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Reviewed: 06/09/02 | Updated: 06/09/02

Wonderful game if you like Skateboarding

This was my second purchase for the Gamecube, and I really enjoy this game.

Story: N/A
It is a sport's game(this usually means no story).

Gameplay: 10
Very fun if you like skateboarding (maybe even if you don't). I am not a real skateboarder in real life, but this lets me have fun with a skateboard without injuring myself. For some reason I enjoy this as more of a 1-player game (2-player is fun too though). I love to just spend my excess time getting high scores in Free Skate. There is Single Session and Career as modes, but they aren't nearly as fun (at least in my opinion). What probably makes the game better for me than the original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (I never played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2) is the Create-A-Skater. I much rather play as myself than some other pro skater (it just feels more gratifying when getting high scores, and the thought of me actually doing these things on a skateboard). I also need to mention the 2-player modes:
Free Skate - Just Free Skate with 2-players
Trick Attack - Just compete for the highest score with-in the time limit (you choose)
Graffiti - Do a trick on an object to spray it with your color graffiti, if player 2 does a better trick... his color is sprayed over yours
Slap! - Tag! faster player knocks the other down
Horse - My favorite of the 2-player modes, just set the score and keep on beating it... when someone doesn't than they get a letter (you choose word)
King of the Hill - Get the crown and keep it (you go slower with crown though) who ever holds it the longest wins

Graphics: 8
Not bad graphics, but nothing really special about them. At least the frames don't skip like the original.

Sound: 8
I really don't get into sound much, but the sound effects seem to match the real life sound effects. There are 20 songs from various artists so you may pick out a few that you like.

Replayability: 9
What makes the replay of this game fun is the Create-A-Skater, you can edit your tricks, appearance, and stats. It is fun when you and your friends play 2-player with your personalized Create-A-Skater. You can even create your own Skate Park, I usually just stick to the professionally created ones (they are larger and feature way more things than you could feature in your Skate Park) but I did spend quite a while making a good Skate Park (I went back constantly to fix ant flaws I noticed) and I play that every once in a while, especially since I created my own gaps (which are cool if you could see them)
There are 12 levels (not counting created Skate Parks) 3 of them are from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (the original).

Rent or Buy?: I bought it
If you like skateboarding, or have liked the previous Tony Hawk's Pro Skaters than get this one.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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