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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Redshift

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    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
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    There once was a kingdom where the golden power of the gods was said to rest.
    This kingdom was Hyrule. It was a land blessed with green fields and gentle
    winds. But one day, an evil fiend known as Ganon invaded the kingdom in an
    attempt to find the golden power and claim Hyrule as his own. Just as Ganon's
    aim was near fulfillment, a young boy dressed in green appeared, as if from
    nowhere. He wielded the Master Sword that sparkled with the power to repel
    evil. With it he defeated Ganon, but not before the dark king plundered a
    piece of the golden treasure; a sacred artifact called the Triforce of Power.
    Years passed, and the kingdom of Hyrule lived on in peace. Then, Ganon
    returned from the shadows, ready to invade the kingdom once more. The people
    of Hyrule believed that the hero who defeated Ganon before would once again
    appear and prevail. To their despair, the hero did not come. The people had no
    choice but to appeal to the gods. They responded with a torrential downpour
    that would bury Hyrule beneath the sea forever, trapping Ganon inside. Ganon's
    power remained sealed for years as the people of Hyrule survived on the
    mountaintops that became islands in the Great Sea. But once again, darkness
    has fallen across the land. Ganon has resurfaced and is once again searching
    for the mythical Triforce. Everywhere across the Great Sea, young girls with
    pointy ears have gone missing, kidnapped by the shadow that dwells within the
    fortress in the far corner of the sea. Ganon hopes to find Princess Zelda, who
    long ago possessed the Triforce of Wisdom. Together with his Triforce of Power
    and the Triforce of Courage, Ganon would finally be able to assemble the three
    pieces that the power of the gods comprises of, and his evil ambition of
    becoming the king of darkness would finally be met. The land is near its doom,
    and only a hero that possesses great courage can find the strength to put an
    end to Ganon's plan once and for all.
    This section provides a detailed walkthrough of the game's primary quest. This
    game is filled with many side quests, so please note that the majority of them
    will not be fully discussed in this section. Refer to the Side Quests section
    for this. Throughout the guide, CAPITALIZED text will be used to identify
    important items, weapons or new enemies. The walkthrough has been divided into
    these eleven chapters:
    1.	A New Legend.
    2.	Prison Break.
    3.	Dungeons and Dragons.
    4.	Kalle Demos.
    5.	The Quest for Nayru's Pearl.
    6.	The Blade of Evil's Bane.
    7.	Into the Crow's Nest.
    8.	Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
    9.	Protectors of the Seal.
    10.	The Hero of Winds.
    11.	Hyrule's Golden Power.
    Chapter 1: A New Legend.
    On a small and peaceful isle called Outset Island, the young boy named Link is
    awakened by his sister Aryll on a watchtower. It's Link's birthday, and his
    grandmother is waiting to see him. Dressed in pajamas and armed with nothing
    he can call a weapon, Link begins his adventure.
    After Link is roused by Aryll, walk around and find the ladder that allows you
    to descend down the watchtower. When you reach the docks, run towards Outset
    Island's beach and turn right. Continue down the beach, talking to people you
    pass if you wish, and then cross the bridge to the main portion of the island.
    There are a few houses on this isle that you can enter, and visiting some of
    them may be worth the time. However, your goal is to reach your grandmother,
    who is inside the very last house in town. When you get inside, climb the
    ladder in front of you. Your grandmother will be waiting upstairs. She
    explains to Link that because it is his birthday, it is customary for boys his
    age to dress in green, just like the legendary hero did. Link reluctantly
    takes his new outfit, the Hero's Clothes. After a few more words, your
    grandmother will ask you to find your sister again, and then let you leave.
    Take note of the family crest hanging on the wall before you set out.
    When you get back outside, run all the way back across Outset Island to the
    watchtower. Use the long ladder again to climb to the top, where Aryll is
    still standing amongst her posse of seagulls. After she sees you, she will add
    a few comments about your new outfit. As a birthday gift, she'll also give you
    her prized TELESCOPE. The Telescope is an important item that can be used just
    as anyone would use a telescope; to see things that are far away. Try it out
    and locate your house from your post. Link's sister will point out the
    postman, a birdlike being who looks very agitated about something in the sky.
    Follow his and Aryll's cues by pointing the Telescope upwards.
    High above in the sky, an enormous colorful bird flies over Outset Island, and
    in its massive clutches is what appears to be a young girl with blonde hair;
    not unlike Aryll. As the titanic bird soars overhead, cannons from a pursing
    pirate vessel whiz by it, until finally the bird is struck. It drops its
    unconscious quarry over a thick patch of forest above one of the island's
    rocky cliffs. With a sense of urgency in her voice, Aryll states that the poor
    girl needs help, but the forest is too dangerous for Link if he doesn't have
    anything to defend himself with. If you want to stand any chance against the
    evils that lurk in the dark forest, you'll need a blade. Luckily, there
    happens to be a master swordsman on Outset Island who just might be able to
    Climb down the watchtower one more time and make your way over to the main
    part of the island, where most of the houses are located. This time, you
    should be headed towards the very first house after the wooden bridge. Don't
    be surprised if a bald man with a large head interrupts your errand from the
    house's upstairs balcony. Simply humor him or ignore him, and then enter the
    building through the front door.
    This is the home of Orca, a retired swordsman who trains with many different
    kinds of weapons, including an array of formidable-looking harpoons. You will
    find Orca training in the back of his room. Talk to him, and he will offer you
    assistance. Even though Link doesn't tell him the specifics, Orca can sense
    trouble. He will try to train you to use a sword so that you can face whatever
    trouble has occurred. After the two combatants bow, the training begins. The
    first sword technique Orca will teach you is the horizontal swing. Follow his
    instructions carefully and execute the attack against him. If you mess it up,
    Orca will get angry and slam you backwards. Don't lock on to Orca or press any
    other button except the B Button. After a few hits with a horizontal swing,
    Orca will teach you how to perform a vertical slash. This is done in the same
    way a horizontal swing is, except you must be locked on to your target before
    you attack. A sword thrust is next. You must be moving towards the target
    while locked on to perform this attack, as opposed to being stationary for the
    previous techniques. After you practice sword thrusting, you'll be taught to
    do a spin attack. Charge the attack and then release to perform this whirling
    maneuver. Afterwards, you'll be taught to parry oncoming attacks. Parrying is
    a very cool and useful technique for countering enemy attacks. When an
    opponent is about to make an attack, the A Button symbol onscreen will shine
    and your blade will glow green. Press the A Button at this time to parry your
    opponent's attack in a swift, evasive maneuver. Finally, Orca teaches you a
    jump attack. Lock on, run towards him and press the A Button to slash at him.
    After your training is complete, Orca lets you keep your practice weapon, the
    HERO'S SWORD. Exit the building after he finishes talking to you.
    With a sword in hand, you can go rescue the girl that fell from the giant
    bird's talons. Run all the way back to the dock that connects the watchtower
    to beach. You may notice a path that goes upwards behind the house here.
    Follow it until you reach a barrier of small trees behind a signpost. Using
    your sword, hack down the entire row and continue up the grassy trail. When
    you reach the summit of the rocky path, you'll find a wooden bridge that
    connects this cliff to the dark forest ahead. Cross the bridge carefully and
    then enter the cavern on the other side.
    Link has entered the Forest of Fairies. The name doesn't sound very
    intimidating, but there is danger lurking in here. Link notices the blonde
    girl hanging unconsciously from a tree branch. She's unreachable from this
    angle, so you'll have to make your way around the small forest to get to her.
    Follow the path to your right that takes you out of the first small clearing,
    and into a new one.
    Make sure you have your sword drawn when you step into the second clearing,
    because you're about to encounter a BOKOBLIN. Bokoblins are very common
    enemies and they come in several different varieties. Luckily, this one is
    unarmed, but he can still do damage with melee attacks. Lock on to the ugly
    beast and cut him down using your newly-learned sword techniques. The Bokoblin
    should be defeated after only a few swipes. After you finish him off, crawl
    into the long, hollow log along the ground to recover a chunky red rupee,
    worth twenty rupees. The Bokoblin may have left behind a green rupee as well,
    but they aren't as valuable. Now head to the back of the clearing and locate a
    flat stump. Climb onto it, and then jump over to the ledge behind it.
    A log ramp up ahead will take you to the next clearing, where you'll find the
    unconscious girl. Before you can reach her however, two large birds fly in,
    both carrying Bokoblins. The birds will deploy their passengers and then fly
    away. You still have to deal with the pair of Bokoblins, so be swift to defeat
    them before they gang up on you. Don't get too close to one while you fight
    the other if you can help it.
    Once both of these enemies have been defeated, the girl will awaken. She
    struggles to free herself, but takes a nasty fall as the branch supporting her
    snaps. Upon seeing you, she makes an inquiry about your strange outfit, and
    then starts reminiscing about how she wound up hanging from a tree branch.
    Suddenly, a voice calls out from the forest entrance, confirming the young
    girl's name; Tetra. Gonzo, a pirate subordinate beneath Tetra, appears and
    tells her about the bird that kidnapped her and how it dropped Tetra on top of
    a mountain. Tetra runs off angrily with Gonzo, seeking revenge on the bird.
    Link, probably feeling left out after having rescued Tetra without any
    appraisal, runs after them.
    Back outside, Tetra, Gonzo and Link begin to make their way back down to the
    island. Link sees Aryll on the other side of the bridge, waving happily as she
    sees that everyone is safe. As she begins to cross however, something massive
    shrouds the sun. The giant bird that kidnapped Tetra swoops down from the sky
    and plucks Aryll from the bridge! Link desperately tries to rescue her, but
    nearly end up falling off a cliff. He can only watch helplessly as the wicked
    bird disappears into the sky with his sister.
    After the dreadful kidnapping, Link finds himself on the beach down below,
    standing in front of Tetra and a group of her fellow pirates. Link requests a
    ride from the pirates so that he can pursue the giant bird, but Tetra objects.
    Only when the birdlike postman appears do they finally let Link tag along. The
    postman explains that recently girls with pointed ears have gone missing
    throughout the Great Sea's isles. The bird must have mistaken Aryll for Tetra,
    as they both have blonde hair and pointed ears. Finally, he informs the group
    that the giant bird's nesting place is the Forsaken Fortress, an island
    surrounded with evil rumors. Tetra accepts to take Link along with them to the
    fortress, but only if he first finds something to defend himself with, like a
    Once the meeting is over, run back to your grandmother's house. When you
    enter, you'll find her next to the ladder that takes you upstairs. Ignore her
    for a minute, and climb the ladder to where the family crest hangs. To his
    surprise, Link finds that the shield within the family crest is gone. Head
    back downstairs; perhaps your grandmother has something to do with this.
    Indeed, she will present you with the HERO'S SHIELD once you talk to her. Your
    grandmother is very worried about both you and Aryll, but she reluctantly
    decides to let you go after her. Now that you have a shield for defense, go
    back outside.
    You can leave anytime you like by returning to Tetra, but you may want to
    finish exploring the island for treasure before you go. If you crawl under the
    opening beneath your grandmother's porch, for example, you'll find a tunnel
    that leads to the basement. Open the treasure chest here to find an incredibly
    rare and valuable orange rupee, which alone is worth 100 rupees! If you look
    carefully enough, you can find more rupees hidden throughout the island (but
    with much smaller values). Try looking in the grass, inside people's homes,
    and on the rocks next to the wooden bridge. You can make more cash by talking
    to the plump woman that lives at the top of a path behind Orca's house. This
    woman, named Rose, is looking for a pet to keep in her newly-built corral. If
    you bring her one of the wild pigs wandering around the island, she'll pay you
    twenty rupees apiece for them. There are three pigs on Outset Island; one is
    near Rose's house, the other is in a patch of grass near Orca's house, and the
    final one is all the way on the other side of the bridge, behind the lone
    house next to the watchtower. Pigs run away upon your approach, so you have to
    be sneaky to catch one. Crawl on your stomach or lay some bait (which you can
    buy from Beedle's shop), and then grab them. Once you have your sixty rupees
    from Rose, continue your hunt for treasure.
    You'll want to stock up on bait from Beedle's shop before leaving too. Beedle
    resides inside the small boat parked next to the docks. You'll have to buy the
    BAIT BAG from him first if you want any of the other items. The Bait Bag
    carries All-Purpose Bait and Hyoi Pears. The latter is a strange fruit that
    you can use to control seagulls. You don't need to use one now, but you may as
    well use a seagull to pick up some of the out-of-reach treasures around the
    island, and so that you get the feel for controlling the seabirds (you will be
    required to later in the game). After you are satisfied with what you've
    collected, return to Tetra and you'll be on your way.
    Saddened but determined, Link waves to his friends and family from the pirate
    ship as he embarks on his quest to rescue Aryll. Tetra tries to talk Link out
    of it one last time, but his mind is set. Since she doesn't want Link getting
    in the way of the pirate crew, Tetra advises him to go below deck, where he
    will remain until they've reached the Forsaken Fortress.
    Chapter 2: Prison Break.
    None of the pirates aboard the ship will warm up to you, so you'd better heed
    Tetra's advice and go below deck, where a pirate named Niko will look after
    you. Find the door into the cabin and take the stairway to the lower deck.
    This is where you'll meet Niko. Until Link showed up, Niko was the lowest rung
    in the order of commands, so he doesn't mind having someone else to take his
    lowly place. Now that you're his new 'swabbie', Niko will give you a new
    training exercise. Your goal is to learn how to swing from ropes, and he'll
    demonstrate by crossing over to a doorway on the other side of the ship. The
    platforms that will allow you to cross the chasm only stay raised for a
    certain amount of time, but if you fall you can use a ladder to get back up.
    Use the left floor switch to lower the platforms, and the right one to raise
    them again. You'll want to lower and raise them as soon as you can so that the
    timer resets and you have more time to make your way through the course
    (Niko's demonstration cut into the time that the platforms stay up).
    Once you've raised the platforms again, jump ahead and grab the first lantern
    hanging from a rope. As Niko has instructed, build up momentum until you have
    enough to reach the next platform, and then let go. You only have about a
    minute to complete the exercise, so if you fall or run out of time, you'll
    need to reset the switches again and start over. A tick timer will activate
    when you start to run out of time, so listen carefully for it. Once you get
    the hang of swinging however, the course will be a piece of cake. Repeat the
    swinging process about four more times until you reach the doorway where Niko
    is waiting.
    Niko is in disbelief that you've managed to complete the course so quickly
    (even if it took you hours to complete), and he'll reward you by letting you
    keep whatever is inside the treasure chest in the next room. It happens to be
    a Spoils Bag. This satchel is like a Bait Bag, but it is used to keep spoils
    that are obtained after enemy battles. Once you've claimed your prize, Tetra's
    voice will call out to you, signaling the ship's arrival at the Forsaken
    Fortress. Dash through the training room and head upstairs.
    Night has fallen over the Great Sea. Tetra will call you up to the crow's
    nest, so use the ladder to reach her. Tetra scolds you over the 'games' you
    have been playing with Niko, but she doesn't dwell on this for long. She turns
    her attention to the Forsaken Fortress looming in the distance. The fortress
    is heavily guarded, and the ship won't be able to get any closer than it
    already is. Link notices the massive bird that kidnapped Aryll, perched at the
    very top of the Forsaken Fortress, sleeping soundly. He also sees a large
    group of seagulls flocking around a lit window; that must be where Aryll is
    being kept. Unfortunately, since the ship can't approach the island any
    closer, Link must use stealth to get inside. Tetra decides that launching him
    in a barrel is the best way for Link to enter the fortress undetectable.
    Although apprehensive to the idea, Link soon finds himself strapped inside a
    barrel, ready to be catapulted through the air. Three, two, one...blast off!
    Link flies through the air like a cannonball. Unfortunately, he lands short of
    his target, slamming into the fortress wall. The impact causes him to drop his
    sword, which falls a short distance down. Link tumbles into the water, just
    outside the Forsaken Fortress's main courtyard. Disgruntled and wet, he
    emerges from the water. Just then, Tetra's voice calls out to him. To Link's
    bemusement, Tetra is talking to him through the PIRATE'S CHARM she slipped
    into his clothing just before the catapult launch. This amulet allows her to
    see everything you're doing, and you can listen to her advice if you get
    stuck. Listen to Tetra's words so that you familiarize yourself on how to use
    the charm. Now, it's time to get down to business!
    The Forsaken Fortress is overrun with enemies. Because you no longer have a
    sword, you will not be able to defend yourself. You must rely on the cover of
    night and your own resourcefulness to avoid encounters. Start by climbing the
    steps upwards to the main courtyard. You may want to grab one of the barrels
    on the steps, which you can use to hide in. As long as you don't move, enemies
    you find won't be able to detect you once you're inside a hidey-barrel. Put
    one on and sneak across the courtyard clearing. Two searchlights are sweeping
    the area, but they can be avoided if you walk around their search zone. If you
    want those two red rupees in the middle however, you'll have to brave their
    gaze. Only move when the searchlights aren't on you. When the light is about
    to pass over you, stay put until the coast is clear.
    So what happens if you get caught? You get thrown in a jail cell. If you get
    caught, you'll have to find a way out. Like any holding cell, the door to
    yours will be locked; look for an alternate means of escape. (Jump onto the
    table, and then over to the shelf along the side wall. There is a hidden
    escape tunnel on top of the shelf, but you must first grab and throw the jar
    aside that is blocking its entrance. Once the path is clear, crawl through and
    escape your prison).
    Anyway, try not to get caught. After you have the rupees you desire from the
    courtyard, continue climbing the steps near the first set. Ignore the door on
    the far side of the courtyard, and make sure you aren't moving when the
    searchlights sweep the steps. When you get to the top, you'll find yourself
    inside one of many similar walkways that connect the fortress's inner rooms.
    You may also notice a path that leads to a ladder just outside and to the
    right of the walkway. If you climb it, you'll find the controls to one of the
    searchlights, and a Bokoblin operating them. Tetra may chime in and instruct
    you to use your shield against the Bokoblin; doing so will block their Boko
    stick attacks and possibly unarm them. Once the Bokoblin has dropped its
    primeval weapon, grab it before its owner does, and then use it to pelt the
    Bokoblin silly. Once it is defeated, the particular searchlight that it was
    controlling will no longer operate. Now head back down the path and enter the
    walkway at the top of the previous steps. Once you are in it, take a right and
    enter the door at the end. Unfortunately, you can't take Boko sticks with you
    into the inner rooms, so you will have to continue unarmed.
    The next room, like every other indoor room in the Forsaken Fortress, has two
    levels. If you fall off into the lower level, you'll have a tough time getting
    back out, because each corridor that connects the lower rooms is patrolled by
    MOBLINS. These porcine thugs will throw you back into your cell if they catch
    you, and there is no way you can defeat one until you have a weapon. It is
    possible to sneak past them with the hollow barrels, but it is easier to stay
    on the top level of the fortress rather than having to deal with them.
    Anyway, use the rope that hangs between the two ledges in this room to get to
    the other side. The corridor here leads to your prison cell; if you are
    caught, you will end up here after you escape. Take note of the treasure chest
    sitting at the end of the ledge too. Open it to find a Dungeon Map. Each major
    dungeon you explore has a map that shows you all of its rooms, including the
    ones you haven't been to yet. Also, they display your location and the
    location of the dungeon boss (however, the Forsaken Fortress does not have
    such a boss, so don't worry).
    There is additional treasure in this room as well, but it is located on the
    bottom floor. Hop down from the ledge and search for a floor switch down here.
    It is located in one of the corners, amid a large group of barrels. Hopping on
    and activating this switch will open the cell door down here, and inside it is
    a chest that contains your first Piece of Heart. These items restore all of
    your health, and if you manage to collect four, your life energy meter will
    permanently increase by one heart. There are 44 Pieces of Heart hidden
    throughout the game. Anyway, head into the next hallway from here so that you
    get caught by a Moblin; this way you get thrown back into your prison cell and
    end up on the top level of the room after you escape.
    From the ledge where you found the Dungeon Map, swing across the gap by rope
    and use the right-hand door on the other side. You will find yourself within
    another outdoor walkway. Exit through the opening along the left side of it to
    get to a balcony. There is another ladder along the wall that takes you up to
    the second searchlight. Defeat the Bokoblin manning this one just as you did
    before. It will be easier this time, because there is a jar in one of the
    corners that contains a few Boko sticks for you to use. Now you don't have to
    wait for the Bokoblin to attack before you can take its weapon. Keep an eye
    out for the butterfly-shaped Joy Pendants that the Bokoblins sometimes drop;
    they will prove valuable later on.
    Return to the walkway below and take the door at the end of it, which you
    didn't use before. In this next room, turn right and open the chest at the end
    of the ledge, which contains a Compass. Like Dungeon Maps, each dungeon has a
    Compass that displays the location of all the dungeon's treasure chests. Upon
    initial investigation, you'll notice that there is only one chest left to open
    in the Forsaken Fortress. If you want to get it, return to the room where you
    found the Dungeon Map and use the west door to get to a walkway. Cross it to
    another door, and then jump down to ground level to find the chest sitting on
    one of the room's beds. Don't stray too far into the open however, because if
    you are detected by the statue above the large lower door (which connects to
    the main courtyard), it will fire laser beams from its eyes that will follow
    your movements. The chest contains a yellow rupee, which is worth ten rupees.
    You can use the bunk beds and the ladders in this room to get back to the top
    level, or you can get caught again to reach the Dungeon Map room. Either way,
    you'll want to head back to the room where you found the Compass.
    Once there, swing across to the northern door and enter another walkway. As
    before, turn left when you find the opening so that you can ascend to the
    final searchlight outpost. Defeat the Bokoblin here to disable the last
    searchlight. Although you still have to avoid the Moblins, you will no longer
    have to fear getting caught by a searchlight. Return to the walkway below, and
    cross the next room by swinging across, just as you have been with the
    previous ones. Exit this useless room via the west door to another walkway.
    You can make a shortcut to the main courtyard from here by pushing a crate on
    the left balcony off the ledge. This crate will allow you to reach a ladder
    that takes you back up to the balcony, but is too high to reach from the
    courtyard otherwise. You can take this opportunity to get any rupees in the
    courtyard that you may have missed earlier, or the yellow one within the room
    with the laser-eyed pig statue. Anyway, climb back up the ladder and enter the
    final door to the northwestern room.
    The platform around the edge of this room is being patrolled by two Moblins.
    There is no ignoring them this time; you'll have to get past them to get to
    the large wooden door in the back of the room, which takes you to the tower
    where your sister is being held. Luckily, if you entered from the north
    doorway, rather than the south one (by going all the way around the fortress),
    you'll only have to get past one, which is much easier. Grab the hidey-barrel
    next to you and proceed with caution. When you get to the walkway
    intersection, make sure the nearest Moblin has its back turned before you
    proceed. Also, watch out for RATS. These nasty vermin will run into you and
    blow your cover, so make sure you don't get too close to one. If a Moblin gets
    near you, stay put even if it starts sniffing your barrel. Eventually, its
    curiosity will wear off and it will turn to continue its patrol route. Anyway,
    once you've made it to the steps that lead up to the large door, throw off
    your barrel and exit.
    Once you are outside again, climb the stairs until you find a hollow barrel.
    You will need this one to sneak past one final Moblin patrolling the area
    ahead. After you grab it, turn around and inch your way through the Moblin's
    territory. Remember not to move if the beast is facing you. The Moblin will
    turn to the right, so you can sneak by and make a left to continue up the
    The bare path is devoid of any enemies, but there is still the danger of
    falling off after it turns to the right. The gap you must cross is too large
    for jumping; instead, you'll have to sidle across the narrow ledge on the
    right-hand side. Press yourself onto the wall and then carefully creep across
    the gap. If you're worried about falling, hop down to one of the lower ledges,
    near a searchlight. Like last time, you can push down a crate to make a
    convenient shortcut back to the sidling ledge. Anyway, you'll need to sidle
    past another ledge after you make it across the first one, but this one has
    two hearts that you can grab along the way. Turn the corner after you make it
    It's the Hero's Sword! Your weapon has come to rest before a large wooden door
    that guards the main tower. However, it looks like something else has beaten
    you to it! The door is guarded fiercely by a shielded Bokoblin. This green
    fiend uses a large shield to block your attacks, and it also has a deadly
    machete-like weapon that it will try to use to hack you to pieces. The path
    you emerged from will be blocked off by a barrier of spikes, so you can't run
    away. Quickly run over to your sword as soon as the battle begins and turn to
    face the Bokoblin. With your sword, it shouldn't be too difficult to take
    down. Because it can block your attacks, you may find it easier to parry its
    sword strikes. You can also try to make the Bokoblin drop its sword so that
    you can toy around with it. After you destroy the shield Bokoblin, enter the
    now-unlocked wooden door it was guarding.
    Link has finally reached his sister's prison. Not only is Aryll being held
    captive, but a few other girls as well. Link approaches happily, but something
    overhead interrupts their reunion. The great bird that kidnapped the girls
    swoops in from the tower ceiling, and before Link can do anything, the bird
    viciously snaps at him, holding him in its beak. Aryll screams as the mighty
    bird flies off into the night with her brother. The bird circles the
    fortress's tower, stopping to hover in front of a mysterious, shadowy figure.
    With a simple gesture, the shadow commands his avian pet to toss the intruder
    out to sea....
    Chapter 3: Dungeons and Dragons.
    Link, unconscious from his encounter with the great bird of the Forsaken
    Fortress, awakens later to a voice calling his name. After some effort, Link
    opens his eyes fully and realizes he is floating on a small red boat, nowhere
    near the fortress or the pirate ship. He is also shocked to find that the
    unfamiliar voice is coming from the boat itself. The boat introduces itself as
    the King of Red Lions, adding that it is the world's only talking boat.
    The King of Red Lions admires Link's determination to rescue Aryll, but tells
    him that with the small amount of power he possesses, such an attempt is
    foolhardy. The fortress is controlled by an evil, shadowy man named Ganon (or
    Ganondorf). In the past, Ganon invaded Hyrule and tried to seize the mythical
    Triforce so that the gods would grant him any wish. He was stopped, however,
    by the Hero of Time, and Hyrule was seemingly washed away beneath the sea for
    all eternity. A magical seal was placed on Ganon's power, but somehow the king
    of evil was able to break free and return to the world above. The only way
    Link can save his sister is by defeating Ganon once and for all.
    Unfortunately, the power to overcome him is sealed away beneath the sea, and
    Link must overcome many trials and tribulations before he can obtain it.
    While it is urgent that Link and the King of Red Lions set out on their new
    quest as soon as possible, you won't be able to go anywhere because the King
    lacks a sail. You must search the island you are in (Windfall Island) for a
    merchant who can sell you one. Windfall Island is small, but it is buzzing
    with activity. In almost every corner of this town there is something that
    will ultimately aid you in your quest. You won't be able to accomplish
    everything there is to do here right now, but feel free to explore it as much
    as possible.
    From the rocky alcove that you first find yourself in, exit and turn to the
    left to find a green meadow at the edge of town. Three pigs can be seen
    sniffing around the place, but nobody is here to give you rupees for their
    exchange this time. The building on the hill on your right is a bomb shop, but
    the bombs sold here are outrageously priced, so you won't be able to afford
    any yet. Walk through the meadow and locate the archway that marks the town's
    entrance, just next to the red postbox and the docks. The path that leads into
    town will take you past a few important buildings, such as Doc Bandam's potion
    shop, the auction shop and Zunari's outdoor market. Zunari is the man in the
    Eskimo parka located at the back of the path, just before it turns to the
    left. Speak to him and he will offer to sell you 'that' (the unspecified
    object of his introductory tale) for 80 rupees. Your gamble will pay off when
    'that' turns out to be a SAIL. You can use it to sail across the Great Sea
    with the King of Red Lions!
    Before you leave, consider getting another Piece of Heart and two Treasure
    Charts (special maps that mark the location of hidden treasure in the Great
    Sea) from Salvatore's Squid-Hunt mini-game, or freeing the disturbed man named
    Tingle from the Windfall jail. This, as well as Salvatore's building, is
    located in the uppermost portion of town. You'll definitely want to set Tingle
    free, because he will not only give you the TINGLE TUNER and Tingle's Chart,
    but he will also help you out later in the game, but only if you've freed him
    first. The Tingle Tuner is only useful if you have the appropriate
    connections, but you can use it to get helpful hints from Tingle in certain
    locations, as well as a multitude of other services. Tingle's Map simply
    points out the location of Tingle Island relative to Windfall Island, as well
    as two rupee wallet upgrades, which you should check into later. To set the
    little guy free, head to the uppermost part of Windfall Island and take a path
    from the main clearing that leads behind the brick Pictograph store. Enter the
    door in the back of the building and find a switch in the corner that will
    open Tingle's jail cell. After he thanks you and gives you his items, try
    getting the PICTO BOX from the small maze behind his cell (you'll need to move
    the large crate out of the way first, because it's blocking the maze's
    entrance). You can use this to take black-and-white pictographs.
    After you are finished sightseeing and taking advantageous detours, return to
    the waiting King of Red Lions and set sail for the open ocean. The King will
    tell you how to use your Sail and your Sea Chart to navigate the waters. He's
    even gone so far as to mark your next destination on your Sea Chart; Dragon
    Roost Island. This is where you will obtain a sacred item that you will need
    to unlock the power that can defeat Ganon. Luckily for you, the wind will be
    blowing from the west, so you will have no trouble sailing to Dragon Roost
    Island, located two sea quadrants east of Windfall Island. Along the way, you
    will pass Pawprint Isle. You may want to stop here to get a Piece of Heart and
    a Treasure Chart.
    The King of Red Lions will approach the towering isle known as Dragon Roost
    Island, which is shrouded in a disk of swirling, dark clouds. Dragon Roost
    Island is the home of a dragon spirit named Valoo. With the help of the native
    birdlike Rito, you will have to speak with Valoo to obtain the sacred item
    known as Din's Pearl, which is said to have been passed down by the goddess
    As you set foot on Dragon Roost Island, the King of Red Lions will halt you to
    give you an item called the WIND WAKER. This magical baton was used in ancient
    times to call upon the gods through music. The King will teach you how to use
    the Wind Waker in three-fourths time and four-fourths time. Follow his
    instructions carefully, and note that the instrument can also be used in six-
    fourths time. Once you learn specific songs for the Wind Waker, you will be
    able to summon the power of the gods to aid you in your quest.
    Dragon Roost Island wasn't designed for those without the power of flight, so
    you'll have to do a fair amount of rock climbing to get up to the Rito
    settlement up above you. After you finish speaking with the King of Red Lions,
    head towards the left, where you should see a shallow pool of water and a
    trail blocked off by large, cracked boulders. If you want a few rupees and
    some health, wade through the center of the pool and grab the hidden pickups.
    To advance, you'll have to clear the path of its obstacles. The only way to
    get rid of the large boulders is by blowing them up with explosives. Don't
    worry about not having bombs of your own yet; there are a few bomb flowers
    next to the pool of water that are just as effective. Simply walk up to one,
    pick it up, and then set it down or throw it wherever you want it to be. Move
    quickly though, because once a bomb flower is picked, you have less than five
    seconds before it blows up in your face with considerable force. Attacking a
    bomb flower is also a stupid idea (they've even posted a sign warning you
    against it), because if you do, the unstable plant will blow up in an even
    shorter amount of time than normal. Bomb flowers grow back almost instantly
    after they are detonated, so you don't have to worry about running out of
    explosives if you mess up.
    When the first rock is cleared from the dirt path, walk up to another rock and
    blow it up using the nearest patch of bomb flowers. The path behind this rock
    simply takes you back down to the pond, but if you continue on the dirt path,
    you will get to a signpost that points you towards the mail center on Dragon
    Roost Island. Unfortunately, the wooden bridge that connects the path to the
    mail center has been destroyed, but there is a way around. Grab the bomb
    flower next to the signpost, and then quickly get onto the gray path just
    above the dirt one. Throw the bomb flower at the rock blocking the path up
    here, and hope that it doesn't bounce away before it explodes. With the path
    cleared, climb the small ledges and then sidle across the gap that the bridge
    once spanned across.
    On the other side, you will find a blue rupee. Grab it, and then drop down to
    the ledge directly beneath you, which contains a lone bomb flower. Make sure
    you don't jump too far out, or else you'll miss the ledge and have to start
    over from the beginning of the dirt path. Using the bomb flower, blow up the
    final cracked boulder sitting beneath two cubic blocks ahead of you. When the
    boulder is destroyed, the blocks will fall into place, allowing you to reach
    the path to the mail center. Before you continue, drop down to where the cubic
    blocks are now sitting and pull the bottom one out from beneath the first one.
    You will now be able to climb on top of them and get to the mail center much
    Head under the stone archway to find a familiar face. It's none other than
    Quill, the Rito postman who stuck up for you on Outset Island. Quill seems
    impressed at the progress Link has made, even though he didn't manage to free
    Aryll from Ganon's clutches. Quill then flies off to notify the rest of the
    Rito tribe of your arrival. Follow the path to the Rito mail center entrance.
    When Link enters the mail center, he finds Quill standing next to the Rito
    chieftain, who is in conversation with another Rito. It seems that the sky
    spirit Valoo is angry, but nobody seems to know the cause. The chieftain turns
    to Link and offers his service to him, but only after the crisis with Valoo
    has been settled. Valoo's sacred scales are used by the Rito tribe to grow
    their wings when they come of age. Without the scale, they would remain
    wingless. The Rito haven't been able to approach Valoo since he became
    enraged, so their very way of life is threatened unless they can find a way to
    calm the sky spirit down. In the meantime, the chieftain decides to let Link
    visit his young son Komali, who has become very depressed because he is unable
    to approach Valoo for a scale. Quill suggests that perhaps Link can cheer him
    up. Before Link can visit Komali however, the chieftain asks him to deliver a
    note that a girl named Medli is holding for him, in one of the mail center's
    upper rooms. Before Quill flies off, he gives Link the DELIVERY BAG, which is
    used to carry notes and other mailing items.
    Once you finish talking to Quill and the Rito chieftain, turn and locate the
    ramp that winds upwards around the edge of the mail center. There are several
    Rito in the upper level that you can talk to, including the chief mail sorter
    Koboli, who is sitting behind the mailing counter. He'll let you sort letters
    for rupees, and you can even get a Piece of Heart from his assistant once you
    advance in the mail-sorting trials. Also, chat with the guard (named Hoskit)
    standing next to the chieftain's room (the first room on your left if you're
    walking up the ramp). He too will give you treasure, if you give him a gift
    for his girlfriend. Remember to come back when you have the item his
    girlfriend desires. The door to the right of him takes you outside to the
    flight docks, where you can meet a few more Rito. After you've befriended the
    locals, enter the door Hoskit was standing next to.
    In this small chamber you will find Medli, a young Rito girl. Medli is
    studying to become Valoo's attendant; she can even understand some of the
    Hylian words that Valoo speaks. Medli gives Link the note from the chieftain
    for Komali. She warns him that the situation with Valoo has made Komali ill-
    tempered, so Link shouldn't take offense to his manner. In any case, Medli
    will also ask Link a favor; to meet with her at the entrance to Dragon Roost
    Cavern. A secret date perhaps? Anyway, exit after you are done talking to
    Medli and return to the bottom floor of the mail center.
    Prince Komali's room is at the end of a dark corridor, directly across from
    the entrance to the mail center. Don't mistake it for the other doorway down
    here (guarded by a Rito), which leads to Dragon Roost Cavern. Anyway, you'll
    find young Komali sitting in his bed, holding an odd orange sphere. This must
    be Din's Pearl, the item that the King of Red Lions asked you to attain. First
    there's Komali's letter however. Show it to him and listen as he reads it
    aloud. Komali doesn't sound too impressed with his father's encouragement, and
    he continues to act rather rudely to Link, especially after he asks about
    Din's Pearl. Komali isn't about to give it to some 'do-nothing', so perhaps
    Link can kill two birds with a single stone by solving the issue with Valoo.
    After your meeting with Komali, exit his room; he won't offer you any more
    Now you must find Medli, who is waiting for you at the entrance to Dragon
    Roost Cavern. To get there, head through the doorway to the left of the mail
    center entrance. You will emerge in a hot, dry cavern within the mountain.
    Take note of the wilted plants near the entrance to this arid chamber, and
    then drop down into the pit where Medli is standing.
    Medli will tell Link about a spring that once flowed from this chamber. When
    the enraged Valoo shook the mountain, he caused a large boulder to fall into
    the pool of water, plugging the spring. The boulder also destroyed the bridge
    that connected to Dragon Roost Cavern, so there is no way to get into the
    mountain. Medli will also apologize to Link about Komali's behavior. His
    deceased grandmother, and Medli's former mentor, was once Valoo's attendant,
    and it was said that only she had the ability to calm Valoo down. Medli wants
    to attempt calming him herself by climbing up to a shrine located at the top
    of Dragon Roost Cavern. She will need Link's assistance however, because the
    ledge leading to the cavern is too high up to reach.
    In order to get Medli up onto the ledge across from the chamber's entrance,
    you'll have to pick her up and throw her. However, this will be difficult to
    do, mainly because of the harsh wind blowing around the chamber that will toss
    Medli around if it's blowing in the wrong direction. This wind changes
    direction every few seconds, so you will have to wait until it blows towards
    the far ledge before you throw Medli. Pick her up and then carry her onto the
    small rock formation jutting out from the cavern floor. Even if the wind is
    blowing in the right direction, Medli will only reach the ledge if you throw
    her from this small outcrop. Wait until the wind is blowing towards the ledge,
    and then throw Medli forwards. Using her wings, she will be able to glide up
    to the ledge and continue on her mission. If you mess up, you can retry, but
    you'll have to wait for Medli to shake off her minor concussion from impacting
    the cavern wall. As thanks, Medli will leave you with an Empty Bottle (one of
    four in the game). You can use it to store potions and other liquids or items.
    Getting Medli to the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern was easy, but you'll need
    to work out another plan if you want to get there yourself. The large boulder
    blocking the spring can be destroyed with explosives, but the only ones in
    this chamber are the wilted bomb flowers near the entrance from which you
    emerged. You won't be able to use them unless you find a way to revive them.
    What do plants need in order to survive? Water, of course. Use your new bottle
    to scoop up some of the water that surrounds the large boulder, and then climb
    back up to the entrance using the collapsed bridge as a ladder. Walk over to
    the bomb flower patch, and then sprinkle them with your water. You only need
    to revive one plant, but feel free to save them all if you're the
    environmental type. Once you have your explosives back, pick one up and throw
    it over the ledge, towards the cracked boulder. Hopefully it will land on top
    of the boulder and not in the water. You can try to time yourself so that the
    bomb explodes in midair before it falls into the water (the explosives take
    five seconds to blow up after they are picked), or you can try to make one
    land directly on top of the boulder. Once the obstruction is demolished, water
    will gush in from the unblocked spring, filling up the chamber. Now you will
    be able to swim across to the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern.
    A few more obstacles bar your path to the cavern entrance, but once again the
    local bomb flowers will aid you. After you get across the spring, you will
    find a pool of lava. There is no way you can jump across the pool, and bombing
    the lava with the nearby bomb flowers won't help either. You must make
    platforms by throwing an active bomb flower into the jars that the statues on
    either side of the pool hold. First throw one into the jar of the right-hand
    statue. If you succeed, the explosion will cause the statue to tip over into
    the lava, effectively creating a platform for you to use. Now you must do the
    same with the second statue. This one is trickier to knock over, since it is
    too far from the lava pool's shore to reach. You have to pick up a bomb flower
    and then rush it across to the first platform, where you'll be able to throw
    it into the second jar. Hurry though, or the bomb flower will blow up in your
    face. Once the second statue has fallen, use it to jump across to the other
    side of the lava pool. Continue up the steps to the cavern entrance.
    Dragon Roost Cavern is an extensive network of lava-filled dungeons within
    Dragon Roost Island's volcano. Although it is much larger than the Forsaken
    Fortress, you don't have to explore it without your weapons, and any foul
    creature waiting to attack you here will have to answer to your Hero's Sword.
    The entrance to the cavern is a dimly-lit chamber, blocked in part by a set of
    dragon statues. These three statues conceal a passage, and they can be moved
    so that you can enter the second half of the room. Grab onto the leftmost
    statue and pull it outwards, away from the wall. Now get behind it and pull
    the middle statue to the left, so that the passage through the wall is
    exposed. The right-hand statue is stationary, but you don't have to move it
    When you enter the next half of the room, be prepared to face a duo of
    Bokoblins. Hop down from the entrance and take them out one by one. These
    Bokoblins will use burning Boko sticks against you, but they still aren't much
    of a threat. After they are out of your way, check out the rest of the room.
    In the back you will see a locked door, held fast by chains. You must find a
    key (somewhere in this room) that will unlock it. You may notice a pair of
    unlit torches near the back, left-hand side of the room, as well as a single
    burning torch to the right of the locked door. To shed light on this puzzle,
    grab one of the Bokoblins' discarded Boko sticks (or one from one of the clay
    pots in the room) and run over to the burning torch. If the stick is still
    burning, then you don't need to do this, but you can use the lit torch to
    relight the stick if the flame goes out. Take the burning Boko stick over to
    the two unlit torches and light them both. This action will cause a treasure
    chest to reveal itself in between the two torches. It contains a small key,
    which you can use to open the locked door. The final item of interest in this
    room is the warp cauldron on a stony ledge to the left of the main clearing.
    When you uncover more of these cauldrons deeper in the dungeon, you can enter
    them to warp from one cauldron to the next, allowing you to skip large
    portions of the dungeon if you have to save and quit/restart. Anyway, break
    any jars if you want cash or hearts, and then enter the door in the back of
    the room.
    The passage that follows is fairly uninteresting, but you can get more
    satisfaction out of breaking things along the wall. To exit through the far
    end of the passage, use your sword to hack through the damaged wooden boards.
    The hub of Dragon Roost Cavern, a huge chamber filled with lava, is just
    ahead. Most dungeons you will explore have a room similar to this one, with
    many doors leading to different corners of the cavern. Anyway, if you smash up
    the skulls lying near the entrance, you may find a blue rupee, among other
    things. The path to your left takes you to a door, but it's locked so you'll
    have to find another small key to enter it. Instead, continue past the door
    and follow the wooden path until you reach a gap. Jump over it, but try not to
    fall into the lava, or you'll be forced to restart the room. Following the
    first gap is a larger one that you can't jump across. Instead, hop down onto
    the small platform below and pull the cubic block out from the wall, so that
    you can use it to climb back up to the next part of the path. Keep moving
    until you reach the wooden bridge. You will have to clear a short jump across
    a lava gap first though. A large pillar of flame will periodically erupt from
    the gap, forcing you to time your leap. If you get burned, you'll be knocked
    backwards with lasting damage. Anyway, cross the wooden bridge, but watch out
    for KEESE. Keese are bats that like to swarm intruders in large numbers. There
    aren't that many here, so a few slashes with your sword should eliminate them
    when they get close. When you make it to the other side of the bridge, pick
    one of the bomb flowers growing on this rock formation and toss it near the
    large boulder blocking the door ahead, just past another small bridge. After
    the explosion, enter the doorway.
    The next chamber is much smaller than the previous one, but once again a pool
    of lava forces you to get creative. This time you have to use the water-filled
    jars lying around to create temporary platforms in the lava pool. Pick one up
    and throw it into the lava. The water inside will solidify the lava, forming a
    rock platform that you can use to get across the infernal pool. This platform
    isn't going to last forever though, so don't spend all day trying to get
    across. If, in your destructive jar-smashing craze, you accidentally smash all
    of the water jars, simply turn around and enter the previous cavern, and then
    reenter this one to reset the jar count. Use the platforms to get to one of
    the two alcoves ahead; either the one to your left or the one directly across
    from you (you'll need to make two platforms in order to explore both). The
    left alcove contains a chest with the Dragon Roost Cavern Dungeon Map inside.
    When you make it to the far alcove, watch out for the CHUCHU. ChuChus are
    slimy creatures that come in many different varieties. The red forms found in
    this dungeon are relatively weak, so a slash or two should kill one. ChuChus
    are valued for the Chu Jelly they leave behind; don't forget to sample the
    spoils. Climb the ladder after you kill the ChuChu and enter a new room.
    When you enter the next room, a Bokoblin will smash through the wooden boards
    covering the alcove ahead. It's using a mighty machete, so don't waste time in
    defeating it. The small alcove from where the Bokoblin emerged is a dead end,
    but there are more wooden boards to your right that lead to the rest of the
    room. The only problem is that these aren't damaged, so you can't break
    through them with a simple sword slash. You need a bigger blade to break
    through the barrier. Find the Bokoblin's machete and pick it up. Use it to
    tear down the wooden obstacle. In the next portion of the room, climb up onto
    the small ledge to your left with the machete still in hand, and use it to
    kill the pair of ChuChus before they pounce. Again, use the machete to break
    through the wooden boards behind the ChuChus. Beyond lies a treasure chest
    containing a small key. Return to the main part of the chamber and exit
    through the unused passage.
    You'll find yourself back inside the main lava chamber. Turn left and look at
    the wooden plank blocked off by a large boulder. The only nearby explosives
    that you can use to dismantle the boulder are the bomb flowers growing on the
    wall, but you certainly can't pick them. You can either stand on the plank and
    swipe at the flowers (which will trigger an explosion) or you can take a safer
    approach by throwing rocks at them. There are rocks located near the door you
    just entered through. When the flowers explode, they will destroy the boulder
    and allow you to cross the wooden plank. You will reach the cavern's entrance
    afterwards. Follow the trail again until you reach the locked door that you
    weren't able to open last time.
    The next room is important, because it contains a valuable treasure that you
    can't get without the item you'll soon acquire in the Dragon Roost Cavern. Try
    to remember to come back when you get it so that you can cross the lava-filled
    gap to the right of the entrance. As you progress into the room, red ChuChus
    will drop in from the ceiling and attack; kill them with ease. When you enter
    the main chamber (with two torches on either side of a sealed door), a
    Bokoblin will attack you from a compartment on your left. Kill it and then
    take its Boko stick. The stick won't break through the wooden boards that are
    to the right of the sealed door, but you can light it on fire using the
    torches. Take the ignited stick over to the wooden boards and set them on
    fire. The boards will burn away, leaving the alcove exposed. Step on the floor
    switch inside it to unseal the door, and then head through it.
    After you go through the door, you will find yourself on a ledge, outside the
    cavern and out in the open. Turn right and cross the bridge, but be prepared
    to take care of the Bokoblin guarding the other side of it. The ladder behind
    it will allow you to reach another ledge, but as before, you'll probably have
    to wait for a jet of flame that shoots out from a hole in the wall before
    passing. You may also hear a strange whining coming from something at the top
    of the ledge. This sound is being made by a waiting KARGAROC. These colorful
    birds sometimes airlift Bokoblins or Moblins into battle (as you witnessed in
    the Forest of Fairies), but they are perfectly capable of defending themselves
    too. Kargarocs attack by hovering over you before pecking at you. A few
    slashes will kill one, but you have to wait for it to come close. Later, when
    you have better projectile weapons, you'll be able to make short work of these
    nuisances. Kargarocs often leave behind Golden Feathers. You should try
    collecting twenty of them for Hoskit, the guard back in the Rito mail center.
    Anyway, after you defeat the bird, sidle across the wooden ledge, but watch
    out for the flames again. The door on the other side is blocked by a boulder.
    To its left is another wooden ledge, but you won't be able to sidle across
    this one because it is too thin. Instead, grab onto it by hanging off it, and
    then carefully move across it by your fingertips. After you pull yourself back
    up on the other side, climb the steps until you find a lone bomb flower. Pick
    it and then throw it at the boulder below. When the door is exposed, hop down
    to it and enter.
    You're back inside again, but nothing will jump out at you...yet. Climb up to
    the back of this small chamber. A stack of ten cubic blocks prevents you from
    making any progress. Of course, as you know, you can move these blocks in a
    certain way so that you can get past them. Start by pulling the three blocks
    that are initially on the bottom out from under the rest of them. This will
    open up a path above the tenth block on the very top of the stack, and it will
    also allow you to climb up to the top block. Head through the opening in the
    There are a few Rats scurrying around in this next chamber. The King of Red
    Lions, who apparently has the ability to use your Pirate's Charm, will suggest
    throwing out some bait. If you have any All-Purpose Bait from Beedle, set some
    near the mouse hole in the wall. The Rat that consumes it will actually try to
    sell you some of his stash! Additionally, feeding the Rats causes them to quit
    attacking you, which is always a good thing. Anyway pull the cubic block out
    from the wall on your left and use it to climb up to the ledge above. The
    chest on your right (after you climb up to the ledge) contains the Compass for
    this dungeon. If you use it, you can see that there is another chest within
    this room. Behind you, on the opposite ledge, is a chest sealed behind a
    barrier of wooden boards. Take one of the Boko sticks from the jar along the
    wall and use the nearby torch to set it ablaze. Now throw it across the room
    at the wooden boards that seal the chest. After they burn away, hop down and
    climb the ladder up to the chest, which contains the key to the locked north
    After getting back outside, turn right and leap across the steps that lead up
    to a ledge. There is another locked door along the wall, and its key is in the
    Kargaroc nest at the end of the ledge. Unfortunately, the nest also has an
    actual Kargaroc in it, so you'll need to get it out of the way. You can defeat
    it easily by throwing a jar at it. After you have the key, enter the door.
    The next cavern is kind of dark and spooky, so you may want to grab a Boko
    stick from the nearby set of jars and light it using the torch so that you can
    see better. You'll need the stick anyway to proceed. When you reach the second
    torch, several Keese will ambush you. You can use the Boko stick to kill them.
    There is also a chest along the back wall that, when opened, will reveal a Joy
    Pendant. Use the burning Boko stick to burn down the wooden boards blocking
    the passage ahead. The door at the end of this passage is sealed, so unseal it
    by lighting the two torches next to it.
    You'll now reemerge inside the main lava chamber. From this entryway, you're
    much higher up than you were before. To the left of the entrance you'll see
    another warp cauldron. This one is sealed off by a small boulder, so use the
    bomb flower to the right of the entrance to blow it apart. If you save and
    restart, you will find yourself at the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern, but
    these cauldrons will let you skip right to this point. Now cross the wooden
    bridge and enter the unguarded doorway on the other side.
    When you enter the next room, both the entrance and the exit up above will
    seal. You can't get out until you kill every single Bokoblin in the room. The
    first one is standing in the middle, ready to attack you. The rest of them are
    hiding inside some of the many jars along the wall. Break the two large groups
    in the back, as one of them is bound to hide a Bokoblin. Another one sits
    inside the jar on the shelf to the left of the entrance, but you can't break
    it unless you roll into the wall beneath it or throw a Boko stick at it from
    the table in the middle of the room. Before you run upstairs via the ladder in
    the back, use a Boko stick to light both of the torches to the right of the
    entrance. This will cause a chest to appear, which contains a Treasure Chart!
    Now climb upstairs and break more jars if you want a Joy Pendant, and then
    The familiar sight of lava meets you in the next chamber, but it's accompanied
    by an unfamiliar foe; a MAGTAIL. This fiery centipede has huge jaws that give
    it a formidable pinching attack and in turn protect the creature's vulnerable
    eye from damage. The best way to kill a Magtail is by parrying its attack, but
    this one is crawling on a platform too small for a successful parry. You can
    try, but you'll most likely end up falling into the lava. Alternatively, you
    can pick up one of the water jars from the main shore and toss it at the
    Magtail. The chilly splash will cause the Magtail to roll into a defensive
    position (which it also does anyway if you hit it with your sword enough).
