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"Thony Hawks Pro Skater 3? What?"

Grind that Table! Hey, look, it is Mr. Tony Hawk flying over your head. Up the hawkster is back and rolling in Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 ( THPS3 ). Lets get grinding on with the reviews shall we?

Controls 8/10-

The only one thing I do not like about the game is the controls. It is very good once you get used to it but it takes a while to get used to it so here is a quick guide for the Gameplay COntrols

Ollie: To ollie press and hold the A button. Then let go and you will ollie. The longer you hold A the higher you will ollie! If you hold A all the times while you are just skating not doing tricks, it will make you go a little faster.

Nollie: If you press the L button you will get into a possision to nollie. Hold A and let go to Nollie.

Wallride: While you are in the air and next to a wall press and hold the Y button and you will wallride!

Manuals: While you are skating if you press up then down or visa versa then you will do a manual.

No Comply: Tap up on the control stick and release the A button. If you tap up-up then you and release the A button you will do a Boneless, Fastplant, or Beanplant.

Revert: Once you are about to land from big air press L or R. You can continue a combo with that. ( *Note* it takes a while to get to do that )

Gameplay 10/10+

This game just about has it all. You can make your own skater. Make your own skatepark. There are lots of people and cars and massive levels. The carrear mode will keep you going if you want to completely beat the game without cheats. There is much to unlock wich will keep you going. There is just so much I still cant put it down scince I got it November 18th.

Multi Player 10/10

The multiplayer is very addictive for everyone that has two controllers. There are differant modes like Free skate with two people. Graffiti where you trick off of something and there is a certian color, The person with the most of their own color wins. However the other player can win it back if the do a trick on the same object and got a better score than you on that object. There is trick attack where you have x amount of minutes amd the person with the highest score winds.Horse, where all you do is one trick and the other person has to match the score or get a better score. Slap. It is just like tag. King of the Hill. There's a crow out there somewhere, and the first person to find it is king. While you are king there will be a crown over your head and if the other person tags you, they will have the crown. To make things fair, if you have the crown you will go slower. ( Note the review for King of the hill was from the Instruction Manual. I took some of it out)

Frame rate problem:

Unfortunatly at some of the levels ( the last few ) the frame rates drop down. But I live.

Should I buy or Rent? well if you have had a previous version of this game or have played it before, Then Why the HECK are you still reading this? Go out there and buy it. :) However, if you are notg sure rent it. See for yourself.

Overal- 100000000000/.....

This is my favorite game I have out of Smash Brothers and Pikmin. I highly suggest this game to you. This game has so much to unlock and so much replay value you will be playing it for months. The slight frame rate drops which happen in about 3-4 levels are okay. You can live wiht that, hopefully. However if you are not a big fan of the THPS series than I dont think this game is for you but just rent it and see. By the way I do not work for Nintendo, Activision, or Blockbuster. Enjoy this good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/02, Updated 01/14/02

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