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    Tatooine Training FAQ by ImaLilPissed

    Version: 2.8 | Updated: 05/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader                
                              Tatooine Training FAQ
                                   Version 2.8        
                                                    Written by ImaLilPissed
    The Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Version Updates
    III.  Terms/Places You Should Know
    IV.   The Q & A
    V.    The Objectives
          a. The Races
             1. Beggar's Canyon Racing
             2. Tosche Station Racing
          b. The Womp Rats
             1. 20 Womp Rats
             2. 40 Womp Rats
             3. 60 Womp Rats
             4. The "Round 'Em Up" Trick
          c. The Discovery Items
             1. Primary Discovery Items
             2. Bonus Items
          d. The Lessons
    VI.   Walkthrough
          a. Dawn
          b. Day
          c. Dusk
          d. Night
    VII.  Naboo Starfighter Information
    VIII. Ace Mode Information
    IX.   Contact
    X.    Credits
    XI.   Legal Stuff
    XII.  Conclusion
    I. Introduction
    Tatooine Training; it's one of those things most people can do, some 
    people refuse to do, and some people can't ever do. Well, actually,
    that last part is untrue. Tatooine Training is a walk in the park if
    you know what you're doing. It benefits you greatly if you are a
    newcomer to the game. 1) You learn the controls of the game and 2) you
    get a nice shiny reward and 3) you may also have some fun. This FAQ
    will fully elaborate the best and easiest way to fully complete
    Tatooine Training. It will also explain everything else that is in
    Tatooine Training or has something to do with it.
    II. Version Updates
    01/14/02 - FAQ created
    01/16/02 - Fixed a typo
             - Added to the Q & A
    01/20/02 - Fixed Crashed TIE Fighter description
    01/22/02 - Fixed a Q & A and added a Q & A
    01/24/02 - Added two Q & A's
    01/26/02 - Made some changes that you probably won't notice
    01/27/02 - Fixed two typos
    01/28/02 - Added two Q & A's
    02/06/02 - Added 2 Q & A's, fixed some typos
    02/08/02 - Added, removed, and fixed some stuff
    02/09/02 - Added a Q & A, fixed a Q & A
    02/10/02 - Added the "Naboo Starfighter Information" section
    02/11/02 - Added the "Ace Mode Information" section and 2 Q & A's
    02/16/02 - Fixed some typos
    02/24/02 - Fixed typos in the Version Updates
    02/25/02 - Got my old email back! YAY!!
    04/29/02 - Added an important Q & A, edited the Introduction and
    05/11/02 - Added a Q & A and added extra info to The Lessons
    05/21/02 - Ace Mode passcodes in...
    III. Terms/Places You Should Know
    canyon - it's a canyon. Tall walls to each side, and not much space in
    Jabba's Palace - Jabba the Hutt lives here, and that's all there is to
    Mos Eisley - it's that big spaceport to the northeast. You will find
    the Crashed TIE Fighter there
    Naboo Starfighter - a ship from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The
    first Factor 5 game it appeared in was Rogue Squadron, and then Battle
    for Naboo, and then finally Rogue Leader. It can be unlocked by fully
    completing Tatooine Training
    plateau - this is a big piece of land with a fairly-flat top that is
    higher than the surrounding land
    Tosche Station - you must race to it during Tosche Station Racing. It
    can only be destroyed with a proton bomb to the second floor doorway
    Womp Rat Valley - the 150 womp rat herd will be in here. They will
    eventually climb onto the valley walls if you don't do something about
    IV. The FAQ
    Q: What do you get for fully completing Tatooine Training?
    A: After completing Tatooine Training at all four times of the day, you 
    receive the Naboo Starfighter.
    Q: What else do you get for fully completing Tatooine Training?
    A: After fully completing Tatooine Training and getting 15 Gold Medals
    in a save file, you get Ace Mode. Note that you won't get Ace Mode if
    you don't fully complete Tatooine Training.
    Q: I finished Tatooine Training, but I still donít see the Naboo 
    A: Obviously, you did something wrong. Read on to see what you did 
    wrong or to see what you didn't do at all. Or maybe you're looking in
    wrong hangar. The Naboo Starfighter only appears in the Calamari Hangar
    with the B-Wing and A-Wing. It DOESN'T appear in the Yavin Hangar, Hoth
    Hangar, or obviously not the Imperial Hangar.