    Once the Magtail has rolled up into a ball, jump over to it and slash it with
    your sword. Just don't throw it into the lava, or the Magtail will revive
    itself with full strength. After the platform is clear, jump back and grab
    another water jar, and then take it back to the Magtail's platform. Up ahead,
    in the lava, a geyser of fire will erupt every few seconds. When the geyser is
    subdued, throw the jar on top of it. After the lava solidifies into a
    platform, jump on and wait for the geyser to rocket you up to the second
    level. Once it does, jump onto the wooden ledge and find the exit.
    Just past the door is the entryway to the boss's lair. Don't worry about
    fighting whatever it is yet though, because you need a special key to unlock
    the door to its room anyway. Simply ignore everything on the other side of the
    lava pool on your right. Instead, turn your attention to the bomb flower just
    below the step, also to your right. You'll need it to blow up two boulders in
    the back of the room. One reveals another warp cauldron, and another exposes
    the exit door.
    Fresh air again. Turn to the right and run up the staircase that winds around
    the cliff. Be quick, because the steps will fall away into oblivion almost as
    soon as you set foot on them. When you make it to the top, head through the
    gate. This is the shrine that Medli referred to, and sure enough, you'll see
    the raging red dragon named Valoo causing a ruckus in the background. More
    importantly, you will be spotted by a pair of shielded Bokoblins that have
    captured Medli. Swipe at them with your sword and attack quickly before they
    have time to put up their shields. After you defeat them both, a Kargaroc will
    fly overhead and dump a Moblin into battle.
    You've never actually had to fight a Moblin before, and doing so can be tough.
    Even later in the game, Moblins are challenging adversaries. They take a long
    time to go down and the spears they carry have a wide reach. Keep your shield
    out as you and the Moblin circle each other. The Moblin's swinging spear
    attack can knock you backwards several feet, but if you parry it, you can
    damage the Moblin instead. Sometimes, the Moblin will jab at you with the
    point of its spear. It's almost impossible to foresee or parry this
    underhanded attack, so stay alert. If you manage to knock the Moblin's spear
    out of its hands, don't make the mistake of thinking it is unable to defend
    itself. The brutish beast will unleash a devastating punch that is even more
    powerful than any of its spear attacks. Let it reclaim its spear so that you
    don't get hurt too badly. Slash at it repeatedly and try to get behind it so
    that it can't block your sword with the spear handle. After the Moblin is
    defeated, Medli will be set free.
    Medli has somehow discovered the cause of Valoo's anger. Something is
    tormenting his tail, which hangs down into the room below his perch. She has a
    strange suspicion that it has something to do with the creatures that captured
    her. Medli decides to return to the Rito tribe and inform them of her new
    discovery. Additionally, she will give you a special item that the Rito once
    used to get around before they evolved wings; the GRAPPLING HOOK! The
    Grappling Hook is incredibly handy. It lets you swing across gaps by attaching
    the hook to an overhanging beam, allowing you to reach areas you wouldn't be
    able to otherwise. Furthermore, the hook can be used on enemies. If you're
    locked on to an enemy, you can throw the Grappling Hook at them to steal their
    spoils! Use this method on ChuChus, Bokoblins or Kargarocs to get as many of
    their spoils as you need. Lastly, the Grappling Hook works as a salvage crane
    while you are out at sea. You can use it to haul treasure chests from the sea
    floor after you find their location.
    To escape the shrine, follow Medli's instructions and climb onto the ledge to
    the left of the prison cell. Now use your Grappling Hook to target the
    overhanging beam ahead of the ledge (look for the yellow targeting icon).
    After you attach yourself to it, swing across as if you were on a regular
    rope. When you reach the escape ledge ahead, repeat the swinging process a few
    more times to clear the gaps in the path (use the ladder to get out if you
    fall). At the end of the path, cut down the wooden boards blocking your exit.
    When you jump down from the escape path, you will be in front of the door
    leading to the boss's room. Even though you can now reach the room by
    grappling, you still won't be able to open the boss's door without a key. So,
    instead of running inside again, look outwards from the doorway and then turn
    left. You will see a beam sticking out from the side of the cliff that you can
    use to grapple across the gap beneath it. After you swing across three gaps,
    you will find another door on your left. Enter it.
    Once you're inside the volcano again, walk across the wooden bridge carefully.
    There is a Bokoblin guarding it, and fighting it can be risky on the bridge.
    After you defeat it and cross the bridge, another Bokoblin will spring out at
    you from one of the jars on the other side. Defeating both Bokoblins will
    cause a treasure chest to appear below the bridge. The path across the bridge
    leads to a dead end, however. You must find a way to drop down to the lower
    level without falling into the scalding lava. Take the Boko stick that the
    second Bokoblin had, and then light it on fire with the torch. Now use it to
    burn the vertical ropes holding the bridge together. You can also sever them
    with your sword, but it's less precise that way, and it's easier to mess up.
    Once the ropes are destroyed, stand in the middle of the bridge and it will
    break. You should land on a strip of solid ground, with lava on either side.
    Walk to the west end of the path to grab the chest's prize, a Joy Pendant. On
    a side note, if you ever need to get back up to the top level, use the water
    jars near the east door down here and the lava geyser to shoot yourself back
    up. Anyway, turn and use the door after you have the treasure.
    The door will put you back inside the main magma chamber, but once again, from
    a different perspective. To your right you'll find a strange cage, the bottom
    of which is connected only by three thin ropes. Every few seconds, a large
    tower of lava will erupt from below and push up on the cage. The door to
    proceed is at the bottom of this pillar of flame, and the bottom of the cage
    will serve as your ride to get there. In order to detach it from the rest of
    the cage, you have to cut all three supporting ropes simultaneously. This can
    only be done with a spin attack. If you try anything else, the platform will
    become unbalanced and you'll tumble into the lava. You should also wait to
    perform the spin attack until the lava pushes up on the platform. Once the
    ropes are cut, the lava geyser will fall again. When you reach the bottom,
    find the doorway in the wall and jump over to it before the geyser erupts
    Jump across the two platforms in the next small cavern and then climb a ladder
    to get to a sealed doorway. To unseal it, you have to use the Grappling Hook
    to pull down on the lever hanging from the ceiling. Look out towards the
    center of the chamber and grab onto the beam hanging down. When you swing from
    the lever, your weight will pull it down, unsealing the door. Swing back to
    the ledge and enter the door.
    In the next chamber, use the Grappling Hook to swing across the lava gap. The
    other side is a dead end, so turn around and hook yourself onto the beam
    again. This time, turn yourself to face east, where the fiery path continues.
    Swing over to the first ledge, and then make your way past three chain-
    suspended platforms. Swing across one last lava gap, and then use the door at
    the end.
    This chamber holds the key to the boss's lair. Your prize is inside the ornate
    treasure chest in the back, but the ring of fire that surrounds it prevents
    you from getting anywhere near it. The switch on the floor to its right will
    extinguish the flames, but only if the switch remains pressed down. You won't
    be able to open the chest quick enough after you step off the switch, so
    you're going to have to find something else to hold it down while you pry open
    the chest. A Magtail will work. When you see one emerge from the lava pools,
    try luring it closer to the chest. Now hack at it when its jaws are open until
    it rolls into its ball-like defensive position. Don't parry the Magtail's
    strike, or you'll kill it, and you'll have to lure another one out of the
    lava. When the Magtail is rolled up, pick it up and carry it over to the floor
    switch. Set it down so that the flames around the treasure chest go out, and
    then quickly open it before the Magtail awakens. Inside is the Dragon Roost
    Cavern Big Key.
    To get back to the boss room, you can backtrack to it or you can save, quit
    and then restart from the beginning of the dungeon so that you can use the
    warp cauldrons to reach the boss's entrance quickly. If you choose to
    backtrack for some reason, avoid the FIRE KEESE that now patrol your routes
    (they are variants of Keese that cause burn damage on contact). If you start
    from the beginning of Dragon Roost Cavern, you can also use the Grappling Hook
    to get that Treasure Chart on the first floor (use the Compass to find it).
    Anyway, when you find the boss's entrance, grapple across the lava pool and
    climb the steps. Watch out for the lone Magtail, and take the time to open the
    two chests on either side of the staircase for a yellow rupee and a Knight's
    Crest (try to collect at least ten of these). You'll also uncover a Fairy or
    two by breaking the jars at the top of the stairs. If you touch one, you'll
    heal automatically. Better yet, you can catch one with your Empty Bottle, and
    when you run out of health and faint, the Fairy will automatically revive you!
    When you're ready, enter the foreboding boss door.
    The cavernous magma chamber beneath Valoo is home to an enormous fire-
    breathing Magtail known as GOHMA. The wicked Gohma has been terrorizing
    Valoo's tail, which hangs down from the dungeon ceiling. The solution to
    everyone's problems seems to be all the same; defeat Gohma. This creature
    looks intimidating, but that's only because it's the first true boss you've
    had to fight. With a carefully-planned out strategy, it will be easy to emerge
    victorious in this battle against the gargantuan beast. Gohma is covered in
    hard bio-armor that protects it from all attacks. To be able to damage the
    boss, you have to find a way to crack and destroy its outer shell, so that its
    softer insides are exposes. The key to doing this, as with all other boss
    battles you will have to fight, is by using the item you acquired in the
    dungeon, in this case the Grappling Hook. Use the hook to latch onto Valoo's
    swaying tail, hanging above Gohma's head. Be careful though, because Gohma has
    a variety of vicious attacks. It can breathe a blaze of fire at you from its
    mouth, giving you only a few seconds to retaliate. You'll be able to tell when
    Gohma is about to spit flames because its mouth will glow with charging
    energy. In addition to fire, Gohma can also use its mighty claws as weapons.
    If it slams them into the ground, take the opportunity to latch onto Valoo's
    tail while the boss distracts itself trying to pry its claws out of the
    ground. Once you manage to hook onto Valoo and start swinging, you can let go.
    If anything, try to land on one of the wooden ledges that surround the upper
    area so that you can grab some hearts to replenish your health. It will also
    be easier to grapple onto Valoo's tail again from these ledges without Gohma
    interfering. Regardless of where you land, swinging from Valoo's tail will
    cause the slab of rock around it to fall on Gohma. The impact will crack its
    exoskeleton. While beaten, Gohma won't take any damage; you have to repeat the
    process about two more times before the shell finally crumbles away. Each time
    the rock slab lands on Gohma, you'll get a few seconds to rest before the
    irritated boss rises up from the lava and replaces the slab. After the shell
    falls off, Gohma will look somewhat smaller, but more like an oversized
    Magtail. Nevertheless, its attacks will become more vicious now that its
    vulnerability has been exposed. All you have to do now is use the Grappling
    Hook to latch onto Gohma's single eye (lock on to the boss to target the eye)
    and then pull it in towards you so that you can attack it with your sword.
    Gohma will sometimes lower its eye to where you can hit it anyway, but it's
    quicker to use the Grappling Hook. After you slash at the eye enough times,
    Gohma will disintegrate into fiery embers, leaving behind a valuable Heart
    Container. Whole Heart Containers are only left behind after boss battles.
    They completely restore your health, and they increase your total life energy
    meter by one! Grab your prize, and then exit the chamber through the portal in
    the center of the solidified floor.
    Valoo will let out a roar of relief and the Rito below will watch as the
    swirling storm clouds surrounding Dragon Roost Island and the harsh, fiery
    winds that blow through the cavern entrance are finally calmed.
    Chapter 4: Kalle Demos.
    Link returns to the shores of Dragon Roost Island, joined by Medli and Komali.
    Komali apologizes to Link for the mistrust he showed earlier, and rewards him
    by giving him his most prized possession, DIN'S PEARL. From up above, Valoo
    lets out a great roar, translated by Medli as cryptic clue for Link; to use
    the wind god's wind. With this Medli points towards Dragon Roost Island's Wind
    Shrine. Valoo and Komali both recognize Link for his heroism, and Komali sets
    off for the top of Dragon Roost Cavern in hopes of obtaining a pair of wings.
    The wind that blows through the Great Sea cannot be changed unless you use the
    power of the Wind Waker to call upon the gods. Without this, you won't be able
    to get off Dragon Roost Island or reach your next destination. Your final
    mission on Dragon Roost Island (for now) is to learn the most important song
    for the Wind Waker, one that will allow you to control the wind. From the
    beach, look for a signpost that points towards the Wind Shrine, and then
    follow the tunnel through the mountain to get to another beach. Cross the
    shallow water here to reach a small island adorned with two monuments. This is
    the Wind Shrine, dedicated to the wind gods Zephos and Cyclos. The right-hand
    monument is broken, but the left one is inscribed with a set of symbols that
    represent the notes played by the Wind Waker. If you play it, the symbols will
    display themselves in front of you. Repeat the song that they play (up, left,
    right) to learn the Wind's Requiem.
    Out of nowhere, Zephos the wind god will appear on his floating cloud. He
    explains that the song you just learned, the Wind's Requiem, can be used to
    manipulate the wind. The wind can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad
    thing. As an example, Zephos mentions his brother Cyclos, who uses his power
    to create cyclones to punish people at sea (all simply because his monument is
    broken). As a final request before he flies off into the wind, Zephos asks
    Link to chastise Cyclos should he ever meet him at sea.
    Return to the King of Red Lions and use the Wind's Requiem to change the
    wind's direction so that it blows south. This will take you to the location of
    the next sacred pear, the Forest Haven. Before you set out however, you will
    be stopped by a Fishman. A Fishman is a strange talking fish that can be seen
    leaping out of the water at just about every island on the Great Sea. If you
    see one, give it All-Purpose Bait and it will update your Sea Chart by
    painting that island on it. Some islands are already on your chart (Outset
    Island, Forsaken Fortress, Windfall Island and Dragon Roost Island), but you
    should make it a habit to seek out the Fishmen on every other island to update
    your Sea Chart. Believe me; it will help immensely in the long run to know
    where to find a given island. Fishmen will also give you small tidbits of
    information when you talk to them, including where to find valuable treasures.
    Anyway, get ready to set sail for the Forest Haven. Along the way, you will
    sail past Fire Mountain, Eastern Triangle Island and Bomb Island. There is
    nothing to do in any of these locations yet (except getting their charts from
    the local Fishmen of course); however you can get another Empty Bottle by
    going inside the small, wooden submarine in the water south of Bomb Island.
    Eventually you will reach the Forest Haven, home to an earth spirit known as
    the Great Deku Tree, who will give you Farore's Pearl. The King of Red Lions
    fears that Ganon's forces may have already reached the island before them as
    they had on Dragon Roost Island, so use caution.
    The Forest Haven is essentially a giant tree hollow. A spring inside the haven
    flows out through a river and into the ocean. The path to the Forest Haven's
    inside will take you alongside this river, but not without toil. Start by
    climbing the set of steps next to the red postbox. After the third step, you
    will encounter a BOKO BABA. This man-eating plant can be taken out with a
    sword combo. If you get too close to it without attacking, it will try to
    swallow you. A Boko Baba's spoil is a Boko Baba Seed, which contains certain
    magical properties. After killing the first Boko Baba, climb up the path to
    the right and kill two more. Turn upwards and climb a step, but watch out for
    a fourth Boko Baba plant. To get from this ledge to the small outcrop above
    the waterfall ahead, you must use the Grappling Hook to swing by the
    overhanging branch.
    When you make it to the small, grassy island, get ready to confront an OCTOROK
    in the river ahead. Octoroks attack by firing small, rounded rocks at you from
    afar. They disappear beneath the waves if you try and get close to them, so
    the best way to defeat one is by using your shield to deflect its projectile
    back at it. Since the rocks it shoots move in a slow and straight trajectory,
    this isn't difficult. While at sea, you may also encounter oceanic Octoroks,
    which have a slightly different look. They differ from freshwater Octoroks in
    that they fire explosive projectiles in an arched trajectory. Anyway, after
    you defeat the Octorok, jump across the water to another grassy island on the
    left side of the river. Whatever you do, try not to fall into the water
    because the current will drag you all the way down to the bottom of the
    waterfall. On this patch of land, kill the Boko Baba plant and then turn to
    jump over to another small island near where the Octorok appeared. Finally,
    jump over to a larger patch of earth, but stop to kill another Octorok in the
    river up ahead. After it is defeated, use the Grappling Hook to swing over to
    the calm pool of water, where there is no current. The Forest Haven's entrance
    is to your right.
    When you get inside the Forest Haven, continue trudging through the river. The
    two tiny waterfalls that you'll come across can be climbed easily. The large
    tree in the center of the Forest Haven is none other than the Great Deku Tree.
    When you get in front of him, the Great Deku Tree will awaken, but his face
    will be covered by several red and green ChuChus. The ChuChus will cling to
    his face unless you perform a rolling attack into the Great Deku Tree's trunk.
    When you do this, the ChuChus will fall and you can begin fighting them. Go
    after the green ChuChus first, because they take longer to kill. Also, they
    are invulnerable while they are in pure glob form, so you must wait for them
    to take shape before attacking. If you don't defeat all of the ChuChus quick
    enough, the survivors will disappear and then reappear on the Great Deku
    Tree's face. Simply knock them down again and kill them.
    After the ChuChus are destroyed, the Great Deku Tree will begin speaking in
    Hylian. Upon realizing that Link cannot understand a word of it, the tree
    apologizes, explaining that Link's green clothing reminded him of an age gone
    by. The Great Deku Tree will introduce himself as the guardian of the Forest
    Haven, and he will decide to reward Link for riding him of the ChuChu
    infestation by giving him Farore's Pearl. Before he will do so however, the
    Deku Tree will call out eight of his Korok children. The Koroks are small
    plantlike forest spirits whose faces are concealed by differently-shaped
    leaves. Once a year, the Koroks perform a special ceremony that causes the
    Great Deku Tree to produce seeds. Since the ceremony must be performed soon
    before the day ends, the Great Deku Tree will postpone giving Link Farore's
    Pearl until it is completed. Unfortunately, just as it is about to begin, one
    of the Koroks named Linder appears and tells the Great Deku Tree that a
    terrible fate has befallen another young Korok child named Makar. The careless
    Makar has fallen into the Forbidden Woods, a dark and dangerous forest next to
    the Forest Haven. When he hears this, the Great Deku Tree turns to Link and
    asks him to rescue Makar from the vile dark forest. Only then will the
    ceremony begin, and only then will Link receive Farore's Pearl.
    In order to reach the Forbidden Woods, the Great Deku Tree bestows upon you a
    leaf that is used to glide through the air. This leaf will appear in one of
    the Deku Tree's upper branches, so you'll have to climb up there and get it.
    The Koroks will spread themselves out across the forest floor, ready to offer
    you assistance. To the Great Deku Tree's right you will find an odd purplish
    flower bud next to one of the Koroks. This is a Baba Bud. If you jump into
    one, it will shoot you upwards. Use the first Baba Bud to launch yourself
    forward to another Baba Bud, which is higher up because of the tall, thin
    stalk that supports it. You can turn yourself while the bud is charging to
    alter the direction of your launch. After getting shot from the first Baba Bud
    to the next, shoot yourself to two more Baba Buds, both higher up than the
    previous ones. The fourth bud will launch you to a branch covered in leaves
    that you can use as a platform. You'll know it because of the Korok with the
    elongated leaf-mask that sits on it.
    From the leaf platform, use the Grappling Hook to swing from one of the Deku
    Tree's overhanging branches. Swing over to the Baba Bud up ahead, and then
    launch yourself through four more buds. Try not to mess up; it's a very long
    way down. Using the last one, you'll be able to reach the branch that the DEKU
    LEAF sits on. The Deku Leaf is a magical leaf that allows you to glide through
    the air. Using it spends magical power however, so keep an eye out for how
    much you have left (a new meter will appear just below the life energy meter).
    On the ground, the Deku Leaf can blow out gusts of wind that can stun enemies.
    While no magic power is spent from doing this, you can't blow gusts of wind if
    you have no magic power left. Anyway after you have the Deku Leaf, a Korok
    with a five-lobed leaf-mask will call you over to a ledge down below marked
    with a green arrow, which you can glide down to with your new item. The
    opening next to the Korok will take you back outside.
    The ledge outside overlooks the Forbidden Woods island. The dark forest is too
    far away to reach even with the Deku Leaf, so you'll have to use the smaller
    island southwest of your location as a pit stop. Be aware though that when you
    are outside, the Deku Leaf will be affected by which way the wind is blowing.
    You won't go very far if you're trying to float against the wind. That being
    said, play the Wind Waker to make sure the wind is blowing southwest. You can
    now use the Deku Leaf to glide over to the smaller island. If you need to
    refill your magic meter, chop down the grass to find magic pickups.
    When you reach the island, mow the grass again to refill your magic power. Now
    play the Wind's Requiem to make the wind blow northwest. Because the entrance
    to the Forbidden Woods is too high up for you to reach, you must take
    advantage of the updraft blowing around the small island to reach it. The
    swirling updraft will blow you skyward if you glide through it, so you'll be
    able to reach the entrance to the Forbidden Woods. Wait until the updraft is
    about to pass by, and then jump out to catch the wind. If you succeed, you'll
    be able to sail smoothly to the Forbidden Wood's entrance. On the way, avoid
    the trio of PEAHATS that will harass you. If you get hit by them, or if you
    don't make it to the Forbidden Woods for some other reason, you'll have to
    restart from the midpoint island. To kill a Peahat once you reach the torch-
    lit ledge, stun it with the Deku Leaf's gusts and then kill it once its
    propeller has been removed. A Peahat is invulnerable if it still has its
    propeller. Walk through the opening on the ledge to enter the Forbidden Woods.
    The Forbidden Woods is a long and grueling dungeon, and its size and isolation
    gives its travelers an eerie sense of solitude. While the scenery shift from
    Dragon Roost Cavern is quite dramatic, it shares the same basics as any other
    cave; a mini-boss that guards a new item, and a larger boss at the end that
    must be defeated with that item. There is a lot of grass in the first room,
    and many green ChuChus. They can be a pain to deal with, especially in such
    great numbers. It is best if you thoroughly scour the room's every corner for
    concealed ChuChus before you try to do anything else. Remember to use the Deku
    Leaf or the Grappling Hook to stun them when they are in their puddle-like
    form. There is a path on the right side of the room that takes you up to a
    treasure chest. Already you'll be able to obtain the Dungeon Map from it.
    Also, there is the first in a small series of warp cauldrons below the ledge
    to the right of the door in the back of the room. This door is your exit from
    this room. However, like many doors and chests that you will find in the
    Forbidden Woods, it is blocked by a strange vine-like flower. The vines that
    hold the door shut can be broken, but they regroup almost instantly. You must
    destroy the central flower itself in order to destroy the entire plant. The
    only problem is that the flower will shut itself when you get too close,
    rendering it impervious to attack. The solution is to hit it from afar by
    throwing something at it. In the room's left corner, you'll find a Deku nut
    that can be picked and carried. Deku nuts disintegrate slowly after they are
    picked, but they grow back afterwards. Stand in front of the door with the
    Deku nut in hand, but far enough away so that the vine flower's blue core is
    exposed. Now toss the nut and hope that it hits the flower. When it is finally
    destroyed, proceed through the door.
    The second room is enormous. Start by dropping down to the very bottom. Use
    the Deku Leaf to fall gently so that you don't take damage, and avoid contact
    with the thick, thorny vines waving around on the walls. The forest floor is
    home to a few Boko Babas. The plants often mimic Baba Buds, and they will even
    turn into Baba Buds after they are defeated sometimes. Boko Babas are also the
    primary source of Boko sticks and you will usually find one left behind after
    the plant is defeated. In the back of the room, you will see a former Korok
    dwelling. Inside this hollow tree structure is a treasure chest sealed by a
    vine flower. The quickest way to destroy the flower is by defeating one of the
    Boko Babas first, and then using a burning Boko stick on the flower. Even if
    the vine flower is closed, the burning stick will still destroy it instantly.
    Use one of the torches next to the Korok dwelling as a flame source. Open the
    chest to get a Knight's Crest. Also while you're down here, use the Deku Leaf
    to blow away the piles of leaves lying around. You may uncover stuff like
    rupees, or even a Fairy. To escape the forest floor, use the Baba Bud on the
    stump near the front of the room.
    The first Baba Bud will let you reach a second Baba Bud just east of it. Use
    this one to reach another Baba Bud on the other side of the first one, but
    much higher up. The launch alone will not get you to the Baba Bud, so you must
    use the Deku Leaf to sail the rest of the way there. Fortunately, the magical
    properties of a Baba Bud refill your magic meter in small portions when you
    enter them, so you don't need to worry about running out. Use this Baba Bud to
    get to the one on top of the Korok dwelling, and then go to the one in between
    the two thorny vines on the east wall from there. Directly across from this
    one is the final Baba Bud, which will launch you to a ledge on the north side
    of the room. This ledge contains another Baba Bud, but using it is of little
    point unless you have the new item that you will acquire soon. The door on the
    ledge is held fast by a vine flower, and to get rid of it you can use the
    explosive bomb flower in the grass. Green ChuChus will attack you when you get
    close to the bomb flower, but you can wipe them all out quickly by triggering
    an explosion next to them. Once you've blown up the vine flower, exit through
    the door.
    The next chamber is nothing more than a bottomless pit, containing a cable
    platform that you can use to get across. The platform is operated by the wind-
    powered lever on the wall to your left. Blow it with the Deku Leaf to make the
    cable platform come to you. Once you jump on, blow the second wind lever in
    the upper right corner with the Deku Leaf to send the cable platform across
    the gap. Jump off the platform and use the door ahead.
    In the next room, two Peahats will attack you. Use the Deku Leaf to stun them
    before you kill them with your sword. Peahats sometimes drop Golden Feathers,
    but you might want to grapple them to make sure you get one. There are also
    three Boko Baba plants in the back of the room. As with the Peahats, the Deku
    Leaf can be used to stun the Boko Babas and expose their vulnerable stems. The
    rightmost Boko Baba will convert into a Baba Bud after you defeat it, and
    you'll need to use it to reach the room's upper story. If you want five rupees
    first though, climb onto the ledge in the back left corner of the room. Also,
    you can find a chest with a red rupee in it by using the Baba Bud and the Deku
    Leaf to float to a small alcove in the large tree in the back of the room.
    Afterwards, hop into the Baba Bud to launch yourself to another ledge that
    contains another Baba Bud. Use this one to get to a door sealed by a vine
    flower. The easiest way to get rid of it is by grabbing the Deku nut in the
    alcove on the opposite side of the room. Use the Deku Leaf to hail the cable
    car that will take you to it and back. Exit once you are finished.
    The door at the end of the next passage is also blocked by a vine flower, but
    luckily the Deku nut you'll need to destroy it is just ahead. Unfortunately,
    as soon as you get near it, a ring of thorny vines will burst from the ground
    to block it off from all sides. The solution to this puzzle is simple; blow
    the nut along the ground with the Deku Leaf so that it is no longer trapped
    inside the circle of thorns. Then pick it up and destroy the vine flower as
    The next room is larger than any other in the Forbidden Woods. It is the main
    hub, extending into all five floors of the dungeon and containing a total of
    six doors. As soon as you enter, turn to the right and follow the ledge up to
    a grapple point. Use the Grappling Hook to swing across the gap by the
    overhanging limb on the wall, to another ledge up ahead. From here you can
    jump onto the moving plantlike structure sticking out of the wall. This flat
    vine moves from side to side in a snakelike motion. Use it to move across to
    another flat vine, and then again to a ledge with a locked door on it. The
    Deku nut on this ledge is needed to open the west door, blocked as usual by a
    vine flower. Pick it up and then carry it across to the enormous flowerlike
    organism hanging from the ceiling (grab a few rupees inside it if you wish),
    and then jump to the ledge with the west door. After you destroy the vine
    flower, ignore the door for a moment and instead jump ahead to a pair of
    vertically-moving flat vines on the wall. The vines will take you to a simple,
    seemingly empty ledge. Use the Deku Leaf to blow the pile of leaves away and
    expose the second warp cauldron. Now jump/float/ride back down to the west
    door and enter it.
    The grassy passage ahead has a trench about halfway through with a treasure
    chest in it, which in turn contains a yellow rupee. By the time you reach it
    however, you will have most likely grabbed the attention of several dozen
    MORTHS. Morths are the spiky larvae of another creature that you will
    encounter soon. They are harmless, but by sticking to you they can hinder your
    movement. One or two of them clinging to you won't make much of a difference,
    but a large group of them can really slow you down. To shake them off, roll
    while you walk, or use a spin attack to destroy them. After you get rid of
    them, enter the door at the end of the passage.
    The final chamber along this passage seems empty at first, but as soon as you
    walk in you will be stopped by a barricade of thorny vines that emerge from
    the ground. The vines form a maze all around the room that you must navigate
    carefully. If you go too fast, there is a good chance that you will run into a
    wall of harmful vines. Make an S-formation around the first set of vines on
    your left so that you end up next to a bomb flower. Use the bomb flower to
    blow up the wooden planks up ahead. There are two sets, but you'll only be
    able to get close to one of them because of the wall of vines. Still, you can
    throw a bomb flower at the farther set and blow up the wooden planks so that
    you can get whatever is in the alcove when you find another way around. The
    first alcove contains the long-awaited Compass. Now work your way back to the
    entrance and through the rest of the maze, which continues to the right of the
    door. As you make your way through the treacherous labyrinth of harmful vines,
    you may find a pile of leaves that cover several green rupees, along the north
    wall. When you finally reach the second treasure chest, open it to get the
    small key that will open the locked door in the large hub room. Now use the
    Baba Bud near the chest to launch yourself into the air, where you can safely
    sail over all the vines and to the exit. There are also a few jars sitting on
    top of the platforms that can be broken open for health, magic and a Joy
    As you make your way back, be prepared to fight a few green ChuChus as well as
    the renewed swarm of Morths in the connecting passage. In the hub room, jump
    from the first platform over to the enormous hanging flower, and then again to
    the locked north door. Use your new key to go inside.
    This next room is filled with water, and the only way across is by using the
    cable platform and its dual set of wind-powered levers along the wall. There
    are two Peahats in this room too, and they can get incredibly annoying due to
    their immunity in this room. Killing them is hard because if you stun them
    with the Deku Leaf, they will simply be blown into the water where you can't
    reach them. They'll bob in the water until their propellers grow back and they
    continue their attack. If you fall in the water, use the ladder near the
    entrance to escape. Blow the wind lever once to bring the platform over. After
    you get on it, blow the same lever again to move halfway through the room,
    where you can hit the second lever to move the rest of the way through. Exit
    the room before the Peahats return.
    Soon after you enter the next chamber, you will be spotted by an agile and
    deadly MOTHULA. Mothulas are the adult version of Morths and they are far more
    dangerous. Their pincer attacks are quick and sudden, so keep moving to stay
    out of danger and use your shield when you can't avoid it. If the Mothula
    points its rear end at you, it is about to eject a fresh swarm of Morths. The
    good news is that Mothulas don't have a lot of stamina, and a few hits will be
    enough to kill one. If you manage to parry its attack, you can kill it in a
    single hit. The bad news is that there is an even deadlier type of Mothula
    that you'll have to defeat in the very near future....
    After defeating the Mothula, you'll still have two Boko Babas to deal with on
    the ground and a few Peahats up above once you make your way up to the second
    level. The Boko Babas both convert into Baba Buds after they expire, and there
    is an additional bud deeper in the room that you can use as well to get up to
    the upper level. This level is made up of foliage platforms that grow from the
    room's trees. Kill the Peahat, and then jump over to the Baba Bud growing up
    here. It will send you up to the third and final story, where three more
    Peahats can be found. Now use the one of two doors that isn't blocked by a
    pair of vine flowers.
    As Link enters the next room, the door will seal behind him and a strange dust
    will fall from above. Link looks up to see the beautiful but deadly mini-boss
    of the Forbidden Woods, the winged Mothula! Winged Mothulas are even more of a
    terror than their wingless forms, because they can soar through the air with
    their four powerful wings. Also, the winged Mothula can only be damaged once
    it is grounded, and to do that you must hack off all four of its wings. Like
    wingless adults, this Mothula can eject a large swarm of Morths to distract
    you while it flies overhead. Its pincer attacks are also a thing to be feared,
    though they aren't as quick and sudden as its wingless kin. The most
    distinctive attack that the winged Mothula has is its rocket-powered charge.
    With a burst of fire, the Mothula will swoop down on you and strike, releasing
    Morths as is goes. This attack is difficult to counter, so keep your distance
    from the Mothula. Because the Mothula will be flying around the room, it will
    be hard to get close enough to attack it with your sword without getting hurt
    yourself. The easiest way to remove its wings is by stunning it with the Deku
    Leaf. Once stunned, the Mothula will drift slowly towards the ground. Take
    this opportunity to attack it. Remember to cut down the grass around you for
    hearts if your health gets low, and use a spin attack every once in a while to
    shake the Morths off you when they accumulate. If you need cover, hide behind
    one of the large trees in the room. After the Mothula's wings have been
    removed, attack and defeat it as if it were a regular wingless Mothula. It
    will take longer to kill than a normal wingless adult, but its attack patterns
    and movements will be the same. Just make sure you kill it as soon as you can,
    because it will grow its wings back eventually if you don't.
    After you triumph over the Mothula, a chamber will open in the back of the
    room, containing a large treasure chest. Inside it is the amazing BOOMERANG.
    The Boomerang is your first true projectile weapon, and it's one of the best
    items in the game. Manually, it can be used to strike up to five different
    targets. It is the game's most efficient way to stun enemies, leaving them
    open for attack and making things like ChuChus and Peahats so much easier to
    kill. Because of this, the Boomerang remains a useful item even late in the
    game. You will need to use the Boomerang to get out of the room, since the
    only door out won't unseal even after you kill the Mothula or open the large
    chest. Above the door there are two diamond-shaped switches that you must
    target at the same time with the Boomerang. Hitting them both in one shot will
    unseal the exit. Before you leave with your new prize, shatter the Mothula's
    remaining treasure sphere for rupees, hearts and a Golden Feather.
    Peahats and Boko Babas won't stand a chance against the Boomerang, since you
    can lock on to your targets and dispatch them quickly with your new weapon. In
    fact, Boko Babas will be killed in only a single hit! Destroy any Peahats in
    the previous room before looking for the Grappling Hook point in the northwest
    corner. After you hook onto it, climb up the rope and stand on top of the
    beam. By doing this you can grapple onto another beam further up. Instead of
    climbing this one however, simply use it to swing to the ledge below it. Now
    jump over to the flat vine moving up in down in front of the ledge. When it
    hoists you up to the second flat vine, jump to it and use it to get to another
    ledge. Cut down the trees that block the treasure chest, and then open it to
    get a Joy Pendant. Now glide back down to the previous level of the room.
    Apart from the winged Mothula's room, there is another door in the room's
    third story. It is blocked by two vine flowers however, so use the Boomerang
    to target them both and destroy them. Once the door is free, use it to get to
    the water-filled room.
    There aren't any Peahats in the upper level of this room, but there is a large
    amount of hanging pods that you have to get rid of before you sail over to the
    other side with the Deku Leaf. Use the Boomerang to cut down five at a time
    until a path is clear. When you float over to the opposite ledge, open the
    chest on your left for another Joy Pendant and use the unblocked door.
    This door will put you at the very top of the main hub room. Ahead of you,
    you'll be able to see five blue vines that the enormous flower hangs from.
    Take out the Boomerang and target all five of them. When they are cut at the
    same time, the massive plant will fall to the forest floor and crash through
    it, revealing the dungeon's basement through the gaping hole. Before you jump
    down though, sail down to the warp cauldron to return to the first room of the
    dungeon, and then walk to the second room.
    When you enter, you should see a Baba Bud in front of this previously-explored
    room. Use it and the Deku Leaf to reach the other buds that will take you to
    the opposite grassy ledge. The Baba Bud here will launch you up to a new Baba
    Bud on the west wall. Launch yourself straight over the thorny vine waving
    around and glide to the ledge with yet another Baba Bud. The ledge contains a
    chest, but it's sealed by a vine flower. Only with the Boomerang can you
    destroy it and acquire another Treasure Chart. You can use the Baba Bud on the
    ledge to reach the opposite ledge, but you'll have to watch out for a live
    Boko Baba when you get to it. Rummage the nearby branches and jars for rupees
    and a Joy Pendant, but avoid the green ChuChus. After you are satisfied with
    what you have, return to the hub chamber and drop down to the basement. Try to
    fall through the opening so that the large flower cushions your fall. When you
    reach the basement, ignore the Baba Bud and the wind lever and use the door
    Walk forward and use the Boomerang to kill a Peahat and several Morths sitting
    on the islands in the water ahead. The room forks into two directions, but the
    only path you can take is to the right. Jump across the pond via the islands
    and then hurry through the grass. Several tentacle-like plants lurk in the
    grass, and while they aren't dangerous, the creepy plants can grab onto your
    head and prevent you from moving, draining your magic power as well. You can
    cut them down, but they grow back in a matter of seconds. You'll also want to
    avoid the green ChuChus. Use the door at the end after you get through the
    When you reach the next room, you'll see another large flower hanging from
    four vines ahead. Before you cut it down, use the flower as a platform to
    reach the opposite ledge. Open the chest here for a yellow rupee. Now turn
    around and cut down the flower's four vines with the Boomerang. The bottom of
    this room is filled mainly with water. Watch out for the Octorok shooting
    stones at you from the west tunnel. If you need to get back up to the entrance
    for some reason, use the ladder on the north side of the room. On one shore
    you will see a bomb flower, while on the opposite one there is a door blocked
    by wooden boards. Jump over to the bomb flower and then quickly carry it
    across the large flower so that you can blow up the wooden boards. The room
    beyond the door is optional, but it contains a Treasure Chart so enter it
    From the entrance jump from platform to platform until you get to the central
    island, killing Peahats and Boko Babas along the way. There is a treasure
    chest inside of the hollow tree in the middle, and you can enter it by
    crawling through a small tunnel in the back, but there is no way you'll be
    able to destroy the vine flower that holds the chest shut once you are inside.
    There just isn't enough room to stand back far enough to hit the flower while
    it is opened. Instead, look for a platform with Morths directly behind the
    tunnel entrance. Kill its occupants and then jump over and defeat the Boko
    Baba plant on the next platform. It will transform into a Baba Bud; use it to
    reach the north ledge up above. From here, call the cable platform over by
    blowing the lever on your left with the Deku Leaf. The cable platform won't
    move afterwards though, so you'll have to ferry yourself across manually. Turn
    to face north and blow yourself across on the platform with gusts of Deku Leaf
    wind. When you reach the south ledge, pick the bomb flower growing there, turn
    and then toss it into the hollow tree down below. The explosion should kill
    the vine flower guarding the treasure chest. Hop down into the hollow tree and
    open it to receive a valuable Treasure Chart. Now exit the room.
    Once again, defeat the Octorok and cut down the flower hanging from the
    ceiling in the previous room. Obtaining the optional Treasure Chart also
    taught you a valuable lesson; how to use the Deku Leaf as a propeller to push
    yourself across distances. You can do the same here by using the large flower
    as a raft. Face east and then ferry yourself through the river with gusts of
    wind. The river will turn to the left, and you'll have to fight two more
    Octoroks as well. Jump onto the ledge at the end, which is too high to reach
    from the water otherwise. Enter the door on your left before the ChuChus and
    magic-draining tentacles reach you.
    As soon as you enter the dark room ahead, thick, thorny vines will block the
    entrance, trapping you inside. The Korok dwelling in the back of the room
    contains a treasure chest, but access is blocked by a wooden gate that won't
    lift itself until you hit five diamond-shaped switches in the room with one
    toss of the Boomerang. Use the spiral ramp around the Korok dwelling to get on
    top of it. Sweep the Boomerang around the room in a circle until it targets
    all five diamond-shaped switches around you. A large tree in the northwest
    corner will disrupt the Boomerang's path through the air, so you should
    probably begin and end the sweep with the switches that are on either side of
    the tree. Once the gate to the Korok dwelling is lifted, go inside and open
    the chest for the Big Key. Of course, you still need to find the boss's room.
    As soon as you emerge from the dwelling with the Big Key, two Kargarocs will
    fly over head and drop two Moblins into the room to challenge you. While
    fighting two at a time is obviously harder than just one, the advantage to
    this is that the Moblins will often damage each other with their far-reaching
    spears. Also, this time you have the Boomerang to even the odds. You can use
    it to stun the Moblins, leaving them open for attack. After they are defeated,
    climb back onto the Korok dwelling and use the Grappling Hook to reach the new
    exit door (the thorny vines won't remove themselves from the entrance).
    This is the room where you first encountered the grabbing tentacles. You will
    emerge from the southwestern entrance this time, so walk forward and jump off
    the first ledge. Defeat the ChuChus in the grass and make sure to kill the
    Morths from afar before making your way over to the east door.
    To escape from the basement, stand on the patch of land in front of the door
    and send a gust of wind from the Deku Leaf to the wind lever on your left.
    This will create an updraft that will blow from the large flower you cut loose
    earlier. The updraft will only last for little more than ten seconds, so
    quickly jump into the Baba Bud next to you and use the Deku Leaf once you are
    airborne to float. When you glide into the updraft, it will push you up to the
    first floor. The path that leads to the boss's lair is beyond the unused east
    door up here blocked by a pair of vine flowers. With the Boomerang, destroy
    the vine flowers and enter the door.
    This new passage will seal itself with thorny vines as soon as you set foot
    into it. Not long afterwards, you will be attacked by a pack of Mothulas. The
    Boomerang will make fighting them easier, but that's no guarantee that you
    won't get hurt. After defeating them both, the thorny vines will retract into
    the ground and a treasure chest will appear along the south wall. It only
    contains yet another Joy Pendant (don't worry, you will find use for them soon
    enough). Shake off the Morths and use the door at the end of the passage.
    This is the final room before you face the Forbidden Woods' boss. There are
    around fifteen pods in this room that you can break, and it's a lot of fun
    doing so with the Boomerang. Watch out, because some of them conceal ChuChus
    or Morths, but others hide valuable items like Fairies, rupees and other
    refills. The third warp cauldron is also in this room. If you plan on using
    it, grab a Boko stick from the jar and light it on fire using one of the
    torches in front of the boss door. Use the burning stick to burn off the
    wooden covering on top of the cauldron. Save your game before you enter the
    boss's chamber.
    Unexpectedly, Link finds not a boss inside this large chamber, but Makar!
    Suddenly however, a blue man-eating plant appears behind the young Korok and
    swallows him whole! With a wicked cackle, the plant hoists itself onto the
    ceiling with its many ropelike vines, flailing its dangerous tentacles about.
    The boss of the Forbidden Woods is named KALLE DEMOS. This giant flower
    possesses a host of vicious tentacles that do its bidding, and all the while
    the boss remains invincible while it is protected by its enormous magical
    petals. Offensively, Kalle Demos will slash, flail, whip and jab at you with
    its many tentacles, and the best way to avoid them is to keep moving at almost
    all times. Because they surround Kalle Demos on all sides, it is nearly
    impossible to get out of range of the savage flower. If you see the tentacles
    bury themselves underground, get ready to run. In mere moments they will begin
    to track you down beneath the undergrowth and burst from the ground when they
    reach you. Luckily, while you can't see the tentacles themselves, you can see
    the disturbances in the soil that they make while they move underground.
    Killing Kalle Demos will require the Boomerang. As long as the boss's petals
    remain closed, you won't be able to hurt its vulnerable head, so you must use
    the Boomerang to cut it down from the ceiling. The many vines that support
    Kalle Demos can be severed easily with this weapon. Try to target five at a
    time so that you get them all cut quicker and the amount of time you spend
    standing still is lessened. The vines also grow back if you don't sever them
    all soon enough, but once you do, Kalle Demos will fall to the ground and open
    its blue petals. Quickly run forward and begin hacking at the plant's head.
    Kalle Demos will only last a few seconds on the ground before it pulls itself
    up again with renewed vines. If its petals close with you still inside, you
    will suffer a lot of damage and be spit back out. However, it may be worth it
    to stay inside just to deal more damage to the boss's head. If you do, you may
    be able to kill Kalle Demos in only two rounds. After the plant replaces
    itself on the ceiling, simply repeat the same process as before with the
    Boomerang. It shouldn't take more than three rounds to destroy Kalle Demos. If
    you run low on health, cut down the grass around the edges of the room for
    hearts. After disuniting the boss's head once and for all, Makar will be
    regurgitated and you will be rewarded with another Heart Container! Makar will
    give his grateful appreciation, but insist that both he and Link return to the
    Forest Haven as soon as possible to complete the annual Korok ceremony. Use
    the magical portal that appears in the center of Kalle Demos's corpse to
    escape the Forbidden Woods.
    Back in the Forest Haven, the Great Deku Tree forgives the young Makar for his
    mischief, and rewards Link for rescuing him with FARORE'S PEARL. Finally, the
    Koroks and the Great Deku Tree begin their annual ceremony. Makar begins by
    playing his violin, and the other Koroks join in chant. Eight magical Deku
    seeds fall from the Deku Tree's canopy, and eight of the Koroks fly up to
    receive them. With a final farewell, they set off across the Great Sea to
    plant their seeds and begin new forests.
    Chapter 5: The Quest for Nayru's Pearl.
    After the Korok ceremony is over, feel free to begin any new endeavors in the
    Forest Haven. You can use the leafy platform that the Deku Leaf was on to
    reach a Baba Bud that will shoot you to a new ledge, from which you can head
    outside and open the Nintendo Gallery. Now you can begin collecting a bunch of
    cool figurines! You can also get a Treasure Chart by blasting yourself up to
    the highest ledge in the Forest Haven. There is more as well down on the
    forest floor. One of the two Koroks that remained in the Forest Haven after
    the ceremony is Hollo (the other being Makar), who can be found inside a
    cavern to the left of the Great Deku Tree. Hollo's talent is making potions
    out of Boko Baba Seeds. Present him with four at a time to get a bottle of
    Blue Potion, which restores all of your health and energy. You can also use an
    Empty Bottle to capture a luminous Forest Firefly in the haven, which you will
    need to get the DELUXE PICTO BOX from Lenzo on Windfall Island. Without it,
    you won't be able to collect any figurines for your Nintendo Gallery
    collection. Lastly, you can get a free Piece of Heart in the postbox outside,
    sent to you from the Rito chieftain as an apology for not thanking you back on
    Dragon Roost Island.
    The next place that the King of Red Lions will mark for you on the Sea Chart
    is Greatfish Isle, which is located many sea quadrants northwest of the Forest
    Haven. You'll have to cover a lot of distance to get there, and you may end up
    passing such landmarks as Ice Ring Isle, the Private Oasis and Stone Watcher
    Island. While sailing through these waters, it isn't improbable that you'll
    run into two of the Great Sea's most common enemies; cannon boats and GYORGS.
    Cannon boats, commonly found patrolling reefs, are small pirate warships that
    can fire explosive cannonballs at you. You probably won't be able to stand up
    to one until you have cannons of your own on the King of Red Lions. Gyorgs are
    rarer, but just as annoying. These sharks will swim alongside and ahead of
    your boat in groups of up to five as you sail, before turning around and
    ramming you with their hard heads. If you try to stay put, the Gyorgs will
    simply circle your boat, taking turns to ram you off it. The Boomerang is an
    effective way to get rid of a Gyorg; two hits will kill one. SEAHATS and
    oceanic Octoroks are also common, especially around Southern and Northern
    Triangle Island. Seahats are ugly fishlike creatures that ram your boat to
    knock you off, just like Gyorgs. They share the same weakness as their
    terrestrial relatives, the Peahats, however; the Boomerang.
    When at long last you begin to approach Greatfish Isle, a dark rain cloud will
    cover the sky and an endless downpour of rain will begin to fall. A disk of
    clouds will swirl over Greatfish Isle, similar to the one that was on Dragon
    Roost Island before you defeated Gohma. This can only mean that, once again,
    Ganon's forces have reached your destination before you have. Ganon's raid
    will become even more evident the closer you get to the island (or rather,
    what is left of it). What was once a sanctuary for the spirits of water is now
    a twisted convulsion of upturned earth and ruins. Greatfish Isle was the home
    of Jabun, the spirit who holds Nayru's Pearl. However, no sign of him remains.
    After Link lands on Greatfish Isle, a voice will call his name. Quill the
    postman has been looking for Link, and it seems that he has information about
    Jabun's whereabouts. The water spirit managed to flee Greatfish Isle before it
    was torn to pieces by Ganon, and he is now in the very place where Link's
    quest began; Outset Island. Even if Link were to return there however, he
    wouldn't be able to see Jabun because the spirit has hidden inside a cave and
    sealed its entrance with an enormous slab of stone. Quill mentions that even
    the pirates weren't able to get through, and that for some reason they are
    interested in seeking Jabun's treasure. Unfortunately, it was Quill who
    unsuspectingly tipped them off to where Jabun was hidden. Luckily, they
    weren't able to break through Jabun's defenses and were last seen on Windfall
    Island. After Quill departs, the King of Red Lions will advise you to return
    to Windfall Island to see what the pirates are up to.
    There is nothing on Greatfish Isle left to do expect obtaining a Piece of
    Heart. If you want it, swim out from the beach to a vaguely spiral-shaped
    island southeast of the main isle. Climb to the top of this island and play
    the Wind's Requiem, setting the wind to blow northwest. Using the Deku Leaf,
    glide over to a small alcove on the left side of the largest island, which is
    to the right of the one the King of Red Lions is docked at. Hidden on this
    ledge is a large treasure chest that contains the Piece of Heart. While you
    were on top of the spiral-shaped island, you may have also noticed one of the
    Koroks from the Forest Haven standing beside a withered forest tree. It seems
    that the curse brought unto the Great Sea by Ganon has affected the Deku
    Tree's seeds as well. You'll have to solve this dilemma later....
    To reach Windfall Island from Greatfish Isle, sail directly northeast. The
    only island in your way is Tingle Island, where Tingle can now be found.
    Speaking of which, if you check your Tingle Map, you can see that there is an
    island northwest of Windfall Island that contains a Great Fairy. If you visit
    her, she will give you a valuable upgrade. Remember to check it out after your
    business on Windfall is completed.
    As suspected, the pirate ship is docked in an alcove on Windfall Island, the
    very same one you met the King of Red Lions in, in fact. Since Tetra and her
    crew of pirates are probably up to no good, you definitely won't be able to
    get any information out of them if you confront them directly. You'll have to
    try something more subtle. As you may know, Windfall Island has a bomb shop at
    the top of the hill outside of town. Bombs seem like just the thing for
    forcibly getting through a slab of rock blocking the entrance to a cave.
    Unfortunately, if you try and enter the building, you'll be very rudely told
    to go away. You'll have to find another way inside. Go around the left side of
    the building to get to a thin ledge that you can sidle across. After you get
    across, climb to the top of the building using the ivy growing up the back
    side of the building. There is an opening up here that you can crawl through.
    Link quietly crawls onto a balcony overlooking the unusual scene below.
    Cannon, the bomb maker, is bound and gagged, struggling in vain against his
    pirate captors. It seems that in retaliation to the ridiculous prices Cannon
    was charging for his bombs, the pirate crew decided to tie him up and steal
    the bombs instead. As Gonzo and Mako celebrate their achievement, Mako brings
    up Quill in conversation, congratulating Gonzo for pulling Jabun's information
    out of the unsuspecting postman so easily. Tetra is also present, and she
    seems eager to return to Outset Island as soon as possible. Gonzo on the other
    hand believes that the crew should stay overnight at Windfall Island so that
    they can party. Tetra dismisses this idea at first, but when she catches sight
    of Link listening in on their conversation, she suddenly changes her mind.
