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    A-Wing FAQ by DTran

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 03/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                Star Wars Rogue Squadron: Rogue Leader II A-Wing Guide
                                     By: Legomondo
                         Version: 1.21 (Last Updated: 03/23/03)
                            Game System: Nintendo GameCube
      1.  Version
      2.  Introduction
      3.  Basics
      4.  Strategies
      5.  Legal Information
      6.  Thanks
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[1. Version]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    03/23/03 - 1.21: Well the first thing you may notice is that this FAQ got a 
      whole lot prettier.  I mean, it was butt ugly when I opened this FAQ up to 
      update it and I realized that it sucked when I compare it to my recent 
      writings.  So, here's hoping that this version will be a good version that 
      will actually help an A-Wing pilot instead of giving them some crappy advice 
      that does nothing but to further degrade them into a hulking black spot on 
      the ground when you get shot down.  Thankfully, I didn't get any hate mail, 
      although I do find them amusing.
    06/20/02 - 1.20: Email change.
    06/06/02 - 1.10: Added two more tips.  If you have any, email me.
    06/05/02 - 1.00: Finished the A-Wing guide.  Hope you find this guide useful is 
      all I can say.  Feedback appreciated.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[2. Introduction]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Also re-written is my introduction.  Since this is a new version, I want you to 
    discard the older version if you for some reason printed off a copy of this.  
    I'm updating this FAQ because it SUCKS!!!  Also, I added a new site to host my 
    FAQ.  Now.. hopefully you will become an Ace at the A-Wing, impressing your 
    friends with your godly skills.  Either that or make a fool out of yourself.  
    Ha!  Anyways, hope you enjoy this FAQ.  Email me at Legomondo [at] yahoo [dot] 
    com if you have anything to say.  Oh yeah.. check out my other FAQs!
                                                   - Legomondo
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[3. Basics]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Learn the basics of the game, as well as the A-Wing, starting from its 
    statistics, controls, and then the basics of controlling an A-Wing which 
    includes factors to keep in mind.
    [A-Wing] -
     Height       : 9.6 Meters                        Speed  : 120  Boost   : 153
     Weapons      : [2] Borstel Laser Cannons         Damage : 104  Agility : 112
                    [2] Concussion Missile Launchers
     Type         : Starfighter/Interceptor           Shield : 45
     Manufacturer : Dodonna - Blissex
    Intel -
     "By far the fastest starfighter in the Rebel Alliance, the A-Wing is quick and 
     agile in everything it does.  It features a limited nitro boost that allows it 
     to get speed bursts when you click the R Button.  The A-Wing has unlimited 
     nitro boosts, although the boost does take time to recharge.  While the A-Wing 
     has an impressive arsenal, its major weakness is the fact that its shields are 
     relatively weak and its hull easily pierced by blaster fire."
    Craft Rundown -
    - Mainly used as a hit-and-run craft.
    - Poor shields.
    - Fast and agile.
    - No on-board astromech droid to repair any damage the A-Wing takes.
    Control Stick - Move the craft around.
    A Button - Fire your lasers.
    B Button - Fire your secondary weapons if you have any left.
    X Button - Change into Cockpit mode.
    Y Button - Turn on your targeting computer.  Keep holding it to leave it on 
      unless you pick up the upgrade for it.
    D Pad - Tell your wingmen/ground troops what to do.
    Z Button - Used in conjunction with the Control Stick; lets you do a barrel 
    R Button - Used to accelerate your craft or use its speed boost.
    L Button - Used to decelerate your craft.
    Start - Pauses the game.
                                    Basics - Part I
    This part is all about learning how to play in the game.  What's the point you 
    may ask?  Well, to move onto the Advanced parts of an A-Wing, you must first 
    learn how to fly it, duh!  This part will just go down a quick run-through.  
    You may, if you wish, feel free to skip this part.  Also note that this part 
    will be updated as I find out more things that I've left out.
      -=[Flying Your Craft]=-
    While you think that flying may be all the same in the game, you're dead wrong.  
    In fact, this game has really two different types of craft.  Space capable 
    craft and hover or repulsor crafts that can only ascend a certain height.  An 
    example [and possibly the only one] is the Incom T-47 Airspeeder, commonly 
    known as the Snowspeeder during the Battle of Hoth.  Knowing your limits will 
    help you decide what you want to do, I hope.
