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"Fun, But Not In The Way The Creators Expected."

Gameplay - 4/10 -

This game's gameplay is fun, but annoying. I disliked how ''L'' and ''R'' were the primary uses for the accelerator and brake, but after I got used it, it was alright. Also, I never felt like I ever had control of the vehicle. I felt like it would often slip and slide on and off the road, and I never felt like the vehicle was in my command. The turns were hard to make, and sharp turns were nearly non-existent. Anyhow, the gameplay is alright, but nothing spectacular.

Story - Not Applicable -

There really isn't a story here. Your goal is to drive your taxi around and to pick off and drop off customers in the allotted period of time. That's all there really is. There's no plot, and I felt as if this game was awfully short. Being no plot, there was an awful lot of space left on the disc.

Audio and Video - 7/10 -

The Video here was decent. It wasn't anything great, but it worked. It wasn't incredibly terrible to the point where it needed at least another year in the programming, but it was good enough that enough time was taken in it for it to appeal to the eye, and work for its cause.
The Audio here was great. I loved a lot of the songs as I was playing, and it really got me going to play more. Sometimes, I'd just play for ten minutes, explore the area where you deliver people, and just listen the music. I really enjoyed this section.

Replayability - 8/10 -

This game is easily replayable since there's no plot, in fact you have to play it over and over again, and it's really just your goal to get the best license. This game seems more like an arcade game than a console one, in that your goal is to get the high score and not to really advance anywhere in the title.

Buy or Rent - Taste-Dependent -

If you feel like you play a lot of your GameCube games constantly, then I feel as if you should buy this game. If not, then give it a rent, because there's really no goal to complete in this game, and it's only for the fun of playing as a taxi driver.

Final Thoughts -

I felt like this game was fun, just because you can drive through New York City as a taxi driver, and you can really just explore the city to the best of your potential. That's all there really is to this game, and I really enjoyed that in it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/25/02, Updated 10/23/02

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