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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr. Black

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/13/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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      \  \     \   _  \_  \   __  \    / /       \  \
       \  \___  \  \ \  \_ \  \ \  \  / /_____    \  \
        \_____\  \__\  \__\ \__\ \__\ \_______\    \__\
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                   A GUIDE BY MR. BLACK  (v1.3 - Final)
      1a) Version History
      3a) Crazy Dash
      3b) Crazy Back Dash
      3c) Crazy Drift
      3d) Crazy Back Drift
      3e) The Stunts
      4a) Picking up a customer
      4b) Driving your customer to their destination
      4c) Dropping off your customer
      4d) Predicting an approximate fare
      4e) A Note on Tips
      4f) The Fare Formula
      4g) The Customers
      5a) Arcade
      5b) Original
      5c) Crazy Box
      5d) Options
      5e) Records
      5f) Save and Load
      5g) Arcade Rules
      5h) Game Physics
      6a) Axel
      6b) B.D. Joe
      6c) Gena
      6d) Gus
      7a) 1-1: Crazy Jump
      7b) 1-2: Crazy Flag
      7c) 1-3: Crazy Balloons
      7d) 2-1: Crazy Drift
      7e) 2-2: Crazy Turn
      7f) 2-3: Crazy Bound
      7g) 3-1: Crazy Rush
      7h) 3-2: Crazy Jam 
      7i) 3-3: Crazy Pole
      7j) 1-S: Crazy Bowling
      7k) 2-S: Crazy Zigzag
      7l) 3-S: Crazy Zigzag 2
      7m) S-1: Crazy Through
      7n) S-2: Crazy Parking
      7o) S-3: Crazy Party
      7p) S-S: Crazy Attack
    9)  SECRETS
      9a) The Rickshaw
      9b) Another Day Mode
      9c) No Arrows Mode
      9d) No Destination Mark Mode
      9e) Expert Mode
      9f) Alternative Views
      9g) "Hidden" Customers
      9h) Sightseeing
    10) THE END
     10a) Credits
     10b) Stuff for the Future
     10c) Legal Stuff
                         1)     INTRODUCTION
    The question that I'm often asked by my friends is "Why write guides for 
    games?" The simple answer is that if I've completed a game, seen 
    everything there is to see, and opened up all the secrets, I like to 
    share my knowledge with others, like I've done with this guide. The 
    thing is, I don't write guides for any old game. They have to be games 
    that I like, and boy, do I like Crazy Taxi.
    Crazy Taxi is one of the best games ever made for the Dreamcast, and if 
    not, it's DEFINITELY one of the most fun to play. The premise is simple: 
    you pick up customers in your taxi, and take them to their destination 
    as fast as you can. Explain this to a friend who's never played, and 
    they'll get the impression that it must be deathly boring. It's not, as 
    you'll soon discover.
    Before you read any further, I have to point something out. I am NOT a 
    god at Crazy Taxi. I have not gotten world records on all the mini-
    games, nor have I gotten particularly high scores on the main game. But, 
    I HAVE beaten every mini-game, I HAVE gotten every licence, I HAVE 
    entered my initials into the "Rank 1" slot of both the Original and 
    Arcade modes, and I HAVE spent ages cruising the city streets, 
    perfecting the moves and finding out some cool stuff. So, this is NOT an 
    expert guide to Crazy Taxi. When I get better at the game, it probably 
    will become an expert's guide (if I ever get that good), but for now, 
    it's most suited to beginner/intermediate players.
    1a) Version History
    Version 1.0 - Finished 1st draft of guide
    Version 1.1 - Changed the legal section a bit
    Version 1.2 - High scores updated
    Version 1.3 - High scores updated
                - Decided that I've finished this guide for good, and 
                  made this the Final version update.
                          2)    BASIC CONTROLS
    Crazy Taxi's controls are simple enough to learn, but the relatively 
    complex stunt moves will take a few hours play to master.
    Analogue Thumb Pad:    Move the cursor (menu screens)
                           Steer the taxi  (during game play)
    D-Pad:                 Same functions as Analogue Pad
    A Button:              Confirm choices (menu screens)
                           Shift to reverse gear (during game play)
    B Button:              Back up one screen (menu screens)
                           Shift to drive gear (during game play)
    X Button:              Destination reminder
    Y Button:              Not used
    Start Button:          Pause the game
    R Trigger:             Accelerate
    L Trigger:             Brake
                     3)    CRAZY MANOEUVRES + STUNTS
    These stunt manoeuvres are mainly used to gain extra tips from your 
    customers, but they can also be used to get to your destination quicker. 
    They are also vital to your success in the mini-games.
    For each manoeuvre, I've quoted from the Crazy Taxi instruction manual 
    on how you're supposed to pull it off, and then I've said how I usually 
    do it. Also, I've shown a button sequence for each move. The key for the 
    button abbreviations is:
    A:   A Button
    B:   B Button
    RT:  Right Trigger
    LT:  Left Trigger
    R:   Right on the Analogue or D-pad
    L:   Left on the Analogue or D-pad
    (The Start, X and Y Buttons or Up and Down on the D-pad are not used in 
    any Crazy Manoeuvres)
    3a) Crazy Dash
    This manoeuvre gives you a fairly large burst of speed. It can be done 
    while moving, or while stationary.
    The instruction manual says: "First, release both the accelerator and 
    the brake. Then, just after shifting into Drive, press the accelerator."
    Mr. Black says: "The instruction manual isn't very clear on how to pull 
    this off. What is doesn't mention is that you should be in reverse 
    before releasing the accelerator, changing to Drive, etc. So, when 
    you're driving along, quickly shift into Reverse, let go the 
    accelerator, and the press the accelerator and shift back into Drive at 
    the same time. When you're stationary, shift into reverse, then when you 
    want to drive off again, accelerate and shift gears simultaneously.
