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    Quote FAQ by davogones

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    The Wind Waker Quote FAQ, v1.1 © Copyright 2003-2004 by...
    David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com), webmaster of...
    The Legends of Zelda (http://www.zeldalegends.net/)
    The latest versions of my quote FAQs are available at the above URL.
    If you want to post this FAQ just ask permission.
    The quotes and game are © copyright 2002-2003 Nintendo
                        The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
                                     Quote FAQ
                             ~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~
                            1. Introduction
                            2. How to use this FAQ
                            3. Version History
                            4. Acknowledgements
                            5. The Quotes!
                                5.0 From the Manual
                                5.1 Beginning of the Game
                                5.2 On the Pirate Ship
                                5.3 Forsaken Fortress
                                5.4 After Forsaken Fortress
                                5.5 Dragon Roost Island
                                5.6 Dragon Roost Cavern
                                5.7 Forest Haven
                                5.8 After Forbidden Woods
                                5.9 Finding Jabun
                                5.10 Tower of the Gods, and Hyrule
                                5.11 Forsaken Fortress, and Hyrule
                                5.12 Wind Temple
                                5.13 Earth Temple
                                5.14 Collecting the Triforce Fragments
                                5.15 Defeat Ganon!
                                5.16 Ending
                            6. Fishman Quotes
                            7. Nintendo Gallery Figurines
                                7.0 Forest Haven Room
                                7.1 Dragon Roost Room
                                7.2 Underground Cavern Room
                                7.3 Castle Room
                                7.4 Outset Island Room
                                7.5 Windfall Island Room
                                7.6 Great Sea Room
                            8. Letters
                            9. Miscellaneous
                               1. Introduction
    In the course of running my web site, The Legends of Zelda, I found that
    it would be helpful to have every important quote from the Zelda games
    written down exactly the way it appears in the game. Why? Well, when
    you're arguing your point of view about the storyline, it helps to have
    quotes to back you up. It's not helpful to say, "I think somebody said
    this," and then base a theory upon it. Also, the ability to copy and
    paste quotes would make my life, and many other lives, a lot easier. So,
    the idea for the Zelda Quote FAQs was born.
                           2. How to use this FAQ
    It's quite simple, really. All quotes are written out exactly as they
    appear on the screen, line breaks and all. The name of the person talking
    and a short description of the situation appear in all caps above each
    quote. Two hard returns after a block of text indicates that the next 
    block is on the next screenful of text within the game.
    Phrases that appear in parentheses () are not part of the quote. They are
    either: responses to a question asked of Link, which the user chooses; a
    message from the game (such as description of a newly-obtained item);
    a brief description of something that happened during the quote; a
    description of the formatting of the text - (shouting), for example; or
    a quote that only appears in the second quest of TWW. Most gameplay
    instructions are ommitted because they have nothing to do with the story.
    The quotes are arranged in chronological order (i.e. the logical flow of
    the game). Each section of quotes will eventually be divided into several
    parts: main quotes (the important ones you have to get through to play
    through the game), miscellaneous quotes (which you find by talking to
    random people), and Tingle Tuner quotes (these are things Tingle tells you if
    you're using the Tingle Tuner).
    To find a quote by a specific person, use your text viewer's Find
    function (usually Edit-Find or Control-F). The quotes are listed in
    chronological order (i.e. the logical flow of the game), so you can also
    try to find a specific quote by scrolling through the whole FAQ or
    going to a specific section.
    NOTE: If you're not interested in the storyline of the Zelda games, this
    FAQ isn't for you. You won't find any tips or hints about the gameplay
    in this FAQ.
                              3. Version History
     • Version 1.1 - Released 4/6/04
          I should have released this loooong ago... But various things got
          in the way. TSA never got his typed quotes to me, so I unfortunately
          cannot include them. Iron Knuckle typed up the Nintendo Gallery
          descriptions, and that's pretty much the only new content. The only
          other changes are a few fixed typos. This will probably be the final
          (typed) version, seeing how I will be making a Wind Waker text dump
     • Version 1.0 - Released 5/30/03
          This first version of the FAQ has all the main, important quotes
          that you need to see in order to beat the game. This alone is a LOT
          of quotes. However, the FAQ is still not complete. I do not have
          very many quotes from people you randomly talk to in the game.
          These are being typed up by TSA and will hopefully make it into the
          next version of the FAQ. I have few letters typed up, and no Tingle
          Tuner quotes. I do, however, have the Fishman quotes typed up, thanks
          to Gansura.
                              4. Acknowledgements
     • Gansura (gansura@yahoo.com)
          Typed up the Fishman quotes.
     • Iron Knuckle (knuckle_iron@hotmail.com)
          Typed up the Nintendo Gallery figurine descriptions.
     • Nintendo (http://www.nintendo.com)
          For making Zelda. :-)
     • Hauppage WinTV (http://www.hauppage.com)
          The hardware I use to get the TV signal from the GameCube to my computer.
     • Dscaler (http://www.dscaler.com)
          Good software used to display the GameCube TV signal, which made typing
          the quotes a lot easier.
     • EditPad Pro (http://www.editpadpro.com)
          The text editor I used to make this FAQ (and my web site).
                                5. The Quotes!
                           --- 5.0 From the Manual ---
    Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. One day, a
    man of great evil found this power and took it for himself, and with it at his
    command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then...just as all hope had
    died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding a blade
    that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light. This boy,
    who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. The
    boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend.
    And then a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom, and the
    great evil once again crept forth from the depths of the earth. The people believed
    that the Hero of Time would again come to save them. But the hero did not appear...
    What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know. The memory of the
    kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath.
    On a certain island, it became customary to garb young boys in green when they
    come of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspire to find heroic blades and
    cast evil down. The elders wish only for the youths to know courage like the hero of
    Even in my wildest dreams, I never could've imagined what happened to
    us! See, it all started when our leader, Miss Tetra, got kidnapped by a
    gigantic bird. We chased after that thing like mad, at crazy speeds, and
    when we finally caught up to it, we gave it a cannon blast like you
    wouldn't believe! Of course, that was quite a ways south from here, yeah?
    Somewhere down near Outset Island. So anyway, then that bird drops our
    precious Miss at the very tip-top of the island. Well, I went ashore in a
    hurry to look for the Miss, yeah? And you know what? Miss Tetra didn't
    have a scratch on her!
    When I found her, there was this odd little kid dressed in green there, too...
    We met this postman on the island, and from what he told us, it was that
    kid in green who saved Miss Tetra. And apparently the bird that
    kidnapped Miss Tetra mistook this poor kid's sister for our young Miss,
    and kidnapped her instead. So this kid tells us pirates he wants a ride from
    us so he can go save his sister, yeah? Well I was against the idea, of
    course, but as usual, Miss Tetra's whimsy won out...
    So you wanna know how things turned out? Well, it's a long tale...
                       --- 5.1  Beginning of Game ---
    This is but one of the legends of which the
    people speak...
    Long ago, there existed a kingdom where
    a golden power lay hidden.
    It was a prosperous land blessed with green
    forests, tall mountains, and peace.
    But one day a man of great evil found the
    golden power and took it for himself...
    With its strength at his command, he
    spread darkness across the kingdom.
    But then, when all hope had died, and the
    hour of doom seemed at hand...
    ...a young boy clothed in green appeared
    as if from nowhere.
    Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed
    the dark one away and gave the land light.
    This boy, who traveled through time to save
    the land, was known as the Hero of Time.
    The boy's tale was passed down through
    generations until it became legend...
    But then...a day came when a fell wind
    began to blow across the kingdom.
    The great evil that all thought had
    been forever sealed away by the hero...
    ...once again crept forth from the depths of
    the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.
    The people believed that the Hero of Time
    would again come to save them.
    ...But the hero did not appear.
    Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people
    could do nothing but appeal to the gods.
    In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they
    left their future in the hands of fate.
    What became of that kingdom...?
    None remain who know.
    The memory of the kingdom vanished, but
    its legend survived on the wind's breath.
    On a certain island, it became customary to
    garb boys in green when they came of age.
    Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired
    to find heroic blades and cast down evil.
    The elders wished only for the youths to
    know courage like the hero of legend...
    Big brother!
    Big brother!!
    (found Link)
    Big Brother!
    (Link gets up)
    I knew you'd be here!
    Hee hee hee! This is my FAVORITE spot to
    gaze out at the sea. When I play with the
    gulls, I call it "Aryll's Lookout."
    So, do you remember what day it is today?
    ...You're still half-asleep, aren't you?
    Did you forget?
    Big Brother, it's your birthday!
    That's why Grandma has been waiting for
    you to come back to the house! She's been
    waiting for a while now...
    It's a good thing I came to find you!
    You should probably go home and see what
    Grandma wants, don't you think?
    I've been waiting for you, Link.
    Try these on.
    Time certainly flies... I can't believe you're
    already old enough to wear these clothes.
    (You got the Hero's Clothes!
    They look like they might be a little
    warm for this weather...)
    Don't look so disappointed, dear one!
    Just try them on.
    Today is a day to celebrate! It is the day
    that you become the same age as the young
    hero spoken of in all the legends.
    You only have to wear them for one day, so
    don't look so down. Be proud, child!)
    Here you are, Link.
    Try these on!
    These are special clothes...made of a
    special fabric that only the honest can see!
    Time certainly flies... I can't believe you're
    already old enough to wear these clothes.
    (You got the Hero's New Clothes...
    What the...?
    Wow! They're really light...)
    What's the matter? Why the long face?
    You CAN see them, can't you? Hm hm hm...
    Well, today is the day we commemorate
    the fact that you've reach the same age
    as the hero of the legends! You have to be
    proud about that for at least one day!
    Put them on and see if you can't fool
    anybody in town!)
    In the olden days, this was the day boys
    were finally considered to be men. They
    were taught the ways of the sword to
    prepare them for battle with their enemies.
    But we don't live in such an age any
    longer... Our ways are the ways of peace.
    Nowadays, I suppose Orca is the only one
    on the island who still knows anything
    about swordplay.
    Hanging the family shield on the wall as
    decoration is another tradition that has
    been carried down from those days.
    Does all this make sense to you?
    Isn't that nice, Link? They suit
    you perfectly! A perfect fit!
    Well, tonight I'm going to invite the whole
    town over for your birthday party, so I'd
    better start getting ready, shouldn't I?
    Your grandma is going to make your
    favorite soup for you tonight! Mmmm!
    I just know you're looking forward to it!
    Now, go get your sister, Aryll.
    Ah! 'Hoy, Big Brother!
    Did Grandma make that outfit for you?
    You always wear the same outfit...
    I think you need a new look...
    I guess they're pretty neat, though!
    So, anyway, Link...
    Can you close your eyes and hold out
    your hand? Just for a second!
    I'm going to give you my most treasured
    belonging...but just for one day!
    (You got the Telescope!
    This is your sister's most precious
    belonging. Treasure it dearly!)
    So? Well?! Do you like it?
    I'm letting you borrow this special gift
    just because you're my big brother!
    Aren't you luck?! Hee hee hee!
    Ooh, why don't you try it out! Right now!
    Try looking over at our house from here!
    (look at postman, who suddenly goes frantic)
    AAAAAHH!! Link!
    The sky! Look up in the sky!
    (Helmaroc King gets hit, drops Tetra into forest)
    Link, this is so terrible! That girl
    fell into the forest! She needs help!
    ...But it's too dangerous for you to go in
    there without something you can use to
    defend yourself with!
    Oh! What is the matter, Link?
    You have an urgent look about you...
    Has something happened?
    Whatever it is, from the look on your face
    I suspect it is no laughing matter...
    What say you, Link?
    Ah. Have you come for some serious
    instruction in the way of the sword?
    (go through training)
    And yet...I sense a certain anxiousness
    in the sword you hold...an eagerness that
    goes far beyond the mere desire to be
    wielded on the fields of battle...
    I do no know what has happened...
    But I have faith in you. Somehow, I doubt
    you will misuse that sword...
    You may have it, Link. I give it
    freely. Take the blade with you...
    (You accepted the Hero's Sword!
    Use it wisely and carefully... You
    don't want to let down the kind old
    man who has entrusted it to you!)
    Since the olden days, this sword has been
    used to fend off evil...
    Its blade is infused with the desire to
    become strong and righteous.
    Be strong, Link.
    Fairy Fountain Site Ahead
    Increase your fortune!
    Fairy Fountain Site
    This spot marks the remains of an ancient
    fairy fountain. The legendary hero was said
    to come here after battle so the fairies
    could ease his weariness.
    It was also said that whoever met with the
    Great Fairy who lived here was blessed
    with great fortune, so it came to be known
    as the Fountain of the Fortune Goddess.
    Wow. What's with that get-up?
    Well, whatever. So, where am I...?
    Oh, that's right! That giant bird came and...
    Miss Tetra!
    Oh! Oh thank... Thank goodness!
    You're safe!
    When I saw you get dropped on this summit,
    I thought for sure you'd...
    So that bird dropped me on the top of
    a mountain?
    Well, wasn't that nice of it!
    Well, don't just stand there!
    Let's go!
    Time to repay our debt to that bird in full!
    But, Miss... What about this boy?
    Don't worry about him. Come on!
    'Hoy, Big Brother!
    (Helmaroc King snatches her)
    Uhhn! Stupid kid!
    Get ahold of yourself! She's gone.
    There's nothing you can do.
    You want to come with us on our ship?
    Do you understand what you're asking?
    We're pirates! You know... PIRATES!
    The terror of the seas!
    What do we get out of bringing some
    helpless little kid along with us?
    I'll tell you what we get...a headache.
    I know how you must feel, with your
    sister having been kidnapped and all...
    But that doesn't really have anything to
    do with us, now does it?
    And how do you figure that...?
    Whoa, whoa, whoa there! Just who are
    you?! Where do you get off butting in on
    someone else's conversation?!
    Please! All I mean to say is that if you
    big, bad pirates hadn't come to this quiet
    little island...
    That poor girl wouldn't have been snatched
    away by that bird.
    And just what do you mean by that?
    Just be quiet for a moment, and I'll tell you!
    Now, as my work entails delivering letters,
    I spend much of my time traveling amongst
    the many different islands. As a result,
    I hear many things...
    Haven't any of you heard word that young
    girls have been getting kidnapped lately
    from all regions of the Great Sea?
    No matter. Whether you've heard it or not,
    that seems to be the case. Young girls with
    long ears like yours have been getting
    kidnapped, never to be seen again.
    And unless my eyes fail me, the young girl
    who was just kidnapped from this island
    also has long ears, does she not? Much
    like YOU do, Miss Fearsome Pirate.
    My point is that the bird mistook that poor
    girl for you, and that's why it grabbed her!
    And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it
    was young Link here who saved
    you from the monsters in the forest,
    wasn't it?
    ...Is this true?
    Oh! And while I'm at it...
    I may as well tell you that the bird that
    kidnapped both you and Link's
    sister has made its foul nest to the north,
    on the heights of the Forsaken Fortress.
    The Forsaken Fortress?!
    Isn't that the place where...
    So, what are you going to do?
    Under the circumstances, I don't think it
    would be unreasonable for you to give
    Link a little help, now, would it?
    Hmph... I don't need you to tell me that!
    Even if I were to consider it...
    Lately, I've heard nothing but evil rumors
    about this Forsaken Fortress...
    You can't possibly mean to go there with
    nothing but that cheap little sword!
    That's not brave! It's stupid!
    I mean, come on! Even a simple little island
    like this has to have something you could
    use as a shield. You know, something to
    protect yourself with? Anything?
    Tell you what. If you come back with
    something like that, we'll let you stow
    away on our ship.
    Oh, and one more thing: once we leave,
    you won't be coming back here for a while,
    so you'd better go say good-bye to your
    family while you have the chance.
    I don't want you getting all weepy-eyed
    and homesick on me!
    What is it, Link? Please...
    Tell Grandma what's troubling you.
    And where's Aryll...? Is she still
    playing outside with the gulls?
    (Link finds the shield missing)
    Is this what you're looking for?
    ...Take it with you.
    (You got the Hero's Shield!
    This is the legendary shield said to
    have been used by the hero himself!)
    I guess it is true... Aryll really has been
    kidnapped... Hasn't she?
    What kind of monster could take such a
    sweet, young child?
    Wow, that's a decrepit old shield...
    Are you sure you can still use that thing?
    Are you going to get splinters and cry?
    Well, whatever...
    If you're ready, then let's go!
    Are you ready?
    Good luck Link!
    Good luck finding Aryll!
    Take care of yourself!
    Ugh... How much longer is this going to go
    on, do you think? Do you have an estimate?
    Are you sure you shouldn't just quit right
    now? Seriously, think about it.
    I can tell you're just going to get more
    sentimental from here on out.
    There's still time, you know...
    Are you sure we shouldn't just turn around
    and take you back to your island?
                        --- 5.2 On the Pirate's Ship ---
    Oh! Well now! Ahoy there, swabbie!
    As of today... EH-HEH-AHEM!
    I am your superior... Niko! Now, I promise I'll
    go easy on you, so you do as I say, OK?
    Right! Now, first off you have to take the
    test all new pirates have to take. It's a bit
    of a doozy, so get ready!
    You watch everything I'm about to show you
    real careful-like so you can cram it into
    your no-doubt mushy swabbie brain!
    First off, you gotta press this switch.
    This is the only easy part.
    (steps on switch)
    Now, check it out! After the platforms rise
    up from the floor, you gotta jump on them!
    (jumps to first platform)
    OK, so I was able to jump to this first one
    myself...but that next one is too far, right?
    That's when you gotta do THIS!
    (swing on rope)
    So, do you think you get how to do it?
    You have to swing from platform to
    platform and try to get to the entrance
    of that room over there!
    Here's the problem, though, swabbie!
    The platforms only stay raised for a little
    while, so if you don't get there by the time
    they drop, you have to start over!
    It will probably take you at least one year
    before you're good enough to make it all
    the way here. One rough year. One tough
    year, full of bumps and bruises.
    Of course, if you manage to do it faster,
    I'll reward you!
    Now, give it a try! This ought to be good
    for a chuckle or two!
    (do the obstacle course)
    Whaaaaat!?? You did it already???
    I... I... I'm proud to have you as...
    As my... As my underling!