    Perhaps there is more to Tetra than Link doesn't know about. She announces to
    her crew that on first light tomorrow morning, they will set sail for Outset
    As the pirates make their way out the door with their explosive cargo, Mako
    asks Gonzo for the password into the ship. Pay attention to what the password
    is, since you will have to recite it letter for letter in order to infiltrate
    the pirate ship. The password is random, but it's never anything that is too
    difficult to remember. After the pirates leave, jump down from the balcony and
    walk out the door (never mind Cannon, who will remain tied up until someone
    else finds him).
    To get to the pirate ship, head for the cape on the north side of the island.
    Jump down from behind the stone monument to land on the pirate ship's deck.
    There doesn't seem to be anyone up here, so try using the door to the lower
    deck. Niko's voice will ask a random security question that fits the password
    that you just heard. Input the exact password to gain entrance. Niko is rather
    picky, so keep in mind that the password is case-sensitive. Once you get
    inside, head downstairs to Niko's training room.
    Niko, who was left in charge of the ship while everyone else parties, is ever
    happy to see his old swabbie. Rumors among the pirates had it that Link was
    killed by the monstrous bird of the Forsaken Fortress. To celebrate Link's
    brief return, Niko will prepare another training lesson for him.
    This lesson is harder than the first, but it shares the same basics of its
    predecessor. The lanterns hanging from the room will once again be used to
    swing over to the ledge on the opposite side. This time, there are no
    platforms, but stacks of crates instead. Because there are no platforms that
    lower once the time limit has been reached, there is instead a metal gate over
    the door to the back room that will close if you don't make it. You have to
    swing from rope to rope without falling off or landing on the crates (you
    won't be able to reach the ropes again from the crates). As before, use the
    ladder to escape the pit if you fail, and use the two floor switches near the
    entrance to reset the training session. Unfortunately, you can't cheat by
    using any of your items like the Grappling Hook or Deku Leaf, but you are
    allowed to skip ropes if you feel you can swing over to the one after it. Be
    careful not to let go of the ropes if the next one is swinging off to the
    side, and wait until it is in front of you. You get about a minute to complete
    the task, so listen for the timer if you start to lag behind.
    After you accomplish the objective, Niko leaves you with a treasure chest that
    contains the BOMBS. Bombs are very useful, but very dangerous at the same
    time. They can be used in the exact same fashion as bomb flowers, except you
    don't have the restriction of not being able to pick where your bombs can be
    used. Bombs can blow up all sorts of things, such as jars and cracked
    boulders. They can also be used to stun or damage large groups of enemies like
    ChuChus. At sea, bombs can be used in the form of a large cannon that can fire
    explosive cannonballs at seagoing enemies like Octoroks, cannon boats and
    Seahats. You can only carry 30 to begin with though, so search for bomb
    pickups if your supply gets low.
    Immediately after you claim your new weapons, Tetra's voice will issue from
    the Pirate's Charm. She seems upset that a little rat like Niko let Link take
    the bombs from the pirates, but she is also amazed that Link managed to
    survive his encounter in the Forsaken Fortress. Tetra assures Link that first
    thing tomorrow morning, the pirates set sail for Outset Island in search of
    Jabun's treasure. If Link manages to find him before then, he'll be able to
    get Nayru's Pearl. The race is on!
    Exit the pirate ship the same way you came in, and then head into Windfall
    Island. Due to the weather, there isn't any activity outside compared to
    usual, but you can still find things to do. Visit the postbox for letters from
    Orca and Beedle. Orca will tell you to bring him ten Knight's Crests once you
    have them, but Beedle will offer something you can take advantage of right
    away. He'll now start selling bombs on his shop ships, so you can stock up on
    supplies when you get low. He'll also send you Beedle's Chart, which lets you
    see where his shop ships are located in the Great Sea. You should also trade
    in your Chu Jellies for potions at Doc Bandam's shop. He will need fifteen
    samples of each color to start making the potion of that color. After you
    supply yourself with potions, return to the King of Red Lions and set the wind
    to blow northwest.
    As pressing as the matter of Jabun is, you have time for a slight detour.
    Northwest of Windfall Island is a small islet called Northern Fairy Island. It
    is marked on Tingle's Chart, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it.
    Northern Fairy Island is one of five Fairy Islands in the Great Sea that are
    home to one of the game's seven Great Fairies. The Great Fairy on Northern
    Fairy Island lives inside the conch shell-shaped building on the island,
    called a Fairy Fountain. Just for visiting her, she will expand your capacity
    for carrying rupees. You will now be able to carry up to 1,000 rupees, rather
    than the pathetic 200 that you can currently hold. Also, you can use the many
    smaller Fairies in the fountain to restore your health. Back outside, you will
    find something just as valuable, but slightly more dangerous; a blue ChuChu.
    Blue ChuChus are extremely rare. There are only 23 in the entire game, and
    they supply you with Blue Chu Jelly once they are defeated. Blue Chu Jelly can
    be used at Doc Bandam's potion shop to make Blue Potion, but you'll need to
    find fifteen blue ChuChus first. Blue ChuChus only give their jelly once, so
    if you kill the same one over again during subsequent visits, it will merely
    give you a yellow rupee. Be careful when battling the blue ChuChus, since they
    have a field of electromagnetic energy that can give you quite a jolt if you
    attack them. Stun them with the Boomerang first, or just use the Grappling
    Hook to steal the jelly. As if that weren't enough, you can head north to find
    another submarine, which contains a Treasure Chart. After you are finished,
    play the Wind's Requiem to make the wind blow south towards Outset Island,
    which is all the way across the Great Sea.
    There are many islands that you will pass en route to Outset Island, but none
    that warrant a detour just yet. As you near the end of your incredibly long
    journey, the King of Red Lions will come to the realization that a curse has
    fallen over the Great Sea. Ganon's curse has kept the world dark and stormy
    ever since your arrival on Greatfish Isle. It is almost as if time itself was
    frozen. This means that you won't have to worry about being beaten to Jabun by
    the pirates, since daylight isn't going to come. Link will now have time to
    visit his family and friends after being away for so long.
    Sadly, Outset Island has taken a turn for the worst ever since you left. At
    night, it is no longer safe for the townspeople to go out because of the
    monsters that prowl the island. Red and green ChuChus are the most common of
    these invaders, but other new enemies can be found at the top of the path to
    the Forest of Fairies. Before you go there however, you should visit Orca. You
    won't have the ten Knight's Crests he wants yet, but you can get other
    valuables out of him by participating in his swordplay training sessions. The
    objective of his training is to see how many times you can hit him before he
    hits you three times. The higher you score, the better your prize will be. If
    you hit him 500 times or more, for example, you'll get a Piece of Heart!
    You should also visit Link's grandmother. She has fallen ill and delirious,
    but you can cure her if you have a bottled Fairy. If you don't, you can get
    one in the Forest of Fairies. Once Link's grandmother has been healed, she
    will offer to serve you a helping of Link's favorite soup. Elixir Soup, as it
    is called, is a miracle potion that you can keep in an Empty Bottle. It heals
    you completely, restores all of your magic power, and it doubles the strength
    of your sword attacks until the first time you get hit! The best part about it
    is that you get two helpings per bottle, and you can return any time for
    After you stock up on Elixir Soup, head outside again. The only major
    difference on Outset Island that you should take note of is Rose's wild pig.
    Of the three you found for her earlier, only one remains, but it has grown to
    an enormous size. It is so big that you won't be able to pick it up without
    the right equipment. Anyway, walk to the east side of the island and follow
    the path near the watchtower towards the Forest of Fairies, defeating any
    ChuChus you may come across. As you climb the grassy path past the small row
    of trees, several MINIBLINS will attack you. Miniblins are demonic little
    creatures that are incredibly weak on their own, but quite annoying and
    sometimes overwhelming in a group. They come out of nowhere in great numbers,
    jabbing you with their tridents and annoying you with their distinctive
    prattles. Luckily, you can kill a Miniblin with only two swipes of the Hero's
    Sword. Once you reach the top of the path and shake off the last few
    Miniblins, climb up to the tomb-shaped outcrop on the ledge behind you. Since
    the bridge ahead is broken, the only way to get to the Forest of Fairies is by
    gliding across with the Deku Leaf from this outcrop. First though, you must
    make the wind blow west by playing the Wind Waker. Once you get across the
    gap, enter the Forest of Fairies.
    As you did on your way to rescue Tetra, follow the path on the right through
    the forest. When you get to the second clearing, you'll have to defeat a
    Mothula that's prowling around. There are also a few Morths lurking inside the
    hollow log, but they won't bother you if you leave them alone. When you climb
    up to the ledge in the back, you'll see a large boulder on your right covered
    in cracks. The signpost next to it indicates that this is the site of a Fairy
    Fountain that has come to be known as the Fountain of the Fortune Goddess.
    Tingle's Map will also show that this Fairy Fountain contains the only other
    Great Fairy who will expand your rupee-carrying capacity. Use a bomb to blow
    up the rock and expose the pit beneath it. Fall through and speak to the Great
    Fairy inside the fountain for an upgrade. This fairy will allow you to carry
    up to 5,000 rupees! After you are finished, leave the fountain and head for
    the exit of the Forest of Fairies. If you choose to go back the way you came,
    you'll have to fight the Mothula again. If you continue through the forest to
    the third clearing, two Moblins and a large group of Morths will challenge
    you. After you reach the exit, head all the way back down to the King of Red
    It's time to find Jabun once and for all, so that you can get your hands on
    the final sacred pearl and unlock the power that will defeat Ganon. After your
    errands on Outset Island are finished, hop on the King of Red Lions and sail
    to the back of the island's western side. Jabun's hideout is a small cave
    sealed by a large stone slab and protected by an enormous whirlpool. You may
    have seen this whirlpool from the top of Outset Island. Since you cannot
    approach Jabun's hideout without avoiding the whirlpool, you will have no
    choice but to cruise straight into it. As the tidal current sweeps you in a
    circle around and around, use the bomb cannon on your boat to launch
    explosives at the stone slab covering the cave entrance. The slab is cracked,
    and if you hit the weak points on it you will be able to break a piece of it
    off. The slab is made up of three pieces, so three direct hits will destroy it
    completely. When shooting, aim for the spot where the fracture marks
    intersect. The whirlpool will make it somewhat difficult to aim properly, so
    wait until the current brings you close to the island before you bombard it.
    The closer you get to the whirlpool's center, the faster it will spin you and
    the harder it will be to aim. If you don't destroy the stone slab in time, the
    whirlpool will suck you into its depths and you'll be forced to start over.
    After the stone slab is destroyed, the whirlpool will vanish and the entrance
    to Jabun's secret hideout will be uncovered.
    The King of Red Lions will drift slowly into Jabun's cavern. At first, there
    seems to be no sign of the water spirit. Then, a great fish rises out of the
    water and speaks the ancient Hylian language. Jabun is a great water spirit
    and the holder of the last sacred pearl. He and the King of Red Lions will
    have a brief conversation, and after it is finished, Jabun will release
    NAYRU'S PEARL. At last, the quest for the three sacred pearls of the goddesses
    is complete. The power that Nayru's Pearl possesses will break the curse that
    Ganon had set over the Great Sea, and sunrise will finally break over the
    horizon. With all three pearls, Link will be able to unlock a great power
    hidden beneath the sea. The King of Red Lions will mark the location of where
    the three pearls need to be placed in order for this power to be revealed on
    the Sea Chart.
    The three pearls must be placed in the hands of guidepost statues found on
    each of the three Triangle Islands that form another triangle around a vast
    stretch of empty sea. The nearest Triangle Island to Outset Island is Southern
    Triangle Island, located only two sea quadrants northeast of Outset. The small
    island is guarded by a large group of Seahats, so approach it cautiously with
    the Boomerang or cannon at the ready. When you get onshore, climb to the top
    of the island and place Nayru's Pearl in the hands of the glowing guidepost
    Head northeast from here to get to Eastern Triangle Island. This island, like
    the other two Triangle Islands, is very small and easy to miss. You won't find
    any enemies guarding it, but you might have to avoid a few updrafts. If you
    run into them, they'll spin you around and point you in another direction.
    They're more of an annoyance than a danger. Once you reach Eastern Triangle
    Island, place Farore's Pearl in the ancient statue's hands.
    The final Triangle Island is Northern Triangle Island, which is northwest of
    Eastern Triangle Island. As you approach it, you will see a giant cyclone
    tearing its way across the water's surface. Avoid it at all costs, and don't
    confuse it for the smaller and comparatively harmless updrafts. Large cyclones
    like this are controlled by the wind god, Cyclos. If you get too close, the
    angry Cyclos will suck you up into his vortex and whisk you across the Great
    Sea. There are also a few Octoroks on the other side of the island that should
    be avoided. Anyway, when you get to Northern Triangle Island, walk up to the
    guidepost statue and put Din's Pearl into its waiting hands.
    When all three sacred pearls have been placed into the hands of the three
    ancient statues, each one will transform into a crystalline statue of the
    three goddesses, Din, Farore and Nayru. They will each emit beams of bright
    light that will connect them, forming a large triangle of light across the
    Great Sea. From within this triangle, the Triforce crest will appear, and a
    majestic tower will rise up from beneath the waves. Behold, the Tower of the
    Chapter 6: The Blade of Evil's Bane.
    The Tower of the Gods is a dungeon that was built as a test of strength and
    merit for those who seek the power hidden beneath the sea. You will be tested
    by adversaries that you have never before encountered, and challenged by
    puzzles like which you have never before had to solve. To enter the dungeon
    and begin your trials, sail through the tower's outer wall and into the
    entrance at its base.
    The first chamber in the Tower of the Gods is filled with water. It pours in
    from the mouth of the large statue ahead of the entrance, only to be emptied
    out into the Great Sea again. This causes the water level in the room to rise
    and fall repeatedly every ten seconds. Because the room is so large, you'll
    need to cruise along on the King of Red Lions to get from place to place. The
    first door you should go to is the one immediately to your right. You won't be
    able to see it if the water level has risen. Once the water has receded, step
    onto the covered ledge and enter the door.
    Just because you are in a new room, that doesn't mean that you are safe from
    the fluctuating tides. A grate on the floor will allow the water to fill and
    empty into the room as usual. You will have to make this work to your
    advantage by using the boxes lying on the floor. While the water is out, move
    them around on the floor so that you can reach the ledges on the wall once the
    room has filled with water. Keep your Boomerang out, because you'll have to
    defeat a few yellow ChuChus that appear. You can't simply attack them, thanks
    to the electrical field that protects them if they aren't stunned. Yellow
    ChuChus don't have their own kind of Chu Jelly, but they do leave behind
    stores of Red and Green Chu Jelly. Some of the ledges along the side of the
    room are covered in stone slabs, so you'll have to place bombs near them to
    get inside. Although most of these ledges only contain jars with hearts or
    other pickups, the second one on the right side has a chest that contains the
    Dungeon Map for the Tower of the Gods. The farthest one on the opposite side
    has a Joy Pendant (and a yellow ChuChu guarding it), but to open it you'll
    have to place a bomb on the ledge preceding it, as close to the rock slab as
    you can. After you get everything and destroy all of the invading ChuChus,
    exit the room the same way you entered.
    When you get back on the King of Red Lions, cruise to the northeast corner.
    The ledge back here can only be climbed onto when the water level is up. The
    door on it is sealed however, and to unseal it you must place something on the
    glowing floor switch next to it. Use one of the two gray statues nearby, known
    as Armos statues, to hold down the switch while you enter the door.
    When you climb up the steps inside, another yellow ChuChu will appear. You can
    defeat it without stunning it if you are quick enough to attack before the
    ChuChu's electrical field activates. Anyway, the gap in the floor ahead will
    fill up with water through the grate on the floor, but even then the opposite
    ledge will be too high up to climb on. When the water level lowers again, jump
    into the pit and move one of the small crates on the floor onto the glowing
    switch. The switch will cause a bridge of mystical light to appear across the
    gap. Climb out via the ladder and wait for the water level to recede again.
    When the water is up, the floating crate will no longer be pressing the
    switch, so the light bridge will disappear. Once you cross to the other side,
    pick up the statue resting in the back of the room. When you hold it in your
    hands, both the statue and the exit will glow blue, indicating that you can
    only take the statue through the door if you are holding onto it. Cross the
    light bridge once more and exit with the statue in your hands.
    In the main room, take the statue over to the tiled enclosure on your left. In
    the center of this enclosure is a slot shaped just like the bottom of the
    statue. If you drop the statue into the slot, it will glow brightly and the
    large metal gate blocking the east side of the room will open. Get back on the
    King of Red Lions and cruise over to the new area. There is a ledge on your
    right that, as before, can only be reached when the water level has risen.
    Also, the door on it cannot be used until it unseals. Place the two Armos
    statues on either side of the door onto the two floor switches next to them,
    and the door will unseal.
    As soon as you enter this room, take note of the lit torches next to you and
    the unlit ones on the other side of the room. The Boko sticks in the jars
    along the wall will be used to light the unlit torches and reveal a treasure
    chest between them. The only problem is getting the sticks across without
    touching the water that fills the pit every ten seconds. Before grabbing a
    stick, jump into the pit when the water is out and arrange the large crates so
    that they form a line across the floor. They don't need to be touching, but
    they do need to be spaced far enough apart so that you can jump from one to
    the next when the water fills the room. After you are finished, climb out of
    the water pit and smash a jar to get a Boko stick. After it is lit, make sure
    the pit is filled with water before you attempt to cross. If you mess up and
    get the Boko stick wet or you drop it into the pit, you'll have to grab a new
    stick. When you make it across with the burning Boko stick, light the two
    torches to trigger the appearance of the treasure chest. This chest contains a
    small key. After you get it, exit the room but watch out for the swarm of
    ChuChus that will drop in.
    Get in your boat and cruise all the way to the west side of the room.
    According to your map, there should be two doors on this side, but all you can
    see is a wall. This wall however, is made up of three stone slabs that are
    susceptible to cannon fire. Use the boat's cannon to tear down the wall,
    revealing the doors behind it. When you climb past the ruined wall, swim over
    to the stairway that takes you up to the northwester door, but prepare to
    fight a yellow ChuChu.
    The small chamber past the door contains a treasure chest, but a patrolling
    RED BUBBLE guards it. Bubbles are spirits that resemble floating skulls. There
    are two kinds of Bubbles; Red Bubbles and Blue Bubbles. Red Bubbles are
    cloaked in flames, so touching one isn't the best idea. You can still attack
    it with your sword and most of your other weapons, but the best way to defeat
    one is to stun it with the Deku Leaf first. This will extinguish its flames
    and cause it to drop to the ground like a regular skull. Kill it before it
    revives itself again. Blue Bubbles are much more dangerous, but you won't run
    into one for a while. The chest in here contains the Compass. It will reveal
    that there is another treasure chest behind the back wall, but you can't get
    it without a new item. Until then, you'll have to ponder what lies behind the
    gaze of the eye on the wall.
    Return to the main room and grab a Boko stick from a jar along the wall. Use a
    torch to light it up, and then wait for the water level to recede. When it
    does, run down the steps and light the two torches on either side of the
    locked door. This will make a chest appear on the ledge next to the steps. It
    contains a Joy Pendant. Now, when the water level goes down again, run back
    down to the locked door and use the key you obtained earlier to open it.
    Like before, there is a statue in this room that you will need to bring
    outside to set on the similarly-shaped slot, but it is on a ledge much too
    high up to reach. Concentrate first on killing the four ChuChus that ambush
    you when you enter. Bombs can stun or kill them all in one blow, but it can be
    tricky using them with the water filling the room periodically. After all of
    the ChuChus are defeated, a stairway of light will appear, allowing you to get
    to the statue above. Pick it up and carry it to the exit, but make sure you
    don't get swamped.
    Run back up the steps in the other room before the water rises, and place the
    statue in its slot, just across from the northwest door. The statue will glow
    pink, and the mouth of the larger stature pouring water into the room will
    close. The water will stop pouring from it, coming in through sides instead.
    More importantly, a new pathway will be revealed beneath the mouth of the
    large statue. Swim over to the King of Red Lions and cruise over to the ledge
    that takes you to the pathway. The pathway cannot be reached unless the tide
    is up. At the end is a doorway that you must now enter.
    The next room is circular in shape, and in its center is a laser statue that
    will fire a white-hot beam of energy at you from its 'eye' if you get too
    close. The statue can be avoided by running around it, but if you want to
    defeat it you'll have to sacrifice some health. Hold a bomb in your hands and
    run up to the statue. When it shoots you, the bomb will explode and the
    statue's eye will shatter. The eye will only expose itself if it is attacking,
    so don't bother throwing a bomb at the statue from a safe distance. You should
    also take care of the two Rats in the room with the Boomerang. To proceed in
    this room, you'll need to place something on each of the three glowing
    switches in the back. There are two Armos statues near the entrance that you
    can use, but you'll still need one other object to place on the third switch.
    Luckily, the switches don't need to be pressed continuously, so just step on
    the third switch after you put the Armos statues on the other two. This will
    cause the platform behind the switches to move up and down. Jump onto the
    first platform, but don't fall into the chasm beneath it. Let the platform
    carry you up to a second, and then a third platform. Use the final one to
    reach a ledge, where the exit door is found.
    The somewhat circular hub of the Tower of the Gods is dominated by a large
    dais, flanked by three smaller plinths marked with strange symbols. The room
    branches out into three separate areas marked by doorways on the west, north
    and east side. Only the glowing east doorway is open; the other two will
    remain sealed for now.
    Kill the yellow ChuChu in the next room and use the moving platform to reach
    the other side. Along the way, take note of the eye-shaped symbol on your
    right, and the inaccessible doorway above it. On the other side, kill more
    ChuChus and enter the doorway.
    The next room has a strange glowing platform of light suspended over a pathway
    that takes you across the chasm. You can take either path to get to the other
    side. Here you will find a podium with a statue on it. Next to the podium
    you'll see a tablet that gives you instructions on what to do. After you call
    out to the guidepost statue, the pedestal it sits on will lower, and the
    statue will hop to your side. This sentient statue will be your brief
    'partner' until you return it to its plinth in the main hub. You can keep
    track of it on your map if you have the Compass; it is displayed as a pink
    dot. You can pick the guidepost statue up and carry it around like an Armos
    statue, but you can also have it follow along behind you on its own. Since you
    won't be able to fit beneath the luminous platform while you have the statue
    in your hands, you'll have to make it follow you across the winding lower
    pathway. Don't let the statue fall; otherwise you will both have to start
    again from the other side of the room. After you reach the end of the pathway
    and get out from underneath the light platform, pick up the guidepost statue
    and jump across the gap to the doorway. Make sure you are still holding the
    statue when you pass through the doorway, or else it won't go through with you
    and you'll have to retrieve it again.
    Be careful in the previous passage as you cross the gap. Thankfully, there
    aren't any ChuChus this time to bother you, so you don't have to set the
    statue down for any reason. When you reach the circular hub, the statue will
    hop by itself over to its plinth and begin to glow. With a flash of blinding
    light, a tablet will appear in the center of the central dais. The tablet is
    marked with symbols that resemble the ones you encountered on the Wind Shrine
    monument on Dragon Roost Island. Climb the steps to the dais and play the Wind
    Waker in front of it to trigger the sequence that is displayed on the tablet.
    Repeat this sequence (played in four-fourths time) to learn a song known as
    the Command Melody. The Command Melody, when played, allows you to assume
    control over Link's partners in a cooperative setting. This includes the
    guidepost statues in the Tower of the Gods. Unfortunately, you can't control
    the statues once they have been returned to their plinths, so you'll have to
    wait before testing out your new tune. After you learn the Command Melody, the
    west door will unseal, and the guidepost statue will instruct you to find its
    kin that await you. Following this, the tablet on the central dais will
    disappear again. Enter the newly unsealed west doorway.
    The next room splits off even further into two rooms, but both doorways are
    separated by the large chasm that takes up most of the floor. Before you do
    anything, defeat the two Bubbles floating around. Simply by stunning them with
    the Deku Leaf you can make them fall to their deaths. To get across to the
    opposite ledge, you'll need to use the Grappling Hook to attach yourself to
    the pair of beams above you. The door on your left is sealed, so don't bother
    reaching it. When you make it to the ledge across from the entrance, ignore
    the glowing floor switch and use the door.
    In the next room, you'll once again need the Grappling Hook to clear the gap.
    On the other side you'll find another guidepost statue. Call it down from its
    pedestal, and then step on the glowing switch on the floor to your left. This
    will cause a bridge of light to materialize across the gap. The only problem
    is that both you and the statue need to get across, and the bridge will only
    last as long as there is something holding down the switch. To solve the
    dilemma, play the Command Melody on your Wind Waker. Link will go into a weird
    trance, and you will instead take control over the guidepost statue! You
    should've left Link on the floor switch before you played the Command Melody,
    so that the bridge will still be there for the guidepost statue to cross. As
    the statue, you won't be able to do much expect make short hops. After you
    make it across, revert back to Link and return to the entrance the same way
    you came over; using the Grappling Hook. Once both Link and the guidepost
    statue are on the other side, pick up the statue and carry it into the next
    In the room with the sealed door, set the guidepost statue down onto the
    switch on your left. As long as it remains on the switch, the south door will
    stay unsealed. You won't be able to take the statue with you into the other
    room, but it will be waiting for you here when you return. To get to the west
    doorway, use the Grappling Hook again.
    When you enter this room, the door behind you will seal shut, and one of the
    game's most powerful enemies will challenge you. The DARKNUT is the mini-boss
    that guards your next weapon. Darknuts are heavily-armored, powerful knights
    that resemble jackals. They are elite warriors that serve Ganon, and they are
    more than proficient in swordplay and martial arts. Darknuts carry mighty
    swords that are powerful enough to reduce stone pillars to rubble. Their
    metallic body armor and helmet are strong enough to repel all of your attacks.
    The only way to get attacks in on the Darknut is to find a way to forcibly
    take its armor off. The body armor is attached to the Darknut by red straps
    that connect at the back. If you manage to cut through these straps, the armor
    will fall off and the Darknut's body will be exposed. The problem with this is
    that the Darknut will almost always be facing you, so it will be hard to get a
    clear shot of its back. Not to mention, getting close to the Darknut is very
    dangerous unless you have your shield out in front of you. The easiest way to
    get to the straps in its back is to parry its attacks. When a Darknut's
    attacks are parried, the counterstrike will knock off either its helmet or its
    armor. Taking the Darknut's helmet off won't help much for sword attacks, but
    you can quickly nip at the warrior's armor straps while it is still in
    surprise. If you hit the armor straps the first time, you can start attacking
    the Darknut directly. The Darknut will use its huge sword against you, but if
    you manage to knock it out of its hands during a parry strike, it will fight
    you in hand-to-hand combat. Its melee strikes are harder to parry, so back
    away from it and let it retrieve its sword. Alternatively, you can pick up its
    sword and use it against the Darknut. If you need health during this battle,
    let the Darknut destroy one of the pillars in the room, which will often
    release hearts. You can also destroy the pillars yourself by planting bombs at
    their base.
    After the Darknut has been defeated, the exit will unseal and a treasure chest
    will appear in the center of the room. Inside is the HERO'S BOW. This is the
    best projectile weapon in Link's arsenal, perfect for taking out enemies from
    a distance or those that are airborne. The bow's arrows can be aimed manually
    for striking stationary targets, or they can be fired with precision when the
    target is locked on. Like bombs, you can only carry up to 30 arrows until you
    get upgrades. Before you leave, make sure to grab the Knight's Crest that is
    left behind by the Darknut. Darknut's are the best way to obtain the ten that
    you need before you can present them to Orca.
    When you return to the previous room, you will see an eye-shaped symbol across
    from you. Use the Hero's Bow to fire a piercing arrow into the eye. The eye
    will shut and a pair of platforms will begin to move across the gap, allowing
    you to cross between the east and west ledges with the guidepost statue after
    you reach it. Before using the Grappling Hook to swing over to the west ledge
    (where the statue is waiting), fire a few more arrows at the floating Bubbles
    to kill them. When you get to the statue, pick it up and jump onto the moving
    platforms to reach the east door. As soon as you step foot on the ledge, one
    of the Armos statues along the wall will come to life an attack! ARMOS can
    only be defeated if you destroy the purple crystals on their backs. Attacking
    an Armos from behind is hard (but not impossible) unless you stun it first by
    hitting it in the eye with an arrow. Afterwards, a few chops to the back will
    destroy the crystal. Be careful though, because the Armos will then begin to
    whirl around out of control for a few seconds. If it hits you with the ring of
    spikes around its body, it will inflict damage. Armos are pretty easy to
    outmaneuver, as it's hard for them to change directions. Fighting this one is
    optional, so feel free to pass through the doorway with the guidepost statue
    if you aren't up to the battle.
    The second guidepost statue will hop over to its plinth in the main hub, and
    the final, north door will unseal. Before you proceed, you can use the Hero's
    Bow to acquire two treasures that were previously inaccessible. First, use the
    east door to get to the passage that connects the main hub to the room where
    the first statue rested.
    In addition to the ChuChus, an enemy called a WIZZROBE will attack you in this
    room. With the Hero's Bow, you can take out the ChuChus with unparalleled
    ease. The Wizzrobe is also vulnerable to arrow fire, but battling it is much
    trickier. Wizzrobes are eccentric mages that resemble robed toucans. They have
    the ability to teleport, levitate and cast magical balls of flame at their
    enemies. There are three different levels of power among Wizzrobes that
    determine how strong they are, and they are identified by their colors. Red-
    robed Wizzrobes are the most common. Another type, found on some of the
    platforms of the Great Sea, wear blue robes, and they share the same abilities
    as the red kind. The stronger yellow-robed Wizzrobes will only appear after
    you encounter yet another, entirely new species of Wizzrobe later on. To kill
    the Wizzrobe in this room, shoot it twice with the Hero's Bow. Try to hit it
    before it casts its fireballs. If the Wizzrobe teleports to another location,
    follow its distinctive sounds to locate it. After it is defeated, jump onto
    the platform moving across the gap in the room and shoot the eye symbol along
    the right wall. When you shoot it with an arrow as your platform passes by,
    another platform will extend from the wall, allowing you to reach the doorway
    above the eye as it moves up and down and side to side. Jump over to the new
    platform and enter the doorway.
    This room contains a pair of frightening-looking statues on either side that
    will attack as soon as they spot you. ARMOS KNIGHTS are much larger versions
    of the smaller Armos. They aren't as imposing as they look, but they can still
    cause a lot of damage if you don't know how to kill one. Attacking an Armos
    Knight directly is useless, so lock on to one and stay at a reasonable
    distance from it. When the Armos Knight opens its gaping mouth, toss an active
    bomb into it. If you want, stun the Armos Knight first by hitting its eye with
    an arrow before you toss the bomb in. Now run, because the Armos Knight will
    start spinning out of control for a few seconds before it blows up, just like
    an Armos. If the knights touch you, their impaling spikes will cause a lot of
    damage. After both Armos Knights are destroyed, open the chest that appears
    for a small prize (a Joy Pendant). Now return to the room before this one.
    Use the Deku Leaf to glide over to the west ledge, which leads to the hub.
    Before you can exit, the two Armos along the wall will attack you. Fight or
    avoid them, and then return all the way to the room where you got the Compass.
    You will have to cruise through the entrance room on the King of Red Lions to
    get there.
    Remember the eye symbol in this room? If you pierce it with an arrow, a hidden
    compartment in the wall will open, and a chest will be revealed. Inside this
    chest is a Treasure Chart. Make sure you kill the Bubble in the room before
    you try to get the chest. After you have the Treasure Chart, the two Armos in
    the room will awaken and attack you. When fighting them, try to get them to
    stick close to one another, for it's possible to stun them both using only one
    arrow. Now that you have all of your treasure, return to the hub where the two
    guidepost statues have been placed and enter the north doorway.
    There are three additional doors in the next room, but some of them can be
    tricky to reach. The pit in the middle of the room is filled with water, but
    unlike the rest of the tower, it won't rise or fall. Two circular platforms
    hang by chains into this pit, and depending on how much weight is on them,
    they will rise or fall like a balance scale. These platforms are necessary for
    reaching the back ledge, but the door there is locked so you'll have to find
    the small key first. Before you go after it, kill the two Keese in the room,
    and then jump onto the left-hand platform. Without anything else to balance
    out your weight on the other platform, the left one will lower. This is fine
    however, since you just need to be within bomb's reach of the cracked side
    wall. Unfortunately, there is no ledge to stand or place a bomb on, so you'll
    have to have careful timing to throw the bomb at the wall so that it explodes
    in midair before it plunges into the water. Wait to throw the bomb for when it
    begins to swell just before it explodes. After the wall is destroyed, jump to
    the ledge behind it and enter the door.
    This room is optional, but you can secure another Treasure Chart by clearing
    it. The two Armos Knights on either side will remain docile until you find the
    chest that they are guarding. According to the Compass, the chest should be in
    the middle of the floor, but actuality tells you otherwise. Instead, you will
    see two crests. One depicts the wind, while the other depicts the Triforce. If
    you play the Wind's Requiem on the wind crest, the chest containing the
    Treasure Chart will appear on top of the Triforce crest. The bad news is
    you'll have to face the wrath of the two awakened Armos Knights. If you want
    to conserve energy, exit without fighting them.
    From this ledge, you can see another doorway on the east side of the room.
    Swim across to it and enter. The large chamber beyond the door is filled with
    moving platforms, and it has no floor other than the ledge that you entered
    from and a few small ledges on the side. To begin with, use arrows to snipe
    out the two Red Bubbles in the room. Once the room is clear, jump out to the
    platform nearest to the ledge moving up and down. Use the Deku Leaf to float
    slowly if you need to. When the moving platform drops as low as it can go,
    jump out towards another platform moving forward and backwards. From this
    platform, fire an arrow at the eye symbol on the platform north of it. You can
    use the platforms south of the last moving one to get to a set of jars on the
    south side, containing refills. Anyway, when you hit the eye symbol, the
    platform that it is on will begin moving up and down. Jump onto it and let it
    lift you up to a ledge with a treasure chest. Open it to receive the small key
    that will open the door in the previous room. The key is all you need from
    this room, but if you are for some reason desperate for another Joy Pendant,
    continue using the platforms. The one to the left of the ledge with the first
    chest on it will take you up to another platform moving horizontally. Jump
    onto it and then aim for another eye symbol on a platform across from you. The
    said platform will begin moving towards (and then away) from you. Jump onto
    it, and turn to face the west wall. The final eye symbol in the room is just
    above the doorway, and hitting it will cause the treasure chest containing the
    Joy Pendant to appear on the upper south ledge.
    Return to the room with the balance scale-like platforms. Use the ladder in
    the water to climb back up to the south ledge. To get to the north side of the
    room, you'll have to jump on one of the balance scales while the other has
    more weight on it than yours does. The four Armos statues near the entrance
    can be used for this. They weigh about the same as Link, so they should be
    perfect for counterbalancing his weight. Toss two of them on one of the
    platforms so that the other is lifted upwards. Just one Armos statue will
    cause the scales to shift, but you need two if you want them to stay that way
    when you jump to the other one. Now jump over to the north ledge and unlock
    the door with your key.
    This room is where the third and final guidepost statue rests. It lies behind
    a set of laser beams that is impossible to get through. The switch on the
    floor near them will turn them off, but only if something is placed on them
    continuously. Since you can't control the guidepost statues until you awaken
    them, you'll have to find some way over the lasers. Climb onto the stone
    podium in the center of the room and jump outwards, using the Deku Leaf to
    sail safely over the yellow lasers. Call the guidepost statue down from its
    pedestal. Once it is at your side, play the Command Melody to take control of
    it. Hop over to the glowing floor switch to turn off the lasers. Don't worry
    about the statue; the little guy is impervious to the lasers and can pass
    through them unharmed. With the lasers deactivated, switch back to Link and
    run across to where the guidepost statue is sitting. Pick it up and carry it
    back to the previous room.
    A Wizzrobe will appear in the room with the balance scale platforms. Shoot it
    with arrows before it becomes a problem. Now you have to find a way back
    across the gap. The difference this time is that the guidepost statue accounts
    for the same amount of weight as Link does, so you'll need at least three
    Armos statues on one platform to outweigh the two of you. To start, throw the
    guidepost statue down to one of the platforms. Now climb out of the water to
    the other side by using the ladder. Place three of the four Armos statues on
    the other platform so that the one with the guidepost statue rises upwards.
    When you jump out to it, it should stay at the same height. Grab the guidepost
    statue and jump back to the south ledge.
    When all three guidepost statues return to their plinths in the main hub, they
    will emit beams of light into the central dais, causing a magical portal to
    appear from it. This portal will transport you up to the third floor when you
    step into its light.
    The only other door up here is sealed, but there is an ornate treasure chest
    sitting in a corner on the opposite side. Experience should tell you that this
    type of chest contains the Big Key to the boss's chamber. The only thing
    preventing you from confirming this is a set of laser beams, not unlike the
    ones in the third guidepost statue's room. To shut off the lasers, you will
    need to activate the three floor switches in front of them. The switches must
    be held down at the same time, but not continuously. Use the two Armos statues
    near the sealed north door to hold down two of the switches, but be careful of
    the laser-emitting statues on either side of the room when transporting them.
    Step on the final switch to deactivate the yellow lasers for good. Run over to
    the chest and open it. Sure enough, the Big Key is inside. Unfortunately,
    opening the chest will also awaken the two Armos statues you used to reach it.
    Defeating them will cause the exit door to unseal.
    Opening the door will take you to an elaborate staircase around the outside of
    the tower. Depending on what time of day it was when you entered the Tower of
    the Gods, you will be standing in either sunlight or moonlight. Almost
    immediately you will also hear the unmistakable cry of a Kargaroc. Walk up the
    set of steps in front of the entrance and kill the Kargaroc circling above
    with a single arrow. Before you can begin ascending the long staircase, you
    must get past a blue laser statue. Unlike the pink ones that rotate and fire
    tracking laser beams, blue statues stay fixed and fire their beams in a line
    across the floor. Although the laser will constantly adjust to block your
    progress past the statue's line of sight, this means that you can get close to
    the statue without getting hurt. Shoot its eye with an arrow to destroy it. As
    you climb further up, you will have to either destroy or avoid more laser
    statues of both colors. There is also another Kargaroc flying around near the
    top of the staircase, and two more pink laser statues past that. Just before
    the boss's door, break open the jars as usual for refills and Fairies. The
    final test of the gods awaits you when you open the door.
    To be recognized as a true hero by the gods themselves, Link must face one
    final opponent. At first, the boss's chamber is vacant. Then, an immense
    figure begins to glow on the wall; the face and hands of a giant statue. The
    statue speaks, acclaiming Link for reaching the summit of the Tower of the
    Gods. Now, he must accept the challenge.
    To pass the test of courage, you must defeat GOHDAN, THE GREAT ARBITER. The
    only weapons that you will need to do this are the Hero's Bow and the bombs.
    As Gohdan drifts overhead, target his disembodied hands and let fly with a
    pair of arrows. The red dots on Gohdan's palms are weak points, and striking
    them twice with arrows will neutralize them for the time being. After one hand
    falls, target the next one and attack it in the same fashion. With Gohdan's
    hands out of the way, you can go after his head. When both of the hands have
    been stunned, Gohdan's eyes will glow red. Target them and shoot them each
    with two more arrows, just as you did with Gohdan's palms. After piercing both
    of the boss's eyes, the head will fall to the ground with its mouth gaping
    wide open. Like the Armos Knights, Gohdan will suffer damage when you toss a
    bomb into his opened mouth. After the bomb is planted, wait for Gohdan to
    revitalize himself following the blast. His attacks will begin again, and the
    weak points on his palms will once again glow red. To defeat Gohdan for good,
    you must place a total of three bombs in his mouth after stunning his hands
    and hitting his eyes with arrows. However, Gohdan will attack you long before
    you finish stunning him the first time. His massive hands will swat, slap and
    punch you silly, but they can be stopped if you manage to hit them with arrows
    before their attacks connect. Gohdan's most fearsome weapon comes from his
    head. When his eyes stop glowing, a ball of energy will begin to charge from
    the boss's mouth. Moments later, a shower of fire will rain down upon you with
    frightening power and accuracy. Duck and roll as best as you can to avoid the
    attack. If you get hit, you will easily be sent flying across the room like a
    rag doll. Fortunately, Gohdan doesn't have any other attacks, so as long as
    you learn to avoid his hellfire and the punishment that the hands deal, you
    should do well against him. You must avoid the edges of the room however,
    because the electrified floor in the outer trench will give you quite a shock
    if you touch it. If you fall in, or get knocked in by Gohdan's attacks, climb
    back out as quickly as you can. Gohdan's hands will sometimes try to push you
    into the electrified trench, so make sure you get out of their way if you
    think this is about to happen. Arrows and bombs are essential for beating
    Gohdan, so if you happen to run out of them, the boss will sneeze out refills
    from his nostrils. It is unlikely that you will need more bombs (you only need
    three after all), but you may need more arrows as the battle progresses.
    When the third bomb has been placed in Gohdan's mouth, Link's trials will be
    complete. The pathway to the sacred land has been opened. Gohdan will replace
    himself on the wall and a Heart Container will fall from his nostrils. Step
    into the portal of light in the middle of the chamber after you collect the
    Heart Container.
    Instead of taking you back to the King of Red Lions, the portal will transport
    you to the tower's rooftop. Climb the ladder to reach the bell tower above
    you. When rung, the ancient bell will open the path to Hyrule, the kingdom
    lost beneath the sea. To ring the bell, attach yourself to it with the
    Grappling Hook and start swinging. The bell's chime will cause a ring of light
    to appear in the water at the base of the Tower of the Gods. Link and the King
    of Red Lions sail into the ring, to be taken beneath the sea.
    As Link descends deeper into the ocean, he discovers that he does not need to
    breathe. The King of Red Lions seemingly passes into another realm, one where
    time is frozen and the world appears to be but a distant memory. This is
    Hyrule Castle, where the power to defeat Ganon is said to rest.
    You must enter the castle to discover what awaits you. There is no need to
    stay outside the castle, so run up the steps and pass through the large
    entrance at the end of the path. The main hall inside Hyrule Castle, like the
    rest of the kingdom, is locked in a frozen state. Storming Moblins and
    Darknuts stand poised like snapshots around the stone statue of the Hero of
    Time. The item you seek is in the castle's basement. Through the Pirate's
    Charm, the King of Red Lions will help you find its entrance by giving you a
    clue. You must search for the Triforce crest somewhere in this room. In the
    center of the hall, in front of the Hero of Time's statue, are a Triforce
    crest and three triangular blocks that make a perfect fit when moved onto the
    crest. These triangular blocks can be pushed and pulled by their corners in a
    pivoting motion. Move them around so that they fit onto the Triforce crest.
    When all three blocks have been moved into position, they will sink into the
    floor and the crest will begin to glow. The Hero of Time's statue will slide
    backwards to reveal the entrance to the castle's basement. Climb up to the
    entrance and use the staircase to go inside.
    After climbing down a flight of steps, you will see a sword resting on a
    pedestal up ahead. This is the MASTER SWORD; the blade of evil's bane. This
    weapon was once wielded by the Hero of Time, and it was used to defeat Ganon
    in the past. Now, you must take the Master Sword from its place of rest and
    bring it to the world above so that you can do the same once again. After the
    Master Sword has been removed from its pedestal, five suits of armor around it
    lower their mighty swords into formation. Suddenly, as if though a seal has
    been lifted, Hyrule and its denizens spring to life once more. Run up the
    steps and return to the entrance hall.
    When the Master Sword was removed from its resting place, the Darknuts and
    Moblins that were in the process of raiding Hyrule castle came to life again.
    Unfortunately, this means that you will have to defeat every single one of
    them before you can leave. As soon as you exit the basement, the Hero of Time
    will seal its entrance shut and the first few enemies will advance towards
    you. This will be a tough battle, but you have the Master Sword to even the
    odds. This legendary weapon has twice the strength of the Hero's Sword, so
    even the mighty Moblins and Darknuts won't last long against it. In addition
    to the regular Darknuts, there are also some shielded DARKNUTS. Although the
    two types are identical in every way save for the large bucklers the new ones
    carry, they are treated as different enemies. Shielded Darknuts can block your
    attacks from the front, but if you parry them like you should, the vital areas
    beneath their armor will quickly be exposed. Because there are so many
    difficult enemies here to fight, make sure you take advantage of the treasure
    spheres they leave behind. They will usually supply you with enough refills to
    last you through the next enemy. This is also how you can pick up their
    spoils. Moblins leave behind Skull Necklaces, which will be handy later on
    when you return to Windfall Island. Darknuts (of either kind) drop Knight's
    Crests. There are seven Darknuts here, so if you collect all of their spoils,
    you should have enough for Orca when you return to Outset Isle. If you want to
    use the Grappling Hook to steal your opponents' spoils early, make sure they
    aren't wearing helmets (in the case of the Darknuts). Because of the room's
    size, it is likely that you won't have to fight more than three enemies at a
    time. They usually end up hurting each other anyway if they are all attacking
    you at once. After you defeat all of the Darknuts and Moblins on the bottom
    floor, head upstairs by climbing the staircase. Sweep through the balcony to
    finish off the remaining enemies.
    When you finally defeat them all, the magical energy beams blocking the exits
    will deactivate. You are free to use the lower exit, but the bridge outside is
    barred by a strange, magical barrier that is impossible to break through. You
    must return to the King of Red Lions and enter the ring of light in the water
    to be transported back up to the Tower of the Gods.
    Chapter 7: Into the Crow's Nest.
    According to legend, the Master Sword has the power to repel evil, so it is
    the only weapon that can defeat Ganon. Now that it is in your procession, you
    can return to the Forsaken Fortress and free Aryll from Ganon's wicked grasp.
    The fortress is a long way away though, so your first priority will be finding
    a way to travel across the Great Sea in a much quicker and more efficient way.
    To do this, you'll have to seek out Cyclos, the angered wind god who travels
    across the sea in his mighty cyclones. Cyclos can be found in one of a few
    locations, but the best place to find him after you get out of the Tower of
    the Gods is Northern Triangle Island, which is only one sea quadrant northwest
    of the tower.
    As soon as you see the giant tornado swirling around on the horizon, make a
    beeline towards it and have the Hero's Bow ready, well-stocked with a full
    quiver of arrows. When you catch up with the cyclone, Cyclos will appear from
    within it, mocking you for your lack of fear towards him. Normally, getting
    trapped within the vortex of a cyclone would mean you would have to wait
    helplessly before Cyclos sent you away to another part of the Great Sea. Now
    though, you have the Hero's Bow, and you can use it to fulfill the task that
    Zephos discharged you with. Aim carefully at Cyclos as he floats above you.
    You can't lock on to him, so you will need to use the Hero's Bow manually.
    Only three arrows will be needed to defeat Cyclos, but he can be hard to hit
    because of the powerful wind that blows around his cyclone. If you don't hit
    him three times soon enough, you will be sucked up into the cyclone and sent
    away. If you do hit him three times, the cyclone will subside and Cyclos will
    congratulate you for your impressive aim. He will then give you another
    challenge by flying through the air in a distinctive pattern. The pattern that
    he moves in is the sequence that you must repeat with the Wind Waker. If you
    follow Cyclos's movements carefully and repeat the notes on your Wind Waker
    (in four-fourths time; down, right, left, up) you will learn the Ballad of
    Gales. This is a very useful song that allows you to instantly warp from
    anywhere on the Great Sea to one of the following locations: Outset Island,
    Southern Fairy Island, Forest Haven, Tower of the Gods, Greatfish Isle, Dragon
    Roost Island, Windfall Island, Tingle Island and Mother & Child Isles. Apart
    from the Wind's Requiem, this is the most useful song in the game. Now that
    Cyclos's cyclones are under your control, you'll no longer have to fear them
    as you sail across the Great Sea.
    The Ballad of Gales will get you closer to the Forsaken Fortress much quicker
    than normal, but there are still a few detours that should be taken before you
    go there. To start with, play the new song and ride the cyclone to Outset
    Island. If you have at least ten Knight's Crests, go to Orca's house and
    present them to him. Orca will tell you the true meaning of the Knight's
    Crests. They are symbols of power, wisdom and courage, and those who have them
    are fit to learn a very special sword technique. As he did at the beginning of
    the game, Orca will train you on how to perform this new technique. By
    charging power when performing a spin attack, you can unleash a devastating
    Hurricane Spin. This cool attack will send you spinning like a hurricane for a
    few seconds, and anything that you run into will be in for serious pain. The
    Hurricane Spin is great for plowing through large groups of weak enemies like
    ChuChus and Miniblins. Be careful though, because using it consumes magic
    power. Also, after executing a Hurricane Spin without striking anything, Link
    will become dizzy for a few seconds, which could leave him vulnerable.
    Nevertheless, the Hurricane Spin is a great technique to have.
    Magic power is becoming more and more important as you find more ways to spend
    it, so it is a good idea to find the Great Fairy that will give you even more
    of it. This way you'll be able to use the Deku Leaf for greater periods of
    time or use the Hurricane Spin more often. To get more magic power, get on the
    King of Red Lions again and set the wind to blow east.
    The first island east of Outset Island is Headstone Island. It will play a
    more important role later in the game, but you can stop there now if you want
    to pick up a Piece of Heart with a seagull, or enter the nearby submarine to
    get a Treasure Chart. The next island over is Two-Eye Reef, one of six reef
    formations that looks like a die face from above. Like all reefs, you can get
    a Treasure Chart from it by destroying all of the cannon boats and wall-
    mounted cannons that reside inside its walls. If you're only after the magic
    power upgrade though, you don't need to enter the reef.
    Use your Telescope to survey the horizon as you sail around the waters of Two-
    Eye Reef. Somewhere you'll see a flock of seagulls flying around in a circular
    formation. When you sail over to them, a whirlpool will appear in the water,
    and an enormous BIG OCTO will rise from its center. Big Octos are mini-bosses
    that lurk in certain islands. There are six Big Octos in the game, and all of
    them can be found by searching for the conspicuous ring of circling seagulls
    that gives them away. How difficult a Big Octo is to defeat depends on how
    many eyes it has. This is because you need to destroy each of the creature's
    eyes with the Boomerang before you can emerge victorious, and the more eyes
    the Big Octo has, the longer it will take to defeat. The Big Octo found near
    Two-Eye Reef only has four eyes; the smallest number of eyes these leviathans
    can have (some have eight eyes, while others have a whopping twelve). Sweep
    your Boomerang across the Big Octo's body to target all four of its eyes at
    once. Release, and then wait for the Boomerang to return to you as it strikes
    all of the creature's eyes during its pass. It will take a few hits to destroy
    an eye. Normally they are yellow, but if you manage to destroy one, it turns
    black. If you hit one and it turns red, you'll have to keep hitting it. Big
    Octos look intimidating, but they don't really do anything to try and stop
    you, other than trap you inside the whirlpool. If you don't defeat the Big
    Octo in time, you'll be sucked into the mouth of the beast and spit back out
    towards the island. If you do defeat it, the Big Octo will sink back into the
    ocean and the whirlpool will disappear. Most Big Octos leave behind a light
    ring that marks the location of valuable treasure that you can pull up with
    the salvage crane. The one at Two-Eye Reef won't, but instead a Great Fairy
    will appear out of nowhere and thank you for freeing her from the Big Octo's
    grasp. As a reward, she'll double your magic power!