    Simplified button sequence:     A, Release RT, B+RT
    3b) Crazy Back Dash
    The same as the Crazy Dash, but backwards. Useful if you're jammed up 
    against a wall. The boost is not quite as great as the Crazy Dash's.
    The instruction manual says: "Shift quickly into reverse after executing 
    a Crazy Dash."
    Mr. Black says: "Yep, that's about right. One thing to add: after you  
    do the Crazy Back dash, you'll probably want to shift back into Drive 
    again. This move is best performed while stationary."
    Simplified button sequence:     A, Release RT, B+RT, A
    (A manoeuvre called the Limit Cut can also be performed using the Crazy 
    Dash. Limit Cutting is performing a Crazy Dash while still getting the 
    speed boost from another one. Put simply, Limit Cutting is repeatedly 
    Crazy Dashing.)
    3c) Crazy Drift
    A handbrake turn-type manoeuvre, this allows you to take tight corners 
    with ease.
    The instruction manual says: "While moving forwards, quickly shift into 
    Reverse and back into Drive while cutting the steering wheel to the 
    right or left."
    Mr. Black says: "Again, the manual isn't being very clear here. what you 
    need to do is start the turn, then slide your thumb over the Reverse and 
    Drive buttons consecutively. This is a much easier way of performing the 
    stunt. Just be careful that you don't accidentally nudge the A Button 
    afterwards, otherwise you'll shift back in Reverse mid-drift, and 
    that'll mess up your turn."
    Simplified button sequence:     L/R, A, B
    (There is another technique involving the Crazy Drift which is not 
    documented in the manual, but, curiously, is mentioned in the Crazy Box 
    advice boxes - the Crazy Drift Stop. Basically, all this means is 
    braking during a Crazy Drift, bringing your car to a halt mid-Drift.)
    3d) Crazy Back Drift
    This move spins your car 180 degrees, and then afterwards your car 
    carries on in Reverse. I can't think of any situation where this move  
    would be necessary.
    The instruction manual says: "While moving forwards, quickly shift into 
    Drive and back into Reverse while cutting the steering wheel to the 
    right or left."
    Mr. Black: "Bear in mind, you don't have to be moving in Reverse to do 
    this. Just follow my instructions for executing the Crazy Drift, but 
    this time slide your fingers from B to A."
    Simplified button sequence:    L/R, B, A
    3e) The Stunts
    These manoeuvres alone are not usually enough to gain tips from your 
    punters. You have to pull them off in certain situations to get the 
    cash. There are three different stunts that can be performed in Crazy 
    Taxi. They are:
    CRAZY THROUGH: Drive very close to a car when overtaking or passing it.
    CRAZY DRIFT: Use the Crazy Drift manoeuvre to do a sliding turn.
    CRAZY JUMP: Use a ramp or similar object to get some "bodacious air". 
    The Crazy Dash will help here, as it will make you do higher jumps.
                      4)    CUSTOMERS + THE FARE SYSTEM
    In Crazy Taxi, your goal as a cabbie is to make as much cash as possible 
    by picking up customers, taking them to their destinations and dropping 
    them off as quickly as you can. The amount of money you earn depends on 
    how quickly you drop off your customer, the distance you had to drive to 
    get there, and how many stunts you pulled off during the trip.
    4a) Picking up a customer
    Throughout the cities you play in, you will see loads of people who have 
    spinning dollar signs above their heads. To pick up a customer, you have 
    to bring your taxi to a halt within the customer's stop zone, the 
    coloured circle which surrounds them. The customer should immediately 
    get into your cab.
    4b) Driving a customer to their destination
    As soon as you pick up a customer, the game display will change 
    1) A time limit will appear above the taxi, which indicates the time you 
    have left to drop off your customer. The longer you take, the darker the 
    colour of the timer. To begin with, it's green, then it goes yellow, and 
    finally red. If you don't reach the destination within the time limit, a 
    purple "BAD" sign will appear in the middle of the screen, and your 
    unhappy customer will jump out of the cab without paying.
    2) A picture of your customer's destination and a counter showing the 
    remaining distance to that destination will appear in the left for a 
    short time, then disappear. (To recall these displays, press the X 
    4) A fare counter will appear under the "total earned" counter. When you 
    first pick up your customer, it will display the "base fare", the amount 
    that the customer is paying you to get them to their destination. This 
    will increase with each tip you get.
    5) Finally, a green arrow showing the direction you should take to reach 
    the destination will appear at the top of the screen. This arrow will 
    change colour from green to red as you get closer to the destination.
    It is your job to get your customer to their destination before the time 
    runs out. During this stage of play, you should try to increase your 
    fare by gaining tips using the Crazy Maneouvre techniques.
    4c) Dropping off a customer
    When you get to the customer's destination, you'll see a green outline 
    which indicates the drop-off zone. To drop off your customer,  you must 
    stop completely within this area. When you drop him/her off you'll then 
    be paid the amount shown in the fare counter (the base fare), plus a 
    bonus fare which is converted from any time you have left over. You will 
    also get a speed rating, which is determined by the colour of the timer 
    at the time of drop-off. Here's a chart which shows the ratings and how 
    to get them:
    Timer colour | Speed rating
            GREEN|       SPEEDY
           YELLOW|       NORMAL
              RED|         SLOW
    4d) Predicting an approximate fare
    You can usually make an approximation of the payment you'll receive from 
    a customer by two factors; the colour of the dollar sign above their 
    head, and the size of their drop zone. The darker the colour of the 
    dollar sign, the closer the destination is. Similarly, the larger the 
    drop zone, the more difficult it will be to reach the destination is 
    time. These charts will help you understand this:
    Dollar sign colour chart:
                 | Distance to | Amount of time to | Size of 
     Sign colour | destination | reach destination | Fare
             RED |   VERY NEAR |             SMALL |      SMALL
          ORANGE |        NEAR |       QUITE SMALL |QUITE SMALL 
          YELLOW |      MEDIUM |            MEDIUM |     MEDIUM
           GREEN |    VERY FAR |             LARGE |      LARGE
    Drop zone size chart:
    Size of Drop Zone | Difficulty of journey | Size of Fare
                 LARGE|                  HIGH |        LARGE
                MEDIUM|                MEDIUM |       MEDIUM
                 SMALL|                   LOW |        SMALL
    Both the distance and the difficulty of the journey have an impact on 
    the size of the fare, but if you came across a customer with, say, a 
    green dollar sign, and a small drop zone, that would indicate a long 
    journey (large fare) but an easy journey (small fare). This would give 
    you a medium size fare.
