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    Item FAQ by BenjG

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    The Legend of Zelda: The
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    Item FAQ
    For the Nintendo Gamecube
    Last Updated 5/7/03
    BenjG  kramar@prodigy.net
    Table of Contents
    I.    Version History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Key Items
    IV.   Quest Status Items
    V.    Collectibles
    VI.   Chart Locations
    VII.  Heart Piece Locations
    VIII. Legal Information
    I.  Version History
    Version 1.0  4/18/03
    Initial Version
    Version 1.04 5/7/03
    Added some items missed earlier
    II.  Introduction
    Is there a specific item of some sort you need help with in finding it?  Do
    you wonder what the spoils in your Spoils Bag do?  This guide covers
    everything related to all of the items in the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    Everything you find and collect is covered in this guide.  I'll also tell how
    to get the items and where to find them, but a few things, like small keys,
    dungeon maps, compasses, and big keys are not specifically covered for each
    dungeon.  This guide's main purpose is to familiarize you with the game's
    items.  If you can collect it, it's covered in here somewhere.
    III.  Key Items
    Key items are important items that you assign to the X, Y, or Z buttons.
    You'll use them frequently in the dungeon you find them in.  Of course, many
    are found outside of dungeons.
    Found in: Outset Island
    How to get it: After receiving your new green clothes, talk to your sister
    Aryll in the high watchtower.  She'll hand it to you after talking a bit.
    Description:  The telescope allows you to view your surroundings in a first-
    person mode.  You can magnify images in the telescope to get a closer look at
    things, or you can cause it to zoom out.
    Spoils Bag
    Found in: Pirate's Ship
    How to get it: When you enter the door in the ship, you'll talk with a pirate
    named Niko.  You must complete a small challenge.  Hit the switch, and
    platforms will raise.  Jump to a rope and swing to the platform, letting go
    when you are above it.  Go from platform to platform and open the chest in the
    chamber beyond.
    Description:  Spoils, special objects that enemies drop, are stored in this
    bag.  Spoils will be covered in more detail later.
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: As you walk through the town, you should find a man who looks
    like an Eskimo standing on the side of the road who has set up what appears to
    be a shop, but no merchandise is visible.  Talk to him and he will sell you
    the sail for 80 rupees, but he won't tell you what you're buying beforehand.
    Description:  Your boat, the "King of Red Lions", needs this sail if you plan
    to travel the seas.  You'll go much faster with this equipped to the boat,
    provided that the wind is at your back.
    Tingle Tuner
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: When you first arrive at Windfall Island, go to the ledge where
    a strange man is standing in front of a stone with an inscription on it.
    Behind this man is a door which leads to a prison chamber.  Inside, hit the
    switch in the left corner (break some pots to reach it) to free Tingle.  He'll
    give you the Tingle Tuner.
    Description: To use this item, you need a GameBoy Advance to be hooked up to
    the Gamecube with a special cable.  When you use the tuner with X,Y, or Z, the
    GBA will have a map displayed.  While in Dungeons, you can pay Tingle to use
    items like bombs in specified areas where a cursor is displayed on the
    television.  Basically, the Tingle Tuner is a cheating device.  It's nice to
    have help on the way, but the game is better when you do the challenges
    Picto Box
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: Right after getting the Tingle Tuner, go into his cell and
    break the crate.  Crawl into the tunnel.  This is a maze, and you'll be
    confronted with many different paths to take.  I'm not sure exactly how to get
    there, but I do have one tip for you.  Before you take a direction, make sure
    you don't go in the direction where a board may be visible.  If you do, you'll
    face a mouse that will pull a string, open the floor, and cause you to fall in
    the water near your boat.  Move around until you reach a chamber with a chest;
    open it to get the Picto Box.
    Description: The Picto Box, which is basically a primitive camera, allows you
    to take photographs of whatever you want.  Your camera can hold three photos.
    If you present certain photos to certain people, good things may happen.
    Deluxe Picto Box
    Note: When you have beaten the game once and you start a new file after doing
    so, you automatically begin your game with this in your inventory.  It is
    almost the same as the regular box, only this takes pictures in color.
    There's also a way to get this in your initial quest.  Talk to Lenzo, the Picto
    Box man in Windfall, and he'll have a mission for you.  Complete the mission,
    as well as the other two he gives you, give him a firefly, and you will get
    Wind Waker
    Found in: Dragonroost Island
    How to get it: As soon as you reach Dragonroost Island with King (your boat),
    he will teach you how to use it and will give it to you after you complete the
    training involved.
    Description: The Wind Waker is a baton that enables you to control the winds.
    When you use it, you can conduct in 3/4, 4/4, or 6/4 time.  When the large dot
    in the center lights up at the top of the screen where the row of dots is,
    move the yellow c-stick up, down, left, or right, depending on the song.  Fail
    to get the right note in rhythm with the big dot will cause a neutral sign to
    appear and you must try again.  Press up on the control stick to increase
    volume, and down to decrease volume as you play a song.
    Delivery Bag
    Found in: Dragonroost Island
    How to get it: Talk with Quill (one of the "hawk" mail delivery creatures)
    inside Dragonroost Island and he'll give you this.
    Description: Any letters or parcels that you intend to hand to someone or
    place in a mailbox are stored in this bag.  There are also some items that are
    stowed in this bag merely to store it somewhere.
    Bottle (x4)
    1) In Dragonroost Island, the bird girl gives this to you after you have
    thrown her up on the ledge.  You can't proceed without it.