    From Two-Eye Reef, hail a cyclone and warp to either Tingle Island or Windfall
    Island. These are the closest places to the Forsaken Fortress that you can
    travel to by cyclone, other than Mother & Child Isles. The reason you can't go
    there instead is because the cyclone will dump you inside the hollow Mother
    Isle, where it is impossible to reach the Great Sea again. This secret haven
    is home to the Queen of Fairies, and she has been waiting to see you. However,
    now is not the time for you to meet her, so you must return here after
    rescuing Aryll. Anyway, Tingle Island is probably closer to the fortress than
    Windfall, but there are more things that you can do in Windfall Island before
    you head out. For example, you can learn the Song of Passing by speaking to
    Tott, the odd dancing man in the jumpsuit found in front of the monument on
    the island's northern side. Play the Wind Waker next to him and he will
    perform a set of dance moves. Repeat his rhythm on the Wind Waker (right,
    left, down) to learn the Song of Passing, which changes day to night, or night
    to day. This is an optional song, but it is very useful for accomplishing some
    of the game's side quests.
    If you travel from Tingle Island, you will not be without reward. You can
    battle a Big Octo north of the island for a Piece of Heart. Beware though,
    because this monster has twelve eyes. You can also take a slight detour to
    Rock Spire Isle (west of Tingle Island), where Beedle will sell you a Piece of
    Heart, Empty Bottle or Treasure Chart, if you have the money. Anyway, start
    sailing northwest when you're ready to go to the Forsaken Fortress.
    The waters around the Forsaken Fortress are laden with explosive mine barrels
    that will knock you off your boat if you don't steer clear of them. As you
    approach the looming fortress, prepare your cannon. The Forsaken Fortress's
    outer gate can only be breached by force, but it is protected by wall-mounted
    cannons. Use the King of Red Lions' cannon to destroy the enemy cannons and
    the wooden gate. Sail past the fortress walls after the gateway is opened.
    The King of Red Lions will dock next to the ledge that you landed on when you
    were first launched into the fortress by the pirates. Jump out of the boat and
    climb onto the ledge, and then make your way up the steps to the fortress's
    courtyard. Don't worry about the searchlights this time, since you aren't
    running around without a sword to defend yourself with. Run over to the large
    door on the opposite side of the courtyard. Before you can reach it, a
    menacing figure will come into view behind you. The shadowy horned figure will
    float into the sky, generating a ball of energy in his hands.
    PHANTOM GANON is a dark spirit that was created by Ganon. He is powerful, but
    the Master Sword is more than a match against him. The mini-boss's only
    advantage is that he can drift through the air like a ghost, making him
    impossible to reach. Phantom Ganon will try to hit you with two main attacks.
    His most common attack is his ball of sparkling energy. After it charges in
    his hands for a few seconds, the ball will be thrown at you with devastating
    force. Sometimes, Phantom Ganon will also try to strike you with his powerful
    sword. When he attempts this, he will appear next to you, giving you only a
    short time to get away. There are two ways to defeat Phantom Ganon. The
    easiest way is to rebound his energy ball at him. The ball is easy to deflect
    with the Master Sword, although an Empty Bottle can be used as well. When the
    ball is about to hit you, slash at it to send it flying back at its
    originator. Ever the wiser, Phantom Ganon will retaliate by smacking the ball
    back at you with his Phantom Blade. This will kick off a dangerous game of
    volleyball. If you lose and the ball hits you, you will have to begin again.
    After hitting the ball back and forth between yourself and Phantom Ganon, it
    will hit him and he will fall to the ground. Run up to him and slash at him
    with the Master Sword while he's reeling. It shouldn't take long to defeat him
    this way. There is a quicker way to beat Phantom Ganon, but you'll rarely be
    given the opportunity to try it. When the mini-boss tries to hit you with his
    sword, parry his attack. The hit will stun him, and you can continue to attack
    him while he is on the ground as normal.
    After the duel, Phantom Ganon will let out a final sinister laugh before
    disappearing. Like all dungeon mini-bosses, Phantom Ganon will leave behind a
    treasure chest with a new item in it. Open the large chest that appears in the
    center of the courtyard to get the SKULL HAMMER. This unsightly bludgeoning
    weapon can be used to destroy or pound things into the ground. It is slow to
    use, but it can be quite powerful. Like a bomb, the Skull Hammer can be used
    to stun many weak enemies at once, like ChuChus. It can also be used to block
    attacks, like a shield.
    Just like during your first ascension through the Forsaken Fortress, you
    should first try to disable the searchlights before proceeding to Aryll's
    cell. You won't get chucked in prison if they catch you, but you will be
    attacked by endless swarms of Miniblins or wall-mounted cannons. If you need
    magic refills, the Miniblins are a good source of pickups, but otherwise you
    should do your best to avoid them and the searchlights. Walk back to the steps
    that you entered the courtyard from and look for the nearby set of steps
    blocked off by three pegs. These pegs can be pounded into the ground with the
    Skull Hammer, but the thorns that cover them will hurt you if you get too
    close. After the pegs are out of your way, climb the steps without alerting
    the searchlights.
    Climb to the top of the steps but stay outside the covered walkway. Continue
    walking up the path to your right until you reach the ladder that takes you up
    to the first searchlight. The Master Sword will make quick work of the
    Bokoblin operating the searchlight's controls. Once the lights are disabled,
    use the Deku Leaf to float over the right-hand ledge on the path below. The
    ladder to the second searchlight is on the other side of this ledge. Climb up
    to the Bokoblin's outpost and slay it. Only one searchlight remains now. Float
    down to the pathway below and use the northern door to get inside the Forsaken
    Fortress's interior.
    A shielded Bokoblin can be found on the ledge in front of the chest that once
    contained the Compass. Kill it or knock it down to the lower levels. You have
    to reach the opposite ledge to get to the third searchlight, but the hanging
    lanterns are gone this time around. You must use the Deku Leaf to float across
    the gap. Use the Skull Hammer to smash the set of pegs that blocks the exit on
    the other side.
    Use the left-hand opening in the covered walkway to reach the path that leads
    up to the final searchlight. Climb the ladder at the base of the outpost and
    kill the Bokoblin once you get to the top. When all three searchlights are out
    of service, your trip to the top of the Forsaken Fortress can go undisturbed
    by Miniblin swarms or cannon fire. Run back down to the walkway and continue
    moving counterclockwise through the fortress. The walkway just before the base
    of the tower will be guarded by a laser-firing statue, so move quickly through
    it to avoid getting singed.
    It would be wise not to fall to the lower level once you are inside the room
    with the two patrolling Moblins, beneath the tower where Aryll is being kept.
    If you do, you'll have to deal with several Bombchus (bomb-carrying Rats), an
    Octorok and a FLOOR MASTER. The Floor Master is especially dangerous. This
    creature resembles a wicked hand extending from a black portal in the floor.
    If the Floor Master grabs you, it will drag you into another realm and spit
    you back out inside the prison cell. To avoid this frustration and
    embarrassment, kill the Floor Master with arrows or the Master Sword, or
    simply avoid it altogether by staying on the upper balcony. Use the large
    wooden gate in the back of the room after you get past the Moblins. When
    fighting them, they'll throw their lanterns at you to distract you, but they
    shouldn't pose a serious obstacle.
    Climb the steps outside and cut through the ranks of the Miniblins that
    attack. At the top of the steps, turn around and follow the left path when you
    reach the vertical drop ahead. Continue walking the path, mowing down any
    annoying Miniblins. At the end of the path, a set of thorny pegs will prevent
    you from moving further. Whack them with the Skull Hammer and keep moving. If
    you failed to disable all of the searchlights, you may have trouble sidling
    across the ledges up ahead because of the cannons. If you get knocked off the
    ledge, you'll have to start over again all the way from the beginning. After
    you sidle across both of the thin ledges, run up the steps to reach the wooden
    gate to Aryll's prison. The gate will only open if you smash the peg-like
    switch in front of it with the Skull Hammer.
    Link approaches Aryll cautiously, hoping that the great bird that caught him
    the first time isn't nearby. Once again, Aryll and Link will be delighted to
    see each other, but their celebration will be short-lived. As Link tries to
    open the cell's door, Tetra and two of her pirate cronies appear behind Link,
    criticizing him for the way he never thinks before he acts. The pirates had to
    distract the giant bird just so that Link wouldn't end up in its clutches
    again. As the two pirate thugs work on getting the door open, Tetra notices
    Link's Master Sword, somehow recognizing it as the sword that the legendary
    hero once wielded. The cell door is finally pried open, and at long last,
    Aryll and the girls from Windfall Island are freed. Before Link can escape
    however, there is one more thing he has to do. The bird of the Forsaken
    Fortress will fly in at any moment, so Link must defeat it once and for all if
    they are to escape. Tetra and the pirates exit with the three girls, leaving
    Link alone in the tower just as the mighty bird flies in from above.
    Water will start to pour in from the grating on the floor, and THE MONSTROUS
    HELMAROC KING, boss of the Forsaken Fortress and devoted servant of Ganon,
    will make its grand entrance. As the room begins to flood, start running up
    the spiral walkway that winds its way up the tower. The Helmaroc King will
    hover in the air next to you, doing everything in its power to stop you from
    reaching the top. It will jab at you with its powerful beak, destroying large
    sections of the wooden walkway as you run across it. As long as you keep
    running, you'll be fast enough to dodge the bird's vicious strikes. Bokoblins
    will spring out at you from jars as you climb higher and higher, but don't
    waste time fighting them. The Helmaroc King will prevent most of them from
    following you anyway as it destroys the wooden walkway. If you fall off or
    don't make it in time when the Helmaroc King strikes the floor beneath you,
    you will have to use the Grappling Hook to get back up. This will take much
    longer, since you'll need to wait for the rising water level to reach the
    stable sections of the walkway. When you finally reach the top of the tower,
    the Helmaroc King will land in front of you, putting its head down near the
    ground. Give it a good, hard whack with the Skull Hammer to send the Helmaroc
    King tumbling into the water with a great splash. The bird is far from
    defeated, so climb onto the tower rooftop after it lands in the water.
    The Monstrous Helmaroc King will fly up through the opening on the rooftop
    just before it seals itself shut. The giant bird will circle the arena like a
    hawk before swooping down upon you. When the Helmaroc King lands on the
    ground, get the Skull Hammer out and slowly back away from the boss as it
    struts towards you with its wings outstretched. When it reaches you, the
    Helmaroc King will viciously peck at you. Flip backwards to avoid the attack,
    but run up to the bird again when its beak gets stuck in the ground. Before
    the Helmaroc King frees itself, smash it in the head with the Skull Hammer.
    The blow will crack the Helmaroc King's mask, and the boss will take to the
    skies again. As the Helmaroc King flies overhead, it will try to graze you
    with its sharp talons by flying low over the arena. You can do nothing more
    than dodge it and wait for it to land on the ground again. The edges of the
    rooftop arena are lined with spikes, and the Helmaroc King will sometimes try
    to impale you in them by blowing powerful gusts of wind at you with its wings.
    Run forwards and do your best to endure the gale. Sometimes, while the boss is
    on the ground, it will stomp around if you are too close to its feet. Each
    time the Helmaroc King lands and gets its beak stuck in the ground, slam down
    on its masked head with the Skull Hammer. After four crushing blows, the mask
    will shatter like tableware, revealing the Helmaroc King's face. With the mask
    no longer protecting it, the Helmaroc King is vulnerable. This time, when it
    gets its beak stuck in the ground after it pecks at you, cut at it furiously
    with the Master Sword. You can also fire arrows at the boss while it struggles
    to get free from the ground.
    After it is dealt enough punishment, the defeated Helmaroc King will flap
    weakly into the air, emitting feeble cries. With a final glorified screech,
    the Helmaroc King explodes in a shower of feathers and dark clouds. When the
    clouds settle, a Heart Container falls to the ground, and the path to Ganon's
    lair is opened. Grab the container, and then walk up the pathway to a large
    door, marked with skulls, feathers, swords and other strange artifacts. From
    this lair, Ganon commands his minions across the Great Sea. If the legends are
    true, then the Master Sword should have the power to destroy him for good.
    Open the door and step inside to find out.
    Ganon is waiting inside, mildly impressed that Link managed to reach him. He
    introduces himself as Ganondorf, master of the Forsaken Fortress. With a
    sneer, Ganondorf tells Link that when he drew the Master Sword from its
    pedestal, he undid a powerful seal that restrained Ganondorf's power. While
    the Master Sword is indeed the blade of evil's bane, it also held the role of
    a key that kept Ganondorf in check. Now that this seal has been removed,
    Ganondorf's powers are back to full strength! That is why Ganondorf 'let' Link
    obtain the three pearls of the goddesses so easily; so that Link would
    unknowingly be led to break the magical seal. After Ganondorf finishes telling
    this to Link, Link suddenly makes a daring strike at him with the Master
    Sword. To Link's surprise, the Master Sword merely glances off Ganondorf,
    leaving him unfazed. Ganondorf retaliates by knocking Link across the floor,
    and then draws his own sword from his robes. He tells Link that he cannot be
    beaten with a sword that has lost the power to repel evil. The Master Sword is
    no longer infused with this power, so it useless against Ganondorf. Ganondorf
    raises his own sword against Link, but Tetra suddenly appears and intervenes,
    jumping on Ganondorf and distracting him. Link rises to his feet, but
    Ganondorf snatches Tetra up in his hands and holds her in the air by the
    throat. Suddenly, the Triforce mark on Ganondorf's hand begins glowing. The
    Triforce of Power he holds within him is resonating, which can only mean that
    Tetra holds another piece of the Triforce; the Triforce of Wisdom! At long
    last, Ganondorf's search for Princess Zelda is at an end. Tetra denies being a
    princess, but Ganondorf isn't fooled. Suddenly, Tetra is snatched away from
    Ganondorf's clutches by none other than Prince Komali, leaving him with a
    blank look as he stares into his empty hand. Link is also snatched away from
    harm by Quill. As Quill and Komali take Link and Tetra to safety, Valoo
    appears outside of Ganondorf's window, blowing a wrathful jet of flame at him.
    Ganondorf's lair burns up in a blaze of fire as the five heroes escape the
    Forsaken Fortress.
    At the base of the Tower of the Gods, Link finds himself on the King of Red
    Lions, with Tetra unconscious at his side. Komali assures Link that Aryll is
    safe as well, as she managed to escape with Tetra's crew. The King of Red
    Lions thanks Valoo for rescuing them, and after a brief conversation between
    them, Valoo and the Rito fly away into the night. Now, Link, Tetra and the
    King of Red Lions must reenter Hyrule immediately. The three drift into the
    ring of light and then disappear into the water.
    Once in Hyrule, Tetra wakes up with minor pain. She is confused about where
    she is and what happened to Ganondorf. Tetra is interrupted by the Pirate's
    Charm. Strangely, it is the voice of the King of Red Lions speaking through
    it. The King tells Link to take Tetra to the castle's basement, where all will
    be explained. Tetra is a bit miffed about the voice using her stone without
    permission, but she agrees to be taken to the basement of the castle where
    Link found the Master Sword.
    Run back into the castle while Tetra follows you. When you get inside, find
    the entrance to the basement and climb downstairs. Link and Tetra find a man
    inside the basement, dressed in red and wearing a large crown. This man is the
    King of Hyrule, known as Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. It was he who used Pirate's
    Charm, and it was in fact he who made it. Even more surprisingly, the king
    reveals that he is the voice of the King of Red Lions! Through the boat and
    the Pirate's Charm, the King of Hyrule was able to communicate to Link and aid
    him during his quest. The King of Hyrule will begin telling Link and Tetra
    about Hyrule's past. Long ago, when Ganon took over the kingdom, he sought to
    acquire the sacred Triforce so that the gods would grant him anything he
    desired. Even after he was stopped by the Hero of Time, Ganon reemerged and
    continued his plight. Hyrule's only hope was to pray to the gods. In response,
    the gods flooded the kingdom and turned it into what is now the Great Sea.
    However, because destroying the kingdom would only satisfy Ganon's desire for
    destruction, the gods allowed certain individuals to survive on the
    mountaintops that would become the many islands across the Great Sea, so that
    they could continue to live as Link and Tetra's ancestors. After finishing the
    tale, the King of Hyrule beckons Tetra to his side. The necklace she wears is
    part of the Triforce of Wisdom, which when together with the Triforce of
    Courage and Power, completes the sacred Triforce. The king combines Tetra's
    piece with the piece he was holding, and the Triforce of Wisdom infuses itself
    within Tetra's body. With a flash of light, Tetra is transformed into Princess
    Zelda, the true heir of the royal family. Even Zelda was not aware of her own
    true identity. Unfortunately, now that Ganon has identified her, he will be
    searching endlessly for her. To protect Zelda, the king will keep her within
    the castle's basement while Link searches for the power that the Master Sword
    once had. Like a phantom, the King of Hyrule teleports through the basement,
    telling Link to join him up above. Zelda apologizes to Link for the trouble
    that she has caused for him and his sister, before the Hero of Time's statue
    seals her away in the basement.
    After the statue seals off the basement's entrance, run back outside again to
    meet the King of Red Lions. The King suspects that the Master Sword has lost
    its powers because something has happened to the sages that infused it with
    them. These sages should be within two temples in Hyrule; the Earth Temple to
    the south and the Wind Temple to the north. The way to these temples is
    blocked by the magical barrier that prevented you from using the castle's
    other exit, so you must seek their alternate entrances if you want to find out
    what happened to the sages and attempt to recover the Master Sword's power.
    These entrances will be marked on your Sea Chart when you return to the Great
    Sea. After the King of Red Lions finishes speaking, cruise into the ring of
    light to be taken back to the world above.
    Chapter 8: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
    After reemerging from Hyrule, the light portal that connects it to the outside
    world will vanish. According to the King of Red Lions, the ring of light will
    only appear again if you present the gods with the Triforce of Courage. Long
    ago, the Triforce of Courage dwelt within the legendary Hero of Time. However,
    when the hero set off on another quest, he lost the Triforce of Courage, and
    the sacred treasure was split into eight shards and buried beneath the Great
    Sea. You will have to find and assemble all eight pieces of the Triforce of
    Courage if you want to reenter Hyrule after the Master Sword's power has been
    The entrance to the Wind Temple is directly north of Windfall, on a small
    island known as Gale Isle. The Earth Temple is west of Outset, on Headstone
    Island. Both of the temples are impossible to reach without special items
    found in Fire Mountain and Ice Ring Isle. However, you can't explore either of
    these locations until you have a special upgrade given to you by the Queen of
    Fairies. Play the Ballad of Gales and warp to Mother & Child Isles.
    The Queen of Fairies will appear as soon as Link enters the Fairy Fountain
    within Mother Isle. Although she appears to be a young girl, the Queen of
    Fairies is much more powerful than the other Great Fairies. She has a certain
    interest in Link, and so she will give new power to the Hero's Bow he wields.
    The Great Fairy marionette in her hands transforms into two smaller Fairies,
    glowing blue and orange. Both Fairies enter Link's body, and the power of fire
    and ice is given to the Hero's Bow. FIRE ARROWS can ignite torches, melt ice
    and burn certain objects and enemies, while ICE ARROWS have the ability to
    freeze hot flames and enemies solid. To use them, you can cycle through these
    options while you have an arrow nocked. Fire and Ice Arrows spend magic power,
    so don't get carried away with them. After a bit more giggling and flirting,
    the Queen of Fairies will disappear. As with all other Fairy Fountains, you
    can return to this haven and use the Fairies to replenish lost energy.
    To get the most out of your new weapons, make sure you have every upgrade
    possible before you attempt to conquer the Earth and Wind Temples. In addition
    to the magic and rupee upgrades, you can get two upgrades for bombs and arrows
    each from the Great Fairies on Western Fairy Island (two quadrants south of
    the Forsaken Fortress), Thorned Fairy Island (two quadrants east of Tower of
    the Gods), Eastern Fairy Island (north of the tower) and Southern Fairy Island
    (which you can warp to by playing the Ballad of Gales). These upgrades will
    permit you to hold 99 bombs or arrows! To get another magic-related item,
    return to Windfall Island and talk to Zunari, the man who sold you the Sail.
    He will give you a trading item that you can use to expand Zunari's item
    selection by trading it with one of the Traveling Merchants on Greatfish Isle,
    the exterior of Mother & Child Isles, and Bomb Island. If you acquire at least
    three different trading items, they will become available at Zunari's shop,
    and he will reward you for your efforts with the MAGIC ARMOR. This rare
    trinket negates all damage from enemy attacks! The catch is that it consumes a
    steady supply of magic power. While you're on Windfall Island, try to get as
    many Treasure Charts and Pieces of Hearts from the townspeople as possible.
    Anyway, it's time to go check out the Earth Temple. The entrance on Headstone
    Island is blocked by an enormous stone head (hence the island's name). You can
    neither lift nor destroy the stone head, but the power to do so lies hidden
    within Fire Mountain. Fly to Dragon Roost Island, and then sail south to get
    to Fire Mountain. This island is an active volcano covered in flowing lava.
    You can approach it on your boat, but you can't step foot on it, and
    attempting to do so will only hurt you. To cool down the mountain, give the
    Ice Arrows a shot. Fire one at the pillar of flame spewing from the mouth of
    the volcano's crater. The icy blast will freeze the flame into a solid block
    of ice. You can now begin climbing to the top of the mountain, but you only
    have five minutes before the volcano warms up again. This gives you that much
    time to find the item within the mountain and get out before you get
    barbecued. Start climbing the stone steps up the side of the mountain. Keep
    your Hero's Bow out and ready so that you can deal with the pesky Kargaroc
    circling the mountain. When you get near the top of Fire Mountain, you'll have
    to sidle across a thin ledge to proceed. After you get past it, continue
    climbing until you reach the mountain's summit. Now jump in the volcanic
    The inside of Fire Mountain is very similar to Dragon Roost Cavern. Fire Keese
    will be the first to attack. Take them out with sword attacks or the
    Boomerang. Now walk forward and start crossing the lava by jumping on the
    floating platforms. The platforms will disappear soon after you land on them,
    so don't stop until you reach the other side. There are two Magtails here, so
    kill them with parry strikes. When both Magtails are killed, a treasure chest
    will appear on the platform underneath a large golden ring. This chest
    contains the POWER BRACELETS. Power Bracelets give Link extraordinary
    strength, allowing him to lift immensely heavy objects like large boulders.
    After you obtain them, the timer counting down the time you have left until
    Fire Mountain reheats will stop. To get out, turn and lift the large stone
    head next to the wall, similar to the one on Headstone Island. With the Power
    Bracelets, you can lift it over your head and toss it out of the way. The path
    behind it is a shortcut back to the exit portal. After you get out, jump down
    to the King of Red Lions and return to Headstone Island.
    When you get to Headstone Island, sail around to the beach on the southern
    side and walk up to the large stone head at the top of the steps. Pick it up
    and toss it aside to expose the entrance to the Earth Temple. The inside of
    Headstone Island is nothing more than a small chamber. The temple entrance in
    the back is sealed off by another stone obstacle. Unfortunately, this tablet
    cannot be removed with the Power Bracelets. The tablet depicts several things,
    including the Triforce crest, a harp-like instrument and a set of symbols.
    These symbols are Wind Waker notes. Play the Wind Waker and repeat the six-
    fourths time song that is shown to learn the Earth God's Lyric.
    After the Earth God's Lyric is played, the Triforce crest on the tablet will
    start glowing. Suddenly, a Zora spirit will appear out of nowhere, greeting
    Link as the hero chosen by the Master Sword. This spirit's name is Laruto, and
    she is the former sage of the Earth Temple. Long ago, Laruto prayed in the
    Earth Temple so that the Master Sword would retain the power to cast down
    evil. However, when Ganon discovered her, she was killed and the Master
    Sword's power was lost. There is only one way to bring back this power. Link
    must find another to take Laruto's place. This person must be a descendent of
    the sage who carries her bloodline, identified by the same sacred instrument
    that she plays. When returned to the Earth Temple, the new sage will be able
    to restore the power that the Master Sword once held. To awaken the new sage
    to their destiny, Link must play the Earth God's Lyric next to that person.
    When the sage plays the song here on his/her instrument, the entrance to the
    Earth Temple will be opened.
    After Laruto vanishes, return outside to the King of Red Lions. You have to
    find the person who plays the same instrument as Laruto, a harp. If you can't
    think of who that might be, warp to Dragon Roost Island for a hint. As soon as
    you set foot on it, you should hear the faint notes of a harp being played
    somewhere up above. The sage must be somewhere in the mailing center or the
    flight docks. Climb up to the mailing center and use the ramp inside to get to
    the upper floor. Nobody in here seems to be playing a harp, so use the door to
    the flight docks instead.
    The flight docks are where the Rito postmen take off from to deliver mail
    across the Great Sea. You should start hearing the harp's notes again after
    you step outside. Turn right and walk to the end of the balcony. A grapple
    point ahead will allow you to reach the ledge across from you, but if the wind
    is set the right way you can simply glide across the gap with the Deku Leaf.
    When you reach the ledge, climb the steps and the short ladder up to the
    outcrop where the new sage is practicing her harp. It's Medli! Medli has no
    idea that she is the descendent of the former sage, so at first she will start
    talking about Komali and the various things he's done. When she resumes
    playing her harp, get the Wind Waker out. Medli will ask you to conduct for
    her, and you should know just what song to play. Switch to six-fourths time
    and conduct the Earth God's Lyric. After hearing the song, Medli will faint.
    In an almost dreamlike state, she will see Laruto appear before her. Laruto
    will play the Earth God's Lyric on her harp, and after she finishes, Medli
    does the same. The two sages play in unison until the Triforce crest and the
    Master Sword's images appear before them. Medli wakes up from her vision,
    aware now that she is the new sage of the Earth Temple. She decides to
    accompany Link back to Headstone Island, but the two must leave before anyone
    sees them.
    Medli will ride on the King of Red Lions until you reach Headstone Island.
    Play the Ballad of Gales and warp to Outset Island, and then sail east to
    reach the island once more. When you arrive there, the King of Red Lions will
    tell Medli about the Earth Temple. It is home to the evil monster that Ganon
    commanded to kill Laruto long ago. The Earth Temple is dark and creepy,
    swarming with Ganon's minions. Medli must aid Link as he makes his way to the
    heart if the temple.
    After the King finishes speaking, walk into the cavern where you learned the
    Earth God's Lyric. Medli will follow behind you ask you walk. When you get to
    the tablet marked with the Earth God's Lyric symbols, play the song. Medli
    will begin playing her harp as well and the tablet will split open to reveal
    the Earth Temple's entrance.
    Medli will be your partner during your journey through this dungeon, just as
    the guidepost statues were your brief partners when you were in the Tower of
    the Gods. You can call her to your side, pick her up, throw her, and even
    control her with the Command Melody! You and Medli will have to cooperate
    together in order to make it through the Earth Temple. It is filled with
    dangerous enemies and incredibly complex puzzles. Fortunately, these puzzles
    will get slightly easier after you find the new item within this dungeon. The
    first room's demonic-looking exit door rests on a ledge that is too high up to
    reach from the ground. To get to it, pick up Medli and then jump off the first
    ledge. While you carry her, Medli will flap her wings and fly a short distance
    with you. You can reach the exit door this way, but remember that you must be
    holding onto Medli if you want her to go through it with you.
    The second room is fairly large, and you'll find three Moblins walking around.
    Leave Medli by the entrance while you take care of them. Now that you have Ice
    Arrows, you can freeze Moblins solid, and then shatter them with one good
    whack from the Skull Hammer. The exit door to the east is sealed, but it can
    be unsealed if both of the switches near the top of the room are pressed
    simultaneously. Go back to where you left Medli and then carry her up the
    stairway along the western side of the room. When you reach the top, jump off
    the ledge and fly over to the large pillar ahead of you with Medli. Drop her
    when you reach it, and then step on the switch. Now, while the switch is being
    pressed, play the Command Melody to take control of Medli. Medli can fly
    around on her own, but she will get tired after a while. The blue meter that
    appears when she starts flying indicates how much longer she can fly. Fly over
    to the second pillar nearby to activate the second switch. When both switches
    are pressed at the same time, the exit on the east side will unseal. Fly down
    to it, and then switch back to Link so that he can join Medli. Once you're
    both there, pick Medli up and enter the next room.
    The doors will seal in the next chamber, and several ChuChus will attack. As
    before, set Medli down near the entrance while you fight them. The red and
    green ones should be easy to kill, but the new purple ChuChus are tougher.
    Purple ChuChus are the most dangerous type of ChuChu. They can be stunned and
    attacked like other ChuChus, but they will simply dissolve into globules and
    then instantly reform whenever you attack them. Even bombs are useless against
    them. Purple ChuChus aren't without weakness however. They enjoy dark places,
    so naturally they are vulnerable to light. If you lure the ChuChus into the
    beam of light shining into the room, they will become petrified. In this
    state, they can be smashed to pieces with the Skull Hammer. The doors will
    unseal after all of the ChuChus have been destroyed. Medli's harp is also
    quite reflective, so you take control of her and stand in the light beam to
    reflect the light at whatever you point the harp at. You can petrify the
    ChuChus quicker this way, and you can use the light to uncover a hidden
    treasure chest in the back of the room. The transparent chest will only become
    visible if light reflected off of Medli's harp is shined onto it. The chest
    contains the Dungeon Map. You can also reflect the light towards the elephant
    statues along the south wall, which will dissolve and reveal pickups. Finally,
    before leaving, use a bomb or Fire Arrow to remove the wooden covering on top
    of the warp cauldron in the back corner, so that you can use it later.
    The east exit will take you to the Earth Temple's hub, a large room filled
    with swirling purple fog. The accursed fog will momentarily prevent you from
    using your sword or any items, so don't touch it. If you do get afflicted, run
    over to the light beams near the front of the room to shake off the fog. You
    can make the fog disappear for a short time by shining reflected beams of
    light through it. The two light beams in the room can be used by Medli to do
    this. Take control of her with the Command Melody, and then stand in the
    right-hand beam of light. Use the harp to reflect light towards the fog ahead
    of you. There is a switch hidden in the dense fog that Link must hit with the
    Skull Hammer. With Medli, keep pointing light at the switch as you revert back
    to Link, so that she remains in position even as you control Link. Now run
    over to the switch and pound it in with the Skull Hammer. This will unseal the
    south door, which is just one of four unused doors in this room. Pick Medli up
    and carry her through the doorway.
    Two large, gray coffins in the next chamber will open, and a Red Bubble will
    emerge from each of them. Kill them, and then take Medli to the other side of
    the room. At the far end of the chamber, you'll find another transparent
    treasure chest. Climb the ladder on your left to get to a balcony. Up here,
    grab onto the stone block and pull it backwards so that it uncovers a hole in
    the wall, from which a beam of light enters the room. Control Medli and use
    her harp to illuminate the treasure chest. This chest contains a small key,
    which you can use on the north door in the previous chamber. As soon as you
    grab it however, two Floor Masters will appear in this room. If the Floor
    Masters grab you, they will dump you in the previous room. They will also
    attack Medli, and if they grab her, they will place her inside the birdcage
    back in the main chamber. If this happens, all you need to do is play the
    Command Melody, and then fly out of the cage through the top. Use arrows to
    kill the Floor Masters so that they don't snatch you or Medli. Note that there
    is a sealed door along the far west side of this room, but you can't get the
    prize within it until you have the new item from this dungeon.
    Return to the hub chamber and use the key to open the north door. Red, green
    and purple ChuChus will appear as soon as you enter the new room, but this
    time the doors will stay unlocked. Defeat the red and green ChuChus before the
    purple ones get to you. The only way to kill one is with a light beam, but
    there doesn't seem to be one in here. Upon further investigation, you may
    notice small rays of light poking through the frayed curtain on the west wall.
    Shoot the curtain with a Fire Arrow to burn it down. Sure enough, a beam of
    light will shine through the hole behind it, giving you something to petrify
    the ChuChus with. After solidifying them, you aren't going to want to destroy
    them, because you need them to get out of here through the east door. Once a
    purple ChuChu is petrified, you can pick it up and carry it around like any
    other item. Set them both on the two switches next to the beam of light to
    make a stairway appear from the east ledge. Hurry and climb up to the ledge,
    not because of the fact that the ChuChus only remain petrified for a short
    time, but because of the additional purple ChuChus that will drop in as soon
    as the stairway is made. The east door is sealed, so move over to the cubic
    block sitting on the edge of the ledge and push it off. The block will land in
    a special slot down below that will unseal the east door. Grab Medli and exit.
    Before doing anything in the next chamber, go fight the Floor Master moving
    around up ahead. This room has a rather tricky puzzle to solve, but it's
    actually one of the easier ones you'll find in this dungeon. Start by pushing
    the first cubic block along the channel on the floor and into the slot at the
    end. A hole will open up in the ceiling when you do this, letting a beam of
    light into the room. Play the Command Melody to control Medli, and stand in
    the light. Point the reflected beam towards the elephant statue sitting on top
    of another cubic block nearby. The statue will dissolve into dust, allowing
    Link to move the block beneath it. Before you switch back and push the block
    into its slot, have Medli shine the light onto the yellow symbols on the
    walls. The section of the wall that these symbols are on will also dissolve
    when light is shined onto them. The symbols on the north wall will reveal
    another cubic block that can be moved to its slot, while the south wall's
    symbols hide the second warp cauldron. Switch back to Link and move the two
    remaining cubic blocks to their respective slots along the floor channels. One
    will cause a treasure chest to appear on the east ledge, while the other will
    unseal the exit door and serve as a stepping stone to reach the ledge. You can
    throw Medli up to the ledge first before climbing up there yourself. Open the
    chest to get the Compass. Remember that the Compass will also display Medli's
    location in the dungeon, which can be useful if the two of you are separated
    for whatever reason (Floor Masters, saving and restarting, etcetera).
    Climb up the steps in the next room and get ready to fight a few more Moblins,
    as well as a brand new enemy. POES are ghostlike entities that cannot be
    harmed in their usual state. Any attack will simply pass right through them.
    Like Moblins, Poes often carry lanterns that they will throw at you to burn
    and distract you. The easiest way to defeat a Poe is by shinning light at it.
    Light will force a Poe to assume its vulnerable, corporeal form.
    Unfortunately, there is no light in this room that you can straightforwardly
    use, so you'll have to let the Poe get rid of itself. When the Poe lunges at
    you, it will possess you! While under the Poe's curse, your movement controls
    will be inversed, making it confusing to try to get around. After a while, Poe
    curses wear off and the Poe will disappear for good. If you ever fight Poes
    where there are more-accessible light beams, you can also exorcise them from
    your body by walking into the light. After all of the enemies are gone, a
    stairway will appear along the south wall, taking you further into the room.
    Ignore the ladder and the elephant statues inside the first chamber and climb
    up to the second part of the room. The door on the very south end of the room
    is locked, but there is another door to the left of it. Medli doesn't need to
    accompany you into this next room, so keep her here so that she stays out of
    harm's way.
    This chamber is small, but it contains a very dangerous enemy. Jump down from
    the balcony into the pit, where five gray coffins line the back wall. The
    coffin lids will fall open when you get close to them, revealing whatever is
    inside. From left to right, the second coffin contains a yellow rupee, while
    the first, third and fourth each contain a REDEAD. ReDeads are undoubtedly the
    game's creepiest enemies. These zombies will start to inch their way towards
    you as soon as they sense you. If you get spotted by a ReDead, it will let out
    a bone-chilling scream that will paralyze Link with fear. The ReDead will
    continue moving towards you, and if it catches you, it will begin biting you
    in the head. If you perform a jump attack towards the ReDead, you'll be able
    to strike it before its scream takes any affect on you, but the safest way to
    get rid of a ReDead is from afar with bombs. Four should be enough. Other
    weapons are fairly useless against them. Only fight a single ReDead at a time,
    or else you'll never get the chance to attack with multiple enemies screaming
    at you. Once a ReDead is defeated, its body will remain longer than other
    enemies, but don't worry about it coming back to life or anything. A ladder
    will appear along the ledge after the ReDeads are killed, allowing you to get
    back up to the entrance. The final coffin has a small key in it, which you can
    use to open the locked door in the previous room. When you return to it, enter
    the south door without Medli again.
    This is the room where you will get the next new item. The door will seal, and
    a new terror will rise up from the ground ahead of you. This enemy is a
    STALFOS. These skeletal fiends are among the toughest enemies in the game to
    defeat; their strength and power even rivals that of the Darknuts. Stalfos
    carry giant, spiked maces around that they can use to smash you into pulp.
    Luckily, the heavy clubs make the Stalfos walk slowly, so you have plenty of
    time and room to prepare. Stalfos cannot be destroyed while their bones are
    assembled. You have to dismantle one before you can start attacking its skull.
    If you attack the Stalfos with your sword, it will take several hits before it
    breaks up. However, approaching a Stalfos is very dangerous, since they can
    swing their maces with unimaginable strength. Usually, when the Stalfos
    swings, it will start twirling as the momentum generated by the heavy mace
    spins it around in a deadly circle. To avoid getting near it, you can throw a
    bomb at it to blast it to pieces. The Stalfos won't always disassemble neatly
    into many pieces. Sometimes, its body will simply be split in half, and the
    legs and torso will run around independent of each other. The upper body will
    run away from you, but the legs will start kicking you. You can attack both
    pieces further until they each split into many pieces. After the Stalfos's
    bones fall to the ground, the skull will start bouncing around. You can slash
    at it until it is destroyed, or you can stun it with the Boomerang and follow
    up with a crushing Skull Hammer blow. Whatever you do, defeat it quickly
    before it reforms again. While a Stalfos is in pieces, you can pick up its
    mace and use it against its owner, but if you throw it or let go of it, the
    mace will float harmlessly back into the Stalfos's bony hands. Also, if a
    Stalfos is deprived if its weapon, it will rip off one of its arms and start
    swinging it around like a nunchuck! Unfortunately, the battle won't end after
    the first Stalfos is destroyed. Two more of them will appear from the coffins
    on either side of the room and attack at the same time! As with the ReDeads in
    the other chamber, you should only fight one Stalfos at a time. They are slow
    enough so that you can easily avoid one while you engage the other. The first
    Stalfos's mace should still be lying around, so you can pick it up and throw
    it at the other Stalfos if you want. Defeat the two newcomers the same way you
    defeated the first one. Use bombs to dismantle them, and then crush their
    skulls with the Skull Hammer.
    When all three of these frightening mini-bosses have been destroyed, a chest
    will appear in the back of the room. Climb the steps up to the chest and open
    it to receive the MIRROR SHIELD. This highly-polished piece of equipment works
    just like the Hero's Shield, but it can also be used in the same was as
    Medli's light-reflecting harp. A beam of light will appear from the ceiling of
    the chamber after you grab the Mirror Shield. When you step into it, raise
    your shield and point the reflected beam of light towards the solar crest
    above the exit. After a few seconds, the crest will start shining and the room
    will brighten considerably. With the exit door unsealed, return to the
    previous room, where Medli is waiting.
    When you return to this room, you'll have to defeat the Poes and Moblins
    again. Now that you can use the light beams without Medli's help, you can
    climb up to the ledge on the western side of the lower chamber and reflect the
    beam of light up there towards the Poes so that they take on their solid
    forms. In this state, they'll flail around until they become ghostly again, so
    hurry up and defeat them. Kill the Moblins with the Ice Arrows and Skull
    Hammer. Afterwards, climb back up to the west ledge and use the light to
    dissolve the three elephant statues across from you. When they are out of the
    way, climb down and open the chest behind them for a Joy Pendant. When you
    face the west ledge, you may notice that there's a light symbol beneath it. It
    is impossible to shine light onto it from the ledge above, so you must work
    with Medli if you want to see what's behind the wall. Play the Command Melody
    to control Medli, and then fly up to the ledge where the light beam is. Use
    the harp to reflect light towards the ground. Keep pointing at the ground as
    you switch back to Link. Now, with Link, run over to the spot where Medli's
    light is shinning, and use the Mirror Shield to reflect it back towards the
    symbol on the wall. That was clever, wasn't it? A secret passage will be
    exposed behind the south wall. Medli won't be able to get off the ledge even
    if you call her, so you'll have to climb the ladder to retrieve her. Walk down
    the passage until you reach a door. The light beam in this passage can be used
    to reveal minor treasure beneath the elephant statue, and it can also be used
    on the light symbol near the beginning of the passage (though you'll need both
    Link's shield and Medli's harp to reach it). The symbol conceals a trove of
    blue, yellow and red rupees. After collecting it all, use the door at the end
    of the passage.
    Instead of taking you to a new room, this door will put you back inside the
    hub chamber. You will emerge from a ledge in the southeast corner. Fly down
    with Medli to the south door and enter it once again. Defeat the Bubbles and
    Floor Masters as you did before and play the Command Melody afterwards. As
    Medli, run or fly over to the switch next to the sealed door at the far end of
    the room. Because the switch needs to be pressed continuously in order for the
    door to remain unsealed, there is no way you can enter it with Medli. You'll
    need the Mirror Shield in this small chamber to reflect the light beam onto
    the symbols on the back wall. The exposed chest contains a Joy Pendant. After
    grabbing it, return to the previous room, fetch Medli, and then take her back
    to the hub.
    You may notice that the eyes of the giant, demonic figure staring at you from
    the east wall are similar to the crest that you saw in the chamber where you
    got the Mirror Shield. These eyes are actually solar crests, but they both
    need to be activated simultaneously if you want the room to light up as the
    Stalfos's chamber did. This means that both Link and Medli will have to use
    their respective items to shine light from the two beams in the room onto the
    solar crests, and you'll need to use the Command Melody again to make Medli do
    this. When the solar crests light up, the giant figure will start shining
    brightly like the sun and the room will be filled with light. The cursed fog
    will dissipate and a stairway will appear beneath the figure, leading to a new
    door down below. Grab Medli and head through the door.
    Descend down the stairway in the next passage and quickly cross the bridge
    before the BLUE BUBBLES get to you. Blue Bubbles are nastier than Red Bubbles
    because they are shrouded in cursed fog. Touching one will disable your
    weapons temporarily, making it hard to fight back. Blue Bubbles are also more
    relentless than their red cousins, and they can detect you much sooner. As if
    that weren't bad enough, you can't kill them with sword attacks like a Red
    Bubble. You have to use the Deku Leaf to stun them and turn them into regular
    skulls. Also, make sure you don't fall off the bridge, or else you'll land in
    more cursed fog concealing a few Floor Masters. Use the ladder if you have to
    escape. After killing the Blue Bubbles, you can use the Deku Leaf to float
    over to a set of platforms along the east side of the room (the left side of
    the bridge). The hidden alcove back there contains several rupee-filled
    skulls, but watch out for the disguised Red Bubble amongst them. Anyway, after
    crossing the bridge, you'll come to another stone tablet similar to the one
    that blocked the Earth Temple's entrance. With Medli by your side, play the
    Earth God's Lyric to destroy the tablet and reveal the doorway behind it.
    The next room is fairly large, and somewhat similar to the hub chamber. There
    are two ReDeads nearby, but fortunately you have more than enough room to
    fight them in this time. To play it safe, run into the beam of light and shine
    the light towards the ReDeads. The fiends hate light, and shining them with it
    will stun them for a few seconds, leaving them open for a sword combo strike.
    There are two scorpion mirrors on either side of the room that will reflect
    light that you shine at them towards whatever they are pointing to. In this
    case, reflecting the light off of them will cause the elephant statues
    blocking the east and west doors to disappear. You can reflect light directly
    onto the west door without the nearby mirror, but the pillar in between the
    light beam and the east door will block your reflected beam unless you use the
    other mirror. Enter the west door first. Medli won't need to accompany you
    into this chamber, so leave her behind for now.
    Head down the stairs and turn right. The floor of this room is obscured by a
    thick layer of cursed fog. To make matters worse, the fog also conceals six
    Floor Masters. Normally, you could use the Deku Leaf to forge a path through
    the fog, but doing so in here would make you easy prey for a lurking Floor
    Master. The best thing to do is run as fast as you can through the room so
    that the Floor Masters don't have time to grab you. Try to avoid running
    directly through the center of the rows in between the columns, because that
    is where the enemies tend to hide. It also helps to roll as you run, because
    it will make you go faster and more difficult to capture. When you get to the
    other side, open the chest in the small alcove to get a key that opens a door
    in the room you left Medli in. After you grab the small key, the fog will
    vanish. The Floor Masters can be defeated now that the cursed fog is gone, and
    if you manage to defeat all six, another chest will appear near the front of
    the room (containing a Treasure Chart). Sometimes, the Floor Masters like to
    grab nearby objects such as skulls and throw them at you, so watch out. After
    you have everything you need from this room, return to the previous room. When
    you get there, enter the unlocked east door.
    Like in the last fog-filled room, a few Floor Masters hide beneath the purple
    shroud of cursed fog within this passage. Luckily, you can defeat them without
    having to walk into the fog. Stand by the edge of the small ledge just before
    you step into the fog to lure out the nearest Floor Master. Shoot it a few
    times with arrows, and then run to the other side of the fog pit and repeat
    the procedure with the Floor Master on this end after the curse wears off. Now
    climb up onto the ledge and smack the peg with the Skull Hammer to make a beam
    of light appear. The light is meant to be reflected through the grate behind
    the peg, but you'll have to move the nearby scorpion mirror first before that
    can happen. Push or pull the mirror forwards until it falls into its slot and
    the light from above shines onto it. The light will reflect into the room
    behind the grate. You can't enter it from this side (or defeat any of the
    enemies you see), so return to the previous room again, where Medli is
    To reach the south door, you have to push the block on the floor towards the
    back of the room so that it comes to rest at the base of the ledge. You won't
    be able to move the block anywhere, however, until you get rid of the elephant
    statue perched on top of it. Shine some light onto it from the light beam, and
    then push the block back towards the ledge. To get Medli up there, throw her
    up or play the Command Melody to control her, and then fly up to the ledge.
    The next room is where you were able to look into from the other side of the
    grate. The light from the scorpion mirror should be shining into this part of
    the room, so you can use it to subjugate the Poes in here. Also, take out the
    Bubbles with sword attacks. After defeating all six enemies, stand in the
    light beam and use the Mirror Shield to reflect light onto the statues along
    the south wall. After the statues dissolve, grab the pickups hidden in the
    alcoves behind them. The west wall also has an elephant statue against it, but
    you can't shine light onto it alone because the light beam is facing the same
    direction that you would have to stand in to reach it. Call Medli over and
    control her with the Wind Waker. Have her stand in the light and point her
    harp towards the east wall before switching back to Link. Now run over to
    where the light is being reflected and rebound it towards the elephant statue
    on the west side. The statue conceals a door. Grab Medli and head through.
    The walls of this small passage are lined on both sides with gray coffins.
    Before you find out what's inside them, take out the Keese with the Boomerang.
    The passage splits off into two directions, but the one ahead is a dead end.
    Run and roll past the coffins quickly to avoid getting hit by them as they
    fall. If you take the path that goes west, watch out for the pair of ReDeads
    that come out of the coffins. At the end of this path, you'll find a chest
    with a red rupee inside it. Now run back to the other path and run through it.
    The coffins on this side conceal a deadly Stalfos. Luckily, there is only one
    this time. After defeating it, you'll find a tablet marked with the Earth
    God's Lyric symbols. Bring Medli in front of it and play the song so that she
    can open the path through the tablet.
    After entering the next room, run down the flight of stairs lined with
    torches. At the bottom, you'll come to an enormous, seemingly-bottomless
    chamber. In fact, the chamber does have a bottom, but make sure you don't
    fall. If you do, the Floor Masters down below will have their way with you. If
    you need to escape, you can climb the vines growing up the south part of the
    wall. The boss's lair is visible from the chamber's entrance, but with no key
    to enter it, you have no choice but to descend down the long flight of stairs
    on your left. Before doing so however, take out a bomb and blow up the boulder
    covering the warp cauldron on your right. This will save you a lot of time if
    you have to start from the beginning. Anyway, run down the stairs until you
    reach a gap next to the thick vines growing on the wall. The stairway
    continues down below, so fly off the ledge with Medli to reach it. Again, make
    sure you don't fall into the foggy pit below. At the bottom of the stairway is
    a door that both you and Medli must enter.
    The next chamber contains the longest and most challenging puzzle in the Earth
    Temple. Fortunately, there aren't any enemies in the room, so you can work on
    the puzzle undisturbed. The lower floor is filled with scorpion mirrors that
    must be moved around in a certain way so that light can be used to activate
    the solar crests inside the eyes of the statue in the back of the room. First
    though, there must be light for the mirrors to reflect. As soon as you enter
    the room with Medli, play the Command Melody to take control of her mind. Now
    fly over to the top of the central structure in the room and press the switch
    on it. An opening will appear on the ceiling and a beam of light will shine
    through. Rejoin Link after the switch is pressed, and then switch back to his
    control. Now grab Medli and jump down to the right side of the chamber, where
    the beam of light is shining. The first thing you can do with it is illuminate
    the nearby transparent treasure chest so that you can get a purple rupee from
    it. Now pull the nearest scorpion mirror into the beam of light so that it
    reflects towards the north side of the room. The light won't hit anything, nor
    will it reflect towards anything else if you move any of the other mirrors
    around, but it will be shining directly over a small pedestal that either Link
    or Medli can stand on. Play the Command Melody and control Medli. Fly up onto
    the pedestal and face the alcove along the eastern side of the room. Use
    Medli's harp to shine the light towards the smaller pedestal inside the alcove
    marked with a harp symbol. Now switch back to Link and jump onto this small
    pedestal to receive Medli's light. Use the Mirror Shield to reflect it towards
    the four light symbols on the wall ahead of you. There is another scorpion
    mirror behind this wall, as well as a few jars containing a fair amount of
    rupees. Pull the scorpion mirror out and drag it along its channel until it
    reaches its slot next to the central structure. When this mirror is set, the
    light still will not shine towards any other direction. Stand in the beam of
    light again and reflect the light towards the elephant statue next to the last
    mirror you moved. When it dissolves, another mirror will be revealed behind
    it. Move this one so that it ends up shining the light towards the second
    mirror, which in turn will shine it to one last mirror. The light will shine
    through an opening in the central structure, but end up hitting nothing else.
    Take Medli over to the room's southwest corner. There is another transparent
    chest nearby, as well as a scorpion mirror that can be moved a short distance
    to intercept the light beam. Move the statue so that it shines the light
    towards the room's northwest side. As before, the light will shine over a
    pedestal that you can stand on to reach the light. Use it to open the
    transparent chest for Joy Pendant, and then shine it towards the elephant
    statue on this side of the central structure. Move the exposed scorpion mirror
    in a zigzag pattern into its slot. Once again, you're going to need to control
    Medli so that she can reflect light from the pedestal towards the smaller one
    next to it marked with a harp symbol. This way, Link can use his shield to
    reflect the light onto the four light symbols on the west wall that conceals
    the last scorpion mirror (and more rupees). You can also reflect light onto
    the lone light symbol a bit further south of the other four to find a secret
    passage to another room, but that section of the wall will dissolve anyway
    once the solar crests illuminate the entire room. Anyway, when the last
    scorpion mirror is placed into its slot, the light will shine back towards the
    chamber's center. The important part to note is that you can stand on the two
    cobra pedestals in front of the large solar crest statue to shine light
    towards it. Have Medli stand on one pedestal and shine her light towards one
    of the crests, and then have Link stand on the other pedestal and shine the
    light into the other crest. When the room brightens up, a path will appear
    beneath the statue, leading to a new door. Also, if you didn't open up that
    passage along the west wall or illuminate the transparent chests, the intense
    light that fills the room will expose them automatically. Finally, you can
    move on!
