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    Shane McMahon by MK15

    Version: Final | Updated: 06/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    WWE Wrestlemania X8
    System: Nintendo Gamecube
    Shane McMahon Move List FAQ
    Version: Final
    By: MK15
    I. Introduction
    II. Shane McMahon Biography
    III. Move List
    IV. Contact
    V. Legal
    VI. Special Thanks To
    I. Introduction
     This FAQ is here to give you a detailed move list of the wrestler, and 
    the owner's son
    II. Shane McMahon Biography
    Real Name: Shane McMahon
    Wrestled in: WWF
    Finisher: Angle Slam, Top rope Elbow drop, Shooting Star Press
    Career Highlights: WWF European Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion
     Shane McMahon, son of WWE Owner Vince McMahon, has quickly risen 
    through the ranks, despite being an occasional wrestler. Working 
    backstage, and refereeing his first match at Wrestlemania 6, Shane got a 
    chance to commentate on WWF Sunday Night Heat in 1998. Shane quickly got 
    involved in the angles, going alongside his father Vince to thwart Stone 
    Cold Steve Austin.
     Along the way, Shane has taken huge risks in the ring, and even out... 
    Jumping off metal poles on the Big Show, being slammed through glass by 
    Angle, Shane McMahon is hardcore. Through his small career, he has 
    garned the WWF European, and Hardcore Titles.
     In March 2001, Shane McMahon purchased the WCW under his father's nose, 
    and brought the WCW/ECW alliance alongside his sister Stephanie to take 
    over then-WWF. After the WWF had beaten them, Shane has gone off TV to 
    work backstage with the WWE.
    IV. Move List
    Weak 1			Jab 02			Tap B
    Weak 2			Toe Kick			Tap B + Analog
    Combo 2nd			Jab 02			Tap B, B
    Combo 3rd			Jab 02			Tab B, B, B		
    Combo Finish		Step Jab			Tap B, B, B
    Strong Attack 1		Step Jab			Hold B
    Strong Attack 2		Full Swing Punch		Hold B + Analog
    Front Grapple 1		Eye Rake			Tap A
    Front Grapple 2		Suplex			Tap A + Up
    Front Grapple 3		Small Package		Tap A + Down	
    Front Grapple 4		DDT				Tap A + Left
    Front Grapple 5		Knee Lift			Tap A + Right
    Rope Down Grapple		Rope Guillotine		Tap A
    Rear Grapple 1		Sleeper Hold		Tap A
    Rear Grapple 2		Backslide Pin		Tap A + Up		
    Rear Grapple 3		School Boy			Tap A + Down
    Rear Grapple 4		Falling Neck Breaker	Tap A + Left	
    Rear Grapple 5		Falling Back Drop		Tap A + Right
    Attack 1 Facing Up	Stomp 01			Tap B
    Attack 2 Facing Down	Toe Kick			Tap B
    Running 1 Facing Up	Stomp 01			Tap B while running
    Running 1 Facing Down	Toe Kick			Tap B while running
    Facing Up			Sleeper Hold		Tap A
    Facing Down			Camel Clutch		Tap A
    Facing Up			Mount Punches 02		Tap A
    Facing Down			Cross arm breaker 02	Tap A
    Facing Up			Stomp to Groin		Tap A
    Facing Down			Knee Breaker		Tap A
    Running Attack 1		Back Elbow Strike		Tap B while running
    Running Attack 2		Diving Shoulder Block	Tap B while running + 
    Grapple Front		Neck Breaker		Tap A while running
    Grapple Back		School Boy			Tap A while running
    Attack to Outside		None
    Springboard Attack	None
    Turnbuckle 1		Dropkick			Tap B
    Turnbuckle 2		Diving Elbow Drop		Tap B + Analog
    Running Attack
    Diving Attack 1		Baseball Slide		Tap B while running to 	
    Diving Attack 2		Diving Body Press		Tap B while running 	
    							to ropes
    				Irish Whip	
    Attack 1			Dropkick			Tap B
    Attack 2			Jumping Elbow Attack	Tap B + Analog
    Grapple 1			Scissor Sweep		Tap A
    Grapple 2			Monkey Toss			Tap A + analog
    Upper Attack		Jab 02			Tap B
    Lower Attack		Stomp 01			Tap B
    Upper Attack		Back Elbow Strike		Tap B while running
    Lower Attack		Gun Packet			Tap B while running
    Front Grapple
    Grapple 1			Shoulder Thrusts		Tap A
    Grapple 2			Super Hurricanrana	Tap A + Analog
    Low grapple			Stomping and Knee Smash	Tap A
    On Turnbuckle		Superplex			Tap A
    Back Grapple
    Grapple 1			Shoulder Thrusts		Tap A
    Grapple 2			Super Back Drop 01	Tap A + Analog
    On Turnbuckle		Drop to Outside		Tap A
    Apron to Outside		Double Axe Handle		Tap B + Analog
    Grapple to Apron		Suplex			Tap A
    Grapple From Apron	Guillotine			Tap A
    Cut Attack			Stomp 01			Tap B
    Running Cut Attack	Sledgehammer Drop		Tap B while running
    				Double Team
    Front				Double Suplex		Tap A w/ Partner
    Back				Double Knee Breaker	Tap A w/ Partner
    Sandwich			Striking Combo		Tap A w/ Partner
    Irish Whip			Double Scissor Sweep	Tap A w/ Partner
    Front Grapple		Angle Slam			Tap A and B
    Turnbuckle			Shooting Star Press	Tap A and B
    Taunt 1			Dollar Dollar!		D-Pad Up
    Taunt 2			Dollar Dollar!		D-Pad Down
    Taunt 3			Dollar Dollar!		D-Pad Left
    Taunt 4			Dollar Dollar!		D-Pad Right
    Taunt(Apron)		Clapping Hands		D-Pad
    Celebrating			Dollar Dollar!		WIN!
    V. Contact
     If you see any mistakes on this FAQ, contact me at 
    mqkhan@idirect.ca(alternate e-mail). Also, you can AIM me at MK152K
    VI. Legal
     This FAQ is copyright to MK15 of GAMEFAQs. This FAQ is exclusive only 
    to GAMEFAQs, and if you borrow it, you must give full credit and get 
    authorization first.
    VII. Special Thanks To...
    CJayC, the one who made a forum for me to talk on, and present this FAQ 
    THQ, Jakks Pacific, and Yukes who made this great game possible.
    My own personal knowledge for Shane McMahon's biography.

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