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Reviewed: 06/12/02 | Updated: 06/13/02

Best Wrestling Game Ever? No.....Good? Depends

Time once again I reviewed a game. I'd like to say this is one of the best wrestling games I've ever played but I'd be lying to you. Infact its a very good start for them, I picture this game getting better in a few years. I still dislike Yukes and wish for AKI to make another game, but we'll never get that it seems, so should you buy this? Hm read on and find out.

The Graphics
As I stated in my Playstation 2 review for Legends of Wrestling, I'm a fan of ''cartoon'' like graphics and to me it gives it a video game feel. This game does just that but even then they've still got a bit of realism to them. Some guys look a tad bit off tho just like in other games. I don't understand why that's so hard to do, but Yukes foils that up again. Test looks like a mad gerbil about to bite you, Trish looks odd, and Stacy Keibler looks...we'll strange. But others look as they do in real life. Like Hogan, Austin, and the others. Another thing I like that Yukes did was they made wrestlers different sizes. Just the other day I did Tajiri vs Big Show, Show sat down on Tajiri, and he was HUGE. Just like he should be in a video game. Everyone has 2 costumes also incase you're wondering. Graphics are good, not the greatest tho. I enjoy them.

The Sound
Ah yes, sound is the very bad point of this game. As most of you know missing themes are in the game and replaced by generic music. Some of the themes missing don't bother me like Trish's and Tajiri's yet there is something not right about the New World Order not coming out to their theme same thing with Booker T. Booker T's intro looks off with his generic music. In game match sounds don't sound bad, but nothing that hasn't been in other wrestling titles.

The Gameplay
Something I was shocked at. Looking at videos most people think its the god awful Smackdown. While it has its similarities to Smackdown it has its differences. Yukes imported some No Mercy like elements such as the Red, Yellow, green, and blue meter thing. Also I do enjoy how if you weaken a wrestler with a certain submission the weaker he is, the longer you keep the hold on. Yukes did well with that. Lack of grapple moves hurts this tho, you'll find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, but figure out the reversal system and you can reverse ANY move in this game.

Full Sized Hell in The Cell is great.
TLC is fairly good, nothing that wasn't seen in Smackdown. The only differences is you can now suplex people off the ladder threw the table and that sort of thing.
Cage is much better then in Smackdown.
Path Of Champions, you should picture Revenge's go threw and kill everyone championship mode. I enjoy it, althought I'll never do a fatal four way or triple threat match again.
Royal Rumble is finally just that. You start with 2 people, after a certain amount of time they run to the ring and then ya wait 10 seconds after you eliminate someone.
There are more modes, I'm not going to go into. Just because :)

The Creation Modes
Battle Of The Belts is something not really new to wrestling games. It's a create a belt mode where you have to defend the titles against your friends. Over 51 belts some resembling the ECW World Title, the IWGP Title, the WCW belts, WWE Woman's Title, Smokin' Skull Belt, and some Rock Belt, and even the XPW World Title is in the game. All the titles are real I think. Very cool of Yukes to put in real belts, only sad thing is that the wrestlers won't wear the belts to the ring. Oh well, maybe in another title. Good start however.

Create A Wrestler
Ah yes, I'm going to disagree with the people that think this mode sucks. It's NOT as bad as some of you would like to think. Sure its missing lots compared to Smackdown, but ever played Legends Of Wrestling? That had nothing. I think the mode isn't that BAD. But it certainly is a major step down compared to other games.

Should you buy it? If you're skeptical, rent it. I think you'll have fun playing it with friends but after awhile it might get like Smackdown and sit on your shelf if you didn't like that game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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