    2) Out at sea, there's a submarine that has bokoblins and rats inside.  Kill
    them and get the bottle in the chest.
    3) Using Beedle's chart, go to the square on the map where one of the faces is
    wearing a mask.  Inside this merchant boat, buy the bottle for 500 rupees.
    4) Once the girls in the Forsaken Fortress are free, find one girl at night
    and follow her so she can't see you to a safe.  Quickly talk to her once she
    starts to put in the combination.  Select the top option while talking every
    time to get the bottle.
    Description: Bottles simply store things for you.  The following are the
    things you can put in a bottle I have found so far:
    Red Potion: Replenishes all your health
    Green Potion: Replenishes all your magic
    Blue Potion: Replenishes all your health and magic
    Elixir Soup: (Get from grandma) Doubles your attack and fully heals you
    Fairy: Revitalizes Link when his health runs out
    Water: Helps shriveled plants grow; Forest Haven water heals withered trees
    that Koroks are tending, but becomes regular water after 20 minutes
    Firefly: Found in Forest Haven; give to Lenzo after completing his tasks
    Grappling Hook
    Found in: Dragonroost Dungeon/Dragonroost Island
    How to get it: After exploring through the dungeon a bit, you should find
    yourself outside the dungeon once more.  The sea is visible, and when you
    climb upward you will come to an area with some enemies.  Kill them and the
    bird girl will give the grappling hook after talking for a bit.
    Description: Whenever you see a limb or a beam of some sort protruding from a
    wall, you'll need the grappling hook.  A red dot is displayed while you search
    around, and this turns into a yellow symbol to indicate where the hook can be
    used.  The hook will loop around the selected limb and will serve as a rope to
    take you across gaps.  You can climb up and down the rope if you need to.
    Also, the grappling hook can be used as a weapon to harm enemies.  The hook
    acts as a crane to retrieve treasure while in the boat.
    Bait Bag
    Found in: Any of Beedle's boats
    How to get it: While at sea, you should see merchant boats quite frequently if
    you look for them (you'll eventually get Beedle's chart in the mail, which
    will show the boat locations).  Enter the boat to find a man who has a bait
    bag for sale for 20 rupees.  Purchase the bag, and get some bait there as
    well, if you want to.
    Description: Judging from its name, it shouldn't be too difficult to tell that
    this bag holds bait.  The following are the types of bait I know of so far.
    All-Purpose Bait
    Animals like pigs and some enemies will rush toward this bait and eat it when
    you throw some.  You can use all-purpose bait three times before running out
    of one "packet" of it.  Buy it at Beedle's boat shops for 10 rupees.
    Hyoi Pear
    It may look rotten and undesirable to eat, but when Link places this pear on
    his head, any nearby seagulls will eat it in an instant.  You will then have
    control of that seagull, being able to fly around as you please for the most
    part.  You can only fly so far, however, and the only useful thing you can do
    is activate hard-to-reach switches.  Press R to return to Link. Beedle sells
    this for 10 rupees.
    Deku Leaf
    Found in: Forest Haven
    How to get it: After slaughtering the red and green chu-chus on the Deku
    Tree's face (roll into the tree to make them come down), the Deku Tree will
    cause the Deku leaf to appear in a branch way above your head.  Seek out a
    purple colored flower in the Forest Haven that will spit you out when you jump
    in.  Move from flower to flower, getting ever higher, until you reach the
    Description: There are two primary uses the Deku Leaf is used for.  While on
    the ground, Link will swing the leaf, causing a gust of wind to materialize.
    This can blow enemies around and serves other similar purposes.  The other use
    works only while you're in the air.  The leaf will serve as a parachute,
    allowing you to hover slowly across wide gaps.  Remember that you are at the
    mercy of the wind while near the sea as you use the leaf; change the wind to
    the desired direction and allow it to carry you.
    Found in: Forbidden Woods
    How to get it: You'll find this in a chest in the forest dungeon.  Dungeons
    are pretty self-explanatory, and this item isn't hard to get.
    Description: When you get out your boomerang, a yellow symbol will appear on
    an object that can be targeted.  Up to five objects can be targeted at once,
    and when you release the button, the boomerang moves in a course that will
    hopefully hit all the desired targets.  If it hits a wall, it automatically
    returns to Link.  You can also target enemies and kill them with this.
    Found in: Pirate's Ship
    How to get it: When you return to Windfall Island, the pirate ship is there.
    You'll need to tell the password to Neko before you can enter the door on the
    ship.  Climb up the vines behind the bomb shop to eavesdrop on the pirate's
    conversation, get the password, and enter the ship's door.  Downstairs, you
    must complete a rope challenge with no platforms before time runs out.  Open
    the chest to receive 30 bombs.
    Description: Large rocks can be blown up with bombs, as well as basically
    anything else than Link's sword can destroy.  Bombs also make a good weapon
    against enemies.  Bombs can be thrown, as well as dropped in place using the R
    button.  Before finding the bombs, you'll have to use bomb flowers, which
    can't be carried around.  While on your boat, using bombs activates a cannon
    that you can move around and fire bombs at distant targets.  Upgrades let you
    hold up to 99.
    Hero's Bow
    Found in: Tower of the Gods
    How to get it: Play through the dungeon until you find this in a chest.
    Description: Your bow can shoot arrows that will prove to be very effective
    against enemies.  Switches, eyes in particular, can be shot with your hero's
    bow.  Also, you can find quiver enhancements that let you hold more arrows (up
    to 99).
