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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NekoFever

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    Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II
    FAQ/Walkthrough v0.9
    By Olly Dean
    Star Wars Rogue Leader (c) 2001 LucasArts
    PERMISSION FROM ME (nekofever@hotmail.com). IF YOU ARE BREAK 
    1.1 Contents
    1.1 Contents
      2 Introduction
      3 Controls
    2.1 Walkthrough
          1:  Death Star Attack
          2:  Ison Corridor Ambush
          3:  Battle of Hoth
          4:  Prisons of the Maw
          5:  Razor Rendevous
          6:  Vengeance on Kothlis
          7a: Imperial Academy Heist (day)
          7b: Imperial Academy Heist (night)
          8:  Raid on Bespin
          9:  Battle of Endor
          10: Strike at the Core
      2 Upgrades
      3 Passcodes
      4 Secrets
    3.1 Contact Me
    1.2 Introduction
    Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II is the sequel to Star Wars 
    Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64. It is developed by Factor 5 and 
    published by LucasArts. It is set in the classic Star Wars trilogy 
    and was released as a launch game exclusively for the Nintendo 
    Gamecube on November 9th 2001.
    It has received huge praise for its incredible graphics, superb 
    Dolby Pro Logic 2 soundtrack, and deep yet entertaining gameplay. 
    If you pick up a Gamecube be sure to at least try this game.
    1.3 Controls
    Analog Stick - move ship
    C-Stick - camera control
    L Trigger - brake
    R Trigger - accelerate/click for boost
    Z Button - roll
    D-Pad - issue commands
    A Button - primary weapon
    B Button - secondary weapon
    X Button - View toggle
    Y Button - Targeting computer
    2.1 Walkthrough
    Mission 1: Death Star Attack
    1 · Destroy the deflection towers
    2 · Fight off the TIEs
    3 · Locate the exhaust port
    4 · Blow up the Death Star
    1 · The first part is very straightforward. As you start there will 
        be a large tower ahead of you surrounded my smaller guns. Brake 
        and fire lasers at it until it explodes. Repeat this on all the 
        deflection towers to initiate the second section.
    2 · Several squads of TIE Fighters will now enter the fray. Take 
        them all down with your lasers (send your wingmen after them to 
        get it done faster to complete this objective.
    3 · Now you have the famous Death Star Trench run from Star Wars: A 
        New Hope. Avoid the metal 'bridges' that cross the trench and 
        take out some of the cannons on the way for some extra points 
        when going for medals. If you see laser fire from behind you 
        brake and some TIEs should fly past. Take 'em down. When you 
        hear Darth Vader say "The Force is strong with this one" watch 
        out because Vader is behind you. Brake again and shoot him as 
        he goes past. He's invincible but he'll leave after a few 
        seconds. When Vader attacks with a couple of normal TIEs as 
        back-up leave them and the Millennium Falcon will fly down and 
        take them out. When this happens you're all clear.
    4 · Bring up your targeting computer (hold Y) and fly until you get 
        fairly close to the exhaust port (easy to see because it shows 
        up yellow on the computer). When you get close enough to be able 
        to hit it, line up your sights and turn off your targeting 
        computer, then fire 2-3 proton torpedoes at it. If the cut-scene 
        of the Death Star exploding starts congratulations! If it doesn't 
        happen fire torpedoes at the exhaust port again until it does 
        blow up. Mission complete!
    Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush
    1 · Protect the transports
    2 · Fight off the Interceptors
    1 · As soon as the mission starts bring up the targeting computer to 
        find some enemies. Send you wingmen after the TIEs and take them 
        out as they attack the transports. When they're all down another 
        wave will attack so do the same again. If you fly into the Rebel 
        Alliance symbol under the frigate you can change to a much faster 
        but weaker A-Wing.