    Q: The Naboo Starfighter is in my hangar, but I canít use it. Why?
    A: You must first complete the first 10 primary missions.
    Q: What missions can you use the Naboo Starfighter in?
    A: "Ison Corridor Ambush," "Razor Rendevous," "Vengeance On Kothlis," 
    "Raid On Bespin," "Battle of Endor," and "Endurance".
    Q: What are the bonus items and the times of day?
    A: Read section V.c.2.
    Q: Can I end training when I know Iíve done everything, or do I have to 
    wait until the 20 minutes run out?
    A: You can end training early.
    Q: Can you get a medal in training?
    A: Nope.
    Q: Does the infinite lives passcode work for Tatooine Training?
    A: I pretty much despise you for asking this question. Why? Because there 
    is NO REASON TO CHEAT on Tatooine Training. It's too easy.
    Q: Do I have to do all of the training in order and in one day?
    A: Nope, for instance, you can do night training today, dusk training 
    tomorrow, dawn training five days later, and day training a year after. 
    Just finish them all.
    Q: Do I have to beat "Strike at the Core" again to use the Naboo 
    A: If youíve already beaten the mission once, there is no need to do it 
    a second time.
    Q: I crashed during training. Do I have to start over?
    A: Nope, just keep going.
    Q: I already got the Spread Proton Bombs upgrade. Why isn't it working?
    A: The only tech upgrades that work in Tatooine Training are Advanced
    Targeting Computer, Advanced Shields, and Advanced Lasers.
    Q: What bonus do I get for finding Bonus Items?
    A: Nothing, except it is necessary to find two of them in each time of
    day to complete training. As you should already know, the reward of
    completing training is the Naboo Starfighter.
    Q: Does the passcode NABOO?! work?
    A: For the last time, no. If it DID work, it would be placed in a FAQ.
    Q: I'm too lazy to complete training. Are there any passcodes to get
    the N-1?
    A: Yes, there is. Enter CDYXF!?Q. Then type in ASEPONE! to get the N-1.
    Q: Why do the banthas explode?
    A: It must be something in the water. (thanks to weggy for sending this
    Q: Is there a Tatooine Training Map I could look at? Because your
    location descriptions of the items suck!
    A: Yes, my descriptions do suck, but what can ya do? Fortunately for
    you, there IS a Tatooine Training Map. It's made by the talented
    RogueLeader2, and it can be found on the RL FAQs page or you can go
    directly here: 
    Q: Do you have to find the items in alphabetical order?
    A: Heh, no. In the Primary Discovery Items Section, I put them in
    alphabetical order, because I couldn't come up with any other order.
    Q: Do you have to do the lessons in alphabetical order?
    A: Again, no. In the Lessons Section, I put them in alphabetical order,
    because I couldn't come up with any other order.
    Q: Is Tatooine Training any harder on Ace Mode?
    A: Nope.
    Q: I have all 15 Gold Medals, but I still didn't unlock Ace Mode! Is it
    because I don't have the Naboo Starfighter unlocked yet?
    A: Yes. You must get the N-1 if you want Ace Mode, but not with the
    passcode. It doesn't work that way. You have to get the 15 Golds and
    fully complete Tatooine Training.
    Q: I completely destroyed Mos Eisley, and one/two/three/four Rebel
    insignia(s) showed up! I flew through them, but nothing happened. Is
    there a possibility of unlocking a bonus craft or mission with these
    Rebel insignias?
    A: The Rebel insignias that appear are from Tosche Station Racing. It's
    just one of the many glitches in this game.
    Q: The "Round 'Em Up" Trick doesn't work for me! the womp rats just run
    every which way! Why?
    A: You have to make sure you're circling the herd from the outside, not
    right over the womp rats.
    Q: Why does the Naboo Starfighter look so crappy?
    A: In Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Anakin Skywalker flew
    this very starfighter into the Droid Control Ship. While in it, droids
    fired on the ship and left black marks. I'm assuming Factor 5 wanted to
    replicate Anakin's ship.
    Q: Are there any requirements for Ace Mode?
    A: All you must do is beat the level by completing the objectives. For
    example, you can't play Endurance until Wave 25 and quit. The objective
    is to destroy all Imperial Forces. Darth Vader is an Imperial Force,
    but since you didn't destroy him, yet, you haven't completed the
    Q: I suck at this game. Are there passcodes for Ace Mode?
