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"Just a copy of the Dreamcast version"

I played Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast and had an awesome thrill with it. When I got the Gamecube version game for my cousins and was playing it at their house, it was really, really bad. First things first. In Crazy Taxi, you are a city cabbie driver. Passengers need to get to their destination FAST, and tip you if you get there quickly. Not only that, but if you do dangerous stunts like go off a ramp or swerve through traffic, they tip you also. The more you do, the more you get paid. You’re earning your license and the more money you make, the higher you get - up to Class S.

The Original Mode is the main part of it, a different city layout. The Original Mode city is pretty impressive, more detailed than the DC version of it. They have a subway and train system, a highway, a bridge, and quite a few places to do suicidal jumps. There's also a pier, where you can drive into the water. It was very cool to be able to ramp up jumps, even if I wouldn't make it on time. However, there was no museum, which I was pissed off at. Driving through the fountain was a blast, but now it's not there.

In the Arcade mode, it's a different city and different, but same cabbies and people. The city is (what I guess) San Francisco, dominated by buses and hills. People are more impatient and lazy - I was ferrying people a couple of blocks for about $80 a pop. It's a nice change of a city, but way too frustrating - the buses. You can't ram a bus out of the way (you can with cars) and there were so many that I was having too much frustration and not enough fun.

Yet disappointingly, The replay value gets shot down the drain almost instantly. I played a few 10-minute sessions and I was seeing the same people get in the cab, the same destinations, and getting familiar way too quickly on the street layouts. The remarks and quips became old quickly - like ''Dude, I didn't hit you. Get in the car!'' ''Can't you drive?'' ''Are you blind?'' It was a one-night stay over and in just a day, I pretty much knew where all the destinations were.

What's worse, they actually REMOVED some stuff in the Gamecube version, for no apparent reason. Instead of being able to pick two to four people at one time, you can only pick up one person at a time. Forget about racking up huge tips on a long ferrying ride, because you only get to pull stunts and tricks for one passenger and that time is pretty short. This removal alone is aggravating because it gives me no choice except to take one-passenger rides.

Crazy Box is the last feature they put in to add to the game. You have to do sixteen crazy missions which go from having to make a few sharp U-turn curves in forty seconds, popping twenty balloons, and dropping off a few passengers in a time limit. While crazy, they seemed too easy. I couldn't do the drop-off passengers (there are four of them), but I did like six of them with minimal effort. And after that, I was just beating my time and distance records.

Sega could have really made Crazy Taxi much better and distinguish it from the DC version. They could have added features like a two-player mode (is it in the Dreamcast?), more cities, multiplayer, continuations, using money to upgrade your cab, and some other things. In this Gamecube version, you can't pick different cities (you have to change modes), there are few destinations, and repetitive remarks and quips. Instead of being better, the GC version of Crazy Taxi almost exactly mirrors the Dreamcast version, except for a few things they removed.

My recommendation: Rent it, and if you like it, buy it. If you experience what I have just described, however, you will be bringing it back to Blockbuster to stay.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/18/04

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