    (to himself)
    I... I wonder if it's OK to just give that to him...
    ...I don't see why not... I doubt I'll get busted...
    (to Link)
    All right, swabbie! I'll tell you what!
    You can have the treasure in that chest
    over there! It's your reward from the great
    and generous Niko!
    Hurry and take it before someone comes!
    (You got the Spoils Bag!
    You can keep the items you get from
    enemies in this handy pouch.)
    Hey! Link! We've reached the
    Forsaken Fortress! Hurry and get up here!
    (go outside)
    Hey! Link!
    Here I am! Up here!
    What were you doing with Niko?
    Don't tell me you were playing some stupid
    game for treasure...were you?
    ...Well, whatever!
    There's something you need to see!
    Have a look over there...
    That's the cursed isle known as the
    Forsaken Fortress.
    There are all sorts of strange rumors about
    this place. What I do know is that long
    ago, it used to be the hideout of a no-good
    group of pirates we used to compete with...
    But they were just small-time. Now, the
    place looks like it's pretty dangerous.
    Ah! I knew it! Look!
    Over there! By that window!
    Have you ever seen so many seagulls flock
    like that before?
    ...I'll bet you anything that's the place
    where they've got your sister locked up!
    ...But it looks like the whole place is under
    really tight guard.
    This won't work... We'd be spotted before
    we go anywhere near landing there.
    Hmmm... What do we do now?
    (Link in barrel!)
    Look, don't struggle. If you really want to
    get into a dangerous place like that, this is
    the only way to do it. Trust me.
    We pirates do this all the time. Don't worry
    about it! It'll be a piece of cake!
    Is everybody ready!?
    Never you fear, kid. We're pros. We're going
    to launch you good!
    (launch! smack! sword falls)
    (through stone)
    Your sword landed all the way up there?
    Shoot! I'm sorry! I apologize! I guess my aim
    was off by a little bit.
    Heh heh... The look on your face... Priceless!
    Heh heh... I slipped this stone into your
    pocket just before we fired you over there.
    It's no ordinary stone, either.
    I can see what you're doing through this
    stone, and obviously you can hear me
    through it.
    Hey, but listen carefully! I need this back
    after you save your sister, so don't go
    losing it, you understand?!
                           -- 5.3 Forsaken Fortress ---
    Listen up, Link...
    There's a monster running the searchlight
    up there!
    If you can slay the monster, then just
    maybe it'll shut the searchlight down.
    Oh...but you're unarmed, aren't you?
    All you have is a shield...
    If I were you, I'd try to use my shield to
    deflect the monster's blows and see if I
    could make it drop its weapon. If you did
    that, you could pick up its weapon.
    ...But that's just me. What'll you do?
    Ah-hah! I've got it, Link!
    In order to reach the top of the tower where
    your sister's being held, you'll have to find
    the room right below the tower. The path to
    the tower begins in the rear of that room!
    You got that?
    (You got back the Hero's Sword you
    dropped! Now you're in business!
    Take care not to drop it again!)
                       --- 5.4 After Forsaken Fortress ---
    Link... Link...
    Wake up, Link!
    Pull yourself together, Link!
    Well? Have you come to your senses yet?
    You are surprisingly dull-witted...
    Did I startle you?
    I suppose that is only natural. As wide
    as the world is, I am the only boat upon
    it who can speak the words of men.
    I am the King of Red Lions.
    Do not fear... I am not your enemy.
    I have been watching you since you went to
    the Forsaken Fortress to rescue your sister.
    I understand how your desire to protect
    your sister could give you the courage to
    fearlessly stand up to anything...
    But such a bold attempt was foolhardy!
    I suppose you saw him... The shadow that
    commands that monstrous bird...
    His name is...Ganon...
    ...He who obtained the power of the gods,
    attempted to cover the land in darkness,
    and was ultimately sealed away by the
    very power he hoped to command.
    He is the very same Ganon...
    The emperor of the dark realm the ancient
    legends speak of...
    I do not know why the seal of the gods has
    failed, but now that Ganon has
    returned, the world is once again being
    threatened by his evil magic.
    Tell me, Link...
    Do you still wish to save your sister
    from him?
    (Link nods)
    And will you do anything to save her?
    (Link nods twice)
    ...I see.
    In that case, I shall guide you as we go
    forward...advising you on what you should
    do, and where you must go.
    Ganon cannot be defeated by human
    hands, let alone by what little strength
    you possess.
    The key to defeating Ganon is locked
    away in a great power that you can wield
    only after much toil and hardship.
    Do you understand?
    (Link nods)
    In that case, we depart!
    To the Great Sea!
    ...Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself.
    This is actually a bit embarrassing for me
    to admit, but...although I am indeed a boat
    that possesses the power of speech...
    I possess no sail.
    And a boat with no sail can sail no seas.
    I have brought you far to the east of the
    dark gaze of the Forsaken Fortress. On this
    island is a town of merchants who deal in
    a wide variety of goods.
    If you search hard enough, surely you can
    find one who will sell you a sail.
    I am sorry to ask this of you, but without
    a sail, I will be useless to you.
    This island of merchants is home to many
    valuable goods.
    While the sail must come first, do you feel
    limited to buying only it. Once you have it,
    feel free to stock up on anything else you
    think you may need.
    But remember: there is no time to play.
    Come back here immediately as soon as
    your errands are done.
    My story is a strange one... I came across
    cursed seas from a land far away...a land
    where the blizzards blow violently...heading
    for this town called Windfall.
    But dear me! As I traveled, a terrible storm
    descended and tore my ship to bits...yet
    mysteriously, only that escaped without
    so much as a mark on it...
    From the looks of you, I would say you
    are a traveler as well. Oh, yes indeed!
    ...Could you not purchase that from me?
    It is my one and only heirloom from home.
    The people of this town do not seem the
    least bit interested in that, despite the
    fact that it would help them travel the
    dangerous seas about their town...
    Please! I beg of you! I wish to open a
    business here in this town, so I am in
    desperate need of finances!
    How does...80 Rupees sound?
    Yes, yes, yes! Thank you very much, indeed!
    I have received precisely 80 Rupees for it.
    I can use these funds to finance my new
    business! Oh, dear me, what a happy day!
    Very well, young master... As I promised,
    please! Take that!!!
    (get a boat's sail)
    Yes, yes, yes! You have made a good
    purchase today, my young master!
    And you have saved my life and business
    as well! Treasure it dearly! It is the finest
    sail in the world! Treat it as such!
    Hoo hoo hoooooooooo! If my appearance
    does not surprise you...
    then you, sir, must be a fairy, just
    like Tingle!
    Goodness! Did you feel my telepathy?!
    That's why you saved me, isn't it?
    Isn't it? Isn't it?
    Do not worry! Tingle knows without you
    telling him, sir! Yes, sir!
    Tingle is my name! I have been looking for
    you and your kind, for I, too, long to be
    one of the fairy folk!
    And yet, I was mistaken for some kind of
    troublemaker and put into this dreadful
    sort of place!
    How disrespectful!
    Please, Mr. Fairy... Rescue poor Tingle from
    this place and take him to where you and
    your kind live in splendor!
    (free him)
    Hoorayyyy! Thank you oh so VERRRY much!
    Here is Tingle's heartfelt gift of thanks!
    Tingle! Tingle!
    Become an item!
    (get Tingle Tuner)
    Now, no matter how far we travel from this
    dingy cell, our souls will be as one!
    Splendid! Tingle is going to get ready to
    go to the realm of the fairies, so you just
    wait here, OK, sir?
    Ahhh! I was forgetting something important!
    Oh, Mr. Fairy! You want to come to my
    island, don't you?
    Don't you? Don't you?
    (get Tingle's Chart)
    When you go out to sea, open it!
    If you ever need any help with your charts,
    just leave it to Tingle! Don't ever forget it!
    If you ever need help with charts...
    Don't forget it!
    Date: Unknown
    At last, I have succeeded in stealing the
    [r]Picto Box[r] I have desired for so long.
    Succeeded, yes... but sadly...
    Due to a slight mistake on my part, I was
    also caught. I have been imprisoned, but
    I do not give in easily! I refuse to
    give this wondrous box to my captors!
    I have decided to hide it here in the
    depths of my cell and then make my
    escape by tunneling out. Yes! That is
    my plan!
    Of course, if I ever successfully escape from
    this prison, I shall one day return to recover
    the Picto Box. I will write the controls
    for it in case I should forget them...
    Set it to Y, Z, or X on the items
    screen. Press A to snap shots. Use C to
    zoom in and out. Press R to switch to its
    delightful pictograph-viewing mode.
    It saves up to three pictographs at one
    time. Oh, how it pains me to leave it!
    ...I just wish I could get out of here
    so I could start taking pictographs!
    Oh! That look in your eye... So, you've
    found yourself a sail, have you?
    Very well! Then I shall teach you the
    art of sailing!
    (teaches you how to sail)
    Now! A westerly wind blows! Hop in and
    let it carry us to the east!
    (sail to Dragon Roost Island)
    There! On the horizon!
    That is our destination, Link...
    Dragon Roost Island!
    High atop this island's peak lives the
    spirit of the skies...a great dragon by the
    name of Valoo.
    You must see this dragon and request
    from him a jewel called Din's Pearl.
    Ask the people of the Rito tribe who inhabit
    this island about how to see the dragon.
    Oh, I almost forgot! Wait just a moment!
    This is the Wind Waker! It is a baton of
    sorts that was used long ago when the
    people played music in prayer to the gods.
    In those days, simply using it allowed one
    to borrow the power of the gods, but
    I do not know if it still works.
    Even so, I thought it might be of some use
    to you. Perhaps you should try using it.
    (learn how to use it)
    (You received the legendary
    Wind Waker! By using this magical
    conductor's baton, you can borrow
    the power of the gods!)
                        --- 5.5 Dragon Roost Island ---
    Link, is that you?
    It is! I'm pleased to see you're OK.
    I must say...
    You've traveled far for one with no wings...
    And your sister? Is she...
    Is that so?
    Well, don't worry too much.
    I'm sure she'll hang in there.
    I have an idea, Link.
    Would you like to meet our chieftain?
    I've told my people here about you, and
    all of us Rito are very concerned.
    I'm certain the chieftain will befriend you
    and lend you the aid of our aerie.
    It's settled, then! I'll fly on ahead and let
    everyone know you're coming.
    Come inside, Link!
    I'll be waiting!
    Well? Have you discovered the cause of
    the great Valoo's anger?
    Ah. So, you are Link, are you?
    Quill has told me all about you.
    A troubling tale, indeed...
    I insist that you let us know if there is
    anything we can do to help you.
    We shall do everything in our power to
    assist you.
    However, in the meantime, we have a
    problem of our own to deal with...
    When you arrived on the island, did you
    notice the raging dragon perched atop
    the mountain?
    As you can see, we of the Rito tribe are
    profoundly connected to the sky. We make
    our livings on the airways.
    We do so by the graces of the sky spirit,
    Valoo. When a Rito reaches adulthood, he
    or she journeys to the top of Dragon Roost
    to receive a scale from the great dragon.
    It is this scale that enables the Rito to
    grow his or her wings.
    Recently, however, the once-gentle Valoo
    has grown violent and unpredictable.
    Sadly, we can no longer approach him.
    If this continues, the fledglings who are of
    age will never be able to receive scales
    from Valoo on Dragon Roost.
    They will remain wingless, and in time,
    our very way of life will be threatened.
    As chieftain of the Rito, my first
    responsibility is to solve this problem.
    My apologies, but I must ask you to wait
    for our assistance until this is done.
    Will you do so?
    Chieftain, what do you think of consulting
    Link with regards to your son,
    Prince Komali?
    As you can see, Link is a
    gallant young lad!
    I feel certain that Prince Komali would
    open his heart to him and speak freely
    of his fears and worries.
    (to himself)
    That may be...
    (to Link)
    Let me be direct. My son, Komali, is of the
    age to earn his wings...
    Yet...he is weak, in some ways...and in light
    of the current situation, he may just give
    up on ever getting them...
    What say you?
    Will you share some of your courage
    with my son?
    Will you meet with my son?
    I thank you!
    We shall do our best to solve our problem
    as quickly as possible, so that we may
    better help you with yours.
    I have something I wish for you to give to
    my son.
    A young girl named Medli is holding it for
    me. Would you find her and take it?
    I am counting on you!
    Here, Link, take this with you!
    Who knows? It might come in handy.
    (You got a Delivery Bag!
    Finely crafted bags like this are
    used by Rito postmen everywhere!
    With so many pockets, it can hold
    many items.)
    You should find Medlie in one of the
    upper rooms.
    Leave the great Valoo to us.
    In the meanwhile, do your best to aid
    Prince Komali!
    Wow! You really DO have blue clothes...
    with a picture of a crawfish on them!
    You're Link, right?
    Oh, me? I'm an attendant to the great sky
    spirit, Valoo. My name is Medli.
    Well, to tell the truth...
    I'm not an attendant quite yet. I'm actually
    still studying to be one.
    Oh, what am I thinking! Here! This is from
    the chieftain.
    Link, he wants you to give this
    directly to Prince Komali.
    (You accepted Father's Letter!
    It is a letter from a father
    addressed to his son.
    Since you've just received a fine
    Delivery Bag, why not use it to carry
    this letter down to Komali?)
    The room way in the back on the first floor
    is Prince Komali's room. You have to go
    down a couple steps to get there.
    When you meet Prince Komali, please don't
    get offended by his manner.
    He has no bad intentions, I promise.
    By the way, ummmm...
    Listen, Link...
    I have a small favor I'd like to ask
    of you...
    Could you please come to the entrance of
    Dragon Roost Cavern later?
    ...I'll explain everything then.
    Huh? Who are you supposed to be?
    (talk again)
    What do you wnat from me, huh?
    I... I don't want to talk to anyone right now!
    (show him Father's Letter)
    A letter?
    From my father?
    Oh, sure, telling me to be brave is easy
    enough for him...
    It's not like he's the one who went through
    that horrible experience... It's not like HE
    still has to go get a scale from Valoo.
    You're in this letter, too, you know...
    Poking your nose in other people's
    business... You're nosy, aren't you?
    Sorry, but I really don't feel like going to
    see Valoo right now.
    I mean, how am I supposed to get a scale
    from him when he's so upset?
    What? Are you trying to say that YOU can
    calm Valoo down?
    Psssssh! That's just a big, fat lie!
    It's easy to SAY you can do anything!
    Bragging doesn't cost a thing!
    I'll tell you what: If you can find me
    someone who can get past all the obstacles
    on Dragon Roost to get to Valoo...
    THEN I'll listen to anything you say!
    (talk again)
    Oh, this...?
    It's strange... Holding this calms me down.
    I forget all the bad things.
    It's so pretty, isn't it? It's called Din's
    Pearl. My grandma gave it to me.
    My grandma used to be Valoo's attendant.
    She was the only person on the island who
    understood Valoo's language.
    Oh, Grandma... If she were here, I know she
    could calm Valoo down. I just know it...
    But my father and the rest? No matter how
    hard they try...they'll fail. I know it.
    No one else can calm Valoo down.
    It's impossible...
    What? What is it, huh?
    Listen, you can stare all you want, but
    I'm not giving this to you.
    This is MY treasure. You understand?
    I'm not going to just hand it over to some
    do-nothing guy, am I?
    (talk again)
    You can stop staring any time now!
    I'm not giving this to you!
    There's no one out there who can get Valoo
    to settle down...so just go away and let
    me be miserable by myself.
    Hey, you actually came!
    I'm really sorry for bringing you to such a
    dangerous place. I had to! I wouldn't have
    asked if I didn't need help desperately.
    You see this place? There used to be a
    spring here. surrounded by a beautiful
    pond... It was peaceful and lovely...
    But then the great Valoo...
    He became so angry, and...
    In his rage, he shook the mountain and this
    boulder crashed down, plugging the spring.
    You can see the result.
    Oh, but where is my mind? Tell me,
    how was Prince Komali?
    (to herself)
    Oh... That doesn't sound right... Not at all...
    (to Link)
    I may be partially to blame for the bad
    turn that Prince Komali's taken...
    See, Prince Komali's grandmother was the
    great Valoo's former attendant.
    She was an amazing woman. I was honored
    to have her as my teacher...
    She was kind and brave, and unsurpassed
    in her dealings with the great Valoo.
    I'm not worthy of being mentioned
    in the same breath as her.
    If only I'd possessed some of her strength,
    I'm sure Prince Komali would have felt
    more secure.
    Link, I'm sorry to ask this...
    but I need your help!
    I want to go to the small shrine that's
    near the peak of Dragon Roost, but that
    ledge over there is so high...
    If I could get some wind under my wings,
    I'm sure I could get up there.
    Will you help me?
    (I don't think so)
    Oh, please? I wouldn't ask if it wasn't
    important! It's just that...I'm not that good
    at flying yet...
    Whew... Thank you so much!
    OK, pick me up.
    Then face that ledge and toss me!
    The atmospheric currents are really messed
    up, so pay close attention to the direction
    of the wind.
    All right, I'm ready!
    Don't hold back, now!
    Throw me as hard as you can!
    (successful throw)
    Oh, thank you!
    I think now I'll be able to climb Dragon
    Roost and meet with the great Valoo!
    Don't worry, I'll be fine!
    I may just be an apprentice attendant, but
    I can understand some of the great
    Valoo's language.
    (to herself)
    I'm not exactly bursting with confidence, but...
    (to Link)
    Look, if anything happens to me...
    Please look after Prince Komali!
    This is all I have to give you. I know it's
    not much, but please take it!
    (get empty bottle)
    Oh, and please don't tell anyone that I'm
    climbing Dragon Roost!
    It'll be our secret, OK?
    Well, good luck!
    ...To both of us.
    Link, do you know Medli?
    Just now, some fellow told me that he
    saw some unfamiliar creatures near
    Dragon Roost Cavern...
    He said that they grabbed a girl that
    looked like Medli...
    ...Which is odd, because I know Medli can't
    fly well enough to get to the Dragon Roost
    Cavern entrance by herself. So I figure it
    must be some sort of mix-up.
    It IS a bit disconcerting, though...
                         --- 5.6 Dragon Roost Cavern ---
    Link, have you seen any filthy,
    thieving rats around?