    Obviously you use the Control Stick to steer your craft.  Your craft is much 
    like a jet.  Not one of those later ones where they can vertically take off and 
    land, but one that continually moves forward.  Stop, and you crash and burn.  
    You can however, slow or speed up, which will be covered later.  Naturally, 
    you're going to want to avoid obstacles and enemy kamikaze fighters in the 
    game, especially with your weak shields.  Since the A-Wing has such high 
    maneuverability, it is not necessary for you to jam the Control Stick in any 
    direction too hard, or you will overturn [if that's a word].
    You can go up, down, sideways and back... as long as you have ample room all 
    around you.  It obviously wouldn't do you any good to make a U-turn when you're 
    confined in airspace, as you're going to end up a smoldering wreck on the 
    polished surface of whatever you crash into.  Hah!  Not.  All I can really say 
    is get used to turning your craft, especially in the training level.
    Simple to use.  Whenever you have a mission objective to complete, a yellow 
    triangle appears on the radar.  You must get the triangle pointing to 12:00 to 
    find the way to the objective.  Once you pass over your mission requirement, 
    the triangle widens and disappears before appearing behind you when you pass 
    over it.
    Enemies appear as red dots, and friendlies appear in green.  Blue dots signal 
    craft changes.
    The speed of your craft plays an important role in this game.  There are pros 
    and cons on speeding up or slowing down, and you must choose the appropriate 
    action that the mission requires.
    Speeding up obviously suits this craft well.  Move fast, and you're a much 
    harder target to hit, especially in the latter levels.  However, this reduces 
    the amount of time you have to shoot at a target accurately, which means that 
    you must be pretty good with aiming.  If you have a messed up controller like I 
    do, that's darn well near impossible now.  However, this is the only way you'll 
    stay alive.  Like I said earlier, you've got a poor excuse for shielding, and 
    you're only going to take about five seconds of direct laser fire before you're 
    on fire.  Unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure that there are no threats targeting 
    you, you should always remain at a fast pace.
    Braking is necessary when you're trying to line up shots and get more shots in 
    with the enemy.  This is the only time when you should be using the breaks of 
    your craft, unless you're about to crash into a wall of some sort.
    Unlike in the original Rogue Squadron, you don't get to switch your firing 
    rates.  It automatically does this for you.  In the lower right hand corner of 
    the screen, you should see a "Weapons Display" of some sort.  The image is of 
    course your secondary weapon, but the main thing that we want to check right 
    now is the line that snakes around it.  It's plain to see that not firing your 
    lasers lets the bold, gold line travel across.  Wait for it to "make a complete 
    stop", and your lasers are as powerful as they're going to get.
    Basically, in simple terms, your lasers are linked.  This means that your laser 
    cannons fire simultaneously which means that they fire together, as one.  Two 
    shots are much better than one at a time, such as holding down the A Button.  
    However, tapping it can also get you the same desired effect, which is crucial 
    since the A-Wing's lasers aren't as powerful as those of some other craft.  
    More firepower at a time means the more damage you do in a shorter period.  
    Remember that!
    The only other thing you should know is that you should lead with your lasers.  
    Unless your enemy is traveling DIRECTLY in front of you, you're going to have 
    to fire a little bit ahead of him, depending on how far he is away.  Perfection 
    comes with practice.
    Wasn't quite sure where to put this part in, but then again, I wasn't quite 
    sure what I was going to put in the "Basics" sections.  You all know what 
    dogfights are people.  Aerial combat in which the best pilot beats the other.  
    Well, since the Imperial craft have shields that make yours look... better, you 
    pretty much have the upper hand.  Not to mention the fact that you also have 
    secondary weapons.
    Your only real main concerns are enemy fighters on your "six" or on your tail, 
    missiles from TIE Bombers, or kamikaze fighters.  You began to encounter a lot 
    of these traits in the latter missions, especially in Battle of Endor and you 
    have to keep moving to stay alive.  First thing I do is to turn of the Enemy 
    Camera that shows the enemy behind you when you've locked on.  Second.. remain 
    at a fairly fast speed to outrun enemy fighters and fire.  Whenever you get 
    this beeping sound as you play, you know that a missile has locked on to you.  
    Immediately hit on your booster to speed ahead, until the beeping stops.  The 
    missile will eventually disappear.