    2 · When you enter the nebula you won't be able to see much due to 
        the thick fog. This will make your targeting computer essential 
        for taking out the TIE Interceptors. They are more powerful than 
        the bog-standard TIE fighters so save your laser power and take 
        them out with single, quick blasts. When they're beaten the 
        convoy can make the jump to hyperspace and their new base on 
    Mission 3: Battle of Hoth
    1 · Protect the ion cannons from the AT-STs
    2 · Take down the AT-ATs
    3 · Protect the evacuating transports from TIE Bombers
    1 · First thing to do is fly ahead through the pass into the open 
        battlefield (there are probe droids in the pass if you want 
        extra points). When you leave the pass there are three AT-STs 
        slightly to the left. Aim for their heads with lasers to take 
        them down. When they're dead turn towards the ion cannon and 
        you'll see three more to the left of it. Finally turn back to 
        where the first group was and find three more to take out. When 
        they're no more fly back towards the ion cannon and carry on 
        past it.
    2 · There will be a cut-scene in which Luke is shot down so you'll 
        now take control of Wedge Antilles. You'll have to take down 
        the three AT-AT walkers closest to the shield generator. One at 
        a time fly close to their legs with the brakes on and press B to 
        attach the tow cable. Complete three laps around each one of 
        their legs and they'll fall. Do this for all three.
    3 · Fly ahead and look for the Alliance symbol. Fly into it to jump 
        into an X-Wing. Use the X-Wing to take down the TIE Bombers 
        (send your wingmen after the fighters as they aren't really a 
        threat, just an annoyance). Make sure they don't take out all 
        the transports and when they're all gone the mission is over.
    Mission 4: Prisons of the Maw
    1 · Eliminate shield
    2 · Eliminate guard towers/protect prisoners
    3 · Destroy comms towers
    4 · Protect shuttle
    1 · Fly ahead avoiding TIEs and asteroids until you find a row of 
        large ships. Beyond them there is a blue shield. Use your ion 
        cannons to take out three of the generators. To use the ion 
        cannon hold B until your sight goes blue and/or the blue bar 
        next to the secondary weapon display fills up, then release it 
        to fire. When the generator stops producing a shield move onto 
        another one until three have been destroyed.
    2 · Fly forward until you find the Imperial prison. Get up high and 
        switch to your bombs (B) and blow up the towers which fire 
        lasers at you. When all of those are eliminated the train 
        containing the escaped prisoners will take off. Follow it and 
        help it out by blowing up the guard towers along the way.
    3 · When you reach the comms towers (giant satellites) blow them 
        all up. It may take a few bombs to blow up each one.
    4 · When the stolen Imperial Shuttle containing the prisoners takes 
        off use your lasers to take out the TIEs that are attacking it. 
        It won't take long until it's clear and the mission is complete.
    Mission 5: Razor Rendevous
    1 · Protect frigate
    2 · Destroy Star Destroyer and recapture the Razor
    1 · When the mission starts stay with the frigate as it will come 
        under attack from TIEs. When the TIEs are gone you can start 
        attacking the Star Destroyer.
    2 · Get behind the Star Destroyer (there are less guns behind) and 
        start attacking the top two shield generators (the ball-shape 
        things on top). Fire three torpedoes at each one and finish them 
        with lasers.
    1 · When those are taken out the frigate will be attacked again. Go 
        back and take out the TIEs.
    2 · Fly under the Star Destroyer and look for the dome-shaped thing 
        (shows up yellow on the targeting computer). Pelt it with lasers 
        until it explodes. The shield are now down so you must take out 
        the bridge. On the front of the section where the first two 
        shield generators were there's a small rectangular section that 
        protrudes slightly. Blast it with lasers or hit it with a couple 
        of torpedoes (if you have any) and the Star Destroyer is finished.
    Mission 6: Vengeance on Kothlis
    1 · Protect the transport
    2 · Take out the AT-ATs
    3 · Protect the recon squad
    4 · Break through the hull of the Star Destroyer
    1 · Fly around the transport and take out as many TIEs as you can, 
        especially any highlighted in yellow. If you get an Interceptor 
        on your tail speed up, brake, and turn to shake it off. Keep 
        protecting the transport until you get to the Star Destroyer and 
        it sets down on the beach.
