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"This game was impressive on the Dreamcast, not so for the Gamecube."

Crazy Taxi is a game where you pick up customers at different locations in the game and then drive them to where they want to go. The distance you had to drive them was determined by what color circle they were standing in- from shortest to longest, red-orange-yellow-lime-green. Doing certain tricks while driving them would get you extra money- tips. The more consecutive tricks you did in a row, the higher the tips would go. Examples of these tricks include the Crazy Through- which you drive either right next to or between cars, the Crazy Drift, in which you make a very sharp turn while driving, and the Crazy Dash, in which you push the reverse button and then immediately the accelerator to get an extra burst of speed. This popular game was first introduced to the Sega Dreamcast soon after it came out, along with the addition of mini games known as The Crazy Box games. It took many tries to beat a lot of the levels, so the challenge was good. At the time, Crazy Taxi was one of the best games to have for your system, and while the Gamecube version hasn't taken away anything from the game, it also hasn't added anything.

Graphics: 6/10

The game uses the exact same graphics that were present in the Arcade and Dreamcast versions, they are not updated at all. You would think that with the capabilities of the Gamecube, they would've done something to improve the graphics to give them a little smoother look, but they haven't. These are graphics that would be good on a less advanced system, but not the GC.

Controls: 7/10

The controls of this game are simply OK. What Acclaim could've done is made it a little easier to drift around corners, turns are wide and sometimes hard to pull off without hitting something. I think the controls were a little better in the Dreamcast version.

Sound: 5/10

Yet another low point for this game. This game uses the same songs that were played repeatedly in the Dreamcast version. It really gets repetitive when you hear "It's All I Want" or other songs over and over. There are no new songs and sometimes the customers will say something that is either annoying or doesn't make sense, such as "Watch it, you dumb ***", or "Watch it, you nearly killed me" in a really chipper voice. As you've seen so far in my review, this game is an example of creating a remake the wrong way.

Gameplay: 6/10

The gameplay is, as I've mentioned earlier, the exact same way as the Dreamcast version. The pedestrians are all the same, the same music is played, and the Crazy Box games are the same, nothing has been added. There is also no 2-player mode, which would have been fun, and it would've been nice to add something like a third city. If it all sounds like a lot to add, keep in mind that this is the Gamecube, which is more powerful and has better graphics than the Dreamcast- they could have fit it all in.

Replay Value: 5/10

Chances are, if you've made a lot of good runs or bad runs in the game, you'll either get frustrated that you can't beat your high scores or get tired of getting the same scores- out of all the times I've played Arcade Mode, the most money I got was about $7,200.

Buy/Rent: Keep in the mind that the scores are the way they are because I was comparing this game to the Dreamcast game. This game was impressive at the time on that console, bot not in today's age of graphics. As I've said, more modes and features could have been added to make this version stand out. If you own a Dreamcast or Gamecube, this game is worth getting for a few months of fun.

Final score: 5.8/10, which rounds up to a 6.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/03/08

Game Release: Crazy Taxi (US, 11/17/01)

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