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    Slave-I FAQ by TJackson

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     _______  _______  _______           _______
    (  ____ )(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ \
    | (    )|| (   ) || (    \/| )   ( || (    \/
    | (____)|| |   | || |      | |   | || (__
    |     __)| |   | || | ____ | |   | ||  __)
    | (\ (   | |   | || | \_  )| |   | || (
    | ) \ \__| (___) || (___) || (___) || (____/\
    |/   \__/(_______)(_______)(_______)(_______/
    _        _______  _______  ______   _______  _______
    ( \      (  ____ \(  ___  )(  __  \ (  ____ \(  ____ )
    | (      | (    \/| (   ) || (  \  )| (    \/| (    )|
    | |      | (__    | (___) || |   ) || (__    | (____)|
    | |      |  __)   |  ___  || |   | ||  __)   |     __)
    | |      | (      | (   ) || |   ) || (      | (\ (
    | (____/\| (____/\| )   ( || (__/  )| (____/\| ) \ \__
    (_______/(_______/|/     \|(______/ (_______/|/   \__/
    |Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II-Rogue Leader|
    |For the Nintendo Game Cube               |
    |Slave I FAQ                              |
    |By Meowthnum1 [at] metacrawler [dot] com |
    |Last Updated: 8/10/02                    |
    |Version FINAL                            |
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Slave I Info
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Slave I
         3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush
         3.02: Razor Rendezvous
         3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis
         3.04: Raid on Bespin
         3.05: Battle of Endor
         3.06: Endurance
    IV. Last Words
    I. Introduction
    Hiya, and welcome to my FAQ for the Slave I.  The purpose of this is to help
    you become as good as possible with the Slave I by having you use it as much 
    II. Slave I Info
    The Slave I has a distinctive shape making it instantly recognizable. Its 
    engine cluster dominates the lower section of the ship when docked, with the
    cabin resting atop it. Once airborne, the Slave I pivots 90 degrees, so that
    its base becomes its trailing edge and its top-mounted cockpit faces 
    The vessel is armed with numerous laser cannons, as well as concealed
    projectile launchers.
    Full Name: Slave I
    Type: Pursuit Ship
    Length: 21.5 meters
    2 laser cannons*
    ion cannon
    Cluster Missile Launchers*
    Tractor Beam
    Seismic Charges
    Seismic Torpedoes
    How to unlock: Get silver medals on all ten regular missions, Death Star
    Escape, and The Asteroid Field.
    III. FAQ/Walkthrough for the Slave I
    For this FAQ, I expect you to have the following upgrades:
    Advanced Cluster Missiles (found: Prisons of the Maw)
    Homing Cluster Missiles (found: Raid on Bespin)
    Advanced Shields (found: Death Star Attack)
    Advanced Lasers (found: Battle of Hoth)
    Advanced Targeting Computer (found: Strike at the Core)
    Advanced Proton Bombs (found: Razor Rendezvous)
    Spread Proton Bombs (found: Imperial Academy Heist)
    -=3.01: Ison Corridor Ambush=-
    Objective: Get the caravan safely through the Ison Corridor
    OH YEAH!!! THIS IS GONNA BE EASY (at least if you don't have TIEs on your 
    =P)!!!!!!  Anyways, fly forward until you hear about the TIEs.  Now, look
    around.  When you see a group of TIEs, fire off a cluster missile.  This 
    take them all out.  Repeat this process for the rest of this wave, and for 
    second wave.  In the nebula, just fire off your cluster missiles in 
    directions, and you'll beat this mission.  Too easy!!!  Also, make sure to
    [attempt] to shake any TIEs off of you, or you will be destroyed.