    I know they are annoying, but keep your
    wits about you... they are only rats!
    If you spread bait near their nest,
    they may share their store of treasure
    with you. Why don't you try it?
    You came to rescue me!
    Oh, thank you!
    I have to tell you what I found out!
    This is terrible!
    ...Some creature is doing awful things to
    the great Valoo's tail!
    That's why he's so angry!
    The great Valoo's tail hangs down into the
    room right below here.
    There's got to be something in there...
    I wonder if those mean monsters who
    captured me have something to do with it...
    We've got to do something! Now! Before it's
    too late!
    I'll go and tell everyone what's happening!
    Here, Link!
    Use this to get out of here!
    It's what I used to get this far.
    It's a device we Rito used before we
    evolved wings.
    (You got the Grappling Hook!
    This was an item used by the
    Rito people before they had wings.)
    Here, Link. Climb up on that
    little ledge over there, so I can show
    you something.
    Grab this branch with the Grappling Hook
    and you can swing over there to get out
    of this area!
    Don't you worry about me, Link.
    Get going!
    Well, Prince Komali? Don't you have
    something you want to say?
    Um, I heard everything from Medli...
    Link... Thank you so much!
    I'm sorry I mistrusted you!
    I hope I can be like you someday,
    You will, Komali! I just know it!
    Right, Link?
    So, Link? ...Here!
    I want you to take this, Link!
    Giving you the thing I value most will
    give me the courage I need to stand up to
    bad things!
    (You received Din's Pearl!
    This is the gem the Ritos claim was
    passed down from the great
    The great Valoo is grateful to you,
    (O Hero! Thank you!
    O Hero! Use the wind god's wind!)
    Use the wind god's...wind?
    That's what he said, but I don't understand.
    I wonder what it means?
    The wind god's wind... I wonder if what
    he's talking about has anything to do with
    the Wind Shrine that's through that tunnel...
    Oh, I almost forgot! The great Valoo also
    names you, Link, a true hero.
    I agree with him. As far as we're concerned,
    Link, you really ARE a hero!
    Well, I'm going to go and visit Valoo!
    I'll come and see you sometime--with the
    best pair of wings ever!
    Hey! Prince Komali!
    Thanks so much, Link.
    See you again someday!
    It would seem that Ganon sent those
    monsters to this place.
    But that would mean...
    There is no time to lose! We must depart at
    once for the place where the next pearl
    sleeps! We sail to the south!
    (talk again)
    ...Unfortunately, we cannot depart until the
    wind blows to the south.
    It would be a fatal mistake to set sail
    under an unstable breeze.
    I have heard legends that tell of a wind god
    who once resided on this island...
    Have you heard nothing of him?
    (learn the Wind's Requiem)
    Yep! That's a miiiiiighty nice breeze!
    The name's Zephos.
    I'm the god of winds.
    So, you're the new Wind Waker, are you?
    Great, great. For a beginner, you've got a
    nice wind-sense about you.
    I like you, kid!
    That tune you just picked up?
    Well, it gives you control over the direction
    the wind blows.
    Depending on how it's used, wind can be a
    good thing...or a very bad thing. You want
    an example of it being a bad thing, then
    you should see my brother.
    It saddens me to say that my brother,
    Cyclos, is miffed about his monument here
    being broken, and how he spends his time
    creating cyclones to torment people with.
    So if you encounter any cyclones at sea,
    chastise my brother for me, will you?
    And THAT...is my request for you!
                             --- 5.7 Forest Haven ---
    Yes! Do you not see what rises up from
    the horizon?
    That is where you must go, Link...
    the Forest Haven.
    It may appear as though this is but a great
    tree rising far above the ocean's surface...
    But it is a sacred place. It is inside this
    grotto that you will find the spirit of the
    earth, the Great Deku Tree.
    You must speak with the Deku Tree and
    receive from him the sacred gem known as
    Farore's Pearl.
    I fear that Ganon's vile hand may have
    already reached this most sacred of
    Go forth with caution, Link.
    (That garb you wear...
    Could you be the legendary hero?
    Has the king at long last found the
    Hero of Time?
    What is the matter? Do you not understand
    the ancient Hylian tongue?
    So...you are not the Hero of Time.)
    I must apologize. I was in error.
    I saw your clothing, and suddenly I felt a
    longing for an age gone by... That longing
    caused the ancient tongue to pass my lips.
    I am the guardian spirit of this Forest
    Haven--the Deku Tree.
    I owe you my thanks for your aid in ridding
    me of those foul creatures...
    Tell me... Was it not the King of Red
    Lions--the boat who speaks--who led you
    to this place?
    So it is true...
    Then you have come here because you have
    need of the pearl of the goddess?
    I see...
    I knew there was a reason the monsters had
    begun to congregate in the regions around
    my wood. Now I understand it.
    He has returned...
    Ganon has returned...
    In that case, we must make haste.
    Koroks! Little children of the woods!
    This traveler is not your enemy. Let your
    hearts be at ease, and show yourselves!
    What do you call yourself?
    Well, then, Link...
    These are the Koroks--the spirits of
    the forest.
    Once upon a time, long ago, the Koroks
    took on human forms, but when they came
    to live on the sea, they took these shapes.
    Now they fear people...but to me, they will
    ever be my cherished little children.
    As it happens, you have come just in time
    for a ceremony that the Koroks hold but
    once every year. It is about to begin.
    I shall grant the pearl to you once their
    ceremony is complete.
    I must apologize for the brief delay, but if
    the ceremony is not completed soon, an ill
    fate could befall us.
    So, let it begin! Are you ready, my children?
    W-We are not, O Great Deku Tree!
    Something terrible has happened!
    It is Makar! Makar!
    What is the matter, Linder?
    You and Makar are always late...
    N-No! It is not that, O Great Deku Tree!
    Makar...fell into the Forbidden Woods!
    The Forbidden Woods?
    I told him to be careful! But still Makar
    flew above the Forbidden Woods, and as he
    drew close to it...
    Foolish little Makar...
    Link, you have heard all this?
    The Forbidden Woods are right beside the
    hallowed island of our Forest Haven.
    Those woods... The whole region is a vile
    place that is home to evil beasts.
    And now it seems they have taken a child
    of the forest named Makar.
    ...Your presence here is no mistake, I deem.
    The King of Red Lions likely expects great
    deeds of you--it is why he brought you here.
    I am sorry to ask this of you, but can you
    go rescue young Makar for me?
    But, Great Deku Tree! ...People cannot
    fly through the air...
    Ah, yes... Thank you, child. You are right.
    It is not possible to enter those woods
    from the sea, is it...
    Link, I would guess from your
    size that you are heavier than my Korok
    children...yet I think we may still be
    able to solve this dilemna.
    You must use the item I shall bestow
    upon you and fly through the sky!
    (grows Deku Leaf)
    Forgive me, Link, but could you
    climb up to my crown and get the leaf
    from up there?
    The Forbidden Woods were once our home.
    They were peaceful back then.
    I would guess that our homes should still
    exist somewhere deep within the woods.
    If you have trouble anywhere in the forest,
    just look for the stump-shaped houses.
    (You got the Deku Leaf!
    Plant your feet on the ground and
    use it to blow blasts of air at
    objects and enemies.
    You can also jump in the air and
    use your magic power to drift on
    the currents of the wind!)
    Swordsman! Over here!
    Please! You must fly from over there to
    here using your Deku Leaf!
    (fly over)
    Very good, Mr. Swordsman! You've already
    mastered using the Deku Leaf!
    But...since you're so much heavier than
    we are, you can't fly very far, can you?
    How unfortunate...
    Well, anyway, this is the exit that leads
    to the Forbidden Woods, where our brother,
    Makar, is being held.
    Please take care of Makar!
    Congratulations, swordsman!
    It appears you've finally gotten the
    Deku Leaf!
    That eerie-looking island over there is home
    to the Forbidden Woods. Makar is trapped
    somewhere within there.
    You'll have to float over to the entrance
    from here using your Deku Leaf.
    But...when you're flying with the Deku Leaf,
    you're at the mercy of the wind. If the wind
    can't carry you there, you'll fall into the
    sea before you land...
    If only the wind were blowing in the right
    direction to carry you there...
    Nice job, swordsman! It looks like you've
    already mastered using your Deku Leaf.
    You're a quick study!
    The first thing you should do is cut the
    grass around here to replenish your
    magic power.
    The entrance to the Forbidden Woods is
    on a much higher level than the entrance
    to our Forest Haven.
    In order to get up to such a high place,
    you'll have to catch the swirling updraft.
    Can you see the updraft, swordsman?
    The updrafts around here move swiftly.
    You have to time your jump just right,
    so that the wind will fill your Deku Leaf
    and carry you into the updraft, giving you
    the lift you need.
    Once you're floating on high, just let the
    wind take you to the entrance to the woods.
                       --- 5.8 After Forbidden Woods ---
    Swordsman... Are you the one who
    rescued me?
    You have my thanks!
    When all went dark around me, I thought
    my time on the earth was over.
    But...why are you here, swordsman?
    What? The Great Deku Tree sent you?!
    Oh! Th-That's right! Today's the day of our
    annual ceremony!
    Oh, I'm in trouble! I shouldn't be here!
    I must get out of here immediately!
    Oh, Makar! You have returned safely!
    I'm sorry, Great Deku Tree...
    I know you warned us many times, but
    still I did not listen...
    Do not worry, Makar. You are safe now.
    Just be more careful from now on.
    You have done well, Link. I must
    thank you for your brave deeds.
    Here is that which I have promised you.
    Please accept it.
    (You received Farore's Pearl!
    The earth spirit, the Deku Tree, has
    seen fit to give you this jewel, a
    treasure of the goddess, Farore.)
    It is my hope that this pearl shall lead you
    to a fair destiny!
    All is well, Makar. Do not cry.
    Please... Play your songs for me as you
    always do.
    Oh, that's right! We must being our
    ceremony soon, before the day ends!
    I'm sorry to keep you all waiting.
    Let the ceremony begin!
    Oh, Great Link...
    As my thanks to you, I shall play even
    harder than I normally do.
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Great Deku Tree! This year you have once
    again produced some splendid seeds!
    With these seeds, we will continue to
    spread new forests across the Great Sea.
    Let us go, Koroks! To the sea!
    See you all next year!
    Take care!
    Farewell, great swordsman!
    May the winds of chance bring us together
    again someday!
    Every year after the Koroks perform this
    ceremony, they fly off to the distant
    islands on the sea and plant my seeds
    in the hopes that new forests will grow.
    Forests hold great power--they can change
    one tiny island into a much larger island.
    Soon, a day will come when all the islands
    are one, connected by earth and grove.
    And the people who live on that great
    island will be able to join hands and,
    together, create a better world.
    Such is my dream.
    ...But the one you are chasing is trying
    to prevent that dream from ever coming
    to pass.
    Already, your fate is tied to the fate of this
    world. You must proceed with great care.
    (talk again)
    If ever you find yourself troubled or lost,
    return to this haven...
    I shall be waiting for you.
    Thank you, Link, for all that
    you've done for me.
    How was my performance? Did it suit your
    tastes or no?
    This instrument is the one the Great Deku
    Tree gave to me on the day of my birth.
    He said it is an instrument that people
    played long, long ago. It has taken many
    long hours of practice for me to be able
    to perform at the level I do now.
    Eight of my fellow Koroks have set out on
    journeys to create new forests in the world.
    But both Hollo, who studies the making of
    potions, and I are always on this island.
    Please come to see us here again. We'll be
    waiting for you.
    So this place, too, has been attacked by
    Ganon. Could he already be regaining
    his power?
    Link, you must get the remaining
    pearl! It lies in a place northwest of here.
    We must set sail immediately!
                            --- 5.9 Finding Jabun ---
    Look, Link! Do you see it?
    ...What has happened to this place?
    Wh-What is the meaning of this?
    The island... It is...
    ...We are too late.
    I knew we had precious little time, but I
    never suspected how little...
    A great water spirit named Jabun once lived
    here, but no sign of him remains...
    Ho, there! Link!
    (flies in)
    So, you're here! I've been looking for you!
    Are you by chance seeking the great
    spirit, Jabun?
    I'm sorry to report to you that Jabun can
    no longer be found here.
    Just look at how this place has been torn
    to pieces... I suppose this, too, is the work
    of the shadow in Forsaken Fortress.
    But fear not! Jabun was able to flee this
    island before it was attacked. He is in a
    safer abode now.
    Would you like to guess where that abode
    may be?
    ...On the island where you were born.
    On Outset.
    Yet even if you were to go to Outset now,
    you would not be able to see Jabun.
    The cave where he hides is sealed with a
    mighty stone slab that repels all who try
    to pass it. Why, not even the pirates with
    their mighty ship could get in...
    ...I must apologize, Link.
    I thought if anyone would know of your
    whereabouts, it would be the pirates.
    I told them this tale without so much as
    a thought for the consequences.
    I don't know what they hoped to get, but
    they immediately set sail for Outset Island
    and tried to break into the cave.
    ...It is lucky they could not gain entrance.
    I have heard that they were last spotted
    on Windfall Island, but doing what, I do
    not know.
    If you wish to see Jabun, I think you'd
    better search for the pirates on Windfall
    What an eerie isle this is... Everywhere else
    boasts clear skies and calm seas, but this
    place suffers under dark clouds and rain.
    Valoo must have been right when he asked
    me to bring word of Jabun to you...
    He called this island cursed...
    I would counsel against staying here
    longer than you have to.
    ...But that is your decision, I have told you
    of Jabun, so my task is complete!
    So, Jabun has survived!
    The sea spirit has lived through the trials
    of many long years. He must have caught
    wind of Ganon's attack beforehand...
    If we are to believe the words of the Rito
    postman, then the pirates know something
    about the cave where Jabun hides.
    Why don't we go first to Windfall and
    search for them there?
    It is just as the postman told us.
    The pirate ship has stopped here to avoid
    drawing the attention of the townsfolk...
    I know not what they are researching, but
    if they are hoping to get their hands on
    Jabun's sacred gem...
    I doubt they would tell you anything
    directly if you were to ask them.
    Link, I think you should try to
    find out what the pirates are up to...
    without them finding out about you.
    Look, don't be mad at us! It's not our fault
    that we absolutely gotta have bombs to
    get the treasure we're after!
    How about you just think of it as payback
    for the nasty little monopoly you've been
    running here, yeah?
    So I bet you're thinking it was foolhardy to
    ask pirates to pay such an outrageous
    price, huh? Yup. I bet you are.
    ...You know, Gonzo, I still can't get over
    that bit of fast-talking you pulled to get
    that information out of the postman!
    Huh? ...Oh! Oh, yeah! That was smooth!
    I tell you, the minute I set my eyes on that
    Link, I just knew he was hiding
    something back at Outset, yeah?
    So when I saw that postman, I just
    pretended like I was all worried about
    the kid and stuff...
    And presto! He spills the beans!
    Good work, Gonzo! Really! Just top notch!
    It's funny, though... I'm thinking this is
    maybe the first time you've shown such
    wit... Such cunning...
    ...You know, with your cunning and Miss
    Tetra's smarts... If you two got married and
    had a kid...
    ...That kid would be the greatest pirate to
    ever sail the seas! Yup! The greatest!
    You idiot!
    Keep your mouth shut, yeah?
    Don't be so stupid!
    Miss Tetra! Are you listening to this nitwit?
    Can't you dock him some pay or something?
    Quit goofing off, both of you!
    Keep your childish jokes to yourselves and
    get those bombs back to the ship!
    The second you're done loading them up,
    we're setting sail for Outset Island!
    Whaaat!? Miss! We have to leave
    immediately? But it's been so long since
    we were on shore!
    We need to fill our bellies with some good
    eating, yeah? How about we grub tonight
    and shove off tomorrow morning instead?
    I mean... Uh, I-I'm fine either way, of course!
    Whatever you say is fine, Miss, is what I
    mean to say!
    ...It's just that, the boys were so excited
    to come to town, yeah? And I can't help but
    think it would be awful hard on them to
    leave so soon without a proper layover.
    So, what sy we set sail tomorrow, yeah?
    What do you say, Miss?
    That reasure isn't going anywhere!
    You're with me, right, boys?!
    Who's for a night of fun?
    You're all fools, do you know that?
    You saw that demolished island!
    You saw the senseless destruction.
    We have to hurry on to Outset, or the
    same thing could happen there!
    Not to be disrespectful, but by the sound of
    things, you're worried more about that
    island than the treasure, Miss...
    Don't be ridiculous!
    I want, you know...
    (to herself)
    the treasure...
    (sees Link, winks)
    Alll right! Fine! Have it your way! We can
    leave town tomorrow, you big babies.
    But we're setting sail at first light, so no
    sleeping in! Understood?
    Say there, brother, what was
    today's password, again?
    Mako! Are you serious? You forgot already?
    You're so useless.
    Today's password is Chummily (Schooner), yeah?
    You know that Niko won't let you in if you
    don't say it exactly right!
    And he's real picky about it...
    So I'll say it once more...
    Today's password is
    Chummily (Schooner), yeah?
    Chummily (Schooner), eh?
    How do you treat a shark?
    I can sail upon the water
    or be filled with it. I am a...
    Right, right! You may enter!
    (down below)
    Oh, Link!
    My old swabbie, Link!
    So you're alive?
    All the other pirates said you got done
    in by that bird-monster in the Forsaken
    Fortress, so I thought...
    Never mind what I thought! You're alive!
    Oh, I get it now! You came back because
    you missed me so much!
    I had no idea you wanted to be my swabbie
    so badly! I see, I see...
    Well, after you left, I went back to being
    the bottom rung on the ladder...which is
    why I'm stuck here while everyone else is in
    town having fun and eating and stuff...
    But...I guess being so worshiped by my
    swabbie ought to cheer me up!
    All right! Why don't we set you to your next
    test, huh? This one is harder than the last!
    Good luck! You'll need it, swabbie!
    You can see there are lanterns hanging
    throughout the room, right?
    Well, last time when you pressed the
    switch, platforms rose up for you to jump
    onto, right? Yeah, well, this time, there
    aren't any!
    Which means you ahve to jump from one
    rope to the next rope! Pretty tough...
    And that's not all! This time, I've put a
    gate on this door, too!