    So, if you've got a lot of time on your hands, go for the customers that 
    have green dollar signs and large drop zones, as these will net you a 
    lot of cash, but take up a lot of your time. As you're nearing the end 
    of the game, go for the red dollar signers, as a last ditch attempt to 
    scrape together one final wad of cash.
    4e) A Note on Tips
    Tips are shown as coins that appear next to your taxi. They can be worth 
    either $0.25 (copper coins), $0.50 (silver coins), or $0.75 - $1.00 
    (gold coins). However, you can gain combos, by performing stunts 
    consectutively without crashing into another car or a piece of non-
    destructible scenery (ie. buildings, walls, but not crates, phone 
    booths, or anything else that can be moved around by your taxi). Each 
    combo makes your tip worth more.
    Example:  Combo 1 - $0.50
              Combo 2 - $0.75
              Combo 3 - $1.00
              Combo 4 - $2.00
              Combo 5 - $3.25
              * CRASH *
    Your tip resets to minimum, but these tips are added together, so that 
    5-string combo would give you $7.50.
    4f) The Fare Formula
    This is a *very* brief and simplified formula for the working out of 
    fares. There must be a lot of complex maths going on in Crazy Taxi which 
    calculates the fares, so rather than spend ages trying to decipher that, 
    here's the patented Mr. Black's Fare-Working-Out Formula:
              Total fare = Base fare + Tips + Time bonus
    See what I mean about simplified? It's more of a summary of this section 
    than anything else.
    4g) The Customers
    There are tons of different customers to pick up in Crazy Taxi, and the 
    instruction manual lists but a few of them. Here they are:
    Rachel - Currently working as a hospital volunteer, this young woman 
    dreans of becoming a doctor someday.
    Typical destination(s): Hospital
    Cindy - This young pretty college student is a psychology major who just 
    loves junk food!
    Typical destination(s): Pizza Hut/KFC
    Dan - A graduate student of economics, Dan is in the process of writing 
    his thesis on the economical impact of the fashion industry on world 
    Typical destination(s): FILA
    Grandma J - Keep your eyes peeled for this feisty ol' lady! Those loud 
    and colourful pyjamas on Ms. Jessica are sure hard to miss!
    Typical destination(s): Used car shop
    Biff - A baseball fanatic who never misses a game, Biff travels by 
    helicopter to watch his favourite baseball team in action whenever they 
    are playing away games.
    Typical destination(s): Baseball park/Heliport 
    Kim - This tourist is always running from one famous landmark to another 
    with a video camera in hand. Smile!
    Typical destination(s): Millenium Tower/Big Hills Park
    Buzz - A hard-core loving punk rocker who has a habit of appearing in 
    the most unexpected of places!
    Typical destination(s): Tower Records
    Pierre - A hopelessly romantic young man who spends all his time and 
    money chasing women... another day another date.
    Typical destination(s): Cafeteria
    These "typical destinations" are only rough approximations - each 
    character will want to go to several other places too.
    In addition, there are several other customers for you to pick up.
                          5)    THE GAME MODES
    There are several different game modes in Crazy Taxi, and all of them 
    use the same 'pick up customer, drop them off, repeat' sequence of play. 
    The only differences are the time limits. 
    On the main menu screen, you can see six different options: ARCADE, 
    5a) Arcade
    Arcade mode, unsurprisingly, is set in the exact same city as the one 
    you play in the arcades. You can choose to play for 3, 5 or 10 minutes, 
    or to play by Arcade machine rules.
    You start outside the university grounds.
    At the end of the time limit, you are presented with a status screen 
    showing just how damn good you did. The amount of customers you 
    satisfied and the amount of money you earned are shown, along with the 
    LICENCE you earned. The licence depends on how much money you earned, so 
    I've made yet another ickle table to explain what I'm on about.
        Amount earned | Licence obtained
                $0.00 |       No licence
            $1 - $999 |  E Class licence
      $1,000 - $1,999 |  D Class licence
      $2,000 - $2,999 |  C Class licence
      $3,000 - $3,999 |  B Class licence
      $4,000 - $4,999 |  A Class licence
      $5,000 - $9,999 |  S Class licence
    $10,000 - £19,999 |  Awesome licence
            $20,000 + |    Crazy licence
    MY HIGH SCORES:  Play by Arcade Rules - $18,600.32
                       Work for 3 minutes - $2,421.53
                       Work for 5 minutes - $4,563.12
                      Work for 10 minutes - $7,333.63
    5b) Original
    Original is the same as Arcade, with the same 3, 5, or 10 minute limits, 
    except you play in a new, Dreamcast-exclusive city. Again, you earn 
    licences depending on how much cash you bag.
    MY HIGH SCORES:  Play by Arcade Rules - $22,256.87 (Woohoo!)
                       Work for 3 minutes - $2,107.82
                       Work for 5 minutes - $3,989.34
                      Work for 10 minutes - $7,025.92
    5c) Crazy Box
    Here, you can play 9 different mini-games, with 7 secret ones to unlock. 
    They'll be discussed in more depth in the CRAZY BOX MINI-GAME GUIDE 
    You can change player files and cabbies at the top of the screen. You 
    can also do a quick view of the selected player's high scores for each 
    mini-game by highlighting that mini-game. Pressing either trigger while 
    highlighting lets you view the total high score for that mini-game.