    -=3.02: Razor Rendezvous=-
    Objective: Rescue the Razor by taking out the Star Destroyer
    **************How to properly use Cluster Missiles 
    First, we need to go over how to use cluster missiles efficiently.
    |                                                           |
    |  |-o-| |-o-|                                              |
    |  If I don't want                                          |
    |  to shoot these                                           |
    |  ties..            |     |   |     |                      |
    |                    |--O--|   |--O--|            shoot here|
    |                    |     |   |     |                      |
    |                                                           |
    |                           and I want to shoot             |
    |                           these ties..                    |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    |                                                           |
    To effectively use cluster missiles when you have multiple targets, you need 
    shoot away from the intended target but not too far.  Experiment to find the
    range.  This is not so important with ties, but when taking out guns on a 
    destroyer, or trying to miss gas containers on Bespin, it is very important.
    This following walkthrough to complete Razor Rendezvous in Slave 1 is 
    for completing it on ACE mode... so remember, completing it on normal mode
    is much easier and is far less strict.  Many corners can be cut on normal 
    This mission requires that you really deal out some death with the clusters.
    Tell your wingmen to go after the ties.  The first thing you should do is,
    3-4 seconds after the frigate is off-screen, turn slightly to the right and 
    for the front tip of the ISD and fire one cluster to take out those front
    bottom guns.  Then, once you get in range, start firing clusters in a side 
    side or a four corner pattern.  If you just shoot clusters straight ahead,
    they'll all go after the same target until it's dead.  Shoot at the X's.  
    really need to get the feel of how to deal cluster death at a high rate this
    way, while simultaneously avoiding the laserfire coming from the ISD's.  A 
    to side pattern works best because the SD's lasers can not lead you, and as 
    are going left, the SD's will be firing to the right, and as you turn back 
    the right, the SD's will then be firing to the left.
    |  X                              X|
    |                 |o| |o|          |
    |        Star Destroyer            |
    |         |o| |o|        |o|  |o|  |
    |  X                              X|
    This way you can take out all the ties and front guns right away.  By the 
    they're all dead, you'll be in range of the star destroyer,  You need to 
    high if you want your cluster to aim at the guns because the first thing 
    normally lock onto are the Ion Cannons of the star destroyer.  Use all your
    remaining clusters to take out the near side and top guns.  Then start
    shooting at either any remaining guns or the top generators if you killed 
    the guns.
    You will die at this point.  On your second life, aim low and shoot a few
    clusters at the bottom of the Star Destroyer.  (remember to aim low)  This
    will take out some of the near bottom guns.  Don't wait to see if the 
    hit.  Come up and take out the entire second wave of ties.  You may die at
    this point but that's ok.
    So now, you've pulled the teeth out of this level.  The only thing that can
    kill you is far side guns and bottom guns.  So stay relatively level with 
    star destroyer and take out the top gens.  (don't fly too high or the far 
    guns will waste you)  Then fly away, staying level, then turn around to face
    the star destroyer again.  If you have any clusters left, aim low and shoot
    them at the bottom gen and guns.  Then, without going too low, shoot the
    bottom gen while holding the brake.  Once this is dead, kill the command 
    Another variation of that strategy can be used to beat the level faster, and
    possibly easier and more efficiently.  On your second life, all of the guns 
    the top surface and the nearest-side of the SD and the bridge should be 
    so just head straight for the two top generators, firing linked lasers at 
    while using the occasional cluster.  Once you get close to the top two gens,
    start unloading clusters on the left one along with your linked lasers until
    it is destroyed, then turn to the right generator and use all your remaining
    clusters to destroy that one.  Now die.  When you are spawned on your 3rd 
    immediately go into cockpit mode while going full speed and aim for the 
    generator, and start firing linked lasers at it like crazy.  You need to 
    them very very fast so that the bottm generator will be destroyed before you
    start taking in lots of laserfire from the bottom guns.  As soon as the 
    generator is destroyed, immediately pull up and shoot the command deck.
    There you have it. Fairly easy once you know what to do. The above 
    is by bcole23, Calinator, PorkinsJr, snoozer, and Nairb10.