    The switch opens the gate, but it'll close if
    you don't get here before time runs out.
    Run out of time, and you'll have to try it
    again, little swabbie!
    The switch that opens the gate is in the
    same place as before, so go step on it.
    If you get all the way to this side before
    time runs out, I'll give you the bombs we
    got in town! Yeah, you heard me!
    Give it your best shot, swabbie!
    (get through obstacle course)
    What?! You've gotta be..
    You did it already?!
    You're... You're incredible!
    (to himself)
    This isn't good... I've never even passed this test...
    How could he do it so quickly...?
    And make it look so easy?!?
    And if I give this to him, everyone will
    know for sure... Oh, I'll be so busted...
    (to Link)
    You're the best swabbie of all time!
    So...I guess I'll just give you the bombs!
    Go on! Take 'em!
    Just don't tell anyone, OK? I'm serious!
    Really serious! OK? OK!?!
    (get bombs)
    That's mighty courageous of you...trying to
    steal treasure from pirates.
    I suppose I should be shocked...but I'm more
    amazed that you managed to survive after
    being tossed out of that tower...
    From the look on your face, I have to guess
    you haven't saved your sister yet, huh?
    You don't give things much thought, do
    you? You just rush in, never thinking how
    badly things could go for you.
    Like just now... The only reason you got
    what you did was because we left a
    simple-minded little rat like Niko behind to
    look after things.
    No one else would have parted with our
    treasure so easily, I assure you!
    And just how do you intend to use those
    bombs, anyway?
    Don't tell me you're going after Jabun's
    treasure, too...
    Right now, Jabun is hiding in a cave at the
    back of the island you were born on.
    But the entrance is blocked by a giant
    stone doorway. You can't get in without
    breaking down the door.
    We're going to relax in town and eat our
    fill of whatever this town has to offer,
    but we'll be leaving for Outset first thing in
    the morning.
    If you manage to find Jabun tonight, then I
    guess you win.
    But if you take too long, we'll come sailing
    right by you tomorrow morning! And believe
    me, you didn't get ALL of our bombs.
    You'd better be quick, kid!
    Wow! Awesome! You have a stone just like
    the one that Miss Tetra has!
    Hey, how do you use that thing? Can you
    talk to Miss Tetra through that?!
    Man! You're so lucky!
    Well done! Our preparations are complete.
    If what the girl says is true, the pirates
    won't be leaving until morning.
    You must meet with Jabun and get the pearl
    from him before they arrive.
    Let us delay no longer, Link!
    (near Outset)
    Have you noticed, Link? Morning
    has not broken since we arrived at
    Greatfish Isle--the land that was so ravaged
    by monsters. It is as if time itself is frozen.
    Perhaps this is the curse that Valoo
    spoke of?
    Whatever the reason, if this night does not
    end, then we need not worry about the
    pirates overtaking us.
    In fact, it might not be a bad idea for you
    to visit your hometown and family again
    after such a long time away.
    We can speak with Jabun after you do.
    (talk again)
    I cannot say when you will again have a
    chance to return to this island,
    young Link.
    It would be wise for you to show your
    family members that you are alive and
    healthy while you have the chance.
    Ohhh... Uhnnn...
    Link... Aryll...
    Don't go... Don't leave... Uhhnnn...
    Don't leave your poor old grandma...
    ...all alone... Uhnnn... Uhhhnnn...
    (give her fairy)
    Grandma is always happy to see your
    bright, shining face.
    Link... My dear, sweet
    You're safe... That's wonderful...
    Just wonderful.
    Did you do this? Did you heal me?
    Oh, you're such a sweet child...
    Ohh... That's right...
    You and your sister, Aryll, are trying so
    hard to be strong, and I've just been
    sitting here, moaning and worrying...
    I'm your grandmother... I'm the one who
    should be taking care of you...
    I'm so sorry, Link. I haven't even
    considered what you must be going
    through. I'm a terrible grandma...
    Link, this is all I have to give
    you right now. You can keep it in your
    empty bottle!
    (You got Elixir Soup!
    This healthy soup your grandmother
    makes replenishes all of your life
    energy and magic power!
    Your attack power also doubles until
    the first time you take damage! Now
    THAT is one hearty soup!
    And your kind old grandmother filled
    your bottle so full that there's
    two helpings inside! Isn't she the
    You and your sister love this soup,
    don't you? If you run out, I can make
    it for you any time you like.
    Grandma's going to try to be strong,
    But don't do anything reckless.
    Are you ready?
    If that is the case, then we must search
    for the cave around the backside of Outset
    where Jabun is said to hide.
    (Well met, Hyrule King!)
    Well me indeed, Jabun. I am pleased to see
    that you are safe...
    (The events which we have long feared seem
    to have been set into motion.)
    Yes. It seems Ganon has returned. There can
    be no other explanation.
    (If you have sought me out...it must mean
    you have found the Hero of Time,
    does it not?)
    Unfortunately, that is not so.
    (Then for what purpose have you come to
    see me?)
    The one I have brought with me has no
    connection to the legendary one.
    And yet I sense great promise in the
    courage that this one possesses.
    You suggest that I leave the fate of Hyrule
    up to mere chance?)
    I do. It is the only way.
    (I see. Then I suppose it is up to the gods
    to deem whether his courage is true.
    I give to you the guidepost to the gods.)
    (You got Nayru's Pearl!
    The water spirit Jabun was kind
    enough to give you this jewel, a
    treasure of one of the goddesses!)
    (This jewel should dispel the curse that
    Ganon has cast upon this land.)
    So...that foul rain and endless night were
    indeed elements of a curse brought on us
    by Ganon! He must intend to cast this land
    into pure darkness for all time...
    (Tell me, Hyrule King...
    Have you learned the whereabouts of the
    one who carries on the bloodline of the
    princess, Zelda?)
    ...I believe I have.
    (That is well. You must protect Zelda.
    She cannot be permitted to fall into the
    hands of Ganon.
    I am counting on you!)
    Ganon's curse has been broken by the
    power of the pearl that Jabun gave us,
    so morning should come soon. It is well
    that we have gathered all of the pearls.
    Are you ready, Link?
    I have marked the places where you must
    set the pearls on your Sea Chart.
    Once you have placed each of the pearls in
    its proper location, the proving grounds for
    your courage will become apparent.
    Clearly, the search for Jabun has shown
    that Ganon has begun to make efforts to
    block our path forward.
    It is certain that the perils ahead will be
    greater than any you have faced thus far.
    You should finish any business you have
    here on Outset right now, so that you shall
    not have any regrets later.
                  --- 5.10 Tower of the Gods, and Hyrule ---
    Wandering traveler who seeks the guidepost
    of the goddesses...
    Place the pearl you hold here.
    (You placed Nayru's Pearl in the ancient
    statue's hands.
    Two pearls remain.)
    This tower, which the pearls of the gods
    have caused to appear, is a place that the
    gods of the ancient world prepared so that
    they might test the courage of men.
    Only one who is able to overcome the
    trials that await here will be acknowledged
    by the gods to be a true hero.
    Only then will that hero be permitted to
    wield the power to destroy the great evil.
    Link, that which you must obtain
    now lies before you!
    You must believe in your own courage,
    which has led you to triumph over the
    many hardships you have faced...and you
    must triumph once again!
    You must rise above the trial of the gods!
    Seeker of the goddesses' guidepost...
    Press R to call me and guide me
    to my place of truth.
    My kin wait beyond the doors. Control them
    and guide them to their places of truth to
    open the path to the gods...
    Link, it is I, the King of Red
    Lions. I am afraid there are some areas
    to which you will not be able to bring
    the servants of the tower.
    But do not fear leaving them behind! Once
    you have awakened them, they will wait
    patiently for your return. Of this I
    assure you!
    GOHDAN: (not accurate)
    You have done well to find your
    way to this place.
    Oh chosen one...
    Accept this final challenge.
    The path can now be opened.
    Oh chosen one...
    What will now happen is
    tied to fate.
    Go forward with caution.
    You have done well, Link.
    It would seem the gods have acknowledged
    you to be a true hero.
    But this does not mean your trials have
    ended here...
    Once you take your first step into the world
    beyond the ring of light you see shimmering
    in the waves before you...
    Your true trial will begin.
    Are you ready, Link?
    (go down portal into Hyrule)
    You are probably wondering where you are,
    aren't you?
    Unfortunately, there is not enough time for
    me to explain it to you now...
    Once you are able to strike down Ganon
    with the item you obtain in this castle...
    ...All will be made clear to you.
    Trust in my words! See what awaits you
    in the castle!
    All right, Link...
    I'll need you to listen to me for a moment.
    The item you seek is hidden somewhere in
    this castle. To find it, you must find the
    entrance to the basement.
    But...that entrance has been blocked by a
    mighty threshold, firmly sealed to prevent
    evil from ever gaining access.
    Do you know where to search and what you
    must do to open the hidden way?
    You will find a clue in the shape of the
    herald near where we arrived at the castle.
    Excellent, Link. To perceive such
    a puzzle and decipher it is no small feat.
    Now, take the sword that lies before you.
    It is none other than the Master Sword...
    The blade of evil's bane.
    It is the only sword that can banish
    Ganon from the world above!
    (time unfreezes)
    (You got the Master Sword!
    The legendary blade with the power
    to repel evil...once wielded by the
    legendary hero himself!)
    At long last, our preparations are complete.
    You must return to me so that we can return
    by the same path that brought us here.
    The time has come to save your sister from
    her prison in the Forsaken Fortress!
    Hurry, Link!
                   --- 5.11 Forsaken Fortress, and Hyrule ---
    Ganon has likely been made aware of our
    little incursion already...
    ...But you have the Master Sword!
    That sword shall shine in the darkness,
    casting back evil... With it in your hands,
    none can keep you from rescuing your
    Do not be afraid!
    Big Brother!
    You're OK!
    ...I was...worried.
    The cell won't open that easily!
    There you go... Acting before you think,
    as usual...
    I swear! Do you even realize that we had
    to draw that monster bird off for you?
    It was about to come flying in here after
    you again!
    (notices Master Sword)
    ...That sword!
    Where did you get that?!
    Are you... Is it even possible...?
    (to herself)
    ...How could it be?
    (to Link)
    Hmm... Well, never mind about that.
    For now, we'll just take these girls.
    I'm sure their fathers back in town will pay
    a handsome reward for their return.
    I'm so sorry to interrupt such a
    heartwarming reunion...
    But isn't there still something that you need
    to take care of?
    If you're worried about your sister...don't be.
    I promise I'll deliver her safely back to your
    little island.
    Normally, I'd expect a huge reward for
    something like this...but this time,
    it's my treat!
    Listen, Aryll, your brother still has some
    things to take care of. Big, important,
    grown-up things.
    He'll be back soon, so you just wait nice
    and quiet until he returns, OK?
    Big, Big Brother...
    Miss Tetra! We have to hurry! The bird will
    be here any second!
    Gonzo! Excellent! You're just in time!
    Take this one for me.
    Huh?! But she's...
    She's fine! Just do as you're told!
    Big Brother!
    We'll be back. I swear it!
    It's been a while, boy.
    You have done well to sneak into my
    fortress and wriggle your way all the
    way up here.
    I suppose the least I can do is commend
    you for your reckless courage.
    My name is Ganondorf...
    And I am the master of Forsaken Fortress.
    By the way, boy... When you drew that
    sword of yours out of its pedestal...
    Did you by chance notice how all of the
    monsters frozen in time down there
    suddenly began stirring again?
    Do you understand precisely what that
    means? ...I highly doubt you do.
    Foolish child. While that sword is indeed
    the blade of evil's bane, at the same time,
    it has long played another role...
    You see, it is also a sort of key...
    a most wretched little key that has kept
    the seal on me and my magic intact!
    By withdrawing the blade, you have
    broken that seal...
    (Link charges, has no effect. Ganondorf knocks him back.)
    You cannot defeat me with a blade that
    does not sparkle with the power to repel
    evil! What you hold is useless.
    Go back to the world below, and tell that
    to the pathetic fools who made this blade!
    Its power is gone, and its edges are dull!
    Link! Get up!
    (Ganondorf grabs her)
    Uhh! Stop! Let... Let me go!
    You pathetic little sea rat!
    (Triforce mark glows on his hand)
    ! ? !
    My Triforce of Power is resonating!
    Ha! At long last, I have found you...
    Princess Zelda!
    Wh-What?! What are you talking about?
    I don't know any Zelda...
    Feigning ignorance will gain you nothing!
    Tell me... If you are not Zelda, then why
    do you have this fragment of the Triforce?
    (Ritos grab Link and Zelda, Valoo burns Ganondorf's lair)
    It's all right, Link!
    She has merely lost consciousness.
    Your sister has escaped the Forsaken
    Fortress with the pirates. You can relax.
    She's safe now.
    Lord Valoo! You arrived not a moment too
    soon... We are deeply grateful.
    (Still...it is too soon for us to relax.
    Ganon cannot be destroyed by such simple
    means as wrath and fire.)
    I am aware of this.
    Yet I thought our first priority should be
    to separate these two from Ganon's grasp.
    I see...and I agree.
    Very well, then! We are counting on you!
    Link, I will explain things later!
    Now we must return to the world beneath
    the sea!
    Ohhh... Owwww...
    Link! You're all right?
    What is this place...?
    Hey, and Ganondorf!
    What happened to him?
    Link! What are you doing?
    You must come now to the room where you
    got the Master Sword!
    (small voice)
    Who is using that stone...?
    (normal voice)
    Just who are you?
    Link and I are the only ones who
    can speak through this stone!
    How dare you use what's not yours?!
    ...Your name is Tetra, correct?
    You must come with Link to see
    me at once!
    Hmph! Well, don't you sound important!
    ...Fine. We're on our way. Just hold
    your horses, whoever you are.
    Link, what are you waiting for?
    You heard the stone. You're supposed to
    show me how to get to where that voice is!
    Are you him? Are you the one who was
    speaking through my stone without my
    permission? Answer me!
    That stone is an enhanced version of the
    Gossip Stones long spoken of in the legends
    of the Hyrulian Royal Family. I am the one
    who made it.
    You made it?
    The royal family's Gossip Stone?
    I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're
    talking about.
    Have neither of you heard the tales?
    Tales of the kingdom spoken of in the
    legend of the great hero... The place where
    the power of the gods lies hidden...
    This place, where the two of you now
    stand, is that kingdom.
    This is Hyrule...
    And I am its king:
    Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.
    Link, do you not recognize
    my voice?
    Indeed, I am the one who guided you here.
    I am the King of Red Lions.
    There was no need for me to reveal my true
    identity to you so long as that blade,
    the Master Sword, could defeat Ganon...
    But now...both of you must listen to me.
    Once, long ago, this land of Hyrule was
    turned into a world of shadows by Ganon,
    who sought to obtain the power of the
    gods for his own evil ends.
    My power alone could not stop the fiend,
    and our only choice was to leave the fate
    of the kingdom in the hands of the gods...
    When the gods heard our pleas, they chose
    to seal away not only Ganon, but Hyrule
    itself...and so, with a torrential downpour
    of rains from the heavens...
    Our fair kingdom was soon buried beneath
    the waves, forgotten at the bottom of
    the ocean.
    Yet all was not lost. For the gods knew
    that to seal the people away with the
    kingdom would be to grant Ganon's wish
    for the destruction of the land.
    So, before the sealing of the kingdom,
    the gods chose those who would build a
    new country and commanded them to take
    refuge on the mountaintops.
    Those people were your ancestors.
    Hundreds of years have passed since then...
    So long as Ganondorf was not revived,
    Hyrule would remain below, never waking
    from its slumber.
    Tetra, come to me.
    This necklace you wear is part of a sacred
    treasure called the Triforce of Wisdom,
    which has been passed down for many ages
    within the royal family of Hyrule.
    Your mother passed this down to you and
    instructed you to treasure it...and to guard
    it with your life.
    Am I not correct?
    The Triforce of Wisdom is none other than
    the sacred power of the gods that we have
    kept from Ganon's clutches for so many
    long years.
    The gods placed upon your ancestors the
    task of protecting it from evil's grasp.
    You, too, must abide by the laws of the
    past...and so the time has come for me to
    teach you the fate into which you were
    born, the very reason that you live.
    (Triforce of Wisdom is reunited, and Tetra turns into Zelda)
    You are the true heir of the royal family of
    Hyrule...the last link in the bloodline.
    You are Princess Zelda.
    ...Zelda? I'm...a princess?
    You are confused, aren't you?
    I suppose such is to be expected.
    I am terribly sorry that you have been
    caught up in these events.
    But now that it is known that Tetra is
    indeed Princess Zelda...
    Ganon will be searching frantically for this
    child in an attempt to get the power of the
    gods that she possesses. He will not rest
    until he has found her.
    It he succeeds, my ancient kingdom under
    the sea will be turned into a land of
    shadow and despair...and so will the world
    you know above the waves.
    Link, I need you to lend me your
    strength in this dark hour.
    I have a suspicion about what has caused
    the Master Sword to lose its power.
    I need for you to come with me back to the
    lands above the water and return the
    power to repel evil to the Master Sword!
    It is far too dangerous for you to join us in
    this task.
    Fortunately, this sacred chamber is not yet
    known to Ganon.
    It is my wish that you wait here in hiding
    until we return.
    Link! We must go!
    I don't know how to say this...
    Everything that's happened to you and
    your poor sister...
    It's all been my fault.
    ...I'm so sorry.
    Be careful...
    Link, listen well...
    The fact that the Master Sword lost the
    power to repel evil suggests to me that
    something has happened to the sages who
    infused the blade with the gods' power.
    The sages should be here in Hyrule...in the
    Wind Temple to the north and the Earth
    Temple to the south, praying to the gods.
    You must head for these two temples to see
    what has happened to the sages and
    attempt to find a way to recover the
    power to repel evil.
    Unfortunately, Ganon seems to have erected
    some sort of magical barrier down here in
    Hyrule, blocking our path to the temples.
    But...each temple should have another
    entrance high upon Hyrule's mountaintops,
    which are now islands above the sea.
    As always, I shall mark these places
    on your Sea Chart.
    Now then... If we stay here much longer,
    we shall draw our enemy's attention to
    Princess Zelda's whereabouts. We must
    return to the surface immediately!