    Finally, kamikaze fighters.  To simply avoid, don't do 180 degree turns.  Or, 
    since the AI heads straight for you, instead of dodging objects like you do, 
    they crash into them.  Large ships or obstacles like The Redemption make great 
    walls for them to crash into, and you know you've scored successful kills when 
    you hear them crash.  Some will be smart enough to turn away, in which they 
    crash into each other.  If they don't, they'll be easy pickings since they're 
    moving so slow.  Putting objects between you and the enemy can also cause a 
    missile to impact the obstacle.
                                   Basics - Part II
    This section mainly elaborates on other maneuvers that aren't required for game 
    play.  Well, some do..
      -=[Concussion Missiles]=-
    "A limited number are available per ship.  Although not as powerful as proton 
    torpedoes, when this projectile hits a target it creates powerful shock waves 
    that penetrate even the heaviest armor.  Concussion missiles are effective 
    against both ground and air targets."
    You have a total of twenty in any given A-Wing.  What you may not know is that 
    they fire four at a time, two after the button is pushed, and two more a split 
    second after the first two have launched.  This gives you a split-second to 
    adjust your aim if you're off, or to strike another STATIONARY target.  Of 
    course, there are two upgrades.
    The Advanced Concussion Missile Upgrade upgrades the strength of your missile.  
    Ta da!  Bet you didn't know that.
    The Seeker Concussion Missiles make your missiles have the ability to track 
    enemy targets.  Simply tap the B Button to bring up a gold diamond cursor, and 
    point it at the enemy target.  If they are within range, a red square will 
    appear after a few seconds, and you may then fire your missiles.  However, 
    since they fire four at a time, it's very wasteful as one will destroy an enemy 
    fighter.  So.. it's recommended that you use them against heavy, stationary 
    targets.  Also, if you ever need to fire at a target, but the target locks onto 
    something you don't want to kill, double-tap the B Button when your targeting 
    reticule is green to fire off dumb torpedoes.
    You can fire your missiles at four different targets, so check the "Targeting 
    Computer" information below to find out how.
      -=[Command Cross]=-
    New to this game is the ability to assign your wingmates [if they are still 
    alive] commands to aid you in your battle against the Empire.  At times, you 
    will be able to give commands to ground troops below.
                                          |  |
                                       ___|  |___
                                 Guns |___    ___| TIEs
                                          |  |
    Form - Pretty much self-explanatory.  Ordering this command will tell your 
      wingmates to form up slightly behind you.
    TIEs - This changes to other specific enemy names at times, but the most common 
      one you'll see is the "TIEs" command.  Ordering this command will tell your 
      wingmen to go after enemy fighters or whatever the command says to go after.
    Flee - Orders your wingmen to flee the battle to spare their lives and lower 
      your friendly casualties.  Pressing this command once will bring up another 
      where you have two choices: "Flee" and "Cancel"  Cancel tells your wingmen to 
      stay in the battle while flee tells them to go away.
    Guns - If there are any stationary guns nearby in the level, this order will  
      them to go after them.  Like the "TIEs" command, this will be subject to 
      change in certain levels.
    If you don't assign your wingmates targets if the Command Cross appears, it 
    will disappear, and they will continue to work on their current assignment.
      -=[Targeting Computer]=-
    Yes, authentic isn't it?  This brings so much depth into the game because you 
    can easily distinguish your targets and it's simple.  Hold down the Y Button to 
    distinguish enemy targets, but be warned that if you're going for a medal, the 
    more you use this, the more you get counted off.
    With the upgrade, two more options are available to you when controlling the A-
    The first and foremost is that you don't have to hold down the Y Button to 
    activate it.  One simple press should suffice, and another to take it away.  
    Once activated, the new targeting computer will highlight enemy targets in-
    between four triangles.  This further helps identify enemy targets, and assign 
    targets for your wingmates.  They are:
                                          |  |
                                       ___|  |___
                               Attack |___    ___| Attack
                                          |  |
    Form - Pretty much self-explanatory.  Ordering this command will tell your 
      wingmates to form up slightly behind you.
    Attack - Once your target is highlighted by four triangles, pressing the 
      "Attack" command will tell your wingmates to go specifically after that 
      target.  If more than one are highlighted, they split up the job and will 
      eventually take them all down.  Good for taking out specific mission 
    Flee - Orders your wingmen to flee the battle to spare their lives and lower 
      your friendly casualties.  Pressing this command once will bring up another 
      where you have two choices: "Flee" and "Cancel"  Cancel tells your wingmen to 
      stay in the battle while flee tells them to go away.