    Skull Hammer
    Found in: Forsaken Fortress (2nd visit)
    How to get it: After defeating Phantom Ganon on the main platform in the
    fortress, a chest appears.  The hammer is inside.
    Description: You can smash large posts and switches into the ground with this
    massive hammer.  When attacking enemies, the hammer creates shock waves that
    may cause some enemies to fall to the ground.
    Fire/Ice Arrows
    Found in: Fairy's Fountain
    How to get them: When you've learned the Ballad of Gales, warp to the
    northwestern most point and the fairy there gives you these.
    Description: Fire arrows melt the coldest ice and ice arrows freeze the
    hottest flames.  They consume magic power, but are very effective on enemies,
    who can be caught fire and frozen.  While your bow is out, press R to scroll
    through these arrows and your regular arrows.
    Iron Boots
    Found in: Ice Ring Isle
    How to get them: After shooting the dragon head with ice coming out of its
    mouth with a fire arrow, enter through its mouth.  In the cave, walk along the
    ice paths, carefully slide down an icy slide, and open the chest.  Be sure to
    kill the bats first.  If you fall below, go to a platform and hook the top
    wooden limb sticking out.  Climb up the rope and get up on the initial
    Description: While clad in the iron boots, Link will move much slower than
    normal.  This seems bad, but the boots come in handy whenever you encounter
    fierce winds.  The boots will keep you on the ground and you won't blow away.
    Found in: Wind Temple
    How to get it: You'll have to kill the two wizzrobes, as well as the enemies
    they conjure up, to get this.
    Description: Like the grappling hook, this will display a red dot.  It becomes
    a yellow symbol when you can latch on to something.  This item will shoot out
    a chain with a hook on the end and will drag you up to the thing you shot at.
    Enemies can be killed with this.
    Light Arrow
    Found in: Ganon's Tower
    How to get it: After defeating the Phantom Ganon in the room with only two
    doors (after the maze of doors), you'll find a chest with this.
    Description: These defeat Phantom Ganon in one shot and are needed to kill the
    final boss.  They are also scrolled through with the regular, fire, and ice
    Magic Armor
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: Complete a trading sequence, then go to Zunari's stand and he'll
    give you this.
    Description:  A protective barrier will enable you to be invincible while you
    use the magic armor.  The downside is it drains your magic meter.
    IV.  Quest Status Items
    Basically, any item that appears on your quest status screen is covered here.
    Remember that this isn't a walkthrough, and is intended to give you an idea of
    the items.  I won't delve into detailed descriptions about objects that
    require extensive detail, but I will mention them.
    Wind Waker Songs
    Wind's Requiem (Up, left, right)
    Found in: Dragonroost Island
    How to get it: From the point where you start off, head through the tunnel
    beneath that leads to a small island where you will see two headstones.  One
    is broken, but inspecting the left gives you this song.
    Description: Play this melody to point the wind in any of the eight compass
    directions (north, northeast, etc.).
    Ballad of Gales (Down, right, left, up)
    Found in: Great Sea
    How to get it: Whenever you come across a giant tornado at sea (the one with
    the purple frog in it that takes you to a far off location), shoot the frog
    with three arrows before you are blown away.  He will cease to be cruel and
    rewards with this song.
    Description: The Great Sea is gigantic, and it can take a very long time to
    travel in it.  This song, when played, shows you the sea chart and different
    locations on the map you can warp to automatically.  They are predetermined
    locations.  Then, select an area and warp there.
    Earth God's Lyric (Down, down, neutral, right, left, neutral)
    Found in: Earth Temple entrance
    How to get it: Simply take out your Wind Waker when you see the markings on
    the stone.  Laruto the sage's ghost will appear and play the song on the harp,
    and you'll learn you must find Medli at Dragonroost Island.  Play her this
    song and sail to the Earth Temple with Medli.
    Description: In the Earth Temple, whenever you come to a large stone block
    with the song markings on it, play the Earth God's Lyric.  Medli will join you
    on here harp and the block will crumble away, enabling you to continue.
    Wind God's Aria (Up, up, down, right, left, right)
    Found in: Wind Temple
    How to get it: Take out your Wind Waker in front of the stone block and the
    song is yours.  A ghost of a boy appears with a violin-like instrument, and
    you must go to the Forest Haven.  Enter the waterfall where music comes out,
    bring Makar to the Wind Temple, and play the song.
    Description:  You'll use this song in the Wind Temple whenever you come to a
    block.  Makar joins you on the violin, and the stone slab crumbles to dust.
    Song of Passing (Right, left, down)
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: Talk to the Elvis guy who's dancing in front of a headstone,
    and take out your Wind Waker.  The song will then be yours.
    Description: By playing the Song of Passing, you can change day into night,
    and vice versa, whenever you wish (just like the Sun's Song in Ocarina of
    Command Melody (Left, neutral, right, neutral)
    Found in: Tower of the Gods
    How to get it: Once the first statue has been guided onto the designated place
    in the central chamber, a stone slab materializes in the middle of the room.
    Take out your Wind Waker and get the tune.
    Description: The statues in the Tower of the Gods can be controlled by you
    when this melody is played, provided that you have called them first.  Press R
    to return to playing as Link.  You'll also use this constantly in the Earth
    Temple to alternate between Link and Medli.
    Heart Pieces/Containers
    Heart containers are given to you after a major boss and they increase your
    life meter by one.  Four heart pieces equal one heart container.  On the quest
    status screen, the heart diagram shows how many more heart pieces you need to
    get another increment of health (more on these later).
