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    Weapon Drop FAQ by person701

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         ~Enemy Weapons Guide~
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             ~(Table of Contents)~
    -Section 1 Opening
    Version History
    -Section 2 The Guide
    List of Weapons
    Controls of your Weapon
    Weapon Stats
    Tips to Remember
    Fighting With Weapons
    Weapon Charts
    -Section 3 Ending
    Legal Information (It's noticable at the bottom of the file, so I don't want to
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    Section 1 Opening *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         Hello and welcome to my, person701's, guide. This guide happens to be for
    Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. But not the whole game. For me, that's a lot of
    typing! Anyway, this guide mainly focuses on the weapons some of your ususal
    enemies drop.
    This guide will focus on the statistics, along with a couple of charts,
    of the weapons. This will also teach you how to fight with these weapons. You
    may think they are there just for fun, but are used for other purposes. A
    couple of examples would be for a harded play through of the game, if you have
    no weapon, or just for a plain fun fight.
         But one thing you must remember, these weapons can be very effective at
    times. Maybe even more effective than your sword... Well, with all that aside,
    I'm gonna go through a couple more things before I get this guide started.
    Version Histroy*
    Version 1.0
    Just the basic guide. I don't know if I'll have to add on to this or not,
    (except maybe the FAQs section <_<) but I'm pretty sure I'll eventually find
    a thing or two to update/add. Untill then, hope you enjoy ;)
    Version 2.0
    Okay, small update for such an older game. Oh wells, I love this game. All that
    was done here was the addition of the "Fighting With Weapons" section and
    correction of any mistakes.
    Version 2.1
    Just added a couple of things in the last version I forgot to add. Also fixed a
    spelling erros. Nothin' big.
    Version 2.2
    Again, nothing big. New contact information and another site that hosts my
    Still none. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
    Section 2 The Guide*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    List of Weapons*
      Here I'll just make a small list of all the weapons you can find. There's not
    that many, but I think they're all worth noting. Also note that they are in the
    order you'll find them in the game.
    -Boko Stick
    -Darknut Sword
    -Phantom Ganon Sword
      See, I told you it was a small list. But again, these are listed in the order
    you'll find them and be able to pick them up.
    Controls of Your Weapon*
      OK. Sorry, I just had to note this, just as a reminder. I've found myself
    droping or throwing my weapon many of times. A quick note that's nice to know
    of is that if a weapon is hidden, stand still and watch Link's eyes. They are
    very wanderous and will look at weapons at times.
    Fisrt, walk up to the handle of your weapon and press A (you know, the big
    green button) to pick it up.
    -A: This will throw whatever weapon it is you're holding. If you're doing this
     on a harder play through, it is crutial that you are aware of this function.
    -B: This is the basic swing your weapon. Three weapons swing fast, while the
     other three swing fairly slow.
    -B (Hold): This will make Link hold the weapon above his head. Release to do a
     spin attack. You can't do the Hurricane Spin with these weapons though, that's
     your sword only.
    -B+CS: Alright. Usually the method above is used to hold your spin and wait for
     the enemy to make their move. If you need to pull a spin off in the middle of
     the fight, circle the control stick in a circle and press B. This should
     create a spin attack without holding down the B button and waiting.
    -R: If targeting an enemy, you can use this to drop your weapon and bring your
     sheild up right away. If not targeting, then you can tap it to drop it and
     crouch real quick. If you press it, you'll be giving the enemy an opening.
    -L+CS+A+B: Here's your jump attack. First lock onto the enemy. Then, jump to the
     left or right. While you're still in the air, press B and Link will fall to
     earth with a SMALL jump attack. Not much range, but has knockback.
       (Thanks to Rockman X for this)
     That was my take on it, here's what Rockman has to say:
       "You say you can't do the jump attack. You can. Hold L and side jump.
         While in air press B. Works just like in OoT."
       There they are. Get use to these controls!
    Weapon Stats*
      Here's where I compile all of the weapons and you choose which one(s) you
    like the best. Also these are in the order of which they can be found and 
    picked up. But before we gt into the stats, let me run you by some things
      This is what stats you'll find an what each part means.
    Weapon Name: The name of the weapon.
    Weapon Holder: The enemies that hold/produce the weapon.
    Swing Time: How long it'll take Link to swing the weapon.
    Enemy Prospective: How the enemy will use the weapon. Includes damage they'll
     do also.
    Your Prospective: How Link will use the weapon and how you can get the best out
     of it.
