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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andy787 / miffo

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 11/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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            ######## ########  ###  ###  #########  ########  ###   ###
           <---]======================—-R O G U E  S Q U A D R O N  I I
         An FAQ/Walkthrough by Andy787 (Andy Wilson) and miffo (Michael Paul)
                     Version 0.3, last updated: November 22, 2001
         Star Wars: Rogue Leader——Rogue Squadron II
         Developed by LucasArts/Factor 5
         Release: November 6, 2001
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2001 Andy787 and miffo. All rights reserved. You
    may use this guide for personal use ONLY and cannot copy or distribute this in
    any way without permission from us. Furthermore, this may not be published on
    any site outside of Videogame Souce and GameFAQs without our written 
    permission. See the Introduction and Final Words for contact information.
    1. Introduction
    2. Starting Out
    3. Options
    4. Controls
    5. Missions and Medals
    6. Vehicles
    7. Weapons and Upgrades
    8. Other Stuff
    0. Final Words
    1. Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
                                 STAR WARS
                             Rogue Squadron II
                                ROGUE LEADER
                    It is a period of civil war. The Rebel
                 Alliance is preparing a major attack against
                              the evil Empire.
                  Launching from a hidden base on the fourth
                    moon of Yavin, the Alliance forces hope
                  to destroy the death star, an armored space
                   station with enough power to decimate an
                                entire planet.
                   Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, two
                     young Rebel recruits, have joined
                    the Alliance in a brave attempt to
                      restore freedom to the galaxy...
    Welcome to our Rogue Leader for GameCube FAQ/Walkthrough. This is done by
    Andy787 and miffo. PLEASE read through EVERYTHING written here before emailing 
    questions, because we might not respond to things already answered here, 
    depending on our mood. You can email Andy at Andy78787@hotmail.com and miffo at
    miffo007@yahoo.com - we'll both answer any gameplay questions.
    READ--NOTE TO WEBMASTERS: This guide is to remain exclusive to the websites of
                              the original authors and GameFAQs.com. Nowhere else!
                              So don't ask because we will reject you, and if you
                              post it on your site anyway, we will complain.
                              Thank you.
    Introductory Thoughts...
    The line for my GameCube wasn't very long. And now I own the system and
    couldn't be happier! :) With it, I got Rogue Leader, which is the sequel to the
    popular N64 game, Rogue Squadron.
    Rogue Leader is a flight combat game based on the Star Wars series——and it's
    from the first movies, so you don't have to worry about all the annoying
    characters from Episode I. This is the best launch game, in my opinion, and I
    would highly recommend buying it.
    And because I've enjoyed this game so much, I've decided to write a guide for
    it. This is my first FAQ for a GameCube game, so enjoy.
    - miffo
    Well I, like Miffo, just got my US Gamecube (without much hassle, luckily),
    and with it some of the best launch games, and I can honestly say Rogue Leader
    takes the cake. I loved the original Rogue Squadron, and this plays, looks,
    and sounds even better!
    I love this game so much I'm writting a guide about it, that's a lot of love
    eh? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this guide (and of course get some help from it
    :-P), and enjoy the game
    -here's hoping to a bright future for the Gamecube -may the force be with it!
    ....okay, that was lame...
    - Andy787
    2. Starting Out ---------------------------------------------------------------
    When you turn on the game, be sure to have a controller in the first slot and a
    memory card must also be in for you to save your game progress. It takes three
    blocks per game and can save up to five games.
    From here, you have two options: Start and Options
    See the Options section on more about what you can do there. Throughout all
    the menus, there are clips playing from the movie.
    If you select Start, you'll be taken to the load game screen. If you haven't
    played before, make a new game. Enter three letters (generally your initials,
    but you can do whatever you want) and that will be the name of the file. If
    you DO have a file, use the joystick to move through the different saves and
    select the one you want to load. You can tell them apart by the three-letter
    name. Hit A to load the game, or press down and highlight "Erase Game." A
    confirmation screen will come up——select YES and hit A to delete the file——it
    will be no more.
    The game will first default to the A memory card, and if it doesn't find a file
    it will look into B. The first file found will be used. And it automatically
    saves after doing things such as completing a mission.
    Use the joystick to scroll through the five different screens and select the
    one that contains the file you want.
    Anyway, after you've loaded the game you'll be at the Mission Select screen.
    There are two missions to start out with, but you'll unlock more as you play.
    See Missions and Medals for more information on that.