    Treasure Charts
    Throughout your quest, you will find many treasure charts, each one having its
    own number.  There are 41 in all, I believe.  View your charts by pressing Y
    on the Great Sea map.  They are rolled up at first, so open them up, and an X
    will mark the spot where a chest is located.  Once you're in the right spot,
    use your grappling hook (turned into a crane) to retrieve the treasure.  The
    treasure consists primarily of rupees, heart pieces, and special maps.  When
    you approach an area where a map's treasure lies, a white light will be
    visible.  It disappears before you can get to it, so you'll need the chart to
    pinpoint the location (more on these later).
    Swords & Shields
    Hero's Sword
    Located in: Outset Island
    How to get it: Once you have the telescope and you're ready to save the girl
    who falls in the woods, go to the old man's house located to the left of
    grandma's house.  After completing the training, he will give you this sword.
    Description: This sword is the weakest and is your basic weapon.  There's
    nothing particularly special about it.
    Master Sword
    Located in: Hyrule Castle
    How to get it: When you have placed the three triangle pieces on the triforce
    emblem on the floor, a statue of Link will move away, revealing stairs.  In
    the basement, pull the Master Sword from the pedestal and it's yours to keep.
    Description: Other than being noticeably stronger than the Hero's Sword,
    there's nothing special about this blade.
    Hero's Shield
    Located in: Outset Island
    How to get it: After saving the pirate girl Tetra, go to grandma's house.
    When you go upstairs, the shield isn't in its designated place.  Climb down
    the ladder and grandma gives you the shield.
    Description: This protects you from enemy attacks.  It is your basic shield.
    Mirror Shield
    Located in: Earth Temple
    How to get it: You should receive this shield after killing the trio of
    Stalfos Knights.
    Description: Though it isn't much sturdier or stronger than the Hero's shield,
    this specialized shield will prove invaluable in your quest.  It enables you
    to reflect light onto statues, enemies, and other things to make them
    Power Bracelets
    Located in: Fire Mountain
    How to get it: After freezing the mountain and getting inside, jump across the
    platforms floating in the lava.  Watch out for the bats.  You'll arrive to
    platform where you should kill the nearby enemies to cause a chest to appear.
    Open it.
    Description: These two bracelets are worn on each of Link's wrists and they
    grant him the ability to lift giant boulders.  They do little more than that.
    Pirate's Charm
    Located in: Pirate's Ship
    How to get it: This item will not be formally presented to you in any way.
    You discover you have the object once you're inside the Forbidden Fortress.
    One of the pirates supposedly slipped it into your pocket without your
    Description: Whenever your controller rumbles or the action (A) button
    flashes, press A and King will communicate something to you, which will
    usually be some sort of tip or hint.  Most of the time, the information isn't
    anything you may not have already known, but the Pirate's Charm does prove
    useful in some areas.
    Hero's Charm
    Found in: Windfall Island
    How to get it: Give the schoolteacher some Joy Pendants and this exclusive
    item is your reward.
    Description: With this odd mask equipped, you will be able to view the health
    of your enemies.  You need to be L-Targeting them to see it.  A red meter will
    be displayed, and it will deplete itself as the enemy takes damage.  Select it
    with A on the quest status screen and select whether you want it on or off.
    Hero's Clothes
    Found in: Outset Island
    How to get them: Once your sister Aryll has woke you up, descend the
    watchtower and enter grandma's house.  Go up the ladder and she presents you
    with these.
    Description: Link's green tunic has always been something he begins with, but
    in this game you are not clothed in green from the beginning (probably because
    you aren't THE Link we know so well in previous games).  The clothes don't
    provide you with any armor enhancements that I know of, and you cannot revert
    to your initial clothes.  The clothes are not actually displayed on the quest
    status screen, but this was probably the best place to put them.
    Note: When you play the game through again, the hero's clothes are invisible. 
    You will play the game in the outfit Link starts out with.
    Dungeon Items
    Small Key
    Regular locked doors in dungeons can be opened with small keys.  Note that the
    small keys you find in one dungeon can be used in that dungeon only.
    Dungeon Map
    This provides you with a map of the dungeon you're currently in.  It shows how
    many floors the dungeon has and shows all the rooms and doors.  Green areas
    are places you've visited, flashing green areas are your current location, and
    black areas are unexplored.  Link's head is shown next to the floor he's on as
    The location of all the dungeon's treasure chests are displayed by brown boxes
    on your map.  Also, the compass tells you which floor the boss is located on.
    The boss floor has a skull next to it.
    Big Key
    Simply put, this opens the giant door that leads to the boss chamber.
    V.  Collectibles
    Items that appear frequently in the game and are easily obtained are what I
    classify as collectibles.  Basically anything that appears after breaking
    pots, cutting grass, or smashing rocks falls under this category.  I'll
    describe them below.
    The money you will use in the Wind Waker are rupees, which look like small
    jewels.  They are found everywhere you go-in treasure chests, in grasses, in
    the water, out in the open, and after killing enemies.  Basically, all things
    you can destroy usually yield rupees.  You will pay for merchandise using
    rupees.  When you start the game, your wallet only holds up to 200 rupees
    maximum, but when you return to Outset Island with the bombs and blast the
    boulder in the forest grove (where you saved the pirate girl Tetra), you'll
    enter a fairy fountain.  There, you'll receive a much larger wallet that holds
    five times as many rupees-1,000!  There are also some wallets that let you
    hold much more than that.  Below I have indicated the value of each color
    rupee.  (I wouldn't be surprised if there are more rupee colors, but I don't
    know of them yet.)