    -=3.03: Vengeance on Kothlis=-
    Objective: Protect the commando team as they recover the data from the Razor
    At the beginning, keep your eye out for TIEs.  If there are 2 or less, 
    them with lasers.  Otherwise, use your clusters.  Once the transport begins 
    final approach, shoot the rest of your clusters off in the direction of the
    Star Destroyer.  Once the transport has landed, you'll be prompted to get in 
    a Speeder.  Once you are in the Speeder, take down the AT-ATs starting with 
    closest one.  Once all of THEM are taken down, you'll have to get in to a
    Y-Wing.  Start out by bombing (this is much easier if you have the two bomb
    upgrades) the beach and part of the Star Destroyer near the water (where all 
    the E-Webs are set up).  Then, bomb the large part of the ship (the hull) 
    seems to stick out (it is green on the targeting computer).  Now, go back to
    the transport, and start taking out AT-PTs.  If you took out a lot of guns
    (from the Star Destroyer, either by bomb or proton torpedo) and troops, the
    commando team should have no trouble, and the mission will be complete.
    -=3.04: Raid on Bespin=-
    Objective: Liberate Cloud City, and its Tibbana gas, from the Empire.
    This following walkthrough to complete Raid on Bespin in Slave 1 is intended
    for completing it on ACE mode... so remember, completing it on normal mode 
    much easier and is far less strict.  Many corners can be cut on normal mode.
    It is suggested that you should read through the "How to properly use 
    Missiles efficiently" section, found at the beginning of the Razor 
    Before this walkthrough starts, please take note of something which is very
    important and is the sole key to completing this stage in Slave 1 on ACE 
    (and it will help on normal mode too).  The balloons in a particular area 
    not and do not start firing at the containers until at least one TIE in that
    area is destroyed. So the key to not failing and to not losing containers is 
    absolutely *avoid* killing TIE's whenever possible, for as long as possible,
    until the balloons in that area are destroyed.  Then you're clear to take 
    the TIE's, if you want to.  If the balloons in a particular area are 
    then obviously they can't fire at the containers.  That is especially 
    on ACE mode where you can fail in about 5-10 seconds flat.  You must avoid
    killing the TIE's and more importantly, you must actually avoid the TIE's in
    specific so they do not kill you.  That is all there is to it.  If you kill
    TIE's in a particular area before the balloons in that area are destroyed,
    particularly on ACE mode, then the chance of failure is 99%.  So IF you are
    going to kill TIE's in part 1, you need to wait until the balloons in that 
    are destroyed first.  The exception is the one balloon in the final set of
    balloons that is stationed underneath a platform... you do not need to worry
    about this balloon destroying any containers because of its position.  It is
    below the nearby platforms, therefore it cannot shoot any of the containers 
    that platform.  And that's where this ASCII map picks up from.
    	Horrible ASCII map.  See below for details.
    By looking at this horrible ASCII map:
    "o" is the path Slave1 takes.
    "B" is a balloon.
    "P" is a platform.
    "b" is the last balloon.
    Around the first platform is a "circle" (horribly done) to demonstrate where
    the ties will come after you.
    So to kill a balloon, you only have to come inside that sphere a little bit. 
    back outside it and the ties will leave you alone. So line up the platform 
    the other side of the balloon, kill the balloon, then turn around and fly
    away. The ties will come after you for a second, but before they get in 
    range, they'll turn back around and resume their patrols. This way, you can
    take out 6 balloons without dying and taking maybe one or two shots at most.
    (sometimes you need to dodge a little while flying away)
    When you're on the last balloon (little "b" on the map) you should be on the
    right hand side of the last group of platforms. Fly in and the ties should
    immediately come after you. If you're good with clusters you can take out 
    about all these ties with 3 clusters, and be shooting the balloon when it
    starts firing. You'll only lose a few canisters this way, or you could take
    out the balloon, die, and the take out the ties, if you don't want to lose
    any canisters.
    2nd part
    The second part is completely utterly simple. The way I do it is not as fast
    as others, but oh well.
