Review by ReD_TrUnks

"If you liked THPS1 or THPS2 then you will love this."

GAMEPLAY: Of course the basic design of thps3 is like the others but it still rocks! The new revert will allow for some killer unlimited combos. There are some of the normal goals in the career mode like attain certain scores (a lot higher to suit the game), do a certain move over a certain gap, break or change a couple of things in a level, etc. There are some more tricks (new awesome specials), and much smoother and 60 frame rate since of the GameCubes power. The new and special characters are really nice, like Jackasses Bam Margera, and some others. There is a lot more action in the levels, like cars and people walking around.

SOUND: Thps3 has a great selection of songs from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Xzibit. The sounds of bailing are a lot better if you compare the N64 or PS2 to GameCube if you listen really closely. Funny to hear the sounds of bones breaking too. There are a lot of people talking and some stuff they say is really funny.

CONTROL: The controls are awesome because of Nintendos hard work on the GameCube controller. Everything fits in just right. Another thing about control is that most people think that the GameCube D-Pad is too small but Thps3 was made for an analog stick, and you have more control in thps3 with the analog stick.

GRAPHICS: Of course the graphics are a spectacle to see on the GameCube. I don't like to say bad things about other systems but GameCubes graphics are better than the PS2. Everything is very detailed and nicely rounded.

FEATURES: The Park Editor is a lot more upgraded and Create-a-skater is really good. You can make yourself and your friends on them, almost exactly alike. The Movies are awsome thanks to Neversoft and Activision.

On a last note: you should defintly go drive to the store right now and get Thps3 for GameCube. I have been playing non-stop (except for now) for 2 weeks and I haven't gotten bored yet.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/01/01, Updated 12/01/01

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