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    Buick FAQ by TJackson

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______  _______  _______           _______
    (  ____ )(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ \
    | (    )|| (   ) || (    \/| )   ( || (    \/
    | (____)|| |   | || |      | |   | || (__
    |     __)| |   | || | ____ | |   | ||  __)
    | (\ (   | |   | || | \_  )| |   | || (
    | ) \ \__| (___) || (___) || (___) || (____/\
    |/   \__/(_______)(_______)(_______)(_______/
     _        _______  _______  ______   _______  _______
    ( \      (  ____ \(  ___  )(  __  \ (  ____ \(  ____ )
    | (      | (    \/| (   ) || (  \  )| (    \/| (    )|
    | |      | (__    | (___) || |   ) || (__    | (____)|
    | |      |  __)   |  ___  || |   | ||  __)   |     __)
    | |      | (      | (   ) || |   ) || (      | (\ (
    | (____/\| (____/\| )   ( || (__/  )| (____/\| ) \ \__
    (_______/(_______/|/     \|(______/ (_______/|/   \__/
    |Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II-Rogue Leader            |
    |for the Nintendo Game Cube                           |
    |Buick FAQ                                            |
    |By Meowthnum1 (Meowthnum1 [at] metacrawler [dot] com)|
    |Last Updated: 8/25/02                                |
    |Version 2.0                                          |
    http://pub84.ezboard.com/bmeowthnum1sgaming for help
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Buick Info
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Buick
         3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush
         3.02: Razor Rendezvous
         3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis
         3.04: Raid on Bespin
         3.05: Battle of Endor
         3.06: Endurance
    IV. Last Words
    I. Introduction
    Welcome to the FAQ for the last thing those of us on the Rogue Leader board
    thought was to be a secret ship--the buick.  This FAQ is to help you beat every
    possible mission with the buick.  So, here we go!  One more note: many people
    have told me, "Since when does this ship use bombs?!"  That upgrade is for VoK.
    II. Buick Info
    The legenday car, the Buick, while outdated, is a great car.  With its sleek
    interior design, and wonderful turning, this is the right car for you.  It has
    a speed that beats the speed of any other car on the road.  This wonderful car
    can be your's for the low price of $100000!  What are you waiting for?  Come
    down to your local dealership to get one of these cars.  Other information
    about this hotrod include:
    Name: 1968 Buick Electa
    Type: wonderful car
    Length: 3 meters
    none you idiot!  It is a car.
    But, if you want to pay an extra $20000, we can throw in:
    2 laser cannons*
    2 cluster missile launchers*
    * = used in the game
    You'll feel like a real James Bond now!
    How to unlock: The ONLY way (unless YOU'RE up for finding this dealership and
    paying $120000) to unlock this is to input the passcodes: !ZUVIEL! then enter
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Buick
    NOTE: For this walkthrough, I'll assume that you have the following upgrades:
    Advanced Cluster Missiles (found: Prisons of the Maw)
    Homing Cluster Missiles (found: Battle of Endor)
    Advanced Shields (found: Death Star Attack)
    Advanced Lasers (found: Battle of Hoth)
    Advanced Targeting Computer (found: Strike at the Core)
    Advanced Proton Bombs (found: Razor Rendezvous)
    Spread Proton Bombs (found: Imperial Academy Heist)
    -=3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush=-
    Objective: Get the caravan safely through the Ison Corridor
    OH YEAH!!! THIS IS GONNA BE EASY!!!!!!  Anyways, fly forward until you hear
    about the TIEs.  Now, look around.  When you see a group of TIEs, fire off a
    cluster missile.  This will take them all out.  Repeat this process for the
    rest of this wave, and for the second wave.  In the nebula, just fire off your
    cluster missiles in different directions, and you'll beat this mission.  Too
    -=3.02: Razor Rendezvous=-
    Objective: Rescue the Razor by taking out the Star Destroyer
    *******************THIS STRATEGY CAN BE USED TO GET THE GOLD MEDAL*************
    MWAHAHA!!! ANOTHER EASY ONE!!!  As you are flying toward the shield generator,
    fire off some cluster missiles.  Now, hammer both shield generators with lasers
    and clusters.  Kill yourself.  Once you are back, speed (but watch out for
    police) toward the bottom shield generator.  Unload all of your clusters on it,
    as well as your lasers.  Now, get in range of the command deck, and show it a
    head-on crash.  This won't count as a death, and the mission will end.