    A: Yup. Enter in U!?!VWZC, then GIVEITUP. Go to Special Features to
    enable it.
    Q: How do I know which times of day I've already completed?
    A: Go into Tatooine Training at any time of day. Then quit. On the
    stats screen, it will say "AREA COMPLETE" if you have already completed
    that time of day. If it doesn't, then go complete the Training!
    Q: Can you destroy R2-D2 or C-3PO?
    A: Nope.
    V. The Objectives
    Besides doing the 12 lessons, you must complete 3 objectives. Broken 
    down, there are 6 objectives: two races, the womp rats, and finding all
    discovery items.
    V.a. The Races
    In the races, you race. What else can I say?
    V.a.1. Beggar's Canyon Racing
    There are two tracks to Beggar's Canyon. You race only against Biggs.
    Track 1 is the harder one. Biggs always take this route and he calls it
    a shortcut. Track 2 is the more simpler one and quite easy. Just pick
    one of them. It doesn't matter since you'll have to do both anyways.
    Track 1: Many people have said that for Track I, you should just follow
    Biggs and boost ahead at the end. YEAH, RIGHT! You are just wasting
    your time. Biggs circles around the canyon which is unnecessary. It's
    also difficult to catch up with him, since you have to stay low.
    So what do you do, you ask? Make a shortcut out of the shortcut. At the
    beginning, fly left and keep flying down the canyon. Once you get to 
    the place with a lot of canyons, turn right and keep going. You won't
    have many oppurtunities to boost. Just watch the walls, and don't be 
    afraid to brake. Get to the clearing and you're done.
    Track 2: Easy, easy, easy. Fly right at the fork and keep going. There
    will be another fork, go left. Another one, go left again. Then one
    more, go left again. Just boost whenever you want. You're all set from 
    The time requirement for Track 1 is 0:50. The time requirement for
    Track 2 is 0:40.
    V.a.2. Tosche Station Racing
    This is a race to Tosche Station. It is basically a big arc. You must
    fly through all of Rebel insignias, and then to Tosche Station to win.
    You are racing Biggs and Wedge. The first time you do it, it's easy.
    The second time is a bit harder since Biggs and Wedge catch up more
    quickly. You MUST win the easy and hard version of this race if you
    want to fully complete training. The requirement of Tosche Station
    Racing (Easy) is 1:00. The requirement of Tosche Station Racing (Hard) 
    is 0:57. Just boost every time you can. Don't get mad if Biggs and
    Wedge gets ahead. You don't have to fly through the Rebel insignias
    completely. You can usually get away with just going through it with
    a wing.
    V.b. The Womp Rats
    Killing womp rats: fun or torture?
    V.b.1. 20 Womp Rats
    Go to section V.b.2.
    V.b.2. 40 Womp Rats
    Go to section V.b.3.
    V.b.3. 60 Womp Rats
    20 womp rats? Forget it. 40 womp rats? Forget that, too. You want to
    get 60 on your first try. Getting 60 on your first try means that you 
    will have had completed the 3 womprat objectives. Fly through the Rebel
    insignia and fly up to gain altitude. Then brake and pitch down. Start
    spraying your shots all over the herd. If you pass them, boost away and
    then sharp turn and kill some more. Proton torpedoes and proton bombs
    don't help much. There are 150, so this shouldn't be much of a problem.
    If you don't get it on your first try, you may want to restart, since
    the womp rats take a long time to regenerate.
    V.b.4. The "Round ĎEm Up" Trick
    Still can't get 60 womp rats? There's a trick that will help. Circle 
    the womp rat herd. Most of them will run into the middle, making it 
    easier to take them out. After 2 or 3 circles, fly into the Rebel 
    insignia and blast those womp rats!
    V.c. The Discovery Items
    The last actual objective is finding all discovery items. It's not THAT
    hard, because your radar directs you to them anyway. Once you've found
    everything, your orange cone will direct you back to Jabba's Palace.
    V.c.1. Primary Discovery Items
    Here is the list of the 12 discovery items in alphabetical order that 
    you must find:
    Bantha Herd (5)
    Crashed TIE Fighter (1)
    Dewback (3)
    Jabba's Palace (1)
    Sandcrawler (2)
    It is hard to actually explain the location of all of these locations,
    since I must tell you the location of an item by referring to another 
    item which must be located by referring to another item. I'll try my
    Bantha Herd (5):
    One can be found to the left after you fly over Jabba's Palace.
