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    Blue ChuChu Locations by Crocomire

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    _____ _          _                         _        __   ____    _    _      
    |_   _| |_  ___  | |   ___ __ _ ___ _ _  __| |  ___ / _| |_  /___| |__| |__ _ 
      | | | ' \/ -_) | |__/ -_) _` / -_) ' \/ _` | / _ \  _|  / // -_) / _` / _` |
      |_| |_||_\___| |____\___\__, \___|_||_\__,_| \___/_|   /___\___|_\__,_\__,_|
     _____ _         __      ___         _  __      __    _           
    |_   _| |_  ___  \ \    / (_)_ _  __| | \ \    / /_ _| |_____ _ _ 
      | | | ' \/ -_)  \ \/\/ /| | ' \/ _` |  \ \/\/ / _` | / / -_) '_|
      |_| |_||_\___|   \_/\_/ |_|_||_\__,_|   \_/\_/\__,_|_\_\___|_|  
       ___  __           _______        _______       
      / _ )/ /_ _____   / ___/ /  __ __/ ___/ /  __ __
     / _  / / // / -_) / /__/ _ \/ // / /__/ _ \/ // /
    /____/_/\_,_/\__/  \___/_//_/\_,_/\___/_//_/\_,_/ 
       __                 __  _             
      / /  ___  _______ _/ /_(_)__  ___  ___
     / /__/ _ \/ __/ _ `/ __/ / _ \/ _ \(_-<
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    Blue ChuChu Locations
    Updated: Jan. 05, 2015
    Created by: Crocomire
                                    Table of Contents
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    Introduction            [intrd]
    About Blue ChuChus      [abtch]
    Blue ChuChu Locations   [chloc]
    Copyright               [cpyrt]
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                                   Introduction [intrd]
    Welcome to my Blue ChuChu locations guide for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind 
    This guide can be used for both the original GameCube version of the 
    game, as well as the HD version on Wii U. Nothing has been changed with 
    regards to the locations of the Blue ChuChus in the HD remaster, so both 
    GC and Wii U players alike should be able to use this guide to help them in 
    gathering their Blue Chu Jellies.
                               About Blue ChuChus [abtch]
    During your quest you will meet Doc Bandam who runs the Potion Shop on 
    Windfall Island. He needs different types of Chu Jelly in order to make 
    Potions which replenish Linkís life hearts and magic meter. The Blue ChuChus 
    produce Blue Chu Jelly but it is extremely rare. Doc Bandam needs 15 Blue Chu 
    Jellies to create a Blue Potion which replenishes all of Linkís life hearts 
    and his magic meter. Itís a very useful item which will come in handy in 
    those fierce battles Link faces a number of times on his quest.
    Blue ChuChus are like Yellow ChuChus except they cannot jump at you. So like 
    the yellow ones, they have a field of electricity surrounding their bodies 
    which electrocutes Link if he attacks the Chu close up with his sword. In 
    order to defeat the Blue ChuChus you must stun them before hand. To stun them 
    you can use the Boomerang, Bombs or the Skull Hammer. After one has been 
    stunned, it is vulnerable to any attack from your sword or arrows. Be quick 
    because they do not stay stunned for long. Should you successfully attack the 
    Chu while it is stunned, you will defeat it and it will leave behind a Blue 
    Chu Jelly which you can put in your Spoils Bag. Youíll notice that the ChuChu 
    can change into a puddle form. You cannot attack them with your sword when 
    they are in this state but you can use arrows on them to defeat them or your 
    Boomerang to stun them.
    There is another way to nab the Jelly from them and that is using the 
    Grappling Hook. Whether you stun it or not you can lock on to the Chu and 
    use the Grappling Hook to steal the Jelly from it. This way, you do not have 
    to actually defeat it and it can be slightly quicker too. You can only get 
    one Blue Chu Jelly from each Blue ChuChu so you cannot keep going back to 
    the same one to get some. As a little extra, if you defeat a Blue ChuChu 
    you have already claimed some Blue Chu Jelly from, you will get a Yellow 
    Rupee worth 10 Rupees.
    There are a total of 23 Blue ChuChus in The Wind Waker so there are more than 
    enough to get the required amount of Jelly for Doc Bandam to create the Blue 
    Potion for Link.
    See the section below for the locations of the Blue ChuChus.
                               Blue ChuChu Locations [chloc]
    Use the map below, which represents your Sea Chart in the game, to find the 
    exact location of the island I mention. For example, Star Island is at 
    quadrant B1. So from the very top left square on the map, you go across two 
    squares and down one to Star Island. Just to make it that little bit easier, 
    I have written parts of the names of the islands where the Blue ChuChu are 
    located on the map also.
           A      B      C      D      E      F      G
     1 |      | Star |North |      |Cres- |      |Over- |
       |      |Island|Fairy |      |cent  |      |look  |
     2 |      |Mother|Spec- |      |Pawpr-|      |      |
       |      |Child |tacle |      |int   |      |      |
     3 | West | Rock |Tingle|      |East  |      |      |
       |Fairy |Spire |Island|      |Fairy |      |      |
     4 |      |      |      |      |      |      |Thorn |
       |      |      |      |      |      |      |Fairy |
     5 |Needle|      |Stone |      |      |      |Birdís|
       |Rock  |      |Watch |      |      |      |Peak  |
     6 |Diam- |      |Shark |South |      |      |Cliff |
       |ond   |      |Island|Fairy |      |      |Plat  |
     7 |Horse-|      |      |      |Angu- |Boat  |      |
       |shoe  |      |      |      |lar   |Course|      |
    Blue ChuChu Number 1
    Location: Star Island (B1)
    Description: This Blue ChuChu is hiding under a boulder. Either bomb the huge 
    rock or lift it after youíve obtained the Power Bracelets to remove it. The 
    Blue ChuChu will be revealed. Defeat it for the Blue Chu Jelly.