    Use the joystick to go through the missions and hit Y to hear a brief
    description of that mission. Shown at this screen will be a list of all ships
    that you can use for the mission——ships in green are ones you can select and
    red ships are ones that you'll have to earn later on to use. Hit A to confirm
    and you'll be taken to the Hangar where you'll select your ship, with the
    exception of the training mission, which you can read about in the Missions
    Walk around the Hangar with your character using the joystick. Approach a ship
    that was green in the mission description and press A to use the ship and then
    you'll begin the game. If you can't use the ship for the mission (these are the
    ships in red) then you'll here a buzzer sound. Also, you can walk up to any
    ship and press Y to hear a description of it. Press X to go into first-person
    mode and look around with the C-Stick (You can't walk in this perspective) and
    press X to return to the normal third-person view.
    Have a safe flight!
    3. Options --------------------------------------------------------------------
    At the main screen, select Options (as apposed to Start) and you'll enter the
    menu where you can edit different game options. The following list of items
    will appear in this order:
    Select an option and change things in its menu.
    Rogue Leaders
    This shows the list of the top 10 players. There are preset ones on the game,
    but your personal scores will be added with saves on your memory card. For each
    person, it shows the number of medals they have earned and their current
    This is basically the section to enter in passwords. (You may have noticed that
    LucasArts always calls them "passcodes.") Press A to bring up the on-screen
    keyboard and select the different letters. Hit Enter, and if you did it right,
    you'll hear a noise that tells you so.
    Game Settings
    You can change or adjust the following game settings:
    - Cockpit Auto-Switch - This option automatically switches you out of the
                            cockpit view (if you were in it) in situations where
                            the third-person view is better suitted.
    - Enemy Camera - This option will make it so the camera pans around so you can
                     look behind you when enemies approach. It only works if you're
                     already in the third-person view.
    - Auto Roll - If this is turned on, your ship will automatically reface the
                  horizon if you put the joystick in it's neutral position.
    - Auto Level - This works a lot like Auto Roll, but it works with vertical
                   angles instead.
    - Cross Hairs - Here you can put the cross hairs (for aiming) on or off.
    - Rumble - This will turn the rumble option on or off. Note that the standard
               Nintendo GameCube Controller has a rumble feature built in.
    - Restore Default Settings - It does just that.
    Video Settings
    If you have a TV with a Progressive Scan option, you can turn that on or off.
    The option will not be selectable if you don't have the right TV–—but if you do
    there is no reason not to run this mode; it looks much prettier in it.
    Sound Settings
    Here you can change the game's sound settings.
    - Music Volume - Adjust the volume of the game's menu and background music.
    - Sound FX Volume - Adjust the volume of the game's sound effects.
    - Speech Volume - Adjust the volume of the game's speech from characters.
    - Stereo - Change between Stereo and Mono modes. For those who don't know the
               difference, stereo is if your TV has two speakers and mono is if it
               only has one. The game also supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic II,
               so you're in for a treat if you have a surround-sound system. :D
    - Restore Default Settings - It does just that.
    Special Features
    There is nothing here when you start out. Things may appear in this menu as you
    progress through the game or when you enter passcodes.
    4. Controls -------------------------------------------------------------------
    Use the following controls when playing Rogue Leader. Note that when I say
    "joystick" I am referring to the control stick on the left of the controller,
    and not the C-Stick.
    Button      Action
    Joystick    Move through menus
    A           Select, move to the next sub-menu or choose the option
    B           Cancel, go back
    Joystick    Walk around with the character
    C-Stick     Look around when in the first-person view
    A           Select a ship when your character approaches it
    X           Switch between the third- and first-person views
    Y           Hear descriptions of the ships
    Joystick    Change the direction that your ship is moving
    D-pad       Use this to give different comands to your AI teammates.
    C-Stick     Move this stick to rotate the camera. If you're in the cockpit view
                then this will look around the cockpit. If you're in the targeting
                mode, this can target specific ships and enemies.
    A           Press this to fire your main weapon——hold it down to fire rapidly.
    B           Press this to fire your secondary weapon.
    X           Switch between the cockpit and chase views.
    Y           Use this to bring up the targeting computer.
    R           Increase your ship's speed by holding this down.
    L           Decrease your ship's speed by holding this down.
    Z           Roll your ship with this.
    Start       Brings up the pause menu
    While playing the game, press and hold Y to bring up the targeting computer.
    This changes the colors of everything (in the cockpit view) to make it easier
    to spot your target. Yellow things are necessary targets while those in pink
    are just distractions.