    5d) Options
    Funnily enough, the options menu is where you can muck about with the 
    game's options.
    TIME SETTING:       This option changes the time limit of the 'Play  
                        by Arcade Rules' game setting of the Arcade and 
                        Original modes.
    TIME DIFFICULTY:    This changes the amount of time that you get to drop 
                        off each customer.
    TRAFFIC DIFFICULTY: This changes the density of traffic in the 'Play  
                        by Arcade Rules' settings.
    AUDIO:              Choose between monaural and stereo sound       
    MUSIC VOLUME:       Adjust the volume of the funky music.
    SE VOLUME:          Change the volume of the sound effects.
    CONTROLLER SETTING: Choose between two controller configurations.
    VIBRATION:          Toggle the Vibration Pack on/off (obviously, you  
                        can only select this option if you have a 
                        Vibration Pack in Expansion Socket 2 of your  
    5e) Records
    Here's where you can inspect your fabulous hi-scores and record-breaking 
    level times and brag about them to your mates. Move the Analogue down to 
    choose between the Arcade, Original, and Crazy Box record charts, and 
    move it left and right to scroll through the various settings. You can 
    also choose to view the high scores of an individual player, or the 
    highest overall scores from all players.
    5f) Save & Load
    Seeing as Crazy Taxi has an auto-load function, this option isn't of too 
    much use, to be honest. However, it's possible to create and delete 
    player files here, or modify their names. You can save a maximum of 4 
    player files.
    5g) Arcade Rules
    If you've played Crazy Taxi at the arcades, then you'll know what to 
    expect here. You start with 50 seconds of time, and with each customer 
    you successfully drop off, you'll get a time bonus. That means that 
    although you have a very short time to begin with, if you do well 
    enough, you can carry on playing for ages.
    The time bonus you get depends on your speed rating. Here's a chart to 
    explain it further:
    Speed rating | Time bonus
           SPEEDY|    +5 secs
           NORMAL|    +2 secs
             SLOW|    +0 secs
    Also, you get a small time bonus when you pick up a customer, to 
    accommodate his/her destination time limit.
    If your total time limit is less than the customer's destination limit, 
    your total time limit will become equal to the destination time limit.
    Example: You pick up a customer with 5 seconds left. Her destination 
    time limit is 15 seconds, so your time limit becomes 15 seconds too. You 
    drop her off in 10 seconds - your total time limit is 5 again. But, 
    because you got a 'NORMAL' speed rating (bonus +2 seconds), your total 
    time limit becomes 7 (5+2).
    5h) Game Physics
    As far as I can tell, Crazy Taxi is set in a parallel universe where 
    crashing head-on into inanimate objects has very little effect on your 
    speed, cars are indestructible, and ordinary people can breathe and 
    drive cars underwater. You could say that Crazy Taxi takes a few of the 
    laws of physics and tells them where to get off. But that's good. That 
    means you can retain your speed even after crashing head-on with a bus. 
    That means that your taxi never claps out on you or blows up on impact 
    with a concrete pillar. And yes, that means that you can drive 
    underwater without too much trouble. Hooray for unrealism!
                              6)    THE CABBIES
    In this section, the descriptions of the cabbies has been copied from 
    the instruction manual.
    6a) Axel
    AGE: 21
    SEX: Male
    HEIGHT: 6'0"
    WEIGHT: 158lbs
    LICENCE PLATE NUMBER: 1NOM155 = "I no miss"  
                          Meaning: "I don't make mistakes"
    This wild and freewheeling guy is known to have a hot and quick temper. 
    His only reason for becoming a cab driver is that he considers being a 
    cabbie the "coolest" profession. Axel always shows his customers a good 
    time while driving them in his 60's era classic cab, earning himself big 
    tips in the process. As far he is concerned, cab driving is the ultimate 
    When he isn't working, Axel is usually trying to pick up women, jamming 
    with his punk band (bass and vocals) or participating in board sports 
    like surfing and snowboarding. That said however, Axel is a bit too 
    freewheeling so his band members tend to come and go on a regular basis, 
    and he can't maintain decent relationships with women. Oh well, what's a 
    guy to do?
    While he isn't perfect, his open-hearted personality and cheerful nature 
    means he kind of grows on you. His most redeeming quality is that he is 
    especially gifted at mediating when there is trouble or fighting amongst 
    his many friends.
    COMMENT: Axel is an average driver, he seems to lack the stunting skill 
    of B.D. Joe but there isn't much difference really. Shame about the 
    hair, though.
    6b) B.D. Joe
    AGE: 25
    SEX: Male
    HEIGHT: 5'9" 
    WEIGHT: 165lbs
    LICENCE PLATE NUMBER: 2HOP2GO = "To hop to go"
                          Meaning: "Always ready to get crazy"
    Always friendly and cheerful... that's B.D.Joe.
    For him, driving a cab is a line of work in which he can excel at 
    "making people happy". Happiest when he can bring a smile to the face of 
    customers, B.D. is a master of both driving and conversational 
    Even when he is not driving a cab, B.D. is well known as an accomplished 
    performance artist. He can throw together a few discarded drum cans and 
    lids, and using a pair of drumsticks he can blow you away with his 
    musical prowess. His rhythms sound so fine they put the supposed 
    "professional" musicians to shame. He is often asked why he doesn't 
    perform professionally but he just laughs brightly and says, "Making 
    people smile is reward enough for me, besides, cabbing is too much fun 
    to give up!"
    Lately B.D. Joe has taken up card tricks... why you may ask? Because by 
    doing so he can make anyone's day, anytime, anywhere.
    COMMENT: Aahh... wasn't dat da wuvwiest fing oo've ever wead? Other than 
    his obvious people-pleasing talents, I reckon B.D. is the best overall 
    cabbie in Crazy Taxi. He just seems to be able to pull off stunts easier 
    than anyone else, so he's the cabbie I play as the most.
