cost, so see the Tingle Secrets 
    section if you want details again.
    - F11) Blue Ting: -
    Cost - 80 rupees (40 rupees later)
    Game Description - "One sip, and you have it all, you greedy fairy!  Strength 
    and magic!"
    The blue potion ting refills both your health and magic.  It's only 20 (or 10) 
    rupees more than the cost of both a red and green potion combined, with exactly 
    the same results!  If you are low on both health and magic and you like wasting 
    money or are just don't want to see Tingle's fat face for any longer than you 
    have to, then this is the potion for you.  This potion also isn't available 
    before you have a magic meter.
    Since this is a Ting and you can lower the cost of all Tings, the cost of this 
    can be reduced.  Why not just jog on over to the Tingle Secrets section if 
    you're looking to find some details on that?
    * G) Tingle Secrets: *
    This section is for the different special things you can do with the Tingle 
    Tuner that don't fit into any of the other sections.  I guess it's kind of a 
    miscellaneous section, but I couldn't really think of a good name for it.
    - G1) Tingle Statue Passwords: -
    Each Tingle Statue that you get has a "secret password" that you can view on 
    the GBA "start" menu while using the Tingle Tuner.  Just put your cursor over a 
    statue to see the information about it, including that statue's password.  
    These passwords are, in order:
    Outset Island, Similar Place, Hidden Pot, Leaf Flight, Western Edge
    They aren't actually passwords (at least as far as I know), but are hints as to 
    where to find something.  If you think you can figure it out from those clues, 
    then go ahead.  If not, read on.
    As you can see from the first password, this takes place on Outset Island.  Go 
    there, and to the Western Edge (password five!) of the island, behind your 
    house.  If you climb up the platforms back there, you can see a pot on another 
    ledge.  You can either sidle to it, or use your deku leaf (Be sure to change 
    the wind.  West works nicely).
    You can break that pot open if you want, it just has some hearts or green 
    rupees in it.  But from here, you should be able to see another island platform 
    farther ahead with another pot on it.  Using your Leaf Flight (password 
    four!!), float out to that platform.  Feel free to break that pot too, but it 
    isn't the hidden pot.
    Walk forward on the ledge with your Tingle Tuner activated, and Tingle will get 
    an exclamation mark.  Hit A, and he'll say more than you probably care to hear 
    and recommend using a Tingle Bomb.  Do so, and stand back (there's plenty of 
    room on this ledge), and you'll uncover a giant Hidden Pot (Yay, password 
    Inside the giant pot is 100 rupees.  This doesn't sound that great as it is, 
    but anytime after you enter a building (or save and quit, possibly just leave 
    the square and return, etc.), the pot will be back and still contain 100 
    rupees.  So that's a good way to make some quick money; just go smash the pot, 
    enter your house, and repeat.  
    There is also some magic in the pots by the outdoor bath (wooden thing also 
    behind your house), so you can replenish (<-- cool word) after every house 
    enter and do this for as long as you like.  And the best part is, once you have 
    Tingle uncover the giant pot with his bomb, you don't need to use him here 
    anymore to get the rupees!  You can just shut his stupid face off!  Hooray!
    Oh, and I don't know how the Similar Place password fits in.  Maybe because the 
    second ledge with the pot is similar to the first, but I think we can all agree 
    that this is the shaft password.
    One more thing, you don't actually have to have all of the statues to get this.  
    You probably don't even need one, you can just come here and get this anytime 
    after you get the Tingle Tuner.
    (thanks to Ryan for explaining this whole thing to me).
    - G2 Causing Annoyance for Tingle: -
    Annoying Tingle is, of course, the most important reason to use the Tingle 
    Tuner.  It's not really a secret, exactly, but it sort of almost is.  So I 
    guess it fits in with this section.  All of the ones I have are related to the 
    Tingle Statues on Tingle Island, so you'll want to get a couple of those as 
    quickly as possible.
    Throwing Tingle Statues Into the Sea:
    The most effective way to annoy Tingle by far is to throw those Tingle Statues 
    into the water.  That'll get him to his maximum annoyance level in only two 
    rounds.  However, there are disadvantages to this method.  Your ammo is limited 
    to the number of statues that you've collected, and there's a five round 
    maximum before you have to reload (i.e. - leave and come back).
    With the first statue you throw into the water, Tingle will say:
    - "Graaaagh!  Don't do that! ............ ............ ............ Nuh-next 
    time buh-be more careful!"
    As you can see, he'll already annoyed to the point of yelling at you and 
    stuttering in his rage.  Every statue after that that you throw in will result 
    in him saying:
    - "Why?!?  I don't get it!"  *he drops a Tingle Bomb on you*  "Hmmmph.  Are you 
    OK, Mr. Fairy?"
    Now you've agitated him to the point of attacking you (and you only lose a 
    quarter of a heart).  Your goal has been realized, and you may continue 
    annoying him while shrugging off his pathetic attempts to hurt you until you 
    run out of ammo.  Make sure there's no text on the Tingle screen when you throw 
    the statue into the water, or he won't react at all.  Oh no!
    Attacking Tingle Statues:
    Clearly those Tingle Statues are very precious to Tingle, and as we all know, 
    harming the things closest to a person are the best way to harm that person.