    Hit the D-pad to bring up the image of the D-pad on the screen. This
    corresponds with the buttons on the controller. Up is usually Form, which
    brings everyone together; and down is usually Flee, which tells your teammates
    to fly away. The other directions vary between missions and the current stage
    in the mission. Not all directions will be filled up all of the time. In some
    instances, you cannot give any AI commands.
    There are four main icons on the screen as you play. They are in this order:
    (starting from the top-left and going clockwise)
    Communications Display > Radar Display > Damage Indicator > Weapons Indicator
    The communications display shows the commands available for you to give to the
    other craft. A display of a D-pad is shown with commands to go along with the
    different buttons. Press the corresponding button on the D-pad to execute the
    command. "Form" is always on top and "Flee" is always on the bottom——the left
    and right commands vary between missions.
    The radar display is in 3D and should be used to make sure you are heading in
    the correct general direction. There is an orange wedge-shaped shading on the
    radar that will be pointed upwards (the 12 o'clock position) as long as you are
    going in the right direction. Orient your vehicle so that it is in this
    The damage indicator shows how much health your ship has left. Green is full
    health, yellow is partial, and red is extensive damage. If your ship takes too
    much damage it will crash. The number of remaining ships will be briefly shown
    when you come back——you get three ships per mission, and if you lose all three,
    then it's game over and you must start over on that current mission.
    Your weapon indicator is the yellow bar on the bottom right corner of the
    screen. It shows how many of your secondary weapon you have. When it reaches 0
    then you are out.
    At any time while playing, you can bring up the pause menu while starting.
    From here you can abort the mission or continue playing, plus you can adjust
    the game, video, and sound settings just like you can on the Options menu.
    After each mission is completed or failed, a screen will come up showing what
    objectives you completed and stats. The following information is displayed:
    Time (How long it took you)
    Kills (The number of enemies you killed)
    Accuracy (The percent of shots that hit enemies)
    Friendlies Lost (The number of people that died)
    Lives Lost (The number of lives that YOU lost)
    Targeting Computer Effeciency (This percentage shows how little you used the
                                   targeting computer)
    Also displayed is what Medal (if any) that you earned and how many points that
    you earned.
    5. Missions -------------------------------------------------------------------
    The first two available missions are Tatooine Training and Death Star Attack.
    Note that the Training missions is just that——a training mission. You don't
    get to choose a vehicle, it will start up and is just to get you used to
    what's to come.
    After each mission, you will earn no medals, a bronze medal, a silver medal, or
    a gold medal, depending on whether or not you met the requirements for that
    medal. Each medal offers a different number of points (3, 6, and 9,
    respectively) and you need certain numbers of points to unlock bonus mission.
    *Denotes craft that are in red the first time you play.
    M I S S I O N  1:   D e a t h   S t a r   A t t a c k
    AVAILABLE CRAFT: X-Wing, Y-Wing*
    -Take out the guard towers
    -Destroy all TIE fighters
    -Trench run
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                        9:30             7:11            6:05
    Enemies Destroyed:                        21               52              91
    Shot Accuracy:                            11%              19%             39%
    Friendlies Lost:                           1                0               0
    Lives Lost:                                2                1               0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            10%              40%            100%
    When you first start this mission, you'll see the complete introduction with
    the scrolling, yellow text. The opening scene shows all of your fighters
    flying and preparing to take out the Death Star.
    The first thing you need to do is take out the towers. This is pretty easy,
    and you start out facing one. Shoot it with your lasers until it blows up. Do
    this with the others. Keep following your radar to get to them and hopefully
    you won't get lost. Occasionally, you will get caught up in crossfire, but you
    rarely have to worry about taking damage in this part of the mission.
    Next comes the fighters. You'll hear them screech by so you know where to
    look. Start shooting down the TIE fighters and order your wingmen to help if
    you need it. When you first resume control, look in the 10 o'clock position
    and you should see a cluster of them all. Rely on your radar to find the
    others in a fair amount of time. You'll be notified when there are only a few
    Did you take them all out? Then you'll be show with a cutscene of everyone
    flying into the trench. Prepare for your trench run.
    Your main goal is to reach the end and blow it up without dying before then.
    Just keep flying through it while avoiding death by crashing into the walls.
    After a minute or two, you'll be told to hurry up followed by loud screaming.
    Not too long after this part, three TIE fighters will come up behind you.
    You'll know that they're there because you'll have lasers being shot at you.
    Hold L tight to brake and move closer to the floor and they should pass by
    you - once they're in front of you, shoot at them. If you blow up the one in
    the center, they'll all crash into each other and die.