    Another can be found on the edge of the Womp Rat Valley, on the side
    closest to Mos Eisley.
    Another can be found near the Kraayt Dragon Bones (a Bonus Item), which
    is an equal distance away from both Beggar's Canyon and Womp Rat 
    A fourth one can be found at the edge of Beggar's Canyon on the far
    side of the map opposite Mos Eisley.
    The last one can be found by turning around when training starts.
    Crashed TIE Fighter (1):
    This can be found in Mos Eisley. It will actually be highlighted purple
    on your targeting computer as a target. People have stated that it
    sometimes flies away. It actually doesn't.
    Dewback (3): 
    One of them is kind of isolated. It is on the other end of the map
    opposite of Mos Eisley. It's just sitting there on one of the plateaus
    of Beggar's Canyon. The closest thing to it is the Sandcrawler that is
    near the Bantha Herd that is behind you once you start training.
    Another one can be found at the edge of Womp Rat Valley, farthest away
    Jabba's Palace.
    The last one can be found on the edge of the clearing to the left of
    Jabba's Palace when you start off.
    Jabba's Palace (1):
    It's will be directly in front of you when you start training.
    Sandcrawler (2):
    There will be one a distance behind you when you start off.
    Another one will be found near the Linked Lasers lesson Rebel insignia.
    V.c.2. Bonus Items
    There are two Bonus Items you must discover besides the twelve Primary 
    Items. But note that two can only be found in each of the four times of 
    Dawn (6:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones, C-3PO
    Day (12:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones, Escape Pod
    Dusk (18:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones, C-3PO
    Night (00:00): Kraayt Dragon Bones, R2-D2
    The finding of some of these items requires more than just flying over
    After you've flown over Jabba's Palace to discover it, turn around and
    start blasting it. Use some proton torpedoes, if you want, 'cause you
    won't be using them anywhere else. Once Jabba's Palace explodes, C-3PO
    will be standing there in the middle of the plateau.
    Escape Pod:
    It will be in between Tosche Station and the dewback closest to it.
    The best time to discover it is after you've done Tosche Station
    Kraayt Dragon Bones:
    It will be found in the same place everytime. It will be in between a
    bantha herd and the Sandcrawler closest to Mos Eisley, closer to the
    bantha herd.
    When you are close to a Sandcrawler and you start firing on it, a
    cutscene will play, and the narrator will tell you that you can only
    destroy the Sandcrawler with a linked laser blast. Destroy the
    Sandcrawler closest to Mos Eisley, and R2-D2 will appear from the
    V.d. The Lessons
    Lessons are definitely annoying after you've done them two or three
    times, but it is necessary to complete ALL of them to fully complete
    training. There are 12 of them. I'm not going to fully explain them, 
    since the narrator already does. Here they are in alphabetical order:
    Brakes - gently squeeze L
    Camera Rotation - move the C stick
    Camera Switch - tap X
    Command Cross - tap any direction on the D-pad
    Hard Braking - click L
    * Ion Cannon - hold down B and release
    Linked Lasers - tap A, and then tap A again
    Proton Bombs - tap B, and then tap B again
    Rolling Craft - hold Z and tilt the control stick left or right
    * Speed Boost - click R
    Speed Up - gently squeeze R
    Targeting Computer - tap Y
    * Sometimes these don't work. Wait one second after you fly through the
    Rebel insignia before you hold down B and release, or click R.
    You must do all of these in each time of day.
    VI. Walkthrough
    The only difference between these four walkthroughs is the order of 
    doing things, since each of them have different Bonus items. I'm going
    to just give you tips and hints so you can finish with a good amount of
    time on your hands.
    The stats screen should look exactly like this when you're done with a
    time of day:
                               TATOOINE TRAINING
                                 AREA COMPLETE
    Items found                                12                        12
    Lessons learned                            12                        12
    Beggar's Canyon Racing
       Track 1              (any time under 0:50)                      0:50
       Track 2              (any time under 0:40)                      0:40
    Tosche Station Racing
       Easy                 (any time under 1:00)                      1:00 
       Hard                 (any time under 0:57)                      0:57
    Womp Rat Valley
       Easy                      (any # above 20)                        20
       Medium                    (any # above 40)                        40
       Hard                      (any # above 60)                        60
                              2 Bonus Items Found
                            * RESTART TRAINING
                            * BACK TO MISSION SELECT                       
    VI.a. Dawn
    Have a good sleep? Good. Now let's get to training!
