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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Ded

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ()------------------------------------()                           __
           ____                                           MM             /  \ 
          |    \         __   _     _                    /..\           (    )
           \    \   __  /  \ \ /   [_]                  ( \/ )           \__/
           | |)  ) /  \ ( \- | |    _  _ __         _____|  |_____    
           /    / ( () )_\ ) |  ^\ | || -_ \       /              \     
          |____/   \__/ \__/ |_()_||_||_( )_|     / /\          /\ \  
                     _    _     __               / /  \        /  \ \ 
                   _( (_ | |   /  \             / /    |      |    \ \  
                   |_  _||  `\ ( o/            ( (     |      |     ) )   _----_
              ____   \_\ |_n_| \__/     <v> _--| |-_   |      |     | | _-/^^\  
             / ___\  _             _--_--|--   | |  -_ |      | _---| |- //vv\\  
            / /  _  [_]  __          _ -_      | |    -|      |-    | |    || 
           (  ( | /  _  /__\  _ __ _( (_ -_    | |---_ |      |     | |  _-||-_
            \  \| | | |( \/ || -_ \|_  _|  ----| |_   -|      |--_ _| |_-      -
             \____\ |_| \_,_||_( )_| \ \       \  _\   |  ()  |   /_  /          
                                      \_|       \_\    |      |    /_/ 
                                                      __\ || /__        
        ()-----------------------------------()      /____/\____\       
          (     "Doshin the Giant" Players Guide version 1.1      )
          (          Created by Ded - ded_uk@yahoo.com            )
                           version 1.1 - 3/10/2002
      (00)------ Contents ------(00)
     01} Introduction
     02} Story
     03} Aim of the Game
     04} Game Controls
     05} Game Basics
     06} Islanders and Villages
     07} Monuments
     08} Disasters
     09} Boxes
     10} End of Game
     11} Hints
     12} FAQ
     13} Credits
      (01)---- Introduction ----(01)
    Doshin the Giant is a game made by Param and Nintendo. It was originally 
    made for the 64DD (a failed N64 add-on) and only released in Japan. The
    new version was remade for the Gamecube, and so far has only been released 
    in Japan and Europe. If it does well in Europe it will probably be released 
    in the US as well.
    The game is about a giant who looks after a small island and it's inhabitants.
    Basically it's a God Sim, and Doshin shapes the landscape and tends for the 
    islanders needs as you see fit. It takes a whopping 40 blocks on the memory
    card (plus 4 for each photo) so it might be good to splash out on a Memory 
    Card 251 ;)
    I made this guide because there didn't seem to be any help out there for 
    would-be giants! (If there is and it seems I'm just repeating what they said,
    sorry! I didn't know! @.@) Also, this may help anyone who has a Japanese copy 
    of the game but doesn't know Japanese. There are SPOILERS in this guide, but 
    as the game doesn't exactly have a huge progressing story, there's not much
    I can spoil!
      (02)-------- Story --------(02)
    (Taken from the instruction book) 
    "The Legend of a Giant
    This is Barudo-Island. A tropical island that you won't find on any map. 
    On this island there is an ancient legend from long ago.
    The legend is of a Giant that appears from nowhere.
    This mysterious Giant appears on the horizon at dawn and then just as 
    mysteriously disappears at sunset. However the next morning he appears again.
    There are many other mysterious things about the Giant. The strangest of all
    is that he grows bigger and bigger by absorbing the love and hate emotions of
    the islanders."
    The giant can take two forms, the gentle Love-Giant Doshin, and the angry 
    Hate-Giant Jashin. A giant only lives from sunrise to sunset, and in between
    that time he can interact with the island and it's inhabitants. When the sun 
    starts to set the giant will slow down and finally stop in place... and the 
    next day a new generation of giant will appear with the rising of the 
    sun, back to it's original size.
    Sodoru is a wise observer of Barudo-Island, somehow linked to it's past, and
    the giants. He gives helpful advice to you, and tells you of disasters and 
    occurrences happening on the island. ...He also warns of a great disaster to
    Barudo-Island if the Islanders build all 16 monuments...