    Also, using the Advanced Targeting Computer to highlight enemies [up to four], 
    you will be able to fire your Seeking Concussion Missiles at four different 
    targets.  While this is useful and stops the waste of your missiles, it is very 
    time consuming and costly.
    First, you must activate the seeking cursor.  Your cursor instead of white [on 
    the targeting computer] will turn gold.  Move the cursor over the enemies until 
    the triangles around them flash red.  You can have up to four targets flashing 
    red at once, but if you lose them off of your screen, you must do it over 
    again.  Since it's the only way, you most likely can only highlight up to three 
    [although I have gotten four] or you get shot down.  The choice is yours.
      -=[Barrel Rolls]=-
    Holding down the Z Button will allow you to do Barrel Rolls.  While this is 
    cool, it serves no real purpose and doesn't really get you out of tough 
      -=[Attack Runs]=-
    Basically, when you go on the offensive, you're going to do it in attack runs.  
    And when I mean offensive, I don't mean dogfights, but against heavily armored 
    targets like Star Destroyers.  Since they're surrounded by lots of laser 
    cannons, you're dead meat if you travel in a straight line.  Go full speed 
    ahead and fire as you pass them, and then turn around and repeat.  Feel free to 
    use Concussion Missiles to make your job quicker.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[4. Strategies]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    In the last update, my "Strategy" section consisted of crappy tips and stupid 
    walkthroughs on Ace Mode.  So, this time around, I've done it a bit different.  
    I've listed tips against individual enemies and levels when you're playing as 
    an A-Wing.  It's much better this time around of course!
    Stormtroopers - Whether they be clad in white, or in their snowy outfits at the 
      Battle of Hoth [although you won't use the A-Wing in that level], they don't 
      fire at you unlike in the original game.  They're too intent on the ground 
      work.  You can kill them to reduce the number of ground troops dead, but they 
      count AGAINST your accuracy.
    E-Web Blaster - A heavy machine gun sort of, they do target you at times, but 
      don't have very good accuracy.  One direct laser shot will take them out.
    TIE Fighter - You all know what these look like, and you all know they don't 
      have much shielding.  One direct hit from your laser fire will take them out.  
      Also, since you have the upper-hand with agility and speed, these guys don't 
      power much of a threat.  In numbers however, it's best to speed up a bit, or 
      let your wingmates handle some of them.
    TIE Interceptor - This craft is more your equal, minus the secondary weapons.  
      About equal in speed and agility, it's also aided by four laser cannons, much 
      like the X-Wing.  If they get on your tail, try and hit the nitro boost to 
      get away from them, and you should NEVER attack them head on.  They're such a 
      little blip in the sky that they score multiple hits before you target them 
      and leave you practically dead if you're already not.  These guys do tend to 
      swerve more often, so you'll find more of a challenge.
    TIE Bomber - Their threat to you is practically none.  They do have laser 
      cannons, but in this game, they don't use them.  What's so hard about them 
      then?  They're heavily shielded & armored [compared to the other two types of 
      TIEs] and they require quick destruction.  If they lock onto you with their 
      missiles, outrun them.  Then, pull behind them, and let off lots of linked 
      laser shots.  Two to three shots are enough, but more often than not, you 
      must break to avoid crashing into them.  This leaves you very open to laser 
      fire.  Watch out!
    TIE Advanced x1 - Darth Vadar's personal TIE, it's armed with Cluster Missiles 
      and laser cannons.  The only time you'll encounter it is in Endurance, which 
      I haven't completed with the A-Wing yet.  Probably never will.  However, I 
      can draw some experience with the X-Wing, and it takes two Proton Torpedoes 
      to down it.
    Imperial Shuttle - No threat.  They don't fire at you and move real slow.  Easy 
      pickings, even for a newb.
    AT-ST - "Chicken" walkers don't encounter you when you're playing as an A-Wing.  
      Why did I put them in then?  Because this FAQ must in detailed.  Aim for the 
      neck was a good strategy in Shadows of the Empire, but since you're in a 
      craft, blasting them anywhere makes quick work.  Since their guns are in the 
      front, it only makes sense to target them from the back.
    AT-PT - Smaller than the AT-STs, and also a whole lot weaker.  They only 
      require a few laser blasts, but they come in numbers.
    AT-AT - This thing's no small fry.  Towering above everything else, these guys 
      are resistant to blaster fire as their hull is so thick.  The only way to 
      take them down is in a Snowspeeder.  Main obstacles are crashing into its 
      legs or head.