    You can use pretty much any of your weapons to attack the statues and get a 
    reaction.  I've tried it with the sword (regular attack, jump attack, sword 
    spin, and hurricane spin), bomb, boomerang (which can actually target the 
    statues!), grappling hook, all of the different kinds of arrows, hookshot, and 
    skull hammer.  All of them work, and all get the same reactions.
    Now, this method is slower than throwing the statues into the sea, but once you 
    get him warmed up, you can continue indefinitely as long as you have hearts.  
    And if you run low on hearts but don't want to quit attacking the statues any 
    longer than necessary, just buy a Red Ting using you Tingle Tuner.  Use his own 
    items against him!
    It takes six attacks to provoke him into attacking you, and he'll counter each 
    of his attacks.  Also, note that he won't react if he currently has text on the 
    Tingle Tuner.  This got kind of long and pointless with comments after each 
    thing he says, so I took said comments out.  His reactions are as follows:
    - "Ah ha ha ha...  Mr. Fairy!  Stop that! (heart)"
    - "Aren't you done yet, Mr. Fairy?"
    - "Stop it, fairy!"
    That's mean!"
    - "Stop that!  Now!  Stop that!  Now!  Stop that!  Now!  Stop that!  Now!  Stop 
    that!  Now!  This instant!"
    - "Grrragh!  Enough, already!"  *he sets a Tingle Bomb on your face*  "It 
    should not come to this! (heart)"
    It took some work, but you've finally gotten the reaction you were looking for.  
    Of course, he acts all happy at the very end out of embarrassment, but that 
    doesn't stop him from getting angry the next time you attack his precious 
    statues.  And ever notice that Tingle uses a lot of exclamation points?  That's 
    I'd like to recommend using the hurricane spin (once you get it) on the 
    statues, as that way you can hit them all at once multiple times.  Also, I 
    should point out that one time when I was using said spin, Tingle started 
    ignoring any attacks on the statues before I even got him to the attacking me 
    stage.  Of course, this greatly upset me.  I'm not sure if the hurricane spin 
    caused it or if there was some other reason, but if it happens, just leave and 
    come back and he'll be back to normal (if you'd call Tingle normal, which you 
    - G3) Lowering the Costs of Tingle's Tings: -
    This is something that's probably actually worth doing, as it's possible that 
    you could find a good use for these services.  Maybe.
    To lower the cost of Tingle's "Tings", you have to head over to Forsaken 
    Fortress.  Enter the indoor part of said Fortress from the main entrance (the 
    double doors from the big circle area where you had to fight a Phantom Ganon).  
    From here, go right and through the door.  
    Go to the end of this hall, and when you get to the room part of the this 
    section, look to your left.  You should be able to see a big cauldron (or pot) 
    thing (still on the first floor, by the way).  Look carefully, because it's the 
    same colour as the wall and it kind of blends in.  But it's on a big wooden and 
    stone stand, so you should be able to find it.
    Your goal is to get into that MAGIC pot, with the Tingle Tuner activated, of 
    course.  The best way I've found to do this is to get up behind the pot on the 
    wood stand thing.  Then you can just backflip in (hold L while walking 
    backwards and hit A).  You should be able to land in the pot, and then Tingle 
    will say:
    "Oh, it's the rare Magic Pot!  You can easily make Ting with the left-over 
    "You got the Magic Left-Over Broth!  The price of Ting has dropped!"
    "You're one lucky customer!"
    Now the prices of all of Tingle's Tings have been cut in half.  The red ting 
    now costs 10 rupees, the green ting costs 20 rupees, and the blue ting costs 40 
    rupees.  Yay?
    (Thanks to The Infamous-Llama for telling me that it's possible to get the 
    prices of Tings lowered, and also telling me where that silly pot is).
    - G4) Lowering the Costs of Tingle's Worst Services: -
    Of course, when I say worst services I mean those that actually cost money.  
    But even if he offered to pay me to use the Seagull pen, I wouldn't.
    To lower the cost of these services, you must go to Windfall Island.  Once 
    you're there, go to the front of the Joy School.  If you don't know where that 
    is, it's kind of in the center of the village where the kids run around during 
    the day; just move your Tingle cursor to the front of the different doors and 
    check what they are with A until you find it.
    You'll notice a nice canopy thing above the door of said school.  You want to 
    get on that.  Climb the ladder that's right next to the school onto the cement 
    bridgeish thing, and then jump to the canopy from there.  When you get there 
    (with your Tingle Tuner on, of course), Tingle will say:
    "Eeeeeee!  Tingle has been found!  Ah-hah!  Tingle can offer the popular Tingle 
    Balloon at a very low price!  And if you order now, you'll also get the Tingle 
    Balloon at an unbeatable bargain!"
    I don't know what makes less sense: the fact that Tingle was apparently 
    invisible and hiding on a canopy, or that he called the Tingle Balloon popular.  
    But at least it's cheaper now, so you'll waste less money if you accidentally 
    use it.  They both went down by 10 rupees, by the way.
    Even though he doesn't say anything about it, the price of "Kooloo-limpah!" 
    also goes down by 10 rupees.  It's still way overpriced at 30, though, if you 
    ask me.  They should pay you like 800 rupees to use it.
    (Thanks to IceTyger again, this time for telling me which canopy this happened 
    * H) Tingle Quests: *
    There are two of these that I know of so far.  The first seems to be just to 
    introduce you to the Tingle Tuner system, while the second has a pretty nice 
    reward.  It's possible there are more, but I'll post what I have.