    More TIEs will come up from behind every once in a while. Use the same
    technique to avoid their fire and kill them. Guns are mounted on the floor
    of the trench and will fire at you. Shoot back and destroy them to avoid
    damage loss. Also, stay down in the trench - you'll be killed in the cross-
    fire if you go too high up.
    Later on, a wingman will question why you have your targeting computer
    turned off. You may want to turn it on to find the guns easier, but really,
    you don't need it. You'll hear voices telling you to use the force - at
    this time, a single TIE fighter will come up from behind. Shoot at it,
    but it will usually fly away before you can kill it. The same thing is
    true for the next two.
    Finally, there will be one that you can kill. Once it dies, your teammates
    will start cheering. You're all clear! Now you must blow up the star and
    get out of there. There is a clear way for about 20 to 30 seconds, but
    keep looking out for the barrier at the end of the trench. As soon as it's
    in your site, fire all six of your missiles with B. All six need to hit
    this, so aim carefully. If you did it right, you'll complete the mission.
    In the end, a scene is shown of the Death Star exploding - it's almost
    identical to that in the movie. There are two different variations of
    this based on whether or not you fired your missiles correctly.
    M I S S I O N  2:   I s o n   C o r r i d o r   A m b u s h
    AVAILABLE CRAFT: X-Wing, Y-Wing*, A-Wing*, B-Wing*
    -Defend the transports against any remaining Imperial forces
    -The frigate Redemtion must survive
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                        7:18             ----            ----
    Enemies Destroyed:                        26               --              --
    Shot Accuracy:                             3%              ---             ---
    Friendlies Lost:                           4                -               -
    Lives Lost:                                2                -               -
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            10%              ---             ---
    This is pretty much just a defence mission. There is no goal except to keep
    your main ship alive. When you start out, shoot down all the threatening TIEs.
    Remember that you only need to shoot the ones that appear in yellow on your
    targeting computer, so shoot those to save time. Once they're all dead, a brief
    cutscene will be shown basically saying that you need faster ships.
    A teammate is the first to switch craft. After watching him, follow his path
    and fly to your main ship. Run into the blue thing and you'll switch to the
    super-fast A-Wing. Enjoy! You can now select this from the Hangar next time you
    play this mission.
    Now you need to kill off more TIE fighters again. Shoot them down and you'll
    enter the third phase of this stage. You'll watch your fleet fly into a
    nebula and now you have to defend it from more TIEs (again). It's harder to
    see the enemies when inside the nebula, so your targeting computer is
    especially helpful here. Once they're gone, you can watch the scene of them
    flying away and you're done.
    This is probably the easiest mission in the game.
    M I S S I O N  3:   B a t t l e   o f   H o t h
    AVAILABLE CRAFT: Snowspeeder
    -Defend outpost Beta's Ion cannon from approaching AT-STs
    -Slow advancing Imperial walkers
    -Defend the fleeing Rebel transports
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                        9:55             7:09            5:00
    Enemies Destroyed:                        18               30              43
    Shot Accuracy:                            17%              28%             53%
    Friendlies Lost:                          32               27              22
    Lives Lost:                                2                1               0
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            15%              55%            100%
    This is one of the easier missions in the game because of it's relatively
    small size and familiarity if you've played the original Rogue Squadron.
    If you haven't played the original Rogue Squadron, I'd advise playing through
    this mission a few times until you get comfortable tieing up AT-ATs.
    Anyway, you start in a valley between two rows of hills. Continue forward
    until you get to a large open battlefield where the Empire is launching an
    assult against the Rebel base. On the way to the battlefield, you will find
    a group of probes, try taking a few down without missing to boost your
    kill count.
    You're supposed to take out the AT-STs first, so when you get to the open
    area, tell your wingmen to go after the AT-STs and turn slightly to the left
    to take out the group of four AT-STs there. After taking them out, continue
    left a bit further until you see three more AT-STs standing in a line. You
    should be able to take out two of them by the time you see a carrier dropping
    another group. Take out the box right as it hits the ground so you don't have
    to deal with another group of AT-STs. Finish off the last AT-ST in the group
    you were working on then turn around and head back to the Ion Cannon area.
    You'll find another group of three AT-STs here, take them out as quickly as
    possible to prevent excess casualties.
    After taking out that group of AT-STs you'll be told to take out the AT-ATs
    to the north by the shield generator. Jet to the north where three AT-ATs are
    advancing toward the generator and use your tow cable to spin around and trip
    them. Once they go down, a cut scene showing the shield generator being
    destroyed will occur (regardless of whether you take down all the AT-ATs or
    not), and you'll be flying in a different direction when you resume control.