    Gun Emplacements - These come in a variety, but they all serve the same 
      purpose: defense.  Alone, they are no threat, as they're too inconsistent to 
      score real hits.  However, in groups, they're a huge threat, especially if 
      you have another enemies.  They're small, but weakly armored, which means a 
      few direct laser blasts should kill it.  However, to do that, you must line 
      up straight with them, which poses much more of a problem.  Strafing runs are 
      great for these, especially if they're lined up in a row.
    Turbo Lasers - Heavy cannons on Star Destroyers, they don't target you.  
      Destroy them with multiple laser shots.
    Star Destroyer - Oooh.  The ultimate weapon of the Empire in this game, Star 
      Destroyers are heavily armed with multiple laser cannons and turbo lasers.  
      To take them down, you must destroy the two bulbous shield generators on top.  
      Whether you encounter resistance from the guns depends on what they're firing 
      at.  If you have the lucky opportunity to break, do some and score direct 
      hits on the generators.  Once that's done, you must go for the one 
      underneath.  Since the lasers on the belly of the ship don't target enemy 
      fighters swarming at the top, you're in for a whole lot of trouble.  Moving 
      fast saves your hide, but limits the amount of time you have to fire.  Moving 
      slow guarantees your death.  Concussion Missiles are great for these kinds of 
      situations.  Once that's done, head up and destroy the Command Deck.  
      Concussion Missiles, if making a direct hit and wipe it out in one shot.
    Like mentioned before, this section will mainly go through tough spots in the 
    certain levels that allow you to play in the A-Wing.  I expect that you've 
    played and beaten this game before, as well as acquired all available upgrades.  
    Finally, before you move on, these are NOT gold medal walkthroughs, nor do they 
    cover Ace mode.  You're welcome to try them for gold medals, and I might 
    implicate that you do things to get them.. but I do NOT guarantee.
    Mission 2: Ison Corridor Ambush
    Intel: "As the Rebels flee Yavin 4 to their new base on Hoth, Rogue Squadron 
      must protect a convoy led by the Frigate Redemption."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -          9:30                 5:17                4:12
     Enemies Destroyed -          21                   32                  40
     Shot Accuracy -             11%                   7%                 19%
     Friendlies Lost -             1                    3                   2
     Lives Lost -                  2                    1                   0
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -    10%                  27%                 72%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    I'd advise you to use this level as a training level for the A-Wing, although 
    you must protect the Transports and The Redemption.  What's also great about 
    this level is that you can switch your damaged A-Wing for a new one whilst 
    you're in a battle.
    You're basically protecting six Transports as well as escorting the Frigate 
    Redemption.  Four Transports in front of The Redemption means that there are 
    two in the back.  Once the four in front blow, The Redemption will take the 
    fire from the TIEs.  While it has good shielding or armor, it's not advised you 
    just sit there are let them blow up.  So, I'm assuming you've played and beaten 
    this game before.
    Squads of TIEs come from the east, southwest, and north.  The ones up front are 
    farther away, which means that you can concentrate on the ones in the back 
    first.  Take note that TIEs make strafing runs against the convoys, and that 
    they will brake when they get too close to avoid crashing into them.  Also note 
    that they blend well into the background, which makes them tough targets.  Send 
    your wingmates on the TIEs, and deal with any that attack the convoy.  Use your 
    superior agility to take them out.
    For an accuracy boost if you're going for the gold, make sure you have homing 
    Concussion Missiles, and use them against the TIEs.  Use them because you'll 
    have the option of switching to another A-Wing.  Five shots from the first A-
    Wing and five more from the second means that you get 10 shots that are 
    guaranteed 100% accuracy.
    After eliminating two waves of TIEs, you enter a nebula which makes things 
    cloudy.  Now would be a good time to switch to that other A-Wing if you haven't 
    done so already.  Use your targeting computer sparingly and have your cursor on 
    lock-on missile mode [or whatever nickname you want to call it] to find the TIE 
    Interceptors, even if you don't have any more missiles.  There will be one TIE 
    that will follow you around.  As always, have your wingmen go after the 
    fighters.  Your biggest problem encountered in the nebula are probably 
    collisions.  The bigger ships have faint outlines that will warn you, but the 
    TIE Interceptors usually don't show until you're real close.  Whatever you do, 
    destroy all of them to win the mission.