    (return to the surface)
    Link, do you know the legend
    of the Hero of Time?
    Once, long ago, he defeated Ganon and
    brought peace to the Kingdom of Hyrule...
    A piece of the Triforce was given to the
    Hero of Time and he kept it safe, much as
    Zelda kept hers.
    That sacred piece is known as the
    Triforce of Courage.
    When the Hero of Time was called to
    embark on another journey and left the
    land of Hyrule, he was separated from the
    elements that made him a hero.
    It is said that at that time, the Triforce of
    Courage was split into eight shards and
    hidden throughout the land.
    Even I do not know where they rest, but
    this much I do know: they lie hidden
    somewhere in this Great Sea.
    The Triforce of Courage is the only key that
    will once again open the doorway to Hyrule.
    You must search for it.
                            --- 5.12 Wind Temple ---
    Tee hee hee!
    Tell me, little boy...
    Can you control the wind?
    Hee hee! So young, to have such power...
    How did you know to find me here?
    I am the queen of the fairy world!
    What is the matter, my child?
    Does that not surprise you? Young one...
    I like you.
    And so, I shall give new power to the
    bow that you wield.
    (The powers of fire and ice have been
    added to your arrows!)
    Ice Arrows can freeze the hottest flames,
    and Fire Arrows can melt the coldest ice.
    The fairies in this fountain will ease your
    weariness. Use them as you need to.
    I must tell you... You are just my type.
    Tee hee hee!
    O great hero, chosen by the Master Sword!
    My name is Laruto.
    I am a Zora sage. For an age, I offered
    my prayers here in the Earth Temple,
    praying that the power to repel evil would
    ever remain within the Master Sword.
    And yet...unfortunately, due to Ganondorf's
    evil designs, the Master Sword you hold
    has lost this power.
    After his defeat at the hands of the Hero of
    Time, Ganondorf was sealed away...but not
    for all time. He was revived, and he
    returned to Hyrule in a red wrath.
    He attacked this temple and stole my soul,
    knowing that he had to remove the power
    contained in that enchanted blade.
    In order to return the power to repel evil to
    your sword, you must find another to take
    my stead in this temple and ask the gods
    for their assistance.
    You must find the one who carries on
    my bloodline... The one who holds this
    sacred instrument...
    Nothing can stop the flow of time or the
    passing of generations...but the fate carried
    within my bloodline endures the ravages of
    all the years. It survives.
    The song you just conducted is one which
    will open the eyes of the new sage and
    awaken within that sage the melody that
    will carry our prayers to the gods.
    The door that blocks your way will only
    open when the sage plays that song.
    May the winds of fortune blow with you.
    Oh, Link!
    You're OK!
    You know, Prince Komali's been asking me
    all about your adventures, Link.
    I can rest easy now that I've seen you safe
    and sound with my own eyes.
    Prince Komali's turned into a fine young
    adult, hasn't he?
    Recently, he's even begun doing things on
    his own, without my guidance.
    ...Every conversation still ends up centered
    on you, though, Link.
    Watching Prince Komali grow up fills me
    with pride...but it makes me a little sad,
    as well...
    I wonder if this is how a mother feels...
    Oh, but just listen to me go on!
    How weired I must sound!
    (to herself)
    Hee hee...
    (to Link)
    Well, I'd better continue practicing so that I
    can be useful around here, too!
    Performing music like this is an important
    duty of an attendant.
    (talk again)
    This instrument is called one of fate's tools.
    Prince Komali's grandmother saw me
    carrying it one day and called out to
    me to stop. She'd seen my fate in the
    curves of the instrument, you see.
    She eventually became my teacher, and
    that's how I became the attendant you
    see before you today.
    So, now you understand why I need to hurry
    and improve my skills, so that I may help
    the aerie.
    (take out the Wind Waker)
    Hey, is that the Wind Waker?! Wow!
    Link, will you conduct me?
    I wonder how I'll do...
    (conduct Earth God's Lyric)
    Hmm... What a mysterious song...
    It sounds so...familiar.
    It's almost as if something I've forgotten
    is trying to be remembered...
    Oh... I feel...
    (she faints, meets with Laruto, wakes up)
    Just now, a sage spoke to me.
    She spoke so gently...
    There's something...something that
    I must do.
    Thanks to you, I've been awakened to the
    knowledge that I'm a sage of the
    Earth Temple.
    There's actually something that I can do to
    help this world. It's incredible...
    I bet my teacher knew all about this...
    Link, please... You must take me
    to the Earth Temple.
    We must hurry and wake the power to repel
    evil that sleeps within the Master Sword.
    (Komali flies overhead)
    Let's go now, quickly and quietly.
    Oh, Komali... I just want him to remember
    me as a simple attendant...
    Medli, listen carefully to what I am about
    to tell you.
    The temple ahead is the nest of an evil
    creature...the same creature that stole the
    life of your predecessor, the sage.
    It is a dark and frightening place.
    That is why, if you do nothing else,
    then at least do this...
    If Link comes near you and
    presses R to call you, then be silent,
    and follow closely behind him.
    And if Link presses A, allow
    him to lift you, and if need be, fly and
    carry him through the air.
    And Link...
    If Medli gets stuck and cannot continue in
    the temple, use the Wind Waker to conduct
    the song you learned in the Tower of the
    Gods. Do you understand?
    Link, protect Medli.
    And Medli, protect Link.
    The power to repel evil shall surely be
    returned to the Master Sword!
    Well, Link...
    I'm not very confident, but I think I should
    try to fly...
    I'll fly where you tell me to...
    Just tap A to keep me airborne!
    OK, whenever you're ready... Just use the
    Wind Waker to guide me.
    (after flying)
    Link, I'm feeling a bit more
    confident now.
    I'm not sure how high I can fly while
    carrying you, Link, but I'll
    do the best that I can.
    Just pick me up and jump, OK?
    Link, do not worry about
    straying away from Medli in the depths of
    the temple.
    Just relax and open your Dungeon Map.
    As long as you have the compass, you can
    easily confirm her whereabouts.
    (The prayers of the Earth Sage have
    restored the Master Sword's former
    There is but one last step before it
    becomes the true Master Sword once
    Link, the power to repel evil is
    not yet fully awakened.
    To complete the awakening of the Master
    Sword, you must go to the Wind Temple for
    one more prayer.
    Now, Link...
    Step into the light behind you and return to
    the surface. Your next duty is to find the
    sage of the Wind Temple.
    I will remain here and continue to pray.
    You must hurry!
    ...And Link!
    Um... About Prince Komali...
    Please watch over him for me.
    The Master Sword's power still has not
    fully returned. Perhaps I am mistaken,
    but I fear the worst for the sage in
    the remaining temple.
    You must hurry, Link!
                           --- 5.13 Earth Temple ---
    Are you the new hero?
    I am Fado of the Kokiri tribe. I know I
    appear to you as a child, but the eyes can
    oft deceive. I am a most esteemed sage.
    I had been praying here so that the power
    to repel evil would continue to be contained
    within the blade of the Master Sword...
    But I was attacked by the evil Ganondorf...
    and this is what happened to me.
    You wish to return the power to your blade,
    don't you?
    In that case, look for the one who has the
    same instrument that I hold, and teach him
    the song you just played.
    Once you do, I'm certain the holder of the
    instrument will feel the blood of the sages
    awaken within his veins.
    That Wind Waker you hold was used long
    ago to conduct us sages when we played
    our song to call upon the gods.
    In those days, it was always the king who
    conducted for us...
    Please... Tell the king that I will still
    play...even in the next world!
    Oh! Link! I haven't seen you in
    quite some time, have I?
    I'm surprised you were able to find me here.
    Hmm? You're wondering why I'm all the
    way down here?
    I'm practicing a new song for next year's
    ceremony. And I need privacy!
    It isn't any fun if everyone knows in
    advance what song I'll play.
    What? You can hear my song outside?
    I thought the sound of the waves would
    drown it out...
    Perhaps I should play a little more softly
    when I practice from now on.
    (talk again)
    Please, if you don't mind, keep the fact
    that I'm practicing here a secret. I don't
    want everyone to know about it.
    (take out Wind Waker)
    Why, is that a conductor's baton?
    Link! Are you a maestro?!
    That's incredible!
    Are you going to conduct for me,
    What kind of song is it? I can't wait to
    hear it! Please, conduct!
    (conduct Earth God's Lyric)
    Hmmm... That's a nice song.
    (to himself)
    Is that it? My songs are better than that...
    (to Link)
    Oh! I'm sorry! Did you hear that? I guess
    that was kind of rude!
    (conduct Wind God's Aria)
    Hmmm... Does it go something like...this?
    Strange... Why does it feel like I already
    know this song..?
    (play song with Fado's spirit, bow)
    This sacred song that you've conducted has
    awakened me... I know myself now!
    I am the sage of the Wind Temple...
    It is my fate to return the power to repel
    evil to your Master Sword.
    ...And to ease the regrets of my ancestors.
    Oh, Link, please! You must take
    me with you to the Wind Temple.
    As was the case with Medli, I have no
    doubt that Makar, too, has some special
    role to play in these events.
    Discovering that role is your duty.
    I am certain that by cooperating, the two
    of you can overcome the dangers and
    pitfalls of this temple...
    I don't think I have the power to aid
    you much, Link...
    But I can at least plant a tree here in this
    soft soil...
    If you conduct me, I can use A to
    sow seeds.
    Use your Wind Waker to conduct me.
    Link, I'm over here!
    (walk over to him)
    The stone that blocks the entrance seems
    extremely heavy.
    The only way you could move it,
    Link, is if you were to become
    as heavy as the Great Deku Tree himself.
    Ahh, if only the Great Deku Tree were
    here right now...
    Link, I think that the Hookshot
    you have can probably latch onto the
    trees I planted. Give it a try!
    (The Master Sword has returned!
    Its blade once again houses the
    power to repel evil. The sword of the
    one true hero is revived at last!)
    Link, I have fully restored the
    power to restore evil to your Master Sword.
    ...And my ancestors are most satisfied.
    I shall continue praying to the gods here.
    Link, please step into the light
    and return above ground.
    May the winds of fortune be at your back.
    ...I see. So...the Forsaken Fortress
    has already...
    Ahh, like a molting snake that casts off
    its dead skin!
    That place is so empty and quiet...
    one can almost hear the echo of dead
    leaves falling to the cold, cracked ground!
    Why? What ails you? What?
    Lose the long face!
    The monsters are gone from the world!
    Doesn't that make you a little happy?
    (swims off)
    Link, I have troubling news...
    Ganon has not shown himself above the
    seas since Valoo unleashed his fiery wrath
    upon him.
    And what's worse, there is not a creature
    stirring his base of operations in this
    world...the Forsaken Fortress.
    ...I cannnot imagine how it is possible,
    and yet I cannot shake this foreboding
    feeling I have about the princess, Zelda.
    Link, you must search for all the
    Triforce shards so that we can head back
    to Hyrule without delay!
    (talk again)
    We cannot return to Hyrule without first
    re-forming a piece of the Triforce.
    It is now our duty to gather the
    eight Triforce shards!
                  --- 5.14 Collecting the Triforce Fragments ---
    The Savage Labyrinth
    Deep in the never-ending darkness, the way
    to the Golden Shard you seek awaits.
    To the living:
    Light the six torches and dive down to the
    sea floor.
    Guide the lost spirit of the boat that
    forever wanders in darkness.
    Mr. Fairy! The Tingle Tuner is definitely
    quite fun, but meeting face-to-face and
    talking in person is better! It is the best!
    What should we play? What do you want to
    play? What? You're not here to play?
    Hmmmmm?!? That fragrant musty scent!
    Sir! You have found a chart!
    Splendid! Splendid!
    Show me! Show me!
    Why, you can't read that chart in its
    current state! Impossible, sir!
    Would you like me to decipher it for you?
    ...For 398 Rupees?
    Become readable!
    (You got your chart deciphered!
    Now you can use it to find a piece
    of the Triforce!)
    Hmmm... Mr. Fairy! I have marked
    the location of the Triforce shard on your
    IN-credible Chart, too!
    When you open this chart by pressing Y
    on your Sea Chart, the place where the
    treasure is will shine forth!
    Then, just go to that place and rely on
    your chart to help you find the treasure!
    You got a Triforce Shard!
    Now you need only (#) more!
    You got a Triforce Shard!
    At last, you've found the last shard!
    Fused together, all eight form the
    Triforce of Courage!
    Well done, Link! With the shards
    you have collected, the Triforce of Courage
    is now complete at last! We must make for
    Hyrule, quickly!
                           --- 5.15 Defeat Ganon! ---
    Well done, Link. You must show
    the Triforce piece you have assembled to
    the gods.
    (Link shows it, Triforce of Courage symbol appears on his hand)
    Oh! What is this? There, on your hand--the
    Triforce piece now dwells within you!
    It is the Triforce of Courage--proof
    that you are indeed the true hero.
    You have controlled the wind and crossed
    the seas, and here, near the end of your
    quest, the power of the gods has been
    bestowed upon you...
    Surely, from this moment on, you shall be
    known as the Hero of Winds...
    Link! Hero of Winds!
    Go forth!
    To Hyrule! To Zelda's side!
    I am concerned about Princess Zelda...
    Quickly! Go into the castle and confirm
    her safety!
    You have deceived yourself...
    Did you think you'd be safe inside the
    castle? Foolish...
    Now that my power has been restored, there
    is no safe haven for you!
    I have taken your precious Zelda.
    And here, you shall fall into eternal
    So, despite our efforts, the princess has
    fallen into Ganon's hands...
    Yet all is not lost...
    Beyond the bridge on the far side of the
    castle stands Ganon's Tower. I am certain
    Zelda is being held there.
    Now that the Master Sword is once again
    blessed with the power to repel evil,
    you should be able to break through
    Ganon's Barrier and enter the tower!
    Long ago, Ganon's Tower was an
    impenetrable fortress that not even
    the daring and dauntless Knights of
    Hyrule could hope to assail.
    You must sharpen your senses so as not to
    fall victim to Ganon's illusions.
    You must remember well the appearance
    of this room.
    The shape of the floor... The number of
    items hanging on the walls...
    Such things are the keys to solving the
    riddles that lie ahead.
    Do not overlook anything!
    The sword-hilts of my servants who lurk
    deep in the darkness shall be the
    guideposts that point to me.
    I see... So this is the portal through which
    Ganon was able to seep into the
    unsuspecting world above.
    Link, we shall make use of this
    path that Ganon created for himself.
    If there is anything from the world above
    that you believe you need, then climb into
    the boat and enter the column of darkness!
    The sacred light of these arrows can
    pierce pure evil itself!
    Do you sleep still?
    Do not be hasty, boy...
    I can see this girl's dreams...
    Oceans as far as the eye can see.
    They are vast seas...
    None can swim across them...
    They yield no fish to catch...
    What did the King of Hyrule say?
    ...That the gods sealed Hyrule away?
    And they left behind people who would
    one day awaken Hyrule?!
    How ridiculous...
    So many pathetic creatures, scattered
    across a handful of islands, drifting on this
    sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool...
    What can they possibly hope to achieve?
    Don't you see?
    All of you...
    Your gods destroyed you!
    I have been waiting for you, boy.
    For one like you...
    Yes... For the hero.
    Do not betray my expectations.
    (beat Puppet Ganon)
    Yes, surely you are the Hero of Time,
    Your time has come...
    Come now... Stand before me!
    My country lay within a vast desert.
    When the sun rose into the sky, a burning
    wind punished my lands, searing the world.
    And when the moon climbed into the dark
    of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes.
    No matter when it came, the wind carried
    the same thing... Death.
    But the winds that blew across the green
    fields of Hyrule brough something other
    than suffering and ruin.
    I coveted that wind, I suppose.
    It can only be called fate.
    ...That here, I would again gather the
    three with the crests.
    ...That I should lay my hand on that which
    grants the wishes of the beholder.
    That when power, wisdom, and courage
    come together, the gods would have no
    choice but to come down...
    The power of the gods... The Triforce!
    He who touches it will have whatever he
    desires granted!
    Already, the crest of wisdom is mine...
    All that remains...
    (attacks Link, knocks him down)
    Do not fear. I will not kill you...
    I merely have need of the power that dwells
    within you.
    (picks up Link)
    Now! Let us put an end to that which
    binds us together!
    (Triforce pieces emerge from bodies of Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda,
    coming together into one)
    Gods! Hear that which I desire!
    Expose this land to the rays of the sun
    once more! Let them burn forth!
    Give Hyrule to me!!!
    (reaches out to touch it, but somebody already has...)
    He who touches it will have whatever he
    desires granted...
    That is what you said, is it not, Ganondorf?
    Gods of the Triforce!
    Hear that which I desire!
    Hope! I desire hope for
    these children!
    Give them a future!
    Wash away this ancient
    land of Hyrule!
    Let a ray of hope shine
    on the future of the world!!!
    (Triforce shines, King returns to normal voice)
    And let our destinies finally be fulfilled...
    Ganondorf! May you drown with Hyrule!!!
    (Triforce floats off. Ganondorf laughs as Hyrule floods. Link gets up.)
    This is foolishness...
    A future...for you?
    What are you laughing at, Ganondorf?!
    You're insane!
    (carrying Master Sword)
    Link! I'm sorry!
    I overslept!
    I think it's time for us to say good-bye to
    this place.
    We must return to the world above!
    Back to our ocean!
    Very well, then...
    Allow me to show you...
    (draws two swords)
    Your future...
    Yes... Allow me to show you...
    Just what hope you have...
    (spins around with a yell)
    ...See how much your precious Triforce
    is worth!
    I'll use this bow to cover you! Attack him
    as best you can!
    Link! You have to distract him!
    Are you ready?! I'll aim for you!
    And you use your shield... Do you get it?
    (Master Sword in Ganondorf's forehead!)
    Ughnn... Heh heh...
    The wind...
    It is blowing...
    My children... Listen to me.
    I have lived regretting the past.
    And I have faced those regrets.
    If only I could do things over again...
    Not a day of my life has gone by without
    my thoughts turning to my kindom of old.
    I have lived bound to Hyrule.
    In that sense, I was the same as Ganondorf.
    But you...
    I want you to live for the future.
    There may be nothing left for you...