    Tell your wingmen to attack the ties. Turn around and fly to the outside of 
    city. Take a path around the outside to the platforms. Here's the important
    The radar is the only place I look on this till the tie interceptors are 
    As your flying, all the little red dots should be on the very edge of the 
    indicating that they're far off. The second you see anything move away from 
    edge of the radar turn in that direction and shoot a cluster. You don't need 
    line up the shot or make sure something is there. Trust me, ties are coming 
    you, just shoot. Then turn and continue on your way. Keep the mass of red 
    on your left and you should be able to keep your path true. You'll get 
    3-4 groups of interceptors that come after you until you start getting close 
    the platforms. Once you start getting close, 3-4 more will come after you in 
    very short time span. So when you actually get there, don't worry about the 
    bombers (they'll be there by this time) or the platforms. Get the tie inter-
    Once all the tie interceptors are gone, just clean up platforms, bombers, 
    lastly, the generators. Be careful to keep a close watch on your radar for 
    more group that will come after you on the way to the city. Sometimes it 
    when you first get to the balloons, but most of the time, it waits until 
    going into the city.
    That's it. The above walkthrough is by bcole23 & Nairb10.
    -=3.05: Battle of Endor=-
    Objective: Stall for time while Solo takes out the shield generator on 
    This following walkthrough to complete Battle of Endor in Slave 1 is 
    for completing it on ACE mode... so remember, completing it on normal mode 
    much easier and is far less strict.  Many corners can be cut on normal mode.
    It is highly suggested that you read through the "How to properly use 
    Missiles efficiently" section, found at the beginning of the Razor 
    At the beginning, turn around and go full throttle.  Get underneath the big
    cruiser at the bottom of the level.  As soon as you can tell, your wingmen 
    go after the ties.  Get on the far side of the cruiser and brake under the
    wing.  The ties coming in will crash into the cruiser (due to bad collision
    detection and AI).  It's very easy to crash into the cruiser so be careful.
    When the cruiser turns around, you need to maneuver so you're still under 
    far side wing (the one next to Home1).  The second wave of ties will crash
    into the cruiser too.  Now turn on your targeting computer and locate any
    stray ties that may want to kill you.  Take them out with lasers.  Hang out
    near the front of the cruiser underneath until you hear "bombers coming".
    At this point come out and fire 5-6 clusters using the cluster method
    mentioned above to take out the bombers.  If one or two get away, laser 
      If you happen to be running low on health at this point it's a good idea
    to kill the last bomber while you're next to the Medical Frigate so you can
    kill yourself right before the cutscene triggers to refill your health.
    (you should be able to take the bombers out with clusters)
    2nd part.
      *This part in no way requires that you hurry.  If you hurry, then you'll
    be inefficient with your clusters and never, ever beat it.  This is the only
    ship (beside the TIE Advanced) that this applies to.*
      Fly to the middle, go full speed, and wait to get in range.  Turn on your
    targeting computer, and when you're in range, hit the brakes and start 
    clusters in a side to side fashion.  For the first little bit, you'll only 
    able to fire a little at a time while everything gets in range.  Make sure
    that you take out the 4 guns on each star destroyer.  You can turn around 
    fly away to get some space if you get within range of the rear guns.  By the
    time most of the ties and all the front guns are dead, you should still have
    2-3 clusters left.  Shoot both of these at the bottom guns on the rear of 
    Star Destroyer and shoot at the guns with your lasers.  You will die very
    quickly doing this.
      When you respawn, you'll be high up in front of the right Star Destroyer,
    if you're in front of the left one, good luck.  The ties that were 
    the rear of the Start destroyer will just be coming forward.  Shoot 2-3
    clusters high of the Star Destroyer to take out some guns.  Shoot clusters 
    the ties coming at you from below the star destroyer.  DO NOT let any get
    behind you.  Then start heading towards the middle.  Shoot some more at the
    right star destroyer, some at ties, basically, just kill, kill, kill.  But 
    NOT hurry with the clusters!  Let them do their work.  You're gonna need 
    one.  Once you get in range of the left star destroyer, shoot a bunch of
    clusters at the guns on top.  Remember to shoot high or you'll hit the ion
    cannons and move your crosshairs around.  The hardest part of this entire
    level is getting the gun right above the furthest ion cannon.  This one gun
    will waste you again and again and sometimes, it just doesn't seem to want 
    die.  You'll die right about here.