      When I explain how much damage a weapon will do in enemy hands, I'll be
    explaining it in points. 4 points is the same as a whole heart while 1 point
    is equivalent to a quarter of a heart. So if you begin the game with 3 hearts,
    you have 12 points of damage. Since there are a total of 20 hearts in the game,
    you can have a max of 80 point of health.
      Now, shall we get to listing the stats. But one last note, the Phantom Ganon
    Sword has VERY little use of the game. Actually it only has one use, to destroy
    the barrier that leads to Ganondorf, there's not even any fights with this
    sword. Now, to the stats!
    Weapon Name: Boko Stick
    Weapon Holder: Bokoblin, Boko Baba
    Swing Time: Fast
    Enemy Prospective: All the Bokoblins will do is notice your presence, charge at
     you, and give a lot of time to attack them. One hit from this will take 1 point
     of health. As for the Boko Babas, once killed, their stem is the Boko Stick
    Your Prospective: Overall, when used by Link, is the weakest weapon in the
     game. But can be a farily good weapon if used with its fast swing time. A nice
     note of this weapon is it can be set on fire to bring light to dark areas.
    Weapon Name: Machete
    Weapon Holder: Bokoblin
    Swing Time: Fast
    Enemy Prospective: The Bokoblin will do the same as if it had a Boko Stick.
     Notice, charge, and give you a huge opening. One swing from this will do 1
     point of damage.
    Your Prospective: Link gets a nice little bonus off this weapon. As you can
     see, in a Bokoblins hands, the Boko Stick and Machete are the same strength.
     However, when Link gets ahold of the Machete, it is stronger. This is a really
     nice close range weapon.
    Weapon Name: Spear
    Weapon Holder: Moblin
    Swing Time: Fast
    Enemy Prospective: Wow. These guys are very aggresive when they lose their
     weapon. They'll chase after you just to knock it out of your hands and get it
     back. But anyways, the Moblins really use this weapon. They can poke you which
     will take 1 point of health. If they bring it over their head and swing it
     straight down, it'll do 2 points. But when they swing this horizantally, try
     not to get hit. It does 4 points of damage. Ouch.
    Your Prospective: Well, easily the best weapon in the game, though when you
     first are able to pick it up, you'll have nothing to fight. This is the best
     for 3 reasons.
      1. This weapon swings fast for having such big size.
      2. This weapon has great range, the longest of all actually.
      3. This weapon is one of the more powerful.
      See, isn't it a great weapon to have?
    Weapon Name: Darknut's Sword
    Weapon Holder: Darknut, Mighty Darknut
    Swing Time: Slow
    Enemy Prospective: Umm, painful this will be. Try to avoid getting hit by any
     attacks from a Darknut. As one hit will take 4 health points. Though they
     walk slow, once their armor is off, they're something to fight with, more
     than a handfull actually. They'll get their weapon back at all costs, but if
     you have thier weapon and there is another weapon that's closer, they'll pick
     that one up instead.
    Your Prospective: Still quite powerful, but unless you really know how to use
     this weapon to its fullest, avoid the bigger enemies (i.e. Darknuts, Moblins,
     etc). You can also destroy those pillars in certain holes and rooms with this
     sword. The first time you find this able to be picked up, it's only use is to
     destroy pillars.
    Weapon Name: Mace
    Weapon Holder: Stalfos
    Swing Time: Slow
    Enemy Prospective: They use this weapon in the most interseting of ways. First
     off, no matter how you get hit with this, it's gonna take 2 points of health.
     You can get hit in one of three ways: the intial swing, the spin, or the
     vertical strike. If you want to see a Stalfos do something funny, break him
     apart, pick up its Mace, and wait for it to rejoin. Watch him.
    Your Prospective: Not much to say here except that the Mace is one of the
     stronger weapons. It swings slow like the Darknut Sword and has a tad short of
     reach. Again, stay away from stronger enemies. Though, once you learn how to
     use this, you may be of professional rank with your weapons... just maybe.
    Weapon Name: Phantom Ganon's Sword
    Weapon Holder: Phantom Ganon
    Swing Time: Slow
    Enemy Prospective: All Phantom Ganon will use this for is to gang up with his
     clones on you and swing, which might I add takes 4 points of health. He also
     uses it to reflect the balls of energy back at you.
    Your Prospective: ... ... ... I have nothing to say here. Just it is the same
     reach as the Darknut's Sword (I think at least, you can't really compair) and
     that you don't even fight with this sword. Just swing it at those dark blocks
     to gain access to Ganondorf himself.
    Tips to Remeber*
      Use these tips to give you the upper hand in fights. Not only that, but they
    are just general reminders. Most are pretty sinple, but others are crutial to
    your success at times.
