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"The Best Launch Title for GAMECUBE!!"

Controls: 7
This game was obviously designed for the Play Station 2. The Controller is great for it if you use the Analog Stick.
But if you like the D-Pad then you may have a problem or two, considering the fact the D-Pad is exactly 3 quarters of an inch or in any case exactly the same size of the GBA D-Pad. The game is extremely hard to manuver with the D-Pad. Tricks are also hard to do with the D-Pad like a Varial Kickflip is Down/Left+B, you will have hard time doing Down/Right, Down/Left, Up/Left, or Up/Right the D-Pad.
The Analog stick is real nice on this game though, I love useing the Analog stick seeing my left thumb really hurts when I use the D-Pad for a long while. Doing tricks with the Stick is nice and easy with the the Four interface buttons, I think it is easier than the PS2 inter face buttons. But the only draw back besides the D-Pad is the two shoulder buttons it needed Four this game like the PS2 does. It gets confusing sometimes doing Nollie with the L Button then spinning with the L Button, but it feels extremely comfortable. If you are used the DC controller for THPS2 like I am, then this is an upgrade in the Controller category.

Gameplay: 10
This game is packed full of new stuff the game has a new career mode except for things like Hidden Tape, Skate, and High Score OR Pro Score. I think that the game is easier than THPS2, but it is still good and long. The games levels are massive compared to THPS2 and THPS1, but they still don't touch Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 the levels in that game are huge. It has a great Create-A-Skater I created a skater that looks some what like me, and it has every thing from hair color to wrist watches to scars on the skaters arm and now you can creat a female skater. The Park Editor is onesiple word......WOW!! It is like three times better than THPS2, and it takes up a mere 3 Blocks on the Memory card. The Park Editor has Loops, Trailers, Half Pipes, Rails, Bowls, Stairs, Funboxs, and everthing else.
Gameplay is great in this game now that you combine grinds, flip tricks, the new flat land tricks, the Revert to Manual,
and all the great old game play.

Graphics: 9
The Graphics seem a lot like a Dreamcast Game to me. The graphics aren't all that bad, but the game does just seem like THPS2 with a little bit of an upgrade. The Graphics aren't great for a GAMECUBE game because they just don't seem ALL that great. Also, there is that Frame Rate drop in the Higher levels like Tokyo wich is a REAL NICE LEVEL but the framrate makes it difficult to play. It goes from like 60-30 all over the place.

Sound: 10
The game has some great sound effects and the Los Angeles level is a great level to show it off. From the Car with the Boom-Box to the Earth Quake. Sound Effects in THPS3 is Top Notch all the way.

Music: 9
This game has an excellent sountrack. From MotorHead to Alien Ant Farm to Redman it is one of the best Sound Tracks of all time. And the sound track isn't torn up like the N64 Version of THPS2 was. I still like the THPS2 sound track the best out of the three games, it had great songs to skate to.

Loading Times: 7
The loading times for this game are pretty slow for a GAMECUBE game. Sometimes they take 7 seconds then they take 15 seconds.

Lasting Appeal: 10
This game has every thing from THPS2 including its addictive gamelay. The game will keep you busy for hours. I have probly played a good 60 hours already and it came out the 15th of November. Everthing is Three times that of THPS2 on N64. The FMV's are very nice to.

Overall: 9.1
The only thing that sets this game from a perfect 10 is the framerate, the D-Pad, and NO ONLINE PLAY. This is a must own game though!!!! I suggest you pick this one up right after you read this review.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/01, Updated 02/12/02

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