    Both of the new doors should be entered without Medli, since she won't be
    needed anymore in this dungeon. If you have time for a Treasure Chart, enter
    the hidden passage along the west side of the room and use the door at the
    end. This small chamber contains three coffins lined up along the back wall,
    inside a pit. The coffins won't open unless light from the beam on the ledge
    is shined onto them. Each coffin contains a Stalfos. Unless you're brave or
    reckless, it is a good idea to open one chest at a time and fight the Stalfos
    within it before climbing back out of the pit to open the next one, lest you
    don't fight two or three Stalfos at the same time. Remember to keep your
    distance from them and use bombs to blow them apart. After you defeat all
    three Stalfos, pull the cubic block out from the wall to get escape the pit
    and open the chest with the chart that appears on the ledge above. Now return
    to the mirror chamber and enter the other door, beneath the solar crest
    This room is where the key to the boss's chamber is kept. Unfortunately, you
    just can't grab it and walk out of here without having to face something mean
    and nasty. Or maybe three things. The key is guarded by a Darknut and two Blue
    Bubbles. You should try getting rid of the Bubbles before they or the Darknut
    notice you, by shooting all of the skulls lying on the ground with the
    Boomerang. You'll be able to tell which skulls are actually Bubbles because
    the Boomerang won't destroy them. However, after the regular skulls are gone,
    you can shoot the remaining Bubbles with arrows and defeat them before they
    even awaken. The Darknut will be more difficult to defeat. This one carries a
    buckler, so stun it with the Boomerang after you knock its helmet off. The
    battle will be very tough if you didn't defeat the Blue Bubbles first, since
    you won't last long against the Darknut if you can't attack it. After the
    enemies have been defeated, the exit will unseal and the gate in the back of
    the room will be lifted, so you'll be able to open the chest containing the
    Big Key.
    Return to the mirror chamber and climb the ladder up to the south ledge. Medli
    should be standing near the door up here, but you don't need to bring her back
    if you don't want to. You have to climb across the network of vines in the
    previous chamber in order to get from the lower stairway to the upper one.
    When you get to the top, glide over to the boss's door by using the Deku Leaf.
    Remember to stock up on last-minute refills before you unlock the door.
    Link stumbles upon a bizarre and somewhat comical scene. Several dozen
    colorful Poes are flailing franticly in the bright light of this chamber,
    stopping when they notice Link. The room darkens and the Poes glide towards
    the center of the room, where they converge and form a large mask. Suddenly, a
    gigantic figure appears behind the mask. The oversized Poe laughs and
    brandishes his fiery lantern. Long ago, when Laruto prayed to maintain the
    power within the Master Sword, Ganon sent this terrible beastie to do away
    with her. This monstrosity is JALHALLA, PROTECTOR OF THE SEAL. Unlike other
    bosses, Jalhalla is a composite of many smaller enemies, so in a way he is
    only as strong as the group of Poes that he's made up of. The only things you
    need to defeat him are you sword and your shield, or rather, the Master Sword
    and the Mirror Shield. Like with a regular Poe, Jalhalla is normally immune to
    attacks because of his ghostly form. However, prolonged exposure to light will
    force Jalhalla to become solid and corporeal. Stand in the beams of light and
    pull up the Mirror Shield to reflect the light towards Jalhalla. After
    Jalhalla takes on his physical form, he will sit dazed on the floor. Run over
    to him and pick him up, utilizing the Power Bracelets. Now throw the boss like
    a bowling ball towards one of the spiked pillars around the edge of the arena.
    When Jalhalla strikes them, he'll pop and split off into the many Poes he is
    comprised of. As the Poes flail around, cut down as many as you can before
    they reform into Jalhalla again. The Hurricane Spin is the best way to get rid
    of the Poes quickly. Charge one up as soon as you throw Jalhalla, and then
    release the attack for a Poe slaughter-fest. Jalhalla won't get smaller or
    weaker as more of his Poes are defeated, but the battle will end when every
    last Poe has been finished off. Jalhalla has a few attacks that he will use to
    try to prevent you from shining him with light. He can suck in air with great
    enough force to draw you and the many skulls littered around towards him. Just
    roll away from him while this is happening to avoid getting damaged. As soon
    as Jalhalla is done inhaling though, he'll blow all of his air out in a mighty
    gust of wind, pushing you backwards towards the spike-lined edges of the
    arena. Instead of rolling away from him this time, run and roll towards him.
    Jalhalla's lantern also provides some of his attacks. The flames he shoots
    from it can come out in a continuous stream, or they can be shaken out in
    blasts that are quicker and more powerful. If you keep your distance from the
    boss, most of his fire attacks won't affect you. Like his brethren, Jalhalla
    can also place a jinx on you that will screw up your movement controls. If
    Jalhalla turns purple and tries to body slam you, run away from him to avoid
    the curse. If you do get cursed, run into a beam of light to get cured
    instantly, or wait for it to wear off. Unlike a Poe, Jalhalla won't possess
    you when he attempts to curse you, so he won't need to sacrifice himself in
    order to do it. All of Jalhalla's attacks can be interrupted if you zap him
    with a beam of light, but this isn't always easy to do. His wind inhalation
    and expulsion attacks can pull or push you out from beneath the beams of
    light, making it difficult to strike him. Also, the beams sometimes disappear
    on their own, reappearing elsewhere in the room. You won't need any ammo
    refills for this fight, since all of your other weapons are useless against
    Jalhalla and the Poes. However, if you need health or magic for the Hurricane
    Spin, the skulls and the Poes will be your source of pickups. This fight is
    relatively easy, and when the last Poe is defeated, Jalhalla's mask will
    shatter and a Heart Container will take its stead.
    Collect the Heart Container, and then step into the blue triangle that appears
    in the center of the room. Medli will run into the chamber and Link will place
    the Master Sword within the triangle. Together, Link and Medli play the Earth
    God's Lyric, soon accompanied by the spirit of Laruto. After the sacred song
    is finished, the Master Sword begins to draw in a strange energy. Link picks
    it up, and the Master Sword's hilt changes shape. The sword's former energy
    has finally been restored! However, there is but one step left to accomplish
    before it becomes the true Master Sword. Medli will remain in the Earth Temple
    to continue praying while Link travels to the Wind Temple to find its sage.
    Link steps into the glowing portal and is taken to the shores of Headstone
    Chapter 9: Protectors of the Seal.
    Gale Isle is where the secret entrance to the Wind Temple lies. However, like
    Headstone Island, the entrance to the temple is inaccessible at first. A
    ferocious wind blowing from a statue in the back of Gale Isle's beach prevents
    you from walking into the cavern. The item that you must use to get through
    the windstorm is located on Ice Ring Isle, which is west of the Forest Haven.
    Play the Ballad of Gales to reach the haven, and then set sail for Ice Ring
    Ice Ring Isle is shrouded in a veil of snow that keeps the island icy cold. If
    you so much as set foot on its shores, you'll freeze into a solid block of
    ice. To thaw out this island, you have to shoot the stream of frozen vapor
    coming from the dragon statue's mouth with a Fire Arrow. Just as the Ice
    Arrows helped you on Fire Mountain, the Fire Arrows will allow you to explore
    Ice Ring Isle. However, you only have five minutes again to find the treasure
    inside the island's cave before turning into a Popsicle.
    Walk around the icy perimeter of the island so that you can get the treasures
    locked within blocks of ice. To melt the ice, you'll have to shoot the blocks
    with Fire Arrows naturally. You can get a yellow rupee and a Treasure Chart
    this way. Make your way to the western side of the island, where you can climb
    up to the inner ledge using the steps. When you reach the upper walkway, start
    moving counterclockwise around the island. Be very careful as you make your
    way across the icy ledge. There are some areas where you will slide down the
    slippery slopes, while in other parts you have to carefully cross over thin
    but slick walkways. If you fall into the water, you have to use the steps near
    the western side to get back out. When you reach the end of the path, jump
    over to the icy platform floating in the water. The next platform moves, so be
    careful when jumping across. After reaching the third platform, jump over to
    the dragon statue and climb the steps to the cavern entrance in its mouth.
    When you fall into the frozen cave inside the island, take the right path
    across a slippery walkway. When you get to the ledge that follows it, kill the
    Keese flying above you. Now climb up to the icy slide that will take you to
    the ledge where the treasure chest sits. It's possible to slide right off the
    slope when it curves to the left, so make sure to lean accordingly. If you end
    up falling into the water, you'll have to get out by climbing on the beams
    sticking out of the wall with the Grappling Hook. When you get to the treasure
    chest, open it to receive the IRON BOOTS. This footwear allows you to
    withstand powerful gusts of wind, like the one found on Gale Isle. After you
    have the boots, you won't have to worry about the island freezing over again.
    To get to the cavern's exit, walk across the thin ledge on the other side of
    the treasure chest. You'll need to put on the Iron Boots in order to make it
    past the whirlwind blowing from the cavern on the wall and to the exit. The
    boots make you walk painfully slow, but you won't get tossed around by the
    crazy wind. If you want, you can drop down into the hole inside the cavern,
    where you can get an orange rupee after defeating a few icebound enemies.
    After exiting the cave, return to Gale Isle.
    Gale Isle's winds are insanely powerful, but they will have no effect on you
    once you put on the Iron Boots. Trudge across the beach and climb up the stone
    steps to where the statue blowing out the wind is sitting. With a whack of the
    Skull Hammer, the statue will break and the fierce wind will stop blowing.
    Enter the cavern behind the statue. The interior of this island is shaped just
    like that of Headstone Island. The tablet in the back of the cavern that
    blocks the entrance to the Wind Temple depicts a Triforce crest, Wind Waker
    symbols, and a violin. If you play these symbols with the Wind Waker as notes,
    you will learn another sacred song known as the Wind God's Aria.
    The Wind God's Aria will awaken the former sage of the Wind Temple, a Kokiri
    spirit named Fado. Like Laruto, Fado was killed when Ganon discovered his
    location. If Link wishes to return the power to repel evil to the Master
    Sword's blade, he must seek out Fado's descendant. The new sage will be
    awakened to his destiny when the Wind God's Aria is played to him. Like
    Laruto, Fado carries an instrument that the new sage will also have. Fado
    vanishes after finishing his message to Link.
    The new sage of the Wind Temple will be much easier to identify than the sage
    of the Earth Temple. While it wasn't blatantly obvious that Medli carried a
    harp before, the one who uses a violin already used it during Link's quest to
    perform a special ceremony. The new sage of the Wind Temple is Makar, the
    Korok that Link had to rescue from the Forbidden Woods. The Earth Temple's
    sage was found on the island that was closest to the place that contained the
    item that would help you get into the Earth Temple, and likewise, Makar is
    found on the island closest to where the Iron Boots were found; the Forest
    Haven. After you are out at sea again, warp to the Forest Haven once more.
    Although identifying Makar as the new sage of the Wind Temple was much easier
    than identifying Medli, actually finding him will be harder. Makar normally
    hangs out inside the Forest Haven, but you won't find him there now. As you
    start walking up the path to the Forest Haven, you'll start hearing a violin
    being played, just like Medli's harp could be heard on Dragon Roost Island.
    Makar must be somewhere outside. After you cut your way past the first four
    Boko Babas, you'll see musical notes coming out of the waterfall ahead. Use
    the Grappling Hook to attach yourself to the branch hanging over the gap.
    Instead of swinging across though, lower yourself while hanging onto the
    Grappling Hook's rope. After you get as far down as you can go, start swinging
    again. Your aim is to swing into the hidden cavern underneath the waterfall.
    Makar is playing his violin at the end of the hidden cavern, practicing for
    next year's annual ceremony. He will be especially delighted when you start
    playing the Wind Waker in front of him. To awaken Makar to the knowledge that
    he is the new sage of the Wind Temple, you'll have to conduct the Wind God's
    Aria. After the song is played, Fado's spirit will appear in Makar's place.
    Link and Fado will begin performing the Wind God's Aria in front of an
    imaginary audience. Afterwards, Makar's revelation will come, and he will be
    made known to the fact that he is the new sage of the Wind Temple. Link must
    take him back to the Wind Temple now.
    Take Makar back to Gale Isle as soon as you reach the King of Red Lions again.
    During the voyage, Makar will sit on the King's head. When you reach Gale
    Isle, the King of Red Lions will instruct Link and Makar to work together as a
    team to overcome the dangers of the Wind Temple. Makar will be your partner
    inside the Wind Temple, and you must rely on his abilities and the new item
    you obtain in this dungeon to make it through. After entering Gale Isle's
    cavern, walk up to the stone tablet with Makar. When you play the Wind God's
    Aria with your Wind Waker, Makar will repeat the song on his violin and the
    entrance to the Wind Temple will open.
    The Wind Temple is much like the Earth Temple, but not as creepy. Like Medli,
    Makar can help you in many ways. He can be picked up, made to follow you,
    thrown so that he can fly a short distance, and controlled with the Command
    Melody. The only thing Makar can't do that Medli could is fly while carrying
    Link, since he is far smaller than him. While under the control of the Command
    Melody, Makar can fly on his own for short distances using the propeller leaf
    he carries. Additionally, he can plant seeds in designated patches of dirt
    that instantly grown into short, squat trees. Although this ability doesn't
    seem like much, the trees Makar plants can unlock certain puzzles and will
    become much more helpful after you have the new item from this dungeon. The
    first room is fairly simple, and nothing is stopping you from carrying Makar
    through the doorway ahead of the entrance portal.
    After climbing down the steps in the next room, you'll notice a springboard
    near the ledge. You'll need this to get through the room, but first you should
    take care of the enemies in it. Jump into the pit and get ready to fight a
    Wizzrobe. Remember that Wizzrobes are weak to arrows; if you have magic to
    spare, shoot it with a Fire or Ice Arrow for a one-hit kill. There is another
    springboard down here that can be used to get back up to the ledge, as well as
    a pair of round dirt patches that Makar can use to plant his seeds. Play the
    Command Melody to control Makar. Scuttle over to the patches of dirt and plant
    a seed in each. Instantaneously, the trees will shoot out of the ground. When
    both trees are planted, a treasure chest containing an orange rupee will
    appear in between them. Now switch back to Link and run to the back of the
    room, past a thin corridor. You will be ambushed by a blast from the past; a
    Stalfos. Defeat this mighty enemy quickly, or try luring it into the open
    before attacking it. To the left of where it emerged, you'll find a warp
    cauldron that can be unsealed using a bomb or Fire Arrow. If you'd rather not
    spend ammo or magic, you can also smash the covering off with the Stalfos's
    mace. Anyway, to get out of the pit, jump on the springboard near the bottom
    of the south ledge and put on the Iron Boots. The weight of the boots will
    depress the springboard, and when you take the boots off again, you'll be shot
    up into the air. To get to the northern ledge, where the exit is, you have to
    use the springboard on top of the south ledge to launch yourself into the air.
    While in midair, you have to use the Deku Leaf so that you can glide over to
    the ledge. This isn't that different from using Baba Buds. The only problem is
    that the powerful downdrafts coming from the room's ceiling will prevent you
    from gliding smoothly over to the ledge. To solve this problem, take control
    of Makar again. Run over to the spot where the Stalfos appeared, and fly up to
    the ledge. There is a switch up here that will turn off the downdrafts,
    allowing Link to make it to this ledge. After both he and Makar are safely on
    the ledge, climb down the steps and head through the exit door.
    The next room contains a familiar wind lever, just like ones that you found in
    the Forbidden Woods. Blow the lever with a gust of wind from the Deku Leaf to
    make it spin. This will cause the gate behind it to open. Be careful of the
    two Armos that will attack you near the lever. Fortunately, the Master Sword
    can destroy the crystals on their back in one hit, but you may still need to
    stun the Armos with arrows to get a clear shot. The switches on the other side
    of the raised gate simply serve to lower and raise it from this side, so you
    can ignore them. Instead, turn your attention towards the deadly blade moving
    from side to side across the room. The blade is very dangerous, but you can
    run past it with careful timing. When you reach the far end of the room, set
    Makar down and play the Command Melody. As Makar, plant two seeds in the dirt
    patches on either side of the sealed exit door. After the trees are planted,
    the exit will unseal itself.
    The pit in the next room can only be crossed by Makar at the moment. If you
    fall into the pit below, you can climb back out by using the vines on the
    wall. Just make sure you get out before the grabbing tentacles get to you and
    start draining your magic power. After taking control of Makar, fly up to the
    first ledge up ahead and plant a seed in the patch of dirt. Now fly over to
    the one on the left side of the room, a bit higher up, and do the same on it.
    Lastly, fly up to the highest ledge. Like the door in the southeast corner of
    the room, the one up here is sealed. However, when you plant the final tree in
    the patch of dirt, both doors will unseal. Suddenly though, four Floor Masters
    appear out of nowhere and grab Makar! They drag the poor little Korok into
    oblivion and dump him somewhere else within the Wind Temple. Sadly, there is
    nothing you can do to prevent this. You have to move on through the southeast
    door without your companion.
    This enormous chamber is, as expected, the Wind Temple's hub. When you walk
    into the room, Makar will shout out to you. The young Korok is imprisoned
    behind a cage on your left, and the only exit out of it is blocked by a
    massive stone head. This stone is too heavy for even the Power Bracelets. You
    can do nothing for Makar just yet, so continue alone. Defeat the two Peahats
    in the room before they become an annoyance. Head towards the east side of the
    room, across from where you entered from. The door there is guarded by a pair
    of Armos Knights. Fight them if you wish, or simply run past them.
    The next room is similar to the one that had the wind lever in it. This room
    also contains a wind lever, but it isn't as simple as the last one. Start by
    killing the pair of Peahats near the beginning of the room. Afterwards, run
    past the moving blade. You'll come to a ledge that drops off into the room's
    lower section. You can jump down from the ledge, or you can drop down from one
    of the two holes nearby. The hole covered in a layer of cracked rock can be
    broken through if you stand on the rock while wearing the Iron Boots. Watch
    out for the Floor Master prowling the area below. Floor Masters that grab you
    here will deposit you by the west entrance to the hub chamber. After defeating
    it, blow the wind lever with the Deku Leaf to close the gate above and create
    a walkway across the gap. You'll need to get back up again, so use the nearby
    springboard to launch yourself through the hole up above. When you get to the
    top part of the room again, walk across the closed gate, but don't forget to
    open the chest on your left to get a Joy Pendant. Defeat two more Peahats and
    run past another moving blade, and then take the southeast exit (the eastern
    door is blocked by a stone slab similar to the one that covered the Wind
    Temple's entrance).
    When you step inside the next room, make sure you have full magic power. This
    spacious chamber is essentially a large ravine that you must cross with the
    Deku Leaf. The lower level is safe to walk on, but you can't get through the
    room unless you stay on the top part. If you fall down below, return to the
    beginning of the room and climb back up. There is another reason you shouldn't
    go down there; grabbing vines. The vines will suck away your magic power if
    they get a hold of you, and you need it to get by. Anyway, float over to the
    updraft swirling up ahead to get pushed upwards. Now float down to the first
    ledge on your left. The switch here will open up a section of the gate up
    ahead when pressed, allowing you to get through it. Glide over to the level
    section of the gate and fight the Wizzrobe in the area up ahead. Make sure to
    restock on magic power before continuing. Now turn left and jump from the gate
    to the grassy ledge against the cliff. Continue jumping and gliding until you
    get to the ledge in the chamber's southeastern corner. The treasure chest here
    holds the Dungeon Map. Now float back to the ledge where the Wizzrobe
    appeared, using the updraft to your advantage. To get through the large gate
    separating you from the western path, you have to float through the opening on
    the left side. After you make it through, you'll have to make a tight turn in
    order to get to the updraft that will push you up to the next platform (the
    horizontal portion of the next gate). Use the littered skulls lying on the
    platform to get magic refills. Don't lose focus for too long though, or you'll
    get hit by a Wizzrobe's fireballs. This Wizzrobe will be too far away to lock
    on to, so you can either aim for it manually or you can wait until you reach
    the far ledge before fighting it. Just make sure you take out all of the
    Peahats to make the voyage go smoother. After you defeat the enemies, use the
    door on the west ledge.
    This takes you right back to the hub. Whatever you do, don't jump off the
    ledge until you press the large switch here while wearing the Iron Boots, or
    else you'll have to go all the way around again. The switch will open up the
    floor, revealing more to this already spacious chamber. Before you jump down
    to the bottom, uncover the nearby warp cauldron for future use. It's a long
    way down, so make sure you deploy the Deku Leaf before you hit the bottom.
    There are two doors down at the bottom, but one is locked, so use the other.
    The chest containing the small key into the other room is on the ledge near
    the back of this room, but a row of pointy spikes prevents you from getting up
    there. Fortunately, there are five covered holes in front of the spikes that
    you can smash through while wearing the Iron Boots. When you break through a
    hole, enemies will appear down below. What you have to fight depends on which
    hole you break through. From left to right, the holes will reveal the
    following enemies when broken through: five red ChuChus, nothing at all, two
    Floor Masters, three Armos, and five green ChuChus. There are spikes down
    below too, so fight carefully. To get out of the lower area, push or pull the
    two blocks around so that the one with the springboard on it is on top of the
    tile near the back of the room marked with a wind symbol. The other block must
    be placed next to it so that you can climb up to it. Use the springboard to
    launch yourself up through another hole next to the treasure chest. When the
    chest is opened, both the spikes up above and the ones down below will
    retract. You can leave if you wish, but if you want a Treasure Chart, you have
    to break through all five holes and fight every set of enemies before its
    chest appears. Good luck! Afterwards, run back to the previous chamber and
    open the north door with the small key.
    The only door to this chamber will seal as soon as you enter it, meaning only
    one thing; a mini-boss battle is about to occur. Out of nowhere, an orange-
    robed WIZZROBE wearing a golden headdress will appear in the center of the
    room, cackling like a loony. Seconds later, the mage will use its powers to
    summon two other enemies into battle before vanishing again. This mini-boss is
    the most powerful of all the Wizzrobe types, capable of summoning other
    enemies to do its biding while it fights you. The first two enemies that the
    Wizzrobe summons are always a yellow-robed Wizzrobe and a Darknut. Yellow-
    robed Wizzrobes are variants of the weaker Wizzrobes, but they too have the
    ability to summon other enemies into battle. Even though only the orange-robed
    Wizzrobe is powerful enough to summon other Wizzrobes, the yellow-robed
    Wizzrobe can call out larger groups of creatures. When two Wizzrobes are on
    the loose, each summoning one thing after another, the battle can get
    incredibly chaotic. This makes the orange Wizzrobe the toughest mini-boss in
    the game. Luckily, this is the only time and place you will ever have to fight
    it (although the yellow-robed mages will continue appearing later on). Between
    the yellow and orange-robed Wizzrobes, you will have to face Darknuts,
    Moblins, Keese, Kargarocs, and Peahats. The orange-robed Wizzrobe will summon
    the stronger enemies (the Darknuts, Moblins and the yellow-robed Wizzrobe
    itself), while the yellow-robed Wizzrobe sticks to summoning larger groups of
    weaker enemies (the swarm of six Keese, the Kargarocs in groups of two, and
    the Peahats in groups of two or three). Fortunately, the mini-boss won't
    summon any other Wizzrobes after the first one. Also, both will only summon
    one enemy or set of enemies at a time, and only if none of their other
    respective creations are still fighting. Like the red-robed and seagoing blue-
    robed Wizzrobes, the yellow and orange-robed Wizzrobes can also shoot a triple
    fire blast attack and teleport around the room erratically. You can tell what
    kind of spell the Wizzrobes are about to cast by the way they move before
    performing it. When they twirl their wands around, a fireball attack is
    coming. When the Wizzrobes dance in a circle, they are about to summon.
    Naturally, you should get rid of the Wizzrobes first so that no more enemies
    are summoned into battle. This is easier said than done though. With so many
    enemies around, targeting the Wizzrobes (especially the mini-boss) can be
    nearly impossible. Even if you do finally get locked on to one, it may just
    teleport to a new location before you can shoot it. The yellow-robed Wizzrobe,
    slightly more resilient than its red cousins, can be defeated with two
    Fire/Ice Arrow blasts. The orange-robed Wizzrobe will take three hits before
    it goes down. The Boomerang is also helpful in this fight, since you can stun
    the other enemies around you and defeat them quickly with your sword. If you
    manage to lock on to the Wizzrobes, stun them with the Boomerang to keep them
    still while you fire arrows at them. If they're low enough to the ground, you
    can even hack at them with your Master Sword. The battle will become much
    easier after you defeat any one of the two Wizzrobes and all of its respective
    minions. The only way to get health or ammo during this fight is to break open
    the treasure spheres that the stronger enemies leave behind. After you finally
    kill both of the Wizzrobes, defeat every last enemy standing. Even with their
    masters gone, the other enemies must be killed off before the prize chest
    This chest contains the HOOKSHOT, a handy tool that can latch onto objects and
    pull you to them. It can attach itself to many things, including trees,
    treasure chests, enemies, pickups, and special targets designed specifically
    for its use. Offensively, the Hookshot can be used to reel smaller enemies in
    for a sword attack. This proves useful when battling such foes as Bubbles or
    Bokoblins. Use the Hookshot to pull yourself up to the north ledge by
    attaching it to the yellowish target above it. To unseal the exit door, pound
    the peg on the ledge into the ground with the Skull Hammer.
    With the Hookshot, you must now make the long journey upwards back to the
    first floor to rescue Makar. Start by killing the two Peahats near the bottom
    of the shaft. You can reel them in close with the Hookshot and attack them,
    rather than having to hit them twice with the Boomerang or wasting arrows. Now
    hook yourself up to the northeast ledge by aiming for the circular target
    above it. Repeat this process moving counterclockwise and upwards, until you
    get to a ledge on the east side. Directly across from you, there should be a
    small alcove containing a treasure chest. Glide over to the alcove using the
    Deku Leaf, and pry open the chest to get the Compass. To get to the next ledge
    above you, use the springboard near the treasure chest to launch yourself up.
    From here you can resume using the Hookshot until you get to another
    springboard. Use it to get to the longer ledge near the first floor. The
    Peahats will probably notice you at this point, so be ready for them. To get
    from the elongated ledge to either the west doorway or the place where Makar
    is being held, pull yourself up by hooking the targets on the walls. Rescuing
    Makar will require more clever use of the Hookshot. The stone head blocking
    the entrance to his cage has a target on it, but hooking yourself onto it will
    do you no good. Instead, put on the Iron Boots, and then use the Hookshot. The
    weight of the Iron Boots will keep you grounded as the stone head is pulled
    outwards. Make sure you aren't directly beneath it when it falls over. After
    the stone head is out of the way, enter the cage and retrieve Makar. You can
    open the chest as well to get a Joy Pendant. Now, both you and Makar must
    reach the west doorway. You can get there by using the Hookshot as usual, but
    in order to get Makar up there, you'll have to control him with the Command
    Melody. Afterwards, return to the room where the Floor Masters grabbed Makar.
    A yellow-robed Wizzrobe now lives in this room. The yellow-robed Wizzrobes you
    encounter now and in the future will be able to summon a greater variety of
    enemies than the one that accompanied the orange-robed mini-boss. Each
    individual yellow-robed Wizzrobe has its own predetermined set of enemies that
    it can summon. Some will even be able to call out former mini-bosses like
    Moblins and Stalfos (however, the orange-robed Wizzrobe alone retains the
    ability to summon other Wizzrobes). Usually though, they'll stick to summoning
    smaller and weaker things like ChuChus and Keese. The one in this room will
    only be able to summon Fire Keese and Red Bubbles. After defeating it, Makar
    will tell you that the Hookshot can latch onto the trees he planted. You can
    pull yourself up to the northernmost ledge, and then control Makar to have him
    fly up there as well. Use the door after you are both there.
    The following room is almost identical to the last one. The key difference is
    that there are four Blue Bubbles flying through the air up here. You can use
    the Hookshot to take out the nearest one, but the far ones will have to wait
    until you get closer. Play the Command Melody to control Makar, and then fly
    up to the nearest ledge up ahead. Plant a seed in each of the mounds of dirt
    on the four ledges so that Link can pull himself up by hooking onto the trees.
    You'll probably have to pause before all of the trees are planted so that Link
    can defeat the Bubbles that will otherwise make it difficult for Makar to
    plant seeds. When planting the final tree, stay well away from the Floor
    Master on the top ledge. After both Makar and Link reach the top of the room,
    enter the door on the right.
    This door places you in the top section of the hub chamber. The gate up ahead
    must be opened by pressing the two switches in front of it simultaneously. Set
    Makar down on one switch while you press the other. The gate will open,
    allowing you to go through. Additionally, a portion of the floor down in the
    basement will open as it did on the first floor, revealing a large fan
    underneath. Play the Command Melody again to control Makar. Under his control,
    fall down to the basement of the shaft. On the west side of the room, you'll
    see two patches of dirt that Makar can plant seeds in. After planting the two
    trees, the fan below him will activate. The giant fan will turn off and on
    periodically, lasting in each phase for about ten seconds. When the fan is
    off, you can jump in between the openings in the floor and the fan's blades to
    get to a hidden doorway. When the fan is on, a giant updraft will blow up the
    shaft, but you won't be able to go beneath it. The door down below is locked,
    and you currently have no key to enter it. Leave Makar down at the bottom of
    the shaft and switch back to Link, who should still be by the second floor
    entrance (if not, use the Deku Leaf to ride the updraft back up). When the
    updraft starts up again, jump into it to be lifted even higher. From this
    altitude, you can get to any of the remaining ledges on the top floor. On the
    east ledge, there is a chest containing a Joy Pendant. The west ledge offers
    nothing, but the south ledge has another door. Enter it once you reach it.
    As soon as you walk through the doorway, it will seal behind you, leaving you
    to fight the Armos inside the room. There are six of the statues this time,
    making it rather hazardous to move around. If you get them clustered together,
    it will be easy to take out multiple enemies with sword strikes, or stun them
    with arrows. After all six are destroyed, the exit will unseal and a gate in
    the back of the room will open. Get the small key from the treasure chest
    behind the gate before you return to the wind shaft.
    The key you just got unlocks the path to the boss's lair, but there's no sense
    in going there just yet without the Big Key in your hands as well. Upon
    returning to the hub, you'll find Makar waiting in front of the north doorway
    on the top floor. If you accidentally went to the bottom looking for him, use
    the switch-powered elevator beneath the fan to get up to the ledge above the
    fan. Anyway, you're going to want to head down (or up) to the first floor,
    which is actually the middle level. Use the Deku Leaf to float to it if you're
    up above, but make sure the updraft doesn't catch you. Makar will also be
    affected by the updraft while he flies. When you get to the first floor, head
    inside the east doorway guarded by Armos Knights with Makar.
    Head through this room the same way you did before. Just leave Makar on the
    top level so that he doesn't become victimized by the Floor Masters down
    below. After the gate forms a bridge across the gap and you launch yourself
    back up to the top level, bring Makar over to the stone tablet at the far end
    of the room. Play the Wind God's Aria in front of the tablet, with Makar
    nearby. Makar will repeat the song and the tablet will crack to reveal a new
    doorway. Feel free to leave Makar behind in this room when you enter it.
    The Big Key is in this room, but three Darknuts guard it, including one
    wearing black armor and a buckler. This battle can be just as tough as the one
    against the Wizzrobe. It is hard to ignore the other Darknuts while you fight
    one, so stay on your toes and get ready to fight all three at the same time.
    Circling the Darknuts is the best way to get closest to the one you are locked
    on to. If you simply try to evade their attacks, there is a chance the
    Darknuts will end up hurting each other. This can really help you out, but it
    won't win the entire battle for you. After defeating all three Darknuts, open
    the chest sitting behind the opened gate. Claim the key, and then leave the
    Now that you have both the small key to the door down at the bottom of the
    wind shaft and the key to the boss's chamber, return to the hub and drop down
    to the bottom with Makar. Use the small key to open the door down here,
    beneath the large fan. Remember to take Makar in with you this time.
    The enemies in the Wind Temple just don't let up, do they? The new room
    unlocked with the small key contains not one, but two hulking Stalfos and a
    yellow-robed Wizzrobe! The Wizzrobe is only capable of summoning Morths, but
    these spiky irritants are the last thing you need when fighting three other
    dangerous enemies. Defeat the Stalfos first by blowing them up, stunning their
    skulls, and then smashing them with the Skull Hammer. If there are any Morths
    around, leave one or two of them alive so that the Wizzrobe doesn't summon any
    more (since it won't until all of the previous enemies that it summoned are
    destroyed). Use Fire or Ice Arrows to kill the Wizzrobe as usual. After the
    enemies are gone, the east exit still won't unseal. Look up to see a set of
    platforms around the edge of the room. Above each platform is a Hookshot
    target. There are a few stone heads on the walls with targets as well. Make
    your way up to the top of the room with the Hookshot by using the targets and
    the stone heads. At the very top, on a ledge on the northwest side of the
    room, you'll find a switch that you can press while wearing the Iron Boots.
    This will unseal the east door below. However, if you want to uncover another
    treasure chest, you'll have to stick around a bit longer. If you pull all of
    the stone heads off of the wall by using the Hookshot while wearing the Iron
    Boots, Bokoblins will emerge from behind them. There are four stone heads, but
    only two of them hide Bokoblins. After defeating them (use Stalfos maces or
    the Hookshot for fun), a chest containing a Treasure Chart will appear on the
    floor. After getting it, use the east exit with Makar.
    The next room is very large and very long. Grabbing tentacles lurk in the
    grass at the bottom of the chasms on either side of the pathway, so don't go
    down there. The first enemies you'll see along the pathway are Bokoblins and
    Armos Knights. Don't miss the opportunity to get more Joy Pendants with the
    Grappling Hook from the Bokoblins if you still need them. After defeating them
    all, walk with Makar to the circular platform at the end of the pathway. The
    drafts of wind on either side of the space ahead will prevent you from
    crossing over to the next ledge, but not Makar. Control him with the Command
    Melody, and then fly straight over the gales. The ledge ahead has a spot of
    dirt that you can plant a seed in, but watch out for the Floor Master lurking
    near it. After the tree is planted, switch back to Link and use the Hookshot
    to make it across the gap. When Link reaches the ledge, kill the Floor Master
    quickly. Now take Makar to the end of the passage, defeating the Peahats along
    the way. Use the door on your right to proceed.
    This room is all that separates you from the boss, but it's very tricky to get
    past. There are three strong gusts of wind coming from the back wall that will
    prevent you from walking through unless you're wearing the Iron Boots. The
    only problem with this is that the boots will make you walk too slowly, and
    the three moving blades in the room will hit you before you can get past them.
    There are three blocks that can be moved around to trap the blades against the
    walls, but the trench just before final blade will make any block you try to
    push across it fall in. This leaves you with two blocks. The first two blades
    are close enough together so that a single block can be used to trap them
    both. To trap the third one, push the last block across the trench by setting
    down the other block inside the pit so that the one you are pushing doesn't
    fall in. In the end you should have a block inside the trench, one trapping
    the first two blades, and the last one trapping the third blade. Now pick up
    Makar and put on the Iron Boots so that you can walk to the back of the room.
    When you go through the opening and into the back section of the room, you can
    remove the Iron Boots. Take Makar to the back of the room and play the Wind
    God's Aria in front of the stone tablet to destroy it. The boss's door is up
    ahead. Before using it, uncover the final warp cauldron and break the
    surrounding jars for pickups. Makar will stay here while you enter the boss's
    lair and fight whatever is inside.
    The gloomy chamber is quiet...too quiet. Jump down from the ledge into the
    sandpit below. As Link approaches the center of the pit, the ground begins to
    rumble and sand begins pouring into the room, covering the stone tablet with
    the Triforce crest on it. Suddenly, an ugly and massive sandworm bursts out
    from the ground and starts gliding through the room, bellowing loudly.
    MOLGERA, PROTECTOR OF THE SEAL is the boss of the Wind Temple. After Molgera
    dives into the soil again, a sand whirlpool will form in the arena floor.
    Molgera lurks beneath the heart of the whirlpool, waiting with opened jaws. As
    Molgera sits in the center of the sand pit, it will extend its blue tongue
    into the air. Lock on to the boss's tongue and shoot it with the Hookshot.
    When attached, the Hookshot will pull Molgera's tongue towards you, allowing
    you to cut it up with sword strikes. Molgera's tongue is its weak spot so keep
    hitting it to inflict damage to the boss. The tricky part about this is that
    the sand beneath your feet will constantly pull you in towards the center of
    the pit and into Molgera's gaping jaws. If you get too close to the boss, it
    will try to eat you, dealing two whole hearts worth of damage. You should try
    to shift around so that you stay at a safe distance from Molgera while you try
    to Hookshot its tongue. The sand whirlpool won't necessarily stay centered
    within the arena. In fact, Molgera will try to follow you around so that the
    pit gets closer and closer to you. You can't attack Molgera from outside the
    bounds of the sand whirlpool, so you're going to have to keep an eye out for
    where the bottom of the pit is. Molgera itself won't be the only one attacking
    you either. The boss can send out larval sandworms after you. Like their
    mother, the larvae can swim through the sand with ease. To defeat them, reel
    them in with the Hookshot and slash at them twice with your sword. These worms
    appear three at a time, after you damage Molgera's tongue. Although vicious,
    they are a great source of health. Try eliminating all of the larvae first
    before going after the boss. The only other thing you'll need to watch for is
    when Molgera emerges from the sand and starts gliding through the air again.
    After circling the arena, the boss will dive towards you with its mouth open.
    If you have Molgera's larvae on top of you, it can be difficult to discern
    Molgera's location during this attack. Although Molgera can dish out a
    beating, it won't last long in battle if you keep attacking its tongue. After
    you defeat the boss, it will crumble into dust and leave behind its Heart
    Container. The sand will empty out of the room, leaving the stone tablet
    exposed. After you grab the game's final Heart Container, step into the blue
    light shining from the Triforce crest.
    Makar enters the chamber, and Link places the Master Sword in the center of
    the Triforce crest. The two begin playing the Wind God's Aria, just as Link
    had done with Medli in the Earth Temple. Fado appears and begins playing as
    well. As the musicians play, energy begins to flow into the Master Sword. Link
    holds it in his hands, and the blade begins glowing. The final step to
    restoring the Master Sword has finally been completed. Once again, the
    legendary blade has the power to defeat Ganon. After the performance, Makar
    tells Link that he will remain in the Wind Temple to continue praying. Link
    steps into the portal and is taken to Gale Isle's exterior.
    Chapter 10: The Hero of Winds.
    Back outside, Link sees the King of Red Lions talking to a Fishman. According
    to the Fishman, the Forsaken Fortress is completely empty. Ganon and his
    minions haven't been seen since Valoo burned down his headquarters. Although
    the Fishman is pleased to hear that he is gone, the King of Red Lions is
    troubled. He fears that Ganon may have already gotten to Princess Zelda. There
    is only one thing left to do before Link can reenter Hyrule. He must collect
    eight Triforce Shards that together form the Triforce of Courage.
    The eight shards are scattered at the bottom of the ocean, but they can be
    found and salvaged just like any other kind of treasure once you find the
    eight corresponding Triforce Charts. The charts are more heavily-guarded than
    the shards themselves, and you will have to overcome tough enemies or tricky
    puzzles to get them all. Even then, you won't be able to read the charts
    without some assistance and a lot of cash.
    Anyway, it matters not which order you get the charts and pieces, but before
    you go anywhere, warp to any island that has a postbox on it and check your
    mail. Tingle sent you something, but he attached a postage fee of 201 rupees
    to it, so pay up. The thing Tingle sent you is the IN-credible Chart, which is
    the most useful tool there is for hunting Triforce Shards. This chart displays
    the location of every Triforce Chart in the Great Sea. What's better is that
    the chart also shows you where to find the actual Triforce pieces after you
    get their corresponding charts deciphered. And as an added bonus, the chart
    will cross off any charts or shards you've already collected, making it easy
    to keep track of which ones you have left to collect. Very cool! If you find
    nothing in your postbox, it means you haven't freed Tingle from Windfall
    Island's jail yet. Do that before starting the treasure hunt.
    After you start collecting Triforce Charts, you'll notice that after they are
    opened, you won't be able to read them. You have to get them deciphered by
    Tingle. After Tingle is freed from the jail on Windfall Island, he'll return
    to Tingle Island (where else?), where his enslaved look-alikes Ankle and
    David, Jr. are forced to rotate Tingle's tower day and night. Whenever you get
    a Triforce Chart, warp to Tingle Island and climb the ladder up to his tower.
    If Tingle detects that you have an un-deciphered chart with you, he will offer
    to make it readable for a minor cost of...398 rupees per chart! Tingle certainly
    doesn't lead a cheap life. You will need over 3,000 rupees just to get all of
    your charts deciphered, but it's the only way to find out where the Triforce
    Shards are, even with the IN-credible Chart.
    After you know where the shard lies, sail to that quadrant and look for the
    ring of glowing light, just like the ones that appear when you open regular
    Treasure Charts. Don't confuse them for the many smaller rings though; the
    ones you're looking for emit a beam of light into the sky that can be seen
    from far away. The rings disappear when you get close to them, but you can
    listen for the humming sound that the treasure makes when you pass over it.
    After you pinpoint the shard's location, use the salvage crane to haul it up
    from the sea floor.
    The first Triforce Chart is on an island known as the Islet of Steel. It is
    also one of the earliest charts you can acquire. To get to the Islet of Steel,
    play the Ballad of Gales to warp to Greatfish Isle. The Islet of Steel is
    directly south of Greatfish Isle. This metallic island is surrounded by a
    convoy of cannon warships. Although most of them can be avoided, one of them
    blocks the entrance to the island's interior. Use the King of Red Lions'
    cannon to sink it. Kargarocs will attack you as you get close to the island
    too. When you get inside the island, cruise up to the steps that lead to a
    strange altar. There are two crests on the floor. One is a wind crest, while
    the other is a Triforce crest. Stand on the wind crest and conduct the Wind's
    Requiem to make a chest appear on the Triforce Crest. Inside, as expected, is
    Triforce Chart 1. When deciphered, this chart will lead you to a TRIFORCE
    SHARD somewhere around Greatfish Isle. Before you exit the Islet of Steel and
    go look for the shard, break open the jars along the side of the altar for
    rupees that will help you pay for Tingle's deciphering fee.
    The first chart was relatively easy to get, but the second one takes a lot of
    work. However, you'll finally be able to make use of the Joy Pendants you've
    been gathering throughout your travels. Start by returning to Windfall Island.
    Walk up to the top part of town and look for a building with a sign posted on
    it, depicting a crude drawing of a woman with pink hair (there's also a ladder
    to the left of the building). This is Windfall Island's school. Mrs. Marie,
    the pink-haired teacher, will be standing inside. If you chat with her, she'll
    tell you about the Killer Bees, a gang of boys that like to cause mischief.
    They cut class often, and Mrs. Marie would be grateful if you tried to talk
    them into returning to school. The Killer Bees happen to be just outside the
    school. However, like most of the townspeople, they only come out during the
    day (use the Song of Passing if it's night). Their leader, a boy named Ivan,
    will challenge you to a game of hide-and-seek against all four of the gang's
    members. When you accept, the four boys will run off in different directions.
    Your goal now is to find them and catch them.
    The first boy, Jin, is behind the bomb shop. To get there, sidle across the
    ledge to the left of the shop just as you did when you went after the pirates.
    After you find him, he'll start running, so jump after him and chase him down.
    You have to tag him in order for him to be considered caught. Another gang
    member, Jun-Roberto, is behind the monument on the cape that Tott normally
    dances in front of. Catch him just as you caught Jin. The next boy, Jan, is
    hiding on a ledge near the school. To the left of the school's entrance is an
    opening that takes you to the ledge Jan is hiding on. Turn left on it to find
    the boy hiding behind a bush. Finally, go after Ivan, the gang's leader. Ivan
    is cleverly hidden in the branches of the tree next to the town's archway.
    Perform a rolling attack to knock him out of the tree. After you catch all
    four boys and beat them at their own game, they'll reconsider their delinquent
    ways and reward you with a Piece of Heart. As valuable as Pieces of Hearts
    are, this isn't what you came for. Return to Mrs. Marie after you finish
    speaking to the Killer Bees.
    Mrs. Marie will thank you for talking some sense into the gang and reward you
    with a purple rupee. That still isn't good enough though. Run outside again
    and talk to the Killer Bees again. They suggest that you should give Mrs.
    Marie a present, as it's her birthday soon. Mrs. Marie's favorite things in
    the world are Joy Pendants, so the more you give to her, the happier she'll
    be. Ivan will tell you how to get a Joy Pendant here in town, but if you have
    enough already, you don't need any more. The best way to get more pendants is
    by stealing them from Bokoblins with the Grappling Hook.
    Anyway, run back into the school and show Mrs. Marie your Joy Pendants.
    Delightedly, Mrs. Marie will accept them from you. She will only take one at
    first, giving you a red rupee in return. However, when you present twenty more
    to her, she'll give you a piece of parchment. This is the Cabana Deed, a
    document that identifies its holder as the owner of the Private Oasis found
    south of the Tower of the Gods. The deed is all you need to continue the
    Triforce hunt, but you can get something even more exciting by giving Mrs.
    Marie twenty more Joy Pendants. Her final reward will be a peculiar mask
    called the HERO'S CHARM. When worn, the charm allows you to see an enemy's
    health meter. On regular enemies, this only works when you lock on to them,
    but when fighting bosses, the meter will stay on the screen as long as you're
    wearing the Hero's Charm. This item, like the Magic Armor, is optional, but
    very rare and very cool. Anyway, now that you have the Cabana Deed, set sail
    for the Private Oasis.
    The luxurious cabana on the Private Oasis is owned by Mrs. Marie, but it's
    yours if you have the deed. The island's steep sides make it difficult to get
    on, but if you sail around to the south side, you can climb the stone steps or
    use the Hookshot on the tree. The pool outside is filled with stuff like
    hearts, but nothing too exciting. The real treasure lies inside the cabana,
    but you can't get in without the Cabana Deed. When you try to enter the cabana
    door, the butler painted on it will rudely deny you entry. Just flash the
    Cabana Deed in front of him and he'll recognize you as the new master,
    allowing you to enter. The island itself will even be renamed after you.
    Inside, you'll find a fire burning inside the fireplace, and an interesting
    sliding puzzle on the wall, which you can try solving to entertain yourself
    and win rupees. To find the chart you seek, look up towards the ceiling. A
    beam that can be grappled onto hangs down from above. When you pull down on
    the beam while hanging off of it, the fire in the fireplace will extinguish
    itself. You can enter the cabana's hidden basement by dropping down into the
    hole left behind in the fireplace.
    The catacombs below the Private Oasis are confusing and kind of creepy. Many
    of the passages up above are blocked by gates that are controlled by Skull
    Hammer pegs. Hitting them with the Skull Hammer will raise the corresponding
    gates and allow you to explore further into the maze. The only way to get from
    one section of the maze to another is to climb in and out of the holes located
    in most of the rooms. These underground holes are connected by yet another
    confusing series of small tunnels that you must crawl through. The Triforce
    Chart lies deep within this network of tunnels, but you may get lost a few
    times before reaching it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, since
    there are other valuables in the maze too, such as troves of jars filled with
    expensive rupees, and a chest containing a solitary orange rupee! Although the
    catacombs are pretty creepy, Rats are the only things living down here. You
    just have to worry about what isn't living.... At some point, you'll have to go
    into a hole that looks a bit earthy. Two ghastly ReDeads lurk down below, but
    you must get by them in order to find the Triforce Chart. The chamber they
    hide in isn't very big, so defeat them quickly before they notice you. After
    you defeat them, break the jars along the wall and crawl into the tunnel they
    were concealing. After exiting the tunnel, climb the ladder up to the top
    level. Like in the Islet of Steel, you have to play the Wind's Requiem while
    standing on the wind crest up here to make the chest containing Triforce Chart
    2 appear. After grabbing the hard-earned reward, smash the nearby Skull Hammer
    peg to raise the gate, and then find the exit portal. When you get the chart
    deciphered, it will guide you to a TRIFORCE SHARD buried somewhere near Gale
    The next chart is considerably easier to get, but that's not saying much,
    since Triforce Chart 2 probably takes the longest time to acquire. Anyway,
    your next destination is Bird's Peak Rock, a remote location at the eastern
    end of the Great Sea. Use a cyclone to get to the Forest Haven, and then sail
    northeast (or just sail two quadrants east from the Private Oasis if you feel
    like taking the scenic route). Bird's Peak Rock isn't much of an island. The
    six rocky spires around the main eastern islet are inaccessible, but they are
    the nesting sites of Kargarocs. The chart itself is inside a secret cave
    behind the metal gate on the main islet, but the gate can only be opened if
    you hit six diamond-shaped switches resting on top of the spires. Since there
    is no way you can reach them yourself, you must call upon a seagull to do the
    task for you. You'll have to control one using a Hyoi Pear (if you don't have
    any, buy some from Beedle). The seagull will be able to reach the switches,
    but if it flies too close to the Kargaroc nests, the territorial birds will
    chase after it and attack it. Try to take out all of the Kargarocs from the
    ground with arrows first. Aim carefully at them and pick them off one by one.
    Only four of the Kargarocs are sitting on nests. One will be flying around the
    central spire, but unless you are a very good shot, you won't be able to kill
    it. The best you can do is hope that it doesn't harass your seagull while it
    flies up there. After killing the nesting Kargarocs, lay out a Hyoi Pear to
    lure in one of the seagulls. After taking control of one, start flapping up to
    the spires and fly through the diamond-shaped switches to activate them. After
    you hit the four on top of the smaller spires, keep your distance from the
    circling Kargaroc and start gaining altitude. When the seagull is high enough
    to reach the topmost switch, make a beeline for it and hit it before the
    Kargaroc reaches the gull. The gate on the main islet will open after all six
    switches are pressed. Enter the secret cave and play the Wind's Requiem on the
    altar again to make the chest appear. Open it to get Triforce Chart 3, whose
    TRIFORCE SHARD is located in the waters around Stone Watcher Island (wait
    until you have to go there to get an upcoming Triforce Chart). If you're
    curious to know the purpose of the wooden beam sticking out from the rock
    above the secret cave's entrance, attach the Grappling Hook to it and climb up
    to the ledge. Chu Jelly collectors will find a rare blue ChuChu up there.
    Triforce Chart 4 isn't located on an island, but inside the Ghost Ship that
    haunts the waters around certain locations during the night. This spooky
    vessel appears every night in one of the following locations, depending on
    which phase the moon is in: Crescent Moon Island, Diamond Steppe Island, Bomb
    Island, Spectacle Island, Five-Star Isles, Star Belt Archipelago and Greatfish
    Isle (full, left gibbous, left half, left crescent, right crescent, right half
    and right gibbous, respectively). The Ghost Ship can be spotted by looking for
    the floating blue flames that dance around it, giving it an even eerier look.
    Unfortunately, when you get close to the Ghost Ship, it will just disappear.
    You need a special chart first before you can explore the phantom boat. This
    chart, appropriately named the Ghost Ship Chart, is on Diamond Steppe Island,
    where the Ghost Ship appears during the left gibbous moon. Warp to Outset
    Island, and then start sailing northwest. You might have a run-in with an
    eight-eyed Big Octo along the way, but at least you get an orange rupee for
    defeating it. When you reach Diamond Steppe Island, sail around to its western
    tip and pull yourself up to the ledge with the Hookshot, using the tree. The
    island is named after its diamond shape, but it is also noted for the
    geographical steps on it that are impossible to climb without the Hookshot.
    Pull yourself up from ledge to ledge the same way you got on the island. Make
    sure you don't go in the water though, or else the river current will sweep
    you back down to the lowest part of the island. When you reach the top, enter
    the secret cave.