    If Link's health meter has been depleted at all, collecting some hearts is a
    good idea.  They replenish health, but they do not give you another health
    increment (heart pieces/containers do that).  Like rupees, they appear
    everywhere and are plentiful.
    Magic Jars
    When your magic meter, the green bar, is running low, it's time to find some
    magic jars.  Again, these also appear fairly often, but not nearly as much as
    rupees and hearts.  The jars come in different sizes, and the larger ones
    replenish more magic than smaller ones.
    Items like bombs and your hero's bow run on ammunition, and they will become
    useless once they run out.  While cutting through grass or destroying anything
    in general, you may come across some ammunition.  What appears to be one arrow
    gives you 10 arrows, a pair of two gives you 20, and a bundle of three gives
    you 30.
    Glass Orb
    Sometimes, instead of a dead enemy dropping a few rupees and such, they'll
    drop a circular orb that changes color.  Hack at it with your sword and it'll
    burst into an assortment of rupees, hearts...basically all the items under
    this section.
    Spoils are objects that enemies drop that are special and are stored in your
    Spoils Bag.  Enemies don't always drop spoils, but they do a fair amount of
    the time.  On rare occasions, chests and specific pots will yield a spoil.
    Below all of the spoils will be covered and the enemy that drops them is also
    Joy Pendant
    Dropped by: Bokoblins
    Used for: Give these to the schoolteacher in Windfall Island, the woman who
    wears a butterfly.  Different things will happen when you offer her these.
    Red Chu Jelly
    Dropped by: Red Chu-chus
    Used for: Visit the potion maker in Windfall Island and give him some of these
    to get a red potion.
    Green Chu Jelly
    Dropped by: Green Chu-chus
    Used for: Visit the potion maker in Windfall Island and give him some of these
    to get a green potion.
    Blue Chu Jelly
    Dropped by: Blue Chu-chus
    Used for: Visit the potion maker in Windfall Island and give him some of these
    to get a blue potion.
    Skull Necklace
    Dropped by: Moblins
    Used for: A pirate near the bomb shop plays a mini-game with you after handing
    some of these to him.
    Knight's Crest
    Dropped by: Darknuts
    Used for: When you give Orca, the old swordsman in Outset Island 10 of these,
    he'll teach you how to do a stronger sword spin attack.
    Boko Baba Seed
    Dropped by: Boko Baba Plants
    Used for: Give Hollo, a Korok in the forest Haven four of these and he'll give
    you a blue potion.
    Gold Feather
    Dropped by: Kargarocs, Peahats
    Used for: Hoskit, a hawk mail deliverer in Dragonroost Island buys these from
    you.  You'll get 100 rupees for every 20 you give him.
    VI. Chart Locations
    This section covers all the game's charts, may it be a treasure chart,
    triforce chart, or a miscellaneous chart.  To make things easy, I have given
    specific points (A1, A2, etc.) that tell exactly where a chart is located, as
    well as the chart's treasure.  The way this system works is the letters run
    across the top, and the numbers go up and down.  The sea chart looks something
    like this, only it has squares:
      A  B  C  D  E  F  G
    I think you get the idea.  Using this method, the chart's location can be
    almost pinpointed.  Hopefully this will help you.  I'll list the point where
    you can find it to make things easier.
    A. Treasure Charts
    If you need a description on these, check section IV.  In summary, eleven
    charts give you a piece of heart, 23 give you 200 rupees, six give you a misc.
    chart, and one evil chart only gives you ONE rupee.
    Chart Found: Forbidden Woods-In the second room, use the boomerang on the
    plant on the chest to kill it and nab this chart.
    Treasure Found: E5-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-After beating the Forsaken Fortress a second
    time, give 20 skull necklaces to the old man in the wealthy household.
    Treasure Found: B3-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Forest Haven (F6)-Right after getting the Deku Leaf, float to the
    platform with the grass arrow.  Head outside, point the wind southeast and
    float over to an island covered with grass, bushes, and saplings.
    Treasure Found: D3-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Rock Spire Island (B3)-Buy this incredibly expensive chart from
    the helmeted merchant in the boat for 900 rupees.
    Treasure Found: D6-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Wind Temple-In a room with two skeleton knights and a yellow
    wizzrobe, kill all the enemies and pull down the stone faces on the walls with
    your hookshot.
    Treasure Found: G4-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Tower of the Gods-On the first floor, shoot the eye with your bow
    that is located in the northwestern room.
    Treasure Found: D4-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Play the squid game and win once.
    Treasure Found: B1-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Horseshoe Island (A7)-The chart is in a hole at the top of the
    island.  Use the Deku Leaf to get the Boko Nuts in the holes to make the
    thorny roots go away.  Kill the enemies inside.
    Treasure Found: A3-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Crescent Moon Island (E1)-There is a submarine north of the
    island, fight the enemies until the torches light up.
    Treasure Found: A7-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Crescent Moon Island (E1)-The chest sits on the island in plain
    Treasure Found: C3-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Dragonroost Dungeon-On the first floor, a western chamber
    contains several red chu-chus.  Throw a burning stave at the boards across a
    lava pit, then swing over with your grappling hook.
    Treasure Found: E1-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Earth Temple-On floor basement 2, enter the room containing
    several mirror statues.  Enter the west door, shine light on the coffins
    inside and kill the Stalfoses.