      Now your last life will respawn in front of the left star destroyer.  
    a few clusters at the top guns.  While flying to the middle, mop up groups 
    ties with your clusters.  Shoot some more clusters at the left star
    destroyers top guns.  Once you get into the middle, just make sure that
    anything that can kill you is now dead.  At this point you need at least 4
    clusters to finish the board, but I recommend 6 cuz, invariably, there'll be
    a couple ties around still.  Now just start taking out the top gens while
    making sure not to fly into the range of the far side guns.  When you hear,
    "Interceptors at .06" or whatever, you'll be able to see them coming from 
    imperial fleet.  Turn on your targeting computer and as they get in range,
    waste them.  There'll be about 4 groups.  There will still be about 4 more
    groups in the distance but they never come in at you.
      So now, there's nothing that can kill you if you stay in the middle.  Use
    any remaining clusters on the bottom guns that are left on each star 
    and take out the gens.  DO NOT go too low and stay in the middle.  If you
    start getting too close to one star destroyer, turn around and to the other
    one.  By now, all the gens should be dead and all you have left to do it the
    command decks.  If at any time during this General Calrisian has complained
    about needing help, you're already done.  Home1 will die, unless you finish
    off all the guns on the star destroyer without clusters (yeah right).  Shoot
    at both command decks to get them both to the point of dying by alternating
    left then right for a few shots a piece.  Once one dies, hit the other.  
    need to both go down in rapid succession.  All you need to do is stay alive
    now.  I did this by flying straight up and away.  I get hit every time, but
    only once or twice.
      Now Home One will really start getting a beating for the first time.  
    Calrisian will have a big hissy fit, but if you took out enough guns on the
    bottom, then you should make it to the end, just barely.  The above 
    is by bcole23 & Calinator.
    -=3.06: Endurance=-
    Objective: live
    Don't bother.  The Slave I's lasers are too terrible to pull this off, and 
    has not been completed by anyone as of yet.  If you decide to try, good 
    IV. Last Words
    ***********************Revision History***************************
    Version 1.0: I made everything you see.  I am NOT submitting this until I
    finish the rest of the series (I don't want to get my idea stolen, would I?)
    Version FINAL: I changed some stuff around.
    Version FINAL: I added ASCII art
    Version FINAL: Updated walkthroughs for Razor Rendezvous, Raid on Bespin, 
    the Battle of Endor, thanks to a few people.
    *********************Copyright Information***************************
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Trace Jackson.  All ships, and other things in 
    FAQ are copyright Factor 5 and LucasArts.  This FAQ is ONLY to be posted on
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com), only because they are the best site as 
    as keeping updates goes (plus the only site I remember to send updates to 
    If this is found on any other site, please contact the author ASAP. This 
    is not to be used in any way for profit.  This guide is to be used for 
    use only, and is not to be redistributed, in part or in whole, anywhere.
    -CJayC for making the wonderful site (my home, practically) GameFAQs, and
    [hopefully] posting this.
    -Alex (pop), Devin (DMorgan), Colin (CMoriarty), Steve (Psycho Penguin),
    AstroBlue, and Matt (MHulbert) for just being such great people.
    -The five people who contributed walkthroughs (as stated in the actual FAQ).
    I honestly hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.
    Also, see my other guides at GameFAQs.  If you are ever on their message
    boards, my name there is Meowthnum1.  If you want other methods of 
    E-Mail: MeowSaur53@aol.com or Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    MSN: Meowthnum1@hotmail.com
    YIM: Meowthnum1
    AIM: MeowSaur53
    Don't be afraid to say hi (on the message boards, or on AIM/YIM/MSN)!  I 

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