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"A fun game that lacks options"

On November 18th, 2001 I got my gamecube along with three games. One of them was Crazy Taxi. I had played the Dreamcast version in a store one time and loved it, so I had to get it when I found out the new Gamecube would get it. Looking back, I wasted my money.

The game really never gives you any story, but if you look in the games instruction manual, you can read about it. Basically you are a cab driver for a company that wants to instead of just drive people where they want to go, give them a thrilling (and near death) experience,. What more could you need?

The gameplay in Crazy Taxi consists of driving around a city in your cab, looking for people who are showing they want to go somewhere by emitting a mysterious ring of light, and then drive them places. You are timed once you pick someone up, and then you have to race as fast as you can with as much style to their destination. Once you get there they will pay you depending on how fast you made it there and how you looked doing it. Crashing and running people over for example will make them unhappy but making jumps and weaving flawlessly through traffic will gain you extra money. The gameplay is pretty fun.

The controls are really simple for this game. You use the R button to go, and the L button to brake. This was nice the first day I got my Gamecube because I was just getting used to the controller so it was cool to have simple controls. The transfer to reverse is sometimes annoying but the controls are still okay.

Crazy Taxi was originally an arcade game, and then a Dreamcast game. The graphics aren't much different from the Dreamcast versions. That doesn't mean they are bad but they aren't as good as some other Gamecube games. Still, they pass for this game just fine.

While you drive around the levels you are treated to some in game music. There is music by the Offspring and some other rock group. It's okay but it gets annoying as the replay the same things a lot. The sound clips are what makes this game funny. The games announcer is very strange and likes to yell. At the title screen is screams at you about being crazy or something, and when you pick an option he also screams at you. The people you pick up when you drive around are all different and have different personalities. They laugh when you do fun maneuvers but they make fun of you and yell when you crash. Sometimes they say really funny things but other times they are annoying. There is a nice variety of sound clips though.

This is part of what ruins the game. It is very fun to play, but they hardly give you anything to do. You have 4 characters to choose from, 2 levels, and that's it! The modes are pretty much all the same and you never are really challenged to do anything different. Also, they don't even have a multiplayer option. There is not much to do in this game.

Thanks to the lack of options in Crazy Taxi, the replay is horrible. After a few days of playing you will have seen everything and will be bored. This is one game you should definitely just rent.

Fun Factor
As I said before, it is very fun to play but the lack of things to do makes this game boring. Rent this game and you will see everything there is to see. Buying it would be a waste of money.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/22/03, Updated 03/22/03

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