    2 · Some AT-ATs will now blast their way out of the Star Destroyer. 
        Fly behind the transport to get into a Speeder. Use the speeder's 
        tow cable to take down all three. It's more difficult than on 
        Hoth because you can't drop below the water level but if you 
        brake as you do it you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
    3 · When they are down a squad of rebels on foot will start heading 
        towards the SD. Go behind the transport and switch into a Y-Wing 
        (it's the rebel symbol furthest from the SD). Bomb any AT-PTs 
        that attack them and send your wingmen after the TIEs to keep 
        them off your back.
    4 · Eventually you will be told to bomb a hole in the hull. On the 
        main body of the SD there is a slightly elevated section with a 
        crack down it. Bomb the hell out of it until it breaks open to 
        reveal a large hole. When that's done just protect the squad 
        until the mission is complete.
    Mission 7a: Imperial Academy Heist (day)
    1 · Disable the Imperial radar
    2 · Take out as many TIEs and turbolasers as you can
    3 · Steal the shuttle Tiderium
    1 · Fly low and charge your ion cannons. Using the targeting computer, 
        hit the radar ahead and fly on through the pass. Hold the brake 
        down and fire the ion cannon at all the radar along the way. 
        Remember to stay low to avoid detection - use the fog at the 
        bottom as a judge of how low you should be.
    2 · When you leave the pass accelerate as fast as you can to avoid the 
        TIEs who are chasing you. Follow the route through the academy 
        that the radar shows until you reach a large open area with a 
        tower in the middle. Follow the radar until you find an Imperial 
        shuttle on a landing pad.
    3 · When you bring up the targeting computer you should see some 
        turrets highlighted in yellow around it. Bomb them until they're 
        destroyed, then take the shuttle and follow the radar. After 
        following the radar for a short while you'll complete the mission.
    Mission 7b: Imperial Academy Heist (night)
    1 · Avoid detection
    2 · Steal the shuttle Tiderium
    Mission 8: Raid on Bespin
    1 · Help the transports take the gas containers
    2 · Eliminate the Cloud City's turbolasers
    3 · Protect the convoy
    1 · First order of business is to take out the balloons. Be careful 
        as your A-Wing's shields are very weak. Send your wingmen after 
        the TIEs and take out the gas cannisters inside the balloons (the 
        things up inside with flames coming out). It'll take out the 
        turbolasers much faster. When the first balloon is down go after 
        the TIEs until you're ordered to go to the next set. Follow the 
        radar through the clouds to the next batch of gas where there are 
        two balloons and even more TIEs. When you're told to move onto the 
        final group there are three balloons to blow up and another bunch 
        of TIEs. When they're all taken out you can move on to the Cloud 
        City itself.
    2 · Look for the trenches in the City. Inside the network of them are 
        three generators (they'll show up yellow when you bring up the 
        computer) that power the turbolasers. If you can't find them leave 
        the trench and use the radar to locate them. The benefit of the 
        trench is that you'll get little trouble from enemies.
    3 · When the last generator is blown up fight off TIEs (you can take 
        over a Cloud Car if you want) until the mission ends.
    Mission 9: Battle of Endor
    1 · Protect the medical frigate
    2 · Destroy the TIE Bombers
    3 · Take out two Star Destroyers
    1 · First follow the Millennium Falcon towards the Death Star. When 
        Lando tells you, turn around to find out that you're trapped. 
        About 50 TIE Interceptors will attack. Fight off the ones that 
        are attacking the medical frigate.
    2 · After a few waves of Interceptors you will be told that there are 
        some TIE Bombers on the way. DO NOT try and intercept them as 
        their bombs will take you out. When they begin to attack the 
        frigate start attacking them. Take them all out.
    3 · Now for the hard part. Head towards one of the two Star 
        Destroyers and fly behind it. Fire three proton torpedoes at one 
        of the shield generators on top and finish it off with lasers. 