     -Don't Target: Yes, that is the one thing you should never do when fighting
       with these weapons (unless you plan to do a jump attack). As it slows you
       down and gives you less ways to manuver out of the enemies reaches.
       Instead, as an alternative, zoom you camera all the way out. With the camera
       zoomed out, you can view a wider area, you can see where you're moving, and
       you'll have the advantage off watching all enemy movements.
     -The Boko Stick & Machete: When held by Bokoblins, these do the same damage.
       However, when Link gets ahold of the Machete, it is stronger by about 40%.
       Wow, big bonus huh?
     -Set it on fire!: If you're in a dark area, chances are that there is a flame
       or two near by. Set the Boko Stick on fire! It'll give more light to the
       area and allow for more sight for Link.
     -Dropping Weapons: There are some times when you'll need to drop your weapons
       to advance. You'll be forced to drop it if: you're swmming, climbing a
       ladder, exiting a room/area, going in/out of a hole, or if you get hit.
     -Protection: These weapons can't guard. So if you need protection there are
       two ways to grant safety: 1. If in a wide open area, run. -or- 2. If it's a
       close area, target the enemy and sheild.
     -Don't press that button!!!: Don't ever press the R trigger (unless the above
       tip applies). Pressing it while not targeting will cause you to drop your
       weapon and crouch for a second, which is all it takes for an enemy to hit
       you. You already know with these weapons, never let your guard down.
     -Droping your weapon: You might be thinking, "Didn't we just go through this?"
       Well, not this part. As said above I said "Don't PRESS the button." There is
       a fine line between press and tap. Tap the R trigger to drop your weapon
       without crouching. Or if you want another weapon, while you're running for
       it press R while running to just drop it and leave it behind.
     -When to spin: This I shouldn't have to explain, but I'll add it anyways. As
       usual, charge up your spin when your enmey is recovering from an attack. If 
       you need, you can use the control stick to inch closer or farther from your
     -Attack the back: Remember to attack the back of enemies. Depending on there
       size, those that stand on their feet will be knocked off to the side. Just
       remember to attack the enemy with a weapon of their size (i.e. Moblin with
       Boko Stick or Machete, Darknut with Draknut's Sword). This allows you to take
       some time to plan out a next attack or run for health or... well, it opens up
       a lot of options. Just use the time it takes for your enemy to get back up to
       do whatever.
     -Need that knockback fast?: Want to knock an enemy over quickly? Use that jump
       attack. It's fairly close range so you'll need some timing in between enemy
       attacks. But hey, when you need that time to do whatever, this is worth it if
       you can do it.
     -Spin it!: Just a quick little note here. Since these weapons are all about
       hit and runs (mostly with the bigger ones that is), you want to make a quick
       attack and get away right. Use quick spins to speed up your attacks (CS+B).
    Fighting With Weapons*
      See, told ya I'd get around to it. You should know your weapons stats by now,
    so what next you ask? Learn to use it in combat. I'll classify each weapon as
    one of the three following: Fast/Weak, Slow/Powerful, and the Ultimate Weapon.
    Each one of the weapons falls under one catagory. So, ready to learn to fight
    with your weapon?
    ~Fast/Weak Weapons~
    Weapons: Boko Stick, Machete
    Mastery: 1/3
       Well, these weapons may be weak, but their speed greatly makes up for it.
    Basically, you can rush enemies with these. Though rushing shouldn't and isn't
    the best option at all times.
       Catching your enemy off guard isn't all that needed for these weapons
    (unless it's an enemy such as, oh per say a Darknut). These are, as seen above,
    the easiest weapons to master.
       Good use of these weapons are either continuous swinging (not random swings)
    or a back attack followed by either a spin or more back attacks.
    ~Slow/Powerful Weapons~
    Weapons: Darknut's Sword, Mace
    Mastery: 3/3
       Because of the slow swing times, these are hard weapons to master. However,
    when used properly, their strenght can be quite the hassle for the enemy. Using
    the range on these is crutial as it puts space between you and the enemy. This
    space keeps the enemy away from you thous preventing them from hitting you.
    Which all in all means you won't take damage.
       Also, use quick spins (B+CS) as much as possible to speed up these weapons.
    As a recape, to matser these weapons, use spacing and quick spins.
    ~The Ultimate Weapon~
    Weapon: Spear
    Mastery: 2/3
       Not a lot to say here. Spacing can win over your fights so many times with
    this thing. It's power is good and the swing time is nice. Just use spacing.
