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"Mmm... Taxi"

Remember when the Dreamcast was state of the art, when they were 200$ apiece and were wanted in every household? Well, the Dreamcast is old now and is worth about 50$ at you're nearest game shop. So with the Dreamcast withering on the floor, Sega decided to create a port of one of the most liked games of this era and bring it to the Gamecube. Crazy Taxi is good, not great.

Graphics say a lot about a game, mainly showing how much the designers cared and loved for it. The graphics in Crazy Taxi were phenomenal on the Dreamcast, but mediocre for the Gamecube. With obvious slowdown and glitches up the wazoo, this game isn't much of a sight. (why does Grandma J. kiss Gena when she's dropped off?)

Sound: 8/10
The sound of the game is beautiful with jeers and cheers from the customers, cab noises, and booming tracks from Offspring and Bad Religion. What I do find wrong with the sound is that it gets very, very repetitive. The cabbies and customers repeating the same remarks over and over again would drive the average gamer crazy. And, to top it all off, there are only three different customer voices.

Control: 10/10
What is there to say, there's nothing wrong about it. The controls are responsive and the buttons seem to be perfectly placed. Combined with the Gamecube controller, driving ''CRAZILY'' is no problem at all.

Game play: 7/10
Very fun, but very repetitive and sometimes frustrating. Play for 10 minutes and Play by arcade rules were the perfect idea for the game. But Play for 3 minutes and play for 5 minutes aren't all that good. Crazy Box is also pretty nice. Created to test your skills, this game mode contains missions such as ''Crazy Jump'' and ''Crazy Bowling'' that can generate expressions from, ''that was easy'', to soft whimpers.

Replay ability: 9/10
This game easily lasted me two months. Striving to beat records and finishing Crazy Box, while shedding a tear when I first saw those credits roll by was a great experience for me, and maybe for other gamers as well. But, once you've beaten the game, Crazy Taxi just becomes an item that is only brought out during parties. So, do yourself a favor, if you own the game, and you've beaten it, delete your file and start over.

Overall: 7/10
Overall, this game is pretty good. And, for the price it can be bought at, (20$), it is a must-have for any Gamecube owner. Just don't expect anything revolutionary.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/08/03, Updated 01/08/03

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