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    Millennium Falcon FAQ by TJackson

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______  _______  _______           _______
    (  ____ )(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ \
    | (    )|| (   ) || (    \/| )   ( || (    \/
    | (____)|| |   | || |      | |   | || (__
    |     __)| |   | || | ____ | |   | ||  __)
    | (\ (   | |   | || | \_  )| |   | || (
    | ) \ \__| (___) || (___) || (___) || (____/\
    |/   \__/(_______)(_______)(_______)(_______/
    _        _______  _______  ______   _______  _______
    ( \      (  ____ \(  ___  )(  __  \ (  ____ \(  ____ )
    | (      | (    \/| (   ) || (  \  )| (    \/| (    )|
    | |      | (__    | (___) || |   ) || (__    | (____)|
    | |      |  __)   |  ___  || |   | ||  __)   |     __)
    | |      | (      | (   ) || |   ) || (      | (\ (
    | (____/\| (____/\| )   ( || (__/  )| (____/\| ) \ \__
    (_______/(_______/|/     \|(______/ (_______/|/   \__/
    |Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II-Rogue Leader|
    |For the Nintendo Game Cube               |
    |Millennium Falcon FAQ                    |
    |By Meowthnum1 [at] metacrawler [dot] com |
    |Last Updated: 8/25/02                    |
    |Version FINAL                            |
    http://pub84.ezboard.com/bmeowthnum1sgaming for help
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Millennium Falcon Info
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Millennium Falcon
         3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush
         3.02: Razor Rendezvous
         3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis
         3.04: Raid on Bespin
         3.05: Battle of Endor
         3.06: Strike at the Core
         3.07: Death Star Escape
         3.08: Asteroid Field
         3.09: Endurance
    IV. Last Words
    I. Introduction
    Hiya, and welcome to my Millennium Falcon FAQ.  This is designed to help you
    beat all possible missions using the Millenium Falcon.  There isn't much 
    to say here...
    II. Millennium Falcon Info
    A legendary starship despite its humble origins and deceptively dilapidated
    exterior, the Millennium Falcon has factored into some of the Rebel 
    greatest victories over the Empire. On the surface, the Falcon looks like 
    other Corellian freighter, with a saucer-shaped primary hull, a pair of 
    cargo-gripping mandibles, and a cylindrical cockpit mounted to the ship's 
    Beneath its hull, though, the Falcon packs many powerful secrets. Its owners
    made "special modifications" on the freighter, boosting its speed, shielding
    and performance to downright illegal levels. Its weaponry has been upgraded 
    military-class quad-turbolaser turrets. To cover rapid escapes, the Falcon
    sports a ventrally mounted hatch-concealed antipersonnel repeating laser.
    Between its forward mandibles rest concussion missile launchers. The 
    interior of the vessel also has a few surprises, such as concealed
    scanner-proof smuggling compartments.
    Full Name: Corellian YT-1300 freighter Millennium Falcon
    Type: Freighter
    Length: 28.7 meters
    Quad Turbolaser Cannons*
    Concussion Missile Launchers*
    * = used in the game
    How to Unlock: Get a bronze medal on all ten regular missions
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Millennium Falcon
    For this FAQ, you're not going to have any need for your secondary weapon, 
    it STINKS!  If you want to, though, you might want to have...
    Advanced Shields (found: Death Star Attack)
    Advanced Lasers (found: Battle of Hoth)
    Advanced Targeting Computer (found: Strike at the Core)
    Advanced Proton Bombs (found: Razor Rendezvous)
    Spread Proton Bombs (found: Imperial Academy Heist-night)
    -=3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush=-
    Objective: Get the caravan safely through the Ison Corridor
    This is mainly one big dogfight.  Once the TIEs are detected, send your 
    after them.  Now you should chase them yourself.  Remember, your primary 
    is to protect your transports, so attack the TIEs attacking the transports
    before you attack the ones just flying around in space.  Do the same thing 
    the second wave.  Now you will enter the Nebula.  In here, send your wingmen
    after the TIEs, and put your targeting computer up.  The TIE Interceptors 
    appear in green.  Kill them off to finish the mission.  Easy!
    -=3.02: Razor Rendezvous=-
    Objective: Take out the Star Destroyer
    In this one, since WE ARE NOT GOING FOR THE GOLD MEDAL, don't worry about
    taking out 6 extra targets.  Instead, start out by sending your wingmen to 
    out the TIEs.  You go to the shield generators on the top.  Hammer them with
    lasers.  Once they are all gone, do the same for the bottom generator.  Now,
    line yourself up with the command deck, and RAM IT.  This will end the 
    -=3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis=-
    Objective: Protect the commando team as they attempt to recover the stolen 
    from the Razor
    Meh...you'll be in the Falcon for the first part of the mission, the speeder
    for the second, and the Y-Wing for the third.  Anyways, at the beginning, 
    out any TIEs that shoot at the transport (WITH LASERS).  Simple!  Now, once 
    transport has landed, you'll be prompted to get in to your Speeder and take
    down the AT-ATs.  You should take them down starting with the closest, and
    working your way to the furthest.  Once they are all down, the team will 
    to head to the Star Destroyer.  Now, you'll have to get in to your Y-Wing.
    Once you are, bomb the part of the Star Destroyer (the hull) that is 
    in yellow on your targeting computer.  You'll have to bomb it several times.
    Now, bomb the part of the beach closest to the Star Destroyer, and any other
    place you see E-Webs.  After they are all gone, go to the transport, and 
    out the AT-PTs.  When you run out of bombs, just use lasers.  The mission 
    soon be over.