    = H1) Windfall Island Quest: =
    If you use the Tingle Tuner outside on Windfall Island, Tingle will ask you to 
    do this little quest-like thing for him.  I guess the purpose of it is to serve 
    as an introduction to the Tingle Tuner, as you can do this immediately after 
    receiving the Tingle Tuner.  So don't expect a nice reward, because the 
    "reward" is super sucky.
    You must do this all at once without leaving, going indoors, or any of that 
    good stuff.  If you do end up doing something that ends the quest, it will 
    start over the next time you're outside on Windfall Island with the Tingle 
    Tuner activated.
    So, here's what happens in the quest, starting with Tingle saying this:
    "Gee, Mr. Fairy!  You miss Tingle already?  Do you see Tingle's face everywhere 
    you go?  When you use the Tingle Tuner, he is near you, protecting you!  Hey, 
    Mr. Fairy?  You should find out if you are the right fairy for Tingle!  Here's 
    how!  Look in front of the postbox!!!  Easy!  Easy!  Go to the postbox and use 
    A to check the ? mark!"
    I don't know what being the right fairy for Tingle involves exactly, but I'm 
    sure it's something you'd probably prefer not to be.  But the only way to get 
    your sucky reward is to do as he says, so you can find the postbox by the docks 
    on the southern side of the island.  
    You can just look for the little question mark circle on the Tingle Tuner, and 
    you don't even have to send Link over there.  You have to be at about the same 
    elevation as the postbox, though, so it's probably easier to send Link there 
    with the Tingle cursor attached.
    "Whoa!  Good job!  You're quite attentive.  But there's more for you to find!  
    There are three benches on Windfall Island!  See if you can find the benches in 
    the order Tingle tells you.  If all goes well, you and Tingle will become even 
    better friends!  But don't open any doors until you find them all, of it's all 
    "OK, first go to the bench closest to here!  And don't forget to take Tingle 
    along!  Ready?  Go!"
    I don't why Tingle always tries to discourage you from doing his quests.  Why 
    would he threaten you with a closer friendship?  The first bench should be 
    pretty easy to find, just head north up the path past the postbox, and it's 
    past the lower entrance to the House of Wealth (i.e. - that Red Door).
    Also, note that for this whole bench part, you have to actually go to the 
    places with Tingle "R"ed to you.
    "Dingdong!  The first one was a trial run!  Next, go to the bench with a 
    seaside view!"
    Continue north past the Eskimo's booth, but don't go up the stairs to the west.  
    Go straight through the opening to the bench on the grass that should be in 
    plain view.
    "Ding-dong!  Good work, sir!  Now, find the third bench on your own!"
    Oh no, on your own!  You don't get a helpful clue like "closest to here" for 
    this one.  Go up those stairs you went past for the seaside bench, and this 
    bench is against the wall of Lenzo's Studio (the building to the immediate 
    right at the top of the stairs).  It sort of blends in with the wall, but you 
    should be able to see it.
    "Ding ding!  Congratulations, clever fairy!  You listened carefully to Tingle's 
    words!  OK, Mr. Fairy!  Can you find the Rupees that I hid in this area?  Use 
    [control pad] to search with cursor!"
    You can find either of two spots in the little plaza area you're in.  One of 
    them is by one of the pillars, and the other is kind of between that and 
    Lenzo's Studio.  Just move the cursor around looking for places where it goes 
    exclamationy, and you shouldn't have too much trouble.
    "Wow!  I found 1 Rupee!  Mr. Fairy!  It's your lucky day!  Maybe there are 
    other things you can find!  Look around the plaza!"
    Yay, a whole rupee.  Now you can buy almost a third of a single serving of 
    bait!  Next, you have to find the spot you didn't find in the previous step.
    "Oh!  Look what you found!  Actually, I have one last wish...  I want you to 
    dispel Tingle's old grudge!  I want you to visit Tingle's despised jail with a 
    Tingle Bomb!  Call Tingle to your feet with R, stand before the door to the 
    jail, and press B!"
    If he found anything there, he stole it from you, because you get nothing.  The 
    jail, in case you've forgotten, is on the back of Lenzo's Studio, sort of near 
    the gravestone where the Tingle-ish man dances.  Tingle explains what you have 
    to do for this one pretty well for once; just make sure that the Tingle Bomb is 
    set to B and you have at least 10 rupees.
    "Danger, Fairy!  Run! [<-- in very large, red text]
    "Ah, much better!  You made Tingle's wish come true!  You must be a true fairy!  
    Wow!  This whole tuner thing is really getting fun now!  I guess it's Tingle's 
    turn to use the Tingle Tuner to grant your wish!  Yes, the telepathic Tingle 
    Tuner has many functions...  I want you to read the manual carefully and call 
    me again.  Just press START and change items to read it.  
    "But since my Tingle Tuner is so technical, be careful not to waste any 
    telepathy.  When you're not using it, turn the power on the Game Boy Advance 
    OFF.  Try calling me the next time you set out to sea.  Until then, farewell 
    Mr. Fairy!"
    So, your reward for that whole thing was a little pot with 20 rupees in it, 
    which you had to spend 10 rupees to get.  With the rupee you got during the 
    quest, that's a net gain of 11 rupees!  The pot will respawn whenever the area 
    is reloaded, but it will be empty.  This awful reward was probably just in case 
    you didn't already hate Tingle enough from when you first met him (in other 
    words, someone else played that part of the game for you).