    Treasure Found: B6-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Two Eye Reef (D7)-Bomb all the cannons on the walls of the reef
    and the warships to cause a chest to appear which you can float to with the
    Deku Leaf.
    Treasure Found: G1-Secret Cave Chart
    Chart Found: Headstone Island (C7)-A submarine filled with rats is located
    northwest of this island.  Slaughter the vermin and get the chart.
    Treasure Found: E4-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Forbidden Woods-In the basement, go north from the room with the
    big flower and walk around the large tree stump.  Kill the Boko Baba plant on
    the ledge, and use the flower to float up to a higher platform.  Get on the
    gondola, blow on the rotating switch, grab the bomb flower at the other end
    and toss it into the tree stump hole.
    Treasure Found: E7-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Seven Star Isles (F1)-Kill all the wizzrobes south of the isles
    that are on three platforms.
    Treasure Found: C6-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Spectacle Island (C2)-Beat the cannon game two times.
    Treasure Found: E6-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-An auction at the wealthy household at night will
    randomly have this chart.
    Treasure Found: Windfall Island-1 pathetic, abysmal rupee
    Chart Found: Four Eye Reef (A2)-Sail to the reef and destroy all the wall
    cannons and warships with your bombs on your boat.  Float to the chest after
    it appears.
    Treasure Found: G2-Island Hearts Chart
    Chart Found: Earth Temple-On floor basement 1, in the room with all the blue
    mist and floor masters, walk through and open the chest to get a key.  The
    blue mist disappears after doing so.  Kill all the floor masters to get this.
    Treasure Found: F5-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Cyclops Reef (C4)-Get to the reef and bomb all the wall cannons
    to make the chest appear.
    Treasure Found: C4-Light Ring Chart
    Chart Found: Northern Fairy Island (C1)-There is a submarine northwest of the
    island.  Swing across the ropes inside; killing the enemies is optional.
    Treasure Found: C2-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Beat the battleship game under the record of 20
    Treasure Found: A6-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Climb onto the waterwheel and float over to the
    upper window of the Picto Box shop.
    Treasure Found: A1-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)-In the cavern, jump across the wooden
    things with rupees on top and navigate around the thorny roots that pop up to
    the Boko Baba plant.  Pick up the stave it drops, light it with a torch, use
    the bud to take you to the higher platforms and throw the burning stick to
    burn the boards and get to the chest.  You can use a fire arrow, it's easier.
    Treasure Found: A1-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Six Eye Reef (D4)-Blast all the wall cannons on the reef and war
    ships and get to the chest that appears.
    Treasure Found: D3-Octo Chart
    Chart Found: Private Oasis (E5)-Behind the cabana, hookshot onto the tree and
    climb up to the chest.
    Treasure Found: G3-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Horseshoe Island (A7)-Use your Deku Leaf to guide the Boko nuts
    into the holes to make the thorny roots go away.  Float to the chest when it
    Treasure Found: A5-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Go to the Picto Shop.  Climb the waterwheel and
    float to the upper window.  The chart is inside.
    Treasure Found: B2-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Tower of the Gods-On the second floor, go to the room with two
    platforms suspended by chains.  Bomb the west wall near the water.  Inside,
    play the Wind's Requiem on the triforce symbol.  Take the chart and run,
    unless you want to fight the two statue enemies.
    Treasure Found: E2-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Show a color picture of the full moon to a man
    seated on the steps outside the wealthy household (you'll need the Deluxe
    Picto Box).
    Treasure Found: F6-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Three Eye Reef (A4)-Destroy all the wall cannons and war ships in
    the reef.
    Treasure Found: F7-Sea Hearts Chart
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-Take a color picture of the woman who stands
    outside the potion shop during the day.  Show the picture to herself.
    Treasure Found: G7-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Pawprint Island (E2)-Speak to the divers hunting for treasure.
    Treasure Found: F4-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Wind Temple-In the basement, in the room with the spikes jutting
    out of the ground, smash through each hole with your iron boots to make the
    chest appear.
    Treasure Found: B5-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Ice Ring Isle (E6)-Shoot a fire arrow at the chest to melt the
    ice that encases it.  You'll need to have made the island accessible for
    yourself by shooting the dragon head with a fire arrow.
    Treasure Found: G5-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Rock Spire Island (B3)-Bomb each boulder, throwing the bombs at
    just the right time to make them blow up near the boulder.  Enter the hole at
    the end.  Inside, light the torches and kill the incredible onslaught of bats
    that comes at you.
    Treasure Found: F3-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Windfall Island-The auction randomly has this at the wealthy
    Treasure Found: A4-Piece of heart
    Chart Found: Dragonroost Cavern-This is on the second floor in a room with
    several pots.  Use a stave to light the unlit torch.
    Treasure Found: F2-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Southern Fairy Island (D6)-Sail southwest to the three platforms,
    and destroy the cannons on the westernmost platform with some bombs.  The
    chest appears on the platform without a ladder, so float over.
    Treasure Found: C7-200 Rupees
    Chart Found: Five Eye Reef (B6)-Destroy all the wall cannons and war ships.
    Treasure Found: A2-Great Fairy Chart
    B. Triforce Charts
    These charts show you the location of one of the eight triforce shards, which
    are located in chests just like treasure.  You will need to pay Tingle to make
    the charts readable, 398 rupees apiece.  Once you're in the right sector,
    finding the charts isn't hard.
    Chart #1
    Found: Islet of Steel (E2)-Destroy the bomb-blasting boat that guards the
    entrance and retrieve the chart inside.