    Diamond Steppe Island's secret cave is the hidden gravesite of many ruined
    ships. It is also filled with warp cauldrons and Floor Masters. The cauldrons
    are interconnected confusingly, and you must enter them in a certain order to
    reach the cave's treasure. If you use the wrong cauldron, you'll be returned
    to the beginning of the maze. The Floor Masters also serve this purpose, but
    they can be defeated with arrows or sword combo strikes. To make it through
    this maze, start by jumping into the only cauldron in the first clearing. When
    you emerge, ignore the two other cauldrons nearby and go around the wooden
    wall in front of you. A Floor Master guards a warp cauldron in this corner.
    Trounce it, and then grab the Boko stick from inside the jar next to it. Use
    the torches near the cauldron you emerged from last to light the stick on
    fire, and then use it to burn off the covering over the cauldron that the
    Floor Master was in front of. Bombs or Fire Arrows can also be used if you'd
    rather not use the Boko sticks. The cauldron will send you to the deck of one
    of the ruined ships. Open the nearby chest to get a Joy Pendant if you still
    need to get the Hero's Charm. To the right of the cauldron, you'll find an
    opening in the ship's railing. Jump down to the clearing below and use the
    cauldron closest to where you landed, after you burn or blast the covering off
    it. That cauldron will warp you to another ship deck. There are three other
    cauldrons up here, as well as a Floor Master. After defeating the fiend, use
    the cauldron diagonally across from the one you came in from to reach the
    chest containing the Ghost Ship Chart. Jump off the ledge behind the treasure
    chest to get to the exit afterwards.
    The Ghost Ship Chart is divided into six sections that represent the islands
    that the Ghost Ship appears in. Each section also shows the phase of the moon
    that the Ghost Ship appears in. During the night, the ship's image will appear
    on the section of the chart that corresponds to the island it is currently
    haunting. Additionally, the ship's image will appear on the Sea Chart as well.
    Once you know where to find the Ghost Ship, set sail for its location and look
    around for it. The ship's blue flames will easily give it away in the dark
    night. Now that you have the Ghost Ship Chart, the Ghost Ship will remain
    visible and you can sail right into it. The inside of the Ghost Ship is shaped
    almost exactly like the inside of a submarine. Jump down from the ledge and
    start attacking the ghostly enemies. There are two Poes down here, and one
    yellow-robed Wizzrobe. The Wizzrobe is the most dangerous of the enemies,
    since it can summon powerful Stalfos and creepy ReDeads. Shoot it with a pair
    of Fire/Ice Arrows, but stay at a safe distance from its minions. The light
    beam in the room helps to defeat the Poes and the ReDeads, and the skulls
    lying around can be cracked open for pickups. After defeating everything, a
    ladder will drop from the ledge in the back of the room. Climb it to get to
    the chest containing Triforce Chart 4. Before you open it, break the jars next
    to it and collect the 300 rupees or so that spill out. As soon as you get the
    chart, the Ghost Ship will disappear forever, leaving you on the King of Red
    Lions. Follow the deciphered chart to Outset Island, where another sunken
    TRIFORCE SHARD is hidden.
    Four Triforce Charts down, four to go! The next chart is very simple to get.
    It's located on Needle Rock Isle, but it's not on the island itself. From
    Greatfish Isle, sail southwest towards Needle Rock Isle, whose pointed spire
    is easily visible from Greatfish. As you approach from the northeast, look for
    three cannon warships cruising around the quadrant's northern edge. The small
    pirate fleet is commanded by a gold-colored warship. All three of the boats
    will leave behind a small ring of light indicating sunken treasure beneath
    them. This means that you have to destroy the boats with your own cannon. Sail
    right up to each one so that you can get clear shots, but don't get too close
    or else the explosions will hurt you. After all three are destroyed, use the
    salvage crane on the spot that the boats' treasure spheres are floating. The
    two regular cannon boats yield an orange rupee and a purple rupee, which isn't
    bad. The golden cannon boat leaves behind Triforce Chart 5. When you get it
    interpreted, look for the TRIFORCE SHARD near Cliff Plateau Isles, which is
    east of the Forest Haven.
    The sixth chart is very fun to get, but very difficult. To get it, you must
    return to your home island, Outset. It is a good idea that you fill up on
    Elixir Soup at your grandma's house and Fairies or other potions in the Forest
    of Fairies. The chart is inside a secret cave known as the Savage Labyrinth.
    The entrance to it is found on a ledge behind your grandmother's house. To get
    to it, use the Hookshot on the tree to pull yourself up. The Savage
    Labyrinth's entrance is covered by a massive stone head, but it can be lifted
    and thrown out of the way with the Power Bracelets. Jump into the hole when
    you're ready.
    The Savage Labyrinth is a subterranean complex made up of 51 levels, one after
    another. The hole that leads to each next level is surrounded by a ring of
    fire, and you can only proceed through the labyrinth by defeating all of the
    enemies on each level. Before you get to the end of the labyrinth, you will
    have to fight just about every enemy that you've seen so far, with the
    exception of oceanic enemies, bosses and a few others like Floor Masters.
    Every tenth level, starting with the first level, is one where instead of
    fighting you can recuperate and prepare for what lies ahead by refilling on
    ammo, health and a lot of rupees. You are also given the opportunity to leave
    the labyrinth if you don't wish to continue anymore, by stepping into the
    light portals. The enemies in the Savage Labyrinth don't leave behind spoils
    of any kind, but you can still use the Grappling Hook to get them anyway. The
    nine levels in between each recovery level are themed after the five major
    dungeons that you've explored already, and at the end of these nine levels,
    you'll have to fight two of the dungeons' mini-bosses (so on the tenth level,
    expect to see two Moblins, while on the twentieth level you must fight two
    winged Mothulas). The exception of course is the fiftieth level; instead of
    fighting two orange-robed Wizzrobes, you'll fight four Darknuts. You only need
    to reach the thirty-first level to find the Triforce Chart, but you can
    continue to the fifty-first to get a Piece of Heart. When you get to the
    thirty-first level, play the Wind's Requiem on the wind crest to make the
    chest appear. If you want to keep going, use the Mirror Shield to deflect
    light from the smaller light beams (not the portal) that appear onto the
    elephant statue blocking the hole to the next level. Triforce Chart 6 will
    lead you to a TRIFORCE SHARD buried near Southern Triangle Island.
    Head to Stone Watcher Island next. Once again, Greatfish Isle is the closest
    island to your destination that you can ride a cyclone to. Stone Watcher
    Island is southeast of Greatfish. There are a few cannon boats near Stone
    Watcher Island, so you may want to get rid of them before stepping on land.
    Stone Watcher Island is named after the large stone head sitting on top of it.
    Climb up to the top of the island and lift the stone over your head so that
    you can throw it out of your way. Enter the secret cave beneath the stone.
    The large, circular room inside the secret cave has six doors, including the
    one you entered from. The far one has a Triforce crest above it, indicating
    the place where the chart lies. However, this is also the only sealed door. To
    unseal it, you must go into each of the other four rooms and fight the enemies
    inside. When you come back into the circular room after defeating them, the
    torch above the door will light, indicating that you've cleared that room.
    When you go into the rooms, the doors will seal behind you, so you cannot come
    back until you defeat everything. You can clear the rooms in any order. The
    first one on your left contains four Armos. The next one going clockwise has a
    pair of Moblins inside. The next one, past the sealed door, has three red-
    robed Wizzrobes in it. Finally, you'll have to fight five Bokoblins (carrying
    either Boko sticks or machetes) inside the room to the right of the entrance.
    These battles shouldn't be very difficult. However, when you finish clearing
    the rooms, two Darknuts will appear inside the main chamber. Use the pillars
    as cover and try fighting them one at a time. After you defeat them, the door
    with the Triforce crest above it will unseal. Go inside and get Triforce Chart
    7 and a bunch of rupees. The TRIFORCE SHARD that this chart marks is in the
    water near Seven-Star Isles (north of Dragon Roost Island). Before you leave
    Stone Watcher Island, bomb the pillars in the circular chamber for even more
    rupees, and don't forget to get the Triforce Shard from the water (using the
    chart you got at Bird's Peak Rock) or the Blue Chu Jelly from the top of the
    Only one Triforce Chart remains, but getting it won't necessarily be easy. The
    chart is found on a remote islet in the very northeast corner of the Great
    Sea, called Overlook Island. Warp to Dragon Roost Island, and then sail
    northeast from there. Overlook Island is made up of a series of old buildings
    with trees growing on top of them, and it's patrolled by a pair of cannon
    boats. You can only get from the water to the top of the structures by using
    the Hookshot on the trees. Start by pulling yourself up to the northwestern
    side of the island. Now continue using the Hookshot to get by the next three
    structures in the same manner. Watch out for the blue ChuChu that lives on the
    third one. After you locate the entrance to the secret cave on top of the
    fourth structure, jump in.
    The secret cave on Overlook Island is almost identical to the one on Stone
    Watcher Island, except the enemies you fight here are harder. As before, the
    door in the circular room leading to the Triforce Chart is sealed, and it will
    remain that way until you beat the enemies inside the four other rooms. The
    first room on your left has three Armos Knights in it. The bulky statues are
    hard to maneuver around in such a small chamber. Use bombs to destroy them. If
    you want an even greater challenge, fight the Armos Knights using the four
    bomb flowers growing on the ground. Two Stalfos will challenge you inside the
    second room on your left. Together, the two skeletal monsters can be quite
    dangerous, so take them out quickly. The third room contains a trio of yellow-
    robed Wizzrobes. They will always start by summoning something, meaning the
    small chamber will get crowded quickly if you don't work fast. Blast the
    Wizzrobes with Fire or Ice Arrows before you are overwhelmed by Kargarocs,
    ChuChus, Keese, Fire Keese and Morths. The final room contains five jars. All
    five of them conceal hidden shielded Bokoblins. They shouldn't be that much
    harder to kill than the five on Stone Watcher Island. After you clear all four
    rooms, the dreaded Darknuts will appear inside the main room. This time there
    are four of them. Defeating these Darknuts is probably the toughest part of
    getting Triforce Chart 8. If possible, only fight the first few that notice
    you before going after the remainders. This will cut down on the number of
    Darknuts you have to face at the same time. After you defeat all four, use
    bombs or the Darknuts' swords to get rupees and pickups out of the eight
    pillars in the room. Enter the doorway with the Triforce crest above it and
    play the Wind's Requiem in the final room one last time to make the chest
    appear. After grabbing the Triforce Chart, break the jars for rupees and exit
    the cave. Look for the TRIFORCE SHARD revealed by Triforce Chart 8 inside or
    around Two-Eye Reef.
    After you find all eight Triforce Shards, they will fuse together and form the
    Triforce of Courage. The King of Red Lions will congratulate you and tell you
    that you must return to Hyrule at once. Play the Ballad of Gales and ride a
    cyclone to the Tower of the Gods.
    Link must present the Triforce of Courage to the gods in order to open the
    portal to Hyrule. He raises it into the air, and the Triforce begins to float
    up from his hand. As Link does this, the glowing ring of light appears in the
    water in front of the entrance to the tower. Suddenly, the Triforce
    disappears, and the Triforce crest appears on Link's hand. Astonished, the
    King of Red Lions proclaims that the Triforce of Courage now dwells within
    Link. This means that Link is indeed the true hero. For ages to come, he will
    be known as the Hero of Winds. Link and the King of Red Lions sail into the
    light portal and disappear beneath the water.
    Chapter 11: Hyrule's Golden Power.
    Link has successfully passed his trials and awakened the power of the Master
    Sword. He has restored its former energy and defeated countless enemies sent
    by Ganon to stop him. He has controlled and mastered the wind, using it to
    find the sacred Triforce of Courage that so long ago dwelt within the Hero of
    Time. Now, he must defeat his strongest adversary; Ganon, the king of
    darkness. He can only hope that it is not already too late to keep Ganon from
    discovering Princess Zelda.
    Climb the steps in Hyrule's courtyard and enter the castle. The Hero of Time's
    statue lies broken in pieces on the floor. This can only mean that Ganon has
    indeed already found Princess Zelda. Hurry up and climb down the steps to the
    castle's basement. Up ahead, standing over the pedestal where the Master Sword
    once rested, is Princess Zelda. Link rushes forward, happy that she is safe.
    Suddenly though, Zelda turns and disappears in a flash of light! She is
    nothing more than a mirage. Ganondorf's voice echoes through the chamber,
    mocking Link. Even this sacred chamber could not hide Zelda from his clutches.
    Flames erupt around the chamber, forming a ring. Two Darknuts clad in black
    armor and billowing capes jump down from the ceiling's opening, striking out
    at Link. These foes are MIGHTY DARKNUTS. They are the captains of Ganon's
    elite army of Darknuts, recognized by their large helmets and capes. Mighty
    Darknuts fight just like other Darknuts do, but they are a lot more resilient,
    having twice the amount of health. Their sweeping capes cover the straps on
    their back that hold their armor up, so any parry strikes to the back will be
    useless. The capes must first be removed, most easily with a Fire Arrow. Shoot
    one straight at each of the Mighty Darknuts. Although the arrow blasts won't
    hurt them at all, their capes with catch fire and burn off. Now you can
    continue fighting the two Mighty Darknuts in the same way you would fight a
    regular one. Like some of their weaker underlings, Mighty Darknuts also carry
    large, round bucklers that they can use to block attacks. Remember to keep
    circling around them so that they don't corner you into the ring of fire. If
    you remove their body armor first, start slashing at their vital areas until
    they are defeated. If you can get their helmets off, the Boomerang can be used
    to stun them. Once stunned, circle behind the Mighty Darknut and sever its
    armor straps. After you defeat the two Mighty Darknuts, the ring of fire will
    disappear. Climb back up to the castle's entrance hall and use the lower exit.
    The green fields of Hyrule lay ahead, but at the end of this pathway,
    something less inviting can be seen. Ganon's Tower looms in the distance,
    staining the otherwise splendid view. Start walking across the bridge that
    leads to the tower. Before you get to the end of it, you'll run into a near-
    invisible barrier. This magical barrier was created by Ganon, and no weapon
    can destroy it other than the Master Sword. When the sword is stabbed into the
    magical barrier, it solidifies and shatters into a thousand pieces. Continue
    moving along the path. After you cross the bridge, you'll reach a dirt road.
    Two Peahats can be found hovering overhead. Shoot them with arrows as soon as
    you are within range. Further down the path, you'll encounter five red ChuChus
    and yet another Peahat. Defeat them quickly and move on. There are two Moblins
    up ahead patrolling the path. They will be harder to defeat unless you use Ice
    Arrows to freeze them, and then Fire Arrows or the Skull Hammer to shatter
    them. The red-armored Darknut that follows can't be defeated this way however.
    If you don't want to fight it, use the Hookshot to clear the gap behind it
    before it attacks you. However, if you lure the Darknut close to the edge, you
    can knock it backwards and make it fall to its death. After pulling yourself
    across the first gap, fight the Keese roosting below the archway above you.
    Pull yourself across the second gap, and then enter the cavern at the end of
    the path.
    The entrance to Ganon's Tower is littered with skulls, and the door up ahead
    is marked with the face of a wicked monster. Open it and enter Ganon's lair.
    The circular chamber inside the tower is filled with lava, and there are five
    other doors that you can get to by crossing the wooden bridges. The door up
    ahead is sealed, but note the strange markings on it that look like the bosses
    from Dragon Roost Cavern, Forbidden Woods, Earth Temple and Wind Temple. The
    four other doors in the chamber, guarded by shielded Bokoblins, lead to rooms
    that greatly resemble those dungeons, and at the end of them, you'll get
    treated to a spectacular rematch against these four bosses. After you defeat a
    particular boss, the image of that boss on the sealed door in this chamber
    will start glowing. After you defeat all four of the bosses, the door will
    unseal. Like in the secret caves on Stone Watcher Island and Overlook Island,
    it doesn't matter what order you enter the side rooms in, as long as you enter
    all of them. The first door on your left takes you to the Dragon Roost Cavern
    chamber. The one after it is the Forbidden Woods chamber, then the Earth
    Temple and Wind Temple chambers. Cross the wooden bridges to each of these
    doorways and defeat the Bokoblins guarding them to get inside.
    The Dragon Roost Cavern chamber is filled with lava. In order to get to the
    other side of the lava pit, you can jump outwards and use the Deku Leaf to
    glide towards the floating rock platforms, or you can climb up to one of the
    grapple points above you. Geysers of lava will sometimes erupt from the pool,
    but if you climb up to the grapple points, you can avoid them. However, you'll
    still need to defeat the Bubbles hiding on the beams before climbing up to
    them with the Grappling Hook. Use the Boomerang to destroy the regular skulls
    sitting on the beams, and then fire arrows at the dormant Bubbles. From the
    overhanging beam you can glide out towards the next beam or platform. When you
    reach the far platform, hook yourself onto the third overhanging beam. You
    won't be able to reach the ledge by swinging, so climb up to the beam and use
    the Deku Leaf from there, but don't get hit by the Red Bubbles floating
    nearby. The boss's door is identical to the one in Dragon Roost Cavern, but it
    lacks color. You'll know what this means when you go inside.
    Gohma will rise out of the lava, while Valoo's tail hangs from above. This
    battle is a replica, or a memory, of the battle you had with Gohma back in
    Dragon Roost Cavern. This explains why Valoo's tail is present, and why you
    can only use the items that you had during the actual fight with Gohma. The
    only key difference is that you can still use the Master Sword, and you also
    get to keep all of your Heart Containers and Empty Bottles. Defeating Gohma
    now will be no different than defeating it in Dragon Roost Cavern. Remember to
    avoid the boss's flame and claw attacks, and use the Grapping Hook to latch
    onto Valoo's hanging tail. Once you start swinging, let go so that the stone
    slab on the ceiling falls down on top of Gohma. Its shell will crack, but
    Gohma will replace the stone slab and continue fighting. Repeat this procedure
    twice more until Gohma's outer shell falls off, leaving its eye exposed. Use
    the Grapping Hook to pull it in towards you so that you can slash at it with
    your sword. The Master Sword is twice as powerful as the Hero's Sword you had
    originally, so it won't take long to kill Gohma. After you defeat it, you'll
    return to the main chamber in Ganon's Tower through a portal on the floor of
    the central platform. Gohma's image will start glowing on the sealed door. Now
    continue to the next dungeon chamber.
    You will need to use a wind lever in the Forbidden Woods chamber to get across
    the large chasm. Blow the wind lever on your left with the Deku Leaf to bring
    over the cable platform up ahead. Jump on it, and then push yourself back to
    the platform's original position by blowing gusts of wind from the Deku Leaf
    backwards. When the platform goes as far as it can go, jump down to the flat
    vine moving up and down ahead of you. When the vine lowers, blow the wind
    lever up ahead on your left, behind the thick plant supporting the wall. This
    will make the second cable platform move towards you. When the flat vine
    pushes you up again, float over to the platform and then push yourself along
    just as you did on the first cable platform. The only things left between you
    and the far ledge are the pair of flat vines and a few thorny vines flailing
    around. Carefully glide over to the flat vines and let them push you upwards.
    When you reach a suitable altitude, float down to the ledge and kill the local
    Peahats with arrows. Lastly, enter the faded boss door.
    Kalle Demos is back and meaner than ever. This time, you have the Boomerang
    and the Deku Leaf, but you'll only need the former to win this memory battle.
    Target the vines holding Kalle Demos to the ceiling with the Boomerang, five
    at a time. Each time you use it, the vines will be cut and the boss will come
    closer and closer to falling to the ground. Try not to pause for long in
    between each Boomerang sweep, because the severed vines will grow back and
    reattach themselves to the ceiling if you don't persist with your attack. You
    may need to move around in order to avoid getting lashed at by Kalle Demos's
    numerous tentacles. After you cut through all of the boss's vines however, it
    will fall to the ground and open its large petals. Quickly run forward and
    start slashing at Kalle Demos's head. With the Master Sword, you may be able
    to win in only one round. If you don't, Kalle Demos will close its petals
    around you and inflict a lot of damage. Just repeat the process again to
    eradicate Kalle Demos. Once again, you will return to the main chamber after
    you defeat the boss. Smash open the skulls for refills and then enter one of
    the two remaining dungeon chambers.
    The Earth Temple chamber is probably the longest chamber out of the four, but
    it isn't necessarily the hardest. The first part of it is a long hallway lined
    on either side with gray coffins. Run as fast as you can to the end of the
    hallway. As you run, the coffin lids will fall forward, and if you're fast
    enough you can avoid getting hit by them. After you get to the end of the
    hallway, turn around and see what came out. Apart from a pair of Red Bubbles
    and ReDeads, the only things that you need to pay any attention to are the
    additional refills (including a Fairy that can be bottled). Afterwards, climb
    up the steps to reach a second hallway. Before running through it, take note
    of the switch and the light beam near the steps. The switch must be pressed in
    order to create a stairway at the end of the hallway ahead, but it will only
    work if it is pressed continually. Run through the hallway to open all of the
    coffins. This time, a few purple ChuChus will come out of them, as well as two
    Poes. Run back to the beginning of the hallway and use the light beam to
    petrify the ChuChus and stun the Poes. Pick up a petrified ChuChu and set it
    on the switch so that the stairway at the end of the hallway is created. Now
    run to it before the ChuChu liquefies again. After climbing the steps, you'll
    come to yet another hallway. Again, you have to use a petrified dark ChuChu
    from one of the coffins to press the switch. This time however, the beam of
    light is at the end of the hallway, while the switch is still at the
    beginning. This means that you'll have to petrify a ChuChu, run over to the
    switch and then run back after you set the ChuChu on it. Before you reach the
    steps though, a Stalfos will emerge from the ground. Annoyingly, you have to
    destroy it and then go back and press the switch again with another petrified
    ChuChu. When you do, run to the end of the hallway once more and climb the
    steps before they reset. When you finally reach the boss's door, go inside.
    This memory battle against Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal won't be very
    different from the original one. Even in the previous dungeon chambers, you
    still had the Mirror Shield. Use the shield to reflect light towards Jalhalla
    until he becomes solid. Now hoist him over your head and toss him towards the
    spiked pillars along the wall. When Jalhalla hits them, he will split off into
    many Poes. The Poes will run around franticly, already in their vulnerable
    solid forms. Cut through them one by one (or up to five or six with the
    Hurricane Spin) until they reform into Jalhalla. Now repeat the process again,
    starting by stunning Jalhalla with the Mirror Shield and then using the Power
    Bracelets to throw him towards the spiked pillars. Watch out for the flame
    attacks that come out of his lantern, as well as his mind-altering jinxes and
    the breath inhalations and expulsions. After you defeat every last Poe that
    Jalhalla splits off into, you will return to the main lava chamber for the
    third time. Only one dungeon chamber remains; the Wind Temple.
    After refilling your health and magic meters using the jars along the walls
    inside the Wind Temple chamber, use the springboard next to the bottomless pit
    and the Deku Leaf to clear the gap and the spikes on the other side. There's a
    red-robed Wizzrobe on the other side that will need to be punished before you
    continue. Afterwards, use the springboard in front of the tall, cage-like
    structure to get across the second gap. There are moving blades down below, as
    well as two downdrafts that will push you into the chasm unless you float
    directly in between them. At the end of the passage, you'll see a row of six
    jars along the back wall. Two of them have Bokoblins inside them. After you
    kill them, use the Hookshot to pull yourself up to the ledge by shooting the
    targets on the walls. Now enter the boss's door.
    With the exception of any Heart Containers or optional items that you may have
    gotten since beating the Wind Temple, there won't be any difference this time
    against Molgera, Protector of the Seal from when you fought it the first time.
    The Hookshot is all you need to wipe this bad memory. Hook it to Molgera's
    tongue when it sticks out of the center of the sand whirlpool and attack it
    with your Master Sword. Don't let Molgera eat you though, and watch out for
    the larvae that appear every time the boss retreats into the sand. When the
    boss emerges and starts flying around the room, keep an eye on it so that it
    doesn't try to burrow on top of you. You should be able to kill Molgera after
    three sword combo strikes to its fleshy tongue. When you do, the sealed door
    inside Ganon's Tower will crumble away. Upon your return, cross the bridge and
    enter the dark doorway.
    The door leads to a long stairway. Climb up to the top, but watch out for the
    Miniblins that will be coming in the opposite direction to attack you. At the
    top of the stairway, you'll find a large door. Use it to proceed to the next
    room. The next chamber is a good place to save in. There are three other doors
    in this room, but the one directly across from the entrance is sealed off by a
    panel of bricks. Try the one on your right instead.
    When you enter this room, four lanterns on the wall will suddenly ignite in a
    certain order. After all four are lit, the King of Red Lions will contact you
    via the Pirate's Charm. He tells you that you must remember every detail about
    this room, from its shape to the number of lanterns on the wall. Interestingly
    enough there are painting above the lanterns that depict the four bosses that
    you just fought, and a stone tablet near the back that reads a rather cryptic
    message, but the only thing you really need to remember right now is the order
    in which the lanterns lit. The far right lantern lit first, followed by the
    near left, near right and far left ones. Memorize the order, and then return
    to the previous chamber and use the opposite door.
    This chamber is almost exactly like the one with the four lanterns, only
    instead of them, there are four diamond-shaped switches. The switches must be
    hit in a certain order with the Boomerang. This order is the same as the one
    that the lanterns in the other room lit in. Target the far right switch, then
    the near left, near right and far left switches. If you don't hit them in this
    order, they will deactivate. After you hit all four in the proper order, a
    dark portal will appear in the pool of water inside the room. Suddenly, the
    King of Red Lions will cruise in from the channel in the back of the room. He
    explains that the dark portal in the water must be how Ganon was able to
    return to the world above. You can use it for your own benefit by cruising
    into it on the King of Red Lions. The portal will take you to the Forsaken
    If there is anything you need from the outside world, this convenient shortcut
    will let you get it without forcing you to return to Ganon's Tower through the
    entrance at the Tower of the Gods. It is a good idea to return to the Great
    Sea to obtain every last treasure and item in the game. Collect all of the
    Treasure Charts and Empty Bottles, as well as the optional Deluxe Picto Box,
    Magic Armor and Hero's Charm items. Collect as many Nintendo Gallery figurines
    and complete every possible side quest. Most importantly, explore every last
    secret cave and collect all 44 Pieces of Hearts. Combined, the pieces will
    form eleven Heart Containers, which along with the three that you begin with
    and the six you obtained from the bosses, make twenty whole Heart Containers.
    When you finish with your errands, return to the Forsaken Fortress and use the
    portal to reach Ganon's Tower.
    Run back into the room with the four hanging torches. The only other thing of
    interest in this chamber is the stone tablet at the far left end of it. The
    message on the tablet, written by Ganon, says, "The sword hilts of my servants
    who lurk deep in the darkness shall be the guideposts that point to me". You
    may not understand it entirely just yet, but you will soon. Now jump into the
    pit in the middle of the room, which is the darkness that the message refers
    to. The pit may look bottomless, but it is actually the entrance to an
    intricate labyrinth below the tower.
    You will fall into an elaborate chamber with four doors. As soon as you make
    your entrance, something else will appear as well. Phantom Ganon will return
    from his absence since his defeat in the Forsaken Fortress, stronger and more
    relentless than before. This time, Phantom Ganon has a few new attacks. He can
    charge a large sphere of dark red energy in his hands before releasing it upon
    you. The sphere will diffuse into several smaller energy blasts that will home
    in on you like guided missiles. To avoid getting hit by this attack, jump out
    of the way just before the blasts are about to hit you. Phantom Ganon can also
    replicate himself and surround you with his mirages when he tries to strike
    you with his Phantom Blade. If you're quick enough, you can find and attack
    the real Phantom Ganon before they strike and vanish. Even though Phantom
    Ganon has learned a few new tricks this time, the main method of defeating him
    remains the same. When he throws the ball of sparkling white energy at you,
    send it back to him using the Master Sword. Phantom Ganon will most likely do
    the same, so keep hitting the energy ball back and forth until it hits someone
    (hopefully not you). When Phantom Ganon falls to the ground, run up to him and
    strike him down with the Master Sword.
    After Phantom Ganon disappears, he will leave behind his Phantom Blade. The
    sword will fall to the ground and its hilt (the handle) will point towards one
    of the four doors in the room. This is the door that you need to take in order
    to continue through this maze. If you take the wrong door, you'll end up in
    the dark chamber above and you'll have to start over again. You can pick up
    the Phantom Blade like any other enemy weapon, but don't move it until you are
    sure which door to take. If you find the right door, you will enter another
    chamber almost identical to the first, and you'll have to fight Phantom Ganon
    again. This will continue several times, and each time you defeat Phantom
    Ganon you will have to look at which way his sword is pointing in order to
    find the right path through the maze. After the first battle, you will fight
    Phantom Ganon six more times before you reach the final chamber.
    The final chamber only has two doors in it. The entrance and exit will seal as
    soon as you go in, and Phantom Ganon will appear again. Fight him just as you
    did the last several times. After he falls, a treasure chest will appear in
    the center of the chamber. Inside it are the amazing LIGHT ARROWS. The Light
    Arrows can be used just like Fire and Ice Arrows. They are so strong that they
    can defeat any enemy, with the exception of Ganon himself, in a single shot!
    Even heavily armored Darknuts stand no chance against these weapons. However,
    the Light Arrows consume twice as much magic power as the Fire and Ice Arrows
    do, so they are not to be wasted. The Phantom Blade's hilt will be pointing
    towards the exit door again, but this is meaningless since only the exit will
    unseal after you open the chest. This door will take you back to the main
    four-door chamber up above.
    Once more, Phantom Ganon will rise from the darkness and attack. This time,
    just lock on to him and fire a shining Light Arrow at him. Phantom Ganon will
    writhe in agony before disappearing with a flash of blinding light. Finally,
    Phantom Ganon is gone for good. Now, the only door in this room left to use is
    the one directly across from the entrance, sealed by bricks. No weapon you
    have, even the Light Arrows, can break through the seal, so use the only other
    weapon available to you: the Phantom Blade. With a single swing, the Phantom
    Blade will break through the seal and destroy it with another bright flash of
    light. Before you go through the doorway, run around the room and break the
    small jars for health, magic and ammo.
    The new door will take you to a very long set of stairs. The stairway is so
    long that you won't even be able to see the first landing from the bottom. The
    four landings are each patrolled by powerful enemies, but you have nothing to
    fear from them while you have the Light Arrows. Run up the first set of steps
    and decimate the lone Moblin on the first landing. Go up another flight of
    steps and defeat the Darknut the same way. Next, you'll have to face a pair of
    Moblins. On each flight of steps there should be jars that will supply you
    with magic power for your Light Arrows, so there is no need to use anything
    else other than them. At the top of the long stairway, the final two enemies
    standing between you and Ganon will confront you. However, even these Mighty
    Darknuts cannot withstand the destructive energy of the Light Arrows. After
    you soundly defeat them, look for pickups inside the jars along the wall.
    Ganon's lair is just on the other side of this door, so make sure you are as
    prepared as you can be before you step inside.
    Link runs into a cavernous room over a hundred feet in width and as tall as a
    cathedral. The floor is covered in a shallow, reflective pool of water, and in
    the center is a bed surrounded by curtains. Link spots Princess Zelda, fast
    asleep on the bed, and rushes over to her side. Suddenly, he sees Ganondorf's
    figure next to Zelda's bed. He tells Link not to be so hasty. He can see into
    Princess Zelda's dreams; dreams of vast oceans that stretch out as far as
    anyone can see. Ganondorf turns towards Link and asks him about the King of
    Hyrule's tale about the fate of the kingdom with derision. He sees this story
    as foolishness; the gods did not seal away Hyrule so that the people could
    someday return to it. They abandoned and destroyed their people, leaving them
    stranded on the islands of the Great Sea. The moment Ganondorf has been
    waiting for has come. He laughs, and before Link's eyes, begins to transform
    grotesquely into a colossal monster. Zelda's bed rises towards the ceiling as
    Ganondorf's creation towers over Link.
    Before you can face Ganondorf, you'll have to bring down his last
    manifestation, PUPPET GANON. This giant marionette is supported by several
    strings, each controlling its various body parts. Puppet Ganon's only weak
    point is the blue orb at the end of its tail, and its only vulnerability is
    light. To defeat this behemoth, you must strike its tail with Light Arrows
    three times. However, the tail cannot be locked on to, so you must find an
    alternative approach to attacking Puppet Ganon. Puppet Ganon takes up a large
    portion of the room and has no trouble reaching the other end of it, so stay
    as far away as you can from it. When the puppet tries to punch you, its arms
    will extend towards you and hit you like battering rams. Although this is
    Puppet Ganon's only attack, it depletes an entire heart from your energy
    meter. Most of the time, while Puppet Ganon isn't attacking you, it will dance
    around on its string in front of you. Get the Boomerang out and use it to
    target as many of Puppet Ganon's strings as you can. The Boomerang will cut
    through the strings supporting the marionette, and when all but the main
    string is cut, Puppet Ganon will hang limply in front of you. This strategy
    should be familiar to you, since it is the same one used to defeat Kalle
    Demos. Puppet Ganon will sometimes summon Keese into battle that will distract
    you while the boss is hanging loosely from its strings. As long as you already
    have the Boomerang out, use it to take them out one by one. The Keese will
    provide magic power to fuel your Light Arrows. Don't waste too much time
    fighting them though, or else the marionette's severed strings will reattach
    themselves. As Puppet Ganon hangs from its single remaining string, its tail
    will drag along the ground. Quickly run to it and carefully aim at it with a
    Light Arrow. When fired, the arrow will pierce the orb and damage Puppet
    Ganon. At this point, the strings that you severed with the Boomerang will
    reconnect themselves with the ceiling and Puppet Ganon will rise to its feet
    again. Use the Boomerang to cut the strings again, shoot Puppet Ganon's tail
    with a Light Arrow, and then repeat this process one final time.
    Puppet Ganon falls to the ground with a splash. Link celebrates his victory,
    but unfortunately too soon. Puppet Ganon rises up again, and then transforms
    into a massive spider-like creature! The spider form of Puppet Ganon shares
    the same weakness as the marionette. If you hit the blue orb on its tail three
    times with Light Arrows, the boss will be defeated. However, the spider isn't
    supported by many strings like the marionette was, but only by the single,
    indestructible string. You have to find another way to attack Puppet Ganon
    this time. The spider will dangle high above you, spinning in circles before
    crashing down on top of you. The best way to avoid getting crushed by Puppet
    Ganon is to watch its reflection in the shallow pool of water. After the
    spider stops spinning, run to the side so that it doesn't land on top of you.
    The only time you can hit Puppet Ganon's tail this time is when it lands on
    the ground for these few short seconds. Use Puppet Ganon's reflection when it
    stops spinning up above you to determine where the tail will be when it lands.
    When Puppet Ganon lands next to you with its tail in front of you, quickly
    shoot it with a Light Arrow before it goes up again. If you learn how to
    successfully predict where Puppet Ganon's tail will land and how to avoid
    getting crushed by its body and legs, this part of the battle shouldn't be
    very difficult. Once again, the Keese Puppet Gannon summons can be killed and
    used to refill on arrows and magic power. After you hit the spider's orb-like
    tail three times again, it will fall to the ground again. Then, with a blast
    of smoke, it will transform yet again!
    The third and final form that Puppet Ganon assumes is a snake. It is probably
    the most dangerous and difficult of its forms to defeat, but the strategy
    remains the same; hit the blue orb at the end of its tail with three Light
    Arrows. Puppet Ganon will slither along the ground at high speeds like a
    bullet train, ramming and crushing you. As it streaks across the floor, its
    tail will swing from side to side. If you're lucky, you can lock on to Puppet
    Ganon and shoot Light Arrows at its tail, but it'll most likely be moving much
    too fast for a successful hit. The only way to get this monstrosity to stop
    moving is to attack its head with a Light Arrow, a bomb or the Master Sword.
    Of the three, bombs are the less riskiest to use, since you can drop one as
    Puppet Ganon circles around you and hope that the snake runs into it. Bombs
    also stun Puppet Ganon for the longest amount of time. When you manage to stop
    the snake's rampage, quickly shoot its tail with a Light Arrow before it
    starts moving again. During this battle, Morths will appear instead of the
    Keese that Puppet Ganon called upon previously. Morths can seriously hinder
    your ability to stay out of harm's way while you fight Puppet Ganon. If you
    need to escape, use the Hookshot to pull yourself up to one of the four ledges
    along the sides of the room. You can get health and other refills by breaking
    the jars sitting on these ledges. After stunning Puppet Ganon and shooting the
    blue orb on its tail with three Light Arrows, the beast will finally explode
    in a cloud of black smoke, and the string that supported it will dangle to the
    ground in front of you.
    Link breathes heavily, exhausted after the tough battle. He looks up to see
    Ganondorf standing on the rafters above, holding Zelda unconscious over his
    shoulder. He laughs, saying that Link must surely be the Hero of Time, reborn.
    Ganondorf flees, floating up through the chamber's ceiling. Ganondorf will be
    waiting for you at the top of his dark tower.
    There is only one way to proceed; up. The warp cauldron next to the wall will
    take you up to the rafters, but only after you find its counterpart up above.
    Climb onto the pedestal in the center of the chamber, where Zelda's bed rested
    before Puppet Ganon appeared. From there, jump and grab onto the red string
    hanging from the rafters. Now climb all the way up to the first set of
    rafters. The climb will be very long, and you'll surely take damage if you
    fall. When you get to the top, climb onto the circular platform suspended by
    chains. Although this seems like a dead end, you can continue by using the
    Grappling Hook. Hook yourself onto one of the wooden beams above your head and
    climb up the rope again. This time, after you climb on top of the wooden beam,
    make your way to the center of this circular platform and break open the ten
    small jars sitting on it for much-needed health. As before, use the Grappling
    Hook to climb even higher. The next set of rafters has more jars on it, as
    well as a few Morths and the second warp cauldron. You should save one last
    time now, before you climb to the top of the tower. The doorway to the rooftop
    is above you, but you can only reach it with the Hookshot. Walk onto the thin
    beams of wood nearest to the rooftop entrance and hook yourself onto the
    yellow target above the doorway. When you're ready, go through and prepare for
    the climatic showdown against Ganondorf.
    Ganondorf is standing on the other side of the rooftop, his robes blowing in
    the gentle breeze. Calmly, he begins telling the tale about his home country.
    It lay within a desert, scorched by the hot sun and searing winds during the
    day, and pierced by the frigid gales during the night. Whenever it came, the
    wind brought with it death. Ganondorf coveted the gentle breezes that blew
    across the green fields of Hyrule. He believes now that it can only be fate
    that he has once again gathered the three who hold the pieces of the Triforce,
    here in the land that he hoped to conquer. Already, he has taken the Triforce
    of Wisdom. All he needs now is the Triforce of Courage that dwells within
    Link, so that when the Triforce is formed, he who touches it will have
    whatever he desires granted. Ganondorf lunges towards Link, knocking the
    Master Sword out of his hands. The legendary sword lands inches away from
    Zelda, who remains unconscious. Holding Link in front of him, Ganondorf
    laughs. He assures Link that he doesn't mean to kill him. He only desires the
    piece of the Triforce that dwells inside him. Link's hand begins to glow, as
    does Zelda's. Ganondorf raises his own left hand, which too begins to glow.
    The three pieces of the Triforce rise into the air and unite, forming the
    sacred Triforce. Ganondorf laughs as he walks towards the golden treasure of
    Hyrule. He makes his plea to the gods, wishing to raise Hyrule from the depths
    of the sea, so that the sun can shine upon it once more under his rule. As
    Ganondorf lowers his hand to rest upon the Triforce though, he sees another
    hand touching it. The red-sleeved hand belongs to the King of Hyrule. The king
    repeats Ganondorf's statement, that whoever touches the Triforce shall have
    whatever he desires granted. The king asks the gods to bury Hyrule beneath the
    ocean forever, and that Link and Zelda may have a future above the sea. The
    king then turns to Ganondorf, telling him to drown with Hyrule. The Triforce
    glows brightly before separating and dispersing itself. The water cocooned
    over Hyrule begins to fall towards the ground in sheets, forming great walls
    of water around the tower rooftop. Despite having been foiled, Ganondorf
    laughs maniacally as a torrential downpour falls around him. Zelda appears by
    Link's side, awake at last and holding the Master Sword. She turns to Link and
    tells him that it is time to return to the ocean above. However, Ganondorf
    turns towards them, ridiculing the king's final request. He will show Link and
    Zelda their future, and what little hope they really have. Ganondorf withdraws
    two deadly swords from his robes. Then, with a snarl, he lunges towards Link.
    GANONDORF, the king of darkness, is the game's final opponent. At the start of
    the match, Princess Zelda will take the Hero's Bow, using the Light Arrows to
    cover you as you clash with Ganondorf. As Ganondorf advances, circle around
    him with your shield in front of you. In the hands of Ganondorf, the twin
    swords he wields are very lethal, and the offensive and defensive techniques
    he uses are insane. No matter how quickly you try to attack, Ganondorf will
    always block your sword strikes with his own blades. The only way to get
    through his defenses is with a parry strike. When Ganondorf's swords whirl
    around in front of you, jump out of the way but prepare to parry the final
    part of his sword combo. When the parry strike hits Ganondorf, he will reel in
    pain. Run towards him and start attacking him as fast as you can before he
    recovers. Occasionally, Zelda will fire a Light Arrow towards Ganondorf from
    the sidelines. Although Ganondorf can dodge them skillfully, he will get hit
    on occasion. If he does get hit, you will get another opportunity to attack
    him as he lays stunned. Because you no longer need to use magic power for the
    Light Arrows, it is a good idea to put the Magic Armor on as long as you can
    to protect yourself from Ganondorf's vicious attacks. Stay alert and continue
    parrying his sword attacks or waiting for Zelda to hit him. After Zelda
    manages to shoot him with two Light Arrows, Ganondorf will get angry and knock
    her unconscious again. Now, you can no longer rely on her to cover you.
    Ganondorf will attack even harder now, making it difficult to counter him.
    Continue trying to parry Ganondorf's attacks and use your shield if he
    overwhelms you. After a few minutes, Zelda will regain consciousness again.
    However, the intensity of Ganondorf's attacks will increase even further. He
    will move so fast that he'll even be able to block all of your parry strikes
    and dodge any Light Arrows that Zelda fires at him. There is absolutely no way
    you can hit him now. Luckily though, Zelda has a new plan. You must distract
    Ganondorf while Zelda aims her arrows towards you. When she fires at you, use
    the Mirror Shield to deflect them back towards Ganondorf. As Zelda prepares to
    fire an arrow, make sure Ganondorf isn't directly between the two of you, or
    else he will leap into the air and the plan won't work. When she shoots, make
    sure the Mirror Shield is in front of you, or else the Light Arrow will end up
    hurting you. If you manage to successfully deflect an arrow towards Ganondorf,
    he will kneel over in pain again. Quickly run up to him to attack. Ganondorf
    will try to slash at you once more, but if you parry this strike, you'll
    deliver the finishing blow to Ganondorf. With a triumphant yell, Link leaps up
    into the air and plunges the Master Sword deep into Ganondorf's forehead.
    Congratulations, you beat The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker!
    Ganondorf whispers his final words, before turning to stone. Link, drenched
    with rain, collapses with exhaustion into Zelda's arms. The King of Hyrule
    appears before them, giving the two heroes an important message. Throughout
    the past, the king has lived in regret. Like Ganon, he has lived bound to
    Hyrule. Now, Link and Zelda must return to their ocean and live for the
    future, trusting in themselves. The king apologizes to them, saying that
    Hyrule was the only word that their ancestors were able to leave for them.
    Now, it is gone forever. He bids farewell to Link and Zelda, telling them to
    find a new land to call their own. The sea above collapses in upon itself,
    burying the tower beneath it. Link and Zelda, protected by air bubbles, float
    to the surface as the King of Hyrule fades away into the depths of the ocean.
    Link wakes up floating next to Zelda, who has transformed back into Tetra.
    Prince Komali is flying above them, glad to find them alive and well. The
    pirate ship then approaches them, with everyone onboard waving happily to the
    two heroes, including Aryll, Medli and Makar. Together, Tetra and Link set off
    across the Great Sea to find their new land.
    After beating the game once and saving after the credits, you will be given
    the opportunity to start the second quest. Although this quest follows the
    same storyline as the first, there are a few notable differences. Link will
    begin the game by getting the Hero's New Clothes instead of the Hero's
    Clothes, so you can play the entire game while Link wears his pajamas. Also,
    Aryll will start off with the skull dress she wore at the end of the first
    quest, rather than her original blue dress. Additionally, you will now be able
    to read the Hylian text spoken by Valoo, the Deku Tree and Jabun, which can
    make the conversations they have with other characters a lot less confusing.
    Most importantly, you will start off with everything you need to work on
    completing the Nintendo Gallery, including the Deluxe Picto Box and an
    already-opened gallery filled with the figurines you collected during the
    first quest. If you missed your chance at getting shots of rare enemies or
    characters like the orange-robed Wizzrobe or the wind deity, Cyclos, then this
    is your second opportunity to get their figurines. After beating the second
    quest, you will have truly mastered this game.
    Side Quests.
    This section provides a brief explanation on how to get just about every
    single important item in the game, from Pieces of Heart to the powerful Light
    Arrows. Additionally, it provides instructions on how to find the various
    charts that lead you to these items, among other things.
    -Hero's Sword-
    After Aryll gives you the Telescope, hurry over from the Outset Island
    watchtower to Orca's house. It's the multistory building just past the wooden
    bridge. Orca will give you training lessons, letting you use the Hero's Sword.
    If you successfully master the horizontal swing, vertical slash, thrust, spin,
    parry and jump attacks, Orca will let you keep the Hero's Sword.
    -Master Sword-
    After conquering the Tower of the Gods and descending into the old kingdom of
    Hyrule, enter the castle and locate the Triforce crest on the floor in the
    center of the hall. Pivot the three triangular blocks nearby so that they
    align with the crest. This will cause the statue of the Hero of Time to move,
    revealing a hidden chamber beneath it. Enter the secret chamber and remove the
    Master Sword from its pedestal.
    -Hero's Shield-
    After Aryll is kidnapped on Outset Island, return to Link's house, where his
    grandmother will provide the shield. You must first climb up the ladder to
    where the shield normally hangs on the wall, and then climb back down the
    -Mirror Shield-
    Soon after you find the second small key in the Earth Temple, you'll use it to
    open the mini-boss's door. Attack the first Stalfos by throwing bombs at it.
    When the Stalfos is blown apart, destroy its skull before it reforms again.
    After the first Stalfos is defeated, two more will emerge from coffins. Defeat
    them to find the treasure chest that contains the Mirror Shield.
    -Power Bracelets-
    After getting the Fire and Ice Arrows from the Queen of Fairies in Mother &
    Child Isles, sail to Fire Mountain, south of Dragon Roost Island. Shoot the
    volcano's pillar of flame with an Ice Arrow to freeze it solid. You are now
    given five minutes to enter the volcano's interior and retrieve the Power
    Bracelets before the mountain reheats. Climb to the top of the mountain and
    jump into its crater to enter the fiery cavern inside it. Hop across the
    platforms in the lava and defeat the Magtails on the other side to make the
    chest containing the bracelets appear.
    -Pirate's Charm-
    Tetra will place this item in Link's clothing just before he is launched into
    the Forsaken Fortress.
    -Hero's Charm-
    Mrs. Marie, Windfall Island's schoolteacher, will give you a red rupee if you
    present her a Joy Pendant after playing hide and seek with the Killer Bees.
    Give her twenty more Joy Pendants to receive the Cabana Deed, which gives you
    access to her Private Oasis. Finally, give her an additional twenty Joy
    Pendants and she will reward you with the Hero's Charm.
    After acquiring the Hero's Clothes, find Aryll on the watchtower to get the
    Telescope from her as a birthday gift.
    When you first wake up in Windfall Island, look for Zunari's shop at the end
    of the main road past the town's archway. Zunari, the man in the parka, will
    sell you the Sail for 80 rupees.
    -Wind Waker-
    After arriving on Dragon Roost Island, the King of Red Lions will give you the
    Wind Waker and teach you how to play it.
    -Grappling Hook-
    In Dragon Roost Cavern, there is a shrine at the very top of the mountain
    where Medli is being imprisoned. Defeat the two shielded Bokoblins and the
    airlifted Moblin to set her free. The Moblin is a powerful enemy, using its
    sharp spear and brute strength against you. The best way to kill it is by
    attacking it from behind or parrying its spear strikes. Medli will give you
    the Grappling Hook after you win the battle.
    -Tingle Tuner-
    In the uppermost part of Windfall Island, look for Lenzo's pictography shop (a
    brick building). There is an opening to the left of his door that takes you
    behind the building, where you will find another door. This is the Windfall
    jail. The cell cage inside will open if you press the floor switch in the
    corner, behind some jars. Once Tingle is freed, he will give you his chart and
    the Tingle Tuner.
    -Picto Box-
    After you set Tingle free from the Windfall Island jail, look in his cell for
    a large wooden crate. You can pull this crate away from the wall so that you
    can enter the small crawlspace behind it. Once inside the maze, take a left,
    then a right, left again, and right again. Follow the path all the way to the
    end, and then turn right and do the same. When you emerge in the small
    chamber, you will find a treasure chest containing the Picto Box that Tingle
    stole. While in the maze, watch out for the Rats that will spring traps on
    you, dropping you into the water.
    -Deluxe Picto Box-
    After you get the Picto Box, enter Lenzo's shop and speak to him. He will
    offer you a chance to be his assistant. If you accept, he will give you three
    commands, or pictograph challenges that you must complete, one after the
    First off all, you must find a certain man in town who constantly sends
    rejected love letters to his crush, via the postbox, and then take a
    pictograph of him in the act. Lenzo needs proof of this man's actions before
    he can try to talk some sense into him. This man is Garrickson, the guy with
    the mustache and red trousers who always walks from the top part of town all
    the way down to the docks, where the postbox is. You need to snap his
    pictograph just as he is inserting his mail into the postbox. Garrickson walks
    painfully slow and he won't walk at all if he sees you watching him, so just
    go stand on the docks next to the postbox and wait. When Garrickson shows up,
    quickly snap his pictograph as he is delivering his doomed love letter. If
    Lenzo accepts your work, you will move on to the second challenge.
    Now you must go after and pictograph the town's most timid individual,
    Gossack. You can find this man inside Windfall Island's cafe. To get him to
    tremble in fear, you have to smash something nearby like a cup or a plate. As
    soon as the startled Gossack starts shaking in fear, snap his pictograph. This
    task should be much easier to accomplish than the first.
    The third and final task is to take a pictograph of two people in town that
    are in love. You need to take their pictograph as they walk past each other.
    Anton, the redheaded man who walks around town in the opposite direction as
    Garrickson, will eventually walk past Linda, the woman in the orange dress
    standing in the upper part of town. Anton's stroll covers about the same
    distance as Garrickson's, but he walks faster so it shouldn't take him as long
    to reach Linda. When they pass each other, Anton and Linda will give each
    other a fleeting glance. Take their pictograph when this happens.
    After completing all of Lenzo's challenges, you will become his number one
    assistant and he will give you a Joy Pendant. However, if you want your Picto
    Box to take color pictographs, you're going to have to give Lenzo a
    multicolored Forest Firefly. Sail to the Forest Haven and enter it by making
    your way up the riverside. Somewhere inside the haven, usually in the grass to
    the left of Hollo's Forest Potion Shop, you'll see a luminous object floating
    in the air, radiating a glowing light around it. This is a Forest Firefly. If
    you have an Empty Bottle, use it to capture this mythical insect. Now return
    to Windfall Island and show Lenzo your firefly. He will use it to add color to
    the Picto Box's pictographs, making it the Deluxe Picto Box.
