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Reviewed: 10/15/02 | Updated: 10/15/02

Sure it's a rehash of a Dreamcast classic, but it's still fun!

Jump in, sit down and buckle up, Crazy Taxi is ready to take you wherever you want to go - taking the shortest possible route. Whether it is jumping off the top of a building or careering through a bunch of innocent pedestrians, your mission is to get your passenger where they want to go, now. If you don’t get them their quick enough they will jump out of your taxi and you won’t get paid – tough break. However, if you’re quick enough the rewards are plentiful with bonus cash for speedy drivers.

With four different cabbies to choose from (Axel, B.D. Joe, Gina and Gus) and a huge map full of waiting customers, the game doesn’t get boring quick. There is no way to clock the game, just keep going for as long possible and rack up as much money as you can. The more money you get the higher your final ranking will be and it’s a constant struggle to keep improving with the ultimate aim to post as higher score as possible

In Crazy Taxi money can also be earned by pulling off a variety of tricks. These include the ‘Crazy Through’, ‘Crazy Drift’ and ‘Crazy Jump’. The ‘Crazy Through’ is performed by going as closely as possible to other cars without hitting them. The closer you are and the faster you are going increase the amount of cash earned. The Crazy Drift trick is basically turning sharply and sliding around a corner, much like a rally car. Leaping into the air is what the ‘Crazy Jump’ is all about. The higher and faster you go the more money you get. As you drive along you can build up trick combo’s and earn massive amounts of cash on a single fare. Nice! The ‘Crazy Dash’ can also be performed and this gives a serious speed boost that comes in handy for those longer distance fares.

The gameplay engine behind Crazy Taxi is what makes it so good though. A real sense of speed can be felt as your Taxi hurtles down a hill with a passengers screaming as you narrowly miss cars and avoid trees, buildings and other objects. The graphics are very colourful and in places heavily detailed with some very pretty backdrops. All is held together with a solid framerate that rarely drops, if it ever does. Music is also great with faced paced tracks from the Offspring and Bad Religion to get your heart pounding even more.

Crazy Taxi for GameCube has two main levels – Arcade and Original. Arcade is the same level from the arcade version (duh) which you can enjoy right now at Stages. The Original level is a different map which is just as good and adds a lot of variety to the game. There is also a mode called ‘Crazy Box’ where players must complete wacky challenges to open up bonus taxi’s and other easter eggs.

It’s a true testament to Crazy Taxi that the game has featured on so many systems already the Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and now the Nintendo GameCube! It continues to sell strongly for each system and it is obvious why – it’s so much fun! The increasing number of clones that are becoming available as a result of the success Crazy Taxi has experienced. Most notably ‘The Simpson’s: Road Rage’, set to hit GameCube very soon. All that aside, Crazy Taxi is a must play, it’s great fun especially for those that generally aren’t into video games because of it’s colourful presentation and simple gameplay. While the game lacks a multiplayer mode you can still challenge friends and see who can pull together the most money. Crazy Taxi is certainly a great game and a must buy for any fan of the arcade original.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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