    Shard Found: B4
    Chart #2
    Found: Private Oasis (E5)-You'll need the cabana deed to get into the cabana
    (the "butler door" prevents entry without it).  Inside, use the grappling hook
    on the limb on the ceiling, which opens the fireplace.  Navigate through a
    small dungeon with crawlspaces, switches, and ladders to get to the chest.
    Shard Found: D1
    Chart #3
    Found: Bird's Peak Rock (G5)-Shoot all the kargaroc birds with your bow, then
    use a Hyoi Pear to control a seagull and hit the six switches in the nests.
    You'll need to kill the birds from a distance, and if they hit you as a
    seagull you instantly return to Link.
    Shard Found: C5
    Chart #4
    Found: The Ghost Ship-Find the ghost ship chart, go to the ship where it's
    marked, and enter the ship.  Kill the enemies inside.
    Shard Found: B7
    Chart #5
    Found: Needle Rock Isle (A5)-West of the island are two cannon ships, one
    being gold in color.  Destroy this ship and pull the treasure it leaves behind
    from the sea depths.
    Shard Found: G6
    Chart #6
    Found: Outset Island-Go to where the bridge is out, and climb to the platform
    with big rocks on it and some trees.  Get as high as you can, point the wind
    west, and float to the stone head you'll see in the distance.  Lift the head
    and enter a dungeon where you must complete thirty floors, each requiring you
    to kill all the enemies to proceed.
    Shard Found: D5
    Chart #7
    Found: Stone Watcher Island (C5)-Lift the stone and go inside.  Kill all the
    enemies in the four doors, defeat the Darknuts in the center chamber, and
    receive the chart.
    Shard Found: F1
    Chart #8
    Found: Overlook Island (G1)-Hookshot onto the lowest tree and continue
    shooting the higher trees until you reach a hole.  Defeat the enemies in the
    four rooms, then kill the four darknuts in the central chamber.
    Shard Found: D7
    C. Miscellaneous Charts
    If a chart you receive doesn't show where an "X" marks the spot for treasure,
    then it's a special chart that indicates where things are located, other than
    booty.  Here's a brief summary of where to find them and what they do:
    Tingle's Chart
    Found: Windfall Island-Tingle gives this to you after you've freed him.
    Description: Shows the locations of Windfall Island, Tingle's Island, and two
    great fairies that increase your wallet size to 1,000 and 5,000 rupees,
    IN-Credible Chart
    Found: Any island with a wiggling postbox.  This is mailed to you after the
    girls from the Forsaken Fortress are saved.  The delivery price isn't cheap.
    Description: Shows the locations of the triforce charts, as well as the shard
    locations when a chart is found.
    Beedle's Chart
    Found: Any island with a wiggling postbox.  After getting bombs, this chart is
    mailed to you.
    Description: Shows where all of Beedle's shop ships are, as well as the
    special shop represented by a helmeted face.
    Octo Chart
    Found: Six Eye Reef (D4) with treasure chart #26
    Description: Big Octos are displayed on this chart.  In the marked sector,
    circling seagulls point out the Octo's more specific location.  The number on
    them indicates the amount of eyes they have.  Eight eyed ones give 100 rupees,
    twelve eyed ones give a piece of heart, and the four eyed one has a fairy held
    Great Fairy Chart
    Found: Five Eye Reef (B6) with treasure chart #41
    Description: Shows the location of the seven great fairies and the queen
    fairy, who give you item upgrades.
    Secret Cave Chart
    Found: Two Eye Reef (D7) with treasure chart #13
    Description: All the holes or secret grottoes in this game are displayed on
    this map.  The holes usually contain riches like rupees and such, often
    containing enemies as well.
    Platform Chart
    Found: Flight Control Platform (G2)-Southeast of the platform is a submarine;
    kill all the wizzrobes inside to acquire the chart.
    Description: Shows you all the pirate platforms in the game.  Pirate platforms
    usually have a ladder leading up to them and they are armed with cannons.
    Pots and barrels filled with goodies rest on the platform, and enemies are
    almost always present, keeping lookout in the tower.  Frequently, a small
    chest appears when the foes are killed.
    Island Hearts Chart
    Found: Four Eye Reef (A2) with treasure chart #19
    Description: Shows all the islands with heart pieces on them.
    Sea Hearts Chart
    Found: Three Eye Reef (A4) with treasure chart #32
    Description: Shows islands with treasure charts that lead to heart pieces in
    the sea.
    Submarine Chart
    Found: Boating Course (F7)-Have the wind blow north and float to the cave.
    Inside, your objective is to hit those three switches and this should appear.
    Description: Shows all the locations of the submarines at sea.
    Ghost Ship Chart
    Found: Diamond Steppe Island (A6)-Hookshot your way up the island, enter the
    hole at the top.  In this area, go into the pot ahead.  Use a lit stave to
    burn the wood lids on the pots.  Enter the pot near the wall opposite the one
    you came from.  In the third area, enter the right pot where two pots are
    close together.  With the two pots close to each other in the fourth area,
    enter the left one.  Get the chart.
    Description: Shows where the ghost ship is at any given time, if you're
    observing the sea chart.  This chart will also show where the ship appears
    with a certain moon phase.
    Light Ring Chart
    Found: Cyclops Reef (C4) with treasure chart #21
    Description: Go to the marked areas with a full moon present and you'll find a
    ring with several light rings with treasure.