    But despite that, you must look forward
    and walk a path of hope, trusting that it
    will sustain you when darkness comes.
    This is the only world that your ancestors
    were able to leave you.
    Please...forgive us.
    You could... You could come with us!
    Yes, of course... We have a ship!
    We can find it!
    We WILL find it!
    The land that will be the next Hyrule!
    Ah, but child... That land will not
    be Hyrule.
    It will be YOUR land!
    (Hyrule flooded, Link and Zelda float to the surface as
    the King waves goodbye. King's last thoughts:)
    I have scattered the seeds of the future...
                            --- 5.16 Ending ---
    (Link and Tetra float in the waves. Komali flies up. Pirate ship is behind
    them, with Aryll, Medli, and Makar)
    Satoru Iwata
    Shigeru Miyamoto
    Takashi Tezuka
    Eiji Aonuma
    Mitsuhiro Takano
    Hajime Takahashi
    Shigeo Kimura
    Yasuyuki Oyagi
    Kimiharu Hyodo
    Toshihiro Kawabata
    Isao Moro
    Kentaro Tominaga
    Taku Matoba
    Yoichi Yamada
    Kenta Usui
    Yoshiaki Koizuma
    Toshiaki Suzuki
    Yoshiki Haruhana
    Satoru Takizawa
    Masano Arimoto
    Daisuke Kageyama
    Ryuji Kobayashi
    Yoshiyuki Oyama
    Keisuke Nishimori
    Yo Ohnishi
    Koji Takahashi
    Shinichi Ikematsu
    Hiromasa Shikata
    Hirotake Ohtsubo
    Yoshihisa Morimoto
    Koji Kitagawa
    Akito Osanai
    Yuu Kudo
    Kanae Kobata
    Eiji Mukao
    Kimihiro Ozaki
    Takahiro Nishigaki
    Chikako Nishizaki
    Takeshi Yamaguchi
    Takahiro Hamaguchi
    Satoshi Furukawa
    Yusuke Akifusa
    Haruyasu Ito
    Kenta Nagata
    Hajime Wakai
    Toru Minegishi
    Koji Kondo
    Takumi Kawagoe
    Naoki Mori
    Hiroyasu Kuwabara
    Shunsuke Makita
    Toshio Iwawaki
    Kazuaki Morita
    Hiroshi Umemiya
    Kenzo Hayakawa
    Yuhiki Otsuki
    Kunihiro Komatu
    Makoto Sasaki
    Kenji Matsutani
    Masatoshi Ogawa
    Takamitsu Kuzuhara
    Takafumi Noma
    Atsushi Sakaguchi
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    Aya Sumimoto
    Shinko Takeshita
    Taeko Sugawara
    Atsushi Miyagi
    Kenta Motokura
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    Tomomi Iwasaki
    Tsuyoshi Watanabe
    Shigeki Yoshida
    Yasuyo Yamamoto
    Akira Ito
    Naoki Takami
    Junya Hanai
    Super Mario Club
    SRD Co.,Ltd
    All Rights,
    including the copyrights of Game,
    Scenario, Music and Program,
    reserved by NINTENDO.
    (Link is leaving from Outset with the pirates)
    Anchors aweigh!!!
    Hold the tillers steady!!!
    (normal voice)
    As for our destination...
    The wind will guide us!
    -The Legend of Zelda®-
                          --- 6. Fishman Quotes ---
    'Hoy! Hold it right there, small fry!
    I don't know where you got your mitts on
    that Sea Chart you got there...
    But it looks to me like it's pretty much got
    nothing but seas drawn on it!
    It's pathetic! In fact, it's almost an insult to
    call that thing a Sea Chart, if you ask me!
    What's the matter, small fry? I'm just trying
    to be nice here! I'm telling you that you've
    got a problem. And you do.
    Don't give me that stupefied look! It makes
    you look like you oughta be in diapers!
    Just listen, OK? I'm here to teach you what
    I know about this island, so open up your
    Sea Chart! And make it snappy!
    (tells about Dragon Roost)
    That's all I can teach you, small fry!
    But I will do this for you, since I'm feeling
    so generous: I'll send word to all my
    brethren living near the islands of the
    Great Sea. Good bunch of fish.
    If you see a fish leaping out of the water
    when you sail near an island, sail up to it
    and spread bait out on the water's surface.
    Trust me, this is good advice, fry.
    See, the baiting process allows you to get
    a chart of the island, along with any info
    that might be of use to you. I HIGHLY
    recommend you make a habit of doing so.
    See, you're definitely going to need a
    reliable Sea Chart to help you search for
    things out at sea. I can't emphasize that
    enough, fry. You NEED a well-drawn chart.
    If you don't get a chart for every island
    you come across, it'll just be a bigger
    hassle for you later on! Now don't say I
    never did anything for you, fry!
    'Hoy! You there! You Kingly Red Lion guy!
    That's it! I've repaid my debt! I'm done!
    You take care of the rest!
    'Hoy, small fry!
    Yeah, yeah, I've heard. I take it you want a
    chart and information about this island?
    Then start by opening up your Sea Chart!
    'Hoy, small fry!
    Aww! Gimme a break! What's with using the
    same bait all the time? Don't they make a
    premium brand of this stuff?
    Oh, well. Such is the life of a fish. So...
    You want to hear the info about this here
    island again?
    And that's all the info I've got to offer!
    If you want to hear it again, you'll have
    to throw some more bait on the water for
    me! Sorry, but that's my policy, fry!
    I can't go fighting evil on an empty
    stomach, you know!
    And with that...I'm off!
    And that's all the info I've got to offer!
    So anyway, can I interest you in that little
    game of ours? I'm ready to play! Are you?
    What do you say, small fry?
    Do you want to play?
    (Not really)
    Oh! Fine! Great! Like I care!
    I hear there's a fellow on windfall Island
    who's collecting Skull Necklaces!
    You know who it is, fry? I don't. Sorry.
    What I CAN tell you is that those
    piggish monsters you see here in the
    Forsaken Fortress seem to carry those Skull
    Necklaces around all the time.
    Not that I think it's easy work stealing
    anything from the likes of those guys.
    And that's all the info I've got for you, fry!
    You'd better be thankful for the clues you
    got from me! I'm serious!
    You've seen those weird rings of light
    that appear on the surface of the sea
    haven't you, small fry?
    Did you know that some of those rings only
    appear at night? Didn't think so.
    I hear the bird-people who live on Dragon
    Roost Island east of here have invented 
    an incredibly useful device that they
    call a Grappling Hook.... No lie, fry!
    I hear you can throw that thing at monsters
    and use it to grab treasure they've hidden
    in their pockets. Talk about cool.
    Oh, and have you seen those imp-like
    creatures called Bokoblins that hang out
    on the lookout platforms at sea and stare
    through their telescopes?
    I hear those guys keep Joy Pendants hidden
    in the pockets, so if you get one of
    those Grappling Hooks, you can use it
    to swipe their pendants!
    I met a really weird guy on the island due
    east of here. He had a pack on his back
    huger than any pack I've ever seen.
    I mean, it was B-I-G, fry!
    He said he was looking for treasure, but
    what does he expect to find in a place
    like that?
    I tell you...the guy is completely obsessed!
    You've seen the boats sailing around here
    with the real huge cannons, right, fry?
    I bet you those things have their hulls
    packed with treasure!
    Of course, if you don't have a cannon
    yourself there's no way you'll ever sink
    one of them...
    Oh, I've got some great information,
    small fry! Lucky you!
    If you use the treasure that's hidden on
    that island there, the thing that vanishes
    as soon as you get near it... It won't
    vanish anymore! You know...IT!
    I'm talking about IT! That thing that
    appears on nights when a wee bit of the
    right half of the moon is missing!
    Don't you know what I'm talking about?! IT!
    On the island due east of here lives an
    old man who was once a master
    swordsman. He's got proof of it, too:
    he has a Knight's Crest.
    Want to know what that thing is, fry?
    Well, too bad... I can't go giving away
    every secret!
    I hear that somewhere out in the wide world
    is a handy arrow that can freeze anything.
    With something like that, you could even
    freeze that nasty monster in the Forsaken
    Fortress...for a while, anyway.
    But then what would you do with a frozen
    monster, you say? Good question, fry.
    Why, I'd say you'd give that thing a whack
    and watch it shatter into teeny-tiny pieces!
    They say that inside the ring of rock
    that makes up the perimeter of that island,
    there lives an incredibly beautiful fairy!
    But the thing is, nobody's ever met her.
    Supposedly, the only way you'll ever meet
    her is to take a ride on a whirlwind and
    drop inside that rock perimieter from the
    sky above. Doesn't sound easy, fry...
    I wonder how long it's been since
    the light in Windfall's lighthouse went dark...
    It was quite a grand sight, I tell you,
    the way that ray of light shone out like a
    shaft of gold through the cold darkness.
    I used to gaze at it with dear Gillian...
    Anyway, I bet if someone could shoot a
    powerful spark into the top of that
    lighthouse, it would light up again!
    Of course, that's just my intuition
    Then again, you should never doubt a fish's
    intuition, small fry!
    You should come around these parts on
    nights when just a wee bit of the left half
    of the moon is missing.
    ...That's when IT appears, fry!
    Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard of
    the fabled set of Triumph Forks?
    Well, it's right there, my young fry...
    On that island... You know... A chart,
    showing you where to find them...
    Of course, getting it's the hard part.
    Long ago, there was this huge fairy who
    lived to the south of here, in the forest
    on Outset Island.
    But now, all that's left is the ruins of the
    fairy fountain where she lived...
    It's sort of sad...
    But to tell you the truth... I hear there
    still IS a fairy there. Yup! She's still
    alive and kicking down there, fry!
    I heard that beneath the big-head boulder
    on top of the hill here on Outset... 
    ...is where the greatest treasures of all,
    the golden Triumph Forks, are buried.
    But actually, fry, I must have misheard
    or something...
    'Cause this one guy told me that what was
    actually buried beneath that weird rock
    was a chart to this shard of something
    called Triforce. Whoever heard of that?
    That's crazy! There's a big difference
    between "Triumph Forks" and "Triforce."
    I mean, I think someone intentionally
    buried something misleading there.
    The little shop master on Windfall Island
    apparently got his hands on a truly
    amazing treasure.
    He calls it Magic Armor or something like
    that. It's a pretty cool magical relic,
    from what I've heard.
    If you want him to give it to you, try
    staring deep into his eyes and winning
    him over with flattery, fry!
    Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Beware the night when the crescent moon
    faces up!
    That's all I can tell you, small fry.
    Let me tell you a little something about 
    that island over there, small fry...
    The guy who lives there is named Tingle,
    but he won't grow up and act his age. 
    He still dresses like a little kid.
    That...is not normal.
    Still, from what I hear, he can decipher
    maps like nobody's business!
    It just goes to show that you can't
    judge a person on appearance alone, fry!
    Of course, the thing about this Tingle guy
    is that when it comes to pay his
    deciphering fee, you'd better be ready to
    fork over some serious dough.
    Anyone who doesn't have a deep wallet
    won't be reading any maps, that's for sure.
    You've seen those weird rings of light that
    appear on the seas at night, haven't you?
    Yeah, well, those are a sure sign
    that there's treasure in the deeps, fry!
    But let me tell you, there are some lights
    that don't always shine. Yeah. There are
    those special ones that shine like crazy,
    but only when you open a Treasure Chart!
    They say that those mark the spots where
    the greatest treasures are hidden!
    So tell me, small fry, have you heard about
    the golden Triumph Forks? 
    There are such things...
    And there's a chart that'll show you where
    to find them on that island there.
    If you want it, try asking that huge,
    grouchy-looking stone watcher!
    I doubt you could even budge the thing,
    though... You've got skinny arms, fry.
    Tell me, small fry, have you ever been
    caught in one of those cyclones?
    The wind deity, Cyclos, uses those cyclones
    to fly across the sea instantaneously, or so
    I've heard. Could be just a rumor.
    Boy, if you had that power, you wouldn't
    have to spend so much time sailing back
    and forth across the sea all the time.
    Wouldn't that be nice, fry?
    But let me tell you, there's no way he'll
    give up his power easily! You can't get near
    the guy, so you'll have to figure out how to
    shoot him from a distance.
    Don't you have a weapon that can pierce
    things from a distance? You know, fffwip?
    FFFWIP, I tell you! You get my point, fry?!
    Small fry, there's a real heavy stone head
    blocking a cave on that island. Don't you
    wonder what's behind it? Don't you want to
    get in there?
    Heh heh! Let me tell you a secret!
    If you go north four squares and east three
    squares to Fire Mountain, you'll find an
    item that gives you the strength to easily
    lift anything, no matter how heavy it is.
    With that thing, you could lift that stone
    and toss it out of your way as if it were
    light as a feather.
    Are you thinking you want to get into that
    cave, small fry? The one that's protected
    by the crazy winds on that island?
    Heh heh heh! OK, then. Let me just tell you
    a little secret...
    If you go five squares south and one square
    east from here, you'll reach Ice Ring Isle,
    where you'll find an item that will make
    you as heavy as stone!
    If you get that item, you won't have to
    worry about getting blown over by winds.
    Out on the cape of this island is this crazy
    dancing fool who can't tell day from night!
    The guy's nuts...but you've got to respect
    someone who's not afraid to just let it
    all hang out like that, you know?
    I've been watching him, thinking I'd try to
    learn that dance and compete with him
    from out here in the ocean...
    But I just can't seem to swing with that
    crazy, funky rythm of his.
    That guy's incredible!
    Let me tell you, something, small fry...
    The school on that Windfall Island has one
    gorgeous teacher!
    But the thing is, this gang of four little
    hoodlums is always causing trouble for her.
    Those little delinquents like to cause all
    sorts of trouble. They go climbing trees and
    hiding behind buildings instead of going to
    school... What a bunch of savages.
    Somebody's got to scold these scoundrels
    and set them straight for the sake of that
    poor teacher! You hear me, fry?
    They've got a shop over there on Windfall
    Island--a nice outdoor shop! Did you know
    that, small fry?
    And in that shop they've got this really fine
    safe that looks to be brimming full with
    riches...and they just leave it sitting
    outside--day and night!
    I tell you, one of these days that thing is
    going to get hauled off by a theif!
    Mark my words, fry!
    Of course, if I were to find a thief in the
    act of thieving, I'd stop the perpetrator
    right there and catch the rat red-handed!
    I'm sure if I did, the owner of that shop
    would thank me. Yeah, he'd be happy.
    ...That would be the honest thing to do!
    A famed pictographer lives far to the north
    of here on Windfall Island.
    He's apparently real wise and talented
    in the ways of pictography.
    He's even said to have legendary
    pictographs that he treasures above all
    other things. He keeps them hidden away
    in a secret safe, or so they say.
    By the way, small fry...
    What exactly is a pictograph, anyway?!
    Listen up, small fry-this is just between
    you and me...
    On Outset Island, buried beneath the black
    soil...there's some serious treasure.
    I know it sounds like I'm trying to pull
    your leg, but I'm serious. Try digging there!
    I tell you, lately no one around these waters
    has seen the beautiful fairy who bestows
    magic power. She used to live here, fry.
    All anyone sees anymore are the
    Big Octos that have been appearing
    lately. Maybe they scared her off...
    Oh no! I sure hope...they didn't eat her!
    You'd best be careful sailing these waters
    on nights when the moon is full.
    Well, if you like pure, soul-freezing horror,
    fry, then maybe you can handle it.
    Do you know what a ChuChu is, small fry?
    No, I'm not talking about the sound you
    make when you kiss someone!(heart,heart)
    I'm talking about ChuChus!
    They're those slimy, monster-like puddles of
    goo that turn into blobs of jelly, stand up,
    and start jumping at you like crazy when
    you come near them.
    Well, in any case, there's a lot of them on
    that island over there, so if you see any,
    I'd avoid them. They can get...nasty.
    Now that I think about it, every once in a
    while I see that potion brewer who lives on
    Windfall Island come here...
    Now why would he do that, fry?
    Word is, they hold an auction every night
    over there on Windfall Island.
    Every night the people gather in the Hall of
    Wealth to amuse themselves by spending a
    little money. Ah, the rich!
    Auctions may be a race to see who can bid
    the highest, but I'll let you in on a little
    secret: the key to winning an auction is to
    be both patient and bold. I'm serious, fry!
    From what I hear, they get some great
    things up on that auction block, too...
    Like heart-shaped stuff, among other
    things. Maybe that's just a rumor.
    You should try it out, small fry.
    You might just like it!
    I've done a fish-fortune on you, small fry,
    and from what I can tell, it looks like you're
    fated to come to this place many times. 
    And the keys that control that fate are
    none other than the lucky items known as
    the Triumph Forks! Yeah, they're some sort
    of magical utensils!
    If you want to learn more about the
    Triumph Forks, talk to that guy, Tingle!
    That's what the fish-fortune told me!
    Now, I know I may only be a fish, but my
    fortune telling is uncannily accurate!
    You'd better believe it, small fry!
    So, tell me, small fry... Have you heard of
    the golden set of Triumph Forks?
    It's right there, I tell you! A chart that
    shows  you where they are! In that house!
    If you want it, you'd better go in there
    and scour the place from floor to ceiling!
    There's this amazing treasure inside that
    freezing ring of ice over there.
    But even if you wanted it and tried to
    get inside you'd just be frozen solid as soon
    as you approached the shore.
    But...if you go four squares north and three
    squares west, you'll find the power to melt
    any ice--no matter how cold!
    Search for it, small fry!
    Northeast of here is the Forest Haven...
    They say a truly unique kind of firefly
    is indigenous to that place.
    You heard of it, small fry?
    It emits bursts of light in seven colors!
    Supposedly it's as beautiful as the rainbow!
    If you want to capture one though,
    you'd best have a bottle to keep it in.
    If you see seagulls flying all around some
    sea waters, that's a sign that you need to
    be wary, fry.
    Because the seagulls flock to wherever
    Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell you!
    Those things don't mess around!
    There's a real peculiar cave toward the
    backside of this here Dragon Roost Island.
    Yeah, real peculiar. But I doubt you'll ever
    get there to see it, small fry-unless you
    manage to sprout wings and fly, that is...
    'Cause you won't be getting there otherwise!