    That's it. From there, it's downhill for the enemy.
    Weapon Charts*
      Here, I'll give you an assortment of charts that will give a basic idea of
    what weapon dominates the others and in what catagory it would.
    /1. Spear          \
    |2. Darknut's Sword|
    |3. Mace           |
    |4. Boko Stick     |
    |5. Machete        |
      *Notice that Phantom Ganon's Sword isn't on the list. I belive its reach is *
      *the same as the Draknut's Sword, but you only use it for one thing, so I   *
      *feel it's not worth noting.                                                *
         ~Damage (When used by enemies)~
    |   Weapon Name        | Swing | Ver. Swing | Spin | Inital Swing | Stab |
    | Boko Stick           | -1pt  |    ---     | ---  |      ---     | ---  |
    | Machete              | -1pt  |    ---     | ---  |      ---     | ---  |
    | Spear                | -4pts |    -2pts   | ---  |      ---     | -1pt |
    |Darknut's Sword       | -4pts |    ---     | ---  |      ---     | ---  |
    | Mace                 | ---   |    -2pts   | -2pts|      -2pts   | ---  |
    | Phantom Ganon's Sword| -4pts |    ---     | ---  |      ---     | ---  |
         ~Damage (When used by Link)~
      *This chart goes from highest to lowest.*
    /                  \
    |1. Darknut's Sword|
    |2. Mace           |
    |3. Spear          |
    |4. Machete        |
    |5. Boko Stick     |
      *Again, note that Phantom Ganon's Sword is not on this list. You never get*
      *involved in any fights, so I can't judge how strong it is.               *
         ~Swing Time~
    |         Slow         |    Fast    |
    | Darknut's Sword      | Boko Stick |
    | Mace                 | Machete    |
    | Phantom Ganon's Sword| Spear      |
         ~Weapon Rarity~
      *This chart goes from Common to Rarest.*
    /                        \
    |1. Boko Stick + Machete |
    |2. Spear                |
    |3. Darknut's Sword      |
    |4. Mace                 |
    |5. Phantom Ganon's Sword|
      *It's kinda of hard to judge if you'll see the Boko Stick or the Machete*
      *more. I'm not going to actually go through the whole game to count >.< *
      *This chart will judge how useful a weapon is in the game.*
    |   Weapon Name        | Usage |          What the weapon's used for          |
    | Boko Stick           |  2/3  | You can light these on fire to burn or light |
    |                      |       | various objects.                             |
    | Machete              |  1/3  | This weapon has one poor use, to destroy     |
    |                      |       | wooden blockades in Dragon Roost Cavern.     |
    | Spear                |  0/3  | ---                                          |
    | Darknut's Sword      |  1/3  | In certain areas, you can use this to knock  |
    |                      |       | down pillars, which will usually drop items. |
    | Mace                 |  0/3  | ---                                          |
    | Phantom Ganon's Sword|  3/3  | This is so important because it lets you     |
    |                      |       | finish the game. It grants access to Ganon.  |
    Section 3 Ending*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         Well, there it all is. Your weapons stats, uses, and a lot of charts and
    tips to mix in with it. Well, I've taught you all I know. Well, come to think
    of it, maybe I haven't. I could teach how to use each weapon (hey that's a
    great idea!). I'm not the best with hellos and goodbyes, but the information
    inbetween is worth the while. Well, hope for updates and this is person701
    saying, "Later".
    GameFAQs and Neoseeker for hosting my guide.
    Nintendo for making a wonderful game.
    Rockman X for a very interesting finding.
    Thanks to DRMARIO72 for pointing out a mistake towards the beginning of
     the guide.
              Contacts- If you need to reach me for reasons stated below, you can
                        get to me at person701@gmail.com.
         Reasons I'll except your email are:
              - Spelling errors (this is probably full of em' :'( )
              - If you have a question
              - If you have new information
              - If a site is hosting this guide w/o my permission
              - Or if you have complements
                        Any emails out of these reasons will be disreguarded and
                        trashed. If I get one like such, expect no reply.
     v Scroll down for Legal Information v
    Legal Information*
         This guide may be printed, but for personal use only. You
         may not sell this guide under any circumstances. You may
         not just freely post this guide on any site unless/untill
         I've been contacted.
         .: If you wish to use this guide on your site :.
         First, email me letting me know you would like to use it.
         Link me to your site and DON'T CHARGE MONEY FOR VIEWING THE
         GUIDE. After I've jugded everything, you'll have a solid
         answer of if you can use the guide or not. If I accept,
         then you understand that it is your responsablility to
         update this guide.

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