    VII.  Heart Piece Locations
    There is no number that accompanies each piece, so I've grouped them together
    by the major islands (Outset, Windfall, Forsaken Fortress).  The others are a
    bit random, as they are scattered all over the sea.  The sea hearts come
    first, then the land ones.
    Hearts #1-11
    Find these eleven heart pieces by obtaining the following treasure charts and
    locating the chest: 2,4,5,11,15,20,23,30,31,33,38 (see section VI).
    All of the following are located on Outset Island:
    This one is obtained by hitting Orca, the old swordsman, 500 times.  For him
    to offer this challenge, you must first complete the hitting him 100, then 300
    challenges.  Good luck, you'll need it.
    If you gave the woman any pigs, you should see that one of them is really big
    when you return.  Lift the big (you'll need the power bracelets) and take him
    across the water path to a black dirt patch.  Throw All-Purpose bait on the
    and the pig will dig out a heart piece.
    Enter the Savage Labyrinth (see triforce chart six) and complete 50 floors to
    get this piece.
    The following piece is in the Forsaken Fortress:
    On the first floor, enter the southwest section.  Step on a switch to open the
    cell door and find the heart in a chest in the
    The following pieces are in Windfall Island:
    Play the battleship squid game; win once.
    Talk to the gang of four boys when you have the Picto Box, and they will
    challenge you to a little game.  The four boys will hide in areas around town,
    and you must find them.  One is behind the gravestone where the Elvis man
    dances, another is behind the bomb shop, roll into a tree near the gate for
    one boy to fall out, and the last is hiding behind a bush near the top of the
    gate.  Run into each boy when his hiding spot is uncovered, and the heart is
    An auction at the wealthy household will have this as a random prize.
    Complete the merchant oaths side quest where you must swap several items for
    other items.
    Once the girls in the fortress are freed, talk to the girl in the rich house.
    She'll give you a letter for her boyfriend, which you should place in a
    mailbox.  Later, a mailman will try to deliver the letter, but her father
    won't allow it.  He's at the caf,, so take the letter from him and give it to
    the girl.
    While it's night on the island (play the song of passing if it isn't), climb
    up the back of the windmill and hit a switch that causes the wooden wheel to
    turn.  Head to the room with the squid game and exit through the higher door.
    Hop on the wheel and ride up.  Shoot a fire arrow at the lighthouse torch, and
    with it running, a chest appears.
    After completing the above, talk to the man in the hat who is located outside
    the second floor exit of the squid game room.
    Place various objects from the Eskimo man's stand on all the iron pedestals
    located around the island.  Then speak to the man seated on a bench.
    After completing the picto box man's for becoming his assistant
    For the following, I'll list a point to denote the location of the heart
    piece, giving details as well.
    B1-Bomb the rock located at a southwestern point enter the hole, and kill the
    enemies inside.
    F1-Sail southwest until you see some seagulls flying around in a cluster.
    Defeat the twelve-eyed Octo by shooting arrows and retrieve the sunken piece
    of heart.
    C3-Head north and defeat this Octo for another piece of heart.
    E2-Enter the blue half-sphere structure through a crawlspace and enter the
    hole, a chest is inside.
    G2-Pass the champion's mark on the flying challenge by flying as straight as
    possible, only turning to hit one of the updrafts.
    C2-Beat the cannon game once to get this.
    B3-A shop ship is wandering around here, so enter it and buy the heart piece
    for 950 rupees, if you want it.
    D4-Southwest of the area is a submarine, and you must defeat the enemies
    F2-At the post office, sort more than 25 letters, and another worker will be
    there instead.  Show him how the sorting is done and he'll give you a letter.
    Mail it and receive this heart piece in the letter reply.
    F2-Take 20 golden feathers and give them to the guard on the second floor,
    near the cave where the chieftain should be.  A wiggling postbox will have a
    thank-you note from his girlfriend, with this parcel included.
    B3-Two cannon ships are located south of the island, destroy them and one
    leaves behind a heart piece on the floor of the sea, use your crane to
    retrieve it.
    F5-Destroy the boulder atop the island.  Use a rolled up scorpion enemy and
    place it on a switch to enter the next room.  Slowly walk along the narrow
    path to a switch at the end, then head to the center platform.  Make these
    scorpions rolled up, then throw each into a hole where fire is on the left and
    right to make a chest appear.
    A5-Use a Hyoi Pear, then navigate a seagull to the top of the needle and hit
    the switch, making the fire around the chest disappear.
    B4-The southeastern portion of the island has a Korok on it, so climb up
    there.  Float to the cave across from you with the wind pointed northwest.
    E7-You'll need to do lots of climbing and pushing blocks around to reach the
    chest that rests atop the island.
    C7-Get a Hyoi Pear to control a seagull and have it fly to the top of the
    island where a piece of heart rests.
    E7-There's a submarine south of the island, and defeating the enemies in there
    will give you a heart piece.
    Check any mailbox after beating the Forbidden Woods dungeon and you'll get
    this in the mail.
    Water all eight withered trees with forest water, found in the Forest Haven.
    Speak to the Deku tree about forest water and he'll mark the locations of the
    withered trees on your sea chart.
    C5-Destroy the wall cannons east of the island to make a chest appear.
    VIII.  Legal Information
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances, except for personal,
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is prohibited, and a violation of
    If you want to e-mail me, remember that this guide covers items only and
    nothing else about the Wind Waker.  Questions about information already in the
    guide won't be answered, but if any items are missing or anything is
    inaccurate, let me know and I'll take care of it, crediting whoever pointed
    out the error.

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