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    Secrets FAQ by ProtoDude

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/28/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game: Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
    Platform: Gamecube
    Secrets FAQ
    Author: ProtoDude
    Version 1.1-last update 2/28/03
    Table of Contents
     I. Introduction
      II. Version History
     III. Passcodes
      IV. Gameplay Secrets
       V. Other Secrets
      VI. Contact 
     VII. Legal Statement
    VIII. Credits
    I. Introduction-
      This FAQ will tell you who to unlock everything in the game either
         with a passcode or without one. Some secrets can only be unlocked
         with a passcode while others can only be unlocked by accomplishing
         a certain task in the game.
    II. Version History
         Version 1.0: Written 6/20/02- All known passcodes and gameplay
         secrets are in.
         Version 1.1: Written 2/28/03- Fixed a typo for the TIE Fighter
    III. Passcodes-
          All these passcodes are entered at the Passcode screen
          (obviously). Some however contain a pair of passcodes. For all of
          these when the first passcode is entered you will not hear the
          beep confirming that you entered the code correctly. After you
          put in the second passcode you will hear the beep if you entered
          the tow passcodes correctly.
      Secret                                         Passcode
    Modes |
    Unlock Art Gallery                               EXHIBIT!
    Unlock Audio Commentary                          BLAHBLAH
    Black and white mode                             LIONHEAD
    Unlock Music Hall                                COMPOSER
    Unlock Ace Mode                                  U!?!VWZC + GIVEITUP
    Unlock Credits                                   THATSME!
    Unlock Documentary                               ?INSIDER
    Missions |
    Unlock 10 Normal Missions                        !??QWTTJ + CLASSIC
    Unlock Death Star Escape                         PYST?OOO + DUCKSHOT
    Unlock Asteroid Field                            TVLYBBXL + NOWAR!!!
    Unlock Triumph of the Empire                     AZTBOHII + OUTCAST!
    Unlock Revenge On Yavin                          OGGRWPDG + EEKEEK!
    Unlock Endurance                                ?WCYBRTC + ??MBC???
    Extra Ships |
    Unlock Naboo Starfighter                         CDYXF!?Q + ASEPONE!
    Unlock Millenium Falcon                          MVPQIU?A + OH!BUDDY
    Unlock Slave 1                                   PZ?APBSY + IRONSHIP
    Unlock TIE Fighter                               ZT?!RGBA + DISPSBLE
    Unlock Imperial Shuttle                          AJHH!?JY + BUSTOUR
    Unlock TIE Advanced X1                           NYM!UUOK + BLKHLMT!
    Unlock the Buick                                 !ZUVIEL! + !BENZIN!
    Other |
    All Tech Upgrades                                AYZB!RCL + WRKFORIT
    Infinite Lives                                   JPVI?IJC + RSBFNRL
    IV. Gameplay Secrets
        In this section I will tell how to unlock everything you can
        without using passcodes. If you like to earn everything without
        cheating with a passcode, this section is for you.
    Modes |
    Unlock Ace Mode- Earn a gold medal on all 15 missions(10 normal, 5
           bonus) and successfully complete training at all four times of
           the day(dawn, day, dusk, night). You can toggle Ace mode on or
           off in the Special Features section of the Options menu.
    Unlock Documentary- Successfully complete all 10 normal missions. It
           can be found in the Special Features section of the Options
    Unlock Audio Commentary- Earn at least a bronze medal on each of the 10
           main missions. You can toggle the Audio Commentary on or off in
           the Special Features section of the options menu.
    Extra Ships |
    Unlock Naboo Starfighter-Successfully complete Tatooine Training at all
           four times of the day(dawn, day, dusk, night). This includes
           finding both bonus items at all four times of day. You'll know
           you've done it correctly if it says "Area Complete" at the top
           of the screen and "2 bonus items found" at the bottom of the
           screen. The Naboo Starfighter will now be in your hangar but you
           won't be able to pilot it unless you have completed all 10 main
    Unlock Millenium Falcon- Earn at least a bronze medal on the 10 main
    Unlock Slave I- Earn at least a bronze medal on all 10 main missions
           and on Death Star Escape and Asteroid Field.
    Unlock TIE Fighter- Steal the TIE Fighter in the Imperial Academy Heist
           mission during day and night and complete the mission. Below is
           a guide to steal the TIE during the day and night:
        Day: Follow the canyon up to the last sensor. After disabling it,
    turn 90 degrees to the right and move up over the mountain. To your
    left is an open area. Follow the edge of the canyon until you see a dot
    on you radar to the left of your ship. This is the TIE. Go past it with
    it still on you left so you can come up behind it. Turn around so you
    head toward the TIE. When you approach the TIE will take off. Disable
    it with ONE shot from your ion cannon. It will fly a short distance
    then land on the ground with a Rebel insignia over it. You can now
    steal the TIE but remember that you must finish the mission in order to
    complete stealing the TIE during the day.
        Night: Follow the path of the canyon avoiding the sensors until you
    come to a fork in the path, which is easiest to see on your radar. Take
    the left path. Follow that path and Wedge will start talking. Continue
    and you will find an outpost with a TIE Fighter, a building and the TIE
    pilot. Shoot the pilot(he looks like a small black dot on the screen
    and really stands out from the fog). A Rebel insignia will appear over
    the TIE and you'll be able to switch crafts and pilot it. Steal the TIE
    and finish the missions. If you have already stolen it during the day,
    it will now be in your hangar. 
    Unlock TIE Advanced X1- Earn a gold medal on all 15 missions.
    Unlock Imperial Shuttle- Earn a gold medal on both Triumph of the
           Empire and Revenge on Yavin.
    V. Other Secrets-
       These are just miscellaneous secrets that don't fit in with the
       other two categories.
    Skip the Hangar- To go directly from the mission select screen to the
           mission without choosing a ship, hold the L and R shoulder
           buttons when you choose a mission. You will start the mission
           with the default ship.
    Replenish Shields- More of a glitch than a secret. To refill you
           shields without losing a life, right before the game goes to a
           cut-scene, crash you ship. If the crash sequence doesn't finish
           before the cut-scene starts when game play resumes you will have
           full shields and will not have lost a life.
    VI. Contact Information
        You can contact me, ProtoDude, via e-mail at Bubbeast115@aol.com.
    Please Feel free to e-mail me any questions, comments, suggestions, or
    corrections regarding this FAQ of Rogue Leader in general.
    VII. Legal Statement
         This document is Copyright (c)2002, 2003 ProtoDude. This document
         and all it's parts were written exclusively for use and viewing on
         the following sites:
         Any and all other sites are prohibited to publish or reproduce
         this FAQ in any way, shape, or form. If you find this FAQ or any
         part of it on any other site or in any other publication than the
         ones listed above, please let me know immediately.
    VIII. Credits
        -CjayC for putting this FAQ on superior site, GameFAQs.
        -Me, for writing this.
        -You, for reading my FAQ.
        -Everyone who submitted a code or secret for RL to GameFAQs.
        -Imalilpissed for one minor detail in his FAQ that says all you
         need to do is quit training if you've already completed it. Saved
         me about 20 minutes.

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