    6c) Gena
    LICENCE PLATE NUMBER: 5EXY515 = "Sexy Sis"
                          Meaning: "Sexually Attractive Woman"
    If Gena could be described in two words, without a doubt those words 
    would be "cool & sexy". With a strong passion for cars, her reason for 
    being a cab driver is simple, "Because I get to drive around in my car 
    all day!"
    While she's not concerned with amusing her customers per se, she sure is 
    timely. When asked if perhaps she'd be happier as a racing driver, she 
    just laughs and replies, "But it is such a ruch to race through the 
    traffic-laden streets... I could never give this up!"
    When Gena isn't working in her beloved cab, she can usually be found 
    working on it. In fact, she spends nearly all her time and money 
    performing extensive tune-ups, maintenance, and cleaning. It's no 
    surprise that all the money she earns goes straight back into her cab. 
    Despite her cab fixation, many men are attracted to Gena's beauty. But 
    she simply turns her nose up at any man who dares try to gain her 
    Clearly the object of her affection is her one and only cab!
    COMMENT: There doesn't seem to be any in-game distinction between Gena 
    and Axel, other than their appearance. I very rarely play as Gena, but 
    as soon as I find something out, I'll let you know.
    6d) Gus
    HEIGHT: 5'8"
    WEIGHT: 187
    LICENCE PLATE NUMBER: ONLY777 = "Only 777"
                          Meaning: "Only aim for the big jackpot"
    Gus is a handsome (in a melancholy sort of way) drifter who typifies the 
    term "cool". He holds the unique distinction of being the first cabbie 
    ever to drive in the "crazy" style. In his youth, Gus was a wild and 
    uncontrollable hooligan, selfish to a fault, who hated to lose and had 
    to be Number 1 at any cost. With a strong fascination for things new, 
    Gus was naturally drawn to that one unique trend that was totally cool.
    Always getting into something before it became popular, back in the days 
    when he didn't own a car he was just riding around in a normal taxi when 
    he had a flash of inspiration that caused him to go out and buy an old 
    junked out 1955 jalopy. Thus began the crazy taxi trend.
    If Gus isn't driving, he can usually be found playing cards. When the 
    working ends he meets his poker buddies (whose members change nightly) 
    to pass the time playing poker, blackjack, and baccarat. A benefit of 
    his gambling is that Gus has come to understand the ways of strategy, 
    thereby mellowing his former desire to win at all costs. Learning the 
    why and how of losing has made Gus a better person.
    COMMENT; I play as Gus quite a lot, for the sole reason that I like his 
    car! He has the heaviest car in the game, meaning that he can take 
    crashes with a minimal loss of speed, but has slower acceleration.
                       7)    CRAZY BOX MINIGAME GUIDE
    Here, I've given hints on how to beat each minigame, and also my 
    personal high scores, which will undoubtedly be embarrassingly poor.
    7a) 1-1: Crazy Jump
    OBJECTIVE: Jump further than 150 metres off a huge ski ramp.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: No time limit.
    Easy, this. All you have to do is Crazy Dash right from the start, and 
    you clear the K point easily. For a longer jump, perform more than one 
    Crazy Dash (Limit Cut) while bombing down the ramp.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 352.68m
    7b) 1-2: Crazy Flag
    OBJECTIVE: Knock down a flag situated behind the start point.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'20"00
    Either Crazy Back Dash a few times, or just turn around and drive 
    straight for it and Limit Cut - this one's a cinch.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'09"70
    7c) 1-3: Crazy Balloons
    OBJECTIVE: Burst 20 balloons strewn about an open field.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'45"00
    Once you've gotten to grips with the Crazy Dash and Crazy Drift, you 
    shouldn't find this too hard. The lone balloons should be popped by 
    driving straight into them, but the groups of three can be burst in one 
    go if you Crazy Drift through them.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'30"94
    7d) 2-1: Crazy Drift
    OBJECTIVE: Perform Crazy Drift combos in an enclosed arena.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 15 combo
    The premise is simple, but this arena is probably the worst possible 
    place to perform Crazy Drifts, due to it's raised bumps. Try to drift on 
    the flat roads round the outside and in the middle.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 27 combo
    7e) 2-2: Crazy Turn
    OBJECTIVE: Drive a customer to her destination through a track composed 
    of hairpin turns.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'35"00
    This mini-game can be quite frustrating, due to the fact that it's still 
    fairly difficult to finish the course within the time limit even if you 
    perform Crazy Drifts round every corner. Approach the corners wide, turn 
    in, and Crazy Drift out. You may need to apply a touch or two of the 
    brake mid-Drift.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'30"04
    7f) 2-3: Crazy Bound
    OBJECTIVE: Drive a customer to his destination over a series of ramps 
    and 90 degree turns, without falling into the sea.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'40"00
    Annoying, annoying, annoying. That about sums up this mini-game. Crazy 
    Dash from the start, and try to Crazy Drift on each ramp to set you up 
    for the next. Before attempting the final ramp, which is very narrow, 
    take a moment to slow down and line yourself up. Then prepare to brake 
    like mad to stop in the drop-off zone without falling off the edge into 
    the briny depths.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'33"45
    7g) 3-1: Crazy Rush
    OBJECTIVE: Drive five customers to their destinations.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 1'10"00
    This one took me a few tries... it's one of the harder mini-games. The 
    customers are situated in the centre of a five-pointed star, with their 
    destinations at each point, like this:
                |                 C = Customer
          D - C C C - D           D = Destination
               C C                S = Your starting point
              /   \
             D  S  D
    The problem is, when you drop a customer off, you facing exactly the 
    opposite way as the next one you need to pick up. So, solve this problem 
    by performing a Crazy Drift Stop in the stop zone to face in the right 
    direction. Then, Crazy Dash off again for the next customer. Simple in 
    theory... quite tricky in practice. The hardest part is getting the car 
    to stop inside the drop-off zone, without sliding off all over the 
    MY HIGH SCORE: 1'01"85
    7h) 3-2: Crazy Jam
    OBJECTIVE: Drive three customers to their destinations, driving through 
    dense traffic.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'45'00
    Takes a few goes, but is ultimately very easy. Crazy Dash from the start 
    to boost straight through the traffic coming from your left and right, 
    and then Crazy Drift Stop to bring your car within both your present 
    customer's drop-off zone, and the next customer's stop zone, while 
    facing the main road to your right. Once the second customer's in your 
    cab, Crazy Dash down the road. It's dead straight, but jam-packed full 
    of cars, so stick yourself in between traffic lanes and Limit Cut to the 
    second drop-off zone. Pick up the last customer and it's a straight run 
    to the finish.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'36"19
    7i) 3-3: Crazy Pole
    OBJECTIVE: Drive eight customers to their destinations, along a course 
    composed of 90 degree turns, each with a pole in the middle of the turn.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 1'10"00
    The trick here is to start a sharp Crazy Drift *just* before you hit the 
    pole, so, in effect, you T-Bone the car onto the pole, facing the next 
    pole. Crazy Dash after you pick each customer off, and you'll thrash the 
    time limit, like I've done (modest to the core, me). 