    = H2) Knuckle Quest: = 
    This quest will start when you go onto the beach of Outset Island in front of 
    your house with the Tingle Tuner activated (preferably before you get onto the 
    island).  This one is actually worth doing, as the rewards are pretty nice, 
    especially after the previous worst-reward-ever quest.
    Here, we're introduced to Tingle's brother, Kunckle.  You can tell it's Knuckle 
    talking and not Tingle because he's on the left side of the box instead of in 
    the center, and maybe you can tell he's blue if you've got a GBA SP.  I can 
    just barely see the colour difference on my regular GBA, but that's what I get 
    for playing in poor lighting.
    I've got everything they say written here, as well as what you have to do.  I 
    mixed it all together so it's harder to read, because I know how everyone hates 
    to read.  Enjoy!
    Knuckle: (in bigger letters) "There you are!"
    Tingle: "Knuckle?  It's Knuckle!  I was so worried about you!"
    Knuckle: "Don't play dumb!  Why'd you doodle on Tingle Tower?  I built that 
    Tingle: "What, that 'For Tingle Only' sign I wrote?  Sorry!  Please forgive 
    Knuckle: "Hmmph!  Well, I might consider it if the fairy will do as I ask...  
    Mr. Fairy!  Can you get in that outdoor bath?  Just don't open any doors before 
    you finish doing what I tell you!  You'll fail if you do!"
    Wow, sounds like he likes you as much as Tingle does.  When you're ready to 
    bathe for the man, you can find the outdoor bath behind your house.  It's the 
    wooden thing with the blue rupee on top of it.
    Knuckle: "Hmph!  Now let's test you further.  Next go down the ladder that no 
    one uses."
    Aw, he's disappointed over the results of the last mission so he gave you a 
    sucky clue.  The ladder he's talking about is the one that goes into the water 
    right next to the watch tower you started the game on.  So not the one that 
    goes to the tower, but the water fellow.
    Knuckle: "Shoot!  Nice work!  Next can you climb onto the biggest rock at the 
    top of the hill?"
    I don't know what he was hoping to get out of that one, but he sounds 
    disappointed again...  To find the rock, go up the path you took before to find 
    Tetra for the first time (the path that goes up along the east side of the 
    island), but turn right at the remains of the bridge (after those stupid imp 
    things) and keep going up.  
    At this point, Tingle will probably tell you to use your Deku leaf to fly to a 
    rock, but you can just ignore that.  It's not related to this quest in any way.  
    Keeping going up behind the man with the telescope, and climb up onto the 
    ledge.  By about now you should be at the top of the mountain, so go to the big 
    rock in the back facing the sea and get on it for the next Knuckle speech.
    Knuckle: "Here we go!  OK, congrats.  You're pretty good, I must say...  
    Next...  Try to jump down below the suspension bridge.  Do you have that much 
    oK, last one.  Now he's making you hurt yourself because he hates you.  Go down 
    to where the suspension bridge started when it was not in the river.  This is 
    not far from where the rock was in the last clue; backtrack just past the 
    telescope guy and you'll get to the two posts of the bridge.  That's all that's 
    left of the bridge, the sets of two posts on either side of the big gap.
    You want to go right between those two posts and drop down (don't jump out, 
    just drop straight down).  You'll fall onto a rock ledgish thing and lose a 
    quarter of a heart.  Ouch.  But it's worth it, because now you're done.
    Knuckle: "Uggghhh!  Enough!  Enough!  I've lost the contest on this island!  
    What can I do?  Oh!  I'll give you the Hand-Me-Down Tuner!  Ugh.  I'm going 
    back home."
    Tingle: "Mr. Fairy!  You're great!  You're like family!  When you come to 
    Tingle Island, I'll call you [your name] instead of Mr. Fairy!"
    He doesn't, though, he still calls you Mr. Fairy.  He just lied right to your 
    face.  Well, maybe he calls you by your name once, but only if you're lucky.  
    Or if you go there right after doing this, I guess.  I don't know for sure, he 
    never called me by my name...
    But now that you've completed this, you can use the Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner 
    to buy a couple things from Knuckle for high prices at any time using the 
    Tingle Tuner.  You can also now find Knuckle at Tingle Island in the middle of 
    the Tingle Statues.
    * I) Tingle In Dungeons: *
    Dungeons are where Tingle can actually prove to be useful at times.  Tingle 
    will talk to you at various times, giving you hints or rambling on about 
    nothing.  Sometimes he will also find things (like rupees or fairies) for you 
    if you walk over a certain spot, but nothing too important.
    In each of the first three dungeons, there seems to be kind of a sidequest 
    thing that you can do with Tingle using the Tingle Tuner.  These tend to be 
    pretty pointless, and just provide you with background information about 
    something.  None of them have saved in my game yet, so I'm assuming that there 
    is no way to make them do so.  They're still something to do, I guess.  There 
    will be details on each one in the specific dungeon sections (hopefully).
    The main reason to use the Tingle Tuner in dungeons is to acquire the Tingle 
    Statues.  These are life-sized golden statues of Tingle in various poses, and 
    they are kept on Tingle Island once you find them (You can look at the crayon 
    map tingle gave you to find Tingle Island.  It's the towery thing).  You can go 
    there and visit the statues, and you can even pick them up!  This can help you 
    in your implied quest of annoying Tingle, as he gets upset if you throw them 
    into the sea.