     (03)--- Aim of the Game ---(03)
    Basically, your aim is to have the islanders build all 16 Monuments on the 
    Monument list. I will tell of what happens at the end of this guide, as it's
    kind of a spoiler!
    If you don't aim for this, you can just tend to the island and it's people 
    for as long as you like :)
     (04)---- Game Controls ----(04)
    Control Stick         - Walk around. Tilt slightly to move slowly
    Control Pad up        - Camera zoom-in
    Control Pad down      - Camera zoom-out
    C Stick               - Change camera angle
    Start                 - Pause (brings up Pause Screen)
    A button (Doshin)     - Hold to pick up objects, release to drop
                            Grab the ground and tilt Control Stick backwards to
                            pull up
    A button (Jashin)     - Smash objects/people, or the ground to level it out
                            Tilt Control Stick and press A to fire a flaming 
                            Shockwave (hold A to fire continually)
    B button              - Jump (dents the ground on landing) Jashin jumps 
                            higher than Doshin
                            Hold to glide in the air (Jashin only)
    A+B buttons           - Sit down (if done on a slope, you slide down it ^_^)
    X button              - Raise the ground in front of you
    Y button              - Lower the ground in front of you
    X+Y buttons           - Level the ground in front of you (can only be done 
                            at a certain height)
    L button              - Change between Jashin and Doshin
    R button              - Take a photo (takes 4 memory blocks to save)
    Z button              - Toggle view of the Map
     (05)----- Game Basics -----(05)
    You start after an intro, and some advice from Soduro. Basically you just 
    do what the people ask of you, through little Desire-Icons above their 
    head. These desires could be moving trees to them (trees give energy to 
    the ground, and buildings can be created), raising/lowering the ground for
    them, moving something out of their way, or getting them a Flower (more on 
    that later). The more you fulfil their desires the more Love Hearts they 
    will give you :) If you manage to circle the whole screen in Hearts the giant
    will grow!
    As you grow, it makes things much easier to do. You can pick up bigger 
    buildings, move faster, and change the landscape more extensively. BUT BE 
    WARNED! The bigger you become, the more likely you can tread on the people
    or their buildings! And unless you're trying to ruin a village or get Hate
    skulls, this is not advisable ^.^;
    Talking of Hate Skulls, these work like hearts, except you get them when the
    people are angry or sad with you. Once you circle the screen with Skulls, you 
    will grow. Just the sight of Jashin will make the people scared, and if you 
    start stamping on them all, you'll grow huge in no time. Of course, it'll take
    a lot of work for that village to love the giant ever again!
    Once a village has progressed to a nice size, the people will want to build a
    Monument! They will ask for a Flower, which is grown by bringing 7 trees close 
    to each other. The trees will wither and die, but 8 new ones will grow in their 
    place, as well as a small red flower :) The people will use it to create one 
    of the 'regulation' Monuments (no Flower = a non-regulation Monument, which 
    won't feature on the Monument list, thus won't count towards the 16 you need)
    (Jashin also seems to be able to grow Flowers by slamming the ground near a 
    patch of 7 or more trees)
    NOTE: You can only have one Flower on the whole Island at a time, and if you 
    try to grow a new one, it will wither and die before you can even pick it up.
    The Flower will appear on the map, so if you can't grow a new one, there is 
    probably already one around. They also seem to die on Wasteland as well 
    (Wasteland is areas with no trees nearby).
     (06)Islanders and Villages(06)
    Ahh the little people! It's what it all comes down to, and the giant can 
    protect or destroy these happy little humans at a slightest whim! 
    ...it really makes you think, huh? ;)
    There are 4 'races' of humans. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. When you start
    you'll find a few of each scattered about the island. They can be 
    distinguished by the colour of their clothes. If they have all they need 
    they will build houses and farms (producing livestock too!), and bigger 
    buildings such as grain towers, water mills, and holiday resorts. Once these 
    are complete they will start on Monument. When the Monument is done the 
    village is complete! The people go about their business and play, but won't
    build anymore unless a building collapses.