        Repeat for the second one. Now fly underneath and blow up the 
        final sheild generator with lasers. Go up and take out the 
        bridge. When you do this you can either use any remaining 
        torpedoes on it, finish it with lasers (risky) or if you are 
        out of torpedoes and aren't on your last life kamikaze it. 
        Use the same tactics (minus the kamikaze) on the second one to 
        take it out. When they're down fly away as a lot of TIEs will 
        attack which can be avoided. When Lando says that the shield is 
        down the level will end.
    Mission 10: Strike at the Core
    1 · Protect the Millennium Falcon
    2 · Find a way into the core
    3 · Destroy the core
    4 · Escape from the Death Star before it explodes
    1 · When you and the Falcon are flying along the suface of the 
        Death Star close your S-Foils (click the R trigger) to keep up 
        and dodge and weave to avoid turret fire. If some TIEs attack 
        open your S-Foils and shoot them down. Eventually you'll come 
        to a large exhaust port. Fly inside.
    2 · This part can be very frustrating but what you should do is go 
        slow enough to be able to dodge any obstacles but fast enough 
        to be able to see the Falcon. If TIEs come up behind you fly 
        low and brake, then shoot them down as they fly past. After a 
        while you'll reach a large open area - the core.
    3 · If you've seen Return of the Jedi you know that you have to 
        do. Above and to the right is a tower that you need to destroy. 
        Bring up the targeting computer and fire all your torpedoes 
        and your lasers at it. A cut-scene will start when you've hit 
        it with enough firepower but it's not over yet!
    4 · Now you'll have to escape the way you came with fire on your
        tail! Fly as fast as you can without crashing until you get out.
        When I did this I closed the S-Foils to go at full speed and 
        slowed down for turns and tight gaps. You can do it without 
        closing the S-Foils but you might have to boost if the fire gets 
        too close behind you. As soon as you hit space you've done it! 
        Watch the ending and the credits, then watch the documentary and 
        go for some medals.
    2.2 Upgrades
    · Death Star Attack (Advanced Shields) - After taking out the towers 
    when the TIE section begins fly low to the ground. Slightly to the 
    left will the the Advanced Shields.
    · Ison Corridor Ambush (Advanced Proton Torpedoes) - In the first 
    section look for a large hollow piece of debris. The upgrade is 
    · Battle of Hoth (Advanced Lasers) - After the sheild generator is 
    destroyed and you're flying towards the transports, turn around 
    and the upgrade is where the generator once stood.
    · Prisons of the Maw (Advanced Concussion Missiles) - Before the 
    comms towers if you head in a straight line towards the next 
    objective (put the orange wedge on the radar at 12 o'clock) there 
    will be a satellite dish with a dome-shaped building next to it. 
    Bomb the dome until it blows up, then go inside to find the upgrade.
    · Razor Rendevous (Advanced Proton Bombs) - At the very start of 
    the level fly towards the Star Destroyer and blow up the shuttle 
    that flies behind it before it docks. It will leave the upgrade 
    · Revenge on Kothlis (Homing Proton Torpedoes) - Just to the left 
    of the bridge on the crashed Star Destroyer there is a hole. The 
    upgrade is inside.
    2.3 Passcodes
    [Passcodes will be added as they are released]
    LIONHEAD - black and white mode
    2.4 Secrets
    [Secrets will be added as they are discovered]
    DOCUMENTARY - beat the 10 normal missions to unlock the brilliant 
    making-of documentary in the special features menu.
    PLAY AS THE MILLENNIUM FALCON - beat the 10 normal missions with
    a bronze medal on each one.
    AUDIO COMMENTARY - win a total of 10 medals (any color) across 
    all the missions.
    PLAY AS DARTH VADER'S TIE ADVANCED - beat the 10 normal missions 
    with gold medals (good luck!).
    3.1 Contact Me
    You can email me at nekofever@hotmail.com (email me if you want to 
    add me to MSN Messenger otherwise you will be blocked). I will 
    elaborate on anything in the walkthrough for you.
    Don't bother spamming my Inbox as junk mail is deleted without 
    being opened.

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