    -=3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis=-
    Obective: Provide cover for the commandos as they attempt to rescue the stolen
    data from the Razor
    At the beginning, keep your eye out for TIEs.  If there are 2 or less, destroy
    them with lasers.  Otherwise, use your clusters.  Once the transport begins its
    final approach, shoot the rest of your clusters off in the direction of the
    Star Destroyer.  Once the transport has landed, you'll be prompted to get in to
    a Speeder.  Once you are in the Speeder, take down the AT-ATs starting with the
    closest one.  Once all of THEM are taken down, you'll have to get in to a
    Y-Wing.  Start out by bombing (this is much easier if you have the two bomb
    upgrades) the beach and part of the Star Destroyer near the water (where all of
    the E-Webs are set up).  Then, bomb the large part of the ship (the hull) that
    seems to stick out (it is yellow on the targeting computer).  Now, go back to
    the transport, and start taking out AT-PTs.  If you took out a lot of guns
    (from the Star Destroyer, either by bomb or proton torpedo) and troops, the
    commando team should have no trouble, and the mission will be complete.
    -=3.04: Raid on Bespin=-
    Objective: Liberate Cloud City, and its Tibbana gas, from the Empire.  Make
    sure you don't destroy too many ^_^
    At the beginning of this mission, send your wingman after the TIEs.  I have
    found that you can now go forward (and up a little) to the next tank and take
    out all of those TIEs while your wingman handle the first.  This first part is
    really just about destroying all of the TIEs.  TAKE THEM OUT WITH LASERS ONLY. 
    The next section is Cloud City. At first, go all around the city destroying the
    siege balloons by shooting the gas tanks.  After they are all destroyed, go
    through Cloud City looking around (with your targeting computer) for the Power
    Generators (they will appear yellow).  After you destroy two of them, you will
    hear about TIEs attacking the gas tanks.  Find the third generator quickly,
    then head to the gas balloons.  Now, use your clusters WHEN YOU ARE NOT FACING
    THE GAS TANKS.  Once all the TIEs are down, the mission is over.
    -=3.05: Battle of Endor=-
    Objective: Normally, I would talk about stalling while Solo disables the shield
    generator.  But, since you are using a ship with clusters, BEAT THE HECK OUT OF
    ********************THIS STRATEGY IS THE BEST TO GET A GOLD MEDAL************
    MEHEHEHEHEHE.  This will be fun.  At the beginning, turn around until the TIEs
    arrive.  There, unload about half of your clusters on them, and laser the rest
    until you hear about the bombers.
                                     STAR DESTROYERS
    Bombers                           Fighters         Interceptors
    Go to where the bombers come out, and take them out with your clusters.  Now
    you're headed to the Star Destroyers.    Go on the bottom left side of the
    screen, and use your remaining clusters on the TIE interceptors that are coming
    toward you.  Assuming that you haven't died, do a head on crash to the command
    deck of the right Star Destroyer.   It WILL be destroyed if you rammed it
    correctly.  Now, take out the three generators of the left Star Destroyer. 
    Shoot SOME clusters and a lot of lasers at the command deck until it is
    destroyed.  Now, go around shooting off all of your clusters to take out the
    TIEs.  Soon, the Death Star's shield will be down, and the mission will be
    -=3.06: Endurance=-
    Objective: live and destroy all Imperial forces
    The only secret here, is to die once every ten waves, and use your clusters
    wisely.  HA
    IV. Last Words
    Version 1.0: I made everything you see.  I am NOT submitting this until I
    finish the rest of the series (I don't want to get my idea stolen, now would
    Version FINAL: I added some nifty ASCII art
    Version 2.0: See my other FAQs for what I did
    ***************************Copyright Information*******************************
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Trace Jackson.  All ships, and other things in this
    FAQ are copyright Factor 5 and LucasArts.  This FAQ is ONLY to be posted on
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), only because they are the best site as far
    as keeping updates goes (plus the only site I remember to send updates to :p)
    If this is found on any other site, please contact the author ASAP. This guide
    is not to be used in any way for profit.  This guide is to be used for personal
    use only, and is not to be redistributed, in part or in whole, anywhere.
    -CJayC for making the wonderful site (my home, practically) GameFAQs, and
    [hopefully] posting this.
    -Alex (pop), Devin (DMorgan), Colin (CMoriarty), Steve (Psycho Penguin),
    AstroBlue, and Matt (MHulbert) for just being such great people.
    I honestly hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. 
    Also, see my other guides at GameFAQs.  If you are ever on their message
    boards, my name there is Meowthnum1.  If you want other methods of contacting
    E-Mail: MeowSaur53@aol.com or Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    MSN: Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    YIM: Meowthnum1
    AIM: MeowSaur53
    Don't be afraid to say hi (on the message boards, or on AIM/YIM/MSN)!  I enjoy

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