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Reviewed: 08/12/02 | Updated: 08/12/02

Crashed and burns like a car wreck.

I’ve had this game a while, never opened (Christmas gift), since I already had the DC version. I just today felt like seeing if it was any better, maybe there were a few changes here and there, so I opened it, and put it in. As I watched it seemed to be the same ole game, which I wouldn’t have mind, but once I started playing, I quickly shut it off. Most of my reviewing was based upon how it compared with the DC version.

Gameplay (06/10)

I’ll give the game a bit of credit of credit here. The game can be fun to play once in a while, and the cars do run smooth, but seem a bit too smooth, especially when compared to the DC version. I know the game is meant to be crazy, but there are certain things, like physics, a game shouldn’t mess around with too much. But as I, as usual, ended up just ferrying customers between two or three places, and no where else. The game play just feels much more real on DC than on GCN, and the horn feature means absolutely nothing to me.

Story (02/10)

Story? This game leave you with no story to listen to at all. At least a bit of information on the company would have been nice. I raised it up to two, since it doesn’t really need one, but more information should be around.

Audio (3/10)

This is actually the biggest thing that turned me away. In the very beginning, music sounded the same, as did the narrator’s, for lack of a better name, voice. I started playing in Arcade mode, as soon as I picked my character and heard the voice change, I could not believe how horrible it sounded. It sounds like something trying to impersonate a human voice, and failing. I kept playing, hoping some one else’s voice was similar, or changed for the better, but my hopes dropped as I heard it customers voice, each one sounded much higher than they should be. I even noticed changes in the voice scripts. Each one seemed to bring the game “down” to Nintendo’s supposedly “kiddy” reputation, tauntingly. As far as the music went, the music used in the game wasn’t my favorite, but it was good for the game. However, the small selection does make me want to keep a while between playing the game, since it can get boring after a while. ''If it ain't broke, don't fix it.''

Video (05/10)

Most of the graphics did come off as fairly good, the characters needed to have more work done on them. Each character seemed to have an expression engraved on their faces, permanently. The movements of the characters also looked a bit choppy, but weren’t too bad. I was really hoping to see some changes from the DC version’s graphics, myself.

Challenge (04/10)

The good thing is, there’s always your high scores to beat in arcade mode, but you’ll probably notice yourself doing remarkable similar things each time. The bad thing is, the Crazy Box challenges seemed a lot easier for some reason. I’m certain it’s not the controller differences, as I still use both controllers a lot, and I am very used to each. Most likely, it’s a result of the taxis running impossibly smooth.

Replayability (03/10)

The game can get addicting, there are codes in case you get you get bored with the same people, going to the same place, but the monotony of the music, and/or character appearances will get to you, and you’ll want to leave a few days between “play sessions”. A random character/destiny generator would definitely had a great impact on this game, and though, there probably is one, it most likely doesn’t start unless there are an extremely low amount of fairs around the city.

Overall (3/10)

In the end, this game will cost you money, and you might in the end regret that. A lot more could have been done to shape up the Game Cube release. They also should have left DC’s “original” city in DC, and created a newer version for GCN.

Buy? Rent? Arcade?

Don’t bother buying this one. It’s half-decent as a rental, but for the best gaming experience, get to an arcade with this game if you can find one.

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