Review by Rasmiel

Reviewed: 08/20/04

Buy this game only if you are crazy.

Crazy Taxi was my third game for the awesome system of GameCube. The title somehow strucked me into thinking that it's something to play if you love driving the gangster way. After playing for the first time, my original thoughts about this game got crashed and burned, thus inspiring me to share my pain with you.

Graphics: 7
It's not bad overall, the roads are beautifully drawn and cars are well detailed, you could even see logos and number plates. Now the actual people are a bit of problem. While roads and cars maybe beautiful, people somewhat look like they are little action figures with AA batteries giving them life. That reminds me of N64. Hey, Acclaim, This is GameCube! When your customers talk trash to you when you are having trouble driving, they vertically wave their arm. Their fingers are presented as one little box, and they wave their arm as if they are trying to karate chop you. Seriously, they really could have done a better job at that.

Music/Sound: 7
Again, a good rating overall. Music is well recorded, and they are all Hard Metal. What if you don't like Hard Metal? Well too bad, because there aren't any other genre, or an option to turn it off. It is repetitive as well, it gets annoying after a while. This leads me into thinking that Acclaim doesn't posses any taste of music.

Sound, well done. There are sounds for nearly everything, crashing onto building, splashing into the water, etc. People talk, but it's also repetitive, and it's basic. For example, if you do good at serving, they say something like "Wow you're a good drive!" or "Alright, I got here faster than I thought!". If you do bad, the obvious comes in and you are told that you suck, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Gameplay: 2
When I bought this game, I was thinking more of crashing into other cars, or busting up innocent people. What did I get? A goodie goodie safe driving game with a little twist. This isn't anything "CRAZY". All you do is pick up a customer, drive them to their destination as fast as possible. You get bonus if you pass other cars safely, and you lose points when you crash into them. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE CRAZY!

There are few techniques as well, but the majority of them are basic techniques seen on regular roads daily. Like "Crazy Draft" being the U-turn, and "Crazy Accelerate" being the basic acceleration. So to wrap it all up, they just renamed basic techniques and slapped them into a game so called "Crazy Taxi".

There aren't many modes either. All the modes are basically the same, the final objective is to earn money. *Sigh*. There's only one exception, which is a tutoring of the techniques such as ones mentioned above. You clear them, your record gets filed, blah blah blah.

Controls: 3
Let me tell you, the techniques you learn, they are almost impossible to master. They got crazy combinations. Yeah, this is the only thing crazy about this game. An example; you press L, release, press R, press the analog stick forward, press L, and then press A to do the Crazy Acceralation. Try multiplying that by 10. That's basically what you must master. They pretty much no use. All you need to know in order to be successful is to press the accelerate button and control your taxi with the analog stick. Yay, joy.

Replay Value: 1
I would have given this a zero if I could. There's nothing exciting after playing it through the first time. All you could do is get Grade A on everything...That's pretty much it.

Buy or Rent?
Rent. If the renting fee is more than $3, don't rent it. Heck, if you see this game being sold for more than $50, sue the store, because this is not what it say in the title.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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