    You see that there volcano that's spewing
    out lava like there's no tomorrow? Yeah,
    well, they say there's a great treasure
    hidden inside that thing.
    The thing is, everyone who's ever tried
    to get inside has just been blasted away
    by the great balls of fire that come
    shooting off the top.
    If you want to get inside, you ought to go
    find the island that's one square north and
    four squares west of here. That's where the
    power to freeze anything is hidden.
    ...Or so they say. Maybe it's not true.
    But it wouldn't hurt to look, fry!
    Tell me, small fry... Have you ever caught a
    fairy before?
    'Cause from what I've been told, when
    you've been beaten to a  pulp by monsters
    and such, and you think you've finally
    met your match...
    If you've got a fairy with you then you've
    got nothing to worry about. Don't you 
    wish you had something handy for carrying
    fairies around with you, fry?
    If you want one, go south from here until
    you see a miserable-looking submarine
    floating on the sea. Look there!
    You ought to come sail these seas on nights
    when the right half of the moon is missing...
    It'll give you shivers, fry!
    Just a wee bit north of this island, I've
    sometimes seen a merchant of incredible
    girth with a monstrous pack on his back.
    Now, what could he be doing on that lonely
    little isle?
    I tell you, there are some strange folk in the
    world, fry...
    Lemme ask you something, fry...
    Have you been using R to make your boat
    jump? Well? Have you?
    ...Of course, going out to sea just to jump
    around would be real dumb, if you ask me.
    Anyway, what you can do is tilt + to
    move your tiller just as you land...
    That's how you make a sharp turn. If you
    didn't know that, what don't you try it out?
    Hey, small fry, do you know about the
    golden Triumph Forks?
    They're there, I tell you... On that island...
    The chart's there, is what I mean to say.
    But the cliff there rises sharply, and even
    if you wanted to climb it, there aren't any
    ledges or footings for you grab on to.
    So? What are you going to do, small fry?
    To the west of here, over on Dragon Roost
    Island, you'll see all kinds of rocks.
    Big ones, little ones...you get the picture.
    Anyway, they say that long ago, there used
    to be treasure hidden inside those things.
    Who knows? There may still be some left,
    so you should open your eyes and take a
    good look around...from as high-up as the
    sun to as low-down as your toes!
    I wouldn't sail through these seas on nights
    when the left half of the moon is missing...
    You'll regret it if you do, fry!
    I'm warning you! It's not my fault if you get
    so scared that you can't go to the
    bathroom at night anymore!
    Tell me, small fry, do you have any of them
    Golden Feathers?
    I hear those things are all the rage with
    Rito ladies on Dragon Roost Island these
    days. They just go ga-ga over them!
    But the thing is, the only way to get a
    Golden Feather is to defeat one of those
    bird-monsters...or so they say.
    Yup! Rito men who have girlfriends sure
    have tough lots in life, I tell you!
    Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard
    of the golden Triumph Forks?
    They're there, on that island... Or, at least,
    a chart leading to them is there.
    Where's it hidden, you ask? Well, for the
    answer to that, you'll have to ask a gull.
    Hey, small fry, do you know about the
    Nintendo Gallery?
    The only way in there is to hit a switch
    that's way up high on the Forest Haven.
    But the only way to do THAT would be to
    bribe one of the gulls by putting a little
    bait on your head!
    Have you seen it, small fry?
    ...The Ghost Ship?
    'Cause it's real. It's even been seen here,
    in these very waters...
    On nights when the crescent moon faces
    down... That's when the horror rises...
                        7. Nintendo Gallery  Figurines
                          --- 7.0 Forest Haven Room ---
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    Personality: Frivolous
    Makar is in charge of the musical 
    performance at the ceremony held each 
    year by the Koroks in Forest Haven.
    The instrument he uses appears to be a 
    cello, but it is actually a violin...
    Birthplace: Kokiri Forest
    Personality: Somewhat saucy
    Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, 
    offered up his prayers in the Wind Temple 
    so that the Master Sword would continue to 
    house the power to repel evil.
    Deku Tree
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and 
    the guardian of the forest. He has lived 
    for many long years, so his wisdom is vast.
    However, since his roots run deep into the
    earth, he cannot move. As a result, he is
    often afflicted by parasitic enemies...
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Elma flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds 
    and raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island five squares west and one square 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    Even after the Korok ceremony, Hollo 
    remains in the Forest Haven researching 
    He'll make a potion that replenishes both
    life energy and magic power for you if you 
    bring him Boko Baba seeds.
    Onjalla! Manjalla! CHO-WAY!
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Olivio flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island one square west and three squares 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Drona flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island one square west and one square 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Rown flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island four squares west and four squares 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Irch flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island three squares west of the Forest 
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Linder flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island four squares west and two squares 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Aldo flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island one square east of the Forest Haven.
    Birthplace: The Forest Haven
    One of the Korok forest spirits
    After the annual ceremony in the Forest 
    Haven, Oakin flies off to a distant 
    part of the world to sow tree seeds and 
    raise new patches of forest.
    He is responsible for the forest on an 
    island four squares west and five squares 
    north of the Forest Haven.
    Carlov the Sculptor
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Occupation: Nintendo Gallery Master
    With unmatched talent, he is the world's 
    greatest sculptor. It's said the reason he 
    won't let anyone watch him sculpt is 
    because he does so in his underwear.
    Lately, his club has been losing membership
    because he hasn't done anything "cool" 
    with it, but as long as Link 
    hangs around, everything will be all right!
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Thing: Figurines
    He used to always sit at home and rarely
    go outside, but his passion for the
    Nintendo Gallery kept him moving and he 
    finally earned membership in it.
                           --- 7.1 Dragon Roost Room ---
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    He always seems to be worriying about the 
    state of the island, but no one has ever 
    seen him working to improve it...
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Personality: Gentle
    For reasons unknown, Pashli's always busy.
    Skett & Akoot
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Occupation: The Chieftain’s Guards
    Skett and Akoot are said to be number-
    one and number-two Ritos when it comes 
    to talent and strength, which is why they 
    are the chieftain’s guards.
    The main reason they get along so well is 
    because they are childhood friends. 
    Their style of speech can be considered 
    somewhat antiquated.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Occupation: Mail sorter
    Koboli is the third generation in a family
    of postmen, but rumor has it that an
    ancestor of his in an age gone by was also 
    a postman...
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Personality: Earnest
    Baito is very earnest when it comes to 
    mastering a job. He often misses his
    mother and gets homesick, which can be 
    quite hard on him.
    He wants to be like Link.
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    His biggest worry is getting a present for 
    his girlfriend. He looks quite easy-going, 
    but he's always thinking of his girlfriend.
    He values his friends tremendously.
    Quill the Postman
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Personality: Dutiful, passionate
    Quill has courage, if nothing else. He is
    admired by his fellow Rito and the chieftain
    places great trust in him.
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Sky Spirit
    Valoo has lived on Dragon Roost Island and 
    protected the Ritos since long, long ago.
    He has a habit of speaking only Hylian, 
    which only his attendant, Medli, grasps.
    Zephos & Cyclos
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Sibling deities who control the wind
    Zephos and Cyclos are two light-hearted 
    deities who teach Link the Wind's
    Requiem and the Ballad of the Gales.
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Occupation: Windfall Island Postman
    Ilari is quite kind as long as he's composed,
    but when things don't go well, he quickly
    grows impatient and can get wrought with 
    his speech.
    He apparently has a hard time remembering 
    people's faces...
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Personality: Worrisome
    Namali doesn't really have any distinct 
    characteristics per se...
    Basht & Bisht
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Occupation: Island police
    Being extremely honest and sincere Ritos,
    they were chosen to be the island's police
    force. When you talk to them, they speak 
    frankly about the events on the island.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Hobby: Dressing up
    Obli has such an unhealthy obsession with 
    the Ritos that he's begun dressing as a Rito
    and running the famed Bird-Man Contest.
    He's the older of the laudable brothers
    who host the contest.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Hobby: Dressing up
    Willi used to be a very average carpenter 
    on Windfall. He so longed to soar the skies 
    that he began dressing as a Rito. He's the 
    younger of a laudable pair of siblings.
    Birthplace: Zora's Domain
    Long, long ago the Zora sage, Laruto, 
    offered up her prayers in the Earth Temple 
    so that the Master Sword would continue to 
    house the power to repel evil.
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Personality: Serious and sincere
    Medli is Valoo's attendant, and as such 
    puts incredible effort into everything she 
    does. Even so, there are times when she 
    seems to be spinning her wheels.
    Her greatest treasure is her harp that she
    carries on her back.
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Personality: Mama's boy
    Komali has very little confidence in himself 
    and thus closed himself off from the world 
    outside his tribe's aerie.
    With just little help from Link,
    though, he has regained his confidence and
    has at least begun to show signs of being a 
    confident and mature Rito adult.
    The Rito Chieftain
    Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island
    Head of the Rito tribe
    The chieftain is a very gifted leader who is
    adored by his people. Due to his position,
    he must be strict with his relations, but as
    with any father, he worries about his son.
                        --- 7.2 Underground Cavern Room ---
    Floor Master
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Personality: Surprisingly lonely
    These creatures use their long hands to
    grab their victims, which they then yank
    into another room. They occasionally grab
    nearby vases and throw them.
    Habitat:Dragon Roost Cavern
    Weakness: Water
    These creatures are coverd in a hard
    exoskeleton that not even the searing heat 
    of lava can penetrate. Their eyes are their
    only weakness.
    Magtails can be picked up and carried 
    around when they've rolled into a 
    defensive position.
    Keese & Fire Keese
    Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern
    Least Favorite Thing: Projectiles
    These bats fly around dark places and
    attack anything that moves. Great care
    should be taken around Fire Keeses that 
    appear during times of volacanic activity.
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Spoils: Joy Pendants
    These little imps wield sharp machetes
    and Boko sticks when attacking. If they 
    have no weapon, they'll attempt to fight
    Red Bubble & Blue Bubble
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Stronger Form: Blue Bubble
    The cursed blue flames of the Blue Bubble 
    steal the power away from all of your
    attacks. Bubbles can be easily blown away 
    by the Deku Leaf.
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Favorite Food: All-Purpose Bait
    These creatures attack spontaneously and
    attempt to steal Rupees. The ones that 
    carry bombs around are apparently known 
    as Bombchus.
    Boko Baba
    Habitat: Forbidden Woods
    Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds
    These creatures that mimic Baba Buds
    attempt to swallow anything that comes
    near. Defeat them by stunning them with a 
    jump attack and then cutting their stems.
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Talent: Herd movements
    These little beasts are quick and agile.
    They scurry along walls and gather in great 
    numbers. You should deal with them 
    individually so they don't surround you.
    Habitat: Varied
    Spoils: Chu Jelly
    These are ChuChus of many different colors,
    all with their own distinct characteristics.
    In general, they are most susceptible to
    projectile weapons.
    Habitat: Forbidden Woods
    Talent: Rotating
    These strange creatures use their propeller-
    like wings to float in midair. They can be
    easily knocked out of the sky with either
    projectiles or a Deku Leaf.
    Habitat: The Great Sea
    Weakness: Projectiles
    These so-called ocean killing machines are 
    plentiful in the Great Sea. You should
    attack them with arrows or bombs before 
    they're able to knock you into the sea.
    Habitat: The Forest Haven, Great Sea
    Winner of the Perfect Attendance Award
    When approached, these creatures tend to 
    hide in the water. They can easily be
    defeated by reflecting the rocks they shoot
    with a sword or shield.
    Habitat: The Great Sea
    Weakness: Projectiles
    These tremendous flying fish can be found 
    only on the Great Sea. They tend to ram
    ships to knock their prey into the sea, so it
    is best to attack them from a distance.
    Habitat: Dragon Roost
    Spoils: Golden Feathers
    These fierce and dangerous opponents often 
    carry Bokoblins and Moblins into battle.
    You can use your Grappling Hook to steal
    their Golden Feathers.
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Vulnerability: Arrows
    These small statues shift into autopilot
    and attack prey. Shoot them in the eyes 
    with an arrow to silence them, then destroy 
    them by hacking their crystal backs.
    Armos Knight
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Vulnerability: Bombs
    These auto-homing statues were created to
    deter intruders. To destroy them, you must
    foss bombs into their gaping mouths.
    Habitat: Forbidden Woods
    Least Favorite Thing: Deku Leaves
    These creatures attack in groups and cling
    to the bodies of their prey. A spin attack is
    the best way to shake them off. They're 
    light and vulnerable to Deku Leaf blasts.
    Habitat: Earth Temple
    Best Attack: Possession
    These ghostly creatures have no physical
    form, so physical attacks pass right
    through them. Shining light on them with
    the mirror shield makes them take form.
    Habitat: Earth Temple
    Least Favorite Thing: Mirror Shield
    These undead creatures live only in the
    darkest depths of the earth. Their icy cold
    gazes paralyze their victims with fear.
    Try to attack them from behind.
                             --- 7.3 Castle Room ---
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Spoils: Knight's Crest
    These mighty knights are protected by 
    heavy-duty armor. Rather than attacking 
    from the front, it might be best to slip 
    around behind them and cut their armor off.
    Habitat: Earth Temple
    Spoils: Knight's Crest
    These knights are well protected by their
    round bucklers and mighty armor. If you use
    a parry attack to jump up and knock off
    their helmets, it'll spell their doom.
    Mighty Darknut
    Habitat: Hyrule Castle
    Spoils: Knight's Crest
    These are Darknut captains. Some wear
    capes that must be burned or cut off before
    their armor straps can be cut.
    Habitat: Earth Temple
    Weakness: Its head
    These skeleton warriors attack by violently 
    swinging their gigantic maces around. Even 
    if they're shattered to pieces, they'll 
    reform unless their heads are destroyed.
    Puppet Ganon
    Habitat: Ganon's Castle
    Effective Weapon: Light Arrows
    This is a gigantic marionette created by 
    Ganon himself. It transforms into three
    different shapes, but all are vulnerable 
    to rays of light.
    Rather than shooting randomly at it, try 
    to deduce when it can be easily targeted
    and then take advantage of your chance.
    Molgera, Protector of the Seal
    Habitat: Wind Temple
    Effective Weapon: Hooksot
    This evil guardian burrows deep into the sand.
    Use the Hookshot to draw out its tender
    tongue, then slash at is with your blade.
    Kalle Demos
    Habitat: Forbidden Woods
    Favorite Thing: Makar
    This plant-monster is a gigantic parasite 
    that lives in the depths of the 
    Forbidden Woods.
    Only by cutting loose all of its disgusting
    tentacles with the boomberang will its tender
    core be revealed.
    Habitat: Dragon Roost Island
    Effective Weapon: Grappling Hook
    This gigantic shelled insect inhabits
    areas of lava and magma. The only way to 
    penetrate its hard bio-armor would be to
    drop an entire sheet of bedrock on it.
    Big Octo
    Habitat: Great Sea
    Effective Weapon: Projectiles
    There are said to be six of these legendary
    giant squid in different reaches of the Great
    Sea. When ships pass by, they create
    tremendous currents to try to sink them.
    The only way to escape is to shoot all of
    their weak spots - their eyes - with projectiles
    before being sucked in.
    Habitat: Forbidden Woods
    Effective Weapons: Deku Leaf, projectiles
    This gigantic moth scatters its scales 
    through the air. Even using projectiles to 
    clip its wings won't assure safety-it can
    still run around switftly and release larvae.
    Wizzrobe (Miniboss)
    Habitat: Wind Temple
    Magic: Summons
    These high-level mages use the magic of
    summoning to aid them in battle. They are
    the only Wizzrobes that can summon other
    Wizzrobes, which makes them formidable.
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Magic: Fire, Summons
    These mighty mages are adept at wielding 
    flame and summoning other creatures to 
    their aid.
    The only way to defeat them is to try to 
    predict their movements and attack them 
    during the brief moments that they assume
    physical form.
    Gohdan, The Great Arbiter
    Habitat: Tower of the Gods
    Effective Weapon: Arrows
    This monstrous machine was created by the
    gods as a trial for the great hero. You can
    drop it to the ground only by piercing 
    its hands and face with arrows.
    Once it has fallen, you can defeat it by 
    immediately tossing a bomb inside it.
    Oddly enough, arrows occasionally drop
    from its nostrils.
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Spoils: Skull Necklaces
    These mighty enemeis swing their long 
    spears with the greatest of ease. They've
    knocked Link around with that 
    attack countless times.
    Phantom Ganon
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword
    This is a phantom that Ganondorf created 
    in his own likeness. Use your sword to
    knock back the balls of magic that he 
    hurls, then attack him when he's stunned.
    Actually, you can also use empty bottles to 
    deflect his magic attacks.
    Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal
    Habitat: Earth Temple
    Underlings: Poes
    This gigantic ghost rules over all Poes.
    After reflecting light onto it with the
    Mirror Shield, you can lift it and throw
    it around.
    Base of Operations: Ganon's Tower
    Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword
    The possessor of the Triforce of Power,
    Ganondorf controls many fell beasts.
    It is useless for Link to try to
    face him alone. He must look for an ally
    who can aid him in battle.
    The monstrous Helmaroc King
    Habitat: Forsaken Fortress
    Master: Ganondorf
    The Helmaroc King is a monstrous bird that
    has been fitted with a mighty steel mask. 
    Once the mask has been split with a 
    hammer, its tender beak will be revealed.
                          --- 7.4 Outset Island Room ---
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Talent: Crab-walking
    These creatures are crabs, plain and simple.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Personality: Slacker
    Mesa performs his chores at very much his 
    own pace. His vegetable patch is always 
    full of weeds and he spends most of the
    year trying to clear it out.
    He's surprisingly timid and often can't 
    fall asleep at night. He's currently looking
    for a wife.
    Birthplace: Greatfish Isle
    Water Spirit
    Jabun can only speak Hylian, so hardly 
    anyone understands a word he says.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Talent: Swordplay
    In his younger days, Orca had hoped to be
    a swordsman, but after he suffered a serious
    injury that ended that dream. He soon
    returned to Outset and became a fisherman.
    On a ledge on one one wall of his house is a
    memento from his days of training with a 
    blade. Orca is a lifelong bachelor.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Peronality: Extremely serious
    Known as Outset's living encyclopedia,
    Sturgeon is quite wise, boasting an
    abnormally high IQ.