    Mission 5: Razor Rendezvous
    Intel: "A Rebel Blockade Runner carrying stolen data has been intercepted by 
      the Empire."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -          4:30                 2:59                1:19
     Enemies Destroyed -          10                   10                  10
     Shot Accuracy -              8%                  20%                 60%
     Friendlies Lost -             4                    2                   0
     Lives Lost -                  2                    2                   1
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -     10%                  38%                 85%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    Muwahahaha!!  You get to face a Star Destroyer in this mission.  First thing's 
    first, the GameFAQs message board is a great place to find out how to get gold 
    medals [without using the A-Wing] and there's even a movie where a gamer can 
    complete it in 19 seconds I believe.  Impressive, no?
    When you start the mission, you can either play it safe, or blaze through this 
    trying to get a gold medal.  Playing it safe means destroying every enemy   
    resistance out there and then targeting the critical points on the Star 
    Destroyer without fear of death.  While this may seem like a good idea, 
    especially with the A-Wing's weak shielding, it takes forever, and there's a 
    good chance you're going to get shot down.  Not only that, the Star Destroyer 
    will start to leave if you destroy all of its defensive weaponry.
    Instead, send your wingmates off to fight the TIEs.  Other non-controllable AI 
    allies will help you in their battle.  First thing to do is to let off a couple 
    streams of Concussion Missiles at the nearest Shield Generator followed by some 
    linked laser blasts.  Remember that you're trying to do this from far away so 
    you don't come into laser range.  Immediately turn right a bit and let off 
    another two streams of Concussion Missiles with linked lasers.  However, since 
    Concussion Missiles are weaker that Proton Torpedoes, you're going to have to 
    fire more laser shots.  I advise you to use the last salvo on the Shield 
    Generators if you haven't already destroyed them yet at this time.
    You can also go behind the Star Destroyer and fire upon the Generators from 
    there.  Less laser fire means you're somewhat safer, but TIEs have a tendency 
    to follow you there.  Whatever you choose to do, just keep a fairly fast pace.  
    If you're going for the gold, than crash your first A-Wing and use the new one 
    its Concussion Missiles.  Dive underneath the Star Destroyer and let off 
    another salvo of Concussion Missiles.  Preferably three of them with your new 
    A-Wing.  More lasers should do the trick and then speed back up to the top.  
    Concentrating on the Star Destroyer alone nets you four kills I believe, so 
    you're going to have to kill six TIEs for the gold requirement.  If you choose 
    to just complete this mission, fire off your last Concussion Missiles at the 
    Command Deck to destroy it.  Just be warned that the Star Destroyer is now 
    retreating so your aim might be off.
    Mission 6: Vengeance on Kothlis
    Intel: "The Star Destroyer has crashed on a beach in a tropical region of the   
      planet Kothlis.  General Crix Madine is set to lead a commando team on board 
      to recover valuable data, but first, he needs Rogue Squadron to clear away 
      Imperial defenses."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -         13:00                11:30                9:55
     Enemies Destroyed -          45                   75                 100
     Shot Accuracy -              7%                  14%                 27%
     Friendlies Lost -             4                    3                   2
     Lives Lost -                  2                    1                   0
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -     12%                  42%                 85%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    You're only going to use the A-Wing for a third of the mission, but this part 
    will cover all of the mission anyways.
    First off, you're going to face a lot of TIEs early on in this mission.  Send 
    your wingmates off to fight the TIEs and proceed ahead.  Turning about 15 
    degrees to your left from where you start, you should see two dots flying in 
    the distance.  These are the first two Interceptors that will chase your tail 
    in the beginning of the mission.  Luckily for you, they haven't targeted you 
    yet, so wipe one of them out.  Most likely than not, once you destroy one, the 
    other turns tail.  Pursue and destroy.  If you're fast enough, the Transport 
    won't complain about the TIEs on its back.
    Help your wingmates out a bit, and take out large squadrons of TIEs first.  One 
    of them comes from over the hills to your right.  As the Transport rounds the 
    corner, two more TIE Interceptors should arrive.  If you can't shake them off 
    of your tail for right now, flee a bit and they'll turn to attack the 
    Transport.  Finish them off and any other TIEs flying around the Star 
    Destroyer.  If you're going for the gold, I suggest that you keep your 
    wingmates busy while you handle any guns that are on the Star Destroyer.  If 
    you proceeded to wipe them out from the last mission however, you can destroy 
    the E-Web guns on the deck of the Star Destroyer.  You may also want to use 
    your missiles at this point to boost your accuracy since you won't be using 
    this craft anymore.