    Blue ChuChu Number 2
    Location: Northern Fairy Island (C1)
    Description: The Blue ChuChu on this island is near the eastern palm tree.
    Blue ChuChu Number 3 and 4
    Location: Crescent Moon Island (E1)
    Description: Near the Treasure Chest on this island are two Blue ChuChu. Lucky!
    Blue ChuChu Number 5
    Location: Overlook Island (G1)
    Description: Use your Hookshot on the palm trees on top of the island to get 
    yourself across and make your way to the other side. Here you will find a Blue 
    Blue ChuChu Number 6
    Location: Mother and Child Isles (B2)
    Description: On Child Isle, the smaller of the two islands at this quadrant, a 
    Blue ChuChu is waiting. Defeat it for its Jelly.
    Blue ChuChu Number 7
    Location: Spectacle Isle (C2)
    Description: Under the short wooden bridge on the sand is where this Blue 
    ChuChu is.
    Blue ChuChu Number 8
    Location: Pawprint Isle (E2)
    Description: Jump onto the north-east rock of a ChuChu to make this Blue 
    ChuChu appear.
    Blue ChuChu Number 9
    Location: Western Fairy Island (A3)
    Description: Near the southern palm tree is the Blue ChuChu.
    Blue ChuChu Number 10
    Location: Rock Spire Isle (B3)
    Description: Climb the slope on one side of this island and remove the 
    boulders as you make your way across the spires. On the last rock spire is 
    the Blue ChuChu.
    Blue ChuChu Number 11
    Location: Tingle Island (C3)
    Description: Near the small wooden sign on Tingle Island is where this 
    Blue ChuChu is.
    Blue ChuChu Number 12
    Location: Eastern Fairy Island (E3)
    Description: Near the northern palm tree is this Blue ChuChu.
    Blue ChuChu Number 13
    Location: Thorned Fairy Island (G4)
    Description: The Blue ChuChu on this island is near the eastern palm tree.
    Blue ChuChu Number 14
    Location: Needle Rock Isle (A5)
    Description: Simply search the ring isle at this quadrant to find this 
    Blue ChuChu.
    Blue ChuChu Number 15
    Location: Stone Watcher Island (C5)
    Description: This Blue ChuChu is behind the giant stone face.
    Blue ChuChu Number 16
    Location: Birdís Peak Rock (G5)
    Description: Look for a wooden peg sticking out of the wall above the 
    steel door on this island. Use the Grappling Hook to latch onto the peg 
    and then pull yourself up to the tiny area above the steel door. A Blue 
    ChuChu is on top of here for you to nab its Jelly.
    Blue ChuChu Number 17
    Location: Diamond Steppe Island (A6)
    Description: To get onto this island you will need the Hookshot. From in 
    your boat get as close to the island as you can. Then get out your 
    Hookshot and aim at the tree nearest to you. Have Link hook onto the 
    tree and it will pull him onto the island. Climb up to the next level 
    using the Hookshot as you did before. On the third level is where the 
    Blue ChuChu lies.
    Blue ChuChu Number 18
    Location: Shark Island (C6)
    Description: After activating all four of the switches on this island 
    quickly, an updraft will appear in the sea around you. Head to the "tail" 
    of the Shark Island where the Iron Boots switch is. Play the Windís 
    Requiem and change the wind to blow south-east. You must glide to the 
    updraft in your site but you must fight the wind to get to it. Jump and 
    get out your Deku Leaf to float in the air. Do your best to get into the 
    updraft, and after catching it, head for the highest point of the island. 
    The wind will help you to glide there now. Once you land safely on the 
    top of the island you can fight the Blue ChuChu who is waiting there.
    Blue ChuChu Number 19
    Location: Southern Fairy Island (D6)
    Description: Near the eastern palm tree is where you will find this Blue 
    Blue ChuChu Number 20
    Location: Cliff Plateau Isles (G6)
    Description: This ChuChu is on the top of the largest isle. The only way 
    to get there though is to travel through the cave down the hole on one of 
    the smaller isles. After you come out of the cave youíll be at the top 
    of the largest isle where the Blue ChuChu is.
    Blue ChuChu Number 21
    Location: Horseshoe Island (A7)
    Description: The Blue ChuChu on this island can only be found at night. 
    It is located to the right of the second hole which you knock the nuts into.
    Blue ChuChu Number 22
    Location: Angular Isles (E7)
    Description: Youíll find this ChuChu on the top of the largest isle next to 
    the treasure chest.
    Blue ChuChu Number 23
    Location: Boating Course (F7)
    Description: Jump from the highest point of the Boating Courseís main 
    island and use the Deku Leaf to glide to the other island where the Blue 
    ChuChu lies.
    And that is it! The locations of all of the Blue ChuChus in The Wind Waker. 
    Hopefully this will help you out!
                                    Copyright [cpyrt]
    Feel free to share this guide as you see fit, but please do give credit 
    and link back to the original location of the guide where possible.
    Thank you.

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