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"Crazy Taxi? What?"

Rmmm. Rmmm. Lets get some Craaaaaaaaazy money. That is just about what Crazy Taxi is about. You choose from one of four persons and try to make some money. There are different ranks depending on how good you do. Lets get going with the review:

Everyone says this game sucks because it is a port from Dreamcast and the graphics are sucky ect. ect.
Well what if the person never had a DreamCast? What if the person just played it at the Arcade? Well if you haven't owned a copy of this game I think it is a must buy for the following reasons:

Gameplay- 10/10

The gameplay is very simple. You choose from 4 people, 3 boys and 1 girl. There is only one course but it is a very good one. There are different types of play Arcade and Origial. In arcade mode you start with about 70 seconds and everytime you pick up a customer you get some time added. Once the time runs out then the game is over. In original mode you can choose to work for 3,5,or 10 minutes. There are also mini-games, but I will not get into that. Now you may be wondering what do you do in this game. The answer is this; Once you start you try to pick up customers you find on the road, water, ect. Then you take them to their Destination. That is just about it but the way it is made it hooks you right into the game. Just reading this it might sound like a waste of your money but some of the places to take them are hard.

Sound- 9/10

The sound in this game is cool but could get annoying once you pick the people up a lot. Besides the cool backround music you can also hear the Taxi Driver, you, tell the person to get in or something. You can also here the person you are giving a ride to make comments. Like if you are going crazy some people will say Whoaa! others will say Slow down. All in all the sound is really cool.

Graphics- 6/10

Just and exact copy from the dreamcast version but better than the arcade. My opinion.

Replayability- 9/10+

This game will keep you coming for more and more. The crazy box ( mini games ) will make you come even more. One bad thing though is no multiplayer :(

buy or to rent?- I would say rent first unless you have played this game before. I personaly just bought it cuz I played it at my friends house but it isn't the best game to some people

Overall- 10/10

Well this game is an excellent game. However I am 90% sure they are making a Crazy Taxi 2 which is also a port from DreamCast. I think it has more levels or something. But this game is awsome to so think twice. Also one very bad thing about this game is that there is no multi player but I live. :) Enjoy

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/13/02, Updated 01/13/02

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