    There needs to be trees near all their constructions, if not the buildings 
    will eventually fall down! Keep trees near and around the buildings, at 
    least seven per village. They will eventually start to wither and die (if 
    near water, trees live longer), so it's best to take 7 dead trees and 
    gather them together to regrow new ones! This is also good to get a village 
    their needed flower, but be careful where the trees grow! Could be right 
    on top of a building site, so the people will want you to move it.
    NOTE: If you kill a human in any way, their body turns into a Lonely Flower 
    and their spirit floats to the heavens. A Lonely Flower is a small purple 
    flower that will eventually grow into a new tree.
    You can exchange cultures and create new ones, as well as new Monuments! 
    Pick up one coloured person, bring them to a different coloured village, 
    and they exchange cultures! If the village is still being developed, 
    building-types from the new person will be built, and mixed-race people will
    be born ^_^ This way, they can build a more advanced Monument for your list.
    You need to do this exchange of cultures to get all the monuments, and 
    usually the people like to mix!
    NOTE: You can tell what race a completed village is by the flags that fly 
    around the monuments. Also the colour and style of the buildings show what
    race their residents are.
    Now, if you want to START a village from scratch, you find a nice flat, 
    large piece of land, with enough trees to get started. Make sure it is a 
    good distance away from a current village, else it won't be created. Take 
    one male and one female to the land, and put them next to each other. If 
    all goes well, they will make a village on the spot! The race of the people 
    will decide on the culture of the village. Say, mix a green male with a 
    yellow female, and you get a green/yellow village.. then after they 
    progress a bit add a red person.. and you have a green/yellow/red village! 
    And so on.. easy! :)
     (07)------ Monuments ------(07)
    As I've already said, Monuments are built once the village gets to a certain
    size. Regulation Monuments are built when a Flower is near the building site, 
    and once one is made, adds to your Monument List (found in the Pause Screen - 
    which also shows what village colours you need to make it) The 16th and final 
    Monument is built after all the others are made.. but legend tells 
    of a terrible disaster if it is!
    Monument List: (**SPOILER** I guess..)
      Name                    Culture Colour         Description
    01)X-Type Dolmen        - red                    (giant stone diagonal 
    02)Gate-Type Dolmen     - blue                   (Stonehenge-type 'gate')
    03)Holey Dolmen         - yellow                 (giant stone ring)
    04)Pillar-Type Dolmen   - green                  (giant stone golf-tee/ball 
                                                     looking thing) 
    05)Council Hall         - red/blue               (large curve-roofed 
    06)Fountain             - yellow/red             (huge stone fountain)
    07)Watchtower           - red/green              (tall wooden tower)
    08)Tombstone            - yellow/blue            (giant flower-shaped 
    09)Moai                 - green/blue             (huge pot with a large 
                                                     face painted on it)
    10)Totem Pole           - yellow/green           (tall wooden pole with 
                                                     a parasol at the top)
    11)Wood Figure          - yellow/blue/red        (giant wooden animal)
    12)Big Eagle Statue     - red/green/blue         (big stone statue.. 
                                                     of an eagle..)
    13)Sphinx               - yellow/red/green       (big stone sphinx)
    14)Pyramid              - yellow/blue/green      (big stone pyramid)
    15)Mysterious Symbol    - yellow/blue/green/red  (huge stone symbol of 
                                                     the giant)
    16)Tower of Babel       - N/A                    (MASSIVE stone tower!)
    These are the Love versions of the Monuments, built when the villagers 
    like the giant :) But when they hate the giant, Hate versions will be 
    made.. they are generally more spiky and evil looking. It was said 
    that you need to build both the Love AND Hate version of the first 
    15 Monuments to get the 16th, but I've found you just need to build 
    any version of the first 15, and then destroy the last one, so they'll 
    make the 16th.
    There is also the Ornamental Hairpin, which is the giant's starting 
    position. You can move this around and place it where you want to start
    the next day :) it saves a lot of walking later on.