    -=3.04: Raid on Bespin=-
    Objective: Liberate the Tibanna gas tanks and Cloud City from the Imperials.
    When the mission starts, send your wingmen out to take out the TIEs, and go 
    to the next platform (your wingmen will be able to take care of platform 
    Here, laser all of the TIEs down, but DON'T SHOOT THE TANKER.  After they 
    all gone, proceed to the next platform.  If your wingmen are done with the
    first platform, have them form up.  Laser these TIEs, and continue with the
    process until you reach Cloud City.  In Cloud City, take out all of the 
    balloons (by shooting the gas tanks), then use the targeting computer to 
    the power generators.  Laser them, and when you have taken out the second 
    you will hear about TIEs attacking the gas tanks.  Quickly find and destroy 
    last generator, and head out to the gas tanks.  Have your wingmen attack the
    TIEs, and you just chase them around, shooting them with lasers. Once they 
    all gone, the mission will be over.
    -=3.05: Battle of Endor=-
    Objective: Stall for time while your "friend" Han Solo tries to take out the
    shield generator on the forest moon of Endor
    The term, "One big dogfight" describes this very well.  After all of the 
    have turned around, you'll be met by the TIEs.  Send your wingmen after 
    and start taking out TIEs.  When you hear about the bombers, search them out
    (they're yellow on your targeting computer), and take them out with lasers.
    Once they are all gone, you'll attack the Star Destroyers. Ram the right 
    Destroyer's command deck (yes, I know you haven't taken out the shield
    generators, but it is a glitch, and we should take full advantage of it =P).
    Once the right one is gone, take out all of the shield generators.  Once all 
    the generators are gone, laser (or, if you REALLY want to, use your 
    missiles) the command deck.  DO NOT RAM IT.  THE MISSION ENDS AWHILE AFTER 
    STAR DESTROYER IS DESTROYED).  Now, if you are low on shields, fly back 
    the Death Star until the mission is over.
    -=3.06: Strike at the Core=-
    Objective: Take out the main reactor
    At the start, use your boost, and fly above (and past) Wedge.  Wait three
    seconds after you've past him, brake, descend, come up, and fire at all the
    Interceptors following him.  Repeat this pattern until you arrive at the
    entrance to the superstructure. While you are in the air, shoot down some
    turrets.  Once you get in to the superstructure, take out all of the TIEs in
    YOU, HE WILL BLOW UP.  STAY CLOSE.  Anyways, keep going through the
    superstructure until you reach the reactor core.  Now, boost, and fly toward
    the reactor.  Take it out with your concussion missiles.  Once you have shot
    your proton torpedo at the north tower, and it hits...you aren't out of the
    woods yet.  On your way out, it doesn't matter how far ahead of Wedge you 
    So, hold down your boost button, and go out the way you came in.  Don't be
    afraid to break.  Once you see a sort of black wall with white dots (space),
    you are almost there.  Once you get there, you are finished!
    -=3.07: Death Star Escape=-
    Objective: Take out all of the TIEs
    This is just like an arcade shooter ^_^.  There are some special controls I
    need to go over first...
    L/R           = Fire
    C-Stick       = Rotate gun
    Control Stick = Rotate Chair
    There is no real trick to this.  Just shoot the TIEs when you see them, and
    don't take too long (or else you'll be blown up =P)
    -=3.08: The Asteroid Field=-
    hehe...this is my favorite level.  Anyways, try not to go up and down too 
    Use the fact that, when you fire, you also fire backwards.  Pull the C-Stick
    back, and fire when a TIE gets on your tail.  If you keep going forward, 
    get to a cutscene where the Falcon enters an asteroid, then comes out after
    finding that it was the inside of a space slug.  Now, just head back the way
    you came.  Soon, you will come back upon that Star Destroyer that you were
    running away from.  Once you see it, go as fast as you can toward the back 
    the command deck.  If you are low on shields, it'll be ok.  If you are
    perfectly inline, and are shot down close enough, you will crash in to the
    Rebel insignia, and win the mission.  The best part is: that life didn't 
    -=3.09: Endurance=-
    Objective: live and take out all Imperial forces
    Don't unless you are REALLY good at dodging lasers, in which case just use 
    chicken method.
    IV. Last Words
    Version 1.0: I made everything you see.  I am NOT submitting this until I
    finish the rest of the series (I don't want to get my idea stolen, now would
    Version FINAL: I changed around some stuff and resubmitted it
    Version FINAL: I mean that this is final now.  I added some ASCII art.
    Version 2.0: See others
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Trace Jackson.  All ships, and other things in 
    FAQ are copyright Factor 5 and LucasArts.  This FAQ is ONLY to be posted on
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), only because they are the best site as 
    as keeping updates goes (plus the only site I remember to send updates to 
    If this is found on any other site, please contact the author ASAP. This 
    is not to be used in any way for profit.  This guide is to be used for 
    use only, and is not to be redistributed, in part or in whole, anywhere.
    -CJayC for making the wonderful site (my home, practically) GameFAQs, and
    [hopefully] posting this.
    -Alex (pop), Devin (DMorgan), Colin (CMoriarty), Steve (Psycho Penguin),
    Astroblue, and Matt (MHulbert) for just being such great people.
    I honestly hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.
    Also, see my other guides at GameFAQs.  If you are ever on their message
    boards, my name there is Meowthnum1.  If you want other methods of 
    E-Mail: MeowSaur53@aol.com or Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    MSN: Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    YIM: Meowthnum1
    AIM: MeowSaur53
    Don't be afraid to say hi (on the message boards, or on AIM/YIM/MSN)!  I 

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