    There are five statues in all, and you can view information about each one on 
    the "start" screen when you're using the Tingle Tuner.  Each also has a 
    "password" listed for it.  For information on what these are for, see the 
    Tingle Secrets section.  
    Also, whenever you get one you can talk to Ankle (the pink outfit Tingle) at 
    the top of Tingle Tower on Tingle Island to get 50 rupees.  Then once you get 
    all of the statues, Ankle will give you 500 rupees.  You can go to the Tingle 
    Island section for more details, but that's pretty much all of them.
    = I1) Dragon Roost Cavern: =
    In various places of this dungeon, Tingle will find invisible messages and read 
    them to you through your Tingle Tuner.  They seems to be suggesting that you 
    can find some kind of treasure somewhere in Dragon Roost Cavern, but since it's 
    referred to as a "tiny rupee," it probably really sucks.  
    I'm not sure which item they're referring to, or whether I've found it, but it 
    doesn't seem important much at all.  But, since this is a Tingle-only thing in 
    this dungeon, I'll put everything he says here.  Well, at least all the ones 
    I've found.
    1) You can find this message in the main chamber, past the door you'll come 
    through when you first get to this room from the entrance to the dungeon.  
    There are a bunch of skulls here, and one is kind of off by itself.  If you go 
    up to that skull (with Tingle, of course), you'll get this first message.
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  There seems to be something written under the skull!"
    "It looks like my life will end in this heat.  I shall leave one last message 
    here.  I wish I still had my tiny Rupee.  Where'd I leave it?  It was a blue, 
    blue room..."
    Tingle - "That's all it says!"
    2) This one is at the far north of the second floor, in the outdoor area where 
    the bird nest is.  Right next to the door that is/was locked, there is a steam 
    vent crack (which is partially over the cliff, so it looks kind of funny).  
    Stand on that to find this message.
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  There are the remains of something written in the dirt!"
    "Will this be the last time I ever look upon the sun?  The attack by the 
    Kargoroo caused more damage than I thought...  Ah!  These jets of steam!  If 
    only I could escape like this volcanic gas!  There were jets in THAT room, 
    too...  Hopefully the jets and the magical jar won't lead anyone to my 
    Tingle - "It looks like it was written with a feather quill!"
    3) The next one isn't far from number 2, and is on the magical warp pot.  So 
    this one should be no problem to find if you've already uncovered said pot, 
    just warp to here from the first room.
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  Something seems to be written on the bottom of the pot!"
    "Ah!  It's a magical pot!  I got in and before I know it, I ended up here!  The 
    pots must be connected somehow... but I'm just rambling.  You know, most people 
    wouldn't think of taking someone else's Rupees...  With that in mind, I hope 
    this Rupee I'm leaving is more than just proof I was here.  I want whoever 
    finds it to hold onto  it.  I don't want it spent in a frivolous way.  Please, 
    let this wish come true."
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  After you get it, you should give it to Tingle!  Don't 
    waste it on frivolous things!"
    4) The fourth message is on the 2nd floor in the room farthest south.  It's the 
    room with the Magtail (lava centipede thing) on a platform, and there are water 
    jars that you have to create an elevator.  The actual message is by the water 
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  There is something written on this wall, too!"
    "Water!  In this dreadful heat, my body soaks it up like a sponge!  Of course 
    it has been spoiled by Bokablins, just like that room!  Only  utter dehydration 
    could make this water taste so fair, but is does!  This water has given me the 
    strength I need!  I will get out!  I must!  How I long to be with my people 
    just once more..."
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  Tingle can't read anymore through these tears!"
    Dragon Tingle Statue:
    If you've already got the boss key, you can go to the room with the Tingle 
    Statue from the bottom floor of the main chamber.  Otherwise, just wait until 
    you get to the birdcage, and go from there.
    From the wooden bridges with the fire keese (bats) around it (on the 1st floor 
    of the main chamber), you can jump onto a lava elevator.  The platform of it is 
    also the bottom of the birdcage, so you'll have to have that cut down before 
    you can get onto it.  
    From that elevator platform, you want to jump to the northeast onto the ledge 
    with all the teeth and the door, preferably while the elevator is moving, 
    unless you can get through at the top.  Go through the door on that ledge, and 
    then keep going until you get to the gap you have to swing across.
    Swing straight across to the dead end, and Tingle will say something about 
    there possibly being treasure there.  Drop a Tingle Bomb there, and the chest 
    containing the Dragon Tingle Statue will appear.
    = I2) Forbidden Woods: =
    Messages from Tetra:
    Throughout this dungeon, you'll get little hints from Tetra through your Tingle 
    Tuner about where to find a treasure.  Well, not really throughout, but in 
    certain places.  You can tell that it's Tetra and not Tingle, because when she 
    talks, Tingle is facing the other way.  Because as everyone knows, the back of 
    Tingle's head looks exactly like Tetra's face.
    I'm pretty sure that the treasure she's referring to is the Tingle Statue, but 
    it's very possible that it refers to something else.
    The messages start automatically when you get to certain points, and I doubt 
    it's possible to miss them if you are using the Tingle Tuner the whole time.  
    But in case you want to go back and check them, I've put the locations of where 
    you can find them and what she said.  