     (08)------ Disasters ------(08)
    Natural disasters! Noooo! There are a few different types of disaster that
    the villagers and giant have to deal with.
    *Tornados* - these are a pain to try and counter! Close up they throw and 
    spin the giant around, and can demolish buildings easily! It's best to try
    and grown a mountain in it's erratic path, as tornados can't get past a 
    mountain. Of course, this is difficult while the thing is throwing you 
    about! But do you best, try not to step on anyone, and help rebuild after 
    the thing is gone. Better yet, build mountains around the villages before 
    such a thing can happen!
    *Local Downpours* - these are small rain clouds than pour down and flood your
    village! These are another annoying disaster, cause once a building is 
    pushed underwater it collapses! They usually strike on flat ground, usually
    islands. A few well placed mountains around the edges of the village 
    usually keep them from striking. You can get rid of the rain clouds by 
    jumping and head butting them.. unfortunately Doshin has to be quite big to 
    do this, and might squash people underfoot.. Jashin can, but he scares the 
    villagers! I would say the best bet is to let the rain run it's course, and 
    then help rebuild....
    *Volcanic Eruption* - argh! There's nothing you can do to stop one if it's 
    started! And as far as I can tell they seem to start randomly, usually in an 
    area of land you happen to be reshaping.. the land will rise up rapidly, and 
    will erupt, shooting out balls of flaming rock! I find the best way to keep 
    it at bay is stand in the centre (it can't hurt the giant) and lower the 
    ground as best you can. If you can, shield any nearby villages with raised 
    ground, and hopefully all the rock will shoot the other way. Once it 
    subsides, break up any rocks left over by stamping on them, or smash them 
    with Jashin.. they can roll into a village and cause damage otherwise.
    *Fires* - not too tricky, usually appear in large mountain regions. One is 
    easy to stop, by either stamping up and down on it, or lowering the ground 
    in it's path so a pool of water puts it out (much quicker). They will destroy 
    a building instantly if they reach one, and if you have more than one fire 
    going act quick! They will spread like.. well, wildfire!
    *Attack of the Nortys!* - Nortys are large, nasty-looking spirits of the 
    islanders jealousy. They run in and steal the trees in a village. I've 
    never had to contend with these guys (not that I've seen anyway!) But it's 
    recommended to stomp on them or attack them with Jashin one at a time (be 
    careful with Jashin, he'll upset any islanders nearby).
    *Edge of the World* - Unlikely to ever effect the villagers (unless you get 
    them to build RIGHT at the edge!) But if the giant feels like walking off 
    the edge to see what happens.. GAME OVER! The giant falls into oblivion, 
    the game ends, and that day's progress doesn't count. That's it, really..
    I find the giant can sometimes cause more damage than he stops when a 
    disaster hits (especially if you do it as Jashin, who happens to be better 
    at stopping disasters), but they can level a whole town sometimes if you 
    don't act!
    NOTE: The disaster location will flash on the map (I personally keep the 
    map on most of the time). They usually occur close to the giant's location 
    anyway (handy huh?).
     (09)-------- Boxes --------(09)
    Boxes appear all over the island :) they hold various bonuses for the giant 
    and the land. The giant can find them by picking up houses (the bigger he 
    is, the bigger house he can pick up, and the better box he can find!). These 
    usually have a symbol on top telling you what is inside.. it could be Hearts 
    or Skulls for the giant, or a burst of fresh trees to grow on the nearby 
    land, or even a small selection of new Islanders (random race)!
    Special boxes fall from the sky in random places around the island. These 
    can contain any of the things an ordinary box can... and it's rumoured 
    they can contain other things. I've not found anything else from one, but 
    apparently a Dolphin was found in one! (Perhaps a reference to the 
    Gamecube's original name? ^_~) 
    Also, sometimes the music will change (like when a village is created or 
    a disaster appears) when new boxes fall from the sky... but I've found 
    sometimes buildings are destroyed when this happens!! Perhaps the boxes 
    are hitting the buildings and blowing them up? Not sure, still need to 
    research this.. Oh, and it's said lazy villagers (the ones playing at 
    the edge of the village) know the way to new boxes... try this out, I've
    not found anything as of yet :/
    NOTE: Careful when opening boxes by stepping on them, as you may 
    accidentally squash any Islanders who come out!