    Brake and start attacking Jabba's Palace. Release all of your proton
    torpedoes. Once you get close enough, you will discover Jabba's Palace.
    A few more shots and it will explode. Then discover C-3PO and the
    Bantha Herd nearby. Then do Tosche Station Racing. From then on, just
    follow the orange cone to find discovery items. Do lessons on the way.
    If you don't have trouble with womp rats, don't rush to bullseye them
    right away. If you do have trouble, do it right after you do the Proton
    Bombs training.
    VI.b. Day
    You're flying above Tatooine with those two burning suns right at your 
    neck. Can you make it? Of course you can!
    Very simple. Discover Jabba's Palace and that Bantha Herd. Then do 
    Tosche Station Racing. Follow the orange cone and discover the Escape
    Pod and a dewback. Then just follow the orange cone again and do
    lessons on the way.
    VI.c. Dusk
    Wouldn't it be nice to just sit down and have dinner at sunset with
    that special someone? Yes, yes it would. Too bad you have to do
    Do as you did during Dawn training.
    VI.d. Night
    Everyone's asleep. Why are you still up? The neighbors will probably
    complain about the shrill screams of the womp rats...oh, well.
    Do as you did during Day training, but remember to destroy the
    Sandcrawler closest to Mos Eisley with a linked blast after the
    narrator has instructed you to so you can discover R2-D2.
    VII. Naboo Starfighter Information
    Primary Weapon: Laser Cannons (Twin)
    Secondary Weapon: Proton Torpedoes (6 total)
    Applicable Tech Upgrades: Advanced Shields, Advanced Proton Torpedoes,
    Advanced Lasers, Homing Proton Torpedoes, and Advanced Targeting
    Playable On: "Ison Corridor Ambush," "Razor Rendevous", "Vengeance on
    Kothlis," "Raid On Bespin," "Battle of Endor," and "Endurance"
    Comparative Speed: Faster than every ship except the Millennium Falcon
    Comparative Laser Strength: The weakest in the game except for the
    Comparative Maneuverabilty: It is overall the most maneuverable craft
    in the game
    Comparative Shield Strength: Average shield strength
    Craft Description from Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader:
    "The fast, agile starfighter used by the Naboo Spacefighter Corps, the
    N-1, is armed with twin laser cannons and a full compliment of proton
    torpedoes. However, the vehicle is reserved for routine patrols and
    escorting the Queen's starship to other worlds. Designed by Naboo
    engineers, the N-1 incorporates many Nubian components, including a
    Monarc C-4 hyperdrive. The starfighter also utilizes a standard
    astromech droid to assist with navigation and in-flight repairs."
    Craft Description from Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo:
    "The N-1 Starfighter represents the pinnacle in Naboo military
    technology. Armed with twin laser cannons and proton torpedoes, the
    agile N-1 is designed for patrol and escort missions. Deflector
    shields protect the pilot, while an onboard astromech aids in
    navigation and repair.
    Craft Description from the Star Wars Databank (The Movies) at
    "Protecting the skies and space around Naboo is the N-1 starfighter.
    Its sleek design exemplifies the philosophy of art and fuction
    witnessed throughout Naboo technology. Its twin radial J-type engines
    are capped in gleaming chrome and trail long delicate-looking finials
    behind the ship's single-pilot compartment. Behind the pilot sits a
    standard astromech droid, plugged into an abbreviated, ventrally-fed
    socket which requires the droid to compress slightly in order to fit
    within the vessel's curves. The fighter features twin blaster cannons,
    twin fire-linked torpedo launchers, and a capable automatic pilot
    During the Battle of Naboo, fearless pilot Ric Oliť led Bravo
    Squadron's N-1 fighters against swarms of Trade Federation droid
    starfighters. The unexpected help of talented rookie pilot Anakin
    Skywalker resulted in the destruction of the Droid Control Ship,
    sealing the victory at Naboo."