    I'm pretty sure that it doesn't save that you heard them, as you can go back 
    and heard them again if you leave and come back, so you shouldn't feel 
    obligated to go back just to hear them again.
    1) There's a large central room in this dungeon that I'll be using for the 
    reference point here.  It should be pretty obvious which one it is, as it 
    provides access to every floor.
    You get the first message from Tetra at the third level height in the north in 
    that central room, on the platform with the boko nut.  Here's what she says:
    Tetra - "Hey kid!  Do you know who this is?  Hee hee!  You look so surprised!  
    Even us pirates go to Tingle for help with our maps!  But enough of that!  I 
    suppose I should tell you about the treasure hidden in this dungeon.  I don't 
    know the exact location, but there is a Boko Nut high above where it's hidden.  
    I think.  So stop wasting time!  Go find the treasure!"
    Tingle - "My!  That Tetra is always popping up when you least expect her!"
    2) The next one is in the room right through the door from the first message, 
    on the far side from where you came in.  Here's that message:
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  Miss Tetra is calling!"
    Tetra - "What's wrong kid?  Do you need help finding the treasure?"
    Tingle (I think) - "Well!  Aren't you demanding!"
    Tetra - "Fine...  I hear there are two Peahats near the stop where the treasure 
    is hidden.  Just make sure you find the treasure before some monster finishes 
    you off!"
    3) When you go through the door right in front of where you got the previous 
    message, you'll see a Boko Baba (the flowers that try to eat you dead).  After 
    you kill that, or maybe just go past it, you get a third message in a row:
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  Miss Tetra is calling!"
    Tetra - "You weren't thinking of splitting that treasure with just Tingle, were 
    you?  Whatever!  Just listen up!  You'll find treasure where the Boko Babas 
    lurk.  But remember!  There are a lot of them hidden in the Forbidden Woods, so 
    be on the lookout!"
    Tingle - "Sigh... Why all of a sudden?  Where did she come from?"
    4) The last one isn't next to the first three, but is just before the entrance 
    to the room with the Forbidden Tingle Statue.  Read the Tingle Statue section 
    if you want to know how to get there.  But I'll put what she says right here, 
    just for you:
    Tingle - "Mr. Fairy!  Miss Tetra is calling!"
    Tetra - "What's wrong, kid!?  You still don't know where to find the treasure?  
    How can you both be so dense?!  Sheesh!  OK...  The treasure is near a pile of 
    leaves.  Use the Tingle Bomb to blow them away!"
    Tingle - "Whoa, why does Miss Tetra always seem so mad?"
    Forbidden Tingle Statue:
    The statue for this dungeon is in the basement level.  Again, you'll have to 
    wait until near the end, as the basement isn't even opened at the start.  It 
    should be pretty obvious how to get down there once it's opened, though.
    When you get to the basement, there's a fairly straightforward path into the 
    room with the flower boat thing suspended from vines.  Cut it down and get 
    through the boards to the north if you haven't yet.  Through that north door is 
    the room with the statue in it.
    This is the room with the hut in the center, and it has a pile of leaves right 
    in front of you, some Peahats (three though), and some nice attack flowers.  It 
    sounds a little bit like the descriptions Tetra gave, although not exactly the 
    If you look to your right immediately after you enter the room, you'll see a 
    little island in the corner.  The statue is there.  Jump down to that island, 
    listen to Tingle's little hint, and drop a Tingle Bomb there.  It uncovers the 
    statue, which you can now collect.  Now you have another statue on Tingle 
    Island, this one in the delight pose.
    = I3) Tower of the Gods: =
    Pages of The Legend:
    Hidden throughout the Tower of the Gods are five pages of The Legend, which 
    tell about the Legend of a certain fairy.  You can never actually see these 
    pages lying around, but Tingle seems to be able to and moves his cursor to them 
    when you get close.
    To collect them, you just move into the cursor when he tells you to come to 
    him.  Then he'll say:  "You got the [number] of five pages of The Legend!  View 
    them in the hall."
    The hall he's talking about is the central chamber that you had to bring all of 
    the statues to so as to activate the warp to the upper levels.  You can't see 
    them on your TV, though, you can only see them on the GBA.  
    They show up as little plus signs on the GBA screen, and to read them, you move 
    Tingle's cursor over them and press A on the GBA when he has an exclamation 
    point.  Sometimes you don't get the exclamation point right away, so if that 
    happens, try bring the cursor to you with R and then moving it again.  I think 
    it might have to be at a certain height.
    As far as I can tell, these pages are just to give you some more background 
    information about Tingle.  They don't save, either, so don't feel that you have 
    to actually collect them or anything.
    First Page: 
    Go to the room where you got the controllable statue to the west of the main 
    hall.  To get to the statue, you have to grapple onto the single hook thing 
    high above the pit.  Instead of swinging across the gap, stop with R and the 
    hold R and up to climb to the top of the hook.  Here you'll find this first 
    invisible page.
    Second Page: 
    This page is to the north of the main hall.  In the room directly north of said 
    hall is an area of water with a balance thing.  On both sides of this balance 
    area are doors.  Go into the east one.  Inside are a lot of moving platforms 
    over death.  
    Go onto the platform that comes up to your ledge (preferably after killing the 
    flaming skulls), and then the one right in front of that.  The Tingle cursor 
    should move out just past your platforms reach, and Tingle tells you to go 
    there.  See, now he's trying to kill you!  Jump into the icon to get this page, 
    and enjoy your loss of a quarter heart.