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'44"49
    7j) 1-S: Crazy Bowling
    OBJECTIVE: Knock down all seven sets of ten bowling pins along a huge 
    bowling alley.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'30"00
    This is tricky. To make it to the end in time with all 70 pins knocked 
    down requires some slick driving. When you're halfway crashing through 
    each set of pins, do a very slight Crazy Drift; this will guarantee a 
    strike. At the sixth set, do a full 180-degree Crazy Drift, then Crazy 
    Dash off down the long lane to your right to reach the last set. 
    By the way, if you go through the tunnel at the end of each gutter, 
    you'll reappear at the start of the alley, just like you would if you 
    got a gutter ball in real bowling; your ball is returned to you. (Thanks 
    to Harry for pointing this out)
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'27"59
    7k) 2-S: Crazy Zigzag
    OBJECTIVE: Drive a customer to her destination along a course composed 
    of 90 degree and hairpin turns, without falling into the sea.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'25"00
    Aaargh! This is THE most frustrating mini-game in Crazy Taxi, and if 
    it's your first time, it'll take you plenty of goes before you crack it. 
    Crazy Dash from the start, and perform a Crazy Drift with a touch of 
    brake for the first three 90-degree turns. The next two turns are 
    absolute b*tches. You'll need to brake fairly heavily both before and 
    during the Crazy Drift to ensure you don't fall into the drink. The 
    final turn looks worse, but if you've done OK up to now, just do a 
    slight slide to the right using only the brake, and drive off to the 
    One problem I had with this mini-game was finding the right place to 
    start my Crazy Drifts on the first three turns. I found that the best 
    way was to begin the Crazy Drift as soon as the front of your car passes 
    the white marks on the road, just before the turn. 
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'23"59
    7l) 3-S: Crazy Zigzag 2
    OBJECTIVE: Drop off all 7 customers to their destinations, driving 
    through the Crazy Zigzag course, again without falling into the sea.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'40"00
    Thankfully, this is easier than the first Crazy Zigzag. At the start, 7 
    grannies board your car. You have to drop them off along your way to the 
    finish. Unfortunately for you, their drop-off zones are tiny slivers of 
    track at the corners of each turn. To make sure you don't zoom off the 
    corners, apply a touch of brake as you pass the white marks on the road, 
    then do a heavily-braked Crazy Drift to stop within the drop-off zone 
    and face the next. Repeat six times.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'39"22
    7m) S-1: Crazy Through
    OBJECTIVE: Obtain a 30+ Crazy Through combo on a traffic-laden highway.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 1'30"00
    You'd think that this mini-game requires some smooth driving to dodge 
    incoming traffic and get the Crazy Throughs. Wrong. You can cheat. Well, 
    sort of. To obtain scores as high as my own (see below) with minimum 
    effort, simply steer you car to the left at the very start, to position 
    your cab between the two lanes of INCOMING traffic. Then simply nudge 
    the accelerator repeatedly and crawl along as slow as possible, steering 
    slightly to take the turns, but never straying from the line between the 
    lanes. After the minute and a half is up, hey presto! A big fat combo 
    MY HIGH SCORE: 115 combo
    7n) S-2: Crazy Parking
    OBJECTIVE: Drive a customer to his destination, through a multi-storey 
    car park full of both moving and stationary traffic.
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 0'25"00
    Not much to say here, really. Use Limit Cuts on the few straight parts 
    and Crazy Drifts on the turns, avoid the stationary cars as best as you 
    can, and make sure you don't overshoot the drop-off point. Simple stuff, 
    MY HIGH SCORE: 0'19"04
    7o) S-3: Crazy Party
    OBJECTIVE: Pick up all seven customers and drive them to their 
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 1'40"00
    This, at first, seems nigh-on impossible, especially seeing as the game 
    doesn't give you half a clue as to what on earth you're supposed to be 
    doing. However, it becomes a whole lot easier, once you know THE ROUTE. 
    THE ROUTE is the set path by which you must not stray from, lest you 
    fail the mini-game and live the rest of your life in shame. Actually, 
    it's just the best order in which to pick up yer punters. THE ROUTE is:
    1) Go slightly to the left of the ramp ahead of you, and pick up the guy 
    standing next to the phone booths.
    2) Next, pick up the guy who's on the opposite side of the ramp.
    3) Double back, and head up the ramp that's behind you, the one with the 
    bowling pins on it. Use the brake to stay on. Pick up the guy at the top 
    of this ramp.
    4) Jump off the ramp to land in the middle of the parked cars. Pick up 
    guy number 4 here.
    5) Go straight on, and drive up the ramp along the outside of the 
    cylindrical tower. Again, use the brake to stay on.
    6) Drive off the tower, in the direction of the ramp you were facing at 
    the start. Use a Crazy Dash or two to make the jump from the ramp to the 
    terrace ahead. Try to jump to the right. Pick up the guy who's on the 
    right-hand side of the terrace.