    (10)----- End of game -----(10)
    Once your people have built the first 15 Monuments, they can be Love or 
    Hate versions, I found, then destroy one of the Monuments (check my Hints
    for the best way to do this). I personally destroyed the Mysterious 
    Symbol one, as it's number 15, but it probably doesn't matter which.
    Once it's gone, and the conditions are right to make a new Monument, they 
    will start to build the mighty Tower of Babel!! It really is huge compared 
    to the other Monuments, and once it's finished Sodoru will start telling you 
    how this final massive achievement is leading to the downfall of Barudo-
    Island! The tower blocks out the sun, and the land starts to crack up under 
    This leads to a cut-scene where the land is falling apart, and the people 
    are running in terror from the collapsing tower! But Doshin catches it 
    before it hits them! But it's too late :( Barudo, and everything on it, 
    falls into the sea.. the giant lies there.. and slowly changes into a 
    stone symbol of himself.
    A new day dawns, and today's Doshin stands on the stone giant symbol. It's 
    all that's left of Barudo.. but at the head of the statue are some little 
    alien people! They need the giant's help to build a Monument.
    Well, you had better take over here! It's relatively simple, get the land 
    ready for them, and make them a Flower. I'll let you find out what happens..
    Once the end credits pass, you go back to the title screen. There is the 
    option to start on a new island! Your Barudo has gone, but you can either 
    restart it from scratch, or choose from one of the new islands.
    Couple-Island - a few small islands in the middle of the sea
    Labyrinth     - a large maze made out of raised and lowered land
    Animal-Island - a pattern of small islands in the sea, and the land has a 
                    strange design on it..
    There is also a gap at the bottom of the new island list... could this be 
    space for a new one? I still need to find that out! :)
    (11)-------- Hints --------(11)
    These are observations and tips I've made from playing the game.
    *I find the best set up to start a village is a nice flat island, just of 
    the coast of the main Barudo landmass. have the land close to sea level,
    but not so much that the movement of the water floods the village. 
    Around the edges raise the land into a range of small mountains, this 
    keeps out most natural disasters. Have about 10 trees on, and a small 
    patch of trees nearby, outside of the village.
    *Be careful where you place your trees! You CAN crush buildings with a
    misplaced tree! Also, particularly after a resprouting, trees can block 
    buildings being built. Try to arrange them away from buildings, and from
    Monuments.. as the people always build a border around them, which are
    easy to trip over when you're trying to get trees out of the way!
    *Monuments seem to be built much faster when the giant stands near the 
    village than when he's out of sight of it.
    *The best way to destroy a monument, (or ANY building you don't like) 
    without having the people hate you, is to slowly lower it below sea
    level. Once it's sunk, raise the ground back up again! This works well 
    if they have built a Monument from one culture, then you add a new race, 
    and want them to build a new Monument!
    *Keep the map on most of the time, it's easy to get a little lost without
    it, and also good for finding out where disasters or Monuments are
    appearing. Also, when you hear the music change, try going to the Pause
    Screen and choosing Zoom In. This will show you close up what is happening.
    *If a village hates you, but you want them to love you again, you need
    to fulfil their desires. But what if they don't have any? Well then you
    MAKE some ;) Pluck a few trees to starve a building or two of green 
    energy, and when the people walk over and ask for a tree to repair the
    building, give it back! Keep doing this over and over, and they will
    eventually love you again!
    *You will probably work this out for your self, but to get to places 
    quicker than Doshin's slow lumber, turn into Jashin and glide there!
    Make sure you are far enough from a village before you change, or you'll
    scare them. If time is of the essence, time your last jump into a
    village while turning back into Doshin in the air.. you will continue
    to glide down, but the people won't freak out.
