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Reviewed: 09/23/02 | Updated: 09/23/02

Pure fun, not your average driving game by any means.

This game has been out for a few years now, and Acclaim decided to make a port to the GameCube console. The basic idea is for you to drive around the city, picking up pedestrians who need a ride, and take them where they need to go. Sounds kinda silly, doesn't it? Well, so does the concept of Super Mario Sunshine at first, but it's a great game. And so is this.

As I stated, your main purpose is to drive pedestrians to their stated destination. The faster you make it, the more money you earn. The more money you earn, the higher class of license you earn. Of course, you do have a time limit to accomplish this task, but it is reasonable. And it's FUN. I don't think I'll say this enough, but this game is so much FUN! You have your standard Arcade mode, where you have a preset number of seconds to drive around as many people as you can. These seconds increase as you pick up a person, but not by much. Or, you can just drive around for a preset number of minutes with no increase in time. In the Original Mode, there is no preset time, and you just earn seconds as you pick up pedestrians to drive around. There are also extra features in a mode called Crazy Box, where you can play mini-games such as popping balloons or clearing a certain distance of jumping. These really add to the fun factor of the game... not that it really needed an add to fun factor much, but the monotony can certainly set in sometime soon.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful. Cars run smoothly on the road. The people on the side of the road do look a little funny, but you don't really pay that much attention to them. Bright blues light up the sky, and the buildings are very-well detailed.

The control here is fairly simple, you can also change it to your liking. The default when you start out the game is accelerate with R, brake with L, change to reverse gear with B, and change to forward gear with A. It does take getting used to if you leave it this way, as I'm used to pressing A to accelerate. It ends up working out quite nicely though.

There aren't many different tracks for the background music, and it's far from memorable... I usually don't really pay attention to the music anymore. The sounds are excellent, from a pedestrian screaming at you to pay attention to the road when you crash, to their complimenting you on your driving (in)ability, to the sounds of a crash in the road caused only by you. :] But again, you'll likely find yourself listening to your favorite CD instead of enjoying the background music for too long.

I just can't stop playing this game... seriously. I'm gonna wear down one of my controllers before I'm through with this game, I can see it now. This game is just so much fun and so addictive... hands-down, a very unique game from Acclaim that you won't be disappointed with if you like good, clean fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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