    7) The last guy is on the left-hand side of the terrace.
    Once all seven are in your cab, bust through the barrier at the end of 
    the terrace, and follow the narrow path to the end. Don't fall off the 
    path, or you'll fail.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 1'37"29
    7p) S-S: Crazy Attack
    OBJECTIVE: Drive one lap around the Arcade city (!)
    TIME/SCORE LIMIT: 4'00"00
    Slightly overwhelming at first, but I did it on my first try, albeit 
    with a pretty poor time. It's slightly confusing as to where to go, but, 
    once you start playing, you'll realise that the Arcade city is 
    surprisingly racetrack-like. Also, checkpoints will appear onscreen to 
    show you how you're doing for time, and to keep you on track.
    To begin with, follow the tramway down the hill to the bottom. Turn left 
    to drive along the beach. Drive straight through the big park, and use 
    the multi-storey car park to help you get some air and avoid traffic. 
    Drive through the streets, and drive up the hill where the church is. 
    Crazy Drift off the hill before the R. B. Station to land in the car 
    park below. Drive past the baseball stadium, and onto the highway. 
    Follow this along to the inner city area. Go left after the police 
    station, and drive through the city (don't go through the mall; it just 
    wastes time) to the look-out tower. Follow the coast along and drive up 
    the large hill. Then it's just a drive past the university gardens, back 
    to the suburbs where you started. You ARE carrying a customer, you know, 
    so you will have to stop on the drop-off zone to finish the race. Note 
    that you must pass through all the checkpoints to complete the race, so 
    no sneaky shortcutting is allowed. Additionally, when ever you see those 
    car transporters, ramp off them to clear some traffic.
    MY HIGH SCORE: 3'35"02
                          8)    HINTS AND TIPS
    Here are some pointers on how to make that extra bit of cash, in both 
    the Arcade and Original cities:
    ARCADE   - The highway that goes from the baseball stadium to the   
               police station is a veritable goldmine of hard cash. Try 
               to "grind" against the outside lanes, by jamming your car 
               against it, then simply Crazy Dash all the way through, 
               racking up the Crazy Throughs as you go. It's worth noting 
               that the lower lane yields more spondoolicks, as there 
               seems to be heavier traffic.
             - The hills in the suburbian area of the city are just 
               perfect for those massive Crazy Jump combos. Crazy Dash 
               beforehand to catch more air.
             - When driving to the baseball stadium from the massive 
               grassy area where the church is, you can save some 
               valuable time by Crazy Drifting off the hill that goes 
               down to the R.B. Station, aiming to land in the car park.
             - In the Arcade city, you have the advantage of those car  
               transporters strewn all over the place, that handily 
               double up into mini-ramps. Use these whenever you can, as 
               not only do you get more tips, you can also avoid traffic.
             - The multi-storey car park is fantastic for getting extra 
               dough. Crazy Drift off the ramp, Crazy Through the parked 
               cars, then Crazy Dash off the end for a big jump.
    ORIGINAL - Try the Used Car Shop for some superb Crazy Through-ing. 
               Parked cars galore!
             - For a shortcut to the Marine Plaza, Crazy Dash up the 
               raised bridge to clear the warehouse and land just before 
             - Similarly, you can jump from the Marine Plaza to the 
               Police Station by using the ramp-like walls surrounding 
             - Like in the Arcade City, there are loads of super-steep 
               hills knocking about, just crying out to be jumped off. 
               Plus, you always have the highways in the inner city area.
             - The layout of the inner city area is such that it is 
               actually quite difficult to navigate. Thankfully, the 
               subway entrances can be used as ramps. Try leaping up onto 
               the rooftop cafeteria - saves loadsa time.
                              9)    SECRETS
    9a) The Rickshaw
    TO GET IT: 1) Clear all 16 mini-games in the Crazy Box. Press up on 
    the d-pad in the character selection screen to ride the rickshaw (on 
    Crazy Box scroll past Gus)
    2) Before selecting your cabbie in the Arcade/Original select screen, 
    quickly tap L+R three times. A bike bell should be heard if you did it 
    WHAT IT DOES: Yes, it's possible to replace your taxi with a brand 
    spanking new secret "car": the rickshaw. Basically, it's a bike with a 
    big basket on the back for carrying passengers. It's much faster than 
    the normal taxi, but for some reason it's heavier, so it can't take 
    jumps nearly as well. I prefer the taxis, myself.
    9b) Another Day Mode
    TO GET IT: Tap R on the character select screen, then hold R when 
    picking a cabbie. You'll know if you did it right if "another day" 
    appears in green writing in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
    WHAT IT DOES: This "cheat" starts you off in a different part of the 
    city, with different customer locations and destinations. If you're 
    playing in Arcade, you'll start in much the same place as you would 
    normally - outside the university. However, you're on the other side of 
    the street and you're facing the other way. If in Original, you'll begin 
    the game outside the Millenium Tower.
    9c) No Arrows Mode
    TO GET IT: Hold R+Start during the "now loading" screen before the 
    character select screen. If you did it right, "no arrows" will appear in 
    yellow in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
    WHAT IT DOES: Disables the destination arrow. This definitely makes the 
    game harder, as you have to rely on memory to get the cash.
    9d) No Destination Mark Mode
    TO GET IT: Hold L+Start during the "now loading" screen before the 
    character select screen. "No destination mark" should appear in red at 
    the bottom-left corner of the screen if you did it correctly.
    WHAT IT DOES: Disables the green barriers surrounding the drop-off 
    zones. You can still make out a green line on the floor marking the 
    boundary, so this cheat doesn't really do all that much.
    9e) Expert Mode
    TO GET IT: Hold L+R+Start while the "now loading" appears before the 
    character select screen. "EXPERT" should appear in white at the bottom-
    left corner of the screen if you did it correctly.