    He has extremely sensitive nerves - quite the 
    opposite of his younger brother, Orca, who
    lives downstairs. Surprisingly, Sturgeon was
    an accomplished swordsman in his youth.
    Place of birth: Windfall Island
    Personality: Serious
    Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall,
    but she became concerned for the health of 
    her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided 
    to move to live with him on Outset Island.
    Morning, noon and night, she fills vases
    with water and carries them on her head
    from the well to their house. Strangely
    enough, she actually enjoys the task.
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Talent: Flying
    Seagulls soar freely over the Great Sea.
    They love Hyoi Pears above all other foods,
    and eating them simply steals their hearts.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Personality: Kind and true to her family
    Link's energetic younger sister is
    adored by all who meet her. Her current
    goal is to learn how to fetch water so she
    can help out her grandmother.
    Her most treasured belonging is a telescope 
    bearing a drawing of a seagull.
    Link's Grandma
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Personality: Worrywart
    This kind old woman works hard to raise 
    her two grandchildren. She's a very 
    talented cook - her special Elixir Soup is
    sure to raise anyone's spirit.
    She can be somewhat mischievous and
    enjoys playing the occasional prank on 
    Wild Pig
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Talent: Digging holes
    Wild Pigs are found primarily in the fields 
    of Outset Island. They love All-Purpose Bait
    above all other foods, and when they eat it
    they can't help but tear into the earth.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Favorite thing: Animals
    The mother of Joel and Zill, Rose a 
    woman of refreshingly simple tastes...but
    she's a demanding mother. She has the bad
    habit of trying to laugh her way out of lies.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Greatest Treasure: His family
    Abe is a family man who takes good care 
    of his wife and two kids. In his younger 
    days, his dashing good looks and baritone 
    voice made him quite the ladies’ man.
    Then one day, he was instantly smitten by
    a woman named Rose. Even though he was 
    consistently rebuffed, he persisted and 
    finally convinced Rose to marry him.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Main Interest: Sticks
    Joel's dream is to grow up as soon as he 
    can so he can jump across boulders just 
    like Link.
    Both he and his younger brother, Zill, 
    distinctly resemble their father.
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Talent: Sniffling
    Zill is a hyper-inquisitive young boy
    who speaks his thoughts as soon as they
    come to mind. He can often strike a nerve
    without realizing it.
    He likes to imitate his older brother, Joel.
    And strangely enough, it seems that he 
    actually lets his nose run on purpose...
                          --- 7.5 Windfall Island Room ---
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Thing: Pictographs
    This former beauty became famous after
    being dubbed Miss Windfall Island...about
    forty years ago. There isn't a younger
    woman who could take that title away.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Her son: Dampa the Sailor
    She's just an ordinary elderly woman.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Personality: Passionate
    He is constantly thinking of someone on 
    a faraway island. He's apparently a very 
    passionate man, and he has a very hip
    sense of fashion.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favoirte Activity: Kickboxing
    The reason his second-favorite hobby is
    taking walks is because it keeps his legs 
    in shape. He's had his eye on a certain 
    young lady lately.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Least Favorite Proberb:
    "Only smoke and fools love high places."
    This young guy's trademark is his yellow 
    hat. He seems to have an unusual interest
    in the town's ferris wheel and lighthouse.
    Pompie & Vera
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Hobby: Gossiping
    Pompie and Vera are the town's most
    talkative pair of ladies, and they are
    always spreading idle gossip. Lately
    they've been obsessed with Lenzo.
    The Shop Guru, Zunari
    Birthplace: A C-C-Cold Island
    Pet Phrase: "Dear me!"
    Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari
    can be found in his shop, wearing the
    beloved hood that his mother made for him.
    He keeps a great treasure in his safe there.
    On a side note, he turns 40 this year and 
    is now recruiting for a wife.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Talent: Dancing
    This young fellow dreams of becoming a 
    professional dancer. He dances before a
    strange stone monument day and night.
    This smooth dancer may still be practicing,
    but he's also recruiting for a partner! ?
    The Pictographer, Lenzo
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Personality: Hard to grasp
    Lenzo is a famed pictographer known to all.
    His mysterious personality is quite popular
    with the ladies in town.
    Windfall's Gang of Boys, The Killer Bees
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Main Objective: Raising trouble
    This small group of four calls itself the
    Killer Bees. Starting from left, the 
    members are:
    The leader, Ivan:
     A very talented and reliable leader.
     Leave all tree climbing to him.
    Jin, the fox:
     Ivan's quick-witted adviser.
     His wry insults can be hard to take.
    Jan, the blue-hair:
     Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble.
     He's the Killer Bee's Thug.
    The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto:
     Secretly aims to be the next gang leader.
     He was raised in a bourgeois family and
     has developed into a terrible little tyrant.
    When these four are together, they fear
    absolutely nothing!
    The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    This Year's Lucky Number: 20
    This year marks the twentieth year this
    splendid individual has worked as
    Windfall's school teacher. Her hobby is
    collecting Joy Pendants.
    Her goal in life is to raise unique and
    creative students. The most unique thing
    she's ever created is her own hairstyle.
    Potova & Joanna
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Nickname: The Little Tipsters
    These two girls are talented at hitting on 
    islands rumors, seemingly without any tips
    or advise from others. Children can be 
    really frightening sometimes.
    Maggie's Father
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Personality: Not particalarly good
    Surprisingly, Maggie's father is quite 
    confident that he is the epitome of fashion.
    It would probably be more accurate to say
    that the clothes he wears are "distinct."
    He seems to especially like vintage clothes
    and jewelry.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Thing: Love and Romance
    Maggie was dirt-poor before being 
    kidnapped and held captive in the Forsaken
    Fortress. She's quite popular with all boys...
    but she prefers "wild" boys over all others.
    Lately she has taken to writing poems and
    will soon be publishing one entitled
    "A Woman's Heart is Blue."
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    personality: Harsh
    This poor girl was filthy rich until she
    got rescued from her prison in the
    Forsaken Fortress.
    Now that her family has fallen on hard
    times, she works for the shop on Windfall 
    Island to help ease their hardship.
    Mila's Father
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Thing: Money
    His hobby was once collecting expensive 
    vases, but unfortunately, they were the kind 
    of vase one wants to break as soon as one
    catches sight of them.
    Those who did and were forced to
    compensate him for his loss were said to
    regret it afterward.
    Gummy the Sailor
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Spice: Pepper
    No one knows where he gets his spending
    money from, but this nifty sailor spends
    night after night unwinding at the auction.
    Kane the Sailor
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Occupation: Artist
    Long ago, Kane longed to be an artist or a
    sculptor, but circumstances in his home life
    forced him to become a sailor. He's still 
    critical of all artistic expression, though.
    Dampa the Sailor
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Animal: Pigs
    Dampa recently got some pet pigs, and now
    they're all he can think about. He really
    confirms the old adage about pets and
    their owners.
    Candy the Sailor
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Good at Cooking: Grapes
    At first glance, Candy looks a little
    intimidating, but he's actually extremely
    kind and quite knowledgeable. He's always
    happy to share his knowledge, too.
    He is energetic and sort of a scamp for
    a seventeen year old.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Best Friend: Sue-Belle
    Lately, her childhood friend, the delicate
    Kamo, has become smitten with her, but
    she's apparently completely oblivious to
    his feelings.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Spot: The sea view bench
    He thinks that a little composure is of the
    utmost importance in life. Sam's a card-
    carrying member of the Joyous Volunteer 
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Workplace: The Cafe Bar
    Gillian manages the cafe in place of her
    now-ill father. It seems she once had a
    boyfriend, but that info is TOP-SECRET!
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Personality: Not brave
    There isn't much to say about Gossack.
    Bomb-Master Cannon
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Mood: Shifts violently
    Cannon is the world's only maker of bombs.
    He considers himself a magician with
    gunpowder and other explosives. His 
    hairstyle is as unique as his talent.
    The Potion Master, Doc Bandam
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Favorite Food: Chu Jelly
    Doc Bandam spends his days researching
    ChuChus in his potion shop. He visits
    Pawprint Island now and then to collect the
    Chu Jelly he uses to make his potions.
    He considers himself a potion artist, and
    like an artist, he's quite whimsical.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Years With No Girlfriend: 18
    Ever the romantic, Kamo loves to gaze at 
    the night sky. He and his dear friend
    Linda were once classmates at
    Mrs. Marie's School.
                            --- 7.6 Great Sea Room ---
    Personality: At first glance, quiet
    Least Favorite Thing:
     Having his glasses touched by strangers.
    Mako is called the brains of the ship and
    the king of invention. He may look like a
    weakling, but his glasses give him keen
    eyesight, and he's unstoppable when mad.
    Not many know this, but he keeps a knife 
    hidden in that thick book of his.
    Personality: Merry
    Least Favorite Thing: Gonzo's underwear
    Niko is the bottom rang on the pirate
    ladder, so he's responsible for all the odd
    jobs on the ship.
    He's quite childish and rarely thinks of
    the consequences of his actions. Even so,
    he shows signs of having what it takes to
    move up the pirate ladder.
    Peronality: Taciturn
    Talent: Spying
    Zuko is in charge of keeping watch. His
    sharp eyes can read signs a mile off, but
    no one really understands what he says, 
    so they rarely know what he's seen.
    Personality: Who knows?
    Talent: Sewing
    Nudge seems to understand Tetra best of
    all the pirates and often counsels her
    in her decision making. He's actually 
    stronger than Gonzo.
    Personality: Mild-mannered
    talent: Ummm...talking, maybe?
    Senza is in charge of keeping the pirate
    ship in order. He's a mild-mannered
    speaker, but his persuasive skills
    are said to be unmatched.
    Personality: Short-tempered
    Favorite Thing: Miss Tetra
    Leader of Tetra's family of pirates, Gonzo
    seems to be quite strong...but he cries at
    the drop of a hat.
    Personality: Elusive
     Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but
     she's actually quite kind.
    Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in
    her mother's footsteps, becoming a pirate
    and watching after her mother's gang of 
    lovable swabbies.
    Tetra and her crew are in search of a
    legendary treasure hidden beneath the 
    waves of the Great Sea.
    Birthplace: The Great Sea
    Personality: Honorable, dutiful, and surly
    Apparently, these fish were aided long ago
    by the King of Red Lions, which is why
    they're now willing to offer Link
    valuable information.
    Unfortunately, much of their information is 
    off the mark. For many long years they 
    have suffered from stiff necks, but none
    of them know how to cure it.
    King of Hyrule
    The King of Hyrule was unable to protect 
    his kingdom from evil and left its fate
    up to the gods. the King of Red Lions is
    merely his disguise.
    His full name is one that is truly fit for
    royalty: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.
    Link & the King of Red Lions
    Birthplace: Outset Island
    Favored Hand: Left
    The Hero of Wind, Link uses the
    Wind Waker to control the wind and sail
    the seas on his mysterious boat (which is
    actually the King of Hyrule).
    Surprisingly, he seems to have an unnatural
    interest in figurines and has at last
    completed his collection! He is now the
    master of the Nintendo Gallery.
    Princess Zelda
    Princess Zelda is the legitimate heir to
    the Hyrulean royal family. She is actually
    the pirate Tetra.
    Salvage Corp.
    Birthplace: Angular Isles
    Talent: Searching for sunken treasure
    These young men found friendship through
    their common interest in searching for
    sunken treasure. Soon afterward, they
    formed the Salvage Corp.
    With thier first haul of treasure, all they
    could afford to buy was their diving suits.
    Now they dream of finding that one huge
    haul that makes them all rich
    They are currently searching for the
    legendary treasure sunken beneath the sea.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Talent: Drawing pictures
    Long ago, Salvatore hoped to be a famous
    painter, but that dream didn't last long.
    He eventually returned to his hometown
    and came up with his current business plan.
    It's been a huge success, allowing him to
    purchase his own island, where he has 
    opened up the second store in what he
    hopes will become a huge chain.
    He's now busy trying to think up that one
    idea that will spark his next big endeavor.
    Loot the Sailor
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    His Only Fear: The Merman
    Loot spends his days working far from
    home at the boating course. He takes
    his earnings straight to the cafe bar 
    on Windfall to enjoy a relaxing beverage.
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Favorite Thing: Bugs (especially beetles)
    A businessman by nature, Beedle's sales 
    pitch is unmatched. He hopes to open a 
    chain of trading posts where people can
    buy, sell, or trade anything.
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Favorite Things: Fairies, deciphering maps
    It's been several years since Tingle first
    became enchanted with deciphering maps in 
    the hopes it would help him find fairies,
    and he's lost many things during that time.
    He's raising funds to begin his search for
    fairies, hoping to embark sometime in his
    thirties, while the lust of life is still upon
    him. At the age of 35, the pressure's on!
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Favorite Proverb: "One may as well hang for
    a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb."
    Since being taught how to decipher maps
    by his older brother Tingle, Ankle has been 
    supporting his good-for-nothing twin
    brother Knuckle.
    The only time he feels he can truly be
    himself is when he's tending to the
    Tingle Island flower garden.
    David Jr.
    Birthplace: Windfall Island
    Occupation: Treasure hunter
    Seventeen-year-old David Jr. set out ot sea
    with dreams of finding the treasure of the
    Ghost Ship that his now-deceased father
    once saw.
    He gets seasick quite easily and was in 
    just such a state when he awoke in a daze
    on Tingle Island.
    Ankle told him that "self comes before 
    wealth" and he's been working in the tower
    ever since. He really hates the uniform.
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Occupation: Carver
    Knuckle is another of Tingle's younger 
    brothers-he happens to be Ankle's twin. He
    finished carving Tingle Tower when he was
    ten years old. The head is his studio.
    Supposedly, he felt unsatisfied completing
    his collection without this figure. He loves
    his special vertically aligned Tingle Tuner.
    Birthplace: Unknown
    First Impression: Good
    Fairies are the most reliable of creatures.
    When their master's life energy has been
    depleted, they immediately com to his or
    her aid. They can be carried in bottles.
    Great Fairy
    Birthplace: Angular Isles
    Talent: Powering-up
    The seven Great Fairies who are destined to
    aid the Great Hero by increasing his powers
    are hiding in seven different reaches of the
    Great Sea.
    Queen of Fairies
    Birthplace: Fairy Island
    Talent: Empowering arrows with fire and ice
    She appears to be but a child, but she is 
    much greater and more powerful than the
    Great Fairies. She will grant Link
    the power to add fire and ice to his arrows.
    Traveling Merchants
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Favorite Food: Rocks
    These businessmen are traveling the world 
    in search of curios and oddities, each with
    the hope of someday opening his own shop.
    Nobody knows where these wandering 
    merchants have come from or where
    they're headed.
    Old Man Ho Ho
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Favorite Thing: Telescopes
    Old man Ho Ho found his first telescope
    after retiring from his job and has been 
    traveling in search of new sights ever since.
    A new discovery always awaits at the far 
    end of his telescope.
                                 --- 8. Letters ---
    Dear Link,
    If you are reading this letter, it can only
    mean you have peeked into one of our
    many postboxes.
    I am indebted to you. I am very sorry I
    let you leave without thanking you.
    Please accept my heartfelt apology
    along with my thanks.
    We cannot do much to help you, but we
    can at least do this: if we get any
    letters or parcels for you, we will
    deliver them to a postbox near you.
    If you see any wiggling postboxes,
    please look inside them.
    I suppose you have a long way to go
    before your perilous journey is done.
    I have included a gift for you with my
    letter in the hope that it might help you.
    Please accept this small token. I look
    forward to the day that we meet again.
    May Fortune Fill Your Wings
                       From Komali's Father
    (You got a Piece of Heart!)
                           --- 9. Miscellaneous ---
    Foolish creature who does not fear the
    gods! To the end of the sea with you!
    Let the winds of Cyclos' wrath blow
    you away!!!
    (defeat him)
    That's a heck of an arm you've got there!
    And what an eye! No one's ever been able
    to spot me in there before now!
    You obviously have mastery of the air.
    And now that we've established that you're
    quite the Wind Waker...
    Let's see if you can handle this!
    (learn the Ballad of Gales)
    In the hands of a Wind Waker like you,
    my adorable little cyclones will be as
    happy as can be!
    If you need to move like the wind over the
    ocean deeps, just call on my cyclones!
    Well, I guess I'll head for home now!
    See you on down the road!
    How are things in the world,
    As you can see, I am slowly growing older
    and feebler. It seems only my wisdom is
    full of vigor lately. But that is just the way
    of life, child, and not cause for sadness.
    If there is anything you wish to know,
    just ask! I will aid you as I may.
    What do you wish to learn about?
    (The Koroks)
    What do you wish to learn about?
    (The Island Koroks)
    Are you concerned about the little Koroks
    who left the safety of our Forest Haven?
    It is indeed true that there are many islands
    on the Great Sea that have grown dark
    and dangerous. Who knows what perils
    might away my children?
    I shall mark the places that my Korok
    children have journeyed to on your
    Sea Chart, Link.
    Could you be so kind as to check on them
    for me as you proceed with your quest?
    I entrust their care to you...
    (The Forest Koroks)
    You wish to know about the Koroks who
    remain here in the Forest Haven?
    Well, you can find Hollo in that hole
    over there, researching potions.
    As for Makar, he is somewhere here in the
    Forest Haven. But I do not know where.
    I am certain he is practising his little
    leaf cello somewhere. You should be able
    to hear his music when you are near to him.
    (The King of Red Lions)
    When the worst of all possible events
    comes to pass, and Ganon is revived
    once again...
    One shall seek the hero who is destined
    to defeat the great evil...
    That is the destiny the goddesses have
    placed upon the King of Red Lions.
    Since that day, he has been sailing the
    Great Sea in search of a young hero not
    unlike yourself.
    But I cannot yet reveal to you the truth
    behind who that boat really is.
    Perhaps if you are able to defeat Ganon
    as the hero of old once did...
    Then, all will be revealed to you.
    Until then, you must proceed in your quest,
    Link. Do not lose your way.
    With the power you have now, you can
    neither lift nor destroy that stone.
    And yet, somewhere on this sea, the power
    to do so lies waiting for one to find it.
    You must seek it out.

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