    Continue heading in the direction you're put in, taking out some probes on
    the way if you wish. When you get to the clearing, you'll see a blue Rebel
    sign, fly into it to take control of the X-Wing. Take a moment took around
    the area at the transports before the TIEs get there. The TIE bombers are
    the main priority, they will go after the transports in a line and destroy
    them if the transports take enough hits. There are also normal TIEs in the
    area, but it's important to go straight for the bombers first to keep
    casualties low. Make sure not to use the targeting computer either because
    of the efficiency being %100. As soon as the transports start taking off
    you've done it, good job!
    M I S S I O N  4:   P r i s o n s   o f   t h e   M a w
    -Disable 3 Shield Protectors before Imperial reinforcements arrive
    -Destroy all objectives marked by the prisoners
    -Escort the train to the platform
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                       12:14            10:45            ----
    Enemies Destroyed:                        30               46              --
    Shot Accuracy:                            11%              38%             ---
    Friendlies Lost:                           5                3              --
    Lives Lost:                                2                2               -
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            10%              38%             ---
    You'll start out flying through an asteroid field - it's quiet...too quiet.
    Keep going for the next minute and you can blow up the rocks if you're bored.
    Soon you'll hear a message from someone saying that he's getting a strange
    censor reading. Shortly after, TIE fighters will come out you and pound your
    squadron with lasers. Command your team to take them out so you have some free
    space to do your own thing.
    Keep moving forward while dodging fire. Unless you're going for medals, you
    don't need to attack the fighters outside of protecting yourself. Sometimes
    one of the TIEs will come up from behind and stay right on your tail - hold L
    and do a quick 360 turn and they'll fly away for a short while.
    Eventually, you'll come across a blue force field. There are several
    generators around it (they'll be in yellow on your targeting computer) and
    you need to take out three of them with your ion cannon. Start holding down B
    until your crosshairs are blue, then go into targeting mode and shoot once
    you're within range. One shot is enough if you hit the target. Take out two
    more and you can get through the field. It's advised that you do some twists
    are turns to avoid being killed by the relentless fighters. If you plow into
    the force field your craft is gone, so make sure you don't get TOO close.
    After the field is gone, you'll be shown a cutscene of your squad flying over
    the prison planet. You get a transmission from prisoners on the planet and
    they request that you help to free them. Hit B once to go into bombing mode.
    Your goal is to kill all of the guns mounted on the ground. Bomb each
    one (follow your radar to find them) and you can also take out clusters of the
    AT-PTs if you wish.
    Complete the tasks before time runs out. (i.e. before Imperial fighters arrive)
    Cary Nevve will tell you what to hit. Follow your radar and you're mainly
    after the guns mounted on the ground. The third thing she asks you to do is
    to blow up some communication towers. Locate them with your radar then
    take 'em out! Each tower takes two proton bombs to blow up. Get them all as
    quickely as possible then follow your radar to the train that's departing with
    the prisoners.
    Make sure you protect the train at all costs. Tell your wingmen to go after
    the TIEs and use your bombs to take out the guns and AT-PTs. When the train is
    secured the mission is a success!
    M I S S I O N  5:   R a z o r   R e n d e z v o u s
    -Protect the Blockade Runner
    -Protect the frigate Redemtion
    -Destroy the Imperial shield generators
    -Destroy the Imperial command deck
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                        4:30            -----            1:19
    Enemies Destroyed:                        10               --              10
    Shot Accuracy:                             8%              ---             60%
    Friendlies Lost:                          42                -               0
    Lives Lost:                                2                -               1
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            10%              ---             85%
    M I S S I O N  6:   V e n g e a n c e   o n   K o t h l i s
    -Protect the transport from the TIEs
    -Defend the commandos as they recapture the data
    -Destroy all AT-ATs
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                       13:00            -----            ----
    Enemies Destroyed:                        45               --              --
    Shot Accuracy:                             7%              ---             ---
    Friendlies Lost:                           4                -               -
    Lives Lost:                                2                -               -
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            12%              ---             ---
    Vengeance on Kothlis is a relatively easy mission, compared to many of the
    others, as it just combines skills you've learned on a few other missions into
    one large, multi-craft mission.
    Anyway, to begin, follow the transport for a few moments until the TIEs get
    into firing range. Try to spot the Interceptors and take them out as quick as
    possible, as they constantly trail you and do damage or even take you out if
    you're not careful. There should be a few pairs of two Interceptors and a
    couple squads of TIEs. After you take out the Interceptors focus on the TIEs
    until the transport gets close to the coastline where it will land. If all or
    most of the TIEs are down, use your spare time to fly over and take out as
    many guns still left on the Star Destroyer as possible (believe it or not, the
    Star Destroyer will actually only have the guns left that you didn't destroy
    in the previous mission).
