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"It's time for my Crraaaaaaaaaazzzzzy review!"

Crazy Taxi is a taxi simulation made by Sega. Well, it's more like a CRAAAAAZY simulation. This game is possibly my favorite racing game (if it counts as a racing game). Crazy Taxi has no real story line, but it has loads of fun in it. Also,a fun fact is that the Original level is the same level going down as the first level in Sonic Adventure 2. Yes, I do notice every little thing. Now, on to the review.

GAMEPLAY - Quite a fun game. It is one of the best Sega games I have ever played, and I have played ALOT of Sega games.. The game has it's easy parts and hard parts, also. You can choose wether or not to put the traffic, or time limit on hard. It is somewhat more fun on hard, but my brother-in-law likes it on easy, so it's your choice.

STORY - Well, there isn't really a story to this game. But it doesn't take out of the fun. All the game is, is just 4 people, Axel, B.D. Joe, Gena, and Gus are trying to get their taxi cab liscenses. That's about it. Well, it's still quite fun.

AUDIO/VIDEO - SUPERB! The songs while playing are songs from Offspring and Bad Religion. Personally, I don't care for Bad Religion, but I really like the Offspring. The 2 Offspring songs are ''All I want'' and ''Way Down the Line''. The 2 Bad Religion songs... I don't know, but there is Offspring. The video is... well... there aren't really any videos in the game. But hey, umm... it's got Offspring.

REPLAYBILITY - This game has no end! You can play over and over and it won't really end. I've played it for quite a few hours already. It has Arcade mode, Original mode, and Crazy Box mode. Crazy Box mode has alot of missions and stuff for you to do. Arcade mode is the level in the arcade mode, and the original mode is the dreamcast version's level. But the2 levels are huge. I mean REALLY big. I haven't even seen everywhere yet. And I've played for about 20 hours already.

BUY OR RENT - Depends. If you're a fan of racing games, most likely you'll love this game. But if you're not really real fond of racing games like me, rent it first. Although I encourage everyone to rent before they buy. I love this game though, it is definately ATLEAST worth a rent by anyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/07/02, Updated 09/07/02

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