    *If you're quite small, and want to set up some land for a village,
    turn into Jashin (again, make sure no people are about) and flatten it
    down with his smash move! This should work even if you are small,
    as the level ground move won't work until a certain height.
    *Oh, and if you REALLY want to get big in a hurry, turn into Jashin and
    level a village or two! Keep the people alive for as long as possible
    for more Hate Skulls (if you leave, then go back to them, they will still
    hate you and give you Skulls! It's the same for Hearts, if the village love
    you! ^_^) You can only grown 15 times in one day, but that's pretty big!
    (12)--------- FAQ ---------(12)
    Some of these questions are from the Instruction book, and I'll use the 
    answers given there, plus some of my own.
    Q)Why do the islanders sometimes stop working?
    A)All the islanders on the island need some time to eat, play and sleep.
    If they are playing, then why not take some time to look around and enjoy
    If you're really finding it annoying, they say you can scare some life back
    into them to work by changing into Jashin and giving them a fright. Or use
    the tree-stealing hint, to starve a building of energy, they'll rush over
    to fix it. Should get them working again..
    Q)What happens after 50 days on the island?
    A)After 50 days there will be no new entries in the Book of Giants. But the
    conditions of the Island and it's inhabitants will still be kept to play with!
    So don't worry! :)
    Q)The people keep asking me to raise the ground, but then change their mind, 
    what's going on?
    A)It's probably due to the movement of the sea, if a part of the land is very
    close to sea level, then the water will keep rising and lowering, getting your
    people worried it will flood them. It usually never will, and you can leave it,
    but if it's annoying you, raise the ground slightly in the effected area.
    Q)I keep falling over and/or stepping on people! What should I do?
    A)Walk SLOWLY when you are bigger to avoid stepping on people (do this by only
    tiling the Control Stick slightly as you walk..). If you see the giant loose
    his balance, quickly tap up and down in succession to stop from falling over!
    Q)How do I stop my islanders from wanting to raise, then lower, then raise etc.
    the ground?
    A)Heh, the people really want the ground level for them to build on. If you
    raise it it'll be too high! If you lower it, too low.. it's best to try and
    get the land as flat as possible in the area they are all standing.
    Q)How do I stop running out of trees?? 
    A)Keep regrowing more! Easy as that :) a Tree Box is always helpful, but are 
    pretty random. So group together 7 or more trees to sprout more, it's always
    good to keep them fresh, so group the wilting brown trees :) they work just as
    well! And remember, trees near water last longer.
    Q)Buildings in villages keep exploding!! What's going on?
    A)I'm not 100% sure, but it could be a number of things.. as I mentioned before
    it might be falling Boxes (as I once saw it happen as they fell out of the 
    sky.) Or when the villages hate you, they build giant cannons! Perhaps they are
    shooting at each other? O.O
    Of course, it's probably something simple like a disaster that Sodoru doesn't
    tell you about! Not much you can do to stop it..
    Q)Do the Human Comments at the end of a day MEAN anything?
    A)Apparently so. They all refer to how you did, but they rarely focus on
    something important ^_^; You will get messages like "Give the humans back!"
    (Meaning you happened to take a person from one village to another) or "A near
    perfect result!" (Meaning you got hardly any Skulls.. I think). Anyway, it's
    best not to take the comments too much to heart, and concentrate on their
    reactions in-game.
    Q)How do I make the giant sleep? Like in the screenshot!!
    A)I managed to work this out, finally! You find a flat piece of land, and just
    leave the giant idle for about a minute.. and he'll fall asleep! I've found
    this is more likely to work in the middle of the day (after all, it's a
    midday nap!). 
    (13)------- Credits -------(13)
    Nintendo and Param, of course! Which this game is copyrighted to.
    But I pretty much wrote this myself except where stated, so:
    Keep ya thieving hands off! If you want to use it for whatever, just email
    me at ded_uk@yahoo.com and ASK! 
    Also email with any info on the game that I might 
    have missed out, please! I hopefully I will be updating this thing..

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