    After the transport lands three AT-ATs manage to make their way out of the
    Star Destroyer and start stomping toward the transport. Quickely fly to the
    transport and run into the blue Rebel sign to get into the speeder. Now turn
    around and take down the AT-ATs in the same fashion as you did on Hoth. The
    difference now though, is that the AT-ATs are in water, so half of their legs
    are covered giving you less space to spin around them. Take out the closest of
    the AT-ATs to the transport and as one goes down take down the next closest,
    that way it gives the ones in the back a little time to get into shallower
    water, making it easier to spin around them.
    After the AT-ATs go down a few dozen AT-PTs emerge from pods in the water, fly
    back to the transport as fast as you can and fly into the blue Rebel sign on
    the right to get into the Y-Wing. Tell your wingmen to go after the guns if
    there are any left and quickely press B to activate your proton bombs. Now
    turn on your targeting computer (which will stay on while your proton bombs
    are activated, regardless of if you have the targeting computer tech upgrade)
    and watch the on screen map of where the AT-PTs are under the water so you can
    take them out before they reach the shore. There are many of them, so you will
    have to take a few passes, if any of them emerge from the water, take them out
    with your lasers to save your bombs. Your bombs recharge about 1 every ten
    seconds, so if you run out, just fly outward until you recharge a few extra.
    By now there should be more TIEs approaching, send your wingmen after them and
    continue taking out the AT-PTs.
    Once the AT-PTs are scrap metal another cutscene will take place, now your
    target is the Star Destroyer's hull itself. If there are still more than a few
    TIEs, take them out to give your proton bombs time to recharge. Once you've
    got plenty of proton bombs, fly over the Star Destroyer to see what you're
    supposed to bomb, then unload all you've got on it. It should take two full
    loads to take out, but once you do the mission is complete! Nice job!
    M I S S I O N  7:   I m p e r i a l   A c a d e m y   H e i s t
    AVAILABLE CRAFT: Snowspeeder
    Requirements:                         Bronze           Silver            Gold
    Completion Time:                       -----            -----            ----
    Enemies Destroyed:                        --               --              --
    Shot Accuracy:                             --              ---             ---
    Friendlies Lost:                           -                -               -
    Lives Lost:                                -                -               -
    Targeting Computer Efficiency:            ---              ---             ---
    More coming soon...
    6. Vehicles -------------------------------------------------------------------
    This section tells you the game's description of each vehicle, their primary
    and secondary weapon, and my comments, just to give you a better feel for the
    craft to be found in Rogue Leader.
    X-Wing Fighter
    PRIMARY WEAPON: Quad laser cannons   SECONDARY WEAPON: Proton torpedoes
    DESCRIPTION: With its unique double-layered wings (known as S-foils), the
    X-Wing is one of the most recognizable ships in the Star Wars universe. A
    versatile and robust ship, the X-Wing features a reinforced titanium alloy
    hull and high-powered shield generators, not to mention an on-board R2 unit
    for repairs.
    COMMENTS: With good speed, good maneuverability, and good firepower to
    boot, the X-Wing is a great fighter that is at least above average on
    all aspects.
    Y-Wing Fighter
    PRIMARY WEAPON: Dual laser cannons       SECONDARY WEAPON: Proton bombs
    Part fighter and part bomber, the Y-Wing is the precursor to the X-Wing.
    It may not be as maneuverable, but it makes up for its limitations by having
    an impressive arsenal, including proton bombs and the powerful ion cannon.
    Its proton bombs make it the ideal craft to use for any ground-based missions
    where the goal is to bomb surface targets. The Y-Wing also includes an R2
    unit to help repair the ship when it gets damaged.
    COMMENTS: Clumsy and slow, and with weak blasters, the Y-Wing is one of
    my least favored ships. It packs some good punch in its proton bombs, but if
    you try taking out anything in the air with this good luck.
    PRIMARY WEAPON: Dual laser cannons
    SECONDARY WEAPON: Concussion missles
    By far the fastest starfighter in the Rebel Alliance, the A-Wing is quick
    and agile in everything it does. It features a limited nitro boost that
    allows it to get speed bursts when you click the R button. The A-Wing has
    unlimited nitro boosts, although the boost does take time to recharge. While
    the A-Wing has an impressive arsenal, its major weakness is the fact that
    its shields are relatively weak and its hull is easily pierced by blaster
    COMMENTS: The fastest ship, with decent concentrated firepower, the A-Wing
    is a decent ship for most missions. Its armor can make it a little annoying,
    but overall an above average ship.
