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Reviewed: 05/11/02 | Updated: 05/11/02

A taxi-driving game? SIGN ME UP!

First of all, the only reasons I bought this game was, 1. I loved the arcade version, and 2. It was only 30$! Right. So lets get to the reveiw.

This game is a wicked fun to play game. I usually play it before some party or something to kill time and have fun. The first time you hear ''Craaaaazy Taxi!'' you know your in for something. The game has two cities to tear up, taxi-style, and a mode for some mission like things. The only reason this time-killer got a 9 for fun was because the missions are kinda boring, and I barely play them.

The graphics in this game are just plain bad. The people in the city are chunky, so chunky in fact that my sister thought I was playing a lego game! The other cars besides yours are also ugly, made up of few polygons. But your car is nice and sleek, sort of like SonicAB2 style graphics. And with games like RE and SSBM out for the cube', this game doesn't stand a chance. But if you like the color yellow, then you might like the menus...

The contols in this game are great, but take forever to adjust to. I suggest you put the game on its second control scheme for a better feel. Also, the game lets you do slides, and boosts, but they are sometimes hard to pull off, causeing you to slow down when you mess up on them. But if you play it for more than 20 minutes, you will be a taxi-driving maniac.

Replay- 10/10
I could play this game forever. It ha the right number of modes, and amazing difficulty level changes. The difficulty level changes let you choose how much traffic, time, and other things. The game's 10 minute work shift is my favorite of them all, cause it is so long and fun.

The sound is good, with the right crashes and music. I don't really give a crap about sound in games, so it doesn't matter to me. But if you are pissy about swearing in games, then you might wanna turn the tv down, althought the worse the swears get are ''dumbass''

Overall, at the games low price tag, this game is so worth getting. Really consider getting this game. You deserve it!

Final Score 7/10, and a bronze medal

This is andeeroo1, signing off.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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