    Switch to your Snowspeeder, and combat the AT-ATs.  There are three of them, 
    and they all tend to destroy the Transport unless you deal with them quickly.  
    Assign your wingmates to "TIEs" and then focus on the closest walker.  As you 
    go around its legs, you can divert its attention to you by flying close to its 
    head.  This saves the Transport some fire and allows it to last longer.  
    Proceed with the other two walkers.  However, if you've tripped the first two 
    walkers quickly, you might have to wait for the third to walk closer to the 
    beach or else the water will be too high up.
    After switching to the Y-Wing, tell your wingmates to form.  Once they're by 
    your side, tell them to attack the TIEs.  Why form them up?  Well, they've been 
    chasing TIEs across the mission, and telling them to form up and then go after 
    TIEs again tells you to take out the TIEs in the local area.  First thing you 
    should do is to mop up any remaining E-Web blasters on the ground.  They'll 
    decimate your ground troops.  You know if you've taken them all out if you hear 
    someone congratulate you and say nice work on the defenses.  Something along 
    those lines.
    Bring up your bombing reticule and target the AT-PTs.  You may use your 
    Targeting Computer sparingly to help pinpoint them.  It should go without 
    saying that you should destroy those that are on the beach first.  However, you 
    can cheat the Targeting Computer.  If you press the B Button to bring up the 
    bombing reticule, then enter "Cockpit" mode, you'll automatically get the 
    Targeting Computer with no penalties to your score.  Neato!  The AT-PTs come in 
    clusters, and one bomb can take out three if you aim it right.  This raises 
    your accuracy a ton!  I think there are about two waves of AT-PTs, and while 
    they aren't a requirement, it makes your work a lot easier.
    Bomb a hole in the hull of the Star Destroyer, and wait for the commandos to 
    Mission 8: Raid on Bespin
    Intel: "As the Alliance prepares for a last-ditch confrontation with the 
      Empire, Rogue Squadron must liberate tanks of precious Tibanna Gas to supply 
      the fleet."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -         11:00                 8:55                6:40
     Enemies Destroyed -          45                   75                 110
     Shot Accuracy -             12%                  30%                 65%
     Friendlies Lost -            41                   32                  29
     Lives Lost -                  2                    1                   1
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -     10%                  32%                 72%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    You must play as the A-Wing in this level, so you should be able to beat it 
    duh!  Anyways, the main threat to the Tibanna Gas containers are the Imperial 
    Siege Balloons.  They're easy to take out.  Just target one of its gas burners 
    and BOOM!!!!  Ok, not that grand, but something along those lines.  You have 
    seven balloons to deal with.  As you as you clear out the ones near you, speed 
    up to the next ones, even if the radar points you otherwise.
    In case you haven't done so already, send your wingmates after the TIEs.  If 
    you notice, you're facing Interceptors and they are very skillful in this 
    level.  Once all gas platforms have been secured, you move onto the city.
    There are tons of enemies you can take out if you're going for a medal, in the 
    forms of the gas balloons.  Your main objective here however is to take out the 
    Power Generators.  There are three of them hidden in the trenches of the cities 
    [or rather the walkways] and they require a straight pass.  Send your wingmates 
    after the TIEs, and then focus on the generators.  This level is pretty linear, 
    but what's so hard is that TIEs are constantly on your back, forcing you speed 
    things up.  If you ever run low on shields, there are three Cloud Cars that you 
    can pilot, just make sure to use your Concussion Missiles as you'd be wasting 
    them.  Once you destroy the second generator, you get a report that TIE Bombers 
    are attacking the gas platforms.
    Hurry and destroy the last one, and then go to redezvous with the TIEs.  Two 
    TIE Interceptors will be chasing you.  Destroy the TIE Bombers with any left 
    over Concussion Missiles and order your wingmates to form up and then go after 
    them.  The TIE Bombers have pretty horrendous accuracy, so you don't have to 
    worry about them too much.  Just finish them off.