    PRIMARY WEAPON: Tripple laser cannon
    SECONDARY WEAPON: Proton torpedoes
    Built by the Rebel Alliance primarilly as a vessel designed to engage
    Imperial capital ships, the B-Wing's unique shape makes it stand out
    compared to the other Rebel ships. While it shares the same basic weapon
    setup as the X-Wing, it has one important addition: double ion cannons.
    With powerful shields and the ability to close its S-foils to speed up,
    the ship's major disadvantage is that its shape sometimes makes it harder
    to maneuver.
    COMMENTS: Like the X-Wing on most respects, the only disadvantage the
    B-Wing suffers when compared to the X-Wing is the maneuverability of its
    strange shape.
    Snow Speeder
    PRIMARY WEAPON: Twin laser cannons
    Officially known as the Incom T-47, this ship is famous for its unique towing
    cable which can be put to use to take down Imperial AT-ATs. The Snow Speeder
    is limited to relatively low altitudes and can't perform advanced maneuvers
    such as rolls, but it is fast and small, making it hard for enemy troops to
    hit with any precision. That's a good thing, because the Snow Speeder lacks
    any strong shields for protection.
    COMMENTS: The snow speeder, with good speed and maneuverability, is
    definitely a fun ship to fly. It doesn't pack that much firepower, but it's
    definitely not bad either.
    7. Weapons and Upgrades -------------------------------------------------------
    Here you will find the various tech upgrades in the game, the manual's
    description, and where to find them. Tech upgrades are very important in
    your survival in Rogue Leader, without them some missions will seem neigh
     Regular Weapons
    Coming soon...
    Below are descriptions of weapon upgrades. After finding the upgrade, you need
    to complete the mission in order for it to be kept.
    Advanced Lasers
    WHERE TO FIND: On the Battle of Hoth, right after the cutscene where the
    shield generator is destroyed, turn around and go where the shield generator
    once stood and it'll be sitting right there. Easy as pie :)
    DESCRIPTION: Aquiring this upgrade will improve the power of your laser
    cannons so they do more damage to enemy craft. This upgrade applies to all
    the ships.
    Advanced Shields
    WHERE TO FIND: On the first mission, Death Star Attack, first take out the
    guard towers. Now immediately after the cutscene that takes place, turn
    to the left at about 11 o' clock and look for a glowing white cone. It
    shouldn't be too hard to spot against the grey Star Destroyer.
    DESCRIPTION: The ultimate defensive upgrade, advanced shields affects all
    ships and improves the strength of your shields. If found, the
    shield-strength display in the lower-left corner of the screen will be tinted
    blue to indicate that your shields are as strong as they can be.
    Advanced Proton Torpedoes
    DESCRIPTION: If you find this upgrade, it will make the X-Wing and B-Wing's
    proton torpedoes more powerful.
    Advanced Proton Bombs
    DESCRIPTION: Proton bombs on the Y-Wing are even more deadly if you find this
    Advanced Concussion Missiles
    DESCRIPTION: The A-Wing's concussion milliles become more powerful with
    this upgrade.
    Advanced Targeting Computer
    DESCRIPTION: This upgrade further improves the targeting computer, activated
    by pressing the Y button. Without the upgrade you have to hold down to Y
    button to keep the computer on screen, but this upgrade allows the computer to
    be permanently toggled on or off during the game.
    With this upgrade installed, the C-stick can be moved while in targeting
    computer mode to highlight specific enemy ships you'd like wingmates to
    attack. After highlighting ships through the targeting computer, use the
    regular control pad commands to order your wingmates to attack those specific
    Seeker Proton Torpedoes
    WHERE TO FIND: This upgrade is simple enough. On Veneance on Kothlis, follow
    the transport until it's a minute or two from setting down, make sure you take
    out as many TIEs as possible. Before the transport sets down, head toward the
    tip of the Star Destroyer. Now swing back 180 degrees and slowly fly into the
    Star Destroyer's control deck (yes, IN the Star Destroyer!). The upgrade will
    be in the left-most hole.
    DESCRIPTION: This upgrade makes the proton torpedoes on the X-Wing and B-Wing
    lock onto enemies once fired.
    Advanced Concussion Missiles
    DESCRIPTION: The A-Wing gets its own set of heat seeking concussion missiles
    that can lock on to enemy targets after being fired.
