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"A Dated Game That Still Delivers Some Fun"


If you haven't heard of Crazy Taxi, it's time to come out from under your shell. It was a very popular game on the Sega Dreamcast, and a sequel was made. Nonetheless, because of the success of the first game, Sega and Acclaim team up to port the first version to the PS2 and the GameCube. Is it really worth another go? It's time to find out.

Presentation (6.0)

The menu layout in Crazy Taxi remains nearly identical to the Dreamcast/Arcade version, which is a letdown. Basic menus and and an overall outdated feel hurt the game in this category. You won't see any ''new coat of paint'' or hidden options. You'll have to rely on the Gameplay for this title.

Visual Quality (5.5)

It really is a shame to see classic titles like Crazy Taxi being ported to next-generation systems with little or no improvement over the previous versions. This title falls into that category, with graphics nearly identical to the Dreamcast Version 4 years ago. Sure, they look good on that system, but this is the newest next-generation system and us gamers expect more! Plagued with pop-up and blurry textures, the visuals are disappointing. On a better note, the frame rate runs at a constant 60 fps, which is impressive.

Audio Quality (7.2)

An oddly familiar soundtrack makes it's debut in the GameCube version. The songs are nice, but with only seven, you will grow tired of them quickly. The game's voice acting was completely redone. Unfortunately, this is not for the better. Now, the voices sound dull, lifeless, and quite mediocre. It puzzles me as to why Acclaim implements a change that hurts the game. The sound effects are above-average and are sufficient for the title.

Gameplay (7.7)

The premise of Crazy Taxi is very simple. Pick a driver and a cab, and get out to make some crazy money! You'll pick up customers on the road and take them to their destination, performing wild stunts to up your fare, and finally dropping them off in the allotted time limit. The two cities (designed for Dreamcast) are huge and teaming with life. You'll travel all across town as you speed by with vocal passengers in the back seat. The game may truly feel like an arcade game, but it is a very fun ride. The game also sports 9 ''Crazy Box'' modes in addition to the standard options. These challenges are a fresh change of pace and will eat up a good amount of time.
The control responds nicely to the GC controller and you will feel right at home when you first pick it up.
Still, you cannot get around the one word that describes the very essence of this game: dated. Virtually nothing is changed from the previous versions. The game is fun to play, but an overexposure to it is not needed. Most gamers got their fix on the Dreamcast (which even has the sequel) or the PS2 which leaves no real reason for a buy if you've played it before. If not, then use your hard-earned money on an old title. To simplify this more: Dreamcast: Fun! GameCube: been there, done that.

Replay Value (6.7)

Crazy Taxi, an arcade game at heart, does not offer too much for future playing. No multi-player hurts the game and the modes will grow tiresome quickly. A rush the first time, but crazy money cannot be made forever.

Overall (Not An Average)

All this negative talk about Crazy Taxi may leave you feeling very doubtful about the game. Don't be discouraged. It is a very fun title. The thing that will turn you off is if you've played it before. Do not buy this game for over $20.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/04/02, Updated 06/04/02

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