    You also get the Deluxe Picto Box automatically when you start the second
    -Iron Boots-
    To get the boots, you first have to have Fire Arrows. Sail to Ice Ring Isle
    (west of the Forest Haven) and shoot the stream of ice spewing from the dragon
    statue's mouth with a Fire Arrow. This will thaw out the entire island for
    five minutes. If you try to walk on it without first using a Fire Arrow, or if
    your five minutes run out after you do shoot the Fire Arrows, you'll freeze
    solid and awaken on the King of Red Lions. After thawing the island, head over
    to the west side and climb the steps up to the icy ledge. Now start walking
    along this slippery ledge carefully until you reach a platform floating in the
    water ahead. Jump over to it, but don't fall in the water. After jumping
    across a few more platforms, you'll reach the dragon statue's mouth. Climb up
    the steps and jump into the cavern entrance. After landing inside Ice Ring
    Isle's cavern, use the slippery paths to reach the chest containing the Iron
    Boots, but watch out for the Keese and make sure you don't slide off into the
    water below.
    -Magic Armor-
    This item is optional, but it's useful nonetheless. After you beat the
    Forsaken Fortress's boss, head to Windfall Island and talk to Zunari (the man
    in the parka who sold you the Sail). His business isn't doing very well, so he
    asks you to expand his item selection by trading with a few Traveling
    Merchants found throughout the Great Sea. If you accept, Zunari will give you
    a Town Flower, the most basic of the trading items. Now you must take this
    Town Flower to one of the three Traveling Merchants (found on Greatfish Isle,
    Mother & Child Isles and Bomb Island) and trade it for other rare and valuable
    items. Each time you acquire a new item, it will become available at Zunari's
    shop through a 'merchant's oath' deal established with the Traveling
    Merchants. Note that the Traveling Merchants won't make a trade without a
    small fee, so make sure you have plenty of cash on you too. There are a total
    of twelve trading items you can obtain, but you only need to get three before
    Zunari gives you the Magic Armor. Still, you will find it worthwhile to finish
    the entire quest so that you can get the Shop Guru Statue, which is needed for
    another side quest. Starting with your lowly Town Flower, follow these steps
    to complete Zunari's quest:
    1.	Sail to Greatfish Isle. Trade your Town Flower for a Sea Flower.
    2.	Trade your Sea Flower for an Exotic Flower.
    3.	Sail to Mother & Child Isles. Trade your Exotic Flower for a Pinwheel.
    4.	Sail to Bomb Island. Trade your Pinwheel for a Sickle Moon Flag.
    5.	Sail to Mother & Child Isles. Trade your Sickle Moon Flag for a Big
    Catch Flag.
    6.	Sail to Greatfish Isle. Trade your Big Catch Flag for a Fountain Idol.
    7.	Trade your Fountain Idol for a Skull Tower Idol.
    8.	Sail to Mother & Child Isles. Trade your Skull Tower Idol for a Big
    Sale Flag.
    9.	Sail to Bomb Island. Trade your Big Sale Flag for a Hero's Flag.
    10.	Sail to Greatfish Isle. Trade your Hero's Flag for a Postman Idol.
    11.	Sail to Mother & Child Isles. Trade your Postman Idol for a Shop Guru
    12.	Return to Zunari and receive the Magic Armor.
    -Empty Bottle #1-
    Medli will give you the first Empty Bottle after you help her reach the
    entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern. This is the easiest bottle to get, but it's
    necessary to proceed in the game.
    -Empty Bottle #2-
    Look for a submarine around Bomb Island, and enter it. The inside of it is
    furnished with a dining room set, where two regular Bokoblins, a shielded
    Bokoblin and four or so Rats have established residence. The Rats can be
    especially nasty because they like to pickpocket your rupees. If you have the
    Boomerang, use it to incapacitate them. After killing the lot, a small
    treasure chest containing the Empty Bottle will appear near the back of the
    -Empty Bottle #3-
    After you complete the Tower of the Gods dungeon, Beedle will send you his
    chart in the mail. Afterwards, a special shop ship will appear around Rock
    Spire Isle (one sea quadrant west of Tingle Island). The Beedle inside wears a
    battle helmet, and for 500, 950 and 900 rupees you can buy a single Empty
    Bottle, Piece of Heart and Treasure Chart (respectively) from him.
    -Empty Bottle #4-
    After beating the Forsaken Fortress and rescuing the girls, return to Windfall
    Island. Mila's father, the man who lived inside the luxurious mansion, is now
    dirt-poor after having spent all his money on rewarding the pirates for
    bringing his daughter home, while Maggie's father, who was poor to begin with,
    is now filthy rich after having sold the Skull Necklaces that Maggie brought
    home from the Forsaken Fortress. Anyway, Mila has recently gotten a job at
    Zunari's shop in order to earn money for her and her father. At night however,
    she can be seen standing to the right of the auction house. If you try to
    speak to her, she will tell you to go away. Start walking up the steps next to
    her. As soon as Mila thinks the coast is clear, she will start running in the
    opposite direction. Do not follow her. Instead, run up to the upper part of
    town and climb the stairs to the entrance of the mansion. Instead of entering,
    climb up onto the left-hand ledge overlooking Zunari's shop and wait.
    Eventually, Mila will come running down the road towards Zunari's shop (in
    order to avoid detection, Link will make a cat noise when Mila hears him
    moving). As soon as Mila enters the shop, jump down and go after her. Don't
    talk to her until you see a rupee thought bubble above her head. Mila is
    apparently trying to steal from the safe in Zunari's shop. After surprising
    her, she will ask you a series of questions. Answer the first response to all
    of them. Mila will reconsider her thieving ways and give you an Empty Bottle.
    -Spoils Bag-
    This bag will be rewarded to you if you pass Niko's first training session
    below the deck of the pirate ship (just after departing from Outset Island).
    After pressing the switch on the ledge, cross from platform to platform by
    swinging from the hanging lanterns between them. Don't fall, and make sure you
    reach the back room before your time expires and the platforms lower again.
    Niko will let you take the Spoils Bag when you reach the back room.
    -Bait Bag-
    Beedle will sell the Bait Bag for ten rupees on any of his shop ships that
    normally sell bait. You can get the bag as soon as you find Beedle's shop ship
    on Outset Island.
    -Delivery Bag-
    After reaching the Rito mail center on Dragon Roost Island, you will get the
    Delivery Bag from Quill.
    In the Forbidden Woods, you will have to defeat a winged Mothula in order to
    claim the Boomerang. Stun the Mothula with the Deku Leaf before chopping its
    four wings off with your sword. The Mothula will attack with a rocket-
    propelled charge and a pincer strike. It can also release Morths from its body
    that will slow you down if they cling to you. After the wings are cut off,
    continue attacking it on the ground. When it dies, the chest containing the
    Boomerang will be released.
    -Deku Leaf-
    After you speak with the Great Deku Tree, use the Baba Bud next to him and the
    ones that follow to reach the leafy platform where the Deku Leaf rests. You
    will need the Grappling Hook as well to swing across a gap halfway through.
    -Hero's Bow-
    When you find the Darknut within the Tower of the Gods, you will have to
    defeat it in order to get the Hero's Bow. Parry the creature's attacks to
    remove its helmet and body armor. When its body is exposed, attack it with
    your sword until it is killed.
    -Fire & Ice Arrows-
    After getting the Ballad of Gales, you'll be able to reach the interior of
    Mother Isle, one of the two islands that make up the Mother & Child Isles
    quadrant. Go there after beating the Forsaken Fortress's boss to meet the
    Queen of Fairies. She will give your arrows the power of fire and ice.
    -Light Arrows-
    The Light Arrows can be obtained deep within Ganon's Tower. Jump into the dark
    pit in the room with the lit torches and prepare to fight Phantom Ganon again.
    After you defeat him just as you did at the Forsaken Fortress (see Skull
    Hammer), Phantom Ganon will drop his Phantom Blade. The sword will fall in
    such a way so that its hilt will point towards one of the many doors in the
    chamber. You must take the door that the hilt points to in order to proceed
    through the maze. If you don't, you'll have to start over at the beginning of
    the maze. By taking the correct door, you'll fight Phantom Ganon again. Repeat
    the process about seven times until you reach a two-door chamber. After
    defeating Phantom Ganon here, the chest containing the Light Arrows will
    After learning the password to the pirate ship's cabin, use it to gain entry.
    Below deck, Niko will put you through another training session. This one is
    similar to the first training session, except you won't be able to land on the
    platforms beneath the hanging lanterns. You must swing from lantern to lantern
    without any breaks in between. If you don't reach the doorway at the end, a
    metal cage will shut you out. Just climb out of the pit and reset the switches
    to retry the course. If you reach the back room, Niko will give you some of
    the bombs the pirates stole from Cannon.
    Inside a chamber at the bottom of the Wind Temple, you have to fight an
    orange-robed Wizzrobe. In addition to the fireball attacks, this Wizzrobe can
    summon enemies into battle. It can summon a yellow-robed Wizzrobe (only once),
    Darknuts and Moblins. The yellow-robed Wizzrobe can also summon enemies, but
    different types. It summons groups of Keese, Kargarocs and Peahats. After
    every last enemy in the room is killed, the large chest with the Hookshot in
    it will appear.
    -Skull Hammer-
    After acquiring the Master Sword, return to the Forsaken Fortress. When you
    enter the courtyard outside, Phantom Ganon will attack you. The easiest way to
    kill him is by deflecting his energy ball attack back at him with the Master
    Sword. Phantom Ganon will hit it back towards you, but you can keep hitting it
    back and forth until it hits him. When Phantom Ganon is hit, run up to him and
    slash at him with your sword. After Phantom Ganon is defeated, the Skull
    Hammer will appear inside a treasure chest.
    -Piece of Heart #1-
    The first Piece of Heart you can obtain is in the Forsaken Fortress. After you
    escape from your prison, drop down to the bottom floor of the southeastern
    room of the fortress. The chest containing the piece is within the closed cell
    down here, but you won't be able to get inside unless you step on the floor
    switch in one of the corners, underneath several barrels.
    -Piece of Heart #2-
    Sail to Star Island (east of the Forsaken Fortress) for this piece. This
    island is covered in cracked boulders that bombs can destroy. The large
    boulder on the southwest arm of the island covers a secret cave entrance, but
    the others shouldn't be overlooked either. Once inside the cave, you'll have
    to kill three Magtails. Afterwards, a pair of Bokoblins will appear. Defeat
    them, and the pair of shielded Bokoblins and the two Moblins that follow.
    After all of these enemies are defeated, a chest containing the Piece of Heart
    will appear.
    -Piece of Heart #3-
    Use Treasure Chart 11 to locate and salvage the Piece of Heart from the water
    around Crescent Moon Island, which is northeast of Windfall Island and
    northwest of Dragon Roost Island.
    -Piece of Heart #4-
    From Dragon Roost Island, sail north to the find Seven-Star Isles. Use the
    Telescope to look for a ring of circling seagulls somewhere south of the
    isles. These seagulls mark the location of a monstrous, twelve-eyed Big Octo.
    Use the Boomerang to take out each of its eyes before it sucks you into its
    mouth and spits you across the Great Sea. After you defeat the Big Octo, use
    the salvage crane to haul up a chest that it left behind. This chest contains
    a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #5-
    (See Treasure Chart 17).
    -Piece of Heart #6-
    (See Treasure Chart 7).
    -Piece of Heart #7-
    If you speak to Windfall Island's schoolteacher, Mrs. Marie, she'll ask you to
    find the Killer Bees, a gang of young miscreant boys that hang out outside the
    school. If you talk to them, they will challenge you to a game of hide-and-
    seek. After they run away, you have to find and catch each one of them. Ivan,
    the gang leader, is hiding at the top of a tree just outside of town. Knock
    him down by rolling into the tree, and then chase him down. Jin, another boy,
    can be found behind the bomb shop. You can get to him by sidling across a thin
    ledge to the left of the shop. Jan is hidden on a ledge next to the school.
    Use the opening to the left of the school's entrance to reach this ledge, and
    then turn left to find the boy behind a bush. The last boy, Jun-Roberto, is
    behind Tott's monument on the cape. After you tag all four boys, they give you
    their prized possession; a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #8-
    Ever wonder what those small, metal holders around Windfall Island are for?
    They are places to put decorative items in, such as the items that Zunari will
    start selling if you embark on his trading quest. Talk to Sam (sitting on the
    bench next to Zunari's shop) and he will tell you about the Joyous Volunteer
    Association he is a member of, a group dedicated to making the world look
    'prettier'. If you help his cause by buying fourteen decorative items from
    Zunari and placing them in all fourteen metal holders (or 'joy pedestals')
    around town, he will reward you with a Piece of Heart. You don't need to get
    fancy; stick with cheap Town Flowers and don't waste your money on stuff like
    Shop Guru Statues unless you really want to.
    -Piece of Heart #9-
    After rescuing the three girls from the Forsaken Fortress, find the one on
    Windfall Island named Maggie, who lives in the auction house's top floor (use
    the wooden stairway next to the lighthouse to reach the red door). Inside the
    luxurious residence, you will find Maggie and her father. Maggie is
    heartbroken over being separated from her beloved Moe, one of the Moblins from
    the Forsaken Fortress. You will be asked to assist Maggie with her disturbing
    infatuation by delivering a letter that she gives you to the nearest postbox.
    Sending Maggie's Letter by mail will cost money, depending on how far away
    from Dragon Roost Island you are. From Windfall Island, it will cost you a
    mere five rupees. Get it out of your Delivery Bag and deposit it into the
    postbox. A day later, the Rito postman named Ilari will personally deliver the
    reply letter to Maggie's house. However, when you enter the building, you will
    walk in on a heated confrontation between Ilari and Maggie's father. Maggie's
    father, who for some reason despises postmen, will not permit Ilari to deliver
    his letter or stay inside the house. Frustrated, Ilari leaves for the Windfall
    cafe, which is above Zunari's shop. Follow him and speak to him inside the
    cafe. Because Maggie's father won't allow Ilari to deliver the letter, he asks
    you to do it for him. Return to Maggie and show her the Moblin's Letter.
    Overjoyed, Maggie will read the disturbing letter out loud, and as a reward
    for helping her convey her misguided love to Moe, she will give you a Piece of
    -Piece of Heart #10-
    You'll need Fire Arrows to go after this piece. Windfall Island has a
    lighthouse that while still functional, hasn't been used for a long time. The
    lighthouse is actually more than just a lighthouse; it's a windmill and a
    Ferris wheel too. At night, enter the lighthouse and climb the stairs next to
    the bored-looking Salvatore. When you get to the lighthouse balcony, you'll
    see a man named Kreeb standing there. He'll tell you about the windmill on the
    lighthouse, saying that all it needs is the right wind to start up again, and
    for someone to press the power switch behind it. Start by setting the wind to
    blow north by playing the Wind's Requiem. Now jump down to the base of the
    lighthouse and follow the thin ledge that goes around it, to the left of its
    entrance. You'll come to a ladder. Climb it, and then press the hidden switch
    inside the small alcove at the top. If the wind is blowing north, the windmill
    will start up again. Now that the Ferris wheel is working as well, you can go
    for a ride when you climb back up to the lighthouse balcony by jumping into
    the gondola seats from the end of the balcony. As the Ferris wheel takes you
    up and around, you'll notice that the top of the lighthouse is spinning. When
    you pass it, shoot a Fire Arrow into the spinning chamber. If you hit it
    right, the inside of the chamber will ignite and the lighthouse will start
    working again. The light will illuminate a transparent treasure chest sitting
    on a lonely rock just off the south shore of the island. Use the Deku Leaf to
    get to it after you run back to the bomb shop, but make sure the wind is
    blowing south this time. The chest contains a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #11-
    After lighting the lighthouse (see Piece of Heart #10), talk to Kreeb again.
    He'll give you another Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #12-
    (See Treasure Chart 38).
    -Piece of Heart #13-
    To get this piece, you have to play matchmaker with two of Windfall's
    residents. You have to get Anton to hook up with Linda. If you've already
    completed Lenzo's pictography challenges, then you should know who they are.
    Anton is the man with orange hair that walks around town, while Linda is the
    young woman with the orange dress in front of the lighthouse. If you talk to
    Linda, she'll ask you to take a good color pictograph of her, using the Deluxe
    Picto Box. After taking it, find Anton and show him Linda's pictograph. Upon
    seeing her beauty, Anton will make up his mind to ask her out the next day.
    Play the Song of Passing to make the following day come quicker. Anton and
    Linda will be on their date inside the cafe. If you talk to Linda, she'll give
    you the Piece of Heart you were after.
    -Piece of Heart #14-
    Use Treasure Chart 30 from the Tower of the Gods to fish up a Piece of Heart
    off of Pawprint Isle, directly in between Windfall Island and Dragon Roost
    -Piece of Heart #15-
    When you get to Pawprint Isle, climb up to its center. There is as strange
    gray-and-blue dome on top of the island that conceals the first of two secret
    caves on Pawprint Isle. You can crawl into this hollow dome through a
    crawlspace along its side. However, this entrance is hidden by a clump of
    grass, so first mow all of the grass around the dome. When you enter the dome,
    jump into the secret cave. This cave is infested with red and green ChuChus
    that lurk in the grass. After reaching the first clearing, you will see two
    paths that split off ahead. Take the right-hand path to get to another
    clearing, and open the chest here to get a Piece of Heart. You need bombs to
    get the Joy Pendant and purple rupee sealed off by cracked boulders that block
    the other paths.
    -Piece of Heart #16-
    Go up to the mail center on Dragon Roost Island and give Hoskit, the Rito
    guard standing next to the chieftain's room, twenty Golden Feathers for his
    girlfriend. He will give you an orange rupee in exchange for them, but his
    girlfriend will send you a Piece of Heart in the mail the next day. To get
    Golden Feathers, look for them after you battle Kargarocs, Peahats and
    Mothulas, or use the Grappling Hook to steal them from the aforementioned
    -Piece of Heart #17-
    Head up to Dragon Roost Island's mail center again and talk to Koboli, the
    Rito in charge of sorting mail behind the upper floor counter. He will offer
    you a part-time job as a mail sorter. In this mini-game, you are given thirty
    seconds to sort at least ten letters into their corresponding slots (marked
    with different symbols). For every two letters you sort correctly, you are
    given a rupee. The next time, you'll have to sort twenty or more letters in
    thirty seconds. This will be more difficult than the first time, but it will
    become easy with practice. You get one rupee per letter this time. Lastly, you
    will have to sort twenty-five or more letters in thirty seconds, which is
    fairly hard to do. For this, you'll get an amazing three rupees per sorted
    letter. Koboli will be impressed with your skills, but he won't increase the
    challenge or payoff any further (although you can continue sorting mail for
    more money). Leave the mail center and then reenter it. Baito, a human with
    blue tattoos on his body, will join Koboli as his assistant. If you show Baito
    your ability to sort at least twenty-five letters in thirty seconds one more
    time, he will give you a letter to send to his mother (...!?). The following day
    you will get two letters in the mail; one from Baito and one from his mom.
    Baito's has a red rupee attached to it, while his mom's has a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #18-
    You must win the Bird-Man Contest on the Flight Control Platform (east of
    Dragon Roost Island) to get this Piece of Heart. This contest is run by two
    brothers, Willi and Obli, who like impersonating Rito. To win, you have to
    make it past the large banner at the end of the course that marks the record
    of 275 meters held by Obli, using any means necessary without landing in the
    water beforehand,. Since you don't have wings, you're going to have to use the
    next best thing; the Deku Leaf. After paying Willi ten rupees, climb the
    ladder and walk out to the end of the platform. Don't worry about having an
    empty magic meter, because it will be filled automatically when the contest
    starts. Use the Wind Waker to make sure the wind is blowing northwest, or else
    you won't get anywhere. As soon as you jump off the platform, the contest will
    begin. Use the Deku Leaf to float towards the end of the course. Winning this
    contest is only possible if you use the updrafts swirling around on the
    course, and only if you have the magic upgrade. Try gliding into the updrafts
    to gain altitude and continue further. It's okay if you miss some, but the
    second updraft is crucial for going further. That having been said, don't
    change direction too much, or else you might even run out of magic power
    before you reach the banner. After passing the 275 meter mark, you will get
    the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #19-
    (See Empty Bottle #3).
    -Piece of Heart #20-
    Use Treasure Chart 2 to find a sunken Piece of Heart around Rock Spire Isle
    (west of Tingle Island).
    -Piece of Heart #21-
    The third Piece of Heart you can obtain on Rock Spire Isle is protected by a
    pair of cannon boats that patrol the water southwest of the island chain. Use
    your cannon to sink them both, and then pull up the Piece of Heart and orange
    rupee that they leave behind with the salvage crane.
    -Piece of Heart #22-
    Around Tingle Island you will encounter a Big Octo with twelve eyes (one of
    two in the game with this many). As with all Big Octos, seagulls will give
    away the location of this one, and the Boomerang is the best way to defeat it.
    After you rout it, it will leave behind a chest that has a Piece of Heart
    -Piece of Heart #23-
    Open Treasure Chart 38 and use it to track down Three-Eye Reef's sunken
    treasure; a Piece of Heart. Three-Eye Reef is just west of Greatfish Isle.
    -Piece of Heart #24-
    Go to Greatfish Isle and climb onto the southeastern island. One of the Koroks
    from the Forest Haven can be found on top of it. Play the Wind's Requiem to
    make the wind blow northwest, and then use the Deku Leaf to glide from the top
    of the southeastern island to a ledge on the left side of the largest island.
    The chest sitting on this ledge contains a Piece of Heart. You can get this
    piece the first time you visit Greatfish Isle.
    -Piece of Heart #25-
    Of the two Pieces of Heart you can get in Greatfish Isle, this one is by far
    the hardest to obtain. To get it, you must give a Shop Guru Statue (a rare
    trading item) to the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle. However, the Shop
    Guru Statue is the rarest and most expensive item to obtain in Zunari's
    trading mission, so you'll have to visit all three Traveling Merchants on
    Greatfish Isle, Mother & Child Isles and Bomb Island several times with
    several items before you can get it. After you have the Shop Guru Statue (see
    Magic Armor), give it to the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle and he will
    reward you with the Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #26-
    There is a piece hidden in the Six-Eye Reef quadrant, which is just west of
    the Tower of the Gods, but thankfully you don't have to go anywhere near the
    actual reef to get it. Instead, look for the submarine in the water southwest
    of the reef and the nearby sea platform. Enter submarine and jump down to its
    floor. Before you can find the Piece of Heart, you'll have to get past three
    Moblins. This really shouldn't be very difficult, especially since you only
    fight one at a time. Still, watch out for the Morths and ChuChus that come out
    of the barrels and jars. After you kill the Moblins, a ladder will drop down
    from the back ledge, allowing you to get to the chest containing the Piece of
    -Piece of Heart #27-
    Use Treasure Chart 5 and the salvage crane to find a Piece of Heart sunken
    around Thorned Fairy Island (two quadrants east of the Tower of the Gods).
    -Piece of Heart #28-
    From Greatfish Isle, sail southwest to get to Needle Rock Isle. At the
    southern tip of this island is a treasure chest surrounded in flames. The
    switch that will extinguish them when activated is sitting at the very top of
    the 'needle' spire at the center of the island. Since there is no way you can
    get up to the top and hit the switch by yourself or reach it with any of your
    weapons, you must call upon a seagull to do it for you. Get a Hyoi Pear out
    and use it to lure down and take control of a passing seagull. With it, you
    can fly up to the top of the spire and hit the switch. Be careful though,
    because there are a few Kargarocs circling the spire and some perched on top
    of it that will take out your seagull of they reach it. One is close enough to
    kill from the ground before using the Hyoi Pear, but you have to maneuver past
    the others. Keep the seagull away from the spire as it gains altitude and then
    head straight for the switch as soon as it is level with it. Hopefully, you
    can zoom past the Kargarocs and hit the switch before they get to your bird.
    After the ring of flames goes out, release the seagull and open the chest to
    get the Piece of Heart inside.
    -Piece of Heart #29-
    The only Piece of Heart that appears on a sea platform is on Stone Watcher
    Island. Go southeast from Greatfish Isle to get to Stone Watcher Island, and
    then look for the platform east of it when you get there. The platform is
    guarded heavily by eight mounted cannons, and you must destroy them all before
    the treasure appears. You can use your cannon to destroy them, but it's much
    easier to climb onto the platform first and set bombs on the spots just above
    the enemy cannons. You should also kill the two pirate Bokoblins on the
    platform itself. After you destroy the cannons, the treasure chest with the
    Piece of Heart inside will appear.
    -Piece of Heart #30-
    Sail to Bomb Island (north of the Forest Haven) to get this Piece of Heart.
    This island is named after its shape, and for the bombs that you must use in
    order to uncover its secret cave. The cave is fairly complex, so be ready for
    a few mildly tricky puzzles. In the first room, you must use a Magtail to hold
    down the continuous switch on the floor that unseals the exit door. This is
    similar to what you had to do in Dragon Roost Cavern to get the Big Key. Stun
    the Magtail so that it rolls up into a ball, and then pick it up and set it
    down on the switch. Go through the exit before the Magtail awakens. In the
    next chamber, you have to use more Magtails to work out the puzzles. First
    though, you must carefully make your way across the thin walkway on your right
    to reach a switch. If you go too recklessly, you will fall into the lava. The
    switch will extinguish the flames blocking another thin walkway up ahead.
    After crossing it, you'll get to a large platform. The Magtails slithering
    along it will try to attack you. After stunning one, pick it up and toss it
    into one of the two fiery pits behind the torches. There are two switches in
    these pits that will extinguish another set of flames when both are pressed.
    After the fire is out, cross the final walkway and open the chest to get a
    Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #31-
    A Piece of Heart can be brought up from the sea floor around Bomb Island with
    the salvage crane, using Treasure Chart 20 as your guide.
    -Piece of Heart #32-
    After obtaining Treasure Chart 23, use it to track down the Piece of Heart on
    Diamond Steppe Island, northwest of Outset Island.
    -Piece of Heart #33-
    Use Treasure Chart 4 and the salvage crane to find a Piece of Heart sunken
    around Southern Fairy Island.
    -Piece of Heart #34-
    After you defeat the boss of the Forbidden Woods and receive Farore's Pearl
    from the Great Deku Tree, check any postbox nearby. The Rito chieftain will
    have sent you a letter, thanking you for helping the tribe on Dragon Roost
    Island. Attached to this letter is a Piece of Heart. It is by far one of the
    easiest to obtain.
    -Piece of Heart #35-
    Following the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, eight of the ten Koroks
    will journey across the Great Sea to various islands in hopes of spreading the
    Great Deku Tree's seeds and growing new forests. Unfortunately, none of the
    new forest trees will grow very well, remaining discolored and withered. In
    order to restore them to full health, you'll have to water them with spring
    water from the Forest Haven. Only after watering all eight of them will you
    get a Piece of Heart for your troubles. This piece takes dedication to get, so
    don't get distracted with other side quests if you're going to attempt getting
    it. Firstly, you'll need an Empty Bottle, and you'll need the Ballad of Gales
    (from the wind deity, Cyclos). Sail to the Forest Haven and make your way
    inside, to where the Great Deku Tree lives. Use your bottle to scoop up some
    spring water. This water can be used indefinitely without needing to be
    refilled, but it only retains its pureness for about twenty minutes, so you'll
    have to water all eight withered forest trees in that time before it turns
    into bland regular water. After getting the spring water, head back to the
    King of Red Lions and play the Ballad of Gales to warp to whichever island is
    nearest to these:
    1.	Cliff Plateau Isles: This quadrant is directly east of the Forest
    Haven, so you actually don't need to warp anywhere just yet. When you
    reach the isles, jump across them until you find the entrance to a
    secret cavern. Go through this cavern (refer to Treasure Chart 25 for
    details) to reach the highest point of the island chain. Here you will
    find the Korok named Aldo, tending to his withered forest tree.
    2.	Shark Island: The closest island to Shark Island that you can fly to
    is Southern Fairy Island, which is east of your destination. The
    forest tree can be found near the island's 'tail'.
    3.	Greatfish Isle: Luckily, this island can be reached directly with a
    cyclone. Climb the spiral-shaped southernmost island and water the
    tree on top.
    4.	Needle Rock Isle: Needle Rock Isle is directly southwest of Greatfish
    Isle. The withered forest tree is found on the island's southern tip,
    near a flaming treasure chest.
    5.	Private Oasis (or Your Oasis): Fly to the Tower of Gods and sail south
    towards the private cabana. Around the edge of the outdoor pool you
    will find Drona and his tree.
    6.	Eastern Fairy Island: This island is north of the Tower of Gods, so
    warp back to it and change the wind's direction. Fairy Islands are
    small, so it shouldn't be hard to find the forest tree here.
    7.	Mother & Child Isles: If you try warping to this island, you'll only
    end up trapped inside the Mother Isle. To reach the smaller Child
    Isle, fly to Tingle Island and sail from there.
    8.	The final forest tree location is Star Island, which is east of the
    Forsaken Fortress. If you just watered the Mother & Child Isles forest
    tree, continue sailing north to get to Star Island. The tree is
    directly in the center of the small island.
    After you water all eight trees before your twenty minutes expire, they will
    all grow to full height, and whichever one you watered last will release the
    Piece of Heart from its branches.
    -Piece of Heart #36-
    A Piece of Heart can be obtained around the Forest Haven if you look at
    Treasure Chart 31 and follow it to the spot where the treasure is buried. Use
    the salvage crane as usual to haul it up from the sea floor.
    -Piece of Heart #37-
    Sometime after you return to Outset Island, visit Orca for more swordplay
    practice. With his new training program, your objective will be to strike Orca
    as many times as you can before he hits you three times. During this exercise,
    you are only allowed to use your sword and your shield (however, you can't use
    the Hurricane Spin attack). The training can be difficult, because Orca
    usually manages to get a cheap shot before you can react. Rather than
    attacking him in a fury, slash at him three or four times and then wait for
    him to make his move. Parry his attack or block it with your shield and then
    repeat. Try to avoid the walls and always stay locked on to Orca. If you hear
    a metallic clinking while you're attacking Orca, that means he is about to
    parry your attack, so be ready to counter him. You begin the exercise under
    the rank of a lowly page, but the more you hit Orca, the higher your rank will
    be and the better your rewards will be. If you hit him 100 times or more, you
    will be ranked a knight and given a purple rupee. Hit him 300 times or more to
    be upgraded to a swordsman and get an orange rupee. Then, if you hit Orca 500
    times or more, you will become a master and get a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #38-
    After you return to Outset Island, you'll find that one of the wild pigs in
    Abe's pen has grown into a beastly porker several times its original mass. It
    is so large that you can only lift it with the Power Bracelets. This hog
    behaves in the same way its smaller kin do, but it loves to dig when presented
    with All-Purpose Bait. If you throw bait out in front of it, the hog will dig
    down into the ground and unearth treasure. Most of the time you'll only get
    minor valuables like rupees, but you can get something better if you try
    digging in the dark patches of dirt around Outset Island. You'll need the
    Power Bracelets to move the hefty swine around the island to dig for treasure
    though. Pick it up and carry it all the way over to the dark patch of soil in
    front of Mesa's weedy garden, on the other side of the wooden bridge that
    separates the town. If you make the hog dig into the right-hand patch of soil,
    it will uncover a Piece of Heart.
    -Piece of Heart #39-
    Perhaps the most difficult Piece of Heart to obtain is found at the very end
    of the Savage Labyrinth, a secret cave on Outset Island. To reach the entrance
    to this cave, go behind your grandmother's house and look up to see a ledge
    and a tree growing near it. Use the Hookshot on this tree to pull yourself up
    from the ground to this ledge. The labyrinth entrance is obstructed by a
    massive stone head. You need the Power Bracelets to lift this stone over your
    head and throw it aside. Once you uncover the entrance, you can enter the
    Savage Labyrinth and begin battling your way through 51 levels of enemies.
    Because the enemies inside the labyrinth don't leave spoils behind, make sure
    you bring at least one bottled Fairy or servings of Elixir Soup. If you are
    desperate for more pickups, you can use the Grappling Hook to nab them from
    your enemies. Starting with the second level, you can only proceed in each
    level by defeating all of the enemies that appear. You may notice that every
    ten levels are themed after the dungeons that you've previously explored, so
    the battles shouldn't really be too difficult until you start getting closer
    to the end. Here is what appears inside all 51 of the Savage Labyrinth's
    1.	There are no enemies in the first level. You can break the jar open to
    release three Fairies that can be caught and stored in Empty Bottles.
    If you want to get out, use the light portal, but otherwise jump into
    the hole in between the pair of torches.
    2.	There are ten Keese here. Use the Boomerang or the Master Sword to
    take them out, and then proceed.
    3.	The six Miniblins running around shouldn't be much of a threat. Defeat
    them and continue.
    4.	Four Boko stick-wielding Bokoblins can be found here. It's easier to
    kill them one by one instead of taking them all on at the same time.
    5.	There are six red ChuChus in this level, but some won't appear until
    you walk around to find them (they'll drop down from the ceiling).
    Defeat them and move on.
    6.	Four Magtails shouldn't be too troublesome, especially when you use
    parry strikes to kill them. Ice Arrows are also effective for stunning
    7.	Use the Boomerang to kill the four Keese in this room, and then fight
    the oncoming swarm of Miniblins. There are only four of them this
    8.	Again, use the Boomerang to kill the four Fire Keese. There are also
    two Magtails to accompany them.
    9.	This level is lit only by the fire coming from the torches, the
    Bokoblins' sticks and the two Fire Keese. Use the same tactics as
    before to take down the four Bokoblins (and the Keese, of course).
    10.	Finally, something challenging! There are two Moblins in this room,
    armed with sharp spears. Ice Arrows followed by Fire Arrows or the
    Skull Hammer are the easiest way to kill them, but stick to swordplay
    if you want to conserve magic power. Every tenth level, including this
    one but excluding the fiftieth, contains two of the dungeon mini-
    bosses in sequence. Just so you know.
    11.	This is another recovery level with no enemies. Break the smaller jars
    for pickups and the larger ones for huge amounts of cash. Don't step
    in the light portal if you want to keep going.
    12.	Level 12 contains six Peahats. Use arrows to shoot them down or kill
    them with two hits from the Boomerang each. Remember to grapple the
    Golden Feathers out of each of them if you don't have twenty yet.
    13.	Four green ChuChus will drop down from the ceiling as you walk around
    here. Remember to stun them with the Boomerang so that they don't stay
    in their invulnerable puddle-like forms.
    14.	This level is fairly easy, because the five Boko Babas in it can't
    move. Use the Boomerang to kill them one by one.
    15.	Like Level 9, this level is dimply lit, but you can still see the four
    Bokoblins carrying flaming Boko sticks. These guys carry shields, so
    you might want to stun them first with the Boomerang before executing
    a sword combo.
    16.	Mothulas are vicious, but the Master Sword can defeat them in one hit.
    Kill the five down here before they gang up on you or release Morths.
    17.	You'll find three Peahats and three Boko Babas down here. Keep that
    Boomerang handy.
    18.	Don't let the jars down here fool you; they conceal nasty, machete-
    carrying Bokoblins. You can use the Boomerang to uncover them all in
    one sweep. In addition to the four Bokoblins, you'll also have to kill
    four green ChuChus before continuing.
    19.	There are two shielded Bokoblins and three Mothulas down here, which
    together can make for a pretty evil combination. Attack quickly so
    that you don't get hurt.
    20.	The twentieth level contains two rare winged Mothulas. To kill one,
    you have to take its wings off by attacking it (the Boomerang is the
    easiest way). Once the Mothula is grounded, attack it like a regular
    wingless version. If you have Fire Arrows, you can kill a Mothula even
    more easily. One blast will bring the winged Mothula down in flames.
    21.	Use the jars in this recovery level to heal and get rich, but don't go
    into the light. Afterwards, jump into the hole to the next level.
    22.	Three red-robed Wizzrobes will appear in this level. Use Fire/Ice
    Arrows to defeat them as quick as you can, or stun them before they
    can teleport around the room.
    23.	Four Armos will awaken and begin hobbling towards you. Try to maneuver
    around them so that you can hit the crystals on their backs, or stun
    them first with arrows to the eyes. Remember to avoid their final
    suicidal whirls.
    24.	Armos Knights are even stronger than Armos, but there are only two of
    them here. Take out a bomb or pick a bomb flower, and then throw it
    into the nearest Armos Knight's mouth when it opens it. Avoid the
    knight as it spins around, and then go after the second one.
    25.	Use the Boomerang to destroy the six jars in this room. This time they
    conceal yellow ChuChus. Bombs and the Skull Hammer can stun the entire
    group, but otherwise you have to use the Boomerang before attacking or
    else you'll get electrocuted.
    26.	There are four Red Bubbles down here. You don't even have to stun them
    before you attack; just slash at them with the Master Sword and
    that'll be their story.
    27.	You must fight two shielded Bokoblins and a single Darknut. Try to
    kill the Bokoblins before the Darknut notices you. Because they like
    to hang around the Darknut, use the Hookshot to pull them towards you.
    When you engage the Darknut, cut off its armor and helmet with parry
    strikes and then go in for the kill.
    28.	Three Armos may not seem like much, but they will when a red-robed
    Wizzrobe joins them. The Wizzrobe is more dangerous, so shoot it down
    with arrows before you battle the Armos.
    29.	There are two Armos Knights down here, as well as several bomb flowers
    and two Red Bubbles disguised as ordinary skulls on the ground. Before
    doing anything, snipe out the Bubbles with arrows so that you don't
    actually have to fight them. The Armos Knights can be defeated as
    usual, but watch where you step when you go near the bomb flowers.
    30.	Now it's time for a one-on-two battle against a pair of buckler-
    wearing Darknuts. This battle can be tough, but at least the Darknuts
    will be hitting each other accidentally if they both try to gang up on
    you. Use the Boomerang if their shields are giving you trouble.
    31.	This is as far as you have to go before you can beat the game. Play
    the Wind's Requiem while standing on the wind crest to make a chest
    appear on the Triforce crest. This chest contains Triforce Chart 6.
    After you grab it, the exit light portal and two other beams of light
    will appear. Use the portal if you want to escape. You need the Mirror
    Shield to continue through the Savage Labyrinth. Reflect the light
    from the beams onto the elephant statue blocking the hole. Don't
    forget to break open the jars before continuing.
    32.	The labyrinth's difficulty will begin to escalate from here on out.
    Six creepy ReDeads are found inside Level 32. You can use the Mirror
    Shield and light beam in the corner to stun them before attacking, but
    watch out for the one standing nearby. If you came with Light Arrows,
    use them to defeat the ReDeads easily. ReDeads are a great source of
    health, magic and rupees if you use the Grappling Hook on them, and
    it's easy to steal from them since they don't really move.
    33.	Watch out for the nasty Blue Bubbles here. Don't let them touch you or
    else the cursed fog will disable your weapons. Kill the ones you can
    on the ground with arrows, but use the Hookshot against the awakened
    ones. The Hookshot will stun them and draw them in close for the
    finishing blow.
    34.	There are a total of six purple ChuChus in this level, which would be
    impossible to defeat without the beam of light off to the side. After
    petrifying them, smash them to bits with the Skull Hammer.
    35.	At first this chamber is empty, but five Poes will appear soon after
    you start moving around. Stun them with the light beam so that you can
    attack them with the Master Sword. You can also let them possess you
    and wait for their jinxes to wear off, but you must knock the lanterns
    out of their hands first.
    36.	Peculiarly, this level contains winged Mothulas instead of the other
    ghoulish enemies that have been appearing lately. There are three of
    them this time, but this battle shouldn't be any different from the
    one in the twentieth level. Use Fire Arrows to kill each Mothula
    37.	There are two Moblins and three ReDeads here. You'll definitely want
    to get rid of the Moblins quickly before the ReDeads see you. Use the
    light beam to defeat the undead fiends as before.
    38.	Another colorful winged Mothula can be found down here, as well as
    five purple ChuChus. After shooting down the Mothula, petrify the
    ChuChus using the Mirror Shield and the beam of light. Destroy them
    all with the Skull Hammer afterwards.
    39.	This level is glowing from the light of several lanterns, owned by
    either Moblins or Poes. Both enemies will throw their lanterns at you
    to try and light you on fire, but the lanterns can be knocked out of
    their hands easily. Kill the two Moblins and then use the light beam
    to defeat the five Poes. If you get possessed, run towards the light.
    40.	Unlike the previous mini-boss levels, you have to fight more than just
    the two mini-boss enemies here. In addition to the two Stalfos that
    rise up from the ground, you will see no less than four Blue Bubbles.
    Try to eliminate as many Bubbles as you can before the Stalfos reach
    you. When they do, use bombs to blow them apart, and then attack their
    skulls before they reform. The Stalfos move slowly, so you should have
    enough room to battle the Bubbles beforehand. If needed, use the beam
    of light to shake off any cursed fog enveloping you.
    41.	This is the final recovery level. Avoid the light, break the jars for
    refills and rupees, and then jump into the hole. Or, if you're
    satisfied with the rupees, step into the light portal to exit the
    labyrinth. I didn't think so.
    42.	The fun continues with a massive swarm of Miniblins. There are around
    twenty, and even though they won't appear all at once, there will be
    so many around you that you are bound to take out at least a half
    dozen of them with a single swing of the sword. The Hurricane Spin is
    also useful, but you probably won't be able to charge it before the
    Miniblins start jabbing at you.
    43.	When you approach this level's center, ten red ChuChus, ten green
    ChuChus and ten yellow ChuChus will drop in from above. The thirty
    ChuChus will form a ring and close in around you. Lay a bomb or use
    the Skull Hammer to stun the entire group, and then charge up a
    Hurricane Spin to mow through them all.
    44.	The battle here won't begin until you smash the peg in the center of
    the arena with the Skull Hammer. Then, five red-robed Wizzrobes will
    appear. This battle can be extremely annoying if you don't defeat the
    Wizzrobes quickly, so use the Fire Arrows when you get the chance.
    45.	The large number of enemies continues with the sixteen Bokoblins in
    Level 45. This chamber is lit only by the torches and the flaming Boko
    sticks held by some of the Bokoblins, so it can be difficult to tell
    if there are any enemies remaining. The ones that aren't holding lit
    Boko sticks can be especially tough to see.
    46.	Now you have to fight the game's two creepiest enemies: Stalfos and
    ReDeads. There are only two Stalfos, but four ReDeads, and the worst
    part is that there aren't any light beams in the room that you can
    stun them with. Just throw bombs at the nearest one and rush in for
    the kill while it is stunned. Afterwards, lure the Stalfos away from
    the other ReDeads and fight them. After you destroy the Stalfos, you
    can use their maces to stun or kill the remaining ReDeads (just make
    sure you throw the spiked weapons, because the ReDeads will scream at
    you if you approach them while carrying the maces).
    47.	This level has two Darknuts and a trio of Moblins. There are more than
    a dozen ways to go about killing a Moblin, so do so however you
    please. Just try to kill them before the Darknuts start moving. There
    are several pillars in the room that you can take cover behind, but
    the Darknuts' swords can reduce them to rubble quickly. After you
    defeat them all, enter the next level.
    48.	Two cool-looking black-armored Darknuts and three red-robed Wizzrobes
    can be found in this room. As with most of the battles involving
    Darknuts, they should be fought last. Take out the three Wizzrobes
    with Fire or Ice Arrows before they can shoot their fireballs and
    teleport. Lastly, go after the Darknuts. Be careful if you go near the
    walls, because some of them are electrified.
    49.	This level is a minefield of bomb flowers. They can be useful or
    harmful as you fight the three Stalfos that crawl up from the ground.
    Try to set one off as the Stalfos walk past them, or just stick to
    bombs. The flowers are quicker to detonate than regular bombs (again,
    this can be a good thing or a bad thing). Carefully defeat each
    Stalfos one by one, and make sure you use the space you are given to
    move around.
    50.	At long last, the grand finale! Before you can walk away with the
    Savage Labyrinth's prize, you have to defeat not one, not two, but
    four Darknuts! These warriors alone will put up an incredible fight,
    but you also have to worry about the statues along the walls that
    shoot jets of flame at you whenever you get near. You may need to call
    upon a Fairy to make it out alive. Then again, if you came with Light
    Arrows, this battle will be a matter of having enough magic power.
    Otherwise, you have to go after each Darknut one by one. Remember to
    use your shield if things start getting hairy. When the Darknuts have
    been vanquished, enter the hole to the last level.
    51.	Open the chest to claim your prize; a Piece of Heart. After you grab
    it, the portal that will take you back to the surface will appear.
    -Piece of Heart #40-
    When you get to Headstone Island, where the entrance to the Earth Temple is
    located, use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a seagull. As you fly around the
    island with your brainwashed bird, pick up the valuables scattered around it.
    This includes health, magic, several green rupees, a few blue and yellow
    rupees, and a Piece of Heart located at the very top of the island. After you
    release the seagull, the piece will be yours.
    -Piece of Heart #41-
    The odd, yet aptly-named Angular Isles lie directly southwest of the Forest
    Haven. You can use the Hookshot to reach a secret cave on the smaller island,
    but the Piece of Heart rests on top of the bigger one. Both islands are built
    entirely out of cubic blocks stacked on top of each other. You can get on the
    larger island by going around to its southern side and using the blocks there
    as a stairway. When you do, walk around to the island's eastern side to find
    the block with the weird symbol on it. The block can be pulled halfway away
    from the wall to make a step up to the next ledge. When you get there, walk
    around the algae-greened ledge until you find another block with a symbol on
    it, indicating that it can be moved. Push it off the ledge and then drag it to
    the end of its channel so that you can use it to reach another ledge above
    you. When you get up there, pull another cubic block out from the one above it
    to make steps up to the top of the island. Here you will find a blue ChuChu
    and a Piece of Heart inside a chest.
    -Piece of Heart #42-
    Use Treasure Chart 15 to find a light ring around the Angular Isles (southwest
    of the Forest Haven), and use the salvage crane to pull up a Piece of Heart
    from it.
    -Piece of Heart #43-
    Use Treasure Chart 33 to find this piece somewhere around Five-Star Isles,
    which are found at the very southeastern corner of the Great Sea.
    -Piece of Heart #44-
    While you're at Five-Star Isles, check out the submarine floating somewhere
    southeast of the formation. The interior of this submarine is dimply lit, but
    the torches and firelight will help you see. There are four Bokoblins down
    below, including two carrying Boko sticks and two carrying shields and swords.
    Also, there are a few Keese hanging down from the ceiling that may attack you
    if you disturb them. After the Bokoblins have been defeated, a ladder that you
    can climb to reach the back of the submarine will appear. As soon as you enter
    the back room, a large treasure chest will materialize in front of you. Open
    it to get a Piece of Heart.
    -Heart Container #1-
    The first Heart Container will be released by Gohma upon its defeat in Dragon
    Roost Cavern. To kill this massive Magtail, use the Grappling Hook to swing
    from Valoo's tail, so that the unstable slab of rock it hangs from falls on
    Gohma and cracks its shell. After a few repeats, the shell will come off,
    revealing Gohma's softer innards. Use the Grappling Hook again to pull Gohma's
    eye in towards you so that you can finish off the boss with sword attacks.
    -Heart Container #2-
    Kalle Demos will leave behind this valuable treasure. To defeat this wicked
    plant boss, who lurks deep within the Forbidden Woods, cut it down from the
    ceiling by severing its many vines with the Boomerang. This will cause Kalle
    Demos to fall to the ground and open its petals. Run towards it and start
    attacking its head before it closes its petals again. After a few rounds,
    Kalle Demos will be killed.
    -Heart Container #3-
    After reaching the top of the Tower of the Gods, you will face Gohdan, The
    Great Arbiter. You must first disable his hands with arrows before shooting at
    his eyes. This will cause the boss's head to fall to the ground, his mouth
    opened wide. Toss a bomb in his mouth to damage him. After repeating this
    twice more, Gohdan will submit and release a Heart Container.
    -Heart Container #4-
    The boss of the Forsaken Fortress, the Monstrous Helmaroc King, will leave
    this container behind after you defeat it. When you reach the top of its
    tower, wait for the Helmaroc King to land on the ground and try to peck at
    you. It will instead get its beak stuck in the ground. During the time the
    Helmaroc King tries to free itself, smash it in the head with the Skull
    Hammer. Eventually, its metal helmet will crack, and you can start attacking
    the bird's face when it gets stuck in the ground.
    -Heart Container #5-
    When you reach the end of the Earth Temple with Medli, you must fight
    Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal. To defeat this oversized Poe, use the Mirror
    Shield to reflect light from one of the light beams in the room towards him.
    After he becomes solid, pick him up and toss him towards the spiked pillars in
    the room. This will force Jalhalla to split off into several smaller Poes.
    Defeat as many as you can before they regroup and Jalhalla appears again.
    Repeat this process until all of the Poes are destroyed. Jalhalla will release
    a Heart Container after he is defeated.
    -Heart Container #6-
    Molgera, Protector of the Seal is the final boss to release a Heart Container.
    When the boss emerges from the center of the sand whirlpool it creates, use
    the Hookshot to pull its tongue towards you (similar to the last stages of the
    battle against Gohma). Attack Molgera and repeat the process until it dies and
    releases the Heart Container.
    -Din's Pearl-
    To get the first pearl, climb to the top of Dragon Roost Cavern and defeat
    Gohma, the wicked creature torturing Valoo from the chamber below him. Prince
    Komali will give you Din's Pearl as thanks for your heroism.
    -Farore's Pearl-
    After you find and rescue Makar from Kalle Demos, deep within the Forbidden
    Woods, the rest of the Koroks and the Great Deku Tree will perform their
    annual ceremony inside the Forest Haven. Afterwards, the Deku Tree will give
    you Farore's Pearl.
    -Nayru's Pearl-
    To get this pearl, you must find a water spirit named Jabun, who is hiding on
    Outset Island. After getting the bombs and returning to Outset, sail around to
    the back of the island. Jabun's hideout is blocked by a stone slab and
    protected by a giant whirlpool. As the whirlpool's current sweeps you around
    in circles, fire the boat's cannon at the stone slab blocking the entrance to
    Jabun's cavern. After three direct hits, the entrance will be exposed and the
    whirlpool will disappear. Enter the cavern to find Jabun. After he speaks, he
    will give you Nayru's Pearl.
    -Triforce Shard #1-
    After finding and deciphering Triforce Chart 1, look for the first shard
    around Greatfish Isle and savage it like any other treasure.
    -Triforce Shard #2-
    Follow Triforce Chart 2 to Gale Isle and salvage this shard from the water.
    -Triforce Shard #3-
    Triforce Chart 3 will lead you to this shard, hidden around Stone Watcher
    -Triforce Shard #4-
    Triforce Chart 4, when deciphered, will mark the location of this shard
    somewhere around Outset Island.
    -Triforce Shard #5-
    Look for this shard around the Cliff Plateau Isles after you open Triforce
    Chart 5.
    -Triforce Shard #6-
    The Savage Labyrinth's Triforce Chart 6 will show you where this shard is
    hidden around Southern Triangle Island.
    -Triforce Shard #7-
    Use Triforce Chart 7 to find and salvage this Triforce Shard from the waters
    of Seven-Star Isles.
    -Triforce Shard #8-
    Open and decipher Triforce Chart 8, and then look for this sunken Triforce
    Shard around Two-Eye Reef.
    -Triforce Chart 1-
    Sail to the Islet of Steel, south of Greatfish Isle, and destroy the cannon
    boats cruising around it. One of them blocks the entrance to the island, so
    get it out of the way if nothing else. Afterwards, cruise into the Islet of
    Steel and climb the steps inside up to the altar. Here you can play the Wind's
    Requiem while standing on the wind crest to make a chest appear, containing
    the first Triforce Chart.