    Third Page: 
    In the room with the statue that's north of the main hall, there is a laser 
    fence type thing that you have to get over to get to the statue.  This is the 
    room where he tells you to use an item that is Tingle-colored to get across.  
    But instead of going over the fence, float onto the left generator of the 
    fence.  If you don't land right on it, Tingle's cursor will move to the nearby 
    page and you can grab it.
    Fourth Page: 
    To get to this page, go right from the main hall towards where you got the 
    first statue.  Instead of going to that statue room, however, go into the door 
    to the south.  When you go near it, the Tingle cursor will move to the pillar 
    in the back of the room.  That's where the fourth page is.  If this is your 
    first time in the room, you can have the statues knock the pillar down for you 
    so you can collect the page.  Otherwise, just take it down with a bomb. 
    (Thanks to IceTyger for being the first to point out that I was in the wrong 
    room before, and also to the many other people who emailed me about it.  I knew 
    I was doing something wrong...)
    Fifth Page: 
    In the room where you got the first statue (the one to the east of the main 
    hall, with the rainbow staircase thing).  If you go towards the first statue on 
    the left when you enter this room, Tingle's cursor will move over to said 
    statue and he'll tell you to go there.  Do so, and you get this page.
    In case you're too lazy to go through all of the work of collecting and reading 
    those, I've put the full story right here.  I guess this could be considered 
    SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk.
    The Legend of the Fairy
    Part One
    It is said that long ago, a boy garbed in green known as the Hero of Time saved 
    this land.  However, on a certain island, there is also the story of the fairy 
    who saved that hero...
    Part Two
    It is said that the Hero of Time met the fairy in the midst of his travels.  
    The fairy appeared before the Hero, who had found himself lost in darkness.  
    With a mystic power, it would float in midair, dancing above his head like a 
    burst balloon.
    Part Three
    After the fairy handed the lost Hero a map, it flew off as quickly as it had 
    appeared.  Better able to foresee places of danger than the Hero, the fairy 
    marked them on a map.  The Legend goes on to say the quest of the Hero of Time 
    was saved by this plump figure...
    Part Four
    Fairies live for thousands of years... but this odd fairy was a bit different. 
    This mystical fairy was born near a lake, and when he met the Hero, he was but 
    35. Beyond that, there is little known about that fairy...
    Part Five
    The little-known Legend of the Fairy's 35th Birthday 
    On one island they celebrate one's 35th birthday with a green coat and red 
    pants.  They do this in the hopes of becoming like the legendary fairy, Tingle.
    Goddess Tingle Statue:
    Inside the door that's in the mouth that used to have water coming out of it 
    (just inside the entrance to the dungeon) is a room with a beamos (that pillar 
    with the laser eye that zaps you good).  Past that beamos are some platforms, 
    which are or soon will be moving up and down, depending on whether you've been 
    here before.
    To continue on in the level and get to the main chamber of the tower you jump 
    from platform to platform to get to a door.  But instead of going in that door, 
    turn around and look back in the direction of the beamos.  There should be a 
    stationary platform right in front of you.  
    Jump back onto the highest moving platform, and then onto that stationary 
    platform.  You'll know you're in the right spot because tingle will tell you 
    it's creepy.  Detonate a Tingle bomb there (and jump to safety if you want to), 
    and you'll reveal the chest with the playful posed Tingle Statue.
    Here's the message you get:
    "You got the Goddess Tingle Statue!  Its salty seawater coating is kind of 
    gross.  It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island."
    = I4) Earth Temple: =
    There doesn't seem to be any special Tingle event here like there was in the 
    previous three dungeons.  Or at least I didn't find any, so if there is one, 
    it's hidden much better.  There is a statue, though, so you can read where to 
    find that next.
    Earth Tingle Statue:
    This statue is in the first room of the basement, meaning you can get here as 
    soon as you get the mirror shield.  In this room, you'll see a wooden bridge 
    with some cursed, blue skulls floating over it, and under that bridge is that 
    cursed fog that prevents you from using items.
    Coming from upstairs, if you look to the left of the bridge, you'll see a 
    platform held up by chains.  You can float over to it using your deku leaf.  Be 
    careful not to fall, because there are floor masters (those evil hands) under 
    you, and you won't be able to defend yourself from them because of the fog.
    There's another chain platform just in front of the one you should be on, so 
    float to it, too (you don't seem to be able to make the jump without the leaf).  
    Then there's a ledge with a bunch of skulls on it, so jump on over to that.
    In the center, Tingle will tell you that this area smells of treasure, so of 
    course you want to bust out a Tingle Bomb right there.  This will uncover the 
    chest containing the Earth Tingle Statue, and you'll get a message saying:
    "You got the Earth Tingle Statue!  It's cold and damp and smells like mold.  It 
    will be waiting for you on Tingle Island."
    = I5) Wind Temple: =
    Again, there doesn't seem to be any special Tingle quest to do here.  So once 
    you get the Tingle statue, you can feel free to hang up on Tingle, unless you 
    like the annoyingly phrased hints he gives you periodically.
    Wind Tingle Statue:
    You can get this statue very early in the dungeon, as it's in the fourth room.  
    That's the one just past the first room with the moving spike thing where you 
    have to plant trees to open the door.
