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"The Hawk returns with yet another amazing game"

The fine people over at Neversoft have done it again! Yet another game in the Tony Hawk Pro Skating series has been created, and this time for the Nintendo GameCube. The series of three previous games (THPS, THPS2, & THPS2X) hasn’t disappointed yet, and THPS3 won’t let you down either.

Graphics: The graphics in THPS3 are next to perfect, except for a few minor glitches. These glitches include: on certain levels, the framerate drops slightly, skaters are sometimes vivisected after bailing and, obviously, cannot recover. In the level “Skater Island”, after using a first-person mode cheat, I came across the main half pipe, and found that it had lost all of its color. Also, parts of skaters’ bodies sometimes go through objects and walls. 8 stars

Controls: At first, the controls are very hard to learn, and you will most likely find yourself bailing every time you try to land a trick. After a while, though, you should have adapted to the controls, and will have no trouble landing some wicked combos. The buttons are in just the right place for when you need them, and you hardly ever find yourself looking down at the controller to find something. 7 stars

Sound: Like always, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games come bundled with an amazing soundtrack. THPS3 doesn’t break that tradition. There are over twenty songs, all by different bands/artists. Quite a few of the songs have mild profanity in them, but the more vulgar words are bleeped out. There’s also an option that allows you turn off any song(s) you don’t like. The sound detail is brilliant, too. When grinding or boardsliding, you can actually hear the deck or trucks scraping over the rail. When you hit civilians, they yell at you once back on their feet, and actually push you down if you knock them down enough. Bailing also makes your skater grunt slightly. 10 stars

Gameplay: The gameplay in THPS3 is amazing also. Some level goals cannot even be attempted until one is completed. For example, in the “Las Angeles” level, the “stop the car chase” goal cannot be completed until you grind the four earthquake rails to start the earthquake, which busts up the freeway, push a car over the edge, and block the van the police are chasing. The high score goals can be very difficult in later levels, like the “Cruise Ship” with its 500,000 point SICK score requirement. The competition levels can also be very tough, especially “Tokyo”. Bails hurt your score, and beginners usually bail a lot, which is usually a sign telling you that you need more practice before competition.10 stars

Replay: The replay value for THPS3 is through the roof! There is a number of hidden skaters and levels to unlock, stats and boards to collect, and a skater/skate park creator, so replay is practically limitless!10 stars

Final Rating and Overview: 8 stars
THPS3 is, without a doubt, the best THPS game yet, and is definitely worth adding to your gaming library.

Buy or Rent?
Unless you don’t like going back just to shred a level up for fun, buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/04/02, Updated 09/04/02

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