    8. Other Stuff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    - Your targeting computer is a very useful tool. If you're in a mission where
      you need to kill off enemies, use your computer to see which ones are
      necessary to kill. You ONLY need to kill those in yellow. Purple objects are
      there to help inflict damage upon you, but you'll complete the mission
      faster if you focus on items in yellow. (Targets other than yellow but are
      necessary to destroy are also shown in yellow.) Using the computer lowers
      your efficiency, but that's not your concern the first time playing a
    - Learn the best way to evade enemies. Vary your speed to confuse them, and
      brake in hopes that they'll fly pass you. If there's a guy right on your
      butt, simply hold L and do a very sharp turn to get away temporarily. Kill
      'em before they can kill you.
    - Upgrade your ships! An upgrade is available in the very first mission so get
      the upgrades whereever you can because they'll help you to do better in
      later levels. See our upgrades section for information on how to find these.
    - Don't be careless. Playing for fun is one thing, but if you're actually
      trying to complete a mission, don't dive straight down at the ground and try
      to pull up at the last second because you think it's fun--after three ships
      it's game over, and it's never fun starting long missions over again.
    LIONHEAD - Apparently the makers of Rogue Leader loved Peter Molyneux's
               Black & White for PC so much that they made a code for it. Entering
    	   'LIONHEAD' (a poke at Molyneux's actual development team of the
    	   same name) lets you play the game in monochrome black and white.
    	   Not very fun, but a cool trick none the less!
    COMPOSER - Entering 'COMPOSER' will open the 'Music Hall' option in the
               Special Features menu that lets you listen to the game's various
    	   back-ground music (BGMs) at your leisure.
    BLAHBLAH - Perhaps the most interesting passcode, entering 'BLAHBLAH' opens an
               'Audio Commentary' option in the Special Features menu. By turning
    	   Audio Commentary on, once you start a mission, you'll hear various
    	   people from Factor 5 (the creators of Rogue Leader) staff
               commenting on the level, developing, and various other good stuff,
    	   much like a DVD audio commentary.
    ?INSIDER - Entering '?INSIDER' (peculiar name eh?) will open up the Documentary
               feature in the Special Features menu. The documentary feature is
    	   a nice behind the scenes look at some of the process of the making
    	   of Rogue Leader.
    EXHIBIT! - Entering 'EXHIBIT!' will open a nice (albeit small) art gallery in
               the Special Features menu.
    THATSME! - Entering 'THATSME!' will unlock the Credits option in the Special
               Features menu. Not much of a code, but a code none the less.
     Secret Ships
    Slave 1
    To unlock Boba Fett's prized fighter, just complete twelve missions with a
    silver medal or better.
    TIE Fighter
    You can unlock this ship by beating the Imperial Academy Heist mission after
    stealing the TIE fighter. You can now play as your enemy...um, hurray!
    Naboo Starfighter
    Complete the training mission 100% in all four daytime variations (morning,
    afternoon, evening, and night) to get this ship.
    Darth Vader's Tie Advanced X1
    Get 15 gold medals (That's EVERY mission, buddy) to get this.
    Millenium Falcon
    You can get this baby by getting bronze medals or higher for all ten main
     Other Secrets
    Ace Mode
    Successfully complete everything in the training mode and get fifteen gold
    medals. Think you can do it?
    The documentary option in the Special Features menu will be unlocked once you
    have completed the 10 standard missions regardless of what medals you obtained.
    The documentary option lets you watch a special feature on the making of Star
    Wars Rogue Leader.
    Developer Commentary
    Get ten bronze medals to unlock the developer commentary feature in the 
    features menu.
    9. Final Words ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide. If you've read
    everything and still have questions, feel free to email either of us. We may
    be unable to give decent answers as we're still working through all of the
    And if you're a webmaster, you must have permission from both authors before
    posting it on your site, although it's unlikely that we'll allow it on anything
    else for now.
    Andy787 (Andy Wilson) - Andy78787@hotmail.com
    miffo (Michael Paul) - miffo007@yahoo.com ~ http://igamingnetwork.tripod.com/
    GameFAQs - For hosting this guide.
    Ultrasabre - For posting very helpful information regarding weapon upgrades on
                 the IGN.com boards. It made our lives much easier. :)
    D0NKEY K0NG - He told us some hints on AIM to help us complete the game in the
                  first place. Thanks!
    Cheatcc.com - Some codes were found here regarding secret ships and passcodes.
    Revision History:
    November 22, 2001 - A lot more was added, including almost everything you can
                        think of.
    November 16, 2001 - First started working on it, based soley the the
                        game's manual.
    Fin                                 Copyright (c) 2001 Andy Wilson/Michael Paul

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