    In this room, you can see a bunch of ledges where you will have to plant or 
    have already planted trees, which is where Makar was captured by four floor 
    masters.  Down below these ledges is an area with some grass and the magic 
    sucking hand things that always grow back.
    The chest with the statue is down there in the lowest part, pretty much in the 
    middle of the room.  When you walk over the spot, Tingle will get all 
    exclamation pointed, and he'll tell you he smells treasure when you press A.  
    One more time, set up the bomb, and you'll uncover the Wind Tingle Statue.  And 
    of course, you get the message that says:
    "You got the Wind Tingle Statue!  It's sandy and kind of rough.  It feels 
    weird.  It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island."
    Then Tingle goes on to say that it's in the Kooloo pose, which is the pose he 
    made when he first learned magic.  If you're already gotten all of the other 
    statues, he will also tell you that there's something special for you on Tingle 
    * K) Revision History: *
    This is where I'll put the past revision history of this FAQ in case you missed 
    a version and want to know what was changed.  The current update information 
    can be found at the beginning of the introduction, and will be moved here at 
    the next update.  I guess I can put a copy of it here now, too.
    Current Version (1.0):
    Well, it took a while, but I finally got around to finishing version 1.0.  This 
    is a pretty big update here, and it puts the FAQ at technically complete, but 
    there will probably be at least one more update sometime.  The most major 
    changes were: I added the Red Guide Book to the Tingle's Services section, 
    finished the Windfall Island Tingle Quest, and finally fixed the Dragon Roost 
    Cavern description.  
    There were also a lot of little changes on other parts, and stuff like that.  
    Hopefully I didn't mess up on any of the quote things, but if I did, I'll fix 
    them in a little update.  Oh, and if I forget to add anything that someone 
    emailed to me, I can add it in if they remind me in future updates as well.
    April 4, 2003 - Version 0.9:
    I decided to skip 0.8 since it should only take me one more update to get this 
    guide to its initial level of completeness.
    In this update, I added the statue information for the Wind Temple, and added a 
    couple subsections to the Tingle Secrets section.  Also, there are some 
    extension cord information changes and other little changes and corrections 
    here and there around the FAQ.
    April 2, 2003 - Version 0.7:
    I added the Earth Temple section.  I also put a little more detail into a 
    section or two, but just minor changes there, and I fixed an evil typo.
    April 1, 2003 - Version 0.6:
    This version was probably never actually on the site, because I sent in the 0.7 
    update before it was posted.  Actually it looked like it wasn't going to be 
    posted, so maybe I messed it up when I sent it.  But, here's the information 
    This update was mostly adding things people have emailed me about, whether they 
    be corrections or new things.  I've just added the Tingle Secrets section (with 
    two secrets that were emailed to me) and the Revision Update section (as this 
    is the first revision, see).  I also fixed the information for the fourth Page 
    of The Legend in the Tower of the Gods.  
    Then I fixed some item information, including the seagull pen information 
    (stupid pen).  There was a little update in the using the Tingle Tuner section 
    about extension cords possibly not working, and there were a few other little 
    changes that I've forgotten the specifics on.
    March 30, 2003 - Version 0.5
    In the current version of this FAQ, I've got most of the general information 
    and the first three dungeons (although the information for the first one isn't 
    very good yet), and a few other things.  I don't really know how much more I'll 
    have to add since I'm not done with the game yet, but I figure I'll get this 
    posted now to provide Tingle-related help on the earlier parts of the game...
    * K) Credits/Contact Information: *
    If you have any corrections, additions, suggestions, questions, or other 
    comments related to this FAQ, you can send them to me at 
    blood_storm@hotmail.com.  If possible, try to put something about Tingle or 
    Zelda in the title, so I don't accidentally delete your email with all of my 
    non-delicious spam.  
    Here's where the credits start:
    A very large amount of thanks to IceTyger for contributing a lot of things, 
    including: Being the first to correct the fourth Page of The Legend 
    information, telling me how to lower the cost of Tingle's crappy services, 
    explaining how to use the seagull pen, telling me what happens when you get all 
    of the statues, and giving me permission to break the rainforest.
    Also a good deal of thanks to Ryan for telling me the purpose of the passwords 
    and how to get the giant Hidden Pot.
    Thank you to The Infamous-Llama for being the first to tell me how to get 
    Tingle to lower the price of his tings.
    Here's a thank you to UMystMe for telling me why Tingle's family and slave are 
    turning the top of tingle tower, or at least what they think the reason is.
    Thanks to Bryan (unconfirmed name!) for informing me that Tingle actually does 
    call him by his name, and for showing me one of those evil typos (sing when it 
    should have been sign.  But they're such similar words!)
    Thanks to Andy (also unconfirmed name) for correcting me about the money you 
    get for statues stacking.
    I'll thank anything ya want here for telling me about the canceling kooloo-
    limpah trick, and for giving permission to put the credit as anything ya want.
    And here's some thanks to Inopa for telling me that his extension cord doesn't 
    work, and then for a lot of people for telling me that their extension cords do 
    work, especially to Xweb50 for being the first to tell me this.
    Since this FAQ is for helping people with an aspect of The Legend of Zelda: The 
    Wind Waker, I'll credit it here as well.  Even if it is clearly an implied 
    With more emails, the chance that I missed someone is getting better all the 
    time.  So if I forgot to credit you for something, then email me and I'll get 
    that fixed.
    Here's where the credits end.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright (c) 2003.  All rights reserved.

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