    -Triforce Chart 2-
    After getting the Cabana Deed (see Hero's Charm), sail to Mrs. Marie's Private
    Oasis and walk up to the front door of the cabana. The butler won't let you in
    unless you show him the Cabana Deed, proving that you are the island's new
    owner. Inside, get the Grappling Hook out and look upwards. You will see a
    lever hanging down from the ceiling. If you grapple onto it, your weight will
    pull it down and activate it, extinguishing the flames in the fireplace. Now
    jump in the hole revealed in the fireplace to reach the cabana's underground
    catacombs. The chambers inside the catacombs are confusingly linked, both
    above and below. Most of the upper chambers are separated by gates, but you
    can't get by them unless you smash the corresponding peg with the Skull
    Hammer. To get in between the chambers otherwise, jump into the various pits
    and crawl through the network of tunnels beneath the catacombs. The catacombs
    are filled with Rats, but if you happen to find two ReDeads, you're getting
    close to the Triforce Chart. Be on the lookout for other treasures too, like
    an orange rupee. To get the chart after you get past the ReDeads, you'll have
    to play the Wind's Requiem again while standing on the wind crest.
    -Triforce Chart 5-
    This Triforce Chart is found inside Bird's Peak Rock, northeast of the Forest
    Haven. Make sure you have plenty of Hyoi Pears before you set out for the
    island, because you'll need them. Bird's Peak Rock has six spires that are
    inaccessible to you. At the top of each one, there is a switch that must be
    pressed before the metal gate on the main island is lifted (that's where the
    Triforce Chart rests). Obviously, the only way to press the switches is to
    take control of a seagull and have it do the job for you. However, there are
    several Kargarocs nesting on the spires, so before you get the Hyoi Pears out,
    use the Hero's Bow to pick them off one by one. You should be able to kill all
    but one Kargaroc, which is circling the tallest spire and nearly impossible to
    shoot. Seagulls are favorite prey of Kargarocs, so unless you kill as many as
    you can, your brainwashed seabird won't last long when it approaches the
    Kargaroc nests. To avoid the one circling around the tall spire, hit all of
    the other switches first and then put some distance between yourself and the
    remaining spire. Now start gaining altitude until you are level with the top
    of the spire. Make a beeline towards the switch and hit it before the Kargaroc
    notices you. After the switches are all pressed, the gate on the main island
    will lift. Liberate the seagull and enter the cavern beneath the gate. Here
    you will find Triforce Chart 5 after playing the Wind's Requiem again.
    -Triforce Chart 4-
    The location of this chart varies, because it is within the Ghost Ship that
    appears at a different island every lunar cycle. Even if you find the Ghost
    Ship, you won't be able to approach it without it disappearing unless you have
    an opened Ghost Ship Chart. Once you have the chart, use your Sea Chart during
    the night to see where the Ghost Ship is currently haunting. Sail to that
    island and look around for a phantasmal ship surrounded by floating blue
    flames. You'll enter the Ghost Ship simply by sailing through it. The inside
    of this ship is shaped almost exactly like a submarine. Hop down to the bottom
    level and be prepared to defeat a few Poes and a yellow-robed Wizzrobe. The
    Wizzrobe always begins by conjuring a Stalfos or a ReDead, so you may want to
    kill it first with a few Fire Arrows. There is a beam of light along the right
    side of the ship that will help you defeat the Poes or any ReDeads. If you
    must fight the Stalfos, use Bombs, followed by the Skull Hammer. Once all of
    these ghostly enemies have been vanquished, a ladder will drop down from the
    other side of the ship, which lets you reach the back room. Break open the
    jars in here for wads of cash, and then open the chest for Triforce Chart 4.
    After getting it, you will find yourself on the King of Red Lions; the Ghost
    Ship will never again appear during the night.
    -Triforce Chart 5-
    In the waters northeast of Needle Rock Isle, you will find three cannon boats,
    including a gold-colored one. Sail up to them and destroy each one with your
    own cannon. Remember to get up close to each boat before firing on it, because
    it will be much easier to hit, and in return the boat will have trouble
    hitting you (just don't get so close that the cannon explosion hurts you).
    Each boat leaves behind a light ring, which you can find easily because of the
    treasure spheres that the boats leave on top of them as well. The two regular
    cannon boats yield a purple and orange rupee, while the commanding golden
    warship has the Triforce Chart.
    -Triforce Chart 6-
    (See Piece of Heart #39).
    -Triforce Chart 7-
    This chart is in a secret cave on Stone Watcher Island, which is southeast of
    Greatfish Isle. You must have the Power Bracelets in order to lift and remove
    the stone head on top of the island, revealing the secret cave's entrance
    underneath. This cave has a main chamber and six other small rooms around it.
    You enter from one of these small rooms, while the one with the chart is
    directly across from you. However, it will remain sealed until you defeat the
    enemies within the four other smaller rooms. You don't have to beat them in
    any particular order, but if you go clockwise from the entrance, you'll
    encounter four Armos, two Moblins, three red-robed Wizzrobes and five
    Bokoblins. Afterwards, two Darknuts will fight you in the main chamber. Beat
    them and then go through the final door to get the Triforce Chart (play the
    Wind Waker as usual to make the chest appear).
    -Triforce Chart 8-
    The final Triforce Chart is on Overlook Island, which is in the very
    northeastern quadrant of the Great Sea. To reach the secret cave on this
    island, use the Hookshot on the palm trees to get up. Keep using the Hookshot
    to make your way across the islands until you get to the secret cave. This
    cave is designed just like Stone Watcher Island's secret cave, where you got
    Triforce Chart 7. The far door around the main circular chamber will only
    unseal after you defeat the enemies (clockwise, starting on your left: 3 Armos
    Knights, 2 Stalfos, 2 yellow-robed Wizzrobes and 5 Bokoblins) in the other
    side rooms. Then, when all of these rooms have been cleared, four Darknuts
    will appear in the main chamber. After you defeat them, you can head through
    the Triforce door and get the chart.
    -Treasure Chart 1-
    Somewhere down in the Forbidden Woods' basement, you will find a room with a
    treasure chest inside a hollow tree. The chest can be reached by crawling
    through a small opening in the back of the tree, but the vine flower growing
    on the chest will prevent you from opening it from such a short distance. The
    vine flower is only vulnerable when its petals are opened, but it only opens
    them when you are standing far away from it. Exit the hollow tree and instead
    start jumping from platform to platform around the room, defeating the Morths
    and Boko Babas on them as you go. One of the Boko Babas will convert into a
    Baba Bud after you kill it. You can use this Baba Bud to reach the room's
    northern ledge. From there, use the wind lever nearby to summon the cable
    platform ahead of you. Jump on it, and then turn to face north. Now use the
    Deku Leaf's wind blasts to push yourself across the room on the cable
    platform. When you get to the south ledge, grab the bomb flower and toss it
    into the opening on top of the hollow tree below. The blast should destroy the
    vine flower inside. Now jump into the hollow tree and open the treasure chest
    to get Treasure Chart 1.
    -Treasure Chart 2-
    If you give Maggie's rich father twenty Skull Necklaces, he will give you
    Treasure Chart 2. To find him, go to Windfall Island and enter the mansion's
    upper floor.
    -Treasure Chart 3-
    This chart is located inside a chest sitting on top of one of the Forest
    Haven's three smaller islands. To reach it, you have to get to the top of the
    Forest Haven by using the Baba Buds. Blast yourself through the haven until
    you get to the leafy platform where the Deku Leaf was found. Now, instead of
    sailing down to the ledge that leads to the Forbidden Woods, turn around and
    jump out to the Baba Bud behind you. You can use this one, and the Deku Leaf,
    to reach another ledge on the north side of the haven. The opening that leads
    outside lets you reach the Nintendo Gallery, but in order to get the Treasure
    Chart, you must go even higher while inside. Use the Baba Bud on the ledge to
    launch yourself upwards, and then sail to another small leafy platform near
    the Deku Tree's canopy. From here you can glide to another ledge above the one
    down below. When you reach it, go outside and set the wind to blow south or
    southeast. Now use the Deku Leaf to glide down to the island down below, there
    the chest containing Treasure Chart 3 sits.
    -Treasure Chart 4-
    (See Empty Bottle #3).
    -Treasure Chart 5-
    After you open the path to the boss's lair inside the Wind Temple, you will
    enter a room where two Stalfos and a yellow-robed Wizzrobe will attack you.
    When you defeat them, you'll have to unseal the exit by smashing the peg on
    one of the ledges around the room with the Skull Hammer. To reach it, you'll
    need the Hookshot. These ledges can be reached by firing the Hookshot at the
    yellow targets on the walls or the stone heads. However, if you wear the Iron
    Boots while shooting the Hookshot at one of the heads, you will pull it down
    from the wall rather than being pulled up to it. Two of these stone heads hide
    Bokoblins behind them. If you defeat them, the chest containing Treasure Chart
    5 will appear on the floor.
    -Treasure Chart 6-
    This chart is found inside the Tower of the Gods. After you get the Hero's
    Bow, return to the room where you got the Compass. This room is on the first
    floor, and the Compass itself should help you find it. When you get there,
    kill the pair of Red Bubbles floating around. Now shoot an arrow at the eye
    symbol on the back wall. This will reveal a hidden compartment behind the
    wall, where Treasure Chart 6 is found. Watch out for the Armos that will
    ambush you as you try to make your escape with your prize.
    -Treasure Chart 7-
    At Windfall Island, enter the lighthouse to play Salvatore's mini-game, at the
    cost of ten rupees. This game is a lot like Battleship, but it can get rather
    frustrating because you need more luck than anything to win. Using 24
    cannonballs, you have to find and sink three giant squid hidden on the eight-
    by-eight grid. One squid takes up four spaces (and thus you'll need at least
    four cannonballs to sink it), another takes up three and the last one takes up
    only two. It is impossible to predict where the squids are until you actually
    find them. If you manage to win, you'll get a Piece of Heart. The next time
    you win, you will receive Treasure Chart 7. Fifty rupees are given to you as
    subsequent prizes.
    -Treasure Chart 8-
    After you get Treasure Chart 28 on Horseshoe Island, look for the secret cave
    entrance at the end of the pathway, behind Old Man Ho Ho. When you enter this
    cave, be prepared to fight three Mothulas. Two of them are ground-roving
    Mothulas, while the other is a rarer winged Mothula. If you have the Master
    Sword and Fire Arrows, this fight will be easy. Just slash at the wingless
    Mothulas with the Master Sword for a single-hit kill. The winged Mothula will
    die just as easily if you shoot it with a Fire Arrow. If you don't have these
    weapons, use the Boomerang to stun the beasties, and watch out for Morths.
    After the Mothulas die, Treasure Chart 8 will appear inside a chest.
    -Treasure Chart 9-
    To find this chart, look for a submarine north of Crescent Moon Island.
    Inside, you will have to kill a relentless swarm of Miniblins to stay alive.
    However, as time passes, four skull lanterns on the submarine's walls will
    light in succession. After the fourth lantern is lit, the Miniblins will stop
    coming and a ladder to Treasure Chart 9 will appear.
    -Treasure Chart 10-
    Possibly the easiest chart to get, Treasure Chart 10 is just sitting on
    Crescent Moon Island. Blue Chu Jelly collectors will want to check out the two
    blue ChuChus nearby as well.
    -Treasure Chart 11-
    When you cross the bridge on the second level of Dragon Roost Cavern's
    circular lava chamber, you will find a room filled with jars and a few
    Bokoblins. Near the entrance, you will see a pair of torches. If you grab a
    Boko stick left behind by a Bokoblin and light it using the lit torch, you can
    light the unlit one next to it. Lighting both will cause a chest with this
    chart to appear.
    -Treasure Chart 12-
    Deep within the Earth Temple, you'll enter a room filled with cursed fog.
    There are six Floor Masters hidden within the fog that can only be defeated
    after the fog disappears. For that to happen, run through the fog to the other
    side of the room, but try not to get grabbed by any Floor Masters. After you
    get the small key on the other side, the fog will dissipate. Now defeat all
    six Floor Masters to make the chest containing Treasure Chart 12 appear.
    -Treasure Chart 13-
    To get this chart, you have to defeat the enemies at Two-Eye Reef, which is
    where you got the magic upgrade. Like every reef, this reef is shaped like a
    die face. Inside its walls there are cannon boats and wall-mounted cannons
    that must be destroyed with your own cannon. After you cruise around the reef
    and blast every last enemy, a chest will appear on top of one of the reef's
    eyes. Climb to the highest point of the reef walls and use the Deku Leaf to
    float to the chest, which contains Treasure Chart 13.
    -Treasure Chart 14-
    Treasure Chart 14 is inside a submarine just off the coast of Headstone
    Island. As soon as you enter the sub, you will be forced into the pit and a
    ring of fire will block access to the escape ladder. Rude! The pit is infested
    with several dozen Bombchus (Rats that carry and throw bombs) and bomb
    flowers. The Boomerang is still the best way to kill Bombchus, so start taking
    them out one by one before they trigger a disaster. Like regular Rats,
    Bombchus often leave behind sizeable amounts of cash when killed. Anyway,
    after they are all defeated, the fire around the exit ladder extinguishes and
    another ladder appears. Climb this one to reach the chest that has Treasure
    Chart 14 inside.
    -Treasure Chart 15-
    This chart is found in the Forbidden Woods. Hopefully you got it the first
    time around, because it's rather difficult to reenter this dungeon after you
    beat it. After getting the Boomerang, return to the second room in the
    Forbidden Woods. This room is quite large, and filled with Baba Buds. Make
    your way over to the Baba Bud resting on the ledge near the bomb flower. Use
    this Baba Bud and the Deku Leaf to get to the other Baba Buds that will allow
    you to reach the grassy ledge on the other side of the room. Use the Baba Bud
    here to get back across the room, but make sure you end up on the ledge above
    the first one down below. Here you will find the chest containing Treasure
    Chart 15. The reason you can only get it with the Boomerang is because you
    need it to destroy the vine flower that otherwise prevents you from opening
    the chest.
    -Treasure Chart 16-
    Locate the triple sea platforms around Seven-Star Isles, which are north of
    Dragon Roost Island. Even though only one of the platforms has a ladder that
    you can use to ascend it, the other two are close enough to it that you can
    just jump to them when you reach the top. Up here, you will have to fight
    blue-robed Wizzrobes. They behave just like red-robed Wizzrobes, so you
    shouldn't have trouble defeating them with the Hero's Bow. You will have to
    kill four in total. After defeating each of the first two, small chests will
    appear with a red rupee or a Golden Feather in them. Defeating the final two
    Wizzrobes will make the Treasure Chart chest appear. You will have to jump to
    all three of the platforms to reach the three chests.
    -Treasure Chart 17-
    This chart can be won on Spectacle Isle, just west of Windfall Island. When
    you get on the island, climb to the top and use a ladder to reach Salvatore,
    who operates another fun mini-game at the cost of fifty rupees. The aim of
    this game is to shoot five barrels (representing enemy pirate ships) with a
    large cannon that has ten cannonballs. You can adjust the angle of the cannon
    to reach barrels that are closer or farther away. Usually, the angles needed
    to hit the barrels are in multiples of five. If you find an angle that works
    for one barrel, use it to hit all of the other barrels that look to be the
    same distance away. If any are just slightly farther or close away, adjust
    your angle accordingly by five. This mini-game is fun, and not too difficult.
    The first time you win you get a Piece of Heart as a prize. If you win again,
    you get Treasure Chart 17. You then get an orange rupee every time you win
    -Treasure Chart 18-
    (See Treasure Chart 38). This chart is barely worth getting. All you get from
    it is a dismal green rupee off the coast of Windfall Island.
    -Treasure Chart 19-
    Sail to Four-Eye Reef, which is south of the Forsaken Fortress, and enter it
    from the northwestern opening. Like in any other reef, defeating the cannon
    boats and mounted cannons will make a chest appear on one of the reef's eyes.
    Just watch out for the explosive barrels floating around. After reaching the
    chest with the Deku Leaf, open it to get this chart.
    -Treasure Chart 20-
    While you're in the Earth Temple, you should try picking this chart up. Just
    before you get the Big Key, you and Medli will have to solve a complex puzzle
    that involves moving a bunch of scorpion mirrors around and using the Mirror
    Shield and Medli's harp in certain ways. During this time, you can shine some
    light onto a light symbol along the west wall to uncover a secret passageway.
    However, after you solve this puzzle completely and activate the two solar
    crests, the room will light up and the passage will be revealed anyway. When
    you enter this secret room, you must use the Mirror Shield to reflect light
    from the beam onto the three gray coffins along the back wall of the pit. This
    will make their lids fall open and the Stalfos inside to come out. After
    defeating the three Stalfos, a chest containing Treasure Chart 20 will appear
    on the ledge above the pit.
    -Treasure Chart 21-
    You must explore and conquer another dreaded reef to procure this chart. The
    reef in question is Cyclops Reef, which is east of Greatfish Isle. Cyclops
    Reef has a sizeable population of Seahats around it, so sail carefully. After
    you destroy the enemies inside the reef's walls, use the Deku Leaf to float to
    the reef's single cyclopean eye, where Treasure Chart 21 sits. Fortunately,
    the treasure revealed by this chart is also here in Cyclops Reef, so you don't
    have to go very far at all to get it (the Light Ring Chart).
    -Treasure Chart 22-
    This chart is the reward you get after conquering another submarine, found
    near Northern Fairy Island. To get there, sail northwest from Windfall Island
    and look for the submarine somewhere north of the Fairy Island. In this
    submarine, your goal is to get across the pit without actually falling into
    it. You can do this by swinging from the lanterns hanging from the ceiling.
    Should you fall, you will be attacked by four Moblins down below, but you can
    escape by climbing the ladder. Getting to the other side of the submarine
    won't be that much different from Niko's training exercises, but if you're
    worried, try taking out the Moblins from the ledge with arrows. When you enter
    the back room, a treasure chest will appear. Open it to get the Treasure
    -Treasure Chart 23-
    You are probably familiar with the mini-game that Salvatore runs on Windfall
    Island. By beating it, you can get a Piece of Heart and Treasure Chart 7, but
    in order to win this chart, you have to set a new record. This is rather
    difficult to do, because finding the three squids all depends on luck more
    than anything. The record to beat is 20 shots and you only get 24 shots total,
    so with practice and a lot of payment rupees you should get this chart.
    -Treasure Chart 24-
    You have to have the Deluxe Picto Box and the Deku Leaf to get this chart. Use
    the Deku Leaf to get to the hidden room next to Lenzo's pictograph gallery
    (see Treasure Chart 29). In between the two chests, you will see a small
    opening just large enough to crawl through. After going through this tunnel,
    you will emerge from its other exit, disguised as a pictograph frame. Behind
    the counter, you will see Lenzo and Minenco having a private conversation.
    Cautiously get closer and take a color pictograph of them without being
    noticed. If you go too far into the room, Lenzo will see you and you won't be
    able to get the pictograph you need. After you take your shots, go ahead and
    exit Lenzo's shop. You must show your pictograph to Pompie and Vera, the two
    women gossiping idly near Zunari's shop. They mistakenly believe that Lenzo
    has a secret relationship with Minenco, but after they see the pictograph you
    took, they realize that Lenzo and Minenco are just friends. For correcting
    them, Pompie and Vera give you Treasure Chart 24.
    -Treasure Chart 25-
    Head east from the Forest Haven to get to the Cliff Plateau Isles, a small
    chain of isolated islands along the edge of the Great Sea. Dock the King of
    Red Lions next to the sloped southernmost island and climb onto it. From
    there, jump over to the narrow island with the red postbox on it, and then to
    a smaller rock beyond it. You should be able to reach the next island that
    looks as if it is made of a half-submerged tree. Jump into the secret cave
    entrance on top of it. This cave is filled with the same type of plant life,
    both harmless and dangerous, that abounded in the Forbidden Woods. The first
    half of it is made up of several floating stumps that you can jump to and
    from. Most of them have rupees on them, so go ahead and add them to your
    collection. You can rotate these stumps by blowing the Deku Leaf at the large
    leaves sticking out of them. When you reach the far shore, kill the Boko Baba
    along the sides. Behind the right-hand one, you can follow a path to the back
    ledge. Don't forget to break open the pods for more rupees. When you get to
    the ledge, you must navigate around the impenetrable barricade of thorns.
    Watch out for the Boko Babas up here as well. The second one converts into a
    Baba Bud after being killed, so you can use it to reach the branches of the
    nearby tree. From one of the trees you can drop down into the ring of thorns
    below to open a small chest containing a Joy Pendant. Otherwise, try to reach
    the high ledge along the side of the cavern, blocked by wooden boards. Use a
    Fire Arrow to destroy the boards, and then sail over to the ledge with the
    Deku Leaf. There is a light portal on this ledge that will take you to the top
    of the Cliff Plateau Isles' largest island. Up here, you will find Treasure
    Chart 25, a Korok and his forest tree, and a blue ChuChu.
    -Treasure Chart 26-
    Sail west from the Tower of the Gods to reach Six-Eye Reef. Like with any
    reef, destroy the enemies, get the chart and move on with life.
    -Treasure Chart 27-
    You'll find Treasure Chart 27 on the Private Oasis. You don't even need to
    have the Cabana Deed as to make the island yours, but you do need to set foot
    on it and approach the cabana. Behind it, you will see a large outcrop from
    where the pool's waterfall seems to originate from. Stand on the railing of
    the cabana's porch and fire the Hookshot at the lonely tree standing on the
    outcrop. Treasure Chart 27 is inside the chest up here. Strangely, the chest
    it is in is the kind usually used for Pieces of Hearts or items, not the ones
    for Treasure Charts.
    -Treasure Chart 28-
    This chart is kind of fun to get. It's found on Horseshoe Island, which is the
    southwestern-most quadrant in the Great Sea. Just head to Outset Island and
    sail west from there. This small island is guarded by several Seahats and a
    cannon boat, so you might want to defeat them before setting foot on it. As
    its name implies, Horseshoe Island is in the shape of a horseshoe. Soon after
    you start walking on it, a row of thorny vines will spring up from the ground
    and prevent you from going any further. To get them out of your way, you have
    to have decent golfing skills. Nearby, you'll find three Deku nuts growing.
    Pick one and throw it towards the flag beyond the thorns. This flag marks the
    location of a hole. If the Deku nut lands in the hole, a switch will be
    pressed and the vines will retract into the ground. The nut probably won't
    make it on your first toss, so use the Deku Leaf to give it an extra push
    towards the hole. The good thing about Deku nuts is that they grow back when
    they dissolve after little less than a minute, so if you mess up you can wait
    for the next one to grow. After you get past the first row of thorns, another
    one will block you up ahead. Use the two Deku nuts growing just before this
    wall of vines to get them out of your way just as you did the first time, by
    making them land in the hole up ahead. The third and final row of thorns will
    appear before you can reach the Deku nut used to get rid of them, so you must
    rely on the Deku Leaf alone to push it into the hole up ahead. When the switch
    is pressed this time, a chest will appear on the small rock within the
    island's horseshoe. Use the Deku Leaf to float to it and get Treasure Chart
    -Treasure Chart 29-
    This chart is found in the upper floor of Lenzo's pictography shop. However,
    it is impossible to reach from inside, so you have to find the hidden entrance
    to Lenzo's gallery. Go outside and climb the wooden steps to the right of the
    lighthouse. When you get to the top, stand on the railing and look towards
    Lenzo's shop. You should see a balcony and a door above the main doorway. Make
    sure the wind is blowing northwest, and then use the Deku Leaf to sail over to
    the balcony. When you enter the building, you'll find two treasure chests. One
    contains a chunky purple rupee, while the other contains Treasure Chart 29. If
    you have the Deluxe Picto Box, you can get another Treasure Chart by
    continuing through the tunnel in between the treasure chests (see Treasure
    Chart 24).
    -Treasure Chart 30-
    This chart is found in a side room north of where the three guidepost statues
    in the Tower of the Gods must be returned to. To uncover its entrance, stand
    on the left-hand balance scale in the previous room so that you sink towards
    the water. Now get a bomb out, but don't throw it until it starts to swell
    just before it explodes. When it does, throw it towards the cracked wall next
    to you. If you throw it too soon or too late, the bomb will land in the water
    or blow up in your face. Behind the wall is the door to the chamber where the
    chart is hidden. In this chamber, you will find two Armos Knights standing
    placidly on either side of the room. There is a wind crest on the floor
    between them, as well as a Triforce crest a bit further up. Stand on the wind
    crest and play the Wind's Requiem to activate it. This will cause the chest
    containing the Treasure Chart to appear over the Triforce crest, but it will
    also awaken the Armos Knights. Grab the chart, and then either fight the
    knights or just leave the room.
    -Treasure Chart 31-
    Sitting on the steps in front of Windfall Island's auction house you'll find
    Kamo, a troubled child pouting about a girl. If you try to console him, he'll
    ask you to show him a pictograph of the thing he loves most, something
    perfectly round and pale. The most perfectly round and pale thing you can find
    is the full moon of course. At night, you'll even find Kamo staring up at it
    through a Telescope. Anyway, use the Song of Passing if you have it to cycle
    through the lunar phases until a full moon shows up. With the Deluxe Picto
    Box, take a pictograph of it and show it to Kamo the next day. He'll give you
    Treasure Chart 31 for your troubles.
    -Treasure Chart 32-
    Play the Ballad of Gales to get to Greatfish Isle. From there, sail one sea
    quadrant west. Welcome to Three-Eye Reef. You know what to do.
    -Treasure Chart 33-
    You can get this chart on Windfall Island after you get the Deluxe Picto Box.
    Minenco, the first woman you see after passing through Windfall's archway,
    loves looking at herself in pictographs. Take a pictograph of Minenco using
    the Deluxe Picto Box, and then show it to her. The narcissistic woman will
    give you the Treasure Chart.
    -Treasure Chart 34-
    The Salvage Corp. is an odd group of enthusiastic treasure hunters who can be
    found in a few places around the Great Sea, including Horseshoe Island,
    Eastern Triangle Island and Pawprint Isle. You must seek them out if you want
    Treasure Chart 34. The best place to look is Eastern Triangle Island, because
    that is where Treasure Chart 34's prize lies. You only need to speak to the
    Salvage Corp. to get the chart, and nothing more.
    -Treasure Chart 35-
    In the Wind Temple, you will need to find a key in order to get to the orange-
    robed Wizzrobe's chamber. You can also get a Treasure Chart in the same room
    that this key is found in. The key will appear when you smash through the
    small holes in the floor with the Iron Boots and then escape from the pit
    below to the other side of the row of spikes, using a springboard. However, if
    you smash through all five of these covered holes and escape each time, a
    chest containing the Treasure Chart will appear next to the one that had the
    small key. Every time you smash through them though, enemies will appear down
    below. From left to right, the holes will make the following enemies appear
    when you break through them: five red ChuChus, nothing, two Floor Masters,
    three Armos, and five green ChuChus.
    -Treasure Chart 36-
    You can find this chart and a yellow rupee frozen in blocks of ice along the
    shore of Ice Ring Isle. You must have Fire Arrows, first to defrost the entire
    island and make it safe to travel on, and second to melt the block of ice that
    the two treasures are encased in.
    -Treasure Chart 37-
    Despite its small size and inhabitability, the Rock Spire Isle quadrant is a
    treasure trove of valuable goodies, including three Pieces of Heart, two
    Treasure Charts, two orange rupees, an Empty Bottle and a Blue Chu Jelly
    sample. Treasure Chart 37 and the Chu Jelly are the only ones found on the
    island itself though. To reach them, climb up the slope of the island's
    northeastern tip. Soon you will reach a gap. The ledge on the other side of
    this gap can be reached by jumping, but not while the cracked boulder is
    sitting on it. To destroy the boulder, you must throw a bomb at it at just the
    right time so that it explodes in midair next to the boulder. Wait five
    seconds after you take the bomb out to throw it. You'll have to repeat this
    process three more times to get to the other end of the island. Here you will
    find the blue ChuChu and the entrance to a secret cave. The inside of this
    cave is small, but dark. Use the Boko sticks inside the jar on your right to
    light the two torches near the back of the cave, using the ones near the front
    as a fire source. The light will stir an entire swarm of Keese roosting above
    you. There are about 20-30 Keese total, and after defeating the lot, the
    Treasure Chart chest will appear in between the torches you lit.
    -Treasure Chart 38-
    To get this chart, as well as Treasure Chart 18, a Piece of Heart and a bunch
    of Joy Pendants, you have to participate in and win the auction held inside
    Windfall Island's auction house, which is actually the lower floor of the
    luxurious mansion. The auction is run by Zunari, and it only goes on at night.
    Make sure Zunari explains the rules to the auction if you plan on entering.
    When bidding, you have to fill up your bid meter before you can make a bid.
    Although the meter fills on its own, pressing the A Button repeatedly will
    make it go faster. There are other participants who will be bidding against
    you though, so you have to keep up with the highest price. There are two ways
    to guarantee winning the auction prize. First, don't make a bid until Zunari
    announces that there are only five seconds left, but make sure your bid meter
    is full enough to make a bid in such a short amount of time. Now make a bid
    that is substantially higher than the current highest bidder. If you do,
    everyone else will be amazed by your bid and go into a weird daze. This will
    prevent them from bidding temporarily, but if you did this with not much time
    left, you will undoubtedly secure the prize. Another strategy is to bid 999
    rupees. The auction will end immediately and you'll get the prize anyway. You
    only get one prize per auction. After you win Treasure Charts 18 and 38, and
    the Piece of Heart, Joy Pendants will be the only prizes available.
    -Treasure Chart 39-
    After you get the Grappling Hook, return to Dragon Roost Island's first floor
    and enter the main lava chamber through the south side and turn left to find
    another door. If you have the dungeon's Compass, finding the room with the
    treasure chest inside will be easy. When you get inside, instead of walking
    too far into the room, turn right and use the Grappling Hook to swing across a
    lava pit. Break through the wooden boards and grab the chart.
    -Treasure Chart 40-
    Go to Southern Fairy Island and head for the sea platforms next to it. All
    three of these platforms are protected by mounted cannons, though only two
    have ladders that you can climb to reach them. Climb up the first one quickly
    before the cannons from the adjacent platforms blast you to bits. If it helps,
    you can destroy them first with your own boat cannon, but it's much easier and
    more precise to bomb them from above. When you get to the platform, kill the
    pirate Bokoblins and set bombs over the cannons to destroy them. Now repeat
    the process with the other platform, and lastly the final one. To reach the
    third one, you'll need to use the Deku Leaf. Treasure Chart 40 will appear in
    a chest on the platform without a ladder, as well as a Skull Necklace.
    -Treasure Chart 41-
    This chart is rewarded to you after destroying all the enemies in Five-Eye
    Reef, which is north of Outset Island. As usual, you'll need the Deku Leaf to
    retrieve it after it appears.
    -Ghost Ship Chart-
    You absolutely need this special chart in order to beat the game, because you
    can't enter the Ghost Ship without it. Sail to Diamond Steppe Island by going
    northwest from Outset Island. When you reach the island, use the Hookshot on
    the trees growing on it to get up. Continue doing this until you reach the top
    of Diamond Steppe Island. You will find the entrance to a secret cave up here.
    This secret cave is filled with warp cauldrons and Floor Masters. You have to
    use certain warp cauldrons in a certain order to find the Ghost Ship Chart,
    all the while defeating the numerous Floor Masters. If they grab you, you'll
    have to redo the warping maze. Start by using the only warp cauldron in the
    first clearing. When you emerge from it, you'll be in the next clearing. Go
    around the wall of wooden boards in front of you and kill the Floor Master
    behind it. This creature was guarding the warp cauldron you should use next.
    You must get rid of the wooden seal covering the cauldron first, using a
    burning Boko stick, a bomb or a Fire Arrow. After using the second warp
    cauldron, grab the optional Joy Pendant if you want and find the opening in
    the ruined ship's railing. Jump down to the clearing below and use the
    cauldron closest to your drop point. This one will send you up to another
    ledge. From the cauldron you emerged from, go and use the one diagonally
    across from it (watch out for the Floor Master). This cauldron will put you
    within reach of the Ghost Ship Chart, or at least the chest containing it.
    After you have your prize(s), jump down to the light portal.
    -Tingle's Chart-
    (See Tingle Tuner).
    -IN-credible Chart-
    After you take Tetra to Hyrule and reveal that she is Princess Zelda, the
    entrance to the ancient kingdom will seal shut and remain that way until you
    collect the eight Triforce Shards hidden throughout the Great Sea. Luckily,
    Tingle will send you the IN-credible Chart right away to help you do this.
    -Octo Chart-
    This chart is the prize that can be obtained by following Treasure Chart 26.
    Found on Northern Triangle Island, the Octo Chart is appropriately guarded by
    a few Octoroks.
    -Great Fairy Chart-
    Use Treasure Chart 41 and the salvage crane to find this chart somewhere
    around Four-Eye Reef, which is just south of the Forsaken Fortress.
    -Island Hearts Chart-
    After you open Treasure Chart 19, use it to find this chart in the waters
    around the Flight Control Platform (where the Bird-Man Contest takes place).
    -Sea Hearts Chart-
    Open Treasure Chart 32 and sail to the Boating Course (south of the Forest
    Haven) to find this chart in the water.
    -Secret Cave Chart-
    You may have noticed by now that most of the special charts can be found by
    opening the Treasure Charts you obtain for conquering each of the six reefs.
    The Secret Cave Chart is no exception; use Treasure Chart 13 to find it around
    Overlook Island.
    -Light Ring Chart-
    To find this chart, you must salvage it from the waters of Cyclops Reef using
    Treasure Chart 21. Conveniently, this Treasure Chart is also found on Cyclops
    -Platform Chart-
    This special chart can be obtained by conquering the submarine found near the
    Flight Control Platform. When you enter it, jump down to the murky pit and
    find the switch on the floor that you must press. The switch will make the
    dark haze disappear, but it will make a Wizzrobe appear in its stead. Shoot it
    with a Fire/Ice Arrow quickly. After the first Wizzrobe is killed, another
    will appear, along with six red and green ChuChus. You should probably take
    out the Wizzrobe first before you go after the slimes. Even after you defeat
    this wave of enemies, a final one will appear. This time, two Wizzrobes and a
    swarm of Miniblins will attack. You must only defeat the Wizzrobes to make a
    ladder appear that you can climb to the back room. The chest containing the
    Platform Chart is up there.
    -Beedle's Chart-
    Beedle will mail you this chart after you beat the Tower of the Gods and
    return from Hyrule. Pretty simple, isn't it?
    -Submarine Chart-
    To find this chart, sail down to the Boating Course from the Forest Haven.
    This fun course is run by Loot the sailor, but the chart you're after is found
    inside a secret cave on the island. The cave's entrance is on one of the small
    islets on either side of the course's finish line. However, in order to reach
    it, you must use the Hookshot to pull yourself up by the flag post, or use the
    Deku Leaf to glide over to it from the other, more-accessible islet. There's a
    blue ChuChu lurking on the outcrop near the entrance, so Chu Jelly hunters can
    have at it. Anyway, when you get inside the secret cave, you'll find three
    diamond-shaped switches on the ledges around the cavern. The chest containing
    the Submarine Chart will appear when all three of them are hit with the
    Boomerang. This will be difficult to do, because you'll immediately be
    attacked by an endless Miniblin horde. Luckily, you don't need to hit the
    switches with just one toss of the Boomerang. Try to defeat the Miniblins
    around you, and then quickly target one of the switches before reinforcements
    arrive. After all three of the diamond-shaped switches are hit, open the chest
    that appears to get the handy Submarine Chart.
    HERO'S SWORD: Weapon used for close-range combat. It is basic in power and
    relatively weak.
    MASTER SWORD: Weapon used for close-range combat. Twice as strong as the
    Hero's Sword, with greater reach.
    HERO'S SHIELD: Used to block enemy attacks.
    MIRROR SHIELD: Used to block enemy attacks and reflect beams of light at other
    POWER BRACELETS: Allows Link to pick up and throw heavy objects and enemies.
    PIRATE'S CHARM: Tetra and the King of Red Lions can communicate with Link and
    give him helpful hints during his quest.
    HERO'S CHARM: Can be worn to see the amount of health that an enemy has left.
    Key Items.
    TELESCOPE: Used to see objects that are far away.
    SAIL: Used to sail the Great Sea on the King of Red Lions.
    WIND WAKER: Used to conduct special songs that have varied effects.
    GRAPPLING HOOK: Latches onto beams and can be used to swing across gaps or
    climb to new areas. Also used as a salvage crane to pull up treasure from the
    ocean floor while at sea.
    TINGLE TUNER: Appropriate connections needed.
    PICTO BOX/DELUXE PICTO BOX: Takes pictographs. Deluxe Picto Box needed to take
    color pictographs.
    IRON BOOTS: Makes Link very slow but heavy, allowing him to resist strong
    MAGIC ARMOR: Makes Link immune to damage, but uses magic power.
    BOOMERANG: Projectile weapon that returns to Link after use. The Boomerang can
    target up to five objects or enemies.
    HERO'S BOW: Powerful projectile weapon that uses ammo. Arrows can be upgraded
    to Fire, Ice and Light Arrows. Fire Arrows ignite enemies and objects. Ice
    Arrows freeze enemies and objects. Light Arrows can kill any regular enemy in
    a single shot.
    DEKU LEAF: Can be used to blast enemies with gusts of wind. Also, this can be
    used as a parachute to glide from one place to the next, using up magic power.
    BOMBS: Explosive weapon that uses ammo. Bombs can be thrown or dropped and can
    be used to break obstacles. Also used as a cannon while at sea.
    SKULL HAMMER: Powerful swinging weapon that can smash foes and clear
    obstacles. Can also be used to block enemy attacks.
    HOOKSHOT: This chain weapon is used to pull Link up to new areas, or draw
    enemies in close for attack.
    BOKO STICK: Enemy weapon left behind by Bokoblins or Boko Babas. Although
    weak, they can be lit on fire to solve certain puzzles.
    MACHETE: Enemy weapon left behind by Bokoblins. Relatively weak, but useful
    earlier on in the game.
    MOBLIN SPEAR: Enemy weapon left behind by Moblins. This weapon is strong and
    has a wide range.
    DARKNUT SWORD: Enemy weapon left behind by Darknuts. This large, flamberge-
    like sword is hard to use, but very powerful.
    MACE: Enemy weapon left behind by Stalfos. This heavy, spiked club is the most
    powerful useable enemy weapon. However, it cannot be thrown at its original
    PHANTOM BLADE: Enemy weapon left by Phantom Ganon. Although it can never be
    used against an enemy, this dark blade is useful in Ganon's Tower.
    Bottle & Contents.
    EMPTY BOTTLE: Container that can hold certain liquids or objects.
    WATER: Used to revitalize withered bomb flowers.
    SPRING WATER: Used to revitalize withered forest trees. Can be used multiple
    times for twenty minutes, but then reverts to regular water.
    RED POTION: Completely restores all life energy.
    GREEN POTION: Completely restores all magic power.
    BLUE POTION: Completely restores all life energy and magic power.
    ELIXIR SOUP: Completely restores all life energy and magic power. Doubles the
    power of Link's sword attacks until he gets hurt. Can be used twice.
    FAIRY: Restores life energy meter by ten hearts. Also, when Link faints, his
    life energy meter is automatically restored with ten hearts.
    FOREST FIREFLY: Needed to convert Picto Box into Deluxe Picto Box.
    Bags & Contents.
    SPOILS BAG: Holds enemy spoils. It can hold an unlimited amount of each spoil.
    JOY PENDANT: Enemy spoil left behind by Bokoblin.
    RED CHU JELLY: Enemy spoil left behind by red, yellow and purple ChuChus.
    BLUE CHU JELLY: Enemy spoil left behind by blue ChuChus.
    SKULL NECKLACE: Enemy spoil left behind by Moblins.
    KNIGHT'S CREST: Enemy spoil left behind by Darknuts (both types) and Mighty
    BOKO BABA SEED: Enemy spoil left behind by Boko Babas.
    GREEN CHU JELLY: Enemy spoil left behind by green, yellow and purple ChuChus
    GOLDEN FEATHER: Enemy spoil left behind by Kargarocs, Peahats and Mothulas.
    BAIT BAG: Holds animal bait. Can only hold eight items.
    ALL-PURPOSE BAIT: Used to lure Fishmen or wild pigs.
    HYOI PEAR: Used to take control of seagulls.
    DELIVERY BAG: Holds items received from other people.
    CABANA DEED: Gives Link ownership and access to the Private Oasis.
    COMPLIMENTARY ID: Show it to Beedle for a compliment! One time use.
    FILL-UP COUPON: Show it to Beedle to get restocked on bombs, arrows, health
    and magic. One time use.
    LETTER: Letters to be delivered to postboxes or certain people.
    TRADING ITEM: Used to trade for other trading items with Traveling Merchants.
    Can also be placed in metal holders for decoration. Only three trading items
    can be held at a time.
    PIECE OF HEART: Restores all life energy. Collect four to increase Link's life
    energy meter by one.
    HEART CONTAINER: Restores all life energy and increases Link's life energy
    meter by one.
    TRIFORCE SHARD: Eight pieces needed to complete the Triforce of Courage and
    enter Ganon's Tower.
    DIN'S PEARL: One of three sacred pearls needed to enter the Tower of the
    FARORE'S PEARL: One of three sacred pearls needed to enter the Tower of the
    NAYRU'S PEARL: One of three sacred pearls needed to enter the Tower of the
    TRIFORCE CHART: Displays the location of hidden Triforce Shards in the Great
    Sea. Triforce Charts must be deciphered before they can be read.
    TREASURE CHART: Displays the location of hidden treasure in the Great Sea.
    GHOST SHIP CHART: Displays the location of the Ghost Ship during the night, as
    well as on the Sea Chart.
    TINGLE'S CHART: Displays the location of Tingle Island and two Great Fairies
    relative to Windfall Island.
    IN-CREDIBLE CHART: Displays the location of all Triforce Charts. Once the
    charts are deciphered, it also displays the location of the Triforce Shards.
    Also, it marks charts and shards that have been collected.
    OCTO CHART: Displays the location of Big Octos, and the number of eyes each
    one has.
    GREAT FAIRY CHART: Displays the location of all Great Fairies and the Queen of
    ISLAND HEARTS CHART: Displays the location of all Pieces of Hearts found on
    SEA HEARTS CHART: Displays the location of all Treasure Charts that lead to
    Pieces of Hearts.
    SECRET CAVE CHART: Displays the location of secret caves.
    LIGHT RING CHART: Displays the location of light rings that only appear during
    a full moon.
    PLATFORM CHART: Displays the location of sea platforms.
    BEEDLE'S CHART: Displays the location of Beedle's shop ships, including the
    new one on Rock Spire Isle.
    SUBMARINE CHART: Displays the location of submarines.
    Dungeon Items.
    DUNGEON MAP: Displays a dungeon's rooms, including unexplored rooms. Also
    displays Link's and boss's location.
    COMPASS: Displays a dungeon's unopened treasure chests and Link's partners in
    cooperative dungeon scenarios.
    SMALL KEY: Unlocks a dungeon's locked door. One time use.
    BIG KEY: Unlocks a dungeon's boss door.
    HEART: Restores life energy meter by one.
    MAGIC: Restores magic power. Can be found in two sizes.
    ARROWS: Restores arrow count by ten.
    BOMBS: Restores bomb count by five.
    GREEN RUPEE: Currency worth 1 rupee.
    BLUE RUPEE: Currency worth 5 rupees.
    YELLOW RUPEE: Currency worth 10 rupees.
    RED RUPEE: Currency worth 20 rupees.
    PURPLE RUPEE: Currency worth 50 rupees.
    ORANGE RUPEE: Currency worth 100 rupees.
    SILVER RUPEE: Currency worth 200 rupees.
    Wind Waker Songs.
    WIND'S REQUIEM: Changes the direction of the wind. Also used to activate wind
    COMMAND MELODY: Allows Link to take control of other characters in cooperative
    dungeon scenarios.
    BALLAD OF GALES: Allows Link to use cyclones to warp to certain locations.
    EARTH GOD'S LYRIC: Activates certain game events when played near the sage of
    the Earth Temple.
    WIND GOD'S ARIA: Activates certain game events when played near the sage of
    the Wind Temple.
    SONG OF PASSING: Changes day to night and vice versa.
    Nintendo Gallery.
    The Nintendo Gallery is a club located near the Forest Haven. To open it, you
    must climb to the top of the Forest Haven to where you got the Deku Leaf. From
    the leafy platform, jump out and float towards the lone Baba Bud nearby. Use
    this bud to get to the ledge behind it, and then head outside through the
    opening on the ledge. Down below, you will see the island where the Nintendo
    Gallery is located. Set the wind accordingly by playing the Wind's Requiem,
    and then use the Deku Leaf to float down to the island. The entrance to the
    Nintendo Gallery is closed, but you can open the hatch by hitting the diamond-
    shaped switch inside a small alcove along the side of the Forest Haven. You
    can't reach it yourself, so you'll have to use a Hyoi Pear and a mind-
    controlled seagull to activate it. After the switch is pressed, the hatch to
    the Nintendo Gallery will open and a ladder will fall from the islet's other
    side, allowing you to get to the gallery from the water rather than having to
    go through the Forest Haven again.
    Once the Nintendo Gallery is opened, you can enter it and begin collecting
    figurines crafted by the sculptor, Carlov. Carlov will sculpt these figurines
    if you present him with a color pictograph of any particular subject.
    Completing the Nintendo Gallery is purely optional and mainly for fun. There
    are 134 figurines total, and there are three main ways to obtain them.
    The first way, as mentioned above, is by showing Carlov a color pictograph of
    the subject you want made into a figurine. He won't accept colorless
    pictographs, so you must have the Deluxe Picto Box first. Since some subjects
    appear before you are able to open the Nintendo Gallery or obtain the Deluxe
    Picto Box, it may be best to wait until the second quest to go after them,
    since you begin that quest with the Deluxe Picto Box. Additionally, the
    Nintendo Gallery is already opened, and any figurines you had acquired from
    the first quest will be kept for the second one as well. When taking
    pictographs, remember to take good, frontal shots of your subjects, since
    Carlov can get picky. Also, since it takes a day for him to sculpt each
    figurine, you will want the Song of Passing to make the collecting process go
    quicker. Beware though, as there are some pictographs that you can only get at
    a certain time, since their subjects only appear at a particular point in the
    game and never return afterwards. These include the following figurines:
    Kogoli, Zephos & Cyclos, Big Octo, Wizzrobe (the mini-boss), Phantom Ganon,
    Puppet Ganon, The Monstrous Helmaroc King, Tetra and her crew, and the super-
    rare Knuckle (you need the Tingle Tuner and the proper connections to get this
    one, but you don't need it to complete the gallery).
    The second way is to buy a legendary pictograph from Lenzo on Windfall Island.
    He will sell you one of seven legendary pictographs for fifty rupees,
    depending on which phase the moon is in (or was the previous night). You can
    buy the Ganondorf pictograph on a full moon, the Great Fairy pictograph during
    the left gibbous moon, Jabun's pictograph during the left half moon, the Queen
    of Fairies' pictograph during the left crescent moon, the Fado pictograph
    during the right crescent moon, the pictograph of Laruto during the right half
    moon and lastly, the King of Hyrule pictograph during the right gibbous moon.
    Six of these subjects cannot be snapped no matter what, but this is the
    easiest and most convenient way to get a good shot of the other one
    (Ganondorf) as well.
    The final way to get a figurine is by getting other particular figurines. If
    you get Tetra's figurine for example, you will automatically get figurines of
    the rest of her pirate crew. And if you collect every other figurine that
    exists except Knuckle, you'll automatically get a very special figurine from
    Carlov after he leaves you the Nintendo Gallery!
    The gallery is divided into seven rooms modeled after certain regions across
    the Great Sea: Forest Haven, Dragon Roost Island, Dungeon, Forsaken Fortress,
    Outset Island, Windfall Island, and the Great Sea itself.
    Forest Haven.
    1.	Aldo
    2.	Carlov the Sculptor
    3.	Deku Tree
    4.	Drona
    5.	Elma
    6.	Fado
    7.	Hollo
    8.	Irch
    9.	Linder
    10.	Makar
    11.	Manny
    12.	Oakin
    13.	Olivio
    14.	Rown
    Dragon Roost Island.
    1.	Baito
    2.	Basht & Bisht
    3.	Hoskit
    4.	Ilari
    5.	Koboli
    6.	Kogoli
    7.	Komali
    8.	Laruto
    9.	Medli
    10.	Namali
    11.	Obli
    12.	Pashli
    13.	Quill the Postman
    14.	Skett & Akoot
    15.	The Rito Chieftain
    16.	Valoo
    17.	Willi
    18.	Zephos & Cyclos
    1.	Armos
    2.	Armos Knight
    3.	Boko Baba
    4.	Bokoblin
    5.	ChuChu
    6.	Floor Master
    7.	Gyorg
    8.	Kargaroc
    9.	Keese & Fire Keese
    10.	Magtail
    11.	Miniblin
    12.	Morth
    13.	Octorok
    14.	Peahat
    15.	Poe
    16.	Rat
    17.	Red Bubble & Blue Bubble
    18.	ReDead
    19.	Seahat
    Forsaken Fortress.
    1.	Big Octo
    2.	Darknut
    3.	Darknut
    4.	Ganondorf
    5.	Gohdan, The Great Arbiter
    6.	Gohma
    7.	Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal
    8.	Kalle Demos
    9.	Mighty Darknut
    10.	Moblin
    11.	Molgera, Protector of the Seal
    12.	Mothula
    13.	Phantom Ganon
    14.	Puppet Ganon
    15.	Stalfos
    16.	The Monstrous Helmaroc King
    17.	Wizzrobe
    18.	Wizzrobe
    Outset Island.
    1.	Abe
    2.	Aryll
    3.	Crab
    4.	Jabun
    5.	Joel
    6.	Link's Grandma
    7.	Mesa
    8.	Orca
    9.	Rose
    10.	Seagull
    11.	Sturgeon
    12.	Sue-Belle
    13.	Wild Pig
    14.	Zill
    Windfall Island.
    1.	Anton
    2.	Bomb-Master Cannon
    3.	Candy the Sailor
    4.	Dampa the Sailor
    5.	Garrickson
    6.	Gillian
    7.	Gossack
    8.	Gummy the Sailor
    9.	Kamo
    10.	Kane the Sailor
    11.	Kreeb
    12.	Linda
    13.	Maggie
    14.	Maggie's Father
    15.	Mila
    16.	Mila's Father
    17.	Minenco
    18.	Missy
    19.	Pompie & Vera
    20.	Potova & Joanna
    21.	Sam
    22.	The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie
    23.	The Pictographer, Lenzo
    24.	The Potion Master, Doc Bandam
    25.	The Shop Guru, Zunari
    26.	Tott
    27.	Windfall's Gang of Boys, The Killer Bees
    Great Sea.
    1.	Ankle
    2.	Beedle
    3.	David, Jr.
    4.	Fairy
    5.	Fishman
    6.	Gonzo
    7.	Great Fairy
    8.	King of Hyrule
    9.	Knuckle
    10.	Link & the King of Red Lions
    11.	Loot the Sailor
    12.	Mako
    13.	Niko
    14.	Nudge
    15.	Old Man Ho Ho
    16.	Princess Zelda
    17.	Queen of Fairies
    18.	Salvage Corp.
    19.	Salvatore
    20.	Senza
    21.	Tetra
    22.	Tingle
    23.	Traveling Merchants
    24.	Zuko
    Copyright 2006 Ryan N. Parra-Merrell.

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