    WHAT IT DOES: Basically, this cheat combines the two above cheats into 
    one. No arrows OR destination marks. Hard? That's why it's an *expert* 
    9f) Alternative Views
    TO GET IT: Plug in another controller into port 3. During the game, 
    press Start on that controller.
    WHAT IT DOES: After you press Start on the controller in port 3, you can 
    use the A, B, X, and Y buttons on that controller to alter the camera 
    view. Here's what each button does:
    B Button: Shifts camera to a 1st-person "cockpit" view.
    X Button: Press five times to make a speedometer appear.
    Y Button: Shifts camera to a dramatic version, which pans and follows 
    your car to give a more action-orientated view. If you don't know what I 
    mean, watch the video that comes after the title screen.
    A Button: Resets the camera back to it's normal, 3rd-person view.
    9g) "Hidden" Customers
    There are several customers in Crazy Taxi that are in hard to reach or 
    otherwise obscure locations. They are quite fun to track down, and they 
    more often than not grant you a bit more cash than a regular customer 
    would. Although I'm sure that there's many, many more, here's a list of 
    the ones that I've found.
    ARCADE   - Drive down to the beach at the bottom of the hill with the  
             tramway on it. There are several people underwater, standing 
             on the submerged rocks. They even have snorkels on!
             - Go to the multi-storey car park. After you go up the ramp, 
             turn right and drive along to the very end, keeping to left 
             wall. At the end, slowly drop off and you'll land on a roof. 
             From here, you can see Grandma J standing on a veranda. Pick 
             her up; she wants to go from here, all the way to the Police 
             Station in the inner city area 2km away! Her base fare is a 
             huge $975.08! You can *easily* make over $1,100 from just 
             this one customer!
    ORIGINAL - In various points under the water in the docks area, you 
             can find a snorkel-wearing Buzz, who will usually want to go 
             to Tower Records.
             - Approach the triple-carriageway Spaghetti Junction-like 
             highway from the inner city area. Take either the left or 
             right route and follow it. When it forks, take a right. Just 
             after the fork you can fall off and land on the roof of a 
             building. Buzz is here, waiting to be picked up.
             - Ramp up the raised bridge in the docks area to land on top 
             of the warehouse. Hellooooo, Grandma J.
             - From the Landing Pier, go right, left at the police 
             station, then take the first right. Drive along until you 
             see a flight of steps on your left. Go up them to reach a 
             rooftop eatery area. Surprise, surprise! There's another 
             customer up here!
    9h) Sightseeing
    As well as hidden customers, there are tons of neat things to see in 
    Crazy Taxi. Conforming to an almost Pilotwings-esque level of attention 
    to detail, it'll be a long while before any of us see everything that 
    there is to see in Crazy Taxi.
    ARCADE   - In the sea by the beach, not only are there people 
             snorkelling, but there is also an orca (killer whale) 
             swimming about! (Thanks to Harry for finding that)
             - In the Police Station, you can see policemen through the 
             wire fence - and get this! They're TAPPING THEIR FEET! JOY!
             - You know the Tennis Court? Use the 1st-person cheat to get 
             a better view, then watch a tennis match! (Thanks to Harry 
             for noticing this)
             - True to form, there is a significant increase in 
             helicopter activity around the Heliport.
             - Look for the fountain just outside the Bus Terminal; it 
             looks pretty damn groovy.
             - If you haven't done already, drive through the mall. Trust 
             me, it's fun!
    ORIGINAL - The waterside area outside the police station can be 
             followed for quite a distance, leading to a rather 
             picturesque cliffy/beachy/watery place.
             - Just take a look at that Millenium Tower. Huge! Same goes 
             for the Big Hills Park's ferris wheel.
             - If you drive underwater near the Lighthouse, you can see a 
             section of the harbour wall that has fallen into disrepair. 
             Nothing too eye-pleasing, but gives a few hours of 
             frustrating entertainment as you try to bash through it, and 
             later realise that you can't. 
             - Tootle along the train tracks between stations, and before 
             long you'll be ploughed into by a train. Yippee!
    GENERAL  - Did you know that there are other Crazy Taxi drivers in 
             the city? Keep your eyes open! On more than one occasion 
             have I seen have I seen yellow cabs career through the  
             streets, pulling off drift turns and unsuccessfully trying 
             to take ramps.
             - Is it just me, or do the red cars and blue transit vans on 
             this game look suspiciously like the ones from House of the 
             Dead 2?
                              10)    THE END
    10a) Credits
    Credits go to:
    Harry "Shut Up" Clarkson (my ickle bruvver), for finding several neat 
    things, and inspiring me to put in the "Sightseeing" section
    Sega, for making such a great game
    The Offspring and Bad Religion, for making the great music for this 
    game; without them, the game wouldn't be quite as good.
    10b) Stuff for the Future
    I don't plan on adding too much to this guide (of course, in future 
    version, high scores etc. will be updated, along with a version 
    history), but there are some things that maybe YOU could help me with:
    The brand names of the cabbies' cars
    Any hidden customers you've found
    Any sightseeing stuff you've found
    Rest assured, you will be credited in full. E-mail me at:
    10c) Legal Stuff
    First, the copyrights:
    Crazy Taxi is a registered trademark or trademark of Sega 
    Sega and Dreamcast are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sega 
    Enterprises, Ltd.
    This guide is copyright Alexander Hugh Clarkson, 2000.
    Now then. The ground rules:
    1) You CANNOT post or link to this guide unless you are one of the sites 
    shown in number 3) below. I'm not accepting requests for this guide 
    2) I will not accept spamming (ESPECIALLY chain letters). Spamming will 
    be taken up with your e-mail provider. Although I'm not a particular fan 
    of it, hate mail is fine - they can't do you for that.
    3) The only sites that will ever have my permission to host this guide 
    So, if you see it anywhere else, tell me, dammit!
    That about covers it. Thankyou and goodnight.
    by Mr. Black

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