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"Why is this flat sequel getting 9's and 10's?"

Curse the day when I went to my local Blockbuster to browse the Gamecube selection. What's this? Tony Hawk 3? It's been getting great reviews, maybe I'll give it a try. Now I want a refund. I loved the original, and TH2 was okay, but THPS3 continues the trend of bad sequels, sucking all the fun out of the orignal with sped up gameplay, inferior levels, and combo-happy controls. Don't get me wrong, it's not that bad, but it fails on several points I'll breakdown here.

Gameplay 3: The tricks, and overall movement of the skaters has been sped up drastically. Some people might not mind this, but when you string together a 25 trick combo and see nothing but grinds and manuals, it gets old. You fly faster, you fall faster, you do board tricks faster, and you get sick of this game faster. It's speed completely takes the beauty out of this game, and makes getting a 100,000+ point combo much less gratifying. The other main gripe is how easy it is to string combos together. manuals barely slow you down, grinds speed you up, and the stages are built with combos in mind. I popped in the mini disc, played through the training, and was getting 100,000+ points by the second or third time I played a stage. Insanely easy and boring, period.

Controls 8: Controls are pretty much the same as the first two THPS's. easy to learn and master. Not really much to say about them.

Graphics 7: The Graphics aren't that great, I mean this is a NextGen system people. The graphics barely improve on the dreamcast version of THPS2. They don't take anything away from the game, and since I don't beleve graphics are a very big factor on what makes a good game, I'll give them a 7.

Fun Factor 2: There is already much better multiplayer options (SSBM for instance)and the 1 player game reeks with a been there done that stench. Levels quickly get old, and has little to offer for replay value besides unlocking movies. Almost as fun as a viewing of The Cell playing THPS3 can be a painful experience indeed.

Sound 5: The sounds are all pretty average, but the soundtrack is really what it's all about. Why did they try to put both goofy punk and rap tracks in this game? Going from The Ramones to DMX, the soundtrack could easily be a The best of sorry bands CD.

Rent or Buy: Worth a rent if your a fan, but I must encouage you all to try before you buy.

Bottom Line: I could almost understand this game getting 7-8 scores on reviews but 9's and 10's are rediculous. A bad sequel to a mainstream game for all you mainstream gamers out there.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/04/02, Updated 02/04/02

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