Review by wonno

Reviewed: 03/04/09

Sail the Sea! Live..the Adventure! Arrgh!

I like this game: The Legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker. This game is simply wonderful! In here, you must save Aryll, your sister, from bad guys. This game is an adventure game; this means that you will explore a large world of new people and enemies! Plus, in this game, you use a sword and shield, the standard for any game titles: Zelda.

In the vast world of Hyrule, you live on an island called Outset. Aryll has just told you about your birthday, and she gives you a present, but she gets kidnapped! Throughout the game, you will venture the Great Sea, and become the hero on many islands! I liked the part about going to different islands and going “Arggh!” And, in this game, when you defeat an enemy, they drop their weapon. So, you can use an enemy's weapon and fight with it. However, you'll drop it when you go through the door.
Score: 9/10

There's a lot to say about the Looks about the look and feel of the game. This game has a to it. This game uses the technology of Cel Shading. In Cel Shading, the textures aren't the same. Critics say the game is cartoony—or, cartoon-style. It's true, the game is cartoony, let's call it—but, this game is just as great as any Zelda game should be. Other reviews call this game, normal, in relation to other Zelda games. I think so, too. But, there's one major downfall: the water in the game, ALL of it, is opaque. In the real world, clean water, with nothing in it; not even Kool-aid, is clear. For this game to have solid water is like, “where's the filter when you need it”? But, the good side is there is more good than bad in this game's graphics; at least I think so. For example, what's better than the nice details about the game. Although minor, they make this game more realistic than you think. The grass is moving with the wind...The sun is shining, and the waves of the Great Sea. Even the wood and metal on those weapons in the game are in great detail. Overall, despite the horrible dealings with the water, the graphics are rather breath-taking—Or, at least incredible.
Score: 9/10

The sound I shall compliment. The sound is awesome! The sound tracks for each boss is unique. The first boss and his humongous size! His soundtrack fits rather well. Let me tell you this: the seas have their music, and the caves have their music. That shows how great the music is! Music played when an enemy is near you is also great! Overall, the sound is great!
Score: 10/10

Overall, you should get this game and play it! This game ain't expensive the way I recall it, around Gamestop and other places! Maybe around $20 or less!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (US, 03/24/03)

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