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"If you've ever wanted all the fun of extreme skateboarding without the broken bones, then this is the game for you!"

STORY You are a VERY successful pro-skater named Tony Hawk, or you can be several other awesome skaters. The question isn't what you can do in this game, it's what you can't. If it involves skateboarding even in the slightest way, you can be sure to find it in THPS3. Well, there isn't really a story line to this game. But it's probably better that way. You basically just go around and skateboard. You can play career mode, where you earn video tapes, stat points, and stuff like that. It's basically the portion of the game that you play by your self to try to beat. In free skate mode, you can choose any level you have unlocked and tear up the courses there. There is no time limit, or anything. You will find your self spending a lot of time playing this mode. There is also a single session mode. Here you are given a time limit to see how many points you can get within that time limit. This is an EXCELLENT way to practice. There is also a multiplayer mode which I'll talk about later in this review. All in all, THPS3 is probably better off without a story line.

GRAPHICS:9/10 Alright! This sequel has followed in the path left by the two games before it to deliver awesome graphics. The landscapes, characters, and all the other visual effects are very detailed. They are really clear and smooth. Everything is spherical, not polygonal, which is the key to superb 3-D graphics. Not really any complaints here, although it would have been nice if they would have included some facial expressions.

SOUND:10/10 Unbelieveable! The sound is perfect! The music is probably the best part, which is mostly stuff like heavy metal. You know, stuff people skateboard to! The sound of the board against the rail on a grind is excellent, and the wheels on cement is great! There are even people with different accents, such as Canadian! Not only does this game have extraordinary sound, but it has the best sound of any game I've ever seen! I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

GAMEPLAY:9/10 There are several types of gameplay in THPS3. You can play career mode, which is the main objective in this game. In career mode, you collect types. You collect them by meeting certain requirements. They may include general things like reaching a certain score, or they may be more specific, like finding hidden tapes, or un jamming five pressure valves. Don't worry, you'll get it when you first play it. There is also a single session. In single session you have a time limit in which you try to better your scores. This is probably the best way to practice. And of course free skate mode. No rules or time limits here, just skateboarding. This is the best way to find hidden areas that may be within a level. There is also a really great multiplayer mode, which I'll get to in a moment. Overall, this gameplay is great. You will have lots of fun playing it again and again.

MULTIPLAYER:10/10 No matter how much more NeverSoft wanted to improve this game's multiplayer, they couldn't do it. If you have friends that have played this game, they'll always be saying: ''Hey! I bet I could whoop you in THPS3!'' If that's the case, then at least you'll have fun getting whooped! There are several different types of multiplayer here. They include horse, trick attack, graffiti and more. Horse is just like it is in basketball, one person does a trick, then the other. If you get the lower of the two scores, you get a letter. Whoever spells out ''horse'' first looses. In trick attack, you are both let loose on a course. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the time limit is the winner. If you have any friends at all, strongly encourage them to play this game with you! you won't be disappointed!

CONTROLS:10/10 These controls take a good while to learn, and would take even longer for me to sit here and explain them to you. So I'll just say they're really...... I guess instinctive would be the right word to use. After these controls are mastered, you'll find yourself pulling off monster tricks without you even having to thing about it.

DIFFICULTY:7/10 I wouldn't call this game hard exactly, but challenging. As you progress through the game, so will your skills, and so will the expectations of the AI. But you will always find yourself getting better and meeting up to these challenges, and having lots of fun while doing it!

REPLAY VALUE:10/10 Even if you complete the game, you still have a bunch of other character's games to complete. This game will definitely keep you playing for a while.

OVERALL:9/10 You will dedicate hours of your time playing THPS3. It's just too fun not to. The graphics are clear and really detailed, the sound has reached a new level of perfection, and the gameplay is great. I strongly recommend that you buy this game as soon as possible. It's a game no serious gamer should be without!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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