    Mission 9: Battle of Endor
    Intel: "The war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire will come down to one 
      climatic battle over the planet Endor.  The Rebel fleet's target is the 
      partially completed Death Star II, but it will have to contend with the 
      Imperial fleet before it can finish off the deadly space station."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -         13:00                11:20               10:00
     Enemies Destroyed -          31                   46                  60
     Shot Accuracy -              8%                  20%                 31%
     Friendlies Lost -            10                    9                   6
     Lives Lost -                  2                    2                   1
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -     10%                  40%                 80%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    When I first played this level, it was love at first sight.  The ability to 
    dogfight all of those TIEs and the feeling that you were in the war.  *sigh*  
    Enough about what I thought though.  Now's the chance to practice your ability 
    to not crash into enemy TIE Fighters.  Instead of following the attack squad, 
    turn around and head back towards the fleet.  You'll meet up with a huge 
    squadron of enemy TIEs and TIE Interceptors.  Practice running them into the 
    Redemption (Check the "Basics") and focus on individual TIE Fighters that get 
    in your way.  If you're going for the gold, you'll want to minimize the number 
    of casualties in the part.  If you see a TIE squadron attacking a Rebel 
    Transport, kill the leader to have them break off.
    After most of the TIEs from the first wave are gone, another wave arrives.  
    Repeat the process before to handle most of them with ease.  Send your 
    wingmates after targets to help reduce the amount of opposition.  Finally, the 
    TIE Bombers will arrive.  This is one part where you most certainly do NOT want 
    to break to target them, as any remaining TIEs will get on your back and chew 
    you to bits with their lasers.
    Problem is is that you must destroy most of them before they release their 
    missiles or else the Redemption will blow.  Also, the TIE Bombers will blow up 
    a squadron of B-Wings if you notice carefully.  Send your wingmates after the 
    TIEs, and with luck, they'll go after the TIE Bombers when no more TIEs are 
    remaining.  Destroy all of the TIE Bombers before the Redemption blows, and 
    you're off to battle two Star Destroyers.  Fun.
    Speed up ahead.  Hopefully, you've only lost four casualties because the two 
    Rebel Blockade Runners will also blow up in this fight.  Send your wingmates 
    after the TIE squadrons and proceed to attack the Star Destroyers.  You must 
    destroy the first shield generator on the first pass.  You may break at this 
    point, because the Star Destroyers are intent on destroying the Blockade 
    Runners.  Swing behind and take out the other one.  By now, probably the 
    Blockade Runners are gone, and TIE squadrons are appearing behind the Star 
    Destroyers.  Dive underneath and be prepared to move fast.  Use you Concussion 
    Missiles against the bottom, and avoid the lasers by weaving back and forth.  
    Once the bottom blows, hurry up and speed to the top.  Shoot the command deck 
    to have the first blow.
    By now, the second Star Destroyer should have just NOW stopped moving, or 
    there's a good chance that Home One will be destroyed.  If you also notice, the 
    Home One is very inaccurate with its lasers.  Anyways, repeat the process, but 
    you'll be drawing more enemy fire with this one since there's practically no 
    one else to help you.  If you can, assign your wingmates to the guns of the 
    ship, but there's a good chance they'll get shot down.  Once both are 
    destroyed, don't stop and run, travel down and destroy the Turbolasers of the 
    Star Destroyers because they still inflict damage to the Home One.  With any 
    luck, you'll survive this fight and complete this mission.
    Mission 15: Endurance
    Intel: "Survive wave after wave of Imperial fighters."
    Medal Times:               Bronze               Silver               Gold
     Completion Time -         400:00               400:00              400:00
     Enemies Destroyed -           80                  400               1,300
     Shot Accuracy -               4%                   6%                  8%
     Friendlies Lost -             25                   50                  99
     Lives Lost -                  12                   12                  12
     Targ. Comp. Efficiency -      0%                   0%                  0%
                           ---   ---   ---   ---   ---   ---
    I'm not quite sure if I got the medal times right, but they'll suffice.  It's 
    easy to get the gold on this one; with over 1,300 enemies, your accuracy should 
    stay above the 8% requirement.  Time is fairly lenient too.  The only thing you 
    should worry about are the enemies.  They get progressively harder until wave 
    60 where they're the best of the best.  Collisions are plenty, and you may lose 
    all of your lives at the later waves.
    You do get the chance to earn bonus lives every 10 waves.  Destroy all Imperial 
    Shuttles and you get one.
    The best thing to do to survive is to use the "Chicken" technique instead of 
    dogfighting at the later waves.  Simply run away and they'll start to form 
    behind you.  Once you've gotten significantly ahead, turn around and blast 
    them.  This will take somewhat longer, but guarantees less deaths.  However, 
    since you're in an A-Wing, with no Astromech Droid, you're dead.  I think it's 
    virtually impossible to beat this level in an A-Wing, but you may try. 
    Last wave (100) is Darth Vadar.  Down him, and you win the mission.
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