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"The best of the series, FAR ahead in features than the prequels"

Well this is MY FIRST review, pretty suprising considering I have been coming to GameFAQS for over 2 years! I'm writing one up about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, or THPS3. My personal view on this game is that though the game is superb, Neversoft and Activision COULD have added just a little bit more, considering the capabilities of the Gamecube and PS2. And I think it was dumb to put it out for PS1, because the same game out for two different systems, by the same company, both far separated in graphics capability, doesn't work for me. But this is about the gamecube version, so here we go!

GAMEPLAY: Alright, drumroll please.... Okay, no drumroll. THPS3 far surpasses every expectation I had for it.
The challenges, though some quite boring and time-devouring, are still quite entertaining. Not any Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, mind you, but it still is WAY better than THPS2.
Neversoft abandoned the money system from THPS2, I thought it was alright, but the stupid thing was having to collect all of the money icons from a level to finish the game completely.
THPS3 blends the best of the first two in the series, while adding a ton of new features and improvements that truly makes it shine as one of the best for Gamecube. The game is easy to get addicted to, and once you are, expect to spend hours trying to find a way to get that secret tape in Los Angeles.(Unless you use GameFAQS, of course)
There are some new tricks that really help, like the revert, which helps you continue your tricks after you come off a vert. The cannonball is another new one, which may be a basic grab, but it helps you out because 2 of the challenges require that you have it.
The Park editor has been fully revamped, in every way. Now you must EARN some items. Though there seem to be less items than THPS2, there really aren't.
The Create-A-Skater has been COMPLETELY and UTTERLY redone, totally blowing THPS2 away. Not only can you change your skater to look precisely the way you want, everything can have it's color changed.
In this game, you don't buy stats, you find them in levels, in the shape of orange icons. You also earn decks the same way! Overall, the gameplay is slightly repetetive, but perfect for fans of the series and newcomers, too.

Controls: ALRIGHT! Now there may be some speculation that people say the GC controller sucks, but believe me.... IT'S THE BEST. Those people haven't felt it. It fits perfectly in every hand. If you know how to use one of these fine pieces of technology well then THPS3 will be one of the easiest games to control.
One of the things I had to get used to was that the park editor used EVERY SINGLE button on the controller, each with a different purpose. But that was barely a downside. The controls for this game were superb!

Audio: What's that you say? This is a video game! Holy crap, I thought the guy telling me ''That was Sweeeeet!'' Was real! The sound effects in this game are perfect.
Each NPC basically has their own personal sayings, including the girls who punch you when you get too close, saying ''Get away, you pervert!''Un perfecto, the MUSIC is awesome! Tons of bands and artists, including Red Man and Alien Ant Farm!

Graphics: Ok. I know one day I'm going to regret saying this because something amazing will come out, but this game truly has the best graphics the GC can offer! That is all I gotta say!

Replayability: Well this game does get irritating after awhile, after passing it with every character ten times, unlocking everything, getting everything. You might get tired of the music. But even if you get bored with it, I can bet you money two weeks later you'll be itching to play again!
So the Replayability is ok, but could be better.

Buy Or Rent: If you're a die hard fan of the series, then buy this game. If you're not sure, RENT IT FIRST, then buy it if you like it. Simple as that.
I rented it once and poof, passed everything, did everything, yada yada yada. So I don't plan to buy it anytime soon.


Well there you have it my review for THPS3 for the GameCube.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/02, Updated 01/03/02

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