    Craft Description from the Star Wars Databank (Expanded Universe) at
    "The Naboo N-1 's spaceframe is handcrafted by Theed Palace Space
    Vessel division, and its high-tech interior components come from a
    wide variety of offworld sources. Twin J-type Nubian-221 engines propel
    the craft at sublight speeds. These are specially configured to reduce
    pollution in Naboo's environment. A Nubian Monarc C-4 hyperdrive
    increases the ship's range once astrogation coordinates are supplied by
    an R2 unit or similar. The compact hyperdrive is especially useful
    when N-1 fighters serve as the Queen's Honor Guard on visits to other
    The central trailing finial serves as a conduit for power and computer
    data. Theed Palace's hangar bays have specially designed revetment
    areas into which an N-1 plugs when docked. Large transformers in the
    hangar complex deliver a high-voltage power charge to activate the
    fighter's many systems. The palace battle computer delivers coded
    battle coordinates and strategic plans into the fighter's computer and
    automatic pilot.
    As Naboo is a peaceful world, the N-1's mission profile covers
    planetary defense sorties, patrols, and formal diplomatic escort
    Craft Description from the Star Wars Databank (Behind the Scenes) at
    "At the start of the design phase, the Naboo N-1 had the angular
    design aesthetic prevalent in the original trilogy. As the character
    and style of Naboo designs began to develop, the N-1 took a more sleek
    and streamlined direction."
    VIII. Ace Mode
    To get Ace Mode, you must get Gold Medals on all 15 missions. You must
    also fully complete Training, meaning doing it four times at each time
    of day.
    Ace Mode really isn't that much harder. The only difference is that the
    AI shoots faster, including your wingmates. This can be both an
    advantage and disadvantage. You'll notice some difference in "Ison
    Corridor Ambush" and "Battle for Endor" and maybe "Strike at the Core."
    Ace Medals AREN'T Platinum Medals. For those of you who think that,
    please go away.
    Getting 15 Ace Medals gives you the rank of Galactic Allied Commander.
    That's it. As far as I know, you get nothing else. But Factor 5 may
    have something hidden up their sleeve...don't get your hopes up,
    IX. Contact
    If for some reason you'd like to talk to me, read below:
    Email address: imalilpissed@hotmail.com
    Please follow these guidelines if you want to write to me:
    1. Don't ask me questions that have already been answered in this FAQ.
    2. I'll be glad to give you credit if you help me with my FAQ in any 
    3. Don't send me chain letters, or otherwise known as "Fwds" because 
    they really piss me off.
    4. Please title the email "Your Tatooine Training FAQ" or something 
    along those lines, so I know that it is concerning this FAQ and none of 
    my other ones.
    AIM Screen name: ImaLilPissed
    If you have any questions that haven't been answered in this FAQ, you 
    can sometimes find me signed on with this screen name. If you have any 
    alternate strategies or tips, feel free to send them in. If they 
    actually do work, I'll put them here and give you credit.
    X. Credits
    - I must thank you CJayC for allowing me to post my work on GameFAQs
    - I give credit to the following people for contributing to the Q & A
    section: Nairb10, weggy, GCN Phreak
    - I thank Toei for calling up the hintline
    - I thank snooozer for totally convincing me that Advanced Lasers work
    - I give credit to starwars.com for their Craft Descriptions of the
    Naboo Starfighter
    - I thank leedeaton from the RL board for providing me with the Craft
    Description of the Naboo Starfighter in Star Wars Episode I: Battle for
    - I thank RogueLeader2 for his Playable Craft FAQ which provided me
    with statistic info about the N-1
    - I also must thank the many people who have Tatooine Training problems 
    and ask questions about it on the Rogue Leader board. I wouldn't have 
    made this FAQ without them
    - Finally, I thank Nintendo, LucasArts, and Factor 5 for giving people 
    like me an incredible game to play
    XI. Legal Stuff
    I really do not mind if anyone alters my work, as long as you give 
    credit where it is due. Don't plagiarize. If you'd like to post my work 
    somewhere, please make sure you state that it is the work of me, 
    ImaLilPissed. Thank you.
    XII. Conclusion
    Even though there is now a passcode for the Naboo Starfighter, don't
    think Tatooine Training is pointless. Play it a couple of times so you
